AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22

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ELF in and as local practice
 Seidlhofer, Barbara.

ELF research from global and local perspectives: a case of Japan
 Murata, Kumiko.

Eco to evo and back again: Symposing with a Van Lierian ethic of second language pedagogy
 Atkinson, Dwight.

Educational Context, Classroom Discourse, Reading Instruction and Teacher Professional Development – A Case Study of Research-practice Links
 Silver, Rita.

Effects of DDL Technology on Genre Learning
 Cotos, Elena., Link, Stephanie. and Huffman, Sarah.

Embodied Rescriptings in Critical Ethnography: Raciolinguistic Advocacy in Bilingual Teacher Education at the US Borderlands
 caldas, blanca. and Palmer, Deborah.

Embodied and Occasioned Learnables and Teachables in Early EFL classrooms
 aus der Wieschen, Maria.

Endangerment and revitalization of sign languages from an international perspective
 De Meulder, Maartje.

Engaging with Multimodal Resources: Bangladeshi Young Adults’ Emerging Identities in Virtual Space
 Sultana, Shaila.

English Medium Instruction (EMI): Non-native English-speaking Lecturers and Teacher Identity
 Kling, Joyce.

English as the familiar lingua franca
 Pietikäinen, Kaisa.

English learners writing from primary sources in middle school history: disciplinary literacy tools and a focus on language
 Schleppegrell, Mary.

Enhancing literacy with Game-based Intelligent Tutoring and Natural Language Processing
 McNamara, Danielle.

Ethnographic Monitoring: Research, Advocacy, & the "Methodological Rich Points" in Between
 De Korne, Haley.

Ethnographic approaches to critical literacy classroom practices
 Chun, Christian.

Ethnographic sensibilities and issues in transnational and transdisciplinary research in applied linguistics
 Duff, Patricia.

Examining Features of Interactional Competence: The Case of Pre-sequences
 Youn, Soo Jung.

Expanding Partnerships and Repertoires of Practice: Improving Informal Science Learning for Preschool Dual Language Learners
 Moore, Leslie.

Expanding the construct of 'passive bilingualism' in a listening test for university professors: Incorporating translanguaging
 Baker, Beverly. and Hope, Amelia.

Experiencing a designed epidemic in a virtual world: Language as a symptom of engagement
 Fields, Deborah.

Expertise in cultural participation, entrepreneurship and political action in social media: A transdisciplinary approach to ethnography
 Leppänen, Sirpa.

Exploring the place-identity relationship of individuals in unsettled communities: a case study of a London squatter
 Piazza, Roberta.
AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22
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