American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12

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Use of Asynchronous Web-Based Discussion Board by Students to Enhance Student-to-Student Learning in a Distance Education Course.
 Pruchnicki, Maria. and Beatty, Stuart.

Use of Asynchronous Web-Based Discussion Board by Students to Supplement a Problem-Based Learning Patient-Case Assignment
 Beatty, Stuart. and Raya, Nicolette.

Use of Humor as an Educational Engagement Tool: The Homer Simpson Effect
 Gonyeau, Michael.

Use of a Service-Learning Experience to Bridge Knowledge between Professional Courses.
 Desselle, Shane., Conklin, Mark., Surratt, Christopher., Astle, Janet., Skomo, Monica., Berdine, Hildegarde., O\'neil, Christine. and Mihalyo, Mary.

Use of an Audience Response System in Continuing Education
 Vanderbush, Ross., Johnson, Jill., Hutchison, Lisa. and West, Donna.

Use of an Audience Response System to Assess Baseline Knowledge in First Year Pharmacy Students
 Record, Kenneth. and Cain, Jeff.

Using P4 Assessment Day to Identify Areas for Improvement: the University of Iowa Experience
 Farris, Karen., McDanel, Deanna., Swegle, John., John, Elizabeth. and Haig, Jeffrey.

Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) During Pharmacotherapy Examinations
 Delafuente, Jeffrey.

Using Pharmacy Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to Assess Comparability between a Campus and Distance Pathway
 Monaghan, Michael., Jones, Rhonda., Hoie, Eric. and Pick, Amy.

Using a Fashion Show to Assess Students’ Perceptions of Professional Dress
 Plake, Kimberly. and Hagemeier, Nicholas.

Using a Program Logic Model to Guide Continuous Quality Improvement in Pharmacy Undergraduate Education
 Fielding, David. and Wright, Kristin.

Utility of a CommunityZero Website to Enhance Communication During a Clinical Pharmacy Rotation
 Price, Paul., malesker, mark., smith, alice. and Young, W. Wayne.

Utility of a website to improve the clerkship experience and enhance clinical team collaboration.
 Scarpace, Sarah.

Utility of the Foreign Graduate Equivalency Examination to Assess Pharmacy Curricula
 Munger, Mark., Albright, Frederick., Biskupiak, Joseph., Blumenthal, Donald., Cheatham, Thomas. and Creekmore, Freddy.

Utilization of ZDF Rats to Demonstrate Type II Diabetes Mellitis to Students in Pharmacy Laboratories
 Hardej, Diane., Scaramell, Helen., Hussey, Eileen. and Trombetta, Louis.

Utilization of a Modified PRECEDE-PROCEED Model to Develop Christian Pharmacist Servant-Leaders
 Gettman, David., Dugan, B. DeeAnn. and Williams, Heather.

Utilization of a Virtual Patient to Enhance Spiral Instructional Integration Across the Curriculum
 Webster, Andrew., Steil, Condit. and Freeman, Maisha.

Utilizing PDA Technology to Assess Student-Patient Encounters
 Christensen, Keith. and Boyd, Steven.

Utilizing the book “Tuesday with Morrie” to focus on difficult to address outcome abilities.
 Scott, Steven.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2006-Jul-05 to 2006-Jul-12
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