American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12

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"Self Service Rotations: Student Satisfaction"
 Kearney, Wanda., Peterson, Charles. and Serhienko, David.

“Living” the Life of a Diabetic – Impact of Patient Simulations in a Didactic Course.
 Dang, Devra., Chen, Judy., Lee, Jennifer. and Bennett, Robert.

“To Do or Not to Do”: Faculty Perceptions of Active Learning in Large Classes
 Devlin, John., Van Amburgh, Jenny., Kirwin, Jennifer. and Qualters, Donna.

“To grade or not to grade?”
 Dutta, Arjun., Rosenow, Robert., STEIN, SUSAN., DILLMAN, VANESSA., KOOMER, AJOY. and KNIEP, WILLARD.

“Triple Jump” Summative Evaluation: A Strategy for Longitudinal Assessment of Student Academic Progress.
 McDonald, Karna., Perry, Paul., Knapp, Katherine. and Evans, David.

“You’re Fired!”, Student Peer Evaluations, Bridging Competence and Professionalism
 Munyer, Thomas. and Scolaro, Kelly.


A 13-year review of initial employment trends for pharmacy graduates of The University of Arizona
 Short, Jeremy., Tabis, Ryan., Boesen, Kevin. and Murphy, John.

A Capstone Course for Soon-to-Graduate Students Focused on Pharmacist-in-Charge Legal Duties and Ethical Responsibilities
 Sylvies, Rick. and McGory, Robb.

A Comparison Study between Independent and University-affiliated Pharmacy Schools in China -- Does “University Setting” Benefit Pharmacy Education?
 Zhu, Yi-Zhun., Zhou, FangMing., Lu, Wei-Yue., Ye, DeYong. and ZHENG, HaiAn.

A Comparison of Two Student Groups Using Chronic Disease Role Play Assignments to Develop Empathy for Patients
 Wuller, Cynthia., Petersen, Nicole. and Rhinard, Ellen.

A Learner-Centered Teaching Approach to Assignment Selection in an Elective Biotechnology Course
 Nagel, Karen. and Langan, Elizabeth.

A Longitudinal Curriculum in Pharmacovigilance Bridges the Quality Gap in Patient Safety
 Amarshi, Rahemat., Crill, Catherine. and Staley, Shacresa.

A Longitudinal Mentorship Program to Bridge Educational Gaps for Minority Students and Enhance Cultural Competence.
 Amarshi, Rahemat. and Eoff, James.

A Medication Reconciliation and Evaluation Project Conducted by Pharm. D. Students in a Multi-site Health System.
 Briceland, Laurie., Briscoe-Dwyer, Leigh., Cronin, Laurie., Pavelka, Robert., Hamilton, Robert. and Lubowski, Teresa.

A Preceptor Development Program Delivered by Interactive Television
 Scott, Doneka., Rodriguez, Raquel. and Carter, Rodney.

A Strategy to Improve the Quality and Quantity of Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiential Training Sites.
 Turner, Christopher., Altiere, Ralph., Ellis, Sam., Ulrich, Heather., Giles, Joel. and Maffeo, Carrie.

A Survey of Students' Perceptions of Community Service Requirements in a Pharmacy Curriculum.
 Jay, Susan. and Bird, Eleanora.

A Survey to Determine Influences on Pharmacy Students’ Choice of Pharmacy as a Major
 Anderson, Douglas., Sheffield, Melody., Massey, Angela. and Cobb, Henry.

A Unique Interactive Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Elective
 Barbarello-Andrews, Liza., Lee, Alissa. and Barone, Joseph.

A Unique Program In Healthcare Management At The University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy.
 Larrat, E. Paul., Bunz, Thomas., Marcoux, Rita. and Quilliam, Brian.

A Web Enhanced and Ability Based Course on Antimicrobial Pharmacodynamics
 Maldonado, Wanda., Ortiz, Carlos. and Castro, Anadel.

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Balancing Point Distribution on an Aseptic Technique Assessment Form to Offset Product Differences.
 Jay, Susan.

Behavioral Intentions and Attitudes Towards the use of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) by Pharmacy Students
 Siracuse, Mark., Sowell, John. and Musselman, Nicholas.

Benefits of Writing Workshop to Applicants to a College of Pharmacy
 Benavides, Sandra., Romo, Anthony. and Guzman, Dahlia.

Biomedical Database Coverage of AACP’s Core Journals
 Thompson, Dennis. and Patatanian, Edna.

Bridging the Gap Between “Quality Improvement Education, Service, and Scholarship”
 Robertson, Jr., James., Bleidt, Barry., Daniels, Lacy., Sethi, Rajat. and Reddy, Indra.

Building a Community of Learners: Laying the Foundations with a Weeklong New Student Orientation Program
 Poirier, Therese., Santanello, Cathy. and Gupchup, Gireesh.


Capturing the Action! Development of a Valid and Reliable Active Learning Inventory Tool
 Van Amburgh, Jenny., Devlin, John., Kirwin, Jennifer. and Qualters, Donna.

Changes in pharmacy students’ attitudes and perceptions toward CAM after a required course
 Evans, Emily. and Evans, Jeffery.

Charting the Pharmaceutical Education Literature: Past, Present…and Future?
 Vaughan, KT. and Campbell, Bill.

Ciprofloxacin: Suppressing the Bitterness- A Project for Pharmaceutics Compounding Laboratory.
 Strong, Deborah.

Closing the Assessment Loop: Using Assessment Data to Improve A Management Course Sequence
 Kelley, Katherine., Pedersen, Craig., Schneider, Philip. and Bellebaum, Katherine.

Collaborating for Quality: Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy’s Assessment System
 Duncan-Hewitt, Wendy.

Collaborative Education with Veterinary Medicine: An Elective Pharmacy Clerkship
 Ragan, Ronald., Kleoppel, James. and Arck, Shirley.

Collaborative development of a longitudinal patient case in a team-taught introductory pharmacotherapy module.
 Stack, Nicole., Zeolla, Mario., Scarpace, Sarah., Brodeur, Michael. and Grabe, Darren.

Collaborative effort to adapt a pre-pharmacy course for distance learning.
 Oderda, Lynda. and Lombardo, Nancy.

College-wide collaboration in an introductory research methods course
 Sahloff, Eric. and Martin, Steven.

Community Pharmacy Residents’ Pursuit of Academic Positions: Assessment of Key Factors Influencing Career Paths.
 Clark, Colleen., Mehta, Bella., Rodis, Jennifer. and Pruchnicki, Maria.

Comparing Student Drug Information Skills Before and After Clinical Rotations
 Gutierres, Sheryl., Davison, Machelle. and Hagemann, Tracy.

Comparison of 1:1 versus 1:2 Preceptor/Student (P/S) Ratios on Advanced Practice Experience (APE)
 Briceland, Laurie. and Hamilton, Robert.

Comparison of Computer-Based versus Paper Examinations for Doctor of Pharmacy Students in a Drug Information Course.
 Pruchnicki, Maria., Rodis, Jennifer., Bowman, Allyson. and Khurma, Anand.

Comparison of Standardized Participant Grader versus Faculty Grader for an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) in a Pharmacy Curriculum.
 Jun, Jeany., Chung, Eunice. and McGory, Robb.

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Department Chairs’ Perceptions of the Factors Affecting Recruitment of Pharmacy Faculty
 Kelly,III, Edward.

Designing Interdisciplinary Health Professions Curricula for the Future
 Droege, Marcus., Litwin, Bini., Rosenthal, Rebecca. and Anderson-Worts, Paula.

Designing a Longitudinal Foundations Series that Introduces First Year PharmD Students to Basic Professional Skills
 Hitchman, Craig.

Determining Student’s Perception of Professionalism at the University of Washington SOP as a Means to Improving It.
 Schreffler, Rachel., Meeker, Elena., Wyatt, Nicholas., Elliott, Sarah., Murphy, Nanci. and Hammer, Dana.

Determining learning objectives for a Continuing Professional Education using an online needs analysis.
 Legreid Dopp, Anna., Kopacek, Karen., Vardeny, Orly. and Hanson, Alan.

Developing a Library of Resources for Preparing and Supporting Practitioner Educators
 Talluto, Beverly., Besinque, Kathleen., Cable, Jerry., kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Nemire, Ruth., Smith, Geralynn., Shuford, Veronica. and Henry, Jeanette.

Developing an Assessment Tool to Evaluate Practice-related Skills in an Abilities-based Physical Assessment Laboratory
 lee, karen.

Developing and Assessing Cultural Sensitivity in Pharmacy Students.
 Kristeller, Judith. and Zellner, Alan.

Developing the IMPACT: Phase I – establishing a database of relevant instruments
 Bounthavong, Mark. and Law, Anandi.

Development and Application of a Disaster Pharmaceutical Cache
 Bratberg, Jeffrey.

Development and Construct Validation of a Scale to Measure Pharmacy Academicians’ Job Satisfaction
 Conklin, Mark. and Desselle, Shane.

Development and Evaluation of a Unique Methodology for Teaching Spanish to Pharmacy Students
 Quairoli, Kristi. and Barnett, Candace.

Development and Implementation of Standardized Grading Criteria for Pharmaceutical Care Plans.
 of Pharmacy Practice and Science, Department.

Development and Implementation of a Veterinary Pharmacy Elective Course with Compounding Laboratory.
 Birnie, Christine., Pankaskie, Marvin. and Collins, Charles.

Development and Implementation of a Virtual Chart Case Series.
 Hagerman, Jennifer., Ahmed, Nabila., Delgado, Vicki. and Klepser, Michael.

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Educational Outreach to Bridge the Quality Gap in Health Information Retrieval for Better Health Outcomes.
 Amarshi, Rahemat., Green, Brenda., Gourley, Dick., Carnahan, Monica. and Bagay, Jasmine.

Effect of a Remediation Program on Student Academic Progression.
 Godwin, Donald. and Dominguez, Karen.

Effect of lecture audio files on class attendance and examination performance,
 Elsasser, Gary., Hoie, Eric., Destache, Christopher. and Monaghan, Michael.

Effectiveness Of Examination Blueprints To Promote Higher Cognitive Level Performance.
 Wong, Siu-Fun., Quist, Ryan. and Murray, Wallace.

Effectiveness of Unannounced Electronic Assessment Quizzes to Enhance Student Learning.
 Chung, Eunice. and Chow, Sheryl.

Effectiveness of an Instructional Model to Teach Clinically Relevant Medicinal Chemistry.
 Alsharif, Naser. and Galt, Kimberly.

Emergency Preparedness Curriculum Enhancements for Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Health: Year Two
 Carter, Jean., Kuntz, Sandra., Fehrer, Steven., Hill, Wade., Glow, Steven., Hall, Earl., Elam, Jacqueline., Wrobel, Lisa., Michele, Sare. and Minnick, Michael.

Enhancing Leadership Among Pharmacy Student Officers
 Juergens, John. and Wilson, Marvin.

Enhancing Quality in Pharmacy Practice by e-Pharmacotherapy Networks in Asthma, HIV and Poison Prevention
 Fiebelkorn, Karl., Catanzaro, Linda., Lliguicota, Francesco., Wisniewski, Angela., Brazeau, Gayle. and Morse, Gene.

Enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration and student learning in an oncology module through integrated lecturing
 Culhane, James. and Li, Edward.

Enhancing students’ ability to identify and manage drug related problems throughout a therapeutics course series.
 DiVall, Margarita., Devlin, John., Douglass, Mark., Gonyeau, Michael., Pomfret, Thomas. and Trujillo, Jennifer.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Patient Care
 Chesnut, Renae., Rospond, Raylene. and Tice, Brad.

Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning.
 Soltis, Denise.

Entry-Level PharmD Degree Programs in Canada: Some Facts and Stakeholder Opinions
 Jewesson, Peter., Koleba, Tamar. and Marin, Judith.

Error Detection and Practice Experience in Pharmacy Students. Shelley Chambers, Alina Chahal, Washington State University.
 Chambers, Shelley.

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Factors Affecting Selection of Continuing Education Programs
 Stout, Kristina. and Richey, Carriann.

Factors Associated with Research Productivity among Pharmacy Academicians
 Conklin, Mark. and Desselle, Shane.

Faculty Perceptions of Student Competencies in Utilizing Drug Information Skills during Clinical Rotations
 Gutierres, Sheryl., Davison, Machelle. and Hagemann, Tracy.

Faculty and Student Learning during Hurricane Katrina: Response during a natural disaster
 Lander, Roger. and Hogue, Michael.

Faculty and Students’ Attitudes toward Elements of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Incorporation into Required Pharmacy Curriculum, Pilot Survey
 Dvorkin, Lana. and Kostka-Rokosz, Maria.

Failing letter grades and impact on subsequent academic performance in a cohort of pharmacy students
 Kinder, David. and Knecht, Kathryn.

Finding the Controversy to Gain Global Awareness
 Bratberg, Jeffrey.

Five-Years of Experience with Student Focus Groups (SFG) as a Tool for Curricular Assessment
 Brazeau, Gayle., Sauberan, Mark., Renzi, Sara. and Krzeminski, Melissa.

Focusing attention on focus groups: strengthening methods to strengthen results
 Huston, Sally. and Hobson, Eric.

Focusing faculty on key concerns: using a primary-trait rubric to evaluate student drug posters
 McKeever, Andrea. and Hobson, Eric.

From Interdisciplinary Teaching to Practice
 Sims, Pamela., Broeseker, Amy., Bumgarner, Gary. and White, Bruce.

From Patient Care Experiences to The Practice of Pharmacy...Evolution of a Series of Pharmacy Care Skills Courses
 Miller, Susan.


Getting the most from the data: improving student–standardized patient interaction assessment using the Rasch model
 Bird, Eleanora. and Ryan, Melody.

Growth in Patient-Centered Care at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy: PharmacistCARE
 Nicholas, Amy., Divine, Holly., Johnson, Carrie. and Jones, Mikael.


Health Literacy-Writing Readable Text: The Movie
 Dolinsky, Donna.

Health Promotion and Wellness Topics in Pharmacy Education
 Lenz, Thomas., Monaghan, Michael. and Hetterman, Elizabeth.

Health Related Quality of Life in Pharmacy Students: Two Year Cohort Study (First Year Results)
 Hirsch, Jan., Manoguerra, Anthony. and Adler, David.

How Do You Measure SUCCESS?
 Ried, L Douglas. and Doty, Randell.

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Elective Rotation: A Study in Growth, Compassion and Professionalism
 Chung, Allison., Thomas, Gerald. and Byrd, Debbie.


Identification and design of novel teaching approaches that enhance the link between biochemical concepts and top 200 prescribed drugs.
 Carroll, Misty. and Oliveira, Marcos.

Identifying Factors that Influence Student Leadership
 Petilla, Melanie.

Impact of Adding a Pharmacist to a Continuing Medical Education Committee
 malesker, mark. and O\'Neill, Sally.

Impact of Different Learning Approaches among Pharmacy Students on Teaching of Children about their Asthma
 Heller, Katherine., Gettman, David., Dugan, B. DeeAnn. and Vallo, Cindy.

Impact of Drug Information Case Studies on First Year Pharmacy Students
 Nazer, Lama.

Impact of Increased Number of Pharmacy Schools and Student Enrollment on Preceptor Workload
 Skrabal, Maryann., Jones, Rhonda., Allen, Rondall., Assemi, Mitra., Boyle, Cynthia., Hritcko, Philip., kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Nemire, Ruth., O\'Sullivan, Teresa. and Soltis, Denise.

Impact of Patient Challenge Simulations on Clerkship Students.
 Chen, Judy. and Dang, Devra.

Impact of Personal Response System Utilization on the Moral Development of Pharmacy Students
 Gettman, David. and Dugan, B. DeeAnn.

Impact of a Distance Education Program on the Use of Technology Across a College of Pharmacy Curriculum
 Beatty, Stuart., Pruchnicki, Maria., Khurma, Anand., Frank, Sylvan., Nahata, Milap. and Brueggemeier, Robert.

Impact of a Third Year Pharmacotherapeutics Lab on Clinical Skills in the Fourth Year.
 Mort, Jane., Fischer, Janet. and Lemon, Michael.

Impact of needs analyses in determining Continuing Professional Education symposium topic and learning objectives.
 Legreid Dopp, Anna., Kopacek, Karen., Vardeny, Orly. and Hanson, Alan.

Implementation and Assessment of a Post-Course Evaluation Program
 Murray, Wallace. and Okamoto, Mark.

Implementation and Assessment of an Instructional Seminar for Online Case-Based Discussions
 LeBlanc, Jaclyn., Pruchnicki, Maria., Khurma, Anand., Dasta, Joseph. and Rohdieck, Stephanie.

Implementation and Evaluation of a Standardized Patient Program in a Pharmacy Communication Course
 Rickles, Nathaniel. and Tieu, Phuong.

Implementation and evaluation of a faculty development course in cultural competency for pharmacy educators.
 Assemi, Mitra., Mutha, Sunita. and Hudmon, Karen.

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Job Turnover Intentions of Pharmacy Academicians
 Conklin, Mark. and Desselle, Shane.


Knowledge and Perceptions of Accreditation from Applicants to a New School of Pharmacy.
 Maize, David., Coleman, Carmita. and Granberry, Mark.

Knowledge retention of second year pharmacy students: impact of incorporating mock rounds into the Professional Skills Development Course
 Valdez, Connie. and Ulrich, Heather.


Leadership for Pharmacy Professionals: Elective Course Structure and Student Assessment.
 Barone, Joseph., Alexander, James., Ali, Amena. and Dhir, Shelly.

Learning Styles, Personality Type, and Pedagogy: How Do They Relate?
 Kelley, Katherine., Brackett, Carolyn., Coyle, James. and Pruchnicki, Maria.

Learning and Lecturing Preferences: Description of College of Pharmacy Faculty.
 Zavod, Robin., Zgarrick, David. and Duong, Phuong.

Learning and Lecturing Preferences: Description of an Incoming PharmD Class.
 Zavod, Robin., Zgarrick, David. and Duong, Phuong.

Longitudinal Analysis of Pharmacy Students’ Expectations of Instructors and Positive Attributes of Lectures for Learning.
 Richard, Craig. and East, Bonnie.

Longitudinal Development of Pharmacokinetics in the Pharmacy Curriculum.
 Wang, Jeffrey., Le, Jennifer., Murray, Wallace. and McGory, Robb.


Making A Difference: A Successful Approach To Promoting Careers In The Indian Health Service
 Roche, Victoria., Jones, Rhonda., Hinman, Clint. and Seoldo, Nathalie.

Making Learning Portable: CE on Your iPod
 Young, Anita.

Maximizing Limited Resources to Facilitate Instruction of an Elective Course in Advanced Pharmaceutical Compounding.
 Reiman, Alfred., Calnek, Sarah., Brazeau, Gayle. and Morse, Gene.

Measuring Student Outcomes In A Cultural Competence Course
 Kelley, Katherine. and Fan-Havard, Patty.

Medical Informatics: A Collaborative Course with University Libraries
 Slaughter, Richard. and Charbonneau, Deborah.

Medicare Part D Education Outreach: A "Three Step" Approach
 DeMicco, James., Davanos, Evangelia. and Kourlas, Helen.

Medicare Part D Education and Implementation: Survey of Assisted Living Facility Administrators in Nebraska.
 Sankaranarayanan, Jayashri. and Martin, Sarah.

Moderating Effect of Religious Background and Behavior on the Impact of a Pharmacy Professionalism Course
 Dugan, B. DeeAnn., Gettman, David. and Williams, Heather.

Monitoring Student Performance Following Distance Learning of Anatomy and Pathophysiology in the CSU/UT Partnership
 Williams, Frederick., Borovicka, Mary. and Hinko, Christine.

Moving away from Grades
 Dutta, Arjun., Rosenow, Robert., STEIN, SUSAN., DILLMAN, VANESSA., KOOMER, AJOY. and KNIEP, WILLARD.

Multidisciplinary Experiential Program Development: Interactive Health and Wellness Website for College Students
 Santee, Jennifer. and Stoner, Steven.


National Curriculum Survey: Status of Instruction in Nonprescription Drug Therapy
 Covington, Tim.

National Tuberculosis Curriculum Consortium (NTCC): Developing Teaching Tools for Educators
 Adler, David., Graham, Kathleen. and Peloquin, Charles.

New Faculty Roles: The Details of Implementing a Blended Learning Approach on Multiple Campuses.
 Inge, Lisa., Motycka, Carol., Scolaro, Kelly. and Rose, Renee.

Novel Course Project: Pharmacy Students Become “Stakeholders” in Medicare Part D Implementation
 Lipton, Helene., Stebbins, Marilyn. and Cutler, Tim.

Nuclear Pharmacy Technician Training Program
 Hilliard, Nicki., Wittstrom, Kristina. and Le, Dao.


Online problem-based learning experience for second year pharmacy students.
 Gortney, Justine.

Optimizing the Four Important Interactions in Distance Education: An Example Medicinal Chemistry Course.
 Alsharif, Naser.

Outcomes Assessment of a Clinical Nutrition Support Certificate Program
 Bardal, Priya., Kelly, Lisa. and Janke, Kristin.

Outcomes of Medication Therapy Management Services (MTMS) Assignment with Student-Patient Interaction by Practicing Pharmacists Enrolled in Post BS Doctor of Pharmacy Program
 Beatty, Stuart.


PBL Technologies for Health Education at a Distance
 MacDonald, Kathleen., Bond, Irena. and gardner, alice.

Pacific University (PU) School of Pharmacy (SOP) Admissions Process
 DILLMAN, VANESSA., STEIN, SUSAN., Rucker, Robert., Rosenow, Robert., Dutta, Arjun. and Larsen, Jon-Erik.

Participating in an Interdisciplinary Emergency Preparedness Exercise: the Role of the College of Pharmacy
 Bray, Brenda., Terriff, Colleen. and Schwartz, Catrina.

Partner for Promotion: An Advanced Practice Longitudinal Rotation to Enhance Community Pharmacy Practice
 Rodis, Jennifer., Casper, Kristin. and Cable, Jerry.

Patient Counseling Skill Development Across the Curriculum
 James, Jennifer. and Beardsley, Robert.

Patient Safety issues from multi-cultural, third year pharmacy students’ perspectives.
 Langlois, Joan.

Patient-Centered Care Within Pharmaceutical Education
 Zeind, Caroline., Montagne, Michael., Calomo, Joseph. and Pisano, Douglas.

Patients Perspectives on Pharmacy Students' Abilities to Provide Information on Medicare Part D
 Knell, Maureen. and Rasu, Rafia.

Patterns of Alcohol and other Drug Use within Pharmacy Students, University of Missouri – Kansas City.
 Norris, Karen. and Kleffner, Sarah.

Pediatric Training in U.S. Schools of Pharmacy: Perceptions From Recent Graduates and Competency Assessment
 Weise, Karen. and Dennehy, Cathi.

Perceived Stress Levels in University of Washington PharmD Students
 Bean, Ashley. and Hammer, Dana.

Perception of Education and Preparedness of Community Pharmacists in a Diabetes Self Management Project
 Berdine, Hildegarde. and Skomo, Monica.

Performance of Positively and Negatively Worded Questions on a Classroom Exam.
 Carter, Jean. and Miller, Sarah.

Personal Experience with Blood Glucose Monitoring and Carbohydrate Counting in a Diabetes Care Course Changes Student Attitudes and Beliefs about Diabetes Self-Care.
 Keefner, Kenneth., Skrabal, Maryann. and O\'Brien, Karen.

PharmD students' knowledge, attitudes and evaluation of direct-to-consumer advertising.
 Naik, Rupali., Borrego, Matthew., Gupchup, Gireesh., Dodd, Melanie. and Sather, Mike.

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Redesign and Assessment of an elective Women's Health Course.
 Marshall, Leisa.

Redesigning an Early Hospital Practice Experience to Improve Quality and Consistency.
 Settlemyer, Joan., Campbell, Kristen., Miller, Susan., Rothrock-Christian, Tracie. and Leadon, Kim.

Relationships Among Student Evaluations, Instructor Effectiveness, and Academic Performance
 Kidd, Robert., Phipps, Stephen. and Latif, David.

Reorganization of a pharmacy law course according to functional topics improved student learning
 Fassett, William.

Retrospective Review of the Potential Effect of a ‘Plus/Minus’ Grading System on Students’ GPA and on Class Ranking.
 Scott, James., Murray, Wallace., Jun, Jeany., O\'Barr, Stephen., Hacker, David. and Iannuzzo, Mark.

Rx for Change: Clinician-Assisted Tobacco Cessation—Evaluation of a Train-the-Trainer Workshop for Pharmacy Faculty
 Corelli, Robin., Hudmon, Karen., Fenlon, Christine., Kroon, Lisa., Lem, Ken. and Prokhorov, Alexandre.


Safety net hospitals' profitability during the 1990s
 Khan, Nasreen Khan. and Zwanziger, Jack.

Secure Database for Student Scheduling and Operational Management of an Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience Program
 Richardson, Michael., Piecoro, John. and Amerson, Ann.

Self-reported Use of Alcohol and Illicit Drugs by Pharmacy Students versus Peer Perceptions
 Ryan-Haddad, Ann. and Poepping-Faulkner, Michele.

Significant milestones: South University School of Pharmacy's founding and development
 Wynn, James., Hawkins, David. and Hobson, Eric.

Standardizing the Experiential Education Quality Assurance Process.
 Jones, Rhonda., Currie, Jay., Rodriguez, Raquel., Baer, Rebecca., Hendricks, Bernard., Johnson, Sandra., Kearney, Wanda., Ridgway, John., Sisson, Debra., Soltis, Denise. and Skrabal, Maryann.

Strategic Planning and Evaluation: Striving for Continuous Improvement at The University of Mississippi.
 Bouldin, Alicia., Wells, Barbara. and Wilson, Marvin.

Stress Among Pharmacy Students: Sources and Impact
 Anderson, Katherine., Hevener, Kirk. and Arreola, Raoul.

Student Attitudes Towards the Use of Games to Promote Learning in the Large Classroom Setting
 Grady, Sarah., Dennis, Kathleen. and Todd, Timothy.

Student Interest in Online and Distance Education
 Robinson, Evan. and Stull, Richard.

Student Leadership in Health Advocacy and Policy Development
 Murphy, Nanci. and Elliott, Sarah.

Student Opinion Regarding the Importance of Student to Preceptor Ratio
 Pfeiffer, Constance. and Woodward, Donald.

Student Perceptions of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
 Stowe, Cindy. and Gardner, Stephanie.

Student Perceptions of Participation in a Simulated Primary Care Clinic
 Raney, Erin. and Singla, Dana.

Student assessment of the accuracy of population-based pharmacokinetic parameters in adult patients receiving Vancomycin therapy
 Herist, Keith., Crosby, Courtney., McNeill, Michelle., Cobb, Henry. and Cook, Chris.

Student's Opinion of Acquired Skills from Rx for Change Training - Mercer Southern School of Pharmacy
 Kissack, Julie.

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Teaching Core Competencies to Pharmacy Students through Case-Based, Active Learning in a Nonprescription Therapeutics Course
 Heller, Katherine. and Dugan, B. DeeAnn.

Teaching Empathy to First Year (P1) Pharmacy Students: A Multifaceted Approach
 Foote, Edward., Kinney, Bradford. and Roke-Thomas, Marie.

Teaching Problem-Based Communication to Pharmacy Students: The Pharmacist SOAP Process
 james, elizabeth. and odegard, peggy.

Teaching and Assessing Continual Quality Improvement Programs in a PY3 Practice Laboratory
 Calomo, Joseph., Ferullo, Joseph., Hudd, Timothy. and John, Donney.

Teaching and Research Self-Efficacies among Pharmacy Academicians
 Conklin, Mark. and Desselle, Shane.

Teaching the Four Ms of Diabetes Care: Meal Planning, Motion, Medication, and Monitoring.
 Darbishire, Patricia., Nash, Christiane., Plake, Kimberly. and Shepler, Brian.

The Application of Transformative Learning Theory to Curricular Evaluation
 Plaza, Cecilia., Draugalis, JoLaine., Slack, Marion., Skrepnek, Grant. and Sauer, Karen.

The Development and Implementation of Summative Examinations to Assess Student Competency and Curricular Outcomes
 Anderson, Carl., Boni, Riccardo., Bricker, J. Douglas., Desselle, Shane., Flaherty, Patrick., Harrold, Marc., Laux, Bob., Livengood, Bruce., Meng, Wilson., O\'neil, Christine. and Witt-Enderby, Paula.

The Development of a Medication Therapy Management Program for Chain Pharmacies
 Henderson, Rachel., Mattei, Thomas., O\'neil, Christine., Lynch, Kevin. and Krasnow, Debbie.

The Evolution of a Longitudinal Assessment of Substance Use and Abuse in Pharmacy Students
 Juergens, John. and Wilson, Marvin.

The Impact of Role-Playing on Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes towards Geriatric Patients
 Tilleman, Jennifer.

The Initial Help Seeking Experiences of Women with Depression.
 Lonie, John. and Moretta, Fantine.

The Lifestyle of Pharmacy Students and Their Knowledge of Obesity Prevention
 Slack, Marion., Virgen, Maria. and Marroquin, Cesar.

The Relationship Between ACT and Other Factors on PCAT Score for Selection of Pharmacy Applicants
 Houglum, Joel., Delfinis, Teresa. and Aparasu, Rajender.

The Texas A&M Model for Integration of Research into the Training of Pharmacists
 Daniels, Lacy., Bleidt, Barry., Sethi, Rajat., Robertson, Jr., James. and Reddy, Indra.

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Use of Asynchronous Web-Based Discussion Board by Students to Enhance Student-to-Student Learning in a Distance Education Course.
 Pruchnicki, Maria. and Beatty, Stuart.

Use of Asynchronous Web-Based Discussion Board by Students to Supplement a Problem-Based Learning Patient-Case Assignment
 Beatty, Stuart. and Raya, Nicolette.

Use of Humor as an Educational Engagement Tool: The Homer Simpson Effect
 Gonyeau, Michael.

Use of a Service-Learning Experience to Bridge Knowledge between Professional Courses.
 Desselle, Shane., Conklin, Mark., Surratt, Christopher., Astle, Janet., Skomo, Monica., Berdine, Hildegarde., O\'neil, Christine. and Mihalyo, Mary.

Use of an Audience Response System in Continuing Education
 Vanderbush, Ross., Johnson, Jill., Hutchison, Lisa. and West, Donna.

Use of an Audience Response System to Assess Baseline Knowledge in First Year Pharmacy Students
 Record, Kenneth. and Cain, Jeff.

Using P4 Assessment Day to Identify Areas for Improvement: the University of Iowa Experience
 Farris, Karen., McDanel, Deanna., Swegle, John., John, Elizabeth. and Haig, Jeffrey.

Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) During Pharmacotherapy Examinations
 Delafuente, Jeffrey.

Using Pharmacy Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to Assess Comparability between a Campus and Distance Pathway
 Monaghan, Michael., Jones, Rhonda., Hoie, Eric. and Pick, Amy.

Using a Fashion Show to Assess Students’ Perceptions of Professional Dress
 Plake, Kimberly. and Hagemeier, Nicholas.

Using a Program Logic Model to Guide Continuous Quality Improvement in Pharmacy Undergraduate Education
 Fielding, David. and Wright, Kristin.

Utility of a CommunityZero Website to Enhance Communication During a Clinical Pharmacy Rotation
 Price, Paul., malesker, mark., smith, alice. and Young, W. Wayne.

Utility of a website to improve the clerkship experience and enhance clinical team collaboration.
 Scarpace, Sarah.

Utility of the Foreign Graduate Equivalency Examination to Assess Pharmacy Curricula
 Munger, Mark., Albright, Frederick., Biskupiak, Joseph., Blumenthal, Donald., Cheatham, Thomas. and Creekmore, Freddy.

Utilization of ZDF Rats to Demonstrate Type II Diabetes Mellitis to Students in Pharmacy Laboratories
 Hardej, Diane., Scaramell, Helen., Hussey, Eileen. and Trombetta, Louis.

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Value of Offering a Voluntary, Noncredit Pharmacy-based Spanish Language Skills Program to Pharmacy Students
 Linares, Roberto. and Zweber, Ann.

Variables Related to the Effectiveness of Large Group Peer Tutoring Sessions
 Garrett, Judith., Barnard, Megan. and Born, Charles.


Web-based Portfolio Approach to Developing and Documenting Pharmaceutical Care Plans During Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.
 McDuffie, Charles., Sheffield, Melody., Duke, Lori., Kennedy, William., Miller, Mindi. and Rogers, Sandra.

What Does the Public Think of Pharmacists? Development and Implementation of an Exercise for Second Year Students
 blumenschein, karen. and Freeman, Patricia.

Willingness of Students to Report Impaired Peers and Practitioners: A Measure of Professionalism?
 Poepping-Faulkner, Michele. and Ryan-Haddad, Ann.

Would You Like a Degree With That? A Survey of Student Consumeristic Attitudes.
 Miller, Donald., Dissmore, Tricia. and Westby, Erin.


Year III PharmD Students' Community Outreach Helps Seniors Evaluate Medicare Part D Prescription Plans
 Murphy, Christine., Ferguson, Melissa., Emptage, Ruth. and Hall, Laura.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12
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