AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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L1 Attrition Effects on Autobiographical Memory in Bilinguals
 Sorokina, Anastasia.

L1 Morphological Type Affects L2 Morphological Processing
 Dronjic, Vedran., Helms-Park, Rena., Yee, Cindy. and Shim, Dang.

L1 Orthographic Background and Listening Discrimination Influence L2 Spelling Knowledge
 Martin, Katherine. and Juffs, Alan.

L2 Acquisition and the Study of Change in Complex Systems
 Van Geert, Paul.

L2 Comprehensibility Revisited: Investigating the Effects of Learner Background and Speaking Task
 Crowther, Dustin., Trofimovich, Pavel., Saito, Kazuya. and Isaacs, Talia.

L2 Development is Rule-Governed and Dynamic
 Lenzing, Anke.

L2 Ideal Self and Pragmatic Proficiency in Adult ELLs
 Larsen-Walker, Melissa.

L2 Interactional Competence: A Longitudinal Study of an Au-pair Girl’s Storytelling Practice
 Pekarek Doehler, Simona. and Pochon-Berger, Evelyne.

L2 Learners' Embodied Displays of Progress in Learning
 Seo, Mi-Suk.

L2 Listening: Metacognitive Strategies for Processing the Pragmatic Functions of Intonation
 Reed, Marnie.

L2 Writer Perspectives of L1 Use during L2 Writing
 Evans, Katherine.

L2 Writing in Intensive English Programs and First Year Composition: Divisions and Opportunities
 Hammill, Matthew.

L2 Writing with Wikis: How Does Technologically Mediated Collaboration Affect the Product?
 Kost, Claudia., Arnold, Nike. and Ducate, Lara.

Language Analysis as a Tool for Evaluation of Student Writing and Planning Instruction.
 Brisk, Maria.

Language Aptitude and L2 Lexical Learning
 Cook, Svetlana., Bonilla, Carrie., Pelzl, Eric., Miller, Corey., Triebwasser Prado, Thomas., Overfelt, Carlie., Vatz, Karen., Clark, Martyn., Jackson, Scott. and Doughty, Catherine.

Language Attitudes in Kazan, Russia: A Comparison of Residents’ and Tourists’ Perspectives
 Gilmetdinova, Alsu. and Kirillova, Ksenia.

Language Factor to Teachers’ Construction of Writer Voice in Academic Writing
 Lee, Seongyong.

Language Ideology and Conceptualizations of Second Language Learning in Two Recent Hollywood Films: “Spanglish” and “Eat Pray Love”
 Stakhnevich, Julia. and Doyle, Anne.

Language Learner Motivational Archetypes and their Signature Dynamics: A Complex Dynamic Perspective
 Papi, Mostafa.

Language Learning and Technology: Status of the first open access online CALL journal
 Chun, Dorothy.

Language Policy and Recent Sociolinguistic Developments in Ukraine
 Melnyk, Svitlana.

Language Policy and the American Community Survey: What are responses to the English proficiency question based on?
 Leeman, Jennifer.

Language Policy in Transnational Multilingual Families: A Historical Perspective
 Li, Wei. and Zhu, Hua.

Language Proficiency in Murder Case in Court
 van Naerssen, Margaret.

Language Revitalization Discourses and Multiculturalism in Ecuador
 Limerick, Nicholas.

Language Revitalization Pedagogy in Yucatec Teacher Education: The Emergence of Standard Maya
 Guerrettaz, Anne Marie.

Language Variation and the Second-Language Trajectory: An Analysis of Future-Time Reference in Native and Second-Language Spanish
 Gudmestad, Aarnes. and Geeslin, Kimberly.

Language Varieties and Identity Construction: Analysis of Bilinguals’ Use of Linguistic Resources on Facebook
 Christiansen, M. Sidury.

Language and the Life Course: Case Studies of Individuals in Later Life
 Divita, David.

Language as a problem of intergenerational justice
 Weinstock, Daniel.

Language effects on cognition through the life-span: A comparative analysis of lexical and grammatical domains
 Athanasopoulos, Panos.

Language ideologies, public discourses, and ethnonationalism in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1990-2010): Combining Critical Discourse Analysis and Corpus Linguistics
 Ajsic, Adnan.

Language variation and second language Spanish: An exploratory analysis of Korean-speaking learners’ development and use of variable structures
 Geeslin, Kimberly. and Long, Avizia.

Language, Image Variability, and Their Commodification in TV Advertisements: the Case of Ukraine
 Nedashkivska, Alla.

Languaging Black Manhood in Brazil: How an African American Study Abroad Participant Negotiates Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Learning Portuguese
 Anya, Uju.

Languaging across Borders: Negotiating Literacies and Learning Among Multilingual Global Youth
 Hawkins, Margaret.

Languaging and Langauge Use: The impact of L1 Meta-analytic Talk on L2 Production
 Moranski, Kara. and Toth, Paul.

Learner and Native Speaker Corpora-Designed Materials for Teaching Spanish Grammar
 Colmenares Lopez, Jersus.

Learner-Tutor Histories and the Co-construction of Symbolic Competence
 Back, Michele.

Learners’ Linguistic (Pronunciation, Grammar and Lexicon) Development in the ESL Immersion Context
 Zhuang, Yuan. and Kang, Okim.

Learning Between International and Domestic Students: Identity Development through Project-based Activities in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Group
 Kitade, Keiko.

Learning English as an L2 in PreK: Thinking Multimodally and Multilingually about Identity, Interaction, and Acquisition
 Bernstein, Katie.

Learning L2 vocabulary via a learner response system
 Cardoso, Walcir.

Learning Language on the Move: Transnational Student Mobility and Informal Language Learning
 Hazel, Spencer. and Mortensen, Janus.

Learning Mandarin in Later Life
 Cohen, Andrew.

Learning Pragmatics through Blogging: An Ethnographic Study of Telecollaboration
 Ishihara, Noriko. and Takamiya, Yumi.

Learning Transcultural Pragmatics Overseas: Professional Development for South Korean Teachers
 Janusch, Sandra. and Ngai, Phyllis.

Learning in an Internship Workplace Context: “The Expertise – Equality Dilemma"
 Sundberg, Gunlög.

Learning the Argumentative Genre with Wikipedia
 Lindberg, Ylva. and Johansson, Sverker.

Learning to Ask: The Development of Requesting Behavior in Telecollaborative Exchange
 Cunningham, D. Joseph. and Vyatkina, Nina.

Learning to Read in a New Language Through Peer Interaction
 Bigelow, Martha. and King, Kendall.

Lessons Learned from Unnatural Conversations: The Effects of Using Discussion-based Protocols for Reflecting and Acting on ELL Student Literacy Data
 Rintell, Ellen., Ippolito, Jacy., Leith, Chad., Minett, Amy. and Pomerantz, Francesca.

Levels of Awareness in Relation to Type of Recast and Type of Linguistic Item in CMC: A Concurrent Investigation
 Gurzynski-Weiss, Laura., Baralt, Melissa., Al Khalil, Maimoonah. and Leow, Ronald.

Lexical Acquisition Through Technology-Mediated Learning
 Nielson, Katharine. and Jee, Rebecca.

Lexical Bundles and Qualitative Discourse Analysis: A Combined Methodology
 Skalicky, Stephen.

Lexical Bundles in Cyber-texts
 Csomay, Eniko. and Cortes, Viviana.

Lexical Frequency Profiling of a Large Sample of Canadian High School Diploma Exam Expository Writing: L1 and L2 Academic English
 Pinchbeck, Geoffrey.

Lexically-Based Pedagogic Grammar: A Corpus-Based Course Design for K-12 Immigrant Parents with Low Literacy
 Murphy, Cynthia. and Roberts, Jennifer.

Life Outside the Classroom as a Resource for Language Learning
 Waring, Hansun.

Limiting or Facilitating? How L2 Listening Pedagogy Prepares Learners for Life Beyond the Classroom
 Siegel, Joseph.

Linguistic Agency in International English Language Testing Rubrics and Band Descriptors for Writing
 Anderson, Salena.

Linguistic Benefits of Early Foreign Language Instruction: A Research Synthesis
 Huang, Becky.

Linguistic Features in Grading L2 Writing Performance
 Jung, Yeon Joo.

Linguistic Features of Effective Nurse-Patient Interactions: A Corpus Analysis of Native and Non-native English Speaking Nurses
 Staples, Shelley.

Linguistic Interference: Prosecuting the Wrong Culprit?
 Gandu, Rautha.

Linguistic Profiling in Unemployment Cases in Court
 Baugh, John.

Linguistic and Discursive Practices of Ascribing Moral Agency in Narratives: Examples from Stories about Parental Violence
 Deppermann, Arnulf.

Linguistics and scholarly publishing: The LSA experience
 Reed, Alyson.

Listening Subject
 Inoue, Miyako.

Literacy in Mobility: Perception and Negotiation of Literacies across Transnational Contexts
 Kafle, Madhav.

Longitudinal Discourse Structure Changes in L2 Graduate Student Presentations
 Buss, Larissa. and Kennedy, Sara.

Looking at Words in Context: The Role of Repetition and Readers’ Memory in Vocabulary Development
 Mohamed, Ayman.
AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26
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