American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2007-Jul-12 to 2007-Jul-18

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A Pharmacy Student Based Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Risk Assessment Service in the Ambulatory Care Setting- Patient and Student Outcomes
 Garrison, Gina., Strang, Aimee., Rivers, Shannon. and Lubowski, Teresa.

A Comparison of Student and Preceptor Assessments of Professionalism and Competencies in P4 Rotations (APPEs)
 Talluto, Beverly. and Delafuente, Jeffrey.

A Comparison of Third Year Pharmacy Students Reading Ability (NDRT) and PCAT Scores”
 Fuller, Steve., Horlen, Cheryl., Cisneros, Robert. and Merz, Tonja.

A Competency-based Approach to Teaching Physical Assessment
 Jones, Mikael., Jones, Mandy., Bird, Eleanora., Romanelli, Frank. and Freeman, Patricia.

A Computer Program for Curriculum Mapping and Assessment.
 Hussein, Gamal.

A Continuous Improvement Undertaking of an Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Pharmacology Course
 Lahoz, Monina., Gardner, Alice. and Bond, Irena.

A Course-Imbedded Strategy for Assessing Written and Oral Communication in First Year (P1) Pharmacy Students
 Grace, Patricia., Slazak, Erin., Fiebelkorn, Karl. and Brody Jr., Peter.

A Descriptive Study of Arkansas Pharmacy Students’ Knowledge of and Attitudes toward Emergency Contraception.
 Hopkins, Denise. and West, Donna.

A Measure of Professionalism among the University of Louisiana
 Adams, Edwin.

A MultiCenter Study of Student Grades and Evaluation Patterns in Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs)
 Kennedy, W.., Duke, Lori., Fetterman, James., Unterwagner, Whitney., Byrd, Debbie., McDuffie, Charles., Miller, Mindi., Sheffield, Melody., Brackett, Patrick., Staton, April. and Rogers, Sandra.

A Pilot Study: Evaluating Student Experiential Learning in the Ambulatory Care Setting.
 Er, Nelson. and Letassy, Nancy.

A Practice-Based Learning Experience to Develop Residents as Clinical Faculty Members
 Zurick, Gina. and Slazak, Erin.

A Roadmap to Success - Continuous Quality Improvement
 Bird, Eleanora., Romanelli, Frank., Lubawy, William. and Roberts, Kenneth.

A Staged Interdisciplinary Curriculum to Optimize Pharmaceutical Care
 McGory, Robb., MacKichan, Janis., Van der Schyf, Cornelis., Penn, Mark. and Allen, David.

A pedagogical approach to learning concepts: The bull's eye in a multi-concentric circle system.
 Dakkuri, Adnan.

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Behavior, attitudes, and perceptions of pharmacy faculty members about post-graduate pharmacy residencies.
 Leiker, Lindsey., Mehta, Bella., Rodis, Jennifer. and Pruchnicki, Maria.

Biophysical measurements, transepidermal water loss, and moisture contents of skins from different snake species.
 Singh, Somnath. and Fajardo, Charlene.

Building a pharmaceutical care practice: a new elective in the pharmacy curriculum
 Westberg, Sarah., Brummel, Amanda. and Strand, Linda.

Building and Increasing A Community of Underrepresented Minority Health Professions Students
 Awe, Clara.

Butler University’s Experience with Pharmacy Communication across the Curriculum
 Salazar, Theresa., Ockerman, Angela., Enz, Stephanie., Ramsey, Darin., Wichman, Ken., Hancock, Bruce. and Andritz, Mary.


CLICKERS!: Assessment of an Audience Response System in the Pharmacy Curriculum.
 Morgan, Laura., Poynor, Wesley. and Peart, Joanne.

Capstone Examination for Measurement of CAPE Educational Outcome Attainment
 Leonard, Sean., Armayor, Graciela., Ward, Ceressa. and Deziel-Evans, Lisa.

Career pathways in pharmacy – a student’s search
 Kissack, Julie. and Fagan, Alexandria.

Changes Over Time in Pharmacy Students’ Ability to Educate on Insulin Injection Technique Using OSCEs
 Jun, Jeany., Chung, Eunice., Scott, James. and Hsu, Donald.

Changes in Critical Thinking and Self-Directed Learning Over An Academic School Year
 Cisneros, Robert.

Chemical models of protein structure in drug design.
 Russu, Wade. and Shallal, Hassan.

Civic Engagement, Service Learning and the U.S. Constitution
 Poirier, Therese.

Closing the Loop: Curricular Mapping Strategies in the Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy
 McDonough, Sharon., Marlowe, Karen., Kelley, Kristi., Jungnickel, Paul., donaldson, amy. and DeRuiter, Jack.

Collaborative Development of a Teaching and Learning Certificate Pilot Program for West Michigan Pharmacy Residents.
 Bernknopf, Allison., Ahmed-Sarwar, Nabila., Seiferlein, Mandy., Staat, Dana., Paul, Natalie., Brodin, Michelle., DeYoung, Jaculin. and Dettloff, Richard.

Colleges of Pharmacy Faculty’s Ranking of the Top Journals in Their Respective Disciplines.
 Khanfar, Nile. and Glover, Mark.

Communication skill development: OSCE assessment of lay and healthcare provider encounters
 Stowe, Cindy., O\'Brien, Catherine., Warmack, T. Scott. and Gardner, Stephanie.

Community Engagement: A Service-Learning Practicum in a Hispanic Underserved Community in Puerto Rico.
 Rivera, Sacha. and Gonzalez, Myriam.

Comparison of Active vs. Traditional Learning Styles for Teaching Basic Electrocardiogram Interpretation to Pharmacy Students
 Barnes, J Nile. and LaGrange, Lila.

Comparison of Individual Students’ and Preceptors’ Global Assessments of Students’ Preparation for Entry Level Practice.
 Ried, L Douglas., McKenzie, Michael., Meldrum, Michael., Motycka, Carol., Mobley, Cary., Rose, Renee. and Sloan, Kenneth.

Comparison of Publication Rates Among Pharmacy Deans
 Thompson, Dennis. and Callen, Erin.

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Decision Making: A model to promote better outcomes for students and their academic programs.
 Umland, Elena., Lawson-Gibson, Lisa. and Cunningham, William.

Designing Effective Websites: Innovation in Project-based Collaborative Learning
 Karatsolis, Andreas. and Swarts, Jason.

Determining Change in Knowledge and Skills about Disease Management Programs in 5th Year Pharm. D Students.
 Pinto, Sharrel. and Lesch, David.

Developing Research and Analytic Skills by combining Drug Information and Literature Evaluation throughout the curriculum
 McCombs, Jeff., Chen, Steve. and Besinque, Kathleen.

Developing a Curricular-Based e-Portfolio: Planning and Implementation
 Stoehr, Gary., Meyer, Susan., Schonder, Kristine., Howrie, Denise., Somma, Melissa. and Hall, Deanne.

Developing a National Preceptor Training Program
 Kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Talluto, Beverly., Astle, Janet., Kieser, Mara., Tyczkowski, Peter., Copeland, Debra., See, Carla. and Besinque, Kathleen.

Developing a Role for a Pharmacy Resident in a Multidisciplinary Obesity Clinic at a Veterans Affairs Hospital
 Tahir, Rabia.

Developing ability-based outcomes and mapping them across the curriculum
 Trujillo, Jennifer., Gonyeau, Michael. and Barr, Judith.

Developing and Exercising a Hospital Preparedness Plan for Pandemic Influenza
 Bratberg, Jeffrey. and Zemrak, Wesley.

Developing and Mapping School Educational Outcomes (EOs) as the Foundation for a Comprehensive Assessment Plan
 Abate, Marie., Schwinghammer, Terrence., Scott, Virginia., See, Carla., Stamatakis, Mary., Stout, Paula. and Szklarz, Grazyna.

Development and Evaluation of a Marketing Plan Project in a Pharmacy Operations Management Course
 Zgarrick, David., Dabbert, Kari. and Hendrickson, Jaime.

Development and Evaluation of an Introductory Enrichment Experience in Teaching for Pharmacy Residents at an Academic Medical Center.
 Pruchnicki, Maria., Tubbs, Crystal. and Bennett, Marialice.

Development and Implementation of a Flowchart for Ointment Base Selection
 Conway, Jeannine. and Brown, Michael.

Development and Implementation of a Required Course on Diversity for Doctorate of Pharmacy Candidates
 Blanchard, Nicholas., Birnie, Christine., Parkhill, Amy., O\'Brocta, Richard. and DeBisschop, Michael.

Development and Implementation of a System for Mapping Revised Curriculum Outcomes to Existing Courses in the Doctor of Pharmacy Program
 Gortney, Justine.

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Early Practice Experience Cases: Three Year Experience and Evaluation as a Teaching Resource
 Steil, Condit. and Webster, Andrew.

Early introduction to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as part of a Therapeutics Course.
 Young, Anita., Copeland, Debra. and DiVall, Margarita.

Effect of an Individualized Learning Program Designed to Enhance Student Performance in a Psychiatric Pharmacotherapy Course.
 Dolder, Christian. and Nuzum, Donnie.

Effects of Interdisciplinary Discussions on Attitudes and Perceptions Among Dental, Social Work and Pharmacy Students.
 Diercks, Jackie., Lam, Annie. and Kiyak, H. Asuman.

Employing Video Technology to Enhance Pharmacy Students’ Patient Counseling Skills.
 Brocavich, Joseph., Etzel, Joseph. and Maidhof, William.

Enhancing Community Pharmacy Practice Through a Novel Intensive Community Care APPE Program
 Settlemyer, Joan., Gabriel, Michael., Ferreri, Stefanie. and Smith, Alissa.

Enhancing professional development through organized, self-directed student programming.
 Liles, Anne Marie., Starr, Jessica. and Kelley, Kristi.

Establishment of a Pharmacy Elective – Medication Errors.
 Petrie, Jennifer.

Evaluating Pharmacy Students’ Preferences for Delivery Methods of Course Evaluations
 Maize, David.

Evaluating Student Perceptions of a Learner-Centered Drug Literature Evaluation Course
 Harpe, Spencer. and Phipps, Lisa.

Evaluating Students’ relevant fundamental Knowledge base, practical Skills and basic Attitudes for Basic Pharmaceutics Course
 Ghilzai, Naushad.

Evaluating the effectiveness of an audience response system in two distinctive professional pharmacy school courses: Pharmacokinetics and Applied Drug Information
 Nkansah, Nancy., Tsourounis, Candy., Kroetz, Deanna., Winter, Michael. and Hoener, Betty.

Evaluation of Activities and Learning Tools in Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
 Smith, Geralynn.

Evaluation of Instuctor Usage and Satisfaction Toward Technology-Based Instructional Resources in Diabetes Education (DM Educate)
 Hall, Deanne., Meyer, Susan., Drab, Scott. and Smith, Randall.

Evaluation of Internet-based Computer-aided-learning for Augmented Training Within Fourth Year Community Clinical Clerkships
 Vanderbush, Ross., Flowers, Schwanda., Hastings, Jan. and West, Donna.

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FOG Readability Levels of Required Materials
 Fuller, Steve., Cisneros, Robert., Horlen, Cheryl. and Merz, Tonja.

Factors Influencing Pharmacy Faculty to Enter Academia
 Coggins, Christie., Fox, Laura. and Fuhrman, L..

Faculty Awards at U.S. Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy
 Kalis, Michelle. and Kirschenbaum, Harold.

Faculty training program development within an inter-institutional video-teleconferenced Doctor of Pharmacy program.
 Robertson, Jennifer., Coker, Huyla., Peck, Susan. and Paliulis, Sarah.

Formation of a Student-Initiated Academia Advanced Practice Experience
 Novell, Marilyn. and Olin, Jacqueline.


Gauging curricular intent against program reality in an eight quarter service-learning experience
 Wilkinson, Julie., Hobson, Eric. and Schweiger, Teresa.

Graded verses Pass/Fail Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences
 Peak, Amy., Oldaker, Sarah. and Whisenant, Lindsay.


Identification of Required Core Activities for Advanced Community Pharmacy Clerkship Training.
 Kuehl, Peggy. and Marken, Patricia.

Identifying predictors of academic success in a doctor of pharmacy degree program.
 Okamoto, Mark., Bounthavong, Mark., Murray, Wallace. and Prabhu, Sunhil.

Impact of Clinical Elective Coursework on Student Pharmacists' Attitudes towards Patient Care Services
 Stack, Nicole., Patel, Nimish. and Dugan, Sara.

Impact of Service-Learning on Perceptions of the Elderly, Disease State Exposure, and Drug Knowledge
 Sidhu, Simran., Barner, Jamie. and Kloesel, Arlyn.

Impact of a Service Learning Experience on Students in a Geriatric Pharmacy Practice Course.
 Slattum, Patricia., Greene, Heather. and Sicat, Brigitte.

Impact of an introductory leadership course on student leadership beliefs and behaviors.
 Leader, W. Greg., Andrews, Laurel., Caldwell, Mary. and Lawrence, Lesa.

Impact of direct-to-consumer-advertising (DTCA) on consumer behavior for seasonal allergy medications.
 Khanfar, Nile. and Clauson, Kevin.

Impact of technology-based case conference workshop on student learning, problem solving skills and satisfaction.
 Pai, Vinita. and Kelley, Katherine.

Impact of the First Professional Year Curriculum on Learning and Lecturing Preferences.
 Zavod, Robin., Zgarrick, David. and Duong, Phuong.

Implementation and Evaluation of a Comprehensive Clinical Skills Practicum in Pharmacy Practice
 Miller, Susan., Ashworth, Laurel. and Stajich, Gregory.

Implementation of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) in healthcare: A Pharmacist’s perspective
 Dasgupta, Anandaroop., Sikri, Samir. and Sansgiry, Sujit.

Implementation of a Capstone Pharmacy Course in a Distance Education Environment.
 Inge, Lisa., Scolaro, Kelly., Rose, Renee., Williams, Jennifer., St. Onge, Erin., Motycka, Carol., Epstein, Benjamin. and Gums, John.

Implementation of a Health Education and Promotion Elective Course for Pharmacy Students via Distance Education.
 Soto-Torres, Brenda. and Ortiz, Blanca.

Implementation of an Abilities-based Competency Examination to Assess Student Preparedness for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.
 Zito, S. William., Smith, Candace., Brocavich, Joseph., Beizer, Judith., Augusto, Laura., Howland, Mary Ann., Barletta, Michael., Cantor, Jerome., Mackey, Martha., Madan, Parshotum. and Rohera, Bhogwan.

Implementation of introductory pharmacy practice experiences in the community setting
 Foster, Karla.

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Kidney Early Evaluation and Prevention (KEEP) Screening Program: Public Health Opportunity for Pharmacy Students
 St. Peter, Wendy., Smith, Danielle., Haight, Susan., Loskinski, Victoria., Sullivan, Sarah. and Stratton, Timothy.

Knowledge Gains and Student Response to an Undergraduate Course on Common Prescription Medications.
 Pittenger, Amy., Bumgardner, Melissa. and Janke, Kristin.


Large Group, Problem-Based Approach to Applying the Pharmaceutical Care Model to a Nonprescription Medication Course
 Ryan, Melody.

Laying the Foundation for a Professional Culture: Utilizing a Two-Week New Student Orientation Program
 Easton, Michelle., Stull, Richard., Robinson, Evan., Bowyer, David., Latif, David. and Welch, Laura.

Lessons Learned Using an Audience Response System in an Integrated Pharmacology, Chemistry, Therapeutics Course
 Schlemmer, Francis., Schneiderhan, Mark., Katz, Norman. and Lu, Matthias.

Lessons Learned from an Analytic Assessment of Milestone Examination Procedures
 McDonough, Sharon., donaldson, amy., Helms, Kristen. and Day, Selena.

Librarian-lead Tutorial for Enhancement of Pharmacy Students Information Searching Skills in Advanced Experiential Rotations
 Lapidus, Mariana., Kostka-Rokosz, Maria. and Dvorkin, Lana.

Longitudinal Care: An Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience at the University of Puerto Rico.
 Almodovar, Edna. and Cruz-Gonzalez, Iadelisse.


Mapping Cultural Competency in the Humanities Curriculum at Albany College of Pharmacy
 Karatsolis, Andreas. and Hickey, Kevin.

Mapping curricular topics to courses in establishing the curriculum for a new school of pharmacy
 Richards, Warren.

Mapping of Pharmacotherapy Outcomes: An Assessment-Based Strategy
 Strang, Aimee., Bruce, Susan., Grabe, Darren. and Dominelli, Angela.

Mapping strategy for a revised Doctor of Pharmacy program curriculum
 Johnson, Thomas., Mort, Jane. and Kaatz, Brian.

Measuring Student Achievement in Pharmaceutical Calculations
 Smith, W. Thomas. and Laurent, Theresa.

MedSense, an Academic Medication Management Program in a Primary Care Group Practice
 Slazak, Erin., Paolini, Nicole., Wrobel, Mark., Monte, Scott., Orlick, Arthur., Ambres, Cynthia. and Morse, Gene.

Medicare Part D and Pharmacy Students: Preparing Future Pharmacists for Medicare Part D Challenges.
 Burns, Kimberly.

Medication Therapy Management Services (MTMS) in West Virginia: A Needs Assessment for Pharmacists and Community Pharmacies
 Blake, Kimberly., Madhavan, S. Suresh. and Scott, Virginia.

Meeting the Goals of Healthy People 2010 Through Community-Campus Partnerships
 Carbonara, Gina., Stamatakis, Mary., Colebank, Kimberly. and See, Carla.

Modifying a Blood Pressure OSCE Station to Reduce Test Anxiety
 Martin, Beth., Kopacek, Karen. and Erskine, Brian.

Motivating Factors Influencing Choice of Major: A Comparative Survey Analysis of Pharmacy Vs. Non-pharmacy Students
 Keshishian, Flora., Brocavich, Joseph., Pal, Somnath. and Boone, R. Thomas.

Multi-level Curricular Mapping at the University of New Mexico
 Dominguez, Karen., Hines, Stefani. and Pieper, John.

Multiple Rubric-Based Assessments of Student Case Presentations in Recitation.
 O\'Brien, Catherine., Franks, Amy., Dickey, Kimberly. and Stowe, Cindy.


Needs Assessment for Pharmacist Education in Pharmacogenomics.
 Pittenger, Amy., Janke, Kristin. and Ejim, Ijeoma.

Nervous system role-playing workshop as part of a human physiology course.
 Fisher, Edward.

New Approaches to Integrating Theory With Hands-On Experience In Bachelor Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Programs.
 Atef, Eman.

New Master’s Degree Curriculum in Applied Natural Products - Attitudes of Current Graduates
 Dvorkin, Lana.


One Region’s Collaborative Approach Towards Improving Preceptor Development
 Tyczkowski, Peter., Hritcko, Philip., Phaneuf, Mary Ann., Basile, R.Ph., Catherine., DeBellis, EdD, RPh, Ronald., DiFrancesco, Paul., Lepage, Jayne., Copeland, Debra., Matthews, Samuel., Ventocilla, Lorelei., Fisher, Kathleen. and Spink, RPh, CDOE, June.

One year and three year postgraduation alumni surveys: an assessment tool in Pharm.D. programs.
 Ramaley, Corinne., Ramsinghani, Sushma., Phillips, Shay., Morris, Andrew., Campbell, Vera., Fisher, Damien., Javier, June., Martin, Tonya., Morris, Susan., Morse, Joanne., Ndemo, Francis. and McLean, Hugh.

Online Delivery of an Immunization Delivery Certificate Program to First-Professional Year Student Pharmacists
 donaldson, amy. and Kleppinger, Erika.

Online Nontraditional Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program Educational Project Rotation: A Unique Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
 Casdorph, Diane.

Oral proficiency criteria used by pharmacy faculty for non -native speaker pharmacy students.
 Jacobson, Susan., Hudd, Timothy. and Parkhurst, Christine.

Outcomes: A Basis for Curricular Revision
 Weber, Stanley.


PA Coalition Preceptor Training Program: Enhancing Preceptors’ Development Skills
 Kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Astle, Janet., Meyer, Susan., Sheaffer, Steven., Becker, Lisa., Graham, Bernard. and Finely, Rebecca.

Participation in Leadership Activities is not different among Students with varying Pre-Pharmacy Years in College
 Renzi, Sara., Brazeau, Daniel., Sauberan, Mark. and Brazeau, Gayle.

Partner for Promotion: Impact on the Development of Direct Patient Care Service Implementation Skills by Students and Community Preceptors.
 Rodis, Jennifer., Casper, Kristin., Legg, Julie. and Cable, Jerry.

Peer Mentoring as a Component of Experiential Education.
 Doherty, Michael. and Wall, Andrea.

Perceived Stress and Health-Related Quality of Life of Doctor of Pharmacy Students: a pilot study
 Marshall, Leisa., Nykamp, Diane. and Allison, Amy.

Perceptions and Incidence of Academic Dishonesty
 Peak, Amy. and Kheiri, Ayesha.

Perceptions of Students, Faculty, and Community Pharmacists regarding Community Advanced Practice Experiences (APE).
 Smith, Connie., Leader, W. Greg. and Andrews, Laurel.

Periodic asynchronous online instruction to enhance long-term cardiovascular drug knowledge
 Crouch, Michael.

Personal Response System and Student Learning.
 Alsharif, Naser., Hoeft, Jackie. and Fuji, Kevin.

Pharmacists’ Drug-Related Information Provision Behaviors and Patient Self-Report of Its Importance
 Shah, Bupendra. and Chewning, Betty.

Pharmacogenomics in Advanced Pharmacy Experiences
 Zdanowicz, Martin., Huston, Sally. and Fetterman, James.

Pharmacotherapy Management Program: Development and Initial Outcomes in a Multi-Specialty Physicians Group
 Paolini, Nicole., Coe, Holly., Snow, Irene., Notaro, John. and Morse, Gene.

Pharmacy Faculty Salary by Rank and Discipline: Examination of Salary Progression and Salary Compression Over Time.
 Murawski, Matthew. and King, Brenden.

Pharmacy Security: A Survey on Pharmacists' Perceptions and Preparedness to Handle Prescription Fraud and Pharmacy Robbery.
 Richey, Carriann. and Lenell, Amy.

Pharmacy Socialization, Self Efficacy and Skills: Measuring Differences based on Cooperative Education as the Intervention
 Yorra, Mark.

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Quality Assurance Program for Pharmacy Practice Experiences using CAPE-Based Capabilities Checklists.
 Lubowski, Teresa. and Cerulli, Jennifer.

Quality Ratings of Social and Administrative Science Journals
 Bunniran, Suvapun., Holmes, Erin., McCaffrey III, David. and Lobb, William.


Readiness for Self-directed Learning and its Association with Traditional Instructional Outcomes
 Huynh, Donna., Haines, Stuart., Sturpe, Deborah., Layson-Wolf, Cherokee., Watson, Kristin. and Plaza, Cecilia.

Redesigned Pharm.D. Curriculum Focusing on Patient Care
 Habib, Muhammad. and Ofosu, Joseph.

Redesigning a Pediatric Pharmacotherapy Elective Course Focusing on Learner Centered Teaching
 Drea, Susan.

Reflect Component of CPD: a Needs Analysis Tool for Future Medication Therapy Management Programming
 Legreid Dopp, Anna., Moulton, Jennifer., Rouse, Michael. and Hanson, Alan.

Regional (SACS) and national (ACPE) accreditation of schools of pharmacy: Can the requirements for reporting programmatic outcomes be met concurrently?
 Anderson, Glenn., Patry, Roland. and Nelson, Arthur.

Regional Collaborations of Offices of Experiential Education for Schools/Colleges of Pharmacy in New England.
 Hritcko, Philip., Phaneuf, Mary Ann., Tyczkowski, Peter., DiFrancesco, Paul., Basile, R.Ph., Catherine., DeBellis, EdD, RPh, Ronald., Lepage, Jayne., Copeland, Debra., Matthews, Samuel., Ventocilla, Lorelei., Fisher, Kathleen. and Spink, RPh, CDOE, June.

Regional Preceptor Perceptions Regarding Experiential Workload and Compensation
 Skrabal, Maryann., Jones, Rhonda., Allen, Rondall., Assemi, Mitra., Boyle, Cynthia., Hritcko, Philip., Kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Nemire, Ruth., O\'Sullivan, Teresa. and Soltis, Denise.

Reliability and Convergent Validity of Summative Assessments in a Pharmacotherapy Course.
 Dominguez, Karen. and Wittstrom, Kristina.

Reverse Testing, A Novel Assessment Tool to Directly Measure Students Learning
 Karimi, Reza., Safaiyan, Fariba., Buhler, Amber. and Lee, Michael.


Sentinel Surveys: A Continuous Formative Online Assessment Tool to Evaluate Students’ Educational Experiences
 Leonard, Sean., Armayor, Graciela., Czerwinska, Jolanta. and Droege, Marcus.

Special Needs Population Interactions: Survey of Student’s Attitudes and Skills
 Coleman, Carmita. and Bellanger, Renee.

Spirituality and the Pharmacy Student
 Brown, Bernadette., Kleppe, Joseph. and Bierman, Susan.

Spirituality in the Curriculum: Impact on Pharmacy Students' Attitudes
 Cryder, Brian., Workman, Gloria., Lee, Michelle., Workman, Don. and Prerost, Frank.

Standardizing Assessment of Student Performance during Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs).
 Jones, Rhonda., Skrabal, Maryann., Augustine, Sam., Elsasser, Gary. and malesker, mark.

Standardizing Learning Activities to Enhance Learning and Administrative Efficiency in Academic Pharmacy Rotations.
 Sorensen, Todd. and Janke, Kristin.

Start , Go Slow: Moving Content Online Leaving Room for Discussion
 Welch, Beth., Grams, Kathy. and Goldman-Levine, Jennifer.

Stepping out of Academia and into a Disaster; Veterinary Pharmacist Role in the Hurricane Katrina Response
 Lust, W. Elaine.

Stimulating Communication and Changing Health Care Culture Through Interprofessional Education
 Tomasa, Lynne., Murphy, John., Theodorou, Andreas. and Coleman, Nancy.

Student Assessment of Hospitalized Patients' Smoking and Immunization Status: An Innovative Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
 Youmans, Sharon., Corelli, Robin., MacDougall, Conan., Sauer, Barbara., Guglielmo, Joe., Winter, Michael. and Koda-Kimble, Mary Anne.

Student Assessment of a Hospice Advanced Practice Experience.
 Sylvester, Robert., Kearney, Wanda., Roberg, Joanna. and Smithson, Karen.

Student Knowledge Acquisition in an Online Pharmacotherapy Course for Health Professional Students
 Bumgardner, Melissa., Pittenger, Amy. and Janke, Kristin.

Student Leadership Institute: Helping to Build Tomorrow's Pharmacy Leaders
 Giometti, Paula. and Fjortoft, Nancy.

Student Peer Mentorship: Addressing Faculty Workloads Now and for the Future
 Thomas, Jeremy., George, Christa., Franks, Andrea., Arreola, Raoul. and Cross, L..

Student Perceptions of Advanced Practice Experience Selection Processes: Computer Versus Manual Systems
 Staggs, Susan., Currie, Jay., Johnson, Sandra., Farris, Karen. and Milavetz, Gary.

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TOPS Survey: Pharmaceutical Skills Laboratory
 Strong, Deborah. and White, Catherine.

Teaching Extemporaneous Compounding Skills in the Context of Patient-Centered Care
 McIntosh, Tera. and Freeman, Patricia.

Teaching P1 students competency in Motivational Interviewing
 Villaume, William., Berger, Bruce. and Kavookjian, Jan.

Teaching Self-Care Recommendation and Dispensing Skills in the Context of Patient-Centered Care
 Mitchell, Trenika., Mabins, Melanie. and Freeman, Patricia.

Teaching of Patient Assessment Skills to Doctor of Pharmacy Students: The TOPAS Study
 Parnapy, Sarah. and Spray, Jeffery.

Ten Year Summary of Curriculum Mapping and Assessment at The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy
 Francisco, George.

The Impact of School and Site Characteristics on Preceptors’ Perceptions of Experiential Loads, Quality and Time Issues, and Compensation.
 Skrabal, Maryann., Jones, Rhonda., Allen, Rondall., Assemi, Mitra., Boyle, Cynthia., Hritcko, Philip., Kahaleh, Abir (Abby)., Nemire, Ruth., O\'Sullivan, Teresa. and Soltis, Denise.

The Impact of Team-Based Learning (TBL) on Student and Course Outcomes Compared to Lecture Methods
 Letassy, Nancy., Medina, Melissa., Stroup, Jeffrey., Fugate, Susan. and Britton, Mark.

The Need for Entrepreneurial Leadership in Pharmacy– A Review of Findings from two surveys.
 Chesnut, Renae., Soltis, Denise. and Pedersen, Lauren.

The Pharmacy Health Fair: a Collaborative Active-Learning Pedagogy.
 Dang, Devra. and Schlesselman, Lauren.

The Urban Service Track Program: Achieving Interprofessional and Public Health Competencies in the Pharmacy Curriculum
 Dang, Devra. and Hubbard, Andrea.

The influence of preceptor and pharmacy student variables on performance assessment.
 Dennis, Vincent., Ray, Nancy., Dupus, Gena., Hughes, Lou Ann. and Hunter, Tracy.

Title: ACPE Standards 2007 and Curricular Revisions: Factors to Consider.
 Bruce, Susan., Schwartz, Audrey. and Dominelli, Angela.

Transforming Student Pharmacist and Nurses’ Tobacco Cessation Education through a Distance Education Course
 Zillich, Alan., Hudmon, Karen. and McDaniel, Anna.

Triage Skills and Mass Casualty Management in the PharmD Curriculum
 White, Catherine., Strong, Deborah., Dallas, Cham. and Rollor, Edward.

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University of Washington Experience: Senior Care Pharmacy Content in the Core and Geriatric Certificate Curriculums
 Lam, Annie., Plein, Joy., Lakey, Susan., Dawson, Karan., Gray, Shelly., Murphy, Nanci. and Odegard, Peggy.

Use of Faux Medical Charts as a Tool to Prepare Students for Clinical Rotations
 Scott, James., McCrory, Michael. and Murray, Wallace.

Use of Modified PRECEDE-PROCEED Model to Define and Measure Achievement of Terminal Performance Outcomes
 Gettman, David.

Use of a Peer-Review Activity in a Pharmaceutical Care Course.
 Haber, Stacy. and Nesemann, Lydia.

Use of a Rubric and Formative Feedback in the Evaluation of Experiential Education Portfolios
 Astle, Janet. and Coast-Senior, Elizabeth.

Use of an Audience Response System in a College of Pharmacy Curriculum
 Engle, Janet. and Schlemmer, Francis.

Using Active Learning to Stimulate Interest in a Health Disparities and Cultural Competency Elective.
 Scott, Doneka.

Using Critical Self-Reflection and Teaching Assistants (P3 Students) to Reinforce Aseptic Technique Learning.
 Keefner, Kenneth. and O\'Brien, Karen.

Using Standardized Patient Assessment to Measure Terminal Performance Outcomes in the Context of Clinical Care
 Ragan, Ronald.

Using Student Portfolios to Assess Self Learning and Independent Learning Ability
 Bleidt, Barry., Robertson, Jr., James., Chavez, Mary., Ratka, Anna., Sethi, Rajat. and Reddy, Indra.

Using a Curriculum Map to Track How the Professional Program Develops Students toward Defined Outcomes
 Freeman, David., Pfau, Jean., Thormahlen, Genine. and Carter, Jean.

Using a Health Education Project to Link Didactic and Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) Learning.
 Krueger, Janelle. and Petrie, Jennifer.

Using a Professional Elective Course to Create Patient Care Opportunities for Community APPE Students and Preceptors.
 Bakus, Jodie.

Using a Systematic Approach to Write a New Curriculum for the Feik School of Pharmacy
 Maize, David., Bellanger, Renee., Coleman, Carmita., Copeland, Jeffrey., Granberry, Mark., Mosley, Anita., Tiller, Wade., Webster, Kathy., Weston, Grady. and Johnson-Fanin, Arcelia.

Using an Electronic Medical Record and Simulated Patients to Develop Critical Thinking and Documentation Skills
 Frenzel, Jeanne. and Halbur, Kimberly.


Videography: A Tool for Evaluating Compounding Skills
 Strong, Deborah.


Welcome to the Real World: Development of a Multi-Station Hands-On Geriatric Dispensing Laboratory
 Begley, Kim., Ryan-Haddad, Ann., Coover, Kelli., Lust, W. Elaine., Augustine, Sam. and O\'Brien, Karen.

What Are Pharmacotherapy Students’ Attitudes About Chronic Pain? Using a Questionnaire to Enhance Teaching Insights.
 Knell, Maureen., Stricker, Steve. and Rasu, Rafia.

Women in Pharmacy Focus Group: An Inside Look at the Challenges They Face
 Winkler, Susan., Stubbings, JoAnn., Patel, Sneh. and Miller, Shannon.
American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy 2007-Jul-12 to 2007-Jul-18
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