American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12

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Educational Outreach to Bridge the Quality Gap in Health Information Retrieval for Better Health Outcomes.
 Amarshi, Rahemat., Green, Brenda., Gourley, Dick., Carnahan, Monica. and Bagay, Jasmine.

Effect of a Remediation Program on Student Academic Progression.
 Godwin, Donald. and Dominguez, Karen.

Effect of lecture audio files on class attendance and examination performance,
 Elsasser, Gary., Hoie, Eric., Destache, Christopher. and Monaghan, Michael.

Effectiveness Of Examination Blueprints To Promote Higher Cognitive Level Performance.
 Wong, Siu-Fun., Quist, Ryan. and Murray, Wallace.

Effectiveness of Unannounced Electronic Assessment Quizzes to Enhance Student Learning.
 Chung, Eunice. and Chow, Sheryl.

Effectiveness of an Instructional Model to Teach Clinically Relevant Medicinal Chemistry.
 Alsharif, Naser. and Galt, Kimberly.

Emergency Preparedness Curriculum Enhancements for Pharmacy, Nursing, and Allied Health: Year Two
 Carter, Jean., Kuntz, Sandra., Fehrer, Steven., Hill, Wade., Glow, Steven., Hall, Earl., Elam, Jacqueline., Wrobel, Lisa., Michele, Sare. and Minnick, Michael.

Enhancing Leadership Among Pharmacy Student Officers
 Juergens, John. and Wilson, Marvin.

Enhancing Quality in Pharmacy Practice by e-Pharmacotherapy Networks in Asthma, HIV and Poison Prevention
 Fiebelkorn, Karl., Catanzaro, Linda., Lliguicota, Francesco., Wisniewski, Angela., Brazeau, Gayle. and Morse, Gene.

Enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration and student learning in an oncology module through integrated lecturing
 Culhane, James. and Li, Edward.

Enhancing students’ ability to identify and manage drug related problems throughout a therapeutics course series.
 DiVall, Margarita., Devlin, John., Douglass, Mark., Gonyeau, Michael., Pomfret, Thomas. and Trujillo, Jennifer.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Patient Care
 Chesnut, Renae., Rospond, Raylene. and Tice, Brad.

Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning.
 Soltis, Denise.

Entry-Level PharmD Degree Programs in Canada: Some Facts and Stakeholder Opinions
 Jewesson, Peter., Koleba, Tamar. and Marin, Judith.

Error Detection and Practice Experience in Pharmacy Students. Shelley Chambers, Alina Chahal, Washington State University.
 Chambers, Shelley.

Evaluating Dietary Supplement Information Resources Currently Used by Practicing Pharmacists
 Zeolla, Mario. and Cerulli, Jennifer.

Evaluating a classroom response system in a research methods and biostatistics course
 Barr, Judith., Schumacher, Gerald. and Ohman, Susan.

Evaluating the impact of pharmacy experience, scholastic performance, age, education, and self review on knowledge retention and clinical confidence of second year pharmacy students
 Valdez, Connie., Hemstreet, Brian. and Ulrich, Heather.

Evaluation of Advanced Electives in Private Ownership and Chain Operated Community Practice.
 Sylvies, Rick. and McGory, Robb.

Evaluation of Changes to the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience Course.
 Holt-Macey, Michelle. and Dulick, Kristen.

Evaluation of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Education at the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Pharmacy
 Pace, Heather., Norris, Karen. and Bryant, Patrick.

Evaluation of Sterile Compounding Instruction in the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
 Peacock, Regina. and Rotenberry, Deanna.

Evaluation of Student Learning with Patient Oriented Technology in a Physical Assessment Workshop
 MacDonnell, Celia., Taveira, Tracey. and Low, Greg.

Evaluation of a Pharm.D. Curriculum Using a Survey of Preceptors of Final Year Rotations
 Meeker, Elena.

Evaluation of a pharmacy school-wide web-based clinical intervention system.
 DiVall, Margarita., Copeland, Debra. and Gonyeau, Michael.

Evaluation of a web-based medical terminology module incorporated into a traditional pharmacotherapeutics course
 Yunker, Nancy., Shuford, Veronica. and Kirkwood, Cynthia.

Evaluation of students’ learning styles over time and their correlation to academic performance
 Gonyeau, Michael., Trujillo, Jennifer., DiVall, Margarita., Van Amburgh, Jenny. and Kirwin, Jennifer.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Web CT Self-Assessment Questions within a Pharmacotherapy Module
 Porter, Kalen. and Montgomery, Jennifer.

Evaluations of Popular Media and Fictional Sources to Reinforce Concepts in an Elective Biotechnology Course
 Nagel, Karen. and Langan, Elizabeth.

Evidence Based Medicine Skills Taught at US Schools of Pharmacy
 Butler, Isaac., Bryant, Patrick., Norris, Karen. and Marinac, Jacqueline.

Evolution of Three Models for Student Research Projects from a Multi-pathway Curriculum.
 Kearney, Thomas., Ambrose, Peter., Aweeka, Francesca., Rice, Lorie., Winter, Michael., Lipton, Helene., Sauer, Barbara., Soller, William. and Shafer, Richard.

Evolution of a Patient Counseling, Communication and Monitoring Course.
 Lee, Alissa., Lee, Jaclyn., Faley, Brian. and Barone, Joseph.

Expanding Pharmacists' Roles in Disasters: A Scientific Poster Project
 Bratberg, Jeffrey.

Expanding and restructuring the experiential education program to assure quality and better serve Greater Minnesota
 Carter, Rodney., Rodriguez, Raquel., Sisson, Debbie. and Scott, Doneka.

Experience in Community Voluntary Service at CEBNAD Diabetes Summer Camp as an Elective Course
 Jiménez Ramírez, Francisco Javier. and Martinez, Mirza.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12
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