AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22

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Participant observation as correspondence
 Toohey, Kelleen.

Pause and Preference in Second Language Talk
 Wong, Jean. and Waring, Hansun.

Place, Identity, and Memory in the Linguistic Landscape of East Harlem, New York
 Abraham, Lee.

Politically sensitive findings: The case of early L2 instruction
 Singleton, David. and Pfenninger, Simone.

Post-Development Theory and Vernacular Perspectives on Language
 Katunich, John.

Power Dynamics around a Plurilingual Project: Interest Divergence and Convergence in Luxembourgish Language-in-education Policy
 Weber, Jean-Jacques.

Producing Ishaare: Filmmaking in a Linguistic Ethnography with deaf and hearing people in Mumbai
 Kusters, Annelies., Sahasrabudhe, Sujit. and Gopalakrishnan, Amaresh.
AAAL Annual Conference 2017-Mar-18 to 2017-Mar-22
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