AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22

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CLIL Challenges: Secondary School Subject Teachers’ Experienced Agency in Three European Contexts
 Skinnari, Kristiina.

Categorizations of Speakerhood: Reconciling the Damage and Searching for Solutions
 Rivers, Damian.

Chronotopic Identities: the south in the narratives told by members of migrant Mapuche communities in Chile
 Merino Dickinson, Maria Eugenia. and De Fina, Anna.

Co-constructing Interactional Competence as Teacher Identity: Insights From Language Teacher Reflections
 Sert, Olcay. and Kunitz, Silvia.

Coerced protection: Interpreting child and parental rights to clandestine indigenous immigrants in the USA
 Haviland, John.

Cognitive capacity, proficiency and L2 comprehension of aural and written input: The Primacy of Meaning Principle, once more.
 Sanz, Cristina. and McCormick, Timothy.

Collecting, transcribing and presenting data from interactions "in the wild": issues of reliability and validity
 Lilja, Niina.

Collision of Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in Iranian EFL Classroom Interaction
 Alavi, Seyed Mohammad. and Pourhaji, Mostafa.

Communication and catalytic dynamics in online and mobile place-based gaming environments
 Thorne, Steven.

Conceptualising Integration in CLIL and Multilingual Education
 Dalton-Puffer, Christiane., Nikula, Tarja. and Smit, Ute.

Connected Speech Dictations for Testing Second Language Listening
 Brown, James D. and Trace, Jonathan.

Constructions of Portuguese “homeland” before and after return migration
 Koven, Michele.

Converging Evidence in the Time Domain
 Lowie, Wander. and Verspoor, Marjolijn.

Corpus-Based Instruction for Pragmatic Routines: Investigating Effects of Corpus Searches and Teacher-Developed Materials
 Bardovi-Harlig, Kathleen., Mossman, Sabrina. and Su, Yunwen.

Corpus-Based Translation Studies and Medical Translation: Studying Explicitation and Implicitation in Translated Medical Texts into Spanish in the USA
 Jimenez-Crespo, Miguel.

Correlation as Evidence in Individual Difference Research in SLA
 Macintyre, Peter.

Creativity as a floating signifier
 Coffey, Simon. and Leung, Constant.

Critical Ethnographic Monitoring and the Chronicity of Raciolinguistic Panic in the USA
 McCarty, Teresa.

Culturally Relevant Arts Education (CRAE) in Deaf Education: A reclaiming of public space through changing discourses about ASL-English bilingual education
 Weber, Joanne.
AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22
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