American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12

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PBL Technologies for Health Education at a Distance
 MacDonald, Kathleen., Bond, Irena. and gardner, alice.

Pacific University (PU) School of Pharmacy (SOP) Admissions Process
 DILLMAN, VANESSA., STEIN, SUSAN., Rucker, Robert., Rosenow, Robert., Dutta, Arjun. and Larsen, Jon-Erik.

Participating in an Interdisciplinary Emergency Preparedness Exercise: the Role of the College of Pharmacy
 Bray, Brenda., Terriff, Colleen. and Schwartz, Catrina.

Partner for Promotion: An Advanced Practice Longitudinal Rotation to Enhance Community Pharmacy Practice
 Rodis, Jennifer., Casper, Kristin. and Cable, Jerry.

Patient Counseling Skill Development Across the Curriculum
 James, Jennifer. and Beardsley, Robert.

Patient Safety issues from multi-cultural, third year pharmacy students’ perspectives.
 Langlois, Joan.

Patient-Centered Care Within Pharmaceutical Education
 Zeind, Caroline., Montagne, Michael., Calomo, Joseph. and Pisano, Douglas.

Patients Perspectives on Pharmacy Students' Abilities to Provide Information on Medicare Part D
 Knell, Maureen. and Rasu, Rafia.

Patterns of Alcohol and other Drug Use within Pharmacy Students, University of Missouri – Kansas City.
 Norris, Karen. and Kleffner, Sarah.

Pediatric Training in U.S. Schools of Pharmacy: Perceptions From Recent Graduates and Competency Assessment
 Weise, Karen. and Dennehy, Cathi.

Perceived Stress Levels in University of Washington PharmD Students
 Bean, Ashley. and Hammer, Dana.

Perception of Education and Preparedness of Community Pharmacists in a Diabetes Self Management Project
 Berdine, Hildegarde. and Skomo, Monica.

Performance of Positively and Negatively Worded Questions on a Classroom Exam.
 Carter, Jean. and Miller, Sarah.

Personal Experience with Blood Glucose Monitoring and Carbohydrate Counting in a Diabetes Care Course Changes Student Attitudes and Beliefs about Diabetes Self-Care.
 Keefner, Kenneth., Skrabal, Maryann. and O\'Brien, Karen.

PharmD students' knowledge, attitudes and evaluation of direct-to-consumer advertising.
 Naik, Rupali., Borrego, Matthew., Gupchup, Gireesh., Dodd, Melanie. and Sather, Mike.

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Opinions on Community Pharmacy Technician Knowledge & Functions
 Wilson, Debbie., Kimberlin, Carole., Brushwood, David. and Segal, Richard.

Pharmacoepidemiology Education at US Colleges/Schools of Pharmacy
 Rascati, Karen., Nwokeji, Esmond., Moczygemba, Leticia. and Wilson, James.

Pharmacy Morning Report: Adapting the Medical Model of Case-based Teaching to the Pharmacy Curriculum
 Waldrop, Bruce., Thomason, Angela. and Henderson, Robert.

Pharmacy Ownership and Entrepreneurship: A Evidence-Based Course Model
 Hammer, Dana., Oftebro, Ryan. and Schreffler, Rachel.

Pharmacy Practice and Industrial and Physical Pharmacy Departments Collaboration: An Interdisciplinary Laboratory Module at Purdue
 Krause, Jane. and Hem, Stanley.

Pharmacy Socialization: Comparing students in a Co-op Program to Students in a Traditional School Calendar
 Yorra, Mark.

Pharmacy Student Attitudes About Plagiarism Before and After an Interactive Workshop
 Kirwin, Jennifer., Brown, Todd. and Copeland, Debra.

Pharmacy Students Providing Care for Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
 Chisholm, Marie.

Pharmacy’s Continuing Education Enterprise: 2005 Update.
 Travlos, Dimitra., Chung, Ulric., Sesti, Anne-Marie. and Vlasses, Peter.

Physician education by pharmacy students during medical rounds: physician’s perceptions.
 Rivkin, Anastasia.

Potential of Tc-99m-Labeled Bacteriophage for Bacterial Infection-Specific Imaging
 Smith, Blaine., Mary Rusckowski, Mary., Gupta, Suresh., Liu, Guozheng. and Hnatowich, Donald.

Predicting Academic Success in Pharmacy School
 Janeszk, Katherine., buff, wayne., Schulz, Richard. and Fuhrman, L..

Predictors of success in pharmacy calculations: Comparison of entry-level Pharm D students enrolled in campus and web-based pathways.
 Shara, Michael., Augustine, Sam., Siracuse, Mark. and Constantino, Anne.

Prevention, Preparedness, and Presbyatrics: Interdisciplinary Education in Montana
 Carter, Jean., Beall, Donna. and Hudgins, Gayle.

Pros: A Contemporary Approach To Introductory Practice Experience
 Wuller, William.

Providing Information Resources for Clinical Instructors/Preceptors: Results of a Survey of Current Practice
 Allison, Amy. and Wanserski, Gerri.

Psychological Contract Violations in Pharmacy Students: Relationship to Students’ Attitudinal Outcomes
 Spies, Alan., Wilkin, Noel., Bentley, John., Bouldin, Alicia. and Wilson, Marvin.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12
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