AAAL Annual Conference 2013-Mar-16 to 2013-Mar-19

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"Hard to Place": Multilingual Community College Students' Experiences of Testing and Placement
 Darbes, Tasha.

"I Don't Want to Go to Paris": Study Abroad as an Imagined Community for Arabic learners in Egypt
 Trentman, Emma.

"I want the fairy tale": Language learning, imagination, and desire in a study abroad context
 McGregor, Janice. and Müller, Mareike.

"Like a Big Cosmic Bubble Bath": Simile in Spoken Discourse of Scientific Popularizations
 Hayden, Chris.

"Mista, are you in a good mood?": Crossing as an affiliative resource for building rapport in classroom interaction
 Lamb, Gavin.

"My major is English, believe it or not:)" – Facework and identity in NNS-NS chat
 Vandergriff, Ilona.

"Nou Bezwen Lape Pa Destabilizasyon" ("We Need Peace Not Destabilization"): Graffiti, Local Participation, and Language Politics in Post-Earthquake Haiti
 Norton, Charles. and Lee, Jerry.

"So am I bilingual? Or, am I francophone?": Bilingualism, Art, and Identity in Francophone Canada
 Keating, Kelle.

"This Thing": Summary Noun Constructions in Learner Writing
 Shea, Mark.

(Un)Willingness to Participate as Participants’ Concern: Reconsidering Research on Motivation in Applied Linguistics
 Sert, Olcay.

1. Appropriating Globalization and Promoting Diversity in Education: An Engaged Ethnography of Multilingual Education Policy in Nepal
 Phyak, Prem.

'Cool' English: Stylized native-speaker English in Japanese Variety Shows
 Furukawa, Gavin.

¿Dónde Está el Español? The Linguistic Landscape of Small-town America
 Troyer, Robert., Caceda, Carmen. and Gimenez-Eguibar, Patricia.

‘A Work in Progress’: A Narrative of English Language Learning
 Harvey, Lou.

‘Designing in’ Dynamic Assessment within Assessment for Learning of EAL
 Davison, Chris. and Michell, Michael.

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A Balancing Act: Power in Nurse Practitioner/Patient Interactions
 Defibaugh, Staci.

A Case of Bilingual Language Policy in Tatarstan, Russia: the Role of School Principals in Policy Implementation
 Gilmetdinova, Alsu. and Shoffner, Melanie.

A Comparative Case-Study of Two Intensive Newcomer Support Classrooms
 Khan, Ranya.

A Comparative Study of Korean and English Compliment Responses: A Cross-cultural Perspective

A Comparison of 2nd- and 4th-Grade ELLs’ SFL-Supported Argumentative Writing
 O\'Hallaron, Catherine.

A Comparison of Japanese Elementary and Junior High School EFL Students: Values and Language Competency Beliefs
 Martin, Ron.

A Componential View of L2 English Lexical Inferencing Ability
 Miller, Ryan.

A Corpus-Based Study of Reporting Clauses in Korean Graduate Students’ English Writings
 Lee, Jooyoung.

A Corpus-based Analysis of Second-person Pronouns across Three Registers of Electronic Spanish Discourse
 Abraham, Lee.

A Critical Look at Meta-Analysis in SLA
 Ellis, Rod.

A Cross-Linguistic Investigation of Complexity in Synchronous Written Computer Mediated Communication
 Sauro, Shannon.

A Decade of Research on Content and Language Integration in K-12 Contexts: Key Considerations and Future Directions
 Tedick, Diane. and Cammarata, Laurent.

A Discursive Approach to Emotion: Possibilities for L2 Research
 Prior, Matthew.

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Studying the L2 Motivational Selves of Japanese Science Students
 Hill, Glen., Apple, Matthew. and Falout, Joseph.

A Dynamic Usage Based Approach to L2 Teaching
 Nguyen, Hong. and Verspoor, Marjolijn.

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BICS and CALP in the Era of Common Core State Standards.
 Cummins, Jim.

Back to the Future in the Acquisition of L2 French by Instructed Anglophone Learners
 Ayoun, Dalila.

Bearing the Motivational Burden: Emotion Labor of US Foreign Language Teachers
 Acheson-Clair, Kris.

Becoming Bilingual in Puerto Rico: Balancing Power and Identity
 Ebsworth, Miriam. and Ebsworth, Timothy.

Becoming Transnational: Exploring Multiple Literacies and Identities of Children in a Mandarin-English bilingual program
 Zhang, Yan. and Guo, Yan.

Becoming a teacher: Cognition, emotion, and activity in teacher learning
 Johnson, Karen E.. and Worden, Dorothy.

Beliefs as Conceptualizing Activity in the Second Language Classroom: Promoting Semiogenesis
 Negueruela, Eduardo.

Beyond Difference: Engaging the Multilingual Repertoires of Adolescent Second Language Learners through Peer Interaction
 Carhill-Poza, Avary.

Beyond the Language-Content Divide: Advanced Collegiate Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
 Paesani, Kate. and Allen, Heather.

Bilingualism, Aging and Bilingual Processing
 van der Hoeven-Houtzager, Nienke., Lowie, Wander. and De Bot, Kees.

Binomial processing in children: A comparison of monolinguals and second language learners
 Wylie, Judith.

Border Crossing or Third Space? : Situated Knowledges of International Scholars of Second Language Studies in U.S..
 Cho, Seonhee. and Yi, Youngjoo.

Bridging the Chasm? Applied Linguistic Perspectives on Deaf Children’s Communicative Competence, Performance and Conceptualization of Language as Obstacle.
 Rosenstock, Rachel. and Eichmann, Hanna.

Business and Governance Linguistics: an Interdisciplinary Approach
 danyushina, yulia.


Can Learners Make the Jump from the Highest Graded Readers to Ungraded Novels?: Four Case Studies
 Schmitt, Diane., Uden, Jez. and Schmitt, Norbert.

Can Recasts Be More Effective? Efficacy of Corrective Feedback and Gesture on the Acquisition of L2 Grammar
 Nakatsukasa, Kimi.

Caring is not Enough: Challenges of a Caring Teacher of Refugee Students with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE)
 Hos, Rabia.

Challenges Faced by Multilingual Students in Today's Academy: Student and Faculty Perceptions
 Hafernik, Johnnie.

Challenges in Developing Specifications of a Role-play Test of Pragmatics
 Haider, Iftikhar.

Challenges in Managing Authority and Equality in Instructional Conversation
 wells, gordon., Haneda, Mari. and Cheng, Ying-Hsueh.

Challenges of Assessing Intercultural Competence in a Telecollaborative Study
 Kessler, Greg. and Ware, Paige.

Challenges of Early Bilingualism within Taiwanese Mixed Families
 Fan, Sa-hui. and Ni, Hao-pai.

Challenges of Entering Discipline-specific Discourse Communities: A Case Study of EFL Graduate Students
 Ho, Mei-ching.

Challenging Habitus: Intercultural Development of English-Language Assistants in France
 Dargent-Wallace, Anne.

Challenging Horizons: Hermeneutics of Alterity and the Study Abroad Experience
 Freeman, Wendy. and Socaciu, Gheorghe.

Challenging Language: Critical Analysis of the Construction and Valorization of Community Language Use in Two Strands of Applied Linguistics Research
 Fors, Nils.

Changes in Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs about Language Learning: A Multimethods Approach
 Nishino, Takako.

Changes in motivation, anxiety, and self-efficacy throughout an academic writing course
 Piniel, Katalin. and Csizér, Kata.

Changing Englishes and Conceptions of English in a Globalizing World: Teachers’ Experiences Using an Online Tutorial
 Hall, Christopher. and Wicaksono, Rachel.

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De Facto Language Education Policy Through Teachers' Attitudes and Practices: A Critical Ethnographic Study in Three Jamaican Schools
 Nero, Shondel.

Deconstructing Linguistic Ideologies in ELT: Using a Critical Language Awareness Approach
 Liu, Pei-hsun Emma.

Deconstructing ideological discourses in successful English learners’ narratives in People’s Republic of China
 Gao, Xuesong.

Defensive and protective practices in peer critiques
 Pennock-Speck, Barry. and Clavel-Arroitia, Begona.

Demystifying FL Learners’ Meditational Processes when Confronted with NS Perspectives toward Alternate Nonverbal Greeting Speech Acts
 Garrett-Rucks, Paula.

Describing L2 Writers’ Texts: Patterns of Variance in Lexical Diversity, Lexical Sophistication, and Grammatical Complexity
 Johnson, Mark.

Developing Ability to Understand Sarcasm in a Second Language Through Concept-Based Instruction
 Kim, Jiyun.

Developing Academic Literacy of Undergraduates of Law
 Somananda, Bihimini.

Developing Critical Cultural Awareness through Very Early Foreign Language Learning
 Ahn, So-Yeon. and Kearney, Erin.

Developing Interculturality: Language & Culture Learning as Social Practice
 Smolcic, Elizabeth.

Developing Teacher Candidates’ Target Language Proficiency: Challenges and Opportunities in a Supportive Institutional and Policy Environment
 Gagne, Antoinette. and Valencia, Marlon.

Developing a Useful Measure of French-English Cognate Awareness
 Horst, Marlise., White, Joanna. and Cobb, Thomas.

Developing academic literacy in a foreign language: A longitudinal study of EFL writers’ meaning-making choices in an academic genre
 Yasuda, Sachiko.

Developing critical language awareness: a history teacher’s journey
 Achugar, Mariana. and Carpenter, Brian.

Developing reflexivity: The experiences of multilingual student teachers in two French language teacher education programs
 Byrd Clark, Julie.

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EAL Chinese Medical Doctors Writing for International Publication: An Activity-Analytic Perspective
 Li, Yongyan.

EAP Student’s Computer-Mediated Peer Response: Interaction and Learning
 Zhang, Qi.

ESL Essay Raters’ Cognitive Processes: An Eye-tracking Study
 Winke, Paula. and Lim, Hyojung.

ESL as the Enemy: Criticisms of Immigrant Education in a Refugee Resettlement Community in New England
 Shapiro, Shawna.

Ecologies of Language, Space, Place, and Action
 Thorne, Steven.

Economizing education: Fee-paying international students, socialization, and the production of ‘getting out of ESL’ in a public high school
 Deschambault, Ryan.

Educational Drama in L2 Learning: Creating a Transformative Empowering Interpersonal Space in Classrooms
 Kim, Won.

Effect of Personality on English Language Learners’ Writing Development
 Nizam-Aldine, Hannah. and Ehlers-Zavala, Fabiola.

Effects of Metalinguistic Training on Second Language Learners' Use of Incidental Focus on Form Episodes
 Sakai, Mari.

Effects of Pragmatic Task Features, English Proficiency, and Learning Context on Chinese ESL/EFL Learners’ Spoken Performance of Requests in English
 Cheng, Lixia.

Effects of Semantic Radical Properties on Chinese Character Meaning Extraction and Inference
 Lu, Chan., Koda, Keiko., Zhang, Dongbo. and Zhang, Yanhui.

Effects of Time Pressure and Task Stimulus on L2 Learners’ Performance on Grammaticality Judgment Tests
 Gutierrez, Xavier.

Effects of proficiency levels and lengths of residence on the acquisition of request modifiers in a L2
 Nguyen, Thi Thuy Minh. and Ho, Le.

Embodied L2 Construction Learning
 Eskildsen, Soren. and Wagner, Johannes.

Emergence of Lexico-Syntactic Productivity: A Case of Two EFL Learners
 Nekrasova-Becker, Tatiana.

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Face-threatening acts and the role of laughter in English as a lingua franca speaker interaction
 Matsumoto, Yumi.

Facilitating Cross-Cultural Interaction among International and U.S. Domestic University Students
 Kim, Saesun. and Smith, Catherine.

Facilitating the Integration of Language and Content: Teacher Strategy in Multilingual Mathematics Classrooms
 Takeuchi, Miwa.

Factors Affecting Temporal Variation in Language Learning Motivation: Insights From a Classroom-based Study
 Pawlak, Miroslaw. and Wach, Aleksandra.

Feature reassembly: The acquisition of non-canonical agreement in English-Arabic interlanguage
 ElGhazoly, Boshra. and Sprouse, Rex.

Feedback in Computer Delivered Input-based Language Instruction
 Liu, Rong.

Female English Language Learners: Negotiating Gender Identity Through Dialogic Engagement
 Liggett, Tonda.

Fighting for College Access in the Unlevel Playing Field: High-School Exit Exams, ESL Status, and Accommodations
 Alexander, Mariko.

First Noun Principle vs. Verb Morphology: A Developmental Study
 Mandell, Paul.

Fixedness and Flexibility in Formulaic Language Use
 Yuldashev, Aziz.

Fluency development of Japanese in varying learning context
 Matsumoto, Kazumi.

For whom English pays off in Japan
 Katayama, Akiko. and Terasawa, Takunori.

Foreign Language Learning, Motivation, and Anxiety in African-American College Students
 Gatlin, Nicholas.

Foreigner Talk, Teacherese, and Gesture: an Embodied Meaning-making Experience
 Rosborough, Alex.

Fostering Bilingual Children's Awareness of the Rhetorical Situation
 Poole, Deborah.

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Gender, identity and symbolic power: A case study of female ELL adolescents’ language use in Canada
 Qian, Yamin.

Generation 1.5 Writing Compared to L1 and L2 Writing in First-Year Composition Classes
 Doolan, Stephen.

Genre and Rhetorical Knowledge Development in L2 Dissertation Tutoring
 Fujioka, Mayumi.

Genre, Scale and Trajectory in Academic Literacies
 Baynham, Mike.

German and US-American Compliment Exchanges: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
 Pabst, Katharina.

Gesture Use in “Balanced Bilinguals” – A New Piece of the Puzzle?
 Sondermann, Kerstin.

Gesture and Speech in L2 Teacher Discourse: A Microanalysis of Corrective Feedback Episodes
 Jadlocki, Matthew.

Gesture and talk ‘in the wild’
 Knight, Dawn.

Global Informal Learning Environments and Their Effects in China
 Jie, Dong. and Blommaert, Jan.

Global or Local? Language Choice, Digital Media Use, and Social Networks during Study Abroad
 Levine, Glenn.

Globalization and Linguistic Diversity: Linguistic Practices of Russian Professionals in Multinational Companies
 Laletina, Alexandra.

Globalization and Teacher Identity: EFL Teachers’ Perspectives on Study Abroad Returnees
 Song, Juyoung.

Globalizing the World, Internationalizing the University, and Practicing Applied Linguistics: Comparing Institutional Approaches to a Writing Pedagogy of Inclusion
 Mallett, Karyn. and Haan, Jennifer.

Gradient hybridized identities in the code-switching of Arabic/English bilinguals
 Al Khalil, Maimoonah.

Grammar Empowers: Sentence-level instruction in the globalizing world
 Robinson, Heather.

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Harnessing Form-Meaning-Motivation to Foster L2 Word Recall: A Think-Aloud Experiment
 Deconinck, Julie. and Eyckmans, June.

Helping content teachers to focus on language
 Popko, Jeff.

Heritage Speakers of German in Wisconsin
 Mendel, Kerstin.

Heritage and Identity: Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong
 Gu, Michelle.

Hero or Villain?: the effect of media on children's perceptions of several varieties of English
 Baker Smemoe, Wendy.

Heteroglossia and the Politics of Social Diversity
 Blackledge, Adrian. and Creese, Angela.

Hick, Hillbilly, Cowboy, Redneck: Mapping Perceived Stereotypes and Linguistic Diversity across Texas
 Cukor-Avila, Patricia. and Rector, Patricia.

High- and Mid-Frequency Vocabulary in an ESL Textbook Series
 Martini, Juliane. and Horst, Marlise.

Hoisan-wa in Jest: Humor, Laughter, and the Construction of Counter-hegemonic Affect in Contemporary Chinese American Language Maintenance
 Leung, Genevieve.

Holistic and Dynamic Motivational Mind-Time Frames
 Falout, Joseph., Murphey, Tim., Fukada, Yoshifumi. and Fukuda, Tetsuya.

Home Away From Home: Return Immigration and Transnationalism
 Yang, Jin-Suk.

Home and Away: Study Abroad and the Dynamics of Change in Learner L2 Self-Concept
 Irie, Kay. and Ryan, Stephen.

How Affect is Expressed and Used in Japanese in CMC Classroom Activity
 Ikeda, Maiko.

How Applied Linguists Can (Help) Save the World
 Atkinson, Dwight.

How Can Authentic Task Design In a Multi-Grade Bilingual Classroom Strengthen Cross-Linguistic Transfer and Foster Metalinguistic Awareness
 Krickhan, Marlene.

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IELTS Preparation Courses in the EFL Context of Iran: a Washback Study
 Amin-lari, Faramarz. and Saif, Shahrzad.

Identifying Motivational Archetypes and Signature Dynamics in the L2 Classroom Through ‘Retrodictive Qualitative Modelling’
 Dornyei, Zoltan. and Chan, Letty.

Identifying and Assessing Linguistic and Sociocultural Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners
 Turkan, Sultan.

Identity Development in Multicultural Contexts: An Activity Theory Analysis of Newly Constructed Culturally Diverse Groups
 Kitade, Keiko.

Identity in the Foreign Language Classroom: The case of Graduate Student Instructors
 Ghanem, Carla.

Identity versus experience as driving ideologies towards Catalan in Generation 1.5 Latin American secondary school students in Catalonia
 Newman, Michael. and Trenchs-Parera, Mireia.

Identity “Reconstruction” Among English Teachers and Teacher Educators in a Landscape of New Pedagogies and Policies in Pakistan
 Bashiruddin, Ayesha. and Bukhari, Syeda.

Ideology and the Presentation of U.S. Spanish in Three Spanish as a Foreign Language Textbooks
 Al Masaeed, Katharine.

Impacts of Videoconference Technology on Sign Language Interactions in Distance Education for Hearing Impaired Students
 Hjulstad, Johan.

Impacts of a Short-term Experience on Future Teachers' Beliefs and Practices
 Dietrich, Sarah.

Implementing an Email Request Task for Academic Writing Assessment: A Study of Reliability and Test Development
 Rebman, Randall.

Implicit language aptitude and long-term differences in acquisition
 Granena, Gisela.

Improving oral skills through phonetic awareness
 Soares, Cristiane., Gontijo, Viviane. and Bianconi, Celia.

In Search of a Scale for Measuring the Explicit and Implicit Load of Foreign Language Teaching Activities

In Their Own Words: Identifying Individual Differences through Semantic Content Analysis
 Polat, Brittany. and Crossley, Scott.

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Japanese EFL Learners and the Contribution of Working Memory Capacity to Processing Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

Japan’s Policies on Japanese as a Heritage Language Teaching Abroad: A State “Diaspora Politics” Perspective
 Motobayashi, Kyoko.


Kiddy Basque and the metapragmatics of early childhood language socialization
 ciriza lope, maria del puy. and Shappeck, Marco.

Knowing Loss: Differing views on Accent and Identify
 Link, Stephanie. and McCrocklin, Shannon.

Korean Perception of the Japanese Voiceless Alveolar Affricate: Implications for Second Language Acquisition
 Lee, Ahrong., Heo, Younghyon. and Kaneko, Emiko.

Kuwait University Students' Impressions of Learning English and their Implications for the English Language Classroom
 Kamal, Ayesha.


L1 attrition without L2 acquisition: a case of Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel
 Laufer, Batia. and Baladzaeva, Liubov.

L1/L2 Alternation Patterns in Task-Planning Sessions
 Kunitz, Silvia.

L2 Affective Dispositions, L2 Proficiency and the Learning Context: A Complex Triangle
 Schoonjans, Els. and Housen, Alex.

L2 Lexical Inference: The Role of Contextual and Word-Part Clues
 Hamada, Megumi. and Hostetler, Christina.

L2 Listening Ability and Awareness of Connected Speech Processes
 Blanchet, Josée. and Kennedy, Sara.

L2 Pragmatic Development in Beginning-Level Learners
 Rose, Marda.

L2 Processing and Learning-Oriented Assessment: The Learner’s Perspective
 Purpura, James. and Turner, Carolyn.

L2 Writers in the Writing Center: A Synthesis of the Research and Recommendations for Practice
 Thonus, Terese. and Babcock, Rebecca.

L2 accent transfer in L3 production: Evidence from L3 Korean
 Chang, Seung-Eun.

L2 complexity as syntactic modification: Prepositional phrases in a developmental L2 German corpus
 Vyatkina, Nina. and Reznicek, Marc.

L2 humor development during study abroad
 Shively, Rachel.

Language Access to Public Services: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Language Policy and Policy Implementation
 Holdway, Jennifer.

Language Attitudes, Motivation and their Relationship to Proficiency among Korean University Learners of English: A Descriptive and Causal Analysis
 Cho, Young Gyo.

Language Barriers in Homecare Nursing in Switzerland
 Kleinberger, Ulla., Ehrensberger-Dow, Maureen. and Imhof, Lorenz.

Language Choice among Palestinian and Jewish English-Language Learners in Jerusalem: Expressions of Empowerment and Disempowerment
 Schlam Salman, Julia.

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Making Suggestions: Student Collaboration During an In-Class Writing Task
 Edstrom, Anne.

Mandarin learning in a middle school program: Tensions, frustration, and possibilities
 Wu, Ming-Hsuan.

Mapping Language Ideologies and Attitudes in Korea
 Jeon, Lisa.

Mapping the Linguistic Landscape of Athens: The Case of Shop Signs
 Nikolaou, Alexander.

Mapping the Relationship among Cognitive Complexity of Writing Tasks, L2 Writing Quality, and Language Features of L2 Writing
 Yang, WeiWei.

Mapping the World’s Linguistic Diversity
 Huffman, Steve. and Green, Christopher.

Meaning in the Acquisition and Use of Conventional Expressions in L2 Pragmatics
 Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen.

Meanings of Stereotypical Media Representations of a Stigmatized Japanese Regional Dialect: Implications for L2 Teaching
 Kumagai, Shigeko. and Okamoto, Shigeko.

Measuring adequacy in task-based language teaching and research
 Choong, Kung-Wan. and Ekiert, Monika.

Measuring and Defining Project Ownership of Undergraduate Scientific Inquiry Experiences: A Computational Linguistics Approach
 Hanauer, David., Strobel, Scott., Frederick, Jennifer. and Fotinakes, Brian.

Measuring cognitive task demands using dual task methodology, subjective self-ratings, time estimation, and stimulated recall
 Revesz, Andrea., Michel, Marije. and Gilabert, Roger.

Measuring language ability in English language Learners with significant cognitive disabilities.
 Norton, Jennifer., Cameron, Cathy. and Ebenezer, Deepak.

Mediating Educational Inequalities: An Ethnographic Case Study of an English-medium Village School in India
 Bhattacharya, Usree.

Medium, Interaction, and Addressivity in Franco-American Online Exchanges: Participants' Behind the Scenes Reflections
 Kern, Richard.

Mental Imagery in Second Language Motivation: A Dynamic Perspective
 You, Chenjing.

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NNES and NES Students’ Perceptions of a Public Apology
 Song, Si-chun. and Eslami, Zohreh.

Narrative Evaluation of Mandarin-Speaking Preschool Children in Taiwan: A Comparison of Three Socioeconomic Groups
 Lai, Wen-Feng. and Chen, Yen-Yu.

Native English Speakers Perceiving Novel Arabic contrasts: The Effects of Talker Variability
 Shehata, Asmaa.

Native-speaker perception as the sum of its parts: Specific linguistic and affective variables in Spanish native-speaker evaluations of learner phonology
 Moranski, Kara.

Nativeness and Performed ‘Authenticity’: Culture and Identity as Accidental Foreign-Language Pedagogy
 Stanley, Phiona.

Naturalistic L2 Vowel Development in Adults over a Seven-year Period
 Munro, Murray. and Derwing, Tracey.

Negotiating Multiple Identities: The Impact of Societal Power Relations on Non-native Teachers’ Identities
 Herath, Sreemali.

Negotiating role identities: The socialization experiences of three foreign language student teachers
 Martel, Jason.

Neoliberal Paradoxes of Language Learning
 Kubota, Ryuko.

Neoliberalism Linguistically Applied: Opening the Debate
 Del Percio, Alfonso.

Neoliberalism, the Transnational Language Education Industry, and Applied Linguistics
 Shin, Hyunjung.

Neurophysiology in multi-modal analysis of language use in small group interactions
 Hardacre, Bahiyyih.

New Forms of Cosmopolitanism and Creolisation. A Power-Based Perspective
 Martin-Rojo, Luisa.

New Technologies and New Literacies: Film Studies Meets Language Studies
 Curtis, Andy.

No I think you’re wrong: a sociopragmatic study of I think
 zheng, qun.

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On an interactive function of ‘but’: A disjunctive marker in resuming an abandoned story
 Yasui, Eiko.

On becoming Mexicano/a, Chicano/a, Mexican-American: Negotiating ethnic identity in high school and college
 Shappeck, Marco. and ciriza lope, maria del puy.

Online Concordancing as a Problem-solving Tool for L2 Writing: A Mixed Methods Study of Korean ESL Graduate Students’ Academic Writing
 Yoon, Choongil.

Online Sentence Processing of Japanese Relative Clauses by L2 Learners
 Mitsugi, Sanako.

Operationalizing Academic English for National Assessment: Applying An Argument-based Approach to Test Validity
 Wright, Laura., Kenyon, Dorry. and Montee, Megan.

Oral Communication Strategies of Beginner Level Spanish Learners: Does Instruction Have an Impact?
 Markle, Jackie. and D\'Amico, Melanie.

Oral Proficiency Ratings: A Focus on Communicative Factors vs. Discrete Points
 Halleck, Gene. and Khalil, Omar.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The effect of frequency of FL class meetings on proficiency attainment by university students.
 Schmitt, Elena.

Over the Monochrome Rainbow: A Quantitative Examination of Heteronormativity in ESL Reading Texts and Textbooks
 Paiz, Joshua.


PASAGLOSSA with a Regional Focus: CASL’s Africa Enhancements
 Morrison, Michelle. and Green, Christopher.

PASAGLOSSA: The Who, What, When, Where, and How of Language
 Brecht, Richard.

PCK and Its Development—New Evidence from Chinese Language Teacher Education
 Zeng, Annie. and Wang, Wenxia.

Pair Work in the Foreign Language Classroom: Student Perspectives on the Work Division and Social Positioning
 Martin, Jana.

Parents' Language Attitudes and Literacy Practices in Chinese American Community
 Xia, Qiong.

Participating and Resisting at the Same Time: The Multiple Interpretations of Learner Agency
 Fogle, Lyn.

Participation, Pragmatics, and the Prefrontal Cortex: Storytelling Strategies of an Individual with Frontotemporal Dementia
 Joaquin, Anna Dina.

Partnering Learners of Mandarin Chinese with ESL Students on U.S. University Campus
 Gamino, Christina. and Jin, Li.

Passive Voice and Past Tense: Corpus Analysis of Graduate and Undergraduate Academic Readings
 Davis, Tracy.

Paying Attention to Learners’ Use of the Gesture-Speech Interface in Second Language Lexical Development
 Infante, Paolo. and Buescher, Kimberly.

Perception of global oral fluency and local fluent information by native speakers
 Yang, Bei.

Perceptions of Thai Students in Expressing Emotions through Writing in Thai and in English
 Chamcharatsri, Pisarn.

Perceptual Salience and Learner Readiness: Acquiring the Regular Past in an L2 Classroom
 Dwight, Victoria. and Collins, Laura.

Personification of society in the GRE prep essays written by Korean L2 learners of English and American English writers
 Lew, Shim.

Phase transitions in development of writing fluency: a longitudinal study from a complex dynamic systems perspective
 Baba, Kyoko. and Nitta, Ryo.

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Quantifying Identity: An Examination of Student Identity and its Relationship with Writing Performance
 DeDeyn, Rachel.

Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of L1 (Swedish) and L2 (English) Idiom Comprehension
 Karlsson, Monica.

Quantitative and Qualitative Orientations in Interaction Research: Exploring Questions of Balance
 Mackey, Alison.


Raising Awareness of English as a Lingua Franca in Internationalizing Universities: a Bottom-up, Discourse-analytic Approach
 Wicaksono, Rachel. and Scheder Black, Wendy.

Reactive Effects of Thinking Aloud on Second Language Writing
 Hu, Guangwei. and Yang, Chengsong.

Readers' Blogs in College-Level ESL Classrooms
 Liu, Yingliang. and Jernigan, Justin.

Reading Comprehension Questions: the Distribution of Different Types in Global EFL Textbooks
 Freeman, Diana.

Reading Specialist, Language Expert, Resettlement Worker? Teacher Preparation for Students with Limited Formal Schooling
 Vinogradov, Patsy.

Reading and Writing Expectations for Undergraduate International Students
 Anderson, Neil., Evans, Norman. and Hartshorn, K..

Reading and Writing the Borderlands: Biliteracy as Human Capital in a Globalizing World
 Smith, Patrick. and Murillo, Luz.

Reanchoring the “Cognitive” vs. “Social” Divide: The Functional Stratification of Language and the Textuality of Acquisition
 Enomoto, Takeshi.

Reconceptualizing L2 Learning Demotivation: From an Activity Theory Perspective
 Kim, Yoon-Kyoung. and Kim, Tae-Young.

Reconceptualizing “Stages” of Novice Language Teacher Development Through Vygotskyian Dialectics: Holistic and Responsive Mediation to Push Teacher Development
 Golombek, Paula.

Reconciling Discourses of Authority and Recognition of the Other in Contexts of English for Educational Purposes.
 Jakar, Valerie.

Reconsidering Language Planning and Education Policy in Algeria in the Light of Globalisation
 Djennane, taoufik.

Recovering Losses, Cheating Death: The Use of Legitimating Metaphors in Native American Language Policy Discourse
 McBride, Justin.

Redesigning Argumentative Essays into Multimodal Digital Videos
 Cimasko, Tony. and Shin, Dong-shin.

Reexamining Power in Second Language Writing
 Liu, Jianing. and Matsuda, Paul.

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SLA as Late Bilingualism in a Usage-based Approach
 Ortega, Lourdes.

Same City, Different Stories: A Narrative Inquiry on Two International Students’ Second Language Socialization in the United States
 Ortactepe, Deniz.

Screening and validation of texts for assessment of reading comprehension
 Ohlrogge, Aaron., Kim, Heekyoung., Reed, Dan. and Lim, Hyojung.

Second Language Communication, Anxiety, and Cortical Mechanisms: An fMRI study
 Jeong, Hyeonjeong., Sugiura, Motoaki., Sassa, Yuko., Hashizume, Hiroshi., Suzuki, Wataru. and Kawashima, Ryuta.

Second Language Cyber-argument: An Investigation of Intercultural Discourse
 Yang, Hui-Chun. and Hijikata, Yuko.

Second Language Pedagogy in Intensive English Programs and First Year Composition: Language vs. Writing?
 Hammill, Matthew.

Second Language Socialization in Adolescence: Exploring Trajectories in Multifaceted School Communities
 Langman, Juliet.

Second Languages and Foreign Families: Interactional Alignments in a Multilingual Stepfamily
 Kolstrup, Kirsten.

Self-monitoring relativity in EFL reading
 Asai, Atsushi.

Set for Life: Talking About Opportunity in Canada’s Diamond Basin
 Bell, Lindsay.

Setting the Scene for Corrective Feedback in Learning-Oriented Language Assessment
 Lyster, Roy.

Shared Moves Within a Genre Family: Literature Reviews and Research Articles
 Wright, Heidi.

Shifting to the World Englishes Paradigm: Code-Meshing as a Necessary Means of Transforming Composition Pedagogy
 Lee, Melissa.

Signage in a German Bilingual Program: A Combined Linguistic Landscape and Nexus Analysis
 Dressler, Roswita.

Silence in Intercultural Conversation, and the Potential Sites of Miscommunication.
 Lemak, Alina.

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Talker Differences in Speech Perception by Early English Learners in a Minimal Input Situation
 Harada, Tetsuo.

Target Language Use throughout Instruction: Examining Antecedents and Consequents of Students’ Growth Trajectories
 Stanhope, Daniel., Surface, Eric. and McGinnis, Jennifer.

Task Automaticity and L2 Gender Facilitation and Inhibition
 Behney, Jennifer.

Task Definition in L2 Strategy Use: Investigating Discrepant Cases within a Multicomponential Model of Self-regulated Learning
 Ranalli, Jim.

Task Type, Exposure Frequency, and Incidental L2 Vocabulary Learning During Reading
 Barcroft, Joe. and Kida, Shusaku.

Task-based Interaction and Cognitive Creativity
 Mcdonough, Kim., Crawford, William. and Mackey, Alison.

Task-based Interaction in F2F and CMC Contexts
 Loewen, Shawn. and Wolff, Dominik.

Teacher professional development in TESOL: Teacher perceptions of corpus linguistics
 Crawford, Bill. and Vellenga, Heidi.

Teachers and the Construction and Teaching of Academic Language in a Dual Language Program
 de Jong, Ester.

Teachers as Agents under Japan’s English Education Policy Change
 Fukunaga, Sunao.

Teachers' Perspective on a Linguistically-Informed Approach to Content Area Reading
 Chiu, Chu-Chuan., Coatoam, Suzanne., Bader, Julie., Trutschel, Brian. and Fang, Zhihui.

Teachers’ Conceptual Metaphors of Language Teaching – An Intercultural Investigation
 Arshavskaya, Ekaterina.

Teachers’ Grading Decision-Making: Multiple Influencing Factors and Methods
 Cheng, Liying. and Sun, Youyi.

Teachers’ Opinions Revealed: ELL Inclusion in French
 Garbati, Jordana. and Faez, Farahnaz.

Teachers’ Use of Modeling Strategies in Academic L2 Writing Instruction: Process-Product Blends in Action
 Wette, Rosemary.

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U.S. Citizenship Policy and Practice: Test Preparation, Transnational Benefits, and Gender Differences
 Loring, Ariel.

U.S. Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes Towards ‘Brazilian English’: Implications for International Graduate Assistants
 Titak, Ashley. and Junqueira, Luciana.

US College Students’ Development of Intercultural Competence during Short-Term Study Abroad
 Ecke, Peter.

Understanding Educational Change in Hong Kong: Voicing Policy
 Costley, Tracey.

Understanding Parent Involvement Expectations in Formal School Spaces: An Analysis of Immigrant Parent and School Staff Interactions
 Aleixo, Marina.

Understanding Teacher Written Feedback: Use of L1 and L2, Functions of Speech, and Their interface
 YU, Shulin. and Lee, Icy.

Understanding and Using Translanguaging in the Classroom
 Macgregor, David., Ibarra Johnson, Susana., Jokisch-Sagrera, Adriana. and Mancilla, Lorena.

Understanding classroom-based assessment (CBA) processes: A precondition for assessment literacy
 Hill, Kathryn.

Understanding the linkage gap between second language education researchers and practitioners: A mixed method study
 Knouzi, Ibtissem. and Mady, Callie.

Unintentional Language Switches in Multilingual Speakers and Late Foreign Language Learners
 Zavaleta, Kaitlyn. and Nicol, Janet.

Unity is (not) an idol made of dates: Political metaphor in Yemen
 Al-Zuraiki, Mokhtar.

University ESL Teachers' Socialization In School Workplace Toward Teaching Culturally Diverse Students
 Huang, Hsiang ling.

Using Dual Books to Foster Metalinguistic Awareness in Bilingual Classrooms
 Naqvi, Rahat.

Using Film to Develop Awareness, Pragmalinguistic and Sociopragmatic Knowledge of German as a Foreign Language
 Abrams, Zsuzsanna.

Using Images Create a Concreteness Effect for Abstract Words: Evidence from Beginning Spanish Learners
 Pahom, Olga., Farley, Andrew. and Ramonda, Kris.

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VP-adverb Placement in the Spanish of Second Language Learners and Heritage Language Learners
 Abing, Jesse.

Validating the Evaluation Criteria Used to Assess the Oral English Proficiency of International Teaching Assistants
 Xiao, Ting.

Values-realizing, Common Results and Extended Learning Environments
 Zheng, Dongping.

Variation and Stability in Swedish Students’ Motivation to Learn French as an L3: A Dynamic Systems Theory Approach
 Henry, Alastair.

Verbalizing in the Second Language Classroom: The Development of the Grammatical Concept of Aspect
 García, Próspero.

Visual Narratives and Beliefs about Language Teaching
 Kalaja, Paula., Alanen, Riikka. and Dufva, Hannele.

Vocabulary Assessment Using JACET 8000Words List
 Nakamura, Yuji.

Vocabulary Learning Situated in Online Social networking: From an Ecological Perspective
 Chao, Yu-Chuan., Huang, Chung-Kai. and Yang, Yi-Chun.

Vocabulary size and native-like selection among heritage speakers of Turkish in Germany
 Daller, Michael. and Treffers-Daller, Jeanine.

Voice Construction through Translanguaging Strategies in L2 Writing
 Zhong, Dan.

Voices in the Legal Classroom
 Baffy, Marta.

Voices of teachers about Colombian educational policies: The illusion of democracy?
 Guerrero Nieto, Carmen. and Quintero-Polo, Alvaro.


Washback of the College English Test: Effects of Test-takers’ Perceptions of Test Design and Use on Learning Process and Outcome
 Sun, Youyi. and Cheng, Liying.

Wedding Discourse at the Intersection of Gender and Sexuality
 Williams, Serena.

What Are L2 Learners Doing During Task Planning Time? The Case of Self-Repair in the Context of CMC
 Hsu, Hsiu-Chen.

What Can Studies on Identities and Literacy Contribute to Second and Foreign Language Pedagogy?
 Yi, Youngjoo., Jung, Jin Kyeong. and Cho, Aram.

What Do You Mean by Language Objectives? - Working with content area classroom teachers for linguistically responsive instruction
 Huang, Jingzi. and Berg, Margaret.

What Does FL Multi-Section Blended Learning Look Like? Are we Listening to Student and Instructor Perspectives?
 Young, Dolly.

What Does it Mean to be a Critical Language Teacher? : Investigating Graduate Students’ Situated Understandings of Criticality
 Nuske, Kyle.

What Is in the Kitchen?: Conceptualizations of Definiteness in L2 Acquisition of Articles
 Lee, Juyeon.

What Makes an Academic English Test “International”?
 Gu, Lin. and So, Youngsoon.

What Teachers (Think They) Know about Academic English from ESOL Textbooks
 Harklau, Linda.

What User-Generated Tutorials Teach Us: Understanding Language Practices through Systematic Functional Grammar
 Lee, Yoonhee.

What does a Language Socialisation Perspective Tell us about Intercultural Learning?
 Zhu, Hua. and Li, Wei.

What isn’t language policy?
 Johnson, David. and Hult, Francis.

What two-word combinations are effective for intentional vocabulary learning?
 Kasahara, Kiwamu.

What’s Simple about Simplified texts? What Computational and Psycholinguistic Experiments Tell Us about Text Comprehension and Text processing.
 Crossley, Scott., Yang, Hae Sung. and McNamara, Danielle.

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You Marginalize Us, so We Are “Demonizing” You: Online Interaction as a Venue for Resistance and Solidarity
 Yang, Hae Sung.

Youth Experiences in an Anglophone Minority: Stories of Language and Identity in Québec City
 Groff, Cynthia.
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