AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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A Closer Look at the Sources of EFL Learners’ Listening Anxiety: Utilizing the Revised Version of the Listening Anxiety Scale
 Yamauchi, Yuka.

A Cognitive Linguistic and Sociocultural Theoretical Approach to L2 Learning: French Prepositions
 Buescher, Kimberly. and Strauss, Susan.

A Comparative Analysis of Independent and Integrated Tasks on Adolescent EFL Learners’ Writing Test Performance
 Shin, Hye. and Kim, Hyun Jung.

A Comparative Study of Disciplinary and Ethnolinguistic Influences on Citation in Research Articles
 Hu, Guangwei. and Wang, Guihua.

A Comparative Study of Lexical Bundles in History Writing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
 Cortes, Viviana.

A Comparison of EFL Learners’ Writing Uptake between Models and Error Correction
 Yang, Yi-Chun. and Huang, Chung-Kai.

A Comparison of Graduate Students’ Speaking Performances in Three Contexts: TOEFL iBT, In-Class Content Classes, and Out-of-Class Academic Activities
 Brooks, Lindsay. and Swain, Merrill.

A Comparison of Student Interactions in MOOCs and Traditional Technology-Enhanced Language Courses
 Rubio, Fernando.

A Contrastive Analysis of Journalistic Stance in Chinese and Australian Hard-news Reporting: A Corpus-based Study
 Huan, Changpeng.

A Corpus-Assisted Analysis of the Functions of “I’m just Kidding” in American English
 Bell, Nancy. and Skalicky, Stephen.

A Corpus-Based Move Analysis of TED Talks: What Can an Emerging Genre Tell Us about Oral Presentations?
 Chang, Yujung. and Huang, Hung-Tzu.

A Corpus-based Approach to Investigating the Interactional Experience of Physically Disabled Participants in the Workplace.
 Pickering, Lucy. and Bouchard, Julie.

A Corpus-based Study on the Textual Colligation Patterns of According to in English Research Papers by Expert and Novice Writers
 Wang, Min.

A Critical Examination of FLES Teacher Agency in K-8 Foreign Language Planning in New Jersey Public Schools
 Raymond, Robert.

A Critical Examination of Language Ideologies and Identities of Cambodian Foreign-Trained University Lecturers of English
 Boun, Sovicheth.

A Cross-cultural Cooperative Model in Online Language Learning
 Causarano, Pei-ni.

A Cross-cultural and Cross-topic Comparison of Argumentative Writing on Wikipedia Discussion Pages
 Johansson, Sverker. and Lindberg, Ylva.

A Cross-disciplinary Move Schema for Research Article Discussion/Conclusion Sections
 Huffman, Sarah., Link, Stephanie., Paben, Todd. and Cotos, Elena.

A Dynamic Perspective on Developmental Patterns in Finnish as an L2
 Verspoor, Marjolijn., Lowie, Wander. and Tilma, Corinne.

A Genre Analysis Approach: Different Rhetorical Moves in Conference Abstracts Based on Different Research Method Approaches
 Hwang, JU A.

A Globalized Peripheral Context: Development of a Citation Index in Taiwan and its Role in Scholarly Publication and Research Dissemination
 Sheridan, Cheryl.

A Heteroglossic Approach to Standards-Based Reform in a Globalized World
 Schissel, Jamie. and Flores, Nelson.

A Learner Corpus Study of Lexical Development of L2 Chinese Resultative Verb Compounds
 Zhang, Jie.

A Linguistic Landscape of Macao’s Street Signage: Challenging the Dominant Bilingual Paradigm
 Lee, Alice.

A Local Interpretation of Multilingualism in Transnational South Korea
 Kang, Mi Ok. and Sohn, Bonggi.

A Longitudinal Learner Corpus Study: Exploring L2 Development through Monitoring Formulaic Sequences
 Elturki, Eman.

A Longitudinal Study of EFL Professionals’ Learning to Teach
 Kurihara, Yuka.

A Look at the Long-Term Effects of Intensive Instruction on L2 Skills
 French, Leif., Collins, Laura., Gagné, Nancy. and Guay, Jean-Daniel.

A Moving Target: Professional identity development in foreign language teacher candidates.
 Schmitt, Elena.

A Narrative Analysis of Return Migration, Heritage Language Identities, and Transnational Community in the Greek Diaspora
 Sclafani, Jennifer. and Nikolaou, Alexander.

A Pen, Paper and a Phone: Implements of Constructing Intersubjectivity in Casual Multilingual Interaction.
 Burch, Alfred.

A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of 3 Multilingual ESL Teachers in the US
 Ma, Sin I Miranda. and Hamamoto, Miho.

A Qualitative Look at Motivation and Opportunity
 Yates, Lynda. and Major, George.

A Sneak Peak of Bilingual Education in China: Teachers’ Perspectives
 Cheng, Rui.

A Study into Curriculum-based Development of Collegiate Foreign Language Writing
 Maxim, Hiram.

A Study of Communication Strategies, Gestures and Emotion Used by Japanese EFL Learners: Focusing on Differences between L1 and L2
 Izumi, Emiko.

A Study on the Use of Translanguaging to Assess the Content Knowledge of Emergent Bilingual Students
 Lopez, Alexis., Guzman-Orth, Danielle. and Turkan, Sultan.

A Turn Toward the Individual: Capturing and Capitalizing on Individuality in the Language Learning Process
 Macintyre, Peter.

A Validity Argument for Assessing Strategic Competence through the OPI Role Play
 O\'Connell, Stephen. and Ross, Steven.

A Visit to the RODEO: Dialect Variation in Oklahoma
 Bakos, Jon.

A Water Cycle-Based Approach to Bilingual Assessment in the Era of the Common Core
 Flores, Nelson. and Schissel, Jamie.

A case for promoting bilingualism among ESL teachers
 Haneda, Mari.

A functional language analysis of deaf students’ writing: Implications for instruction
 Wolbers, Kimberly., Dostal, Hannah., Graham, Steve., Kilpatrick, Jen. and Saulsburry, Rachel.

A general problem solving model resolves the two contemporary conflicting approaches to L1 acquisition of syntax
 Azaz, Mahmoud. and Bever, Thomas.

A neurocognitive investigation of bilingual versus monolingual additional language learning in adulthood
 Grey, Sarah., Sanz, Cristina., Morgan-Short, Kara. and Ullman, Michael.

A seminar approach to teaching L2 writing: Integrating the skills
 Demeter, Gusztav. and Kang, Hee-Seung.

A study on Self-regulated Learning in AWE-supported ESL Writing Classroom
 Yang, Hyejin., Li, Zhi., Ranalli, Jim. and Karakaya, Kadir.

Abstract Structural Priming, but No Lexical Boost
 Morishita, Miwa., Chang, Franklin. and Harada, Yasunari.

Academic Language in a Two-Way Program: Teacher Models and Students’ Practices
 de Jong, Ester.

Academic Literacy Experiences and Needs of Undergraduate Writers: Instructors’ and Students’ Perspectives
 Junqueira, Luciana.

Academic libraries and digital innovation
 Boock, Michael.

Acceptability in Context: Interviews with English Language Teachers
 Heng Hartse, Joel.

Accounting for Repair in L2 Conversation-for-learning
 Kivik, Piibi-Kai.

Acoustic Analysis and Intelligibility Assessment of Timing Patterns by Chinese English Learners with Different Dialect Backgrounds
 Chen, Hsueh Chu.

Acquisition of Syntax-Semantics Interface in Plural Nouns by Adult L1 English-L2 Arabic Learners
 Azaz, Mahmoud.

Across Generations and Geographies: Communication in Chinese Heritage Language Speaking Households
 He, Agnes.

Action Research and Teacher-initiated Change as Innovation
 Burns, Anne.

Adult ESL Learners’ Blogging Practices in Transnational Online Contexts: Language Socialization in the Web 2.0 Era
 Shin, Dong-shin. and Cimasko, Tony.

Advice Negotiation in Writing Center Peer Tutoring
 Park, Innhwa.

Advice Strategies in Interlanguage
 Liu, Hanting.

Affectivity in Bilingual Mathematics and Science in Elementary School
 Otwinowska-Kasztelanic, Agnieszka. and Foryś, Małgorzata.

African-American Foreign Language Learning Perspectives
 Gatlin, Nicholas.

Age & Experiential Effects on Complexity, Accuracy, & Fluency (CAF) in L2-Dominant Speaker’s Spontaneous Speech
 Lahmann, Cornelia., Steinkrauss, Rasmus. and Schmid, Monika.

Age and Knowledge of English Morphosyntax: Intuition, Production, and Error Correction
 Qureshi, Muhammad.

Age effects vs. effects of monolingualism and bilingualism on L1/L2 ultimate attainment
 Abrahamsson, Niclas.

Age of onset of bilingualism and event conceptualization patterns
 Bylund, Emanuel.

Agency, agents and artifacts. Performing and accounting for languaging and identity
 Bagga-Gupta, Sangeeta.

Aging and Bilingual Processing: Age-related Differences between Groups of Functional Monolinguals and Early and Late Bilinguals.
 Van der Hoeven-Houtzager, Nienke., Lowie, Wander. and De Bot, Kees.

Agreeable Disagreement, Discourse Markers, and the Construction of Political Identity in Presidential Primary Debates
 Sclafani, Jennifer.

American Sign Language as a Heritage Language: Pathways into Sign Language Communities
 Compton, Sarah.

America’s Conversation about Race in the Wake of the Trayvon Martin Shooting and George Zimmerman Trial
 Hodges, Adam.

Amount of Context & Degree of Cognitive Effort Affect Recall in Intentional L2 Vocabulary Learning
 Golonka, Ewa., Bowles, Anita., Silbert, Noah., Kramasz, Debra., Blake, Charles., Crooks, Carolyn., Richardson, Dorna., Hester, Jamie., Buckwalter, Timothy. and Schultz, Peter.

Amplifying Academic Language in Middle and High School Co-Taught Math and Science Classes
 Stone, Karla. and Ranney, Susan.

An Activity Theory Perspective on Academic Language Use by ELLs in a High School Math Classroom
 Liu, Kristin.

An Application of Latent Trait Theory in Evaluating Language Teacher Assessment Literacy and Addressing Professional Development Needs
 Alonzo, Dennis. and Davison, Chris.

An Ecological Analysis of Digital Game-Mediated Second Language Learning
 Zhao, Jinjing.

An Evidence-Based Challenge to the Stigmatized View of Non-Native-English-Speaking Scientists
 Uzuner Smith, Sedef. and Englander, Karen.

An Examination of the Relationships between Test-taking Strategy Use and TOEIC Reading Comprehension Performance
 Lee, Jia-Ying.

An Exploration of the Emotional Experiences and Motivation of Tertiary English Language Learners in Australia
 Ross, Andrew.

An Exploratory Analysis of Linguistic Minority Student Writing at a South Texas University
 Doolan, Stephen.

An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol in Measuring Pedagogical Effectiveness
 Polat, Nihat. and Mahalingappa, Laura.

An Innovative Approach to the Choice of Speech Levels and Raising Second Language Learners’ Sensitivity in Dynamic Interactional Situations
 Kim, Ihnhee.

An Interactional Analysis of Reader-Based Response in Writing Tutorials Between Graduate Student Tutors and Writers
 Allen, Matthew.

An Interpretive Argument for the Use of Automated Writing Evaluation to Improve Students’ Second Language Writing
 Link, Stephanie. and Dursun, Ahmet.

An Observation Tool for EFL Reading Comprehension Teaching Strategies
 Smit, NIenke., De Bot, Kees., Van de Grift, Wim. and Jansen, Ellen.

An 'Ecology of Effort' Perspective on Authors' Emotional Responses to Reviews of Their Submitted Manuscripts
 Casanave, Christine.

An analysis of ESOL textbooks from a teaching-for-transfer perspective
 James, Mark Andrew.

An co-constructed Autoethnography of Arabic Language Learning
 Mountaki, Youness. and Dell-Jones, Julie.

An investigation on different levels of introversion-extroversion in learning second/foreign language
 Farzam, Mohamad.

Analytical Writing Across the Curriculum: Expectations, Student Writing, and Development
 Mitchell, Thomas.

Analyzing the Linguistic Landscape of a Midsize Texas City: Methodological Considerations and Pedagogical Applications
 Williams, Lawrence. and Bostelmann, Evan.

Animacy Configurations for Subject-Object Relative Clauses in L2 Japanese: A Corpus Study
 Mitsugi, Sanako. and Sakaue, Tatsuya.

Anti-Language: Linguistic Innovation, Identity Construction, and Group Affiliation among Emerging Speech Communities
 Lefkowitz, Natalie. and Hedgcock, John.

Application of Topic Knowledge in Graduate EFL Academic Writing in the Context of China
 Bi, Jin. and Qin, Xiaoqing.

Applied Linguistics in the Service of Improved Healthcare: Training Hospital Housekeeping Staff Whose First Language is not English
 Walters, Keith. and Salonen, Riikka.

Applied Linguistics, Past and Present
 Tarone, Elaine.

Approaches to Multilingual Assessment in Education in the Basque Country
 Gorter, Durk.

Appropriating “The Right to Speak” in Online Text-Based Role Play Games
 Yang, Yu-Feng (Diana).

Are heritage speakers and second language learners really similar?
 Zyzik, Eve.

As a result of: Lexical bundle use of Turkish and native English writers
 Ozturk, Yusuf. and Durmusoglu Kose, Gul.

Assesment in Spanish SFL: The CELU Examination
 Menegotto, Andrea., Martinenghi, Liliana., Burger, Marcela., Colello, Lorena., Isern, Andrea. and Ochoa, María Lucrecia.

Assessing Acceso: Evidence from an OER for Foundational Spanish
 Rossomondo, Amy.

Assessing EFL Learners' Interlanguage Pragmatic Knowledge through CMC-based Interactive Role-Play Tasks
 Haider, Iftikhar. and Nam, Eunice Yunjung.

Assessing the Teachability of Cultural Difference
 Fichtner, Friederike.

Assessment of Integrated Skills: The Case of CELU Certificate
 Martinenghi, Liliana., Menegotto, Andrea., Ochoa, María Lucrecia., Isern, Andrea. and Colello, Lorena.

Assessment of connected discourse in Japanese OPI interaction
 Tominaga, Waka.

At the Cusp of Order and Chaos: The Spanish Differential Object Marker
 Kuder, Emily.

At the Intersection of Math and Language: Examining Elementary-age Children’s Oral and Written Language Use in Mathematical Explanations
 Blackstock-Bernstein, Anne. and Bailey, Alison.

Authentic Materials and Learner Perception of NS Pragmatic Norms: A Case of Japanese Stylistic Variations
 Geyer, Naomi.

 Chun, Elaine.

Automated Writing Evaluation (AWE) Software in ESL Writing Classes – An Activity Theory Perspective
 Li, Zhi. and Hegelheimer, Volker.

Awareness and Strategy: The Development of Pragmatic Competence of German Among Beginning L2 Learners
 Abrams, Zsuzsanna.

Axes of Differentiation
 Gal, Susan.
AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26
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