AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26

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Talking African Storybooks into Relevance in a Somali-centric Kindergarten
 Moore, Leslie.

Talking Science in Linguistically Diverse Secondary Classrooms
 Enright, Kerry., Strohl, Carrie., Mouavangsou, Kaozong. and Priscila, Mendoza.

Talking about the Virtual “World”—The Complex System of Extracurricular Language Learning
 Scholz, Kyle., Schulze, Mathias. and Heift, Trude.

Talking to write: The use of collaborative prewriting tasks
 Neumann, Heike. and McDonough, Kim.

Task Characteristics Related to Increased Target Language Production in Text Chat
 Tare, Medha., Golonka, Ewa., Crooks, Carolyn., Goldman, Alina., Strong, Rachel., Rhoad, Kathryn., Bonilla, Carrie. and Vatz, Karen.

Task Design and its Influence on the Utility of Corrective Feedback on L2 Writing
 Taferner, Robert.

Task Types and Task Affordances in a Primary EFL Classroom
 Ohashi, Yumi.

Teacher Change and Language: From Traditional Grammar to SFL
 Hodgson-Drysdale, Tracy.

Teacher Identity and Efficacy in Non-Native English Speaking Teachers’ Professional Development: A Mixed Methods Study
 Takayama, Hiromi.

Teacher Knowledge of Math-Academic Language: Challenges and Possibilities
 Avalos, Mary. and Sembiante, Sabrina.

Teacher Preparation for Translingual Pedagogy: Examining Goals, Challenges, and Ideologies
 Nero, Shondel.

Teacher and Student Language Practices and Ideologies in a Third Grade Two-Way Dual Language Program
 Henderson, Kathryn. and Palmer, Deborah.

Teachers Resisting and Remaking Educational Policy
 Pease-Alvarez, Lucinda. and Thompson, Alisun.

Teachers’ Language Ideologies in Classroom Practices: Levaraging Linguistic Capital to Re-Organize Learning
 Razfar, Aria.

Teachers’ Perceptions about Language in an Intercultural and Bilingual Preschool in Santiago, Chile
 Becerra Lubies, Rukmini.

Teachers’ Views on and Beliefs about Diagnostic Tests for Young Learners
 Nikolov, Marianne.

Teaching Academic Writing in US and Ukrainian Universities
 Kostenko, Olexandra., Litvinenko, Nina. and Misnyk, Nataliia.

Teaching Close Reading with Complex Texts
 Fang, Zhihui.

Teaching English as an International Language: What It Is and How Applied Linguistics Research Can Help
 Matsuda, Aya.

Teaching English in Japan: Cognitive Appraisals of Race and Native-Speakerhood
 Rivers, Damian. and Ross, Andrew.

Teaching Linguistically-Diverse Classes Across the Disciplines: Faculty Perceptions
 Varandani, Lisa., Gallagher, Colleen., Haan, Jennifer. and Avila-John, Karin.

Teaching Quechua to heritage language speakers in the Southern Peruvian Andes: Struggling with Bilingual Methodologies
 Zavala, Virginia.

Teaching Science to English Language Learners: Supporting Learning, Accelerating Progress and Raising Achievement.
 Afitska, Oksana.

Teaching World Englishes to Undergraduates: Tensions and Pedagogical Insights
 Villarreal, Dan., Loring, Ariel. and Evans, Katherine.

Teasing in L2 Spanish During Study Abroad
 Shively, Rachel.

Teasing in Scripted and Unscripted Discourse
 Janney, Beth. and Bell, Nancy.

Technology as Interactional Resource in Non-Classroom Activities
 Reichert, Tetyana.

Tense dialogic struggle on the boundaries: Using and learning a second language at work
 Suni, Minna.

Test-taker Feedback as Quality Control for Post-entry Language Proficiency Testing
 Ginther, April., YAN, XUN., Suthathip, Thirakunkovit. and Kauper, Nancy.

Testing a Threshold Hypothesis: Re-examining the Impact of Pre-task Planning on Writers’ Fluency, Grammatical Complexity, and Lexical Complexity
 Nicodemus, Christine. and Johnson, Mark.

Testing of Interlanguage Pragmatics through Computer-Mediated Communicative Tasks
 Haider, Iftikhar.

Testing the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis from the Language Processing Perspective: Advanced Chinese-English Bilinguals’ Reading of L1 Counterfactual Statements
 Liu, Yeu-Ting.

Text Appropriation: EFL Students’ Writing Is in Foreclosure from the Native English-speaking Teachers (NEST)
 Huh, Myung-Hye., Lee, Rachel. and Kim, Minkyung.

Text and Multimodality on Japanese Television: The Rise and Changes in the Use of Telop on a Japanese Variety Show
 Martin, Kristyn.

The "Parole-d'oeuvre": Language, Materiality and Inequality in the New Factories
 Duchêne, Alexandre.

The (Unpredictable) Language Socialization of Transnational Youth
 Abdi, Klara.

The 21st Century Foreign Language Writing Class: Same Goals, Same Objectives, Same rules?
 Oskoz, Ana. and Elola, Idoia.

The Acquisition of English Headed Relatives and Headless Relatives by Korean-speaking L2 Learners
 Kang, Hyun-Sook.

The Acquisition of English Infinitival and Gerundial Complements by Chinese Learners: A Report on Individual Learner Data
 Clinkenbeard, Mary.

The Acquisition of Formulaic Language: The Type of Formulaic Sequence Makes a Difference
 Schmitt, Norbert.

The Affordances of Openness: Understanding the Values and Practices of Open Educational Resources (OER)
 Blyth, Carl. and Thorne, Steven.

The African Storybook Project: A Window on Narrative Practices and Digital Identities
 Norton, Bonny.

The Agentic Lives of Undocumented Latino Young Adults
 Punti, Gemma.

The Bilingual Grammar of Spanish-English Speakers in Chicago
 Evensen, Krista.

The Biliteracy Practices of Texas Border Colonias: What Do Teachers Know and Believe?
 Smith, Patrick. and Valdez, Albertina.

The Camera as ‘Mental Eye’: The Hunt for Perspective and Windowing from the Page to the Screen in "Jaws"
 Zoshak, Rebecca.

The Charms of Chinese Characters and Minority Language Education in China
 Ding, Picus.

The Collocational Profiles of ELT Materials and Learner Writing
 Tsai, Kuei-Ju.

The Combined Use of Concordancing and Online Dictionaries as a Problem-solving Tool for L2 Writing
 Yoon, Choongil.

The Comparison between Input and Output Collocation Instruction
 Park, Seonmin.

The Cultural Integration Experience of Chinese Immigrant Language Teachers in the United States: A Phenomenological Investigation
 Hustad, Andrew. and Moeller, Aledine.

The Deafening Loudness of Silence: Increased Physiological Responsivity During Inter-Turn Silence in Small Group Conversations
 Hardacre, Bahiyyih.

The Development of Accuracy (Or Lack-there-of) in English Second Language Learners
 Vercellotti, Mary Lou.

The Discursive Appropriation of Culturally Sanctioned Gender Identities in Indian Sex Workers’ Narrative Constructions
 Sandhu, Priti.

The Discursive Construction of Users in the Language Standardization of Limburgish
 Camps, Diana.

The Dynamic Nature of L2 Learners’ Lexical Representations: Evidence of Crosslinguistic Semantic Influence
 Kim, Eun-Hee.

The Dynamicity and Persistence of Migrant English Language Learners: Their Individual Stories of Motivation and Willingness to Communicate (WTC).
 Cameron, Denise.

The Ecology of Intercultural Interaction: Timescales, Temporal Ranges and Identity Dynamics
 Uryu, Michiko.

The Effect of Comprehensive Written Corrective Feedback (WCF) and L2 Written Production: A Longitudinal Comparative Case Study
 Pérez-Núñez, Antonio.

The Effect of Explicit Teaching, Teacher Modeling and Self-review on University Students’ Oral Fluency Development in the EFL Context
 Lee, Shzh-chen.

The Effect of Residence Abroad on the Acquisition of Less Frequent Vocabulary
 Tracy-Ventura, Nicole.

The Effect of Second Language Proficiency on L1 Lexical Retrieval in Healthy Older Adults: A Pilot Study.
 Luque-Ferreras, Alicia.

The Effect of Synchronous and Asynchronous Written Corrective Feedback on Grammatical Accuracy in a Computer-mediated Environment
 Aubrey, Scott. and Shintani, Natsuko.

The Effect of Task Complexity and Proficiency on Oral Performance
 Halleck, Gene.

The Effectiveness of Study-Abroad in Second Language Learning: A Meta-Analysis Approach
 Yang, Jin-Suk.

The Effectiveness of Teaching Formulaic Sequences on L2 Language Learning: A Meta-analysis
 Han, Sumi.

The Effects of Computer-Based Scaffolding in an English-Language Diagnostic Test for Young English Learners
 Sova, Lorraine.

The Effects of Different Instructional Types on the processing of the Spanish Imperfect Subjunctive
 Adrada Rafael, Sergio.

The Effects of Dual-Language Immersion on Student Achievement in K-12 Education
 Li, Jennifer., Steele, Jennifer., Slater, Robert., Bacon, Michael., Miller, Trey. and Zamarro, Gema.

The Effects of Language Exposure on L1 and L2 Language Processing: a Dynamic Perspective
 Plat, Henderika., Lowie, Wander. and De Bot, Kees.

The Effects of Perceptual Phonetic Training on Productions in Larger Discourse Contexts
 Huensch, Amanda.

The Effects of Pre-Reading Instructions, Scoring Criteria,and Text Difficulty on Recall Protocols as a Measure of EFL Reading Comprehension
 Hirano, Kinue.

The Effects of Proficiency and Language Use on Heritage Speaker Pragmatics
 Zalbidea, Janire.

The Effects of Task Complexity and Discourse Function on Oral Spanish Linguistic Complexity and Accuracy
 Bajuniemi, Abby.

The Effects of Task Type and Classroom Environment on Learners’ Engagement With the Language
 Baralt, Melissa., Gurzynski-Weiss, Laura. and Kim, YouJin.

The Effects of Visual Complexity and Radical Presence on the Acquisition of Chinese Characters: A Study with Adolescent Language Learners
 Kuo, Li-Jen., Kim-Buehrer, Taejin. and Li, Ying.

The Effects of Written Corrective Feedback on L2 Learners’ Explicit and Implicit Knowledge of the English Indefinite Article
 Shintani, Natsuko.

The Effects of an INSET course on Novice Teachers’ teaching practices
 Personn, Jan. and Yigitoglu, Nur.

The Familyless as EFL Learners: A Bourdieusian Take on North Korean Refugees in South Korea
 Park, Seo Hyun.

The Genesis of Classroom Discourse as History-in-Person Processes
 Davin, Kristin. and Donato, Richard.

The Impact of Different Task Types and Communicative Features on Examinees’ Speaking Performances at Different Proficiency Levels
 Kang, Okim. and Wang, Linxiao.

The Impact of Social Networks on the L2 Development of Chinese Sojourners
 Jackson, Jane.

The Importance of Genre-Specific Literacy Instruction and Exposure in the Comprehension of Informational Text
 McClung, Nicola., Barry, Elaine., Fox, Jeanette., Hawley, Diana., Mendoza, Michelle. and Waziri, Edress.

The Initial Improvement of Voice Onset Time and L2 Use by Japanese Learners in an English-Medium University Program
 Hanzawa, Keiko.

The Integration Sequence: Managing Conflicting Agendas in a Math Tutoring Session
 Creider, Sarah.

The Interactive and Bilingual Organization of Co-teaching Practices: Science Lessons in an Elementary Korean-English Bilingual Program
 Lee, Josephine.

The Interface of Language Attitudes and Second Language Acquisition in Algeria
 Belmihoub, Kamal.

The Internal Validity of Tests Tapping Implicit and Explicit Linguistic Knowledge in Adult Second Language (L2) Learners at Increasing Proficiency
 Serafini, Ellen.

The Interrelationship of Motivation, Learners’ Beliefs, and Learning strategies of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Foreign Language Learners
 Kontra, Edit., Csizér, Kata. and Piniel, Katalin.

The Intersection of Neoliberalism, Nationalism, and English Education Policy in the Japanese High School Context
 Fukunaga, Sunao.

The L2 acquisition of French grammatical gender and agreement: a longitudinal study
 Ayoun, Dalila.

The Linguistic and Stylistic Features of SLA Conference Abstracts and their Relationship to Ratings
 Plonsky, Luke., Egbert, Jesse. and Schwander, Melanie.

The Literacy Demands of Vocational Study in Engineering
 Parkinson, Jean.

The Mediation of Policy and Practice: The Role of the Subject Teacher in Teaching English Language Learners
 Gleeson, Margaret. and Davison, Chris.

The Monitor-in-Action: Orienting to Linguistic Accuracy through Self-initiated Self-repair
 Hauser, Eric.

The Negotiation of Language and Identity among Chinese Language Teachers in the U.S. Public Schools
 Kang, Le.

The Optimal Grammar of Code-switching between Kannada and English
 Shivaprasad, Chaitra.

The Path of Most Resistance: The Imperative of Foreign Language Education in the Tension between Local Institutional Realities and Global Contexts
 Dubreil, Sebastien.

The Perceptual Span in Second Language Reading: An Eye-tracking Study Using a Gaze-contingent Moving Window Paradigm
 Leung, Chi Yui., Sugiura, Masatoshi., Abe, Daisuke. and Yoshikawa, Lisa.

The Problem with Public Monolingualism: Rethinking Political Theory and Language Policy for a Multilingual World
 May, Stephen.

The Process of Constructing Group Community Norms in CMC as a Language Learning Classroom Activity
 Ikeda, Maiko.

The Productive Mastery of Recurrent Academic Word Combinations by First (L1) and Second (L2) Language Learners

The Red Thread: Explaining Linguistic Theory in the Context of Economic Relations and History
 McElhinny, Bonnie.

The Relationship Between L2 Development, Perception of L2 Proficiency, and L2 Use Outside of Class.
 Zielinski, Beth. and Pryor, Elizabeth.

The Relationship Between TOEFL iBT Speaking Scores and Oral Communication Ability in an Academic EFL Environment
 Sun, Angela., Ockey, Gary., Setoguchi, Eric. and Koyama, Dennis.

The Relationship Between Working Memory Capacity and Attention to Form and Meaning in EFL Reading
 Bailer, Cyntia., Tomitch, Lêda. and D\'Ely, Raquel.

The Relationship between Explicit Knowledge of Spanish Subjunctive and Actual Language Use
 Gutierrez, Xavier.

The Relationship between Structural Priming and L2 Speakers’ Cognitive Abilities
 McDonough, Kim., Kielstra, Paula., Crowther, Dustin. and Smith, George.

The Relationship of Attentional Control to Aging and Explicit Instruction in SLA
 Cox, Jessica. and Sanz, Cristina.

The Rhetorical Value of a High Frequency Semantic Class of Adjectives in Business English Writing
 Poole, Robert.

The Role of Consciousness Raising in the Use of Language Learning Strategies by EFL Learners across Two Contexts
 Nazari, Saeed. and Kowkabi, Nasrin.

The Role of Foreign Language Education in a Nordic Parallel Language Strategy for Higher Education
 Holmen, Anne.

The Role of Functional Linguistics in In-Service Teachers’ Feedback to Students
 Berg, Margaret., Huang, Jingzi. and Romero, Deborah.

The Role of Input in Developing Pragmatic Competence
 Timpe, Veronika.

The Role of Language Learning Progressions in Improved Instruction and Assessment of English Learners
 Bailey, Alison. and Heritage, Margaret.

The Role of Motivational, Attitudinal, and Demographic Variables in Predicting Language of Study Among University Students
 Cubilo, Justin.

The Role of Policy Mechanisms in Language Policy: A Comparison of New York, USA and Tatarstan, Russia
 Gilmetdinova, Alsu.

The Role of Social Class in English Language Education
 Vandrick, Stephanie.

The Role of Social Class in the Foreign Language Classroom
 Astarita, Alice.

The Role of Task Complexity and Modality in Task Performance
 Cho, Minyoung.

The Role of Vocabulary Learning Strategies in Vocabulary Retention
 Lai, Ying-Chun.

The Role of the Communicative Context in Willingness to Communicate in Intermediate Spanish
 Knouse, Stephanie. and Pellettieri, Jill.

The Strategic Animation of Race in Courtroom Discourse
 Ehrlich, Susan.

The Student Perspective: Graduate Education in Applied Linguistics
 Riestenberg, Katherine.

The Study Abroad Experience and L2 Spanish Past-time Marking
 Whatley, Melissa.

The Study of Successful Vocabulary Inferencing Rate at Full Vocabulary Coverage
 Yu, Jyu-fang. and Chen Shieh, Ming-Yi.

The Transformative Writing Journey: From Language Programs to Academic Programs
 Cai, Shengrong.

The Type and Linguistic Foci of Oral Corrective Feedback in the L2 Classroom: A Meta-Analysis
 Brown, Dan.

The Unintended Consequences of UNESCO’S Language Policy in Francophone Africa
 Koffi, Ettien.

The Use and Function of the French Discourse Marker voilà in Closings: A Conversation Analytic Perspective
 Haileselassie, Azeb.

The Use of Eye-tracking Technology in Research on Video-enhanced L2 Academic Listening Assessment
 Suvorov, Ruslan.

The Use of Speaking Test Data in Defining the Advanced Proficiency Level of L2 Speakers of Arabic
 Loomis, Summer.

The Young Learner's Self-Concept and Performance on English Tests
 Mihaljevic Djigunovic, Jelena.

The 'inauthentic classroom': An old-time notion with new implications for L2 teachers
 Wernicke, Meike.

The advantage of Executive Function in Emergent Bilinguals
 Yang, Eunju.

The body and the word: Paralinguistic ideologies in jurors’ death penalty decisions
 Conley, Robin.

The connection between students’ pervious classroom cultures and corrective feedback
 Lee, Eun Jeong (Esther).

The discursive construction of affect: Adult ESL classrooms as primary sites of socialization and emergent target language identities
 Shappeck, Marco., Ciriza Lope, Maria del Puy. and Arxer, Steven.

The effects of task type and task complexity on the pausing and revision behaviour of L2 writers
 Revesz, Andrea.

The future of academic publishing: Evolving models, supporting scholarship
 Grover, Tommi. and Farrell, Emily.

The impact of first language developments during middle childhood on nonverbal cognition and second language acquisition
 Lucy, John.

The interaction between phonetic coding ability and feedback exposure condition
 Yilmaz, Yucel. and Koylu, Yilmaz.

The interaction between the development of lexical variety and the use of tri-grams in ESL
 Juffs, Alan. and Vercellotti, Mary Lou.

The language of tasks: A corpus-based approach
 Crawford, Bill. and McDonough, Kim.

The linguistic landscape of cram school – Discourse analysis of signs, flyers, and commercial sites
 Wu, Hsiao-Ping.

The meanings of Hebrew: Defining bilingualism in dual language charter schools
 Avni, Sharon.

The relationship between word association behavior and storytelling performance in Korean and English among Korean kindergarten children
 Jeon, Eun-Hee. and Butler, Yuko.

The relationships between test tasks, strategy use, and language test performance
 Pan, Yi-Ching.

The relative effectiveness of three types of form-focused instruction on the acquisition of English formulaic sequences
 Nguyen, Hoa.

The right to be multilingual: How trilingual high school students construct and negotiate their linguistic legitimacy
 Ennser-Kananen, Johanna.

The role of Individual Difference Variables in the Effective Uptake and Retention of Written Corrective Feedback: Which Students Benefit More?
 Rahimi, Mohammad.

The study of instructional effects on learner development of L2 conversational competence: Japanese interactional particles ne, yo and yone
 Hoshi, Saori.

The uptake and use of cognitively diagnostic feedback: Responses of students, parents, and a teacher
 Park, Gina., Jang, Eunice., Dunlop, Maggie. and Van der Boom, Edith.

The ‘Exotic’ Language Learning Experience: A Study of Language Learning in Memoirs of South Asian Travel
 Perera, Kaushalya.

Theoretical and Practical Implications: Taiwan 台灣 Local and Foreign Language Education Policy
 Hubbs, Elizabeth.

Theory and Practice: Do They Really Go Hand in Hand in L2 Pronunciation Instruction?
 Gordon-Zamora, Joshua.

Theory of Mind and WritingTasks
 Londe, Zsuzsa.

Theory to Practice: Implications for World Englishes in Graduate and Undergraduate Curricula
 Lee, Melissa.

There Is So Much Formulaic Language: How Can It Be Taught?
 Rodgers, Michael.

Thinking About Language: What Political Theorists Need to Know About Language in the Real World
 Ricento, Thomas.

Third Language Development in Fluent and Non-Fluent Bilingual Young Adolescents
 Guenther-van der Meij, Mirjam., De Bot, Kees., Lowie, Wander. and Klinkenberg, Edwin.

Three Approaches to Allocating Learners’ Attention to Low-salience Forms: a Comparison Study of Their Impact on SLA Processes and Outcomes
 Lee, Jiyoon.

Time, Space, and Ideology: The Spatial and Temporal Construal of National Security Threats
 Dunmire, Patricia.

To Help or to Hinder: On Teacher Interaction and Scaffolding in Relation to Writing Development
 Wirdenäs, Karolina.

To Read, to Recite, to Really Know: Religious Identity and Biliteracy in Arabic as a Heritage Language
 Temples, Amanda.

Token Type, Collocation, and Social Networks: Predicting L2 Acquisition during Study Abroad
 Kennedy Terry, Kristen.

Toward Teaching Innovatively: Change in Teachers’ Belief and Behavior
 Wang, Chaochang.

Toward a Genre Writing Curriculum: Schooling Genres in the Common Core State Standards for Writing
 Maune, Michael., Klassen, Marshall. and de Oliveira, Luciana.

Towards Pragmatic Competence of Japanese “Small Stories” in Talk-in-Interaction: An Awareness-Raising Process among Beginning Japanese as a Foreign Language Learners
 Forte, Sean.

Towards the Development of a Valid and Reliable ITA Performance Test
 Saeli, Hooman. and Mirshahidi, Shahriar.

Tracing the Development of Intercultural Competence in Both Native and Non-Native English-Speaking Students
 Arshavskaya, Ekaterina.

Trademark Cases in Court
 Finegan, Edward.

Training High School Teachers to Integrate Basic Literacy and Academic English in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts
 Smith, Annie.

Transfer Effects of L1-L2 Grammatical Gender in German-French Bilinguals
 Pappas, Leah., Jackson, Carrie., Van Hell, Janet. and Spalek, Katharina.

Translanguaging as a teacher’s resource in a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom
 Lamb, Gavin. and Higgins, Christina.

Translanguaging to Transform Thinking and Learning among Linguistically Diverse Peers
 Martin-Beltran, Melinda., Guzman, Natalia. and Merrills, Kayra.

Translanguaging, Identity, and Learning: Science Teachers as Engaged Language Planners
 Langman, Juliet.

Translanguaging-Based Approaches to Linguistic Variation in the Assessment of Linguistically Diverse Populations
 Solano-Flores ‎, Guillermo.

Translating Humor in U.S. Sitcoms: Language, Culture, and Politics
 Hsiao, Chi-hua.

Translating Verbs from Arabic into English: Implications of Contrastive Linguistic Studies to Improving Translators' Skills
 AL-Hammadi, Faizah. and ELGemei, Dalal.

Translingual Pedagogy and Writing Assessment: A Harmonious Union?
 Crusan, Deborah.

Transnational Students’ Experiences in an Adult ESL Program
 Fuentes, Ronald.

Trapped in the Transcript
 Young, Richard.

Treatment for Second Language Writing Anxiety:Do Multi-drafting and Teacher Feedback Help?
 Chang, Chung-Chien Karen. and Wu, TaiMin.

Two Different Contexts, One Shared Purpose: Graduate-Level Writing Initiatives for ESL Students
 Russell-Pinson, Lisa. and Barone, Susan.
AAAL Annual Conference 2014-Mar-22 to 2014-Mar-26
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