American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12

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Teaching Core Competencies to Pharmacy Students through Case-Based, Active Learning in a Nonprescription Therapeutics Course
 Heller, Katherine. and Dugan, B. DeeAnn.

Teaching Empathy to First Year (P1) Pharmacy Students: A Multifaceted Approach
 Foote, Edward., Kinney, Bradford. and Roke-Thomas, Marie.

Teaching Problem-Based Communication to Pharmacy Students: The Pharmacist SOAP Process
 james, elizabeth. and odegard, peggy.

Teaching and Assessing Continual Quality Improvement Programs in a PY3 Practice Laboratory
 Calomo, Joseph., Ferullo, Joseph., Hudd, Timothy. and John, Donney.

Teaching and Research Self-Efficacies among Pharmacy Academicians
 Conklin, Mark. and Desselle, Shane.

Teaching the Four Ms of Diabetes Care: Meal Planning, Motion, Medication, and Monitoring.
 Darbishire, Patricia., Nash, Christiane., Plake, Kimberly. and Shepler, Brian.

The Application of Transformative Learning Theory to Curricular Evaluation
 Plaza, Cecilia., Draugalis, JoLaine., Slack, Marion., Skrepnek, Grant. and Sauer, Karen.

The Development and Implementation of Summative Examinations to Assess Student Competency and Curricular Outcomes
 Anderson, Carl., Boni, Riccardo., Bricker, J. Douglas., Desselle, Shane., Flaherty, Patrick., Harrold, Marc., Laux, Bob., Livengood, Bruce., Meng, Wilson., O\'neil, Christine. and Witt-Enderby, Paula.

The Development of a Medication Therapy Management Program for Chain Pharmacies
 Henderson, Rachel., Mattei, Thomas., O\'neil, Christine., Lynch, Kevin. and Krasnow, Debbie.

The Evolution of a Longitudinal Assessment of Substance Use and Abuse in Pharmacy Students
 Juergens, John. and Wilson, Marvin.

The Impact of Role-Playing on StudentsÂ’ Beliefs and Attitudes towards Geriatric Patients
 Tilleman, Jennifer.

The Initial Help Seeking Experiences of Women with Depression.
 Lonie, John. and Moretta, Fantine.

The Lifestyle of Pharmacy Students and Their Knowledge of Obesity Prevention
 Slack, Marion., Virgen, Maria. and Marroquin, Cesar.

The Relationship Between ACT and Other Factors on PCAT Score for Selection of Pharmacy Applicants
 Houglum, Joel., Delfinis, Teresa. and Aparasu, Rajender.

The Texas A&M Model for Integration of Research into the Training of Pharmacists
 Daniels, Lacy., Bleidt, Barry., Sethi, Rajat., Robertson, Jr., James. and Reddy, Indra.

The Use of Longitudinal Patient Cases to Conceptualize Patient Monitoring in a Pharmaceutical Care Laboratory
 Wuller, Cynthia., Chereson, Rasma. and Bilger, Rhonda.

The racial/ethnic representation of pharmacy faculty
 Gaither, Caroline., Chisholm, Marie., Hagan, Angela. and Lane, Daniel.

The use of a teratology information service as a drug information clerkship for pharmacy students.
 Young, Beth. and Leen-Mitchell, Marsha.

The use of instructional technology to augment the traditional classroom experience
 Bohan, KarenBeth.

Third Year Advanced Practice Experience Rotations: Basic Clinical Skills for Inpatient Care and Ambulatory Care
 Smith, Lisa. and Greene, Joy.

Timing and Preceptor Buy-in For Pharmacy Resident Participation in a Training Course to Improve Teaching Skills.
 Pounders, Laura., Motl Moroney, Susannah. and Timpe, Erin.

Two-Year Experience with a University-based Inter-professional Diabetes Clinic in a Rural Community
 Buckingham, Robert., Lotocsky, Josh., Carey, Mary., Morton, Arlene., Rider, Joan., Durst, Stephen. and Jarvi, Eric.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12
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