AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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Harnessing the Power of Systemic Functional Linguistics and the Common Core State Standards in the Teaching of Writing K-12
 Daniello, Frank.

Hedges, Boosters, and Attitude Markers in Research Articles: A Comparative Study between Korean and English.
 Shim, Eunsook.

Heritage Language Literacy Maintenance: A Study of Korean-American Heritage Learners
 Kim, Catherine. and Pyun, Danielle.

Heritage language support in the new economy: Japan’s support for the Japanese diaspora’s heritage Japanese language education
 Motobayashi, Kyoko.

High-Achieving English Learners’ Access to Four-Year Colleges
 Kanno, Yasuko.

Historical Implications on Language Ideologies: National Language Acquisition and Multilingualism among Senegalese Immigrants in Paris and Rome
 Smith, Maya.

Historical and Emerging Trends in Linguistic Landscape Studies
 Troyer, Robert.

Historical depth in applied linguists: Beyond presentism to translingual histories of the present.
 Train, Robert.

Home Language Proximity as a Grouping Variable in the Validity Analysis of an English Language Proficiency Assessment
 Renn, Jennifer., Yen, Shu Jing. and Macgregor, David.

Home Language Skills Boost English Learners toward School Success: Evidence from a Large, Urban School District
 Arnone, Gina.

How Different Can You Get? Ten-year Learning Trajectories for Two L2 Groups
 Munro, Murray. and Derwing, Tracey.

How Do you Walk at the Door?: A Single Case Analysis of an ESL Teacher’s Response to Student-Initiated Questions
 Dobs, Abby. and Matsumoto, Yumi.

How Heritage Language Learner—Second Language Learner Dyads Resolve Language Issues: Implications for Learning
 Walls, Laura.

How Japanese Students Approach Studying Economics in English
 KIRIMURA, RYO., Yoshimura, Masahiro. and Shimizu, Yuko.

How Teachers’ Views of English Language Variation Influence Aboriginal Students’ Access to Academic Literacy
 Wiltse, Lynne.

How does fluent control over grammar develop in an implicit L2 instructional context?
 Ranta, Leila.

How ethical are we? Ethics and research in the SLA community
 Gass, Susan., Winke, Paula. and Sterling, Scott.

How to Interact with a Starving Child: Discursive Dilemmas on Online Forums for Parents of Children with Eating Disorders
 Ohta, Amy.

How to Say “No”: Turkish EFL Learners’ Politeness Strategy Use in the Speech Acts of Refusals
 Celik, Handan.

How writer/reviewer proficiency impacts peer feedback in L2 writing: a mixed-method study
 Allen, David., Mills, Amy. and Katayama, Akiko.

Hybrid literacy practices: Enhancing students’ bi-literacy skills through a collaborative critical literacy project
 Lau, Sunny Man Chu.
AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26
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