AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22

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A Comparison of L2 Listening Performance on Tests with Scripted or Unscripted Spoken Texts
 Wagner, Elvis.

A Longitudinal Investigation of Young Learners’ Socio-Economic Status (SES) and the Development of their Self-efficacy in Learning English
 Butler, Yuko.

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Assessing Topic Transitions in Multi-party Talk
 Patharakorn, Patharaorn. and Kasper, Gabriele.

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Examining the Efficacy of Interactional Feedback Training in Peer Interaction: Insights from CA-grounded Formal Coding
 Smith, George. and Matsutani, Yuka.

A Tale of Two Tasks: How a Teacher’s Interactional Practices Shape Opportunities for Learning through Story-Telling
 Reddington, Elizabeth., Yu, Di. and Tadic, Nadja.

A tale of two countries: Family language policies in the UK and Singapore
 Curdt-Christiansen, Xiao Lan.

ASL Revitalization for Parents of Deaf Children
 DeShaw, Denise., Madaparthi, Krishna. and Snoddon, Kristin.

Advancing understanding of instructed language learning: what counts/ could count as evidence?
 Mitchell, Rosamond.

Affordance Variability: Scaffolded Activity in Discipline-specific Classes with Secondary-level ELLs
 Walqui, Aída.

Affordances for social interaction in Virtual Worlds for Young Children
 Black, Rebecca. and Reich, Stephanie.

An Ecological Perspective on Interlanguage Pragmatic Development: Context, Emergent Patterns, and Variability
 Sykes, Julie.

An Investigation of the Relationship between Access to Learning and Young Learners’ English Language Proficiency
 Ling, Guangming. and Gu, Lin.

An Overview of Issues on Research in English Teacher Education and Professional Development
 Crandall, Jodi. and Christison, MaryAnn.

An ecological exploration of the SLA/Language Policy interface: insights from linguistic minorities in China
 De Costa, Peter.

Antonio Gramsci and Ontological Multilingualism
 Ives, Peter.

Applied Linguistics at Work: Exploring Language Practices, Emergent Ideologies, and their Implications for Social Sustainability Advocacy
 Miller, Elizabeth.

Arguments Against Bilingual Education
 Weinstock, Daniel.

Assessing Early Bilingual Deaf Learners
 Rouse, Jenelle.

Assessing learning in transdisciplinary languages education
 Scarino, Angela.

Attention to form during listening comprehension in foreign and heritage language learners
 Mikhaylova, Anna. and Holguin, Claudia.

AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22
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