American Association for Public Opinion Research 2004-May-11 to 2004-May-12

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'The Art of Associating': First Line Results from the Collegiate Social Network Interaction Project (C-SNIP)
 Klofstad, Casey.

“Strategic Voting in the California Recall”
 Cohen, Jonathan.


A Cautionary Tale: How Listed Samples of Hispanics with “Do Not Call” Telephone Numbers Removed Can Bias Survey Results
 Quarles, Rebecca. and Needham, Tracy.

A Closer Look at Interviewer Selection and Training - Are We Asking Too Much of Our Bilingual Interviewers?
 Sha, Man-chi Mandy.

A Comparison of Lab-Based and On-Site Usability Testing
 Dean, Elizabeth.

A Comparison of Open vs. Closed Survey Questions for Valuing Environmental Goods
 Shaeffer, Eric., Lampron, Stephanie., Krosnick, Jon., Tompson, Trevor., Visser, Penny. and Hanemann, W. Michael.

A Comparison of Optimal Mark Read (OMR) Technology and Traditional Self-Administered Surveys
 Abbott, Christina., Yost, Berwood. and Harding, Jennifer.

A Cross-National Comparison of Social Trust in European New Member and Applicant Countries
 Schurman, Margo., Chatt, Cindy. and Hoessel, Ainura.

A Forecast of the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election
 Norpoth, Helmut.

A Knowledgeable Approach to the Death Penalty: Factors Influencing Public Opinion
 Peltier, Jacqueline. and Mendelsohn, David.

A Mediational Model Showing the Relationship between some Organizational Characteristics as Perceived by Employees' following Reorganization.
 Thomas, Terrence., Clearfield, Frank., Gray, Benny. and Ofori-Boadu, Victor.

A Pre- and Post-Test Experiment Investigating the Effectiveness of Voice Training for Telephone Interviewers
 O\'Hare, Barbara. and Downey-Sargent, Kathryn.

A Promise or a Partial Payment: The Successful Use of Incentives in an RDD Survey
 Rodkin, Sergei., Olson, Lorayn., Frankel, Martin., Blumberg, Stephen., O\'Connor, Kathleen. and Kogan, Michael.

A Prospective Measure of Survey Result Credibility
 Ehrlich, Nat.

A Rational Silence: the silencing influence of trust on public opinion expression
 McCoy Roth, Marci.

A Review of Methods to Estimate the Status of Cases with Unknown Eligibility
 Smith, Tom.

A Survey of South Africa Ten Years into the New Democracy
 Hamel, Elizabeth., Brodie, Mollyann. and Morin, Richard.

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Ballot Design and Unrecorded Votes in the 2002 Midterm Election
 Kropf, Martha. and Kimball, David.

Behavior Coding across Multiple Languages: The 2003 California Health Interview Survey as a Case Study
 Edwards, Sherm., Zahnd, Elaine., Willis, Gordon., Grant, David., Lordi, Nicole. and Fry, Stephanie.

Benefits and Burdens of Web-based Data Collection among College Students
 Mitra, Ananda., DuRant, Robert., Wolfson, Mark., Martin, Barbara., Champion, Heather., O\'Brien, Mary., Omli, Morrow. and Williams, Andrea.

Brown v. Board of Education: 50 Years of Progress in Racial Attitudes?
 Lambries, Dennis. and Oldendick, Robert.

Building a Relationship with the Respondent: Experiments on the Timing of Incentives
 O\'Hare, Barb.


 Krotki, Karol.

CAPI, Interrupted: Interviewer Use of CAPI Navigation Features
 Dulaney, Richard. and Tourangeau, Karen.

CASI Supplemental Survey Non-Response
 kim, jibum., Smith, Tom., kim, seokho., kang, jeong-han. and berktold, jeniffer.

CATI Event History Calendar and Question-List Methods: Accuracy of Life Course Retrospective Reports
 Agrawal, Sangeeta., Andreski, Patricia. and Belli, Robert.

Call efforts and subject matter estimates: the experience with a nutrition related RDD survey
 Lin, Jordan.

Can We Be Satisfied With Lower Participation Rates?
 kelly, judith., kaufman, david., rosenberg, lynn. and mitchell, allen.

Can You Send Me Something? Using SAQs to improve CATI response rates
 Egel, John.

Captive Audience: Interviewing inmates in and out of prison in Illinois
 Seldess, Thais. and Schoua-Glusberg, Alisu.

Cell Phones and RDD Coverage of the Low Income Population
 Hall, John., Touzani, Mourad. and Zheng, Yuhong.

Challenges and Successes: Surveying Court Users Immediately After a Court Hearing
 Nunez, Amy. and Neustrom, Alison.

Changes in Attitudes Toward Public Opinion Research Over time and By Geography
 Son, Juyeon.

Characteristics of Wave Nonrespondents in the Israeli Labor Force Survey
 Wissoker, Douglas. and Nirel, Ronit.

Choosing Alone? The Role of Social Networks in Modern Political Choice
 Levine, Jeffrey.

Coding Analysis of Cognitive Interviews: Benefits and Drawbacks
 Miller, Kristen., Willis, Gordon., Moses, Lisa. and Canfield, Beth.

Cognitive Interviewing and the Use of Visual Design Principles: A Case Study
 Stettler, Kristin. and Nguyen, Trang.

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DO NOT CALL: Alternatives for Contacting Wireless Subscribers for Mobile Phone Surveys
 Buskirk, Trent., Callegaro, Mario. and Steeh, Charlotte.

Data Collection Procedures for Racial Profiling Analyses: Best Practices
 Solop, Frederic.

Data collection via CATI/CATI-Cell: five years later
 Tucker, Karen.

Developing a Model of Newspaper Credibility, Circulation, Community Affiliation and Demographics
 West, Mark. and Diefenbach, Donald.

Development of Culturally-Sensitive Survey Methods: Measurement of Well-Being and Life Satisfaction in the Kingdom of Tonga
 Moore, Sean., Young Leslie, Heather. and Lavis, Carrie.

Differences between prospective and retrospective support for the war with Iraq: How to transform a minority-supported policy into a majority-supported policy
 Todorov, Alexander. and Mandisodza, Anesu.

Differences in an RDD and List Sample: An Experimental Comparison
 Lambries, Dennis. and Oldendick, Robert.

Discovering Rare Urban Populations for Community Health Surveys: Area Probability vs. GIS-based Telephone Sampling Approaches
 English, Edward. and Murphy, Whitney.

Discrepancies in Race/Ethnicity Between Survey Self-Report and Medicaid Enrollees' Administrative Data
 Porter, Colleen., Duncan, R. Paul. and Hu, Hsou-mei.

Do Imagemakers Need A Makover? Public Attitudes Towards Political Consultants
 Panagopoulos, Costas. and Thurber, Jim.

Does the Web Doom Traditional Call Centers?
 Olsen, Randall.

Doing more with less data: revisiting religion and voting through the parsimonious view of a private pollster
 Fallon, Paul.

Dropout on the Web: Influence of changes in respondents' interest and perceived burden during the Web survey
 Galesic, Mirta.


Editing Strategies for Electronic Establishment Survey Data Collection: Research and Experience
 Anderson, Amy., Murphy, Elizabeth., Nichols, Elizabeth., Sigman, Richard. and Willimack, Diane.

Effect of Incentives on Survey Response and Survey Quality: A Designed Experiment Within the HINTS I RDD Sample
 Rizzo, Louis., Park, Inho., Hesse, Bradford. and Willis, Gordon.

Effects of Gridout Procedures on Response Rates and Data Quality
 Eckman, Stephanie., O\'Muircheartaigh, Colm. and Haggerty, Catherine.

Effects of Immediate versus Delayed Notification of Prize Draw Results and Announced Survey Duration on Response Behavior in Web Surveys - An Experiment
 Tuten, Tracy., Bosnjak, Michael. and Galesic, Mirta.

Effects of Mode of Interview, and moderating variables on Erectile and Ejaculatory Function Measures.
 Catania, Joseph A.., Rosen, Raymond., Jacobs, Sharon., sallis, josephine. and Shpilsky, Arkady.

Effects of Nonresponse on Telephone Survey Estimates
 Johnson, Timothy. and Cho, Young.

Effects of Racial/Ethnic Classification of Respondents in Two Federal Surveys
 Selfa, Lance. and Welch Jr., Vincent.

Effects of Survey Sponsorship on Respondents’ Reporting of their Racial Attitudes
 Stocké, Volker.

Encouraging Reflection and Participation Around Racial Tolerance: A Quasi-Experiment of Media Consumption and Citizen Deliberation
 Shah, Dhavan., Rojas, Hernando., Cho, Jaeho., Keum, Heejo., Schmierbach, Michael., Gil de Zuniga, Homero. and Yoon, So-Hyang.

Enhancing Data Collection from "Other Language" Households
 Murray, Mary Cay., Battaglia, Michael. and Cardoni, Jessica.

Estimating Cocaine Use Using the Item Count Methodology: Preliminary Results from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health
 Biemer, Paul. and Wright, Douglas.

Evaluating An Ad Campaign to Raise A Survey Organization's Name Recognition
 Melgar, Ana., Lavrakas, Paul. and Tompson, Trevor.

Evangelical Christians and the Politics of Skepticism
 Farkas, Steve.

Everyday Concepts and Classification Errors: Judgments of Disability and Residence
 Tourangeau, Roger. and Conrad, Frederick.

Evolving Public Attitudes to Military Conflict Over Time: The Wisconsin Public Looks at War in Iraq
 Ferree, Jr., G.

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Factors Affecting Response Rates to the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Study Survey for Commercial and Medicaid Adult Beneficiaries
 Chang, Moh Yin.

Factual Knowledge of Science among the American Public: Using Item Response Theory for Scale Reduction
 Bann, Carla., Schwerin, Michael. and Suerken, Cynthia.

Fast Time and Simple Questions: The Effects of Age, Experience and Question Complexity on Web Survey Response Time
 Yan, Ting. and Tourangeau, Roger.

Field Vs. Phone: A Comparison of Response Rates
 Burkom, Diane.

Finding (and Listing) The Unlisted: A Strategy For Achieving A Listed Sample’s Cost Savings Without Sacrificing Coverage
 Frankovic, PhD., Kathleen. and Salvanto, Anthony.

First contacts by phone or in person? Some evidence from the German General Social Survey (ALLBUS) 2000
 Michael, Blohm. and Achim, Koch.

Framing Power as Virtue
 Rojecki, Andrew.


Gaining Respondent Cooperation in College Web-based Alcohol Surveys: Findings from Experiments at Two Universities
 Crawford, Scott., McCabe, Sean., Saltz, Bob., Boyd, Carol., Freisthler, Bridget. and Paschall, Mallie.

Gauging Opinion Quality: An application of the Yankelovich Mushiness Index
 Maguire, Marti.

Gay Civil Rights v. Religious Privileges: Bible Belt Religion and Politics Before and After Important Legal and Religious Decisions
 Wyatt, Robert., Fan, David. and Blake, Kenneth.

Getting Them to Stay on the Phone: Large-scale Experiment of Combining Incentive with a Pre-contact Letter
 Shuttles, Charles., Lavrakas, Paul. and Lai, Jennie.

Getting Worse with Age? Congressional Job Approval 1974-2003
 Jones, Jeffrey.

Getting their attention: The effect of prenotification letters on physician response rates
 Essex, Dana., Welsch, Scott., Fletcher, Laura. and Crew, Donovan.

Global Gender Gaps: Male and Female Perceptions of the World
 Speulda, Nicole., Gross, Elizabeth. and McIntosh, Mary.


Hispanics: Who Are We Missing When We Don't Interview in Spanish?
 Dutton, Sarah.

House Effects in a Household Transportation Telephone Survey
 Russell, J. Neil. and Bose, Jonaki.

Household Types and Relationships in Six Race/Ethnic Groups: Conceptual and Methodological Issues for Censuses and Surveys
 Schwede, Laurie.

How Accurate Are Proxy Reports: Results of a Verification Study
 Becker, Chris., Rodkin, Sergei., O\'Connor, Kathleen. and Moorman, Jeanne.

How Many are Too Many?: Number of Response Categories and Validity
 Thomas, Randall., Uldall, Brian. and Krosnick, Jon.

How Too Little Can Give You Too Much: Determining the Number of Household Phone Lines in RDD Surveys
 Merkle, Daniel. and Langer, Gary.

How Visual Grouping Influences Answers To Internet Surveys
 Dillman, Don., Christian, Leah. and Stern, Michael.

How are we doing? A short survey of consumer health plan ratings
 Essex, Dana., Welsch, Scott., Fletcher, Laura. and Crew, Donovan.

How is the Propensity to Respond for Different Data Collection Modes Affected by a Mailing Package and Mandatory/Voluntary Status?
 Raglin, David.

How the “Do Not Call” List Might Affect Survey Research
 Quarles, Rebecca., Needham, Tracy. and Schnurr, Robert.


Identity and Latinos: Quien Somos? Results From the Pew Hispanic Center/Kaiser Family Foundation National Survey of Latinos 2002
 Benavides, Dulce.

Impact of Calling Strategy on Representativeness and Effort in RDD Surveys
 Ferree, Jr., G.

Impact of Questionnaire Format in Self-administered Interviews: the Experience of Canada’s Census
 Roy, Laurent., Monette, Manon. and Howatson-Leo, Linda.

Implications of Televised Political Conflict for Informed Public Opinion
 Mutz, Diana.

Improving Cooperation of Asian Households Through Cultural Sensitivity Training for Field Interviewers
 Lai, Jennie. and Shuttles, Charles.

Improving Person-Item Fit: Cognitive Testing Questions about Assistive Technology and the Home Environment with Older Adults
 Wilson, Barbara., Altman, Barbara., Whitaker, Karen., Freedman, Vicki., Cornman, Jennifer. and Agree, Emily.

In the long run: lessons from a panel survey respondent incentive experiment
 Jackle, Annette., Lynnn, Peter. and Noble, Iain.

Incentives: do they affect response rates in a mail survey of paramedics?
 Lyden, Jennifer., Ratcliffe, Jennifer., Baden, Sara., Leiss, Jack. and Orelien, Jean.

Individual and Environmental Factors Affecting Unit Nonresponse and Drop-Out Rates in Web Surveys
 Basson, Danna. and Boulianne, Shelley.

Interview Mode Effects in NLSY97 Round 4 and Round 5
 Wang, Yongyi. and Krishnamurty, Parvati.

Interviewers’ feedback on NHANES outreach strategies and materials
 Chong, Yinong., Montalvan, Pat. and Porter, Kathryn.

Interviews of Leaseholders in Chicago's Housing Authority: A Comparison of Interviewer Observation Data and Questionnnaire Data.
 Haggerty, Catherine. and O\'Muircheartaigh, Colm.

Inverse regression and linear clustering: New analytic methodologies applied to a newspaper poll
 Fan, David., Daves, Robert. and Cook, R.

Is Politics a Good Thing? Increasing Political Appreciation among High School Students
 Guterbock, Thomas., Hubbard, Ryan. and Stroupe, Kenneth.

Is Target Selection by Last Birthday 'Random Enough'? A Split Ballot Test
 Grandjean, Burke., Leighty, Martha. and Taylor, Patricia.

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Key Predictors of College Student Satisfaction and Future Implications for Student Retention
 Sun, xiaogeng., Liu, Xiongyi. and Lacost, Barbara.

Knowing It by Heart: Americans Consider the Constitution and its Meaning
 Duffett, Ann.


Latent Class Models for Studying Mode Effects in Mixed Mode Surveys
 McCutcheon, Allan.

Long-Term Trends in Political Party Identification
 Morris, David. and Langer, Gary.

Longitudinal Studies and Respondent Locating and Tracking: The effectiveness of credit bureau information and inter-wave tracking mailings on survey completion rates of program participants
 Robbins, Todd., Gill, Nicole., Cartwright-Chunga, Carin., Abe, Katherine., Howard, Paul. and Paxman, Erik.

Looking at Item Non-response in Vietnamese, Spanish, and English Interviews
 Carr, Christine., Sokolowski, John., Haggerty, Catherine. and English, Edward.


Making Questionnaires Shorter: The Use of “Tailored Inapplicable” Response Options
 Levine, Roger. and Allen, Jill.

Managing Survey Translation: Methodology for Researchers who are not Multi-Lingual
 Sha, Man-chi Mandy.

Measures of Personality Type and Interviewer Performance: Tools for Interviewer Training
 Abbott, Christina., Yost, Berwood. and Harding, Jennifer.

Measuring Volunteer Behaviors: How Different Questions Yield Different Results
 Kutner, Gail.

Media Consumption and the Fear of Crime and Terrorism: The Cultivation of Personal and Societal Risk
 Diefenbach, Donald. and West, Mark.

Media as a Third Force in the Public Opinion-Policy Nexus
 Carriere, Erin.

Medicaid and Medicare Reporting in Surveys: An Experiment on Order Effects and Program Definitions
 Pascale, Joanne.

Methodological Challenges in Polling a Vote-By-Mail Election
 Bloom, Joel.

Methodological Issues in California's Recall Election
 Baldassare, Mark.

Misperceptions of public opinion on foreign policy and their consequences for support of specific policy decisions
 Todorov, Alexander. and Mandisodza, Anesu.

Mobile Phones As a Threat to The Survey Industry: An Example from Europe – The Case of Slovenia
 vehovar, vasja., Lozar Manfreda, Katja. and Dolnicar, Vesna.

Mode Effects on Item Nonresponse: Gallup-European Social Survey Mixed Mode Experiment
 Yu, Mandi., Chang, Moh Yin., He, Ping., Smathers, Linda. and McCutcheon, Allan.

Mode-Effects in Pre-Recruited Panels of Full Population?
 Bandilla, Wolfgang., Bosnjak, Michael., Altdorfer, Patrick. and Lohmann, Henning.

Modeling Survey Respondents' Speech to Improve Speech Survey Interfaces
 Ehlen, Patrick., Conrad, Frederick. and Schober, Michael.


Need for Cognition, Need to Evaluate, and Change in Vote Choice
 Fournier, Patrick., Lyle, Greg., Cutler, Fred. and Soroka, Stuart.

Non-Response to Private and Sensitive Survey Questions
 Montenegro, Xenia.

Nonresponse Bias in a Travel Survey of Nontelephone Households
 Bose, Jonaki., Russell, J. Neil. and Giesbrecht, Lee.

Nonresponse and the 2000 Election Cycle: Topic Salience and Efforts to Increase Response
 Jomini, Talia. and Kenski, Kate.

Nonverbal cues of respondents' need for clarification in survey interviews
 Conrad, Frederick., Schober, Michael. and Dijkstra, Wil.


On the Convergent Validity of Attitude Measurement in Phone and Online Surveys.
 Thomas, Randall., Krane, David. and Taylor, Humphrey.

On the Frontiers of Survey Research: Methodological Issues Involved in Opinion Polling in Afghanistan
 Jodice, David.

On the Primacy of Affect in Attitude-Behavior Research
 Thomas, Randall. and Schofield, Coleen.

Overnight or All Weekend? Comparing Two Online Omnibus Panel Surveys
 Bauman, Sandra.


Panel Attrition and its Effects on Results from a Longitudinal Study: An Examination of Changes in Participants and Attitudes in a Web-based Panel Survey of HIV and AIDS Stigma Attitudes
 Baxter, Rodney. and Dean, Elizabeth.

Panel Conditioning and Scale Reliability: Evidence from the British Household Panel Study
 Sturgis, Patrick. and Allum, Nick.

Parsing the Numbers: Turnout and the Republican Majority in Congress
 Saad, Lydia.

Participation in Panel Follow-up Waves: Who Participated and Who Didn't in Years Two and Three of a World Trade Center Panel Survey in Metro NYC
 Bucuvalas, Michael., Morgan, Mark. and Galea, Sandro.

Perceived and preferred social inequality in 25 countries
 Smith, Tom.

Polls in Election 2000: Public attitudes, perceived impact, and support for restricting election-night projections.
 Price, Vincent. and Jomini, Talia.

Predicting Respondents’ Likelihood to Cooperate
 Burks, AnhThu., Bennett, Mildred. and Lavrakas, Paul.

Presidential Approval Ratings in Perspective
 Hugick, Larry., Best, Jonathan. and Diangelo, Stacy.

Pricing the Packers: The Use of Public Opinion Research in Measuring the Value of Professional Sports Franchises to a Community
 Borick, Christopher., Quinn, Kevin. and Bursik, Paul.

Priming Thoroughness in Survey Responding
 Rasinski, Kenneth. and Dew, Jr., Dennis.

Principles, Prejudice, and Racial Policy Preferences
 Feldman, Stanley. and Huddy, Leonie.

Probability of Selection Weights: Telephone line Ownership versus Usage Patterns
 Burrington, Alisha., Barnes, Christopher., Harrison, Chase. and Brackett, April.

Propensiy Score Adjustment as An Alternative Weighting Scheme for Web Survey Data
 Lee, Sunghee.

Public Attitudes About Political Participation on the Internet: Do People Perceive Political Activities Performed Online and Offline to be Equally Effective?
 Best, Samuel. and Harrison, Chase.

Public Opinion Change In the Aftermath of 9/11.
 Shook, Natalie., Thomas, Randall. and Krosnick, Jon.

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Q-BANK: Development of a Cognitively-Tested Question Database
 Miller, Kristen., Canfield, Beth. and Moses, Lisa.

Quality at what cost – Evaluating CATI Quality Improvement Measures in a Large National Longitudinal Survey
 grigorian, karen., Seelig, Surella. and Herrmann, Angela.


RDD versus A Listed Voter Sample: An Experiment
 Zukin, Cliff., Suls, Rob. and Turakhia, Chintan.

Race-of-Interviewer Effects: What Happens on the Web?
 Krysan, Maria. and Couper, Mick.

Rally around the Flag: 9/11 and the Gulf War
 Lamatsch, Thomas.

Randomization of an urban elementary school population for testing a classroom-based intervention program
 Kellam, Sheppard., Poduska, Jeanne., Brown, Hendricks., Windham, Amy. and Gerver, Miriam.

Rating versus Comparative Trade-off Measures
 Thomas, Randall., Behnke, Susan. and Johnson, Alyssa.

Refusal Conversion: Monitoring the Trends
 Retzer, Karen., Schipani, Daivd. and Cho, Young.

Refusal and Refusal Conversion in Telephone Survey Research: What Makes a Successful Conversion?
 Xie, Dong. and Fuse, Kana.

Reliability of Attitudes on Smoking in Public Places: Analyses from the 1993 Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population Survey
 Olson, Kristen., Willis, Gordon. and Hartman, Anne.

Respect Thy Respondent Part II: Good Manners for Web surveys
 Featherston, Fran.

Respondent Incentives for Low-Income Populations: An Experiment with Point-of-Sale (POS) Cards
 Stapulonis, Rita., Marsh, Shawn. and Markesich, Jason.

Respondent Incentives: Do They Affect Your Data? Data Comparability in an RDD Survey
 Sokolowski, John., Carr, Christine., Eckman, Stephanie., Haggerty, Catherine. and Sagar, Ajay.

Respondents’ Past Experience with Interviews, their Generalized Attitudes Towards Surveys and the Probability of Non-Response in Subsequent Surveys
 Stocké, Volker.

Responding to the National Do Not Call Registry: Evaluation of Call Attempt Protocol Changes in the BRFSS
 Link, Michael. and Mokdad, Ali.

Response Effects of Survey Mode Controlled for Nonresponse Errors
 Paxson, M. and Tarnai, John.

Risk Benefit Analysis of Institutional Review Boards for Surveys
 Bucuvalas, Michael., Boyle, John. and Schulman, Mark.


Sampling for Inner-City Face-to Face Surveys
 Eckman, Stephanie., O\'Muircheartaigh, Colm. and English, Edward.

Scaling Perceptions of Political Bias Among Broadcast News Outlets
 Bodle, John V.., Wyatt, Robert., Blake, Ken., Marcellus, Jane. and Panol, Zeny.

Science Literacy as a Predictor of Sound Civic Judgment
 Besley, John.

Scrutinizing a questionnaire development; using a survey of seismic design education in the U.S.
 Son, Juyeon.

Self identification as liberal or conservative as a function of occupation
 Ehrlich, Nat.

Self-Reported Health Status and Mode of Survey Administration: Why are Telephone Mode Respondents Healthier than Mail Mode
 Rockwood, Todd. and Virnig, Karen.

Sexuality at Age 40 and Beyond: A Look at Singles Ages 40-69
 Fisher, Linda. and Needham, Tracy.

Short-Term Prospects for Continued Survey Participation for Tenuously-Attached Household Members
 Chan, Anna.

Some New Directions for the Respondent-Generated Intervals Protocol
 Chu, LiPing., Press, S. James. and Tanur, Judith.

Sponsorship and Selling: Telephone Interview Greetings and Respondent Cooperation at First Contact
 Dew, Jr., Dennis., Graber, Jessica., Goble, Lisbeth., Liu, Kaiya., Parsons, Anne. and Yager, Natalie.

Standing at the Crossroads of Identity and Identification: Latinos and Political Party Affiliation
 Dutwin, David., Brodie, Mollyann., Herrmann, Melissa. and Levin, Rebecca.

Still Here: The Persistence of Racism in Public Opinion, Voting, and Public Policy in the United States
 Bloom, Joel.

Survey Letters: A Respondent’s Perspective
 Landreth, Ashley.

Survey Mode Preferences of Business Respondents
 Tarnai, John. and Paxson, M.

Survey Response Behavior
 VanBeselaere, Carla.

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Talking Politics: Exploring the Link between Integrative Communication and Political Knowledge
 Williams, Ann.

Talking about elections: A study of patterns in citizen deliberation online.
 Price, Vincent. and David, Clarissa.

Telephone Service in U.S. Households in 2004
 Brick, J.., Tucker, Clyde. and Meekins, Brian.

Temporal Patterns of Survey Response Rates and Reporting Rates in the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Interview and Other Panel Surveys
 Cho, Moon., Eltinge, John. and Steinberg, Barry.

Ten Years After Amendment Two: Colorado Voter Attitudes on Gay Rights 1992-2002
 Ciruli, Floyd.

Testing a New Response Mode for an Establishment Survey: Reporting Response Rates in a Pilot Study of Touchtone Response
 Goldenberg, Karen.

Testing the Homogeneity Assumption of Public Opinion
 Gordon, Craig.

The Antecedents of Online Political Activities: How news media use and political orientations promote civic engagement
 Kim, Eunkyung. and Han, Jeong Yeob.

The Behaviour of Mail Survey Non-respondents
 Gendall, Philip., Finn, Anna. and Hoek, Janet.

The Causal Relationship between Perceived Agreement and Candidate Choice 2000: Panel and Time Series Analyses
 Kenski, Kate. and Young, Dannagal Goldthwaite.

The Core Of Nonvoters In A Third Party Election
 Strother, Joseph.

The Costs And Benefits Of Improving Response Rates In the CAHPS Medicare Fee For Service Survey
 Campbell, Larry. and Dimitropoulos, Linda.

The Effect of Cover Letter Appeals and Visual Design on Response Rates in a Government Mail Survey
 Redline, Cleo., Oliver, Julia. and Fecso, Ron.

The Effect of Mode on Response Rates and Data Quality in a Survey of Physicians
 Losch, Mary., Thompson, Nancy. and Lutz, Gene.

The Effect of a Prepaid Monetary Incentive Among Low Income and Minority Populations
 Beebe, Timothy., Davern, Michael., Rockwood, Todd., McAlpine, Donna. and Call, kathleen.

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Using Blaise Audit Trails with the National Health Interview Survey: An Initial Assessment
 Dahlhamer, James.

Using Interviewer Observations as Predictors of Contactability in Face to Face Surveys - A Cross-Country Comparison
 Ziniel, Sonja.

Using Multivariate Models to Examine Survey Results: Identifying Influences on Spousal Support for Reenlistment
 Harris, Rorie. and Newell, Carol.

Using Response Propensity Models to Guide Survey Administration
 Groves, Robert.

Using a Dual-Frame Sample Design to Increase the Efficiency of Reaching Population Subgroups in a Telephone Survey
 Currivan, Douglas. and Roe, David.

Using an Experiment to Design an RDD Survey
 Brick, J.., Hagedorn, Mary., Montaquila, Jill., Roth, Shelley. and Chapman, Chris.

Using progress indicators in web surveys
 Heerwegh, Dirk.


Validating Health Insurance Coverage Self-Reports: A Comparison Between Self-Reported Coverage and Administrative Data Records
 Davern, Michael., Call, kathleen., Beebe, Timothy., Bland, Patricia., Ziegenfuss, Jeanette. and Blewett, Lynn.

Validating survey data: experiences using employer records and governmental benefit data in the UK
 Jackle, Annette., Jenkins, Stephen., Lynnn, Peter. and Sala, Emanuela.

Validation of Socially Desirable Health Behaviors: Implications for Case-Control and Other Health Surveys
 O\'Rourke, Diane., Burris, Jane., Johnson, Timothy. and Warnecke, Richard.

Videomalaise or Virtuous Circle? Empirically Assessing the Media’s Contribution to the Quality of Democratic Life
 Dobrzynska, Agnieszka. and Bélanger, Eric.

Vote Over-Reporting: A Test of the Social Desirability Hypothesis
 Holbrook, Allyson. and Krosnick, Jon.

Votewatch: Examining Voting Problems Using a Mixed Method Approach
 Vicinanza, Nicole., Hertzberg, Steven. and Gabbard, Susan.


Web Survey Design: Paging vs. Scrolling
 Peytchev, Andy., Couper, Mick., McCabe, Sean. and Crawford, Scott.

Web of Intrigue? Evaluating Effects on Response Rates of between Web SAQ, CATI, and Mail SAQ Options in a National Panel Survey
 grigorian, karen., Hoffer, Thomas. and Sederstrom, Scott.

Web-based surveys in market and social research – Usage and needs of different user groups in the EU
 Kaczmirek, Lars., Bosnjak, Michael., Bandilla, Wolfgang. and Auer, Tina.

What Policy-related Issues Will Matter in the 2004 Presidential Race? A Pre-convention Assessment
 Shanks, Merrill. and Strand, Douglas.

What happens when you give your respondent an implicit option to decline your customer/client Internet survey?
 Abi-Habib, Natalie., Triplett, Timothy. and Safir, Adam.

What is the Best Method to Contact a Professional Population?
 Adams, Claire-Louise. and Schneiderman, Mindy.

What the POQ contributed to media effects research: A study of the POQ, 1980-1999
 Zhou, Baohua.

Which Survey Language Do You Prefer? A Study of Survey Language effect on Response Behavior
 Lee, Sunghee. and Yan, Ting.

Will Respondents Say Yes for $5?
 Cralley, Marla. and Frederick, Christina.

Written Versus Oral Consent In Telephone Surveys On Sensitive Subjects: Meaning And Consequence
 Boyle, John. and Vanderwolf, Patricia.
American Association for Public Opinion Research 2004-May-11 to 2004-May-12
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