AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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Make it work: Service Learning as Teacher and Student Development
 Dietrich, Sarah.

Management of Language Learning in Late Capitalism: Discursive Construction and Tension of South Korean Post-secondary English Study-Abroad
 Jang, In Chull.

Management of Non-native Pragmatic Practices in Interlanguage
 Hicks, George.

Managing L2 English Small Talk Using Gaze and Laughter during Service Encounters: Doing Avoidance of Co-Development of Small Talk
 Kim, Sangki.

Managing Relations in the Treatment Advice Phase of Physician-Patient Interactions
 Fioramonte, Amy.

Managing topics in email exchanges of two L2 learners
 Weber, Rachel.

Materiality of contested boundaries: rhizomatic discourses on language and identity in the new markets of indigeneity
 Pietikäinen, Sari.

Materiality, mobility and the invention of a nation
 Heller, Monica.

Math-Focused Writing: Essential to English Learner Success in Mathematics
 MacDonald, Rita. and Grant, Rosalie.

Measuring Academic Language Proficiency in an International Undergraduate Conditional Admissions Program
 Heitner, Reese. and Hoekje, Barbara.

Measuring Implicit and Explicit L2 Knowledge: A brief Introduction
 Rebuschat, Patrick.

Mediated Language and Cultural Learning in a Global Context
 Kong, Kaishan.

Mediated and Emergent Identities through Narratives of Literacy in a Facebook Chat
 Deifell, Elizabeth.

Mediated task design to support collegial development and professional capital in language teacher telecollaboration 2.0
 Fuchs, Carolin., Snyder, Bill., Tung, Bruce. and Han, Yu Jung.

Mediating Learner Use of L2 Conceptual Tools Through Dialogic Interaction
 Poehner, Matthew. and Infante, Paolo.

Metadiscourse in Thesis Results and Discussion Chapter: A Cross-Cultural Corpus-Facilitated Analysis of English and Spanish Engineering Writers
 Casal, J.. and Lee, Joseph.

Metadiscourse in the Classroom: A Comparative Analysis of EAP Lessons and University Lectures
 Lee, Joseph. and Subtirelu, Nicholas.

Metaphors in American Politics
 Gallagher, Andrew.

Methodological issues in research on age effects
 DeKeyser, Robert.

Micro-level Linguistic Features in the Narrative and Expository English Writings of Chinese and American College Students
 Jiang, Xiangyu. and Chen, Liang.

Minding the Gap in Vocabulary Knowledge for Secondary ESL Students
 White, Joanna. and Horst, Marlise.

Mistakenly Encouraging the Faulty First Noun Principle in the Classroom
 Killam, Jason.

Mitigating Risk in First-year Engineering: Post-admission Diagnostic Assessment in a Canadian University
 Fox, Janna. and Haggerty, John.

Mobility or Reproduction? Language Education, Social Class, and the National English Program in Public Primary Schools in Mexico
 Sayer, Peter.

Mobilizing Phonological Variation and Language Awareness in Community Discourse
 Nylund, Anastasia.

Mobilizing Space and Time: Interactional Resources in Narratives of an Immigrant Student
 De Costa, Peter.

Mock Chinese: A Case Study of Korean Entertainment Shows
 Lee, Chee Hye.

Modeling Competence
 Leung, Constant.

Modeling the L2 Motivation of Commonly and Less Commonly Taught Language Learners
 Lessien, Erika. and Cubilo, Justin.

Montreal International ESL Students’ Attitudes Towards Native and Nonnative Accents in English
 Kazarloga, Viktoria., Cardoso, Walcir. and Steinbach, Marilyn.

Mother Tongue and Native Speaker: Nationalism and the Epistemic Paralysis of Linguistic Metaphors
 Lee, Jerry.

Motivation for Language Learning and Use
 Zahir, Zalmai.

Motivations and Attitudes Towards Pronunciation Practice: A proposed SEM Model
 Sardegna, Veronica., Lee, JuHee. and Kusey, Crystal.

Moving to the Margins to Get to the Core: What Languages Might Learn from Study Abroad
 Davies, Diana.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Web Genres
 Connor-Linton, Jeff.

Multi-Word Units Concealing Continuous and Discontinuous Patterns in Written Language Use
 Yuldashev, Aziz.

Multiethnic youth language in Oslo and the social meaning of place
 Nistov, Ingvild.

Multilingual Assessment: From Bilinguality to Multilinguality in South Africa
 Heugh, Kathleen.

Multilingual Students’ Development of Academic Writing Literacies and Identity through Source Engagement
 Mori, Miki.

Multilingual behaviour of Tiwi children in an early educational context
 Hurst, Peter., Wigglesworth, Gillian. and Wilson, Aidan.

Multilingual-multicultural Identity, Community Values and Expectations: Negotiating Perceptions, Responsibilities, and Feelings
 Ebsworth, Miriam. and Ebsworth, Timothy.

Multilingualism in New York City's Public Spaces
 Dicker, Sue.

Multiple Identity Roles in English Native Speaking and Asian ESL Graduate Students’ Academic Presentations
 Zareva, Alla.

Multiple Mediations: Student and Teacher Scaffolding and Self-Regulation Through EAL Writing Assessment Task Design
 Michell, Michael. and Davison, Chris.

Multiplicity: A framework for understanding plurilingualism
 Nicholas, Howard. and Starks, Donna.

Museum as Shared Experiences and Content for English Language Learner Oral Development
 Dell-Jones, Julie. and Lypka, Andrea.

Musing in the Contact Zone: US Teachers Challenge the Louvre Museum’s Discourse
 Palpacuer Lee, Christelle.
AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26
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