AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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"Don't spank the monkeys": Adequation and Distinction in a Taiwan English-speaking Community of Practice
 Seilhamer, Mark.

"Forty bucks is forty bucks": An Analysis of a Medical Doctor’s Professional Identity
 Barone, Susan. and Lazzaro Salazar, Mariana.

"I'm the one in the chair": Wheelchairs as a Resource for Identity Construction
 Cochrane, Leslie.

"It’s funny that you ask that question, Tim": The Negotiation of Power and Identity in Interview Accounts of Study Abroad
 Wolcott, Timothy.

"No, i’m not sorry for my bad English” – Metalinguistic discourse and the co-construction of an online multilingual space
 Vandergriff, Ilona.

"Not really nostalgia because I didn’t have it the first time": The ‘Heritage Narratives’ of Yiddish Metalinguistic Community Members
 Avineri, Netta.

"Sociocultural" curricula: Promises and pitfalls
 Sawin, Thor.

"Thanks Shokran Gracias": Translingual Practices of Two EFL Teachers and Their 5th Grade Students on Facebook
 Kulavuz-Onal, Derya. and Vasquez, Camilla.

"Whatever" as a Discourse Marker in Ordinary Conversation
 Reddington, Elizabeth.

"You’re not invited to my birthday party!" Disinvitations in Social and Professional Contexts
 Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen.

(Non)-Conversations and Interactional Competence in Study Abroad: Two Cases
 Saunders, Kristina. and McGregor, Janice.

(Re)Mixing in Mexitronica: English Borrowings, Globalization and Identity in Mexican Electronica music
 Sierra, Sylvia.

(Re)writing History: A Framework for Teaching Urban Youth Key Genres of Secondary History
 Schall-Leckrone, Laura.

/ing/ Variable in the Speech of Immigrants: A Case Study of a Russian Family
 Presnyakova, Irina.

2. Globalization and Education in Languages of Lesser Power
 Anderson, Fred.

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A Closer Look at the Sources of EFL Learners’ Listening Anxiety: Utilizing the Revised Version of the Listening Anxiety Scale
 Yamauchi, Yuka.

A Cognitive Linguistic and Sociocultural Theoretical Approach to L2 Learning: French Prepositions
 Buescher, Kimberly. and Strauss, Susan.

A Comparative Analysis of Independent and Integrated Tasks on Adolescent EFL Learners’ Writing Test Performance
 Shin, Hye. and Kim, Hyun Jung.

A Comparative Study of Disciplinary and Ethnolinguistic Influences on Citation in Research Articles
 Hu, Guangwei. and Wang, Guihua.

A Comparative Study of Lexical Bundles in History Writing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
 Cortes, Viviana.

A Comparison of EFL Learners’ Writing Uptake between Models and Error Correction
 Yang, Yi-Chun. and Huang, Chung-Kai.

A Comparison of Graduate Students’ Speaking Performances in Three Contexts: TOEFL iBT, In-Class Content Classes, and Out-of-Class Academic Activities
 Brooks, Lindsay. and Swain, Merrill.

A Comparison of Student Interactions in MOOCs and Traditional Technology-Enhanced Language Courses
 Rubio, Fernando.

A Contrastive Analysis of Journalistic Stance in Chinese and Australian Hard-news Reporting: A Corpus-based Study
 Huan, Changpeng.

A Corpus-Assisted Analysis of the Functions of “I’m just Kidding” in American English
 Bell, Nancy. and Skalicky, Stephen.

A Corpus-Based Move Analysis of TED Talks: What Can an Emerging Genre Tell Us about Oral Presentations?
 Chang, Yujung. and Huang, Hung-Tzu.

A Corpus-based Approach to Investigating the Interactional Experience of Physically Disabled Participants in the Workplace.
 Pickering, Lucy. and Bouchard, Julie.

A Corpus-based Study on the Textual Colligation Patterns of According to in English Research Papers by Expert and Novice Writers
 Wang, Min.

A Critical Examination of FLES Teacher Agency in K-8 Foreign Language Planning in New Jersey Public Schools
 Raymond, Robert.

A Critical Examination of Language Ideologies and Identities of Cambodian Foreign-Trained University Lecturers of English
 Boun, Sovicheth.

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Basic Visual Skills Modulate Character Reading Acquisition in Chinese as a Foreign Language Learning
 Chang, Li-Yun., Xu, Yi., Tseng, Alison. and Perfetti, Charles.

Becoming a good presenter: academic discourse socialization and ideologies in a graduate-level research presentation course for ESL students
 Lai, Yi-Ju.

Behind the scenes of a “semi-occluded” genre: Dis-covering the personal statement application essay in an intensive course for Chinese undergraduates
 Hoagland, Merideth. and Yu, Michelle Yunye.

Benefits of Service-Learning across Classrooms in Preparing K-12 Content-Area Teachers of ELLs
 Crosby, Cathryn. and Lamb Kistler, Sara.

Beyond Language Gains: Non-Linguistic Benefits of Foreign Language Education
 Vetter, Paige. and Huang, Becky.

Beyond Mixed Methods: Warranting Multi-perspectival Research in Applied Linguistics
 Candlin, Christopher. and Crichton, Jonathan.

Beyond Politeness: Indirectness and Negotiation for Meaning in Written Feedback from an Asynchronous Online Writing Tutorial
 Chen, Pei-Jie.

Beyond Word Frequency: Semantic Specificity as a Measure of Lexical Proficiency
 Tucker, Paul.

Beyond Words: What Personal Imagery can tell us about Identity Construction
 Carroll, Sherrie.

Bilingual Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Professional Spanish Language Development and the Effectiveness of Spanish Proficiency Support System
 Caldas, Blanca.

Bilingual Processing Effects in Word Translation: A Manifestation of the Bilingual Cognitive Advantage?
 Schwieter, John. and Ferreira, Aline.

Bilingual Youth as Agents of Language Socialization across Learning Spaces
 Bucholtz, Mary. and Lee, Jin Sook.

Bilinguals’ Emotion and Language: Multiple Case Studies of Korean-English Bilinguals’ Experience of and Verbal Expression of Shame
 Kim, Meekyoung.

Biographical, Contextual, and Dialogic Factors in Foreign Language Teacher Socialization Research
 Uzum, Baburhan.

Blogging Steubenville: Hidden Agency and Evaluation in Online Discourse
 Warren, Mackenzie.

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CEOs, the Mafia and the Government: A Critical Multimodal Analysis of the Representation of These Entities in Crime Reports
 Catalano, Theresa. and Waugh, Linda.

Can L2 Learners Attain the Same Sensitivity to Collocations as L1 Speakers?
 Eguchi, Akiko. and Sugiura, Masatoshi.

Can Listening to Fluent Speech Facilitate L2 Acquisition? Effects of Native Language Prosody in a Fluent Speech Listening Task
 Morrill, Tuuli.

Cantonese Heritage Language Socialization: A Case Study from Canadian Chinese Young Adults
 Tang, Winnie.

Capitalizing on Swiss Multilingualism under Late Capitalism: New Material Conditions, Old Ideologies of Difference
 Del Percio, Alfonso.

Capturing Formulaic Sequences ‘In the Wild’
 Adolphs, Svenja. and Knight, Dawn.

Carnie Communication: Linguistic Style of Renaissance Faire Participants
 Williams, Serena. and Williams, J. Bear.

Challenges and Possibilities in Translingual Pedagogy
 Canagarajah, Suresh.

Challenges and Possibilities: Considering Translingual Pedagogy in K-12 Literacy Education
 Ortmeier-Hooper, Christina.

Challenges, Successes and Paradigm shifts in BC Indigenous Language Revitalization
 Ignace, Marianne. and Ignace, Ronald.

Challenging Language Ideology in Late Capitalism: The Commodification of Russian in Post-Colonial Settings
 Muth, Sebastian. and Zabrodskaja, Anastassia.

Challenging the National Monolingual Doxa in Plurilingual Elementary Schools: The Impact of a Local Urban Policy Initiative on Teachers’ Beliefs
 Sierens, Sven., Van Avermaet, Piet., Slembrouck, Stef. and Van Gorp, Koen.

Children Agency in Action: Challenging Teachers’ Pronunciation in an EFL Pre-shool Context
 Sert, Olcay.

Chinese Transnationalism and Canadian Higher Education: A (Second) Language Socialization Perspective
 Anderson, Tim.

Choices and Constraints: Using SFL Genre Theory to Teach primary-grade ELLs to Write Arguments in Language Arts
 Moore, Jason.

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Data Commentary in Science Writing: A Discourse Structure of Multimodal Result Presentation in Science Publication
 Nordrum, Lene. and Eriksson, Andreas.

Defining Second Language Communication Ability from the Perspective of Linguistic Laypersons: Implications for Testing and Teaching
 Sato, Takanori.

Democracy and the Challenge of Linguistic Diversity
 Schmidt, Ron.

Demonstratives in L2 Writing: A Learner Corpus Study
 Urzua, Alfredo.

Designing Taa-laa-wa Dee-ni' Language Learning Materials That Support Autonomous Learning
 Bommelyn, Pyuwa.

Developing Classroom Interactional Competence (CIC) in Language Classrooms
 Li, Li. and Walsh, Steve.

Developing Teachers’ Critical Language Awareness: A Case Study of Guided Participation
 Carpenter, Brian., Achugar, Mariana. and Walter, Daniel.

Developing Teachers’ Knowledge about Language and Supporting Language-Based Content Teaching with Metalanguage from Systemic Functional Linguistics
 Schleppegrell, Mary.

Developing a Collective International Teaching Assistant Identity: An Examination of “we vs. they” Statements
 Bhalla, Shereen.

Developing a collaborative reading culture in adult ESL programs: Connecting administrators and instructors with the research literature to enhance learning
 Rossiter, Marian., Abbott, Marilyn. and Hatami, Sarvenaz.

Developing a research agenda for digital game-based L2 learning
 Reinhardt, Jonathon.

Development of E-mail Request Mitigators in Instructed Study-Abroad Contexts
 Alcon, Eva.

Development of L2 Word-Meaning Knowledge and Semantic Transfer
 Goya, Hideki.

Developmental sequences in second language phonology: Does perception reflect production?
 Cardoso, Walcir. and Collins, Laura.

Developmentally Moderated Tasks: A Basis for Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
 Roos, Jana.

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EFL Students' Use of L1 for Collaborative Writing Tasks: Does It Affect the Quality of Compositions?
 Koizumi, Yusa.

EIKEN, TOEFL, and TOEIC as Tools for Awarding English Course Credits in Japanese Universities
 Innami, Yo. and Koizumi, Rie.

ELL socialization to secondary science discourses
 Wolf Accurso, Kathryn.

ESL All the Way Down: Reframing Fee-Paying International Students’ Impact on British Columbia’s K-12 Public Schools
 Deschambault, Ryan.

ESL Learners' Noticing of Pragmatically Appropriate Expressions and Strategies during Role-Plays with Native Speakers of English
 Sydorenko, Tetyana. and Heller Tuason, Gwen.

ESL Students Writing from Sources: What Information Do They Select?
 Zhang, Cui.

ESL Vs. EAL: Corpora Analyses of English Language Teaching Nomenclature Trends in Academic Journals
 Lindberg, Nathan.

Early English Learning and Socio-economic Disparities in China
 Butler, Yuko.

Early Foreign Language Learning: Maximizing Learners’ Input
 Munoz, Carmen. and Tragant, Elsa.

Ecology, Equity and Ethics in Education In Aboriginal Australia
 Wigglesworth, Gillian.

Economic Impact of First Language Illiteracy: A Comparison of Refugees’ Job Market Success
 Smyser, Heather.

Educational Policy in Colombia: the Co-construction of Visions on Education through the Interaction between On-line Media and Its Users
 Quintero-Polo, Alvaro., Guerrero-Nieto, Carmen. and Vargas-Torres, Margarita.

Effect of Portfolios as Motivational Tools for Pre-service Teachers to Learn English and Teaching Skills through an Overseas Teaching Practicum
 Tanaka, Makiko. and Honda, Masatoshi.

Effects of Adding Multiple Accents to a Test of L2 Listening Comprehension
 Ockey, Gary. and French, Robert.

Effects of Corrective Feedback on L2 Speech Perception: Perceptual Decisions, Linguistic Hypotheses, and Negative Evidence
 Lee, Andrew. and Lyster, Roy.

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Facets of Vocabulary Knowledge in L2 Writing
 Johnson, Mark., Mercado, Leonardo. and Acevedo, Anthony.

Facilitating Language Development in the Writing Class: Special Considerations for Multilingual Writers
 Ferris, Dana., Eckstein, Grant. and DeHond, Garrett.

Factors Affecting Acquisition of Vowel Duration in L2 Japanese: Visual Cues, Segment Type, Pitch Pattern, and Talker’s Voice
 Okuno, Tomoko. and Hardison, Debra.

Factors for Successful EMI Courses for Undergraduate Students at Korean Engineering Schools
 Kim, Eun Gyong (E.G.). and Yoon, Jeong-Ro.

Faculty Accounts of ELLs' Experience with Disciplinary Writing in Pathway Programs
 Ehlers-Zavala, Fabiola., Flahive, Douglas. and Berry, Nancy.

Faith, Politics, and the Parable of the Kosher Deli: Explorations of Narrative in a Congressional Hearing
 Kraut, Joshua.

Fast-forwarding: An Interactional Resource for Preserving an L2 Teacher’s Epistemic Status
 Kelly Hall, Joan. and Smotrova, Tetyana.

Feedback Type, Levels of Awareness and their Long-Term Impact on L2 Proficiency
 Moreno, Nina.

Figures of Personhood
 Park, Joseph.

Finding the Right Balance for Papua New Guinea's Languages of Education
 Volker, Craig.

Following Orders in the Iraq War: A Poetic-Inquiry into Ethical Decisions in American Soldier Narratives
 Hanauer, David.

Foreign Language Activities for Japanese Elementary School Students with Special Educational Needs
 Nakayama, Akira., Yoshida, Hiroki., Matsuoka, Miyuki., Kubo, Minoru. and Tsukada, Hastumi.

Foreign Language Anxiety and Foreign Language Enjoyment in SLA
 Dewaele, Jean-Marc.

Foreign Language Anxiety in Turkey: The Role of Multilingualism, PPLI, and TA within a Dynamic System
 Thompson, Amy. and Khawaja, Anastasia.

Foreign Language Teaching and Learning in a Nursing Home
 Peck, Sabrina.

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Gauging the L1’s Influence on L2 Collocational Processing
 Wolter, Brent. and Yamashita, Junko.

Gender-based Variation in Verbal Reactions to Unfunny Jokes
 Ergul, Hilal. and Hempelmann, Christian.

Generation 1.5 learners' use of verbs in academic writing
 Griswold, Olga.

Genre Ecology of an International Graduate Student
 Tezeller Arik, Beril.

Gesture and Chronotope: A Meaning-making experience in a second language classroom
 Rosborough, Alex.

Gesture-echo: What It Is and What It Does
 Boblett, Nancy.

Gestures during Self-repetitions: Same or Different?
 Stam, Gale., Tellier, Marion. and Bigi, Brigitte.

Ghanaian Village Literacy Efforts for Youth Not Attending School
 Sherris, Arieh., Sulemana, Saaka., Alhassan, Andani., Abudu, Grace. and Karim, Abdul-Rahaman.

Globalization and Development of English Learners' Symbolic Competence
 Hu, Tsui-Chun.

Globalization and Good Language Teacher (GLT) Identity: The Case of Promotional Websites, Recruitment Materials and Policy Documents in South Korea
 Ahn, So-Yeon.

God Grew Tired of Us: A Sudanese Refugee Language Learner’s Changing Identity
 Johnson, Lauren.

Graduate Education in Applied Linguistics: Results of a Nationwide Survey
 Donovan, Anne. and Malone, Meg.

Graduate Students’ Grant Writing: Analysis of Citation Patterns and Functions
 Fazel, Ismaeil. and Shi, Ling.

Graffiti in Ni’lin Village - The Untranslated Story
 Khawaja, Anastasia. and Alharbi, Fahad.

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Instructional Language in International English Textbooks: Uses and Applications of an Information-Gathering Exercise
 Derrick, Deirdre. and Garcia Gomez, Pablo.

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Harnessing the Power of Systemic Functional Linguistics and the Common Core State Standards in the Teaching of Writing K-12
 Daniello, Frank.

Hedges, Boosters, and Attitude Markers in Research Articles: A Comparative Study between Korean and English.
 Shim, Eunsook.

Heritage Language Literacy Maintenance: A Study of Korean-American Heritage Learners
 Kim, Catherine. and Pyun, Danielle.

Heritage language support in the new economy: Japan’s support for the Japanese diaspora’s heritage Japanese language education
 Motobayashi, Kyoko.

High-Achieving English Learners’ Access to Four-Year Colleges
 Kanno, Yasuko.

Historical Implications on Language Ideologies: National Language Acquisition and Multilingualism among Senegalese Immigrants in Paris and Rome
 Smith, Maya.

Historical and Emerging Trends in Linguistic Landscape Studies
 Troyer, Robert.

Historical depth in applied linguists: Beyond presentism to translingual histories of the present.
 Train, Robert.

Home Language Proximity as a Grouping Variable in the Validity Analysis of an English Language Proficiency Assessment
 Renn, Jennifer., Yen, Shu Jing. and Macgregor, David.

Home Language Skills Boost English Learners toward School Success: Evidence from a Large, Urban School District
 Arnone, Gina.

How Different Can You Get? Ten-year Learning Trajectories for Two L2 Groups
 Munro, Murray. and Derwing, Tracey.

How Do you Walk at the Door?: A Single Case Analysis of an ESL Teacher’s Response to Student-Initiated Questions
 Dobs, Abby. and Matsumoto, Yumi.

How Heritage Language Learner—Second Language Learner Dyads Resolve Language Issues: Implications for Learning
 Walls, Laura.

How Japanese Students Approach Studying Economics in English
 KIRIMURA, RYO., Yoshimura, Masahiro. and Shimizu, Yuko.

How Teachers’ Views of English Language Variation Influence Aboriginal Students’ Access to Academic Literacy
 Wiltse, Lynne.

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IRE and its Double: How Multiple Frames are Maintained in Classroom
 Enomoto, Takeshi.

Identity and Language Education in Study Abroad Contexts
 Kinginger, Celeste.

Identity and Language Use of Multilingual Uzbeks in North America
 Djuraeva, Madina. and Catedral, Lydia.

Identity and the Community ESL Classroom
 Sacklin, Jennifer.

Ideologies of study abroad in L2 teacher identity construction: Narratives from EFL and FSL teachers
 Wernicke, Meike. and Lin, Rae-Ping.

Imagined Communities, Language Ideology and Heritage Language Learning: Case Studies of Two Korean-American Adolescents
 Yang, Se Jeong.

Impact of TOEIC as a University Exit Test on English Learning in Vietnam
 Nguyen, Ha.

Impacts of National Language Policy on Local Teaching Contexts: Evidence from Rwanda
 Pearson, Pamela.

Implementing Corpus Activities in Teacher Development
 Vellenga, Heidi. and Crawford, Bill.

Implementing the Grammatical Concept of Aspect as a Mediational Tool to Develop Learner’s Agency in the Spanish L2 Classroom
 Garcia, Prospero.

Implicatures in L2 French: Evidence from the C’est-Cleft in Near-Native French
 Destruel, Emilie. and Donaldson, Bryan.

Implicit Learning of German Irregular Verbs
 Godfroid, Aline. and McCord, Robert.

Implicit knowledge, Explicit Knowledge and Learning Difficulties in L2 Chinese
 Yuan, Fangyuan.

Improving ESL Teaching in the Content Areas
 Popko, Alexander.

Improving L2 Listening Comprehension through Empirically-Supported Metacognitive Strategies
 Liss, Taylor. and Reed, Marnie.

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Japanese EFL Learners’ Cognitive Difficulty in Producing English Question Sentences
 Harada, Yasunari. and Morishita, Miwa.

Japanese English in ELF Situations: Does Lexical Nativization Affect Intelligibility?
 Matsuura, Hiroko., Chiba, Reiko., Rilling, Sarah. and Kim, Julia.

Japanese Students’ Longitudinal Development in L1 and L2 Writing: An Ecological Approach
 Sasaki, Miyuki.

Journal Ranking Lists, Performativity, and International Collaboration: Chinese Management Academics Publishing in English
 Li, Yongyan.


Keeping the Home (Language) Fires Burning: How Identity Influences Maintenance of a Minority Language
 Stafford, Catherine., Azevedo, Clara. and Kuder, Emily.

Khmer Oral Language Proficiency of Cambodian American Students
 Chan, Virak. and Wright, Wayne.

Know Thyself: The Reliability of Self-Assessments and their Benefits for L2 Motivation and Learning Outcomes
 Seibert Hanson, Aroline. and Dracos, Melisa.

Knowledge Exchange, Market Research, and Dialogue: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Entrepreneurship Education in Tanzania
 Boner, Elizabeth.

Knowledge and Transfer of Mood Distinctions: Spanish/English Bilinguals’ Acquisition of L3 Portuguese
 Child, Michael.

Korean Heritage Language Maintenance in Japan: Helping Make a Plus Out of Two Minuses
 Noguchi, Mary.


L1 Attrition Effects on Autobiographical Memory in Bilinguals
 Sorokina, Anastasia.

L1 Morphological Type Affects L2 Morphological Processing
 Dronjic, Vedran., Helms-Park, Rena., Yee, Cindy. and Shim, Dang.

L1 Orthographic Background and Listening Discrimination Influence L2 Spelling Knowledge
 Martin, Katherine. and Juffs, Alan.

L2 Acquisition and the Study of Change in Complex Systems
 Van Geert, Paul.

L2 Comprehensibility Revisited: Investigating the Effects of Learner Background and Speaking Task
 Crowther, Dustin., Trofimovich, Pavel., Saito, Kazuya. and Isaacs, Talia.

L2 Development is Rule-Governed and Dynamic
 Lenzing, Anke.

L2 Ideal Self and Pragmatic Proficiency in Adult ELLs
 Larsen-Walker, Melissa.

L2 Interactional Competence: A Longitudinal Study of an Au-pair Girl’s Storytelling Practice
 Pekarek Doehler, Simona. and Pochon-Berger, Evelyne.

L2 Learners' Embodied Displays of Progress in Learning
 Seo, Mi-Suk.

L2 Listening: Metacognitive Strategies for Processing the Pragmatic Functions of Intonation
 Reed, Marnie.

L2 Writer Perspectives of L1 Use during L2 Writing
 Evans, Katherine.

L2 Writing in Intensive English Programs and First Year Composition: Divisions and Opportunities
 Hammill, Matthew.

L2 Writing with Wikis: How Does Technologically Mediated Collaboration Affect the Product?
 Kost, Claudia., Arnold, Nike. and Ducate, Lara.

Language Analysis as a Tool for Evaluation of Student Writing and Planning Instruction.
 Brisk, Maria.

Language Aptitude and L2 Lexical Learning
 Cook, Svetlana., Bonilla, Carrie., Pelzl, Eric., Miller, Corey., Triebwasser Prado, Thomas., Overfelt, Carlie., Vatz, Karen., Clark, Martyn., Jackson, Scott. and Doughty, Catherine.

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Make it work: Service Learning as Teacher and Student Development
 Dietrich, Sarah.

Management of Language Learning in Late Capitalism: Discursive Construction and Tension of South Korean Post-secondary English Study-Abroad
 Jang, In Chull.

Management of Non-native Pragmatic Practices in Interlanguage
 Hicks, George.

Managing L2 English Small Talk Using Gaze and Laughter during Service Encounters: Doing Avoidance of Co-Development of Small Talk
 Kim, Sangki.

Managing Relations in the Treatment Advice Phase of Physician-Patient Interactions
 Fioramonte, Amy.

Managing topics in email exchanges of two L2 learners
 Weber, Rachel.

Materiality of contested boundaries: rhizomatic discourses on language and identity in the new markets of indigeneity
 Pietikäinen, Sari.

Materiality, mobility and the invention of a nation
 Heller, Monica.

Math-Focused Writing: Essential to English Learner Success in Mathematics
 MacDonald, Rita. and Grant, Rosalie.

Measuring Academic Language Proficiency in an International Undergraduate Conditional Admissions Program
 Heitner, Reese. and Hoekje, Barbara.

Measuring Implicit and Explicit L2 Knowledge: A brief Introduction
 Rebuschat, Patrick.

Mediated Language and Cultural Learning in a Global Context
 Kong, Kaishan.

Mediated and Emergent Identities through Narratives of Literacy in a Facebook Chat
 Deifell, Elizabeth.

Mediated task design to support collegial development and professional capital in language teacher telecollaboration 2.0
 Fuchs, Carolin., Snyder, Bill., Tung, Bruce. and Han, Yu Jung.

Mediating Learner Use of L2 Conceptual Tools Through Dialogic Interaction
 Poehner, Matthew. and Infante, Paolo.

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NEȾOLṈEW̱ 'One Mind, One People': A Community-University Indigenous Research Partnership Working to Understand Adult Apprentice-style Language Learning
 McIvor, Onowa., Jacobs, Peter. and Rosborough, Trish.

Narrative Accounts of Third Generation Mexican-Americans: Bilingualism in a Third Space
 Goble, Ryan.

Narrative Assessment of Polish-English Bilingual Pre-schoolers
 Opacki, Marcin. and Otwinowska-Kasztelanic, Agnieszka.

Narratives across Speech Events
 Wortham, Stanton. and Rhodes, Catherine.

Narratives of research(er) ethical dilemmas with Somalis youth
 Bigelow, Martha.

Native and nonnative teachers of pronunciation: Does language background make a difference in learner performance?
 Levis, John., Sonsaat, Sinem. and Link, Stephanie.

Natural or Artificial: Is the Route of L2 Development Teachable?
 Zhang, Xian. and Lantolf, James.

Navigating Japan’s New National Curriculum: Native and Nonnative Teachers Caught in between Roles
 Kato, Kevin., Paller, Daniel. and Glasgow, Gregory.

Negotiating Identity through Stance-indexing: Long-term Changes in Recipient Actions in Japanese as a Second Language during Study Abroad
 Ishida, Midori.

Negotiating Meaning in a French Immersion Preschool. A Visual Ethnographic Approach.
 Brennan, Kelly.

Negotiating the Common Core State Standards among Multiple Stakeholders
 Thompson, Alisun., Scott, Judith., Pease-Alvarez, Lucinda., Clark, Margaret. and Baker, Louann.

Negotiating the Expert/Novice Positions in Interactions between Native-English-Speaking and Non-Native-English-Speaking Language Teachers
 Hale, Chris. and Sudo, Mikiko.

Negotiation of Meaning and Corrective Feedback Practices in Task-based eTandem Language Learning via Skype
 Akiyama, Yuka.

Neoliberal Semiotic Cycles and the Political Economy of Educational Policy
 Hult, Francis.

New Perspectives on Counter Narratives: The Wikipedian Article for the Murder of Meredith Kercher
 Page, Ruth.

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Offline and Online Evidence for the Effects of Captioning on Text Recall and Cognitive Load in L2 Listening
 Karatas, Nur.

On Age of Onset of Bilingualism in Heritage Language Acquisition of Russian Aspect
 Mikhaylova, Anna.

On becoming “pocho”,” gringo”, Mexican-American: discussing ethnic identity in university students
 Mora Pablo, Irasema., Lengeling, Mary. and Crawford, Troy.

On bilingual advantages: language learning and attentional control in two instructional conditions
 Sanz, Cristina. and Cox, Jessica.

On the Differences in Use of Sentence Final Modality in Japanese Oral and Written Academic Discourse
 Watanabe, Fumio.

On-Line vs. Traditional ESL Placement Tests – A Reliability Comparison
 Valentine, James. and Londe, Zsuzsa.

One Conversation Two Languages: Alternating Bi-Language Talk and its Implications for Language Learning
 Jenks, Christopher.

Online Learning of Introductory Technical Writing by Using Captions of Figures and Tables for English as a Foreign Language
 Kawai, Goh. and Ohnishi, Akio.

Opportunities for Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition from Spoken Discourse in an English for Academic Purposes Classroom
 Dodson, Eric.

Optimality Theory and Bilingual Language Use: Azeri-Farsi-English Code-switching
 Sharifi, Farzad.

Optimizing Language Learning in Study Abroad: Recent Research, Current Findings, and New Directions
 Malone, Meg.

Oral fluency in second language and pause phenomena
 Kahng, Jimin.

Organizational and Distinctive Processing of New Second Language Vocabulary
 Chepyshko, Roman.

Orienting to Language Learning in the Wild: A Multi-Modal Analysis
 Greer, Tim.

Output-induced Noticing and Language Anxiety: An Investigation of L2 Acquisition Processes
 Nassif, Lama.

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Parents’ Perceptions of Greek and American Cultural Identity and Ideology in Popular Children’s Books
 Kondilis, Barbara.

Parents’ Understanding of Language Policies in an Urban High School: Decoding Mixed Messages from School Administrators and Staff
 Aleixo, Marina. and Horii, Sachiko.

Partnering Heritage and Second Language Learners of Spanish: Learning Opportunities for L2 Pronunciation
 Robles, Arnaldo.

Passing Notes: Four PhD Students' Collaborative Reflection on their Academic Discourse Socialization into First-year Doctoral Studies in a Canadian University
 Wong, Melanie. and Pena, Ernesto.

Patterns of Change in Test Scores over Time: Training and Target Language Difficulty
 Bloomfield, Amber., Masters, Megan., Ross, Steven., O\'Connell, Stephen. and Gynther, Kassandra.

Patterns of Small Group Interaction in Wiki-Based Collaborative Writing in the EAP Context
 Li, Mimi., Zhu, Wei. and Kim, Deoksoon.

Pedagogical Gestures as Interactional Resources for Teaching English Tense and Aspect
 Matsumoto, Yumi. and Dobs, Abby.

Pedagogical Reasoning and the Development of Novice Teachers’ Interactional Competence for Teaching
 Worden, Dorothy. and Johnson, Karen E..

Peer Assessment of English Oral Performance in a Taiwanese Elementary School
 Hung, Yu-ju., Chen, Shu-cheng. and Samuelson, Beth.

Peer Play as a Vehicle for Learning Diverse Interactional Moves in a Second Language
 Piker, Ruth.

Perceptions of Negation Use by Learners of French: Social Significance and Self- and Other- Representations
 Etienne, Corinne.

Perceptions of Professional Terminology in Short-Term Study Abroad Teacher Training Programs
 Kim, Su Jung. and Aleixo, Marina.

Perceptions of “Americanism”: U.S. High School Students’ Attitudes Towards Non-Standard English Accents
 Goering, Christina.

Performance and Story Telling: Arts-Based Resources in Fostering Critical Language Awareness?
 Harman, Ruth. and Zhang, Xiaodong.

Personal and Impersonal Bilingualism: The Commodification of Spanish and Guaraní in Paraguayan Cell Phone Commercials
 Hammink, Julianne.

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Quotidian ethics in the neo-liberal university: Research and practice collide
 Starfield, Sue.


Rage Against the Machine: New Directions for Machine Translation in the Foreign Language Classroom
 Merschel, Lisa., Munné, Joan. and Reisinger, Deb.

Rapid and Continuous Development of Explicit L2 Knowledge: Triangulating Evidence from Recognition Memory and Verbal Reports
 Hamrick, Phillip. and Pandža, Nick.

Re-examining the Role of Length of Residence and Age in the Interlanguage Development of L2 Oral Skills
 Saito, Kazuya.

Reading instruction in an SFL-influenced classroom: Filling the sentence-level gap for elementary-level ELD students
 Poole, Deborah.

Reading to Talk and Talking to Learn: Undergraduates Discussing Primary Literature Articles
 Santelmann, Lynn. and Hellermann, John.

Reading to write vs. reading comprehension: What inferences about language proficiency can be drawn through performance on reading to write tasks?
 Warren, Sherry.

Real and Hypothetical Voicing as Displays of Interactional Competence in a Lesson on Informal Register in a Post-secondary ESL Class
 Gianico, Jacqueline. and Jadlocki, Matthew.

Rebuttal Testimony in Murder Case in Court
 Fadden, Lorna.

Receptive and Productive ESL 9th Grade Vocabulary Knowledge in 8th Graders: How Do We Assess and What Do They Master?
 Lindgren, Signe-Anita.

Reconceptualizing Oral Proficiency for English as a Lingua Franca Communication
 Litzenberg, Jason.

Reconceptualizing education for Hispanic English language learners: fostering agency and biculturalism to improve learning and social incorporation
 Rosekrans, Kristin.

Reconceptualizing “Native/Nonnative” as Performative Identities: Implications for SLA and Study Abroad Research Practices
 Thomas, M\'Balia.

Reexamining the construct of investment by Norton (1995, 2000) from the perspective of L2 learner agency
 Muramatsu, Chie.

Reference choices in Korean discourse by heritage learners.
 Lee, EunHee.

Reflective Teaching as Innovation
 Bailey, Kathleen. and Springer, Sarah.

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Safety in interaction: A study of linguistic and cultural diversity in residential aged care
 Crichton, Jonathan. and Scarino, Angela.

Scaffolding in the TESOL Classroom: The Role of ‘Shaping’
 Walsh, Steve. and Li, Li.

 Lo, Adrienne.

Science Education and the Scripted Research Paradigm: Missed Opportunity for Co-constructing Knowledge of Science Teaching and Learning
 Strohl, Carrie.

Searching for What to Say Next: A Conversation Analytic Study of “Content Search” in Pair Interaction
 Hasegawa, Atsushi.

Second Language Academic Writing Developmental Profiling: The Dynamic Interaction between Complexity and Accuracy
 Rosmawati, ..

Second Language Learning in the Cherokee Nation Immersion School: Linguistic and Sociocultural Perspectives
 Peter, Lizette., Hirata-Edds, Tracy., Feeling, Durbin., Mackey, Ryan., Kirk, Wyman. and Duncan, Philip.

Second Language Production of English Regular Past Tense: The Role of L1 Transfer and Phonological Effects
 Chen, Wen-Hsin.

Second Language Writing Across an Academic Curriculum: A Case Study in the Secondary Context
 Henderson Lee, Sarah.

Seeking Parole: Prisoners’ Use of Various Oral Discourse Strategies at Parole Board Hearings
 Cochran, Effie.

Seeking Recognition of References with "kennst du" and "weißt du" in German
 You, Hie-Jung.

Segmentation of Continuous Speech by Native English Learners of Russian as a Foreign Language
 Pavlovskaya, Natalia. and Leung, Alex.

Self, Peer, and Teacher Assessments in ESL Writing
 Cheong, Euijung.

Self-Assessment of Bilingual Proficiencies of Community College Students: Measure Creation and Use
 Darbes, Tasha.

Self-Determination Theory (SDT) and Japanese College Students: A Cross-Cultural Study
 McClelland, Neil.

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Talking African Storybooks into Relevance in a Somali-centric Kindergarten
 Moore, Leslie.

Talking Science in Linguistically Diverse Secondary Classrooms
 Enright, Kerry., Strohl, Carrie., Mouavangsou, Kaozong. and Priscila, Mendoza.

Talking about the Virtual “World”—The Complex System of Extracurricular Language Learning
 Scholz, Kyle., Schulze, Mathias. and Heift, Trude.

Talking to write: The use of collaborative prewriting tasks
 Neumann, Heike. and McDonough, Kim.

Task Characteristics Related to Increased Target Language Production in Text Chat
 Tare, Medha., Golonka, Ewa., Crooks, Carolyn., Goldman, Alina., Strong, Rachel., Rhoad, Kathryn., Bonilla, Carrie. and Vatz, Karen.

Task Design and its Influence on the Utility of Corrective Feedback on L2 Writing
 Taferner, Robert.

Task Types and Task Affordances in a Primary EFL Classroom
 Ohashi, Yumi.

Teacher Change and Language: From Traditional Grammar to SFL
 Hodgson-Drysdale, Tracy.

Teacher Identity and Efficacy in Non-Native English Speaking Teachers’ Professional Development: A Mixed Methods Study
 Takayama, Hiromi.

Teacher Knowledge of Math-Academic Language: Challenges and Possibilities
 Avalos, Mary. and Sembiante, Sabrina.

Teacher Preparation for Translingual Pedagogy: Examining Goals, Challenges, and Ideologies
 Nero, Shondel.

Teacher and Student Language Practices and Ideologies in a Third Grade Two-Way Dual Language Program
 Henderson, Kathryn. and Palmer, Deborah.

Teachers Resisting and Remaking Educational Policy
 Pease-Alvarez, Lucinda. and Thompson, Alisun.

Teachers’ Language Ideologies in Classroom Practices: Levaraging Linguistic Capital to Re-Organize Learning
 Razfar, Aria.

Teachers’ Perceptions about Language in an Intercultural and Bilingual Preschool in Santiago, Chile
 Becerra Lubies, Rukmini.

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Ultimate Attainment and L2 Pronunciation: A Workplace Intervention Study
 Derwing, Tracey., Munro, Murray. and Foote, Jennifer.

Understanding Intertextual Connections: Intertextuality in the Computer-Supported ESL Writing Process
 Sarieva, Iona. and Zhu, Wei.

Understanding second language grammatical gender agreement: Relationships between language experience, proficiency, performance and neurocognitive processing.
 Morgan-Short, Kara., Faretta-Stutenberg, Mandy. and Bartlett, Laura.

Unintentional Identity: Co-constructed Identity in Graduate Statements of Purpose
 Estus, Charles.

Universality and Variability in Chinese Heritage Language: Implications for Researchers and Practitioners
 Dennig, Sik Lee., Leung, Genevieve. and Uchikoshi, Yuuko.

Use of Dictogloss for Teaching and Learning Advising in Japanese
 Tateyama, Yumiko.

Using Authentic Materials for Pragmatic Assessment in an ESL Classroom
 Cheng, Tsui-Ping.

Using Facebook to Build Connections Between Classroom and Community: A Pilot Study with Intermediate Spanish Students
 Mendelson, Adam.

Using Lexical Variables and Corpus-based Analysis to Identify Language Ideologies in a Blog About Immigrant Education
 Fitzsimmons-Doolan, Shannon.

Using Systemic Functional Linguistics to Support Critical Language Awareness in Science Reading and Writing
 Schleppegrell, Mary., Palincsar, Anne Marie. and O\'Hallaron, Catherine.

Using a Sentence Repetition Task and Narration as a Means of Assessing the Grammatical Competence of Monolingual and Bilingual Children
 Banasik, Natalia., Opacki, Marcin. and Otwinowska-Kasztelanic, Agnieszka.

Using lexical diversity measures to operationalize language dominance in bilinguals
 Treffers-Daller, Jeanine. and Korybski, Tomasz.

Utilizing Bilingual Practices to Construct Identities and Capital on the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Ramos, Diana.

Utilizing Corpora to Enhance Collocation Accuracy and Richness in L2 Writing
 Wu, Yi-ju.


Variability and Learning Mechanisms
 Lowie, Wander. and Verspoor, Marjolijn.

Variability in Interactional Competence in Paired Speaking Tests: Effect of Paired Task and Test-Taker Speaking Ability
 Kley, Katharina.

Variables in the Effects of Metaphor Awareness Enhancement on EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Reception and Production
 Yang, Li-chin. and Lai, Yu-da.

Variation in Neural Structure and the Issue of Universals in Second Language Acquisition
 Schumann, John.

Vocabulary Consolidation Strategies in Senior Learners: a Descriptive Study that Challenges Some of the Current Views on Vocabulary Learning
 Ramírez Gómez, Danya.

Vocabulary in context vs. direction translation: Long-term effectiveness and implications
 Loeb, Emelie., Jenner, Elizabeth. and Stolow, Alison.

Vocabulary knowledge of learners of Korean: The significance of heritage, input, and instruction
 Heo, Yeon.

Voice and socialization in postsecondary students' narrative practices
 Price, Mackenzie., Baffy, Marta. and Ginsberg, Daniel.

Voices From the Home: Parental Philosophies of Language Learning in Multilingual Families
 Vetere, Timothy.

Voices from the High-School Spanish Classroom: Contextual Explorations of Students’ Beliefs
 China, Addie.


Washington State Language Policy and Educational Opportunity for English Language Learners
 Johnson, David. and Johnson, Eric.

Ways of Seeing Linguistic Landscape: A Participatory Visual Study of an Urban Neighborhood in Hong Kong
 Lou, Jia.

What Are the Most Important Factors to Assess Intermediate-level Japanese Learners’ Essays Effectively?
 Seo, Areum.

What Contributes to Young Learners’ Reading Comprehension in The EFL Knowledge Dimension?
 Pizorn, Karmen.

What Counts as a Developmental Sequence?: Exemplar-Based L2 Learning.
 Eskildsen, Soren.

What Helps and Hinders Publication in Applied Linguistics Journals
 Belcher, Diane. and Hirvela, Alan.

What Is Intermediate Vocabulary? – Holding Oral Proficiency Ratings Accountable
 Amoroso, Luke.

What Mainstream Teachers Need to Know about Language to Support Bilingualism
 Curtis, Emily.

What Makes Second Language Lexical Competition So Competitive?
 Pandža, Nick. and Hamrick, Phillip.

What Makes a Good ESL Personal Story: A Sociolinguistic Perspective
 Raspayeva, Aisulu.

What We All Need to Know about Language Access and the Law in Healthcare
 Hunt, David.

What are Kids Learning about Language Learning in a Preschool Foreign Language Program?
 Kearney, Erin.

What are “Global Human Resources”?: An Analysis of The Role of Language Learning in Japanese Universities’ Globalization Policy Plans
 Okuda, Tomoyo.

What do Official English Advocates Believe about Language?
 Flowers, Katherine.

What eye tracking can and cannot reveal about the influence of language on thought
 Hasko, Victoria.

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