AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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Parents’ Perceptions of Greek and American Cultural Identity and Ideology in Popular Children’s Books
 Kondilis, Barbara.

Parents’ Understanding of Language Policies in an Urban High School: Decoding Mixed Messages from School Administrators and Staff
 Aleixo, Marina. and Horii, Sachiko.

Partnering Heritage and Second Language Learners of Spanish: Learning Opportunities for L2 Pronunciation
 Robles, Arnaldo.

Passing Notes: Four PhD Students' Collaborative Reflection on their Academic Discourse Socialization into First-year Doctoral Studies in a Canadian University
 Wong, Melanie. and Pena, Ernesto.

Patterns of Change in Test Scores over Time: Training and Target Language Difficulty
 Bloomfield, Amber., Masters, Megan., Ross, Steven., O\'Connell, Stephen. and Gynther, Kassandra.

Patterns of Small Group Interaction in Wiki-Based Collaborative Writing in the EAP Context
 Li, Mimi., Zhu, Wei. and Kim, Deoksoon.

Pedagogical Gestures as Interactional Resources for Teaching English Tense and Aspect
 Matsumoto, Yumi. and Dobs, Abby.

Pedagogical Reasoning and the Development of Novice Teachers’ Interactional Competence for Teaching
 Worden, Dorothy. and Johnson, Karen E..

Peer Assessment of English Oral Performance in a Taiwanese Elementary School
 Hung, Yu-ju., Chen, Shu-cheng. and Samuelson, Beth.

Peer Play as a Vehicle for Learning Diverse Interactional Moves in a Second Language
 Piker, Ruth.

Perceptions of Negation Use by Learners of French: Social Significance and Self- and Other- Representations
 Etienne, Corinne.

Perceptions of Professional Terminology in Short-Term Study Abroad Teacher Training Programs
 Kim, Su Jung. and Aleixo, Marina.

Perceptions of “Americanism”: U.S. High School Students’ Attitudes Towards Non-Standard English Accents
 Goering, Christina.

Performance and Story Telling: Arts-Based Resources in Fostering Critical Language Awareness?
 Harman, Ruth. and Zhang, Xiaodong.

Personal and Impersonal Bilingualism: The Commodification of Spanish and Guaraní in Paraguayan Cell Phone Commercials
 Hammink, Julianne.

Phonological Similarity and the Learning of Words for Spanish-speaking English Learners
 Neergaard, Karl.

Phonological Working Memory Capacity and the Development of Second Language Speech Perception
 Thomson, Ron.

Phrasal Verbs are Lexemes with Their Own Polysemy, Connotation, and Collocations
 Garnier, Melodie.

Playing the Field: An (Updated) Bourdieusian Analysis of Singapore's Language-in-education Policies
 Bokhorst-Heng, Wendy. and Silver, Rita.

Playing the Language Game: Examining a Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach to Discourse in an Urban Secondary ESL Classroom.
 Pinnow, Rachel.

Playing “Writing Games”: Domestic and International PhD Students' Written Academic Discourse Socialization during their Freshman Year at a Canadian University
 Haggerty, John. and Okuda, Tomoyo.

Playing, interacting, and acquiring a second language in an online gaming community
 Lee, Yoonhee.

Plurilingual(ism) or Multilingual(ism): The case od “China shops” in Southern Africa
 Han, Huamei.

Plurilingualism in the Eye of the Beholder
 Taylor, Shelley.

Plurilingualism: Challenging Assumptions
 Larsen-Freeman, Diane.

Positioning print journals in a digital world: Challenges and opportunities
 Byrnes, Heidi. and Ellis, Rod.

Positioning, Learning Opportunities, and Agency in an ESL classroom
 Kayi-Aydar, Hayriye.

Possible Selves for EFL Motivations of Future Scientists
 Hill, Glen., Apple, Matthew. and Falout, Joseph.

Post-enrolment Language Assessment in an English as a Lingua Franca Setting: Diagnostic Testing in English-Medium Omani Universities
 Harrington, Michael. and Roche, Thomas.

Potential Influence of Studying Abroad on Learners’ Motivation and Ideal L2 Self in Learning Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language
 Zhong, Dan.

Power Analysis in Applied Linguistics Meta-Analyses: A Critical Omission :
 Flahive, Douglas.

Power in L2 Writing: From Concept to Practice
 Liu, Jianing.

Power in Language: Intricacies in Policy and Theory
 Ives, Peter.

Pragmatic competence as interaction in EAP role-plays
 Youn, Soo Jung. and Kasper, Gabriele.

Praxis and simulation in an online medical Spanish course
 Carrillo Cabello, Adolfo.

Pre-Instructional Diagnostic Assessment of L2 Writing Process of EFL Freshmen Students
 Abe, Makoto.

Predictors of Word and Text Decoding Fluency among School Age Chinese-English Biliteracy Learners
 Lu, Chan.

Preparing to teach pronunciation: Native and Nonnative Teachers’ Classroom Practices, Decision-making, and Use of Teaching Materials
 Sonsaat, Sinem., Link, Stephanie. and Levis, John.

Primed production during SCMC: An eye tracking study
 Smith, Bryan. and Michel, Marije.

Priming and Phonological Onsets
 Kilpatrick, Cynthia., Pierce, Lori. and Rohr, Jessica.

Prior Knowledge and Mutual Understanding during L2 Consciousness-raising Tasks
 Toth, Paul.

Processability Theory and Feedback on Writing: a Study of Developmental Readiness
 Dyson, Bronwen.

Processing L2 Word Combinations: What Role Does Degree of Semantic Transparency Play? A Study of Collocations and Free Combinations
 Gyllstad, Henrik. and Wolter, Brent.

Professional Narratives in the Context of the Research Interview: Becoming Attentive to Relations of Power
 King, Jessica. and Herath, Sreemali.

Project-based Chinese as A Foreign Language Instruction- A Cultural Historical Activity Theory Approach
 Zhao, Juanjuan. and Beckett, Gulbahar.

Promoting Oral Proficiency Gains in Study Abroad: A Three-year Study
 Di Silvio, Francesca., Donovan, Anne. and Malone, Meg.

Pronunciation Improvement Through an Awareness-Raising Approach
 McGregor, Alison. and Sardegna, Veronica.

Pryor’s Preachers: An Examination of the Construction and Reconfiguration of Preaching Style in the Comedic Performances of Richard Pryor
 Britt, Erica.

Pupil Size Reveals Cognitive Effort Associated with Spoken Word Recognition: Effects of Frequency, Proficiency, and Cognitive Control
 Schmidtke, Jens.
AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26
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