American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12

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Department Chairs’ Perceptions of the Factors Affecting Recruitment of Pharmacy Faculty
 Kelly,III, Edward.

Designing Interdisciplinary Health Professions Curricula for the Future
 Droege, Marcus., Litwin, Bini., Rosenthal, Rebecca. and Anderson-Worts, Paula.

Designing a Longitudinal Foundations Series that Introduces First Year PharmD Students to Basic Professional Skills
 Hitchman, Craig.

Determining Student’s Perception of Professionalism at the University of Washington SOP as a Means to Improving It.
 Schreffler, Rachel., Meeker, Elena., Wyatt, Nicholas., Elliott, Sarah., Murphy, Nanci. and Hammer, Dana.

Determining learning objectives for a Continuing Professional Education using an online needs analysis.
 Legreid Dopp, Anna., Kopacek, Karen., Vardeny, Orly. and Hanson, Alan.

Developing a Library of Resources for Preparing and Supporting Practitioner Educators
 Talluto, Beverly., Besinque, Kathleen., Cable, Jerry., kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Nemire, Ruth., Smith, Geralynn., Shuford, Veronica. and Henry, Jeanette.

Developing an Assessment Tool to Evaluate Practice-related Skills in an Abilities-based Physical Assessment Laboratory
 lee, karen.

Developing and Assessing Cultural Sensitivity in Pharmacy Students.
 Kristeller, Judith. and Zellner, Alan.

Developing the IMPACT: Phase I – establishing a database of relevant instruments
 Bounthavong, Mark. and Law, Anandi.

Development and Application of a Disaster Pharmaceutical Cache
 Bratberg, Jeffrey.

Development and Construct Validation of a Scale to Measure Pharmacy Academicians’ Job Satisfaction
 Conklin, Mark. and Desselle, Shane.

Development and Evaluation of a Unique Methodology for Teaching Spanish to Pharmacy Students
 Quairoli, Kristi. and Barnett, Candace.

Development and Implementation of Standardized Grading Criteria for Pharmaceutical Care Plans.
 of Pharmacy Practice and Science, Department.

Development and Implementation of a Veterinary Pharmacy Elective Course with Compounding Laboratory.
 Birnie, Christine., Pankaskie, Marvin. and Collins, Charles.

Development and Implementation of a Virtual Chart Case Series.
 Hagerman, Jennifer., Ahmed, Nabila., Delgado, Vicki. and Klepser, Michael.

Development and Implementation of an Introduction to Clerkship Course
 Smith, Lisa. and Greene, Joy.

Development and Initiation of a Peer Evaluation Process for Classroom Teaching
 Wellein, Marlea., Ragucci, Kelly., Lapointe, Marc., Nickel, Ronald. and Holly, Deborah.

Development and Utilization of Pharmacy Students for Patient Assistance With Medicare Part D
 Tyczkowski, Peter. and Hritcko, Philip.

Development of a Computerized Compounding Laboratory “Practical” Exam
 Fox, Laura., Dollar, Michael., Pham, Khang. and Fuhrman, L..

Development of a Framework to Describe the Relationships among Pharmacy Students and Their Mentors
 Holmes, Erin. and Bouldin, Alicia.

Development of a PDA based Database to Track Faculty and Student Interventions during Experiential Coursework
 Lander, Roger., Hogue, Michael., Sowell, John. and Thomas, Josh.

Development of a Patient Case Database, ITeaCH, with On-Line Access as a Resource for Faculty
 Currie, Jay., Seaba, Hazel., Catney, Christine. and Ernst, Michael.

Development of a Peer Teaching Evaluation System in a Department of Pharmacy Practice
 Matthews, Samuel., Gonyeau, Michael., Barr, Judith., Douglass, Mark., Kirwin, Jennifer., Pomfret, Thomas., Qualters, Donna., Trujillo, Jennifer., Van Amburgh, Jenny. and DiVall, Margarita.

Development of an Inter-Institutional Doctor of Pharmacy Program Using Video-Teleconferencing
 Deloatch, Kimberly., Coker, Huyla., Paliulis, Sarah., Peck, Susan. and Maldonado, David.

Development of an Online Resource Tool for Students Seeking Residency Positions
 Burkiewicz, Jill. and Sincak, Carrie.

Diabetes Certificate Program Assessment
 Ryan, Gina., Foster, Karla., Unterwagner, Whitney. and Coffey, Cynthia.

Diabetes Concentration - A Curricular Option to Teach Patient-Centered Care
 Chesnut, Renae. and Johnson, June.

Diabetes Education: A Venue for Interdisciplinary Education
 Lin, Anne., Chui, Michelle., Raney, Erin., Rupp, Michael., Singla, Dana., Patton, Lynn., Chavez, Mary., Knudsen, Dawn. and Throm, Melinda.

Diabetes Outcome of a Pharmacist Managed Diabetes Service
 Lin, Swu-Jane., Yin, Hongjun., Stubbings, JoAnn., Talsania, Seema. and Durley, Sandra.

Diabetes experts in every classroom: pilot of an integrated web based comprehensive diabetes elective.
 Hall, Deanne., Drab, Scott. and Smith, Randall.

Differences in knowledge-acquisition strategies and information source use as a function of confidence in self-learning
 Bollmeier, Suzanne., Forinash, Alicia., Zlatic, Thomas. and GAEBELEIN, Claude.

Discovering the Learning Experiences of Pharmacy Students: Using Grounded Theory
 Gibbs, Winter. and Er, Nelson.

Do Online Programs Prepare Pharmacists for Specialty Practice as Well as Face-to-Face Programs?
 Wittstrom, Kristina.

Drug Abuse/Addiction Education (PHPR/MCMP 316): An Interdisciplinary Course at Purdue University
 Krause, Jane. and Watts, Val.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12
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