Association for Asian Studies - Annual Conference 2015-Mar-26 to 2015-Mar-30

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"Ali Our Ancestor": Cham Sayyids Going (Back) to Shia from Cambodia to Iran
 Stock, Emiko.

"Barbarian Invasion"?: The Case of Later Zhao (319-351) As a Multicultural Dynasty
 Holcombe, Charles.

"The Children Who Know No War:" The Violence Of Peace in Postwar Japan
 Schieder, Chelsea.

"They Made It into a Picnic Place": Himalayan Pilgrimage in the 21st Century
 Whitmore, Luke.

(In)Visibility and Urban Becoming: Abe Kōbō, Anonymity, and Violence in the Cold War Urbanization of Japan
 Prichard, Franz.

3.11 Literature Reimagines Nuclear Disaster
 DiNitto, Rachel.

'Big Democracy' vs. 'Democratic Management': The Cultural Revolution and Workers Participation in China
 Andreas, Joel.

'Catching the Region’s Soul': Jhaverchand Meghani’s Travels in Kathiawar/Saurashtra
 Kapadia, Aparna.

'Inborn Heroic Strength': Female Warriors, Yinyang, and Cultural Fantasy in the Romance of the Yang Family Generals
 Wang, Yuanfei.

'Prominent Lineages in Xin’an' and the Emerging Mercantile Lineage Culture in Ming Huizhou
 Guo, Qitao.

Ōe after 3.11
 Long, Margherita.

‘Arrested Civilization’: John Thomson and His Travel Photography, 1873-1874
 Tseng, Li-Lin.

‘Foreign’ and ‘Domestic’ Religions in the Yuan Dynasty
 Atwood, Christopher.

‘No Cause Better Calculated to Secure India’s National Regeneration’: Bombay Political Reformers and the Princely States of Gujarat and Kathiawar, 1870-1900
 Patel, Dinyar.

‘Smile for Socialism!’: Socialist Products and Provisioning in the Great Leap Forward
 Gerth, Karl.

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A Big Yard
 Zhu, Tao.

A Brazilian Art Critic in 1950s Japan
 Erber, Pedro.

A Chinese General at the “Mother Goose Dinners”: Learned Societies and Late Qing Cultural Diplomacy in France
 Ren, Ke.

A Chinese Perspective on Dealing with North Korean Provocations
 Cheng, Xiaohe.

A Classic Fervor’s Commentaries: Lin Shu’s Interpretations on Han Yu’s Stele Inscription
 Yang, Suh-jen.

A Constant State of Conflict: Rivers and Borders in South Asia
 Thomas, Kimberley.

A Construction of the Supernatural: Time and Space in Dreams in Pu Songling’s "Liaozhai zhiyi"
 Lucas, Aude.

A Contest of Maidenflowers: Waka, Women and Politics in Early Poetry Matches
 Heldt, Gustav.

A Critical History of ‘Mediation’ in Qing China
 Dykstra, Maura.

A Draft Version of Sacred History: The Kiyomizu-dera Kana Engi
 Carr, Kevin.

A Family of Filial Exemplars: The Baos of Luzhou of the Northern Song (960-1125)
 Zhang, Cong.

A Forgotten City, An Uncompromising Resistance: The Development and Meaning of Education and Culture in Kaohsiung Taiwan, 1895-Present
 Chuang, Yi-Wen.

A Historical Review of the Discourse of fangyan in Twentieth-Century China
 Liu, Jin.

A Last Hurrah for the United Front: Pastoral Collectivization, Retrenchment, and Rebellion on the Amdo (Qinghai) Grasslands, 1956-1958
 Weiner, Benno.

A Literature for Everybody?: Language, Poetry, and Song in Telugu Marxist Literature
 Kollu, Sravanthi.

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Bachelorhood and Sexuality in a Context of Female Shortage in China
 Attané, Isabelle.

Bad Governance, Good Results: Shadow Authorities and Hybrid Arrangements in the Illicit Weapons Business in the Bangsamoro, Southern Philippines
 Lara, Francisco.

Bags Were Not Only for Ladies: 'Sharebon' Humor and Edo Aesthetics of Wrapping
 Fukushima, Nahoko.

Bakumatsu Vacation: Sakamoto Ryōma Tourism in Contemporary Kyoto
 Prough, Jennifer.

Bandung Resurrected: Third World Solidarity, Asian Regionalism, and South Korean Literature
 Ryu, Youngju.

Bangladesh 2014: A Consequential Election
 Riaz, Ali.

Bannermen and Lamas in the Qing Tibetan School
 Mosca, Matthew.

Bargaining with Normativity: Queer Kinship in Contemporary China
 Engebretsen, Elisabeth.

Becoming Burmese Chinese: Writing the History of Chinese Community in Post-War Myanmar
 Li, Yi.

Becoming Filipinos: The Chinese Mestizos of Cebu, 1770-1898
 Cullinane, Michael.

Becoming a Man above Men: The Humor of Wife-Fearing in Republican Era Guangzhou Popular Culture
 Cheung, Roanna.

Behind the National: The Seminar on Architecture and Debate on Architectural Expression in India, 1959
 Nand, Harpreet.

Beneath and beyond the “Greater” China: Confucian Movements and South Seas Chinese Bourgeoisie in Colonial Asia, 1914-1941
 Kuo, Huei-Ying.

Between China and the Islamic World: Mobile Diasporic Intermediaries in the Twentieth Century
 Jeong, Hyeju.

Between Historical Contingency and Moral Formulation: The Political Destiny of “Little Collaborator” Chen Jiufeng
 Pan, Min.

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Campaigning against Tokyo: Intra-Party Conflicts over Policy Programs in Japan
 Hijino, Ken.

Canton Fair and China's Changing Perception of the West in the 1970s
 Hu, Guangji.

Capital Comparisons or Does a Theory of Comparison Also Compare?
 Ma, Shaoling.

Cartographic Reappropriation in a Qing Borderland: Surveying and Mapping Xinjiang, 1878-1906
 Lavelle, Peter.

Centering the Periphery: Legitimacy, New Political Order, and the Northwestern Borderlands in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries
 Tse, Wai Kit Wicky.

Challenging the Islamist’s Moderation Theory: The Cases of AKP in Turkey and PKS in Indonesia
 Osman, Nawab.

Changes to Elites' Power Legitimization in Urbanizing Rural Areas of Amdo-Qinghai in the P.R.C.
 Cencetti, Elisa.

Changing China with the Western Study of International Relations—Lu Zhengxiang and the Chinese Social and Political Science Association
 Feng, John.

Changing Traditions on the Mountain: Women’s Exclusions at Mt. Ōmine
 DeWitt, Lindsey.

Chanting All the Way to the Pure Land: Buddhism in Practice in Rural North China
 Chao, Shin-yi.

Chen San and Fifth Madam: The Battle for Hokkien 'Hearts and Minds' in Southeast Asia in the Late 1950s
 Taylor, Jeremy.

Chiang Kai-shek and the Taiwanization of the ROC: Governed Interdependence in the Money Images of Taiwan, 1945-1975
 Lin, Man-houng.

Children’s Diaries in Wartime Japan: Shaping Self and National Identity
 Piel, L.

China As Method: Omura Seigai’s “Revival” of Chinese Literati Painting in 1920s' Japan
 Krischer, Olivier.

China in World History and in World Literature: A Future for Integration?
 Ma, Ning.

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DRP (Dongdaemun Rooftop Paradise) as Counter-Spectacle
 Kal, Hong.

Da Waixuan (Big Foreign Propaganda): Using Foreign Media to Legitimize the Rule of the CCP
 Yi, Guolin.

Daily Acts of Resistance: How Art and Culture Are Transforming the Tibetan Struggle
 Dorjee, Tendor.

Dance Machine: Urban Modernity from the bottom-up in Guizhou
 Oakes, Tim.

Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies in Global Sex Work
 Hoang, Kimberly Kay.

Dealing with Scarcity in “China’s Water Tower”: Local Implementation of Water Saving Policies in Yunnan
 Habich, Sabrina.

Decentering the State in the Uplands: Political Engagement on a Philippine Frontier
 Yang, Shu-Yuan.

Decentralization, Centralization, and Institutional Change: Evidence from Land Rights Development in China
 Cai, Meina.

Deconstructing Cloth: The Banton Burial Textiles in Early Philippine and Southeast Asian Culture History
 Quizon, Cherubim.

Democracy and the Rightwing: Freedom and Morality in Taisho Japanist Thought
 Person, John.

Democracy, Multiculturalism, and Public Art Practice in Taiwan
 Lee, Anru.

Democracy's Rubicon: Elite Politics and Democratic Breakdown in the 2014 Afghan Election
 Smith, Scott.

Democratization and Economic Development in Indonesia: Assessing a Decade of Local Direct Elections and Local Economic Policy Making in East Java
 Bowie, Alasdair.

Democratization of Foreign Policy Making in Indonesia: The Emergence of Migrant Worker Protection As a Key Foreign Policy Priority
 Murphy, Ann Marie.

Denaturalizing Greenbelts for Housing Welfare? The “Construction State” and Neo-Developmental Urbanization in South Korea
 Hae, Laam.

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Early Intervention: A New Sense of Therapeutic Time in Japan and Beyond
 Kitanaka, Junko.

Eco Guizhou, Cultural Guizhou: Branding “Yuanshengtai” As an Emergent Provincial Identity in Post-Socialist China
 Luo, Yu.

Eco-Biopolitics in the Alternative Livelihood Movement in Japan
 Driscoll, Mark.

Economic Reform in Service Industries of Vietnam
 Nguyen, Hang.

Edgy Goods, Legal/Illegal Practice: Muslim Street Vendors in the Northern Philippines Reconfigure “Informal” Livelihoods
 Milgram, B. Lynne.

Education as Diplomacy: Tang’s Cultural Reproduction in Bohai
 D\'Haeseleer, Tineke.

Elections and the Prospect for Democratization in Pakistan
 Mufti, Mariam.

Elites, Religion, and Place in South India: A Study of Inscriptions and Archaeology
 Suvrathan, Uthara.

Embodied Scholarship: Female Botanist Yasui Kono’s Study Abroad contingent on Singlehood, 1914-15
 Otsubo, Sumiko.

Emerging Stages: Engendering Performances, Cultivating Gazes, and the Politics of (Auto)Mobility in Shanghai
 Duangboudda, Doris.

Empire As Political Vision: Japan’s Co-Prosperity Sphere
 Yellen, Jeremy.

Empire of Humanity: Compassion, Opportunism, and Delusion Following Japan’s 1923 Earthquake
 Schencking, J..

Empire’s Penal Turn: Opium Prohibition in Mainland Southeast Asia, 1870-1935
 Kim, Diana.

Encounters with the ‘National Language’ from Colony to Nation: Taiwan, 1935-1955
 Chen, Janet.

Engendering Affective Labor in Buddhist Exchange in Support of South Korean Stem Cell Research
 Middlebrooks, Marcie.

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Fairy Tales for the Workers’ Paradise: Translating Children’s Literature in North Korea, 1950s-1960s
 Hyun, Theresa.

Faithful Partners? Examining the 2012 Policy Shift toward Religion and Philanthropy
 Lee, Chengpang.

Families in Motion: Kinship, Masculinity, and Transnational Migration in the Arabian Sea
 Wright, Andrea.

Family Networks and Electoral Outcomes Evidence from the Philippines
 Cruz, Cesi. and Querubin, Pablo.

Family Relation and Buddhist Laywomen’s Religious Experience in Tang China (618-907)
 Yao, Ping.

Fanfare for the Common Company: Heibonsha, “Mass Literature,” and the Selling of Social Thought
 Shockey, Nathan.

Fascism, War, and the Development of the Japanese Welfare State
 Skarpelis, Anna.

Fashishan As Patron and Antiquarian in Jiaqing Period Beijing
 Matteini, Michele.

Fault Lines of Occupation: Race, Class, and Transnationalism in Okinawa
 Takamori, Ayako.

Fearful Asymmetry: Monocular Monsters and One-Eyed Fish in Japanese Folklore and Popular Culture
 Foster, Michael.

Fears Abroad: Reflections on the “Yellow Peril” Discourse in China
 Urbansky, Sören.

Female Islamic leadership and the Struggle for Gender Equality in Aceh and Muslim Southeast Asia
 Kloos, David.

Fertile Ground: Emerging Landscape Imagery in Contemporary Tibetan Art
 Magnatta, Sarah.

Fifty-Two Bhikkhuni Images: Thepthidaram Temple for Rama III’s Daughter
 Chirapravati, Pattaratorn.

Figurations of the Private in Mao-Era Fiction and Scar Literature
 Kaldis, Nicholas.

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GIS Mapping to Compare Genres of Drug Lore
 Stanley-Baker, Michael.

Garden, Courtesan, and Singing Festivals: Rereading the Creative Impetus for Liang Chenyu’s (1519-1591) Washing the Gauze
 Xu, Peng.

Gender and Kinship in Japanese Professional Matchmaking: Households Versus Relationships
 Alpert, Erika.

Gender and Korean Proletarian Fiction during the 1920s and 1930s
 Chung, Kimberly.

Gender and Succession in Chinese Business Families
 Zhao, Jianhua.

Gender, Caste and Ethnic Inequalities in Health in South Asia: Contradictions in Kerala’s Glory of Health Achievements
 C. U., Thresia.

Gender, Status, and Power in Late Medieval Japanese Aristocratic Society
 Funches, Sherry.

Gendered Poetry in the Man’yōshū
 Duthie, Torquil.

Gendered Ways of Managing Medieval Estates: Power Relations among Royal Women and Men, 1100-1300
 Kawai, Sachiko.

Gendering Modernity: Korean Christian Women under the Early Photographic Gaze
 Sohn, Heejeong.

Gendering the Indian Christian Convert: Religious Conversion Narratives in Krupabai Satthiandhan’s Saguna (1889)
 Bergman Waha, Kristen.

Genealogical Discourse and Lineage Histories in Song, Yuan, and Ming China
 Miller, Ian.

Genre Trouble: Blackness and Japanese Literature in the Long 1970s
 Bridges IV, William.

Geographies of the Supernatural World: Folk Shrines in Mid-Tang Literature
 Wang, Ao.

Gestures from Horses
 Slaymaker, Douglas.

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Han Footprints in Guizhou: Images of a Periphery
 Herman, John.

Hard Muscles and Soft Power: The YMCA’s College of Physical Education in Madras and the Training of Indian ‘Leadership’ (c. 1919-1950)
 Fischer-Tiné, Harald.

Healing Afflictions, Mediating Spirits: Gender and Caste among Healers in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
 Bajracharya, Sepideh.

Health-Caregivers on the Global Labor Market: A Comparative Study of Japan‘s EPA and Germany‘s Triple Win
 Vogt, Gabriele.

Hegemony Versus Dissent: Producing Democracy in the Transnational Tibetan Exile Community
 Michaels, Ben.

Heian Writers As Tools for Gender Training
 Ivanova, Gergana.

Helen Kim As New Women and Collaborator: A Comprehensive Assessment of Korean Collaboration under Japanese Colonial Rule
 Bae, AhRan.

Herders, Livestock, Environmental Protection, and the Policies That Govern Them All
 Veeck, Gregory.

Heritage and Violence: The Unstudied Evidence of Prince Zhu Gang’s (1358-1398) Art Acquisitions
 Pang, Huiping.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Tenpō Era and Rural Vagrancy
 Ehlers, Maren.

Higher Education and the Asian Cold War: Chinese Student Migration, American NGOs, and New Universities in Hong Kong and Singapore
 Chou, Grace.

His Last Vow: What Northern Song (960−1127) Literati Wrote about at the End of Life
 Zuo, Ya.

Historical Discourse on the Communist Party of Indonesia after WWII: The Creation and Change of the History of the 1948 Madiun Affair
 Kochi, Kaoru.

Historicizing Hagiography: Sectarian-Fashioning during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
 Bachrach, Emilia.

History Enshrined: Venerating Kavindracarya’s Negotiations with the Mughals in Sanskrit Praise Poetry
 Truschke, Audrey.

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Iconic Development: ‘Aadhaar,’ Postcoloniality, and India’s Middle Class
 Krishna, Sankaran.

Images of Inebriation in Late Imperial China
 Wright, Suzanne.

Imagined Villages: Literary Agrarianism in Late Colonial Korea
 Shim, Mi-Ryong.

Imaging Environment, Making Spaces: Environmental Communication and Localism in Post-Socialist China (1979-2014)
 Huang, Jia.

Immunological Humanitarianism in Southwest China, 1937-45
 Brazelton, Mary.

Impact of the Arts on Identity (Re)Construction: North Korean Defectors’ Performances on the South Korean Stage
 Shin, Hyesun.

Imperial Footprint: Japan, Empire, and Legacy in Western Micronesia
 Herman, RDK.

Imperial Pique and the “Benevolence of Women”: The Politics of Criminal Justice in Eighteen-Century China
 Buoye, Thomas.

Improvisation and Everyday Cosmopolitanism in Zamboanga and Sulu
 Canuday, Jowel.

In Good Company: Piety and Conjugality in Colonial North India
 Khan, Darakhshan.

In Search of Justice: Making Accusations against Unjust Magistrates in Eighteenth-Century Korea
 Kim, Jisoo.

In Search of National Ornament: Writing Socialist Craft
 Ho, Christine.

Inclusion and Diversity among Fans of Yuri Media in Japan
 Welker, James.

Independence Films: Political Documentary in the Post-Soviet Era
 Mahdavian, Emelie.

Independent Catholicism between National and Global Imaginaries: Nationalism, Religion, and Politics in the Early Periodicals (1903/04) of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente
 Hermann, Adrian.

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Japan Is Back in Southeast Asia: Development Assistance and Economic Outreach to ASEAN
 Kikuchi, Tsutomu.

Japanese Children, War, and Empire in Comparative Perspective
 Griffiths, Owen.

Japanese Conceptualizations of Constitutional Reform: Politicians vs. Voters
 McElwain, Kenneth.

Japanese Food Is the Safest in the World: Spatialization of Risks within the Discourse on Food Safety in Japan
 Reiher, Cornelia.

Japanese Gardens against Nature? From Kenzô Tange's Kagawa Prefectural Office Garden (1958) to Hasegawa Itsuko's Shônandai Culture Center Courtyard Garden (1990)
 Watanabe, Toshio.

Japanese Medicine and Sinosphere “Civilization” (1480-1840): Chinese Models of Pedagogy and Practice in Japanese Westernization and vice-versa
 Paramore, Kiri.

Japan’s Military Response to North Korean Provocations
 Ohara, Bonji.

Japan’s Pharmaceuticals Industry and the First World War
 Yang, Timothy.

Jewish Refugees in Shanghai, China during the Second World War
 Hirsch, David. and Cheng, Hong.

Jianghu As Individual and Collective Space in Martial Arts Culture
 Foster, Paul.

Jingdezhen Porcelain As Mindful Matter
 Huang, Ellen.

Joyous Dharma: Annen's Poetics of Esoteric Buddhist Ritual
 Bushelle, Ethan.

Jungle Lives: Malaya As Depicted in Malayan Communist Memoirs
 Ng, Jason Sze Chieh.


K-Pop in Latin America: Identity, Fandom, and Digital Culture
 Han, Benjamin.

Kampong Kirkby: Living (and Invoking) 1950s' Malaya across Space and Time
 Koh, Sin Yee.

Karma and Punishment: Prison Chaplaincy in Japan
 Lyons, Adam.

Kashmir Sculpture in the Mirror of Alchi
 Luczanits, Christian.

Kashmiri Artists, Indian Paintings, and the Dating of Alchi
 Quintanilla, Sonya.

Kawakami Mieko’s Breasts and Eggs: Negative Feelings in Circulation
 Auestad, Reiko.

Kazakh Muslims Claiming Roots in Xi’an, China: Memory, Identity, and Urban Space
 Zhu, Yujie. and Yang, Yang.

Kinship As Narrative in Premodern Korea: The Lineage Novel
 Chizhova, Ksenia.

Kokoro Confidential: The Rebirth of the Always Same
 Hurley, Brian.

Korean Americans of Another Sort: Cultural Appropriation by Non-Korean U.S. Hallyu Fans
 Ter Molen, Sherri.

Korean Indigenous Drama Animated by an Alien Vernacular: The Case of the Record of the Hanru Pavillion
 Pastreich, Emanuel.

Korean Migrants to Americas
 Cho, Sanghun.

Korean National History in the Era of Hallyu: The Imagining of Latin America in Kim Young-ha’s Black Flower
 Kim, Junyoung.

Korea’s Development Assistance and Economic Outreach to Southeast Asia
 Kwak, Sungil.

Kyoto Kitsch: The Geisha Apprentice in Popular Culture
 Bardsley, Jan.


Labor Productivity and Shop-Floor Campaigns under Three Regimes, 1945-1952
 Teh, Limin.

Labor, Capital, and Alterity: Changing Relations to Diaspora and Remittances in Vietnam
 Small, Ivan.

Laboratory Vienna-Tokyo – On the Emergence of a Psychiatric Thought-Style in Austria and Japan
 Leitner, Bernhard.

Land Grants and Agribusiness Program for Post-Conflict Development: The Case of Aceh, Indonesia
 Shohibuddin, Mohamad.

Land Law and Shifting Cultivation: Indonesian Adat Communities and the Struggle for Statutory Rights
 Minarchek, Rebakah.

Land and the Management of Chinese Capitalism
 Rithmire, Meg.

Landscape Aesthetics and the Consumption of Landscape Painting in Republican China
 Chan, Pedith.

Language in Education Policies in Postcolonial Philippines
 Zamar, Sheila.

Lat through the Years: From the Malay World to Malaysia, As Seen through Selected Works of Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid (Lat)
 Ehrenkönig, Julien. and Henry, Patricia.

Laws of the Mind: Behaviorism and the Mechanics of the Psyche in Republican China
 Baum, Emily.

Layered Spectacles: Mobile Screen Visualizations of Beijing
 Braester, Yomi.

Learning to Be Loyal: Political Education in China
 Koesel, Karrie.

Left out? Korean Women Writers and the Proletarian Literary Movement
 Grace, Elizabeth.

Legacies of Fallen Royals: The Kaesŏng Wang in Chosŏn Politics, Society, and Culture
 Park, Eugene.

Legal Pluralism in Penal Cases from the Qing’s Muslim Frontier: The Role of Islamic Law
 Jia, Jianfei.

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Ma Fuxiang: The Double Virtue of a Modern Sino-Muslim Nationalist
 Lipman, Jonathan.

Ma Juntu: Intellectual, Educator, Guerrilla, and Sino-Muslim Modernist
 Cieciura, Wlodzimierz.

Madness As Modern: Embodiments of Historical Rupture in Chinese Dance Works Rouge and Kong Yiji
 Wilcox, Emily.

Madness and Emotions in Colonial Korea
 Yoo, Theodore.

Madness on the “Bridge of Life”: The Cultural Production of Suicide in South Korea
 Kim, Chi-Hoon.

Madness, Mystery, and Abnormality in the Writing of Yumeno Kyusaku
 Clerici, Nathen.

Magicians of Other Earths: Socialism, Science and Metaphysics in Contemporary Chinese Art
 Zhong, Yueni.

Making Landscape: Maps in Early Modern Murals
 Seastrand, Anna.

Making Money Talk: Economic and Literary Form in the Fiction of Ihara Saikaku
 Atherton, David.

Making Ordinary, If Not Ideal, Intimate Relationships: Japanese-Chinese Transnational Matchmaking
 Yamaura, Chigusa.

Making Place in a Small Space: The Sacred Worlds of the Tenkasi Pandyas
 Orr, Leslie.

Making Revolutionary Selves: Diaries, Diary Writing, and the Chinese Cultural Revolution
 Windscript, Shan.

Making an American Baby: Chinese Women’s Maternal Body in Birth Tourism
 Chen, Chih-Sheng.

Making the Concept of “Oriental Ceramics” (Tōyō-tōji): Collection and Research of Chinese and Korean Ceramics in Japan in the 1910s and 1920s
 Kida, Takuya.

Male Sentimentality in Korean Short Stories from the 1910s
 Yang, Yoon Sun.

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NGOs’ Involvement in Rural Education in China: Teaching the Curriculum or Nurturing Social Change?
 Wang, Yimin.

Na Zhong: A Complex "Patriotic Muslim Scholar"
 Mao, Yufeng.

Narrating A Transnational Gender Subject
 Huang, Xin.

Nationalism and Nativism: Varieties of Other in China
 Weiss, Jessica.

Nationalism and Public Opinion in India
 Kapur, Devesh.

Nationalist Fliers and Mass Mobilization during the War of Resistance
 Baumler, Alan.

Navigating Ambiguous Terrain: Philippine Indigeneity in Law and Practice
 Theriault, Noah.

Navigating Rivers and Lakes: Imagining the Ethics of Late Imperial Commerce
 Rusk, Bruce.

Negotiating Governance: Rethinking Decentralization and State Planning
 Shen, Qianqi.

Negotiating Imagined Imperial Kinship: Affects and Comfort Letters of Korean Children
 Lee, Helen.

Negotiating the Political and the Personal: Watching Films in Mao’s China
 Zhou, Chenshu.

Netaji’s Revolutionary Radio: An Indian Nationalist’s Campaign on the Airwaves
 Huacuja Alonso, Isabel.

Nguyen Cong Tru and the Hue Court, 1828-31
 Taylor, K.W..

Nineteenth-Century Depictions of the Genpei Wars in the Kaga Domain
 Snow, Hilary.

No "Unsightly Women" for a Civilized Empire: The Prostitution Abolition Movement in Modern Japan, 1880s-1930s
 Lu, Sidney.

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Of Dead Bodies and Bodies Politic: The Political Manipulation of Mortuary Ritual in Singapore
 Toulson, Ruth.

Of Swindles and Stratagems: Connoisseurship of Deception in the Chinese Tradition
 Rea, Christopher.

Official Historiography about Nguyễn Ánh and the Construction of a Discourse of Glorious Restoration in the First Half of the 19th Century
 Nguyễn, Vinh.

Okinawan Labor Migration in Japanese Colonial Empire: On Taiwan and Micronesia
 Matsuda, Hiroko.

Old China Replicated in Japan’s New Ceramics: Koyama Fujio and the Postwar World Cultural Order
 Tsuchikane, Yasuko.

Old Tales, Untold: World Literature's Ahistorical Representation of Modern Chinese Literature
 Dooghan, Daniel.

Omotenashi in Late Meiji and Taishō Japan: From the “Welcome Society” to “Japan Tourist Bureau”
 Nishijima, Ryoko.

On Bright Humor: Cinematic Sensoriums of History in Recent East Asian Films
 Inoue, Mayumo.

On Lung-Shaped Herbs and Pharmaceutical Drugs: The Creation of Professional Identity and Intellectual Prestige in Republican Shanghai Medical Journal Writing
 Li, Peiting.

On the Move?: The South Korean Nursing Profession and the IU-Bloomington Mobilization in Nursing Pedagogy, 1958-1967
 Di Moia, John.

Opium after the Manila Galleon-Spaniards in the Opium Trade in China (1815-1830)
 Permanyer-Ugartemendia, Ander.

Organizing Transnational Advocacy Networks – Case Study on Local Voting Rights Campaign in Japan and South Korea
 Kim, Changho.

Organizing the Past: Material Houses and Literary Works in the Swaminarayan Sampraday
 Patel, Shruti.

Our Past, Your Future: Korean/American Missionaries and the Script of Prosperity
 Han, Ju Hui Judy.

Outlaw Tea
 Surak, Kristin.

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PAPER CANCELLED - Surveillance and Social Transformation: Experiments in State-Controlled “Grassroots” Activism in Tianjin, 1949-1957
 Bozzay, Vanessa.

PAPER PRESENTATION CANCELLED - The Chinese Connection of Myanmar's Ethnic War: China’s Evolving Role in Kachin State’s Peace Process
 Song, Lili.

PAPER PRESENTATION CANCELLED- Explaining the Frequency and Persistency of Suicide Protest in South Korea: A Frame Resonance Approach
 Kim, Hyojoung.

Painting the Division of Labor (and the Division of Labor in Painting)
 Wong, Winnie.

Participatory Housing and Land Use Politics under Developmental Urbanism
 Davis, Lisa Kim.

Party Cartelization, Indonesian-Style
 Slater, Dan.

Passionate Politics in Popular Media: Miyako Shinbun’s Portrayal of Popular Protests in Tokyo, 1905-6
 Seto, Tomoko.

Pavlovianism in China: Politics and Differentiation across Scientific Disciplines in the Maoist Era
 Gao, Zhipeng.

Peacekeeping with Chinese Characteristics: Containing Turmoil in Hubei, 1967-1969
 Koss, Daniel.

Penitent Mothers and Vengeful Fetuses: The Price of Infanticide
 Alexander, Katherine.

People Versus the Powerful: The Language of Political Ads in Indonesia 2014 Presidential Election
 Wijaya, Juliana.

Performing Prayer, Saving Murasaki: Genji Kuyo in No and Joruri
 Naito, Satoko.

Performing the National Uncanny of Taiwan: Wang Mo Lin’s A Soldier’s Pay (2004)
 Cheng, Fan-Ting.

Phantasmagoria and Fragments: Lang Jingshan and His Composite Photography
 Liu, Mia.

Philosophy of Language at the Philosophical Limits of Language: A Comparative Approach to Buddhist and Islamic Literature
 Stepien, Rafal.

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Questioning Nationality, Embracing Nonalignment: The Bandung Conference and Returnee Identity in Japanese Literature
 Lambrecht, Nicholas.


Racial Passing and Health Disparities in Post-World War II Japan
 Kinukawa, Tomomi.

Racial Slurs and Whispers in the Situated Testimonies of Colonial Fiction
 Sears, Laurie.

Racial and Class Inequality and Developmentalism in South Korea
 Lee, Jin-kyung.

Radiation As Gesture: On Tawada Yōko’s Kentōshi (The Votive Messenger)
 Nakagawa, Shigemi.

Radicalization vs. Secularization: Chinese Experimental Theater from Gao Xingjian to Meng Jinghui
 Wang, Hongjian.

Ransacking Petty Urbanite Homes: Cultural Revolution in a Shanghai Alleyway
 Li, Jie.

Re-Imagining Nagasaki’s Past to Fit the Future: The Foreign Settlement Period
 Earns, Lane.

Re-Thinking Indian Nationalism: Rekha Rodwittiya’s Phoolan Devi
 Heer, Sarita.

Reading Divorce Letters from Dunhuang
 Hong, Yue.

Reading Genji, Writing Rape: Monogatari-Like Representations of Sexual Violence in Lady Nijo’s "Towazugatari"
 Milutin, Otilia.

Reading Left Melancholy in 1960s' Japan
 Noonan, Patrick.

Reading Self and Fluidity of Text: The Production of Ch’ŏngbirok (淸脾錄) in Transcultural Contexts
 Yoo, Jamie Jungmin.

Rebkong’s New Urban Landscape and Evolving Spaces of Contestation
 Stevenson, Mark.

Reconfiguring the Magic Power of Spirit Mediums: An Urban Shrine in Northern Taiwan
 Lin, Wei-Ping.

Reconsidering Grassroots Criminal Law and Justice in Maoist China
 Hurst, William.

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Sacred Contours: Mapping the Divine Realms of Medieval Daoism
 Pettit, Jonathan.

Sacrificed to Cold War Militarization or Imagining Their Own Blueprint?: The Early Pro-Reversion-to-Japan Argument in Okinawa
 Uechi, Satoko.

Saving Zheng Sixiao: Ink Orchid Painting and the Private Life of a Song Loyalist
 Huang, Xiaofeng.

Saving the Children: Catholic Sisters and Social Reform in Republican Beijing
 Clark, Anthony.

Science, Medicine, and Collaboration with Japan in North China, 1937-1940
 Luesink, David.

Screening Bombay: The City, Popular Culture, and Regionalism in Marathi Cinema
 Ball-Phillips, Rachel.

Screening for Gifts: Microbiopolitics in Postwar Japan
 Lee, Victoria.

Secret Agent Burud: Espionage, the Jungar Legacy, and China’s Eighteenth-Century Foreign Relations
 Levey, Benjamin.

Securing Sansha: Chinese Territorial Practices in the South China Sea
 Ming, Guanpei.

Seeking Imaginary Settings: Historicizing Women’s Anime-Induced Contents Tourism Abroad
 Sugawa-Shimada, Akiko.

Seeking a Korean Christian Identity in Imperial Japan: Yi Kwangsu's Critique of Korean Christianity
 Matsutani, Motokazu.

Self, Happiness and the Party
 Wielander, Gerda.

Semi-Zomia Zone: Highland States Viewed from Ethnic-Minority-Centered Vietnamese History
 Mukdawijitra, Yukti.

Sex on the Sly: Illegal Unregistered Prostitution in Colonial Hanoi (1920-1940)
 Firpo, Christina.

Sexual Desire, Amorous Sentiment, and the Production of Ethical Ambivalence in Bakin’s Nansô Satomi hakkenden
 Poch, Daniel.

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T.S. Eliot and the Apocalypse: Joh Hyun’s “Paper Napkin” and Science Fiction in Contemporary South Korea
 Thieret, Adrian.

THIS PAPER IS CANCELLED- Beyond Red or Blue: A Reading of Chinese-Indonesian Cold War Memories
 Tsai, Yen-ling.

Taking Risks for a Godsend Opportunity: Filipino “Visitors” Working in Dubai
 Hosoda, Naomi.

Tales from the Underworld: Visual Narratives of Salvation from Hell in Medieval Japan
 Chusid, Miriam.

Taming the “Child-Heart:” Mischief and Deviance in North Korea
 Mironenko, Dmitry.

Teaching Girls to Be Women: Shimoda Utako’s "Genji Monogatari Kogi" and Meiji Women’s Education
 Suzuki, Mamiko.

Temples, Water-Management, and Agro-Urban Landscapes in Early Medieval Central India
 Casile, Anne.

Testimonies of Sexualised Forms of Violence against Women during the 1965-66 Indonesian Massacres
 Pohlman, Annie.

The "Warring States" of Amdo: Qing Jurispractice and the Creation of the "Tibetan World," 1772-1911
 Oidtmann, Max.

The 15th-Century King Dhammaceti: The Not So Anti-Saw Lu
 Carbine, Jason.

The 18th Century Inventory As a Source for Indonesian Lives at the Cape of Good Hope
 Taylor, Jean.

The 1955 Yumiko-Chan Incident
 Inoue, Fumi.

The Afterlife of Colonial Physical Anthropology in Post-Colonial Korea
 Kim, Hoi-eun.

The Afterlives of the 1965 Violence: Reflections Based on Participatory Research with Women Survivors from Buru island, Yogyakarta, and Kupang
 Krisnawaty, Tati. and Wandita, Galuh.

The Ambivalence of Freedom in the Imperial Constitution of 1889
 Zhong, Yijiang.

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U.S. Deterrence Strategies and Alliance Cooperation Efforts in Response to North Korean Military Threats
 Roehrig, Terence.

UNRRA, CNRRA, and Agricultural Rehabilitation in the ROC, 1946-1950
 Lin, James.

Under a Rebel Flag: Social Resistance under Insurgent Rule in Aceh
 Barter, Shane.

Understanding State Preferences for Information Control: Central-Local Relations in China's Quest to Tame the Web
 Esarey, Ashley.

Understanding the Core ASEAN States’ Alignment Choices: Variations on a (Hedging) Theme
 Kuik, Cheng-Chwee.

Underworlds of Sex, Castration, and Masquerades
 Tran, Ben.

Uneven Development and Aspirations in Jeju Global Education City
 Oh, Youjeong.

Unlonging: Queer Affect in China's Dystopian Now
 Ye, Shana.

Unnoticed Beholders: Responding to Topographical Painting in Mid-Imperial China
 Orell, Julia.

Unsafe Borders: The Use of Anti-Personnel Landmines in the Management of Border Disputes in Cambodia and Burma
 Uk, Krisna.

Urban Giganticism in China: The case of Ordos, Inner Mongolia
 Woodworth, Max.

Urban Women and the Emerging Commodity Market in Early Twentieth-Century Tonkin
 Tran, Phuong Hoa.

Urban-Rural Health Care Inequality in China: A Mixed Methods Study of Satisfaction with Health Care
 Munro, Neil.

Urbanization and the Innovations in Islamic Revitalization in Southeastern China
 Bai, Li.

Ushering in a “Fresh Spirit” to the Kokuten and Teiten: Tomimoto Kenkichi’s Ceramics and the Discourse of Bijutsu Tōki
 Jones, Meghen.

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Variations on a Theme: The Indian Beauties of Rahim’s Hindi Poetry
 Busch, Allison.

Veiled Complicity: Clifford Geertz and US Intellectuals
 Yamamoto, Mayumi.

Vietnam: Language and Power in Turbulent Times
 Tran, Bac Hoai.

Vietnamese NGOs in the 2013 Constitutional Amendment Debate: How Constitutionalism and International Law of Human Rights Impact Political Ideas within an Authoritarian Regime
 Nguyen, Huong.

Viewing Kabuki Theater from the Center Stage: An Examination of a Woman’s Sexuality in Kyō kanoko musume Dōjōji
 Kanesaka, Kirk.

Vigilant Ethnicity: Korean Chinese Communist Party Members Encountering with South Korea, the Forbidden Homeland
 Kwon, June Hee.

Village Institutions and the Agricultural Reform Process in Japan
 Jentzsch, Hanno.

Violence and Cultural Memory in a Tang Historical Miscellany
 Luo, Manling.

Violence of Representation: Rapes and Suffering Women in Taiwan’s Anti-Japanese Films in the 1970s
 Chiang, Mei-Hsuan.

Visual Objects on the Move: Overseas North Koreans, Pop Culture, and Agency
 Choi, Shine (Shinhyung).

Visual and Lyrical Selves: Autobiographical Moments in Photo Inscriptions in Modern China
 Wu, Shengqing.

Visuality and the Indigenous Female Body: The Identity Politics of “Sayon”
 Wen, Laura Jo-Han.

Visualizing History and Daily Life: Cultural and Aesthetic Sources of the New New Year Pictures
 Zhang, Shaoqian.

Visualizing Transsexual Rights Movements in Japan
 Nakamura, Karen.

Visualizing the Socialist Imaginary in North Korean Art
 Yoon, Min-Kyung.


Wahhabism, ‘Group Memory,’ and Indian Muslim Views of the Other
 Omar, Irfan.

Waiting for Replacement: Official Transfers and the Paradox of Speed and Delay in Ming Bureaucracy
 Wang, Chelsea Zi.

Wandering in a Garden, Waking from a Dream: The Song Lyrics of Xiang Ziyan As a Textual Locus for Refuge Memories of Resettlement in the South
 Ridgway, Benjamin.

Wang Kuan: Serving Religion and the Nation
 Ma, Haiyun.

Wang Shiduo’s Diary of the Taiping War
 Wooldridge, Chuck.

Watch Out, or Adults Will Control You: Angry High School Girls in Kirino Natsuo's Real World
 Hemmann, Kathryn.

Water Currents, Economic Currents: The Role of Local Ports in Late Medieval Shipping on the Seto Inland Sea
 Damian, Michelle.

Weng Nao’s 'Tokyo Vagabonding'
 Goddard, Timothy.

What Can Be Said? Communicating Love in Contemporary Japan
 Alexy, Allison.

What Do “Border-Crossing Writers” Offer in Japanese-As-a-Foreign-Language Education?
 Kumagai, Yuri. and Sato, Shinji.

What Is the Revival of Confucianism Really Reviving? Strategies for Reviving Past Traditions
 Jenco, Leigh.

What Will We Eat When There Is No More Forest?: The Political-Ecological Implications of Indigeneity As a Force of Change in 21st- Century Southeast Asia
 Keating, Neal.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting: Scientific Pregnancy Advice for the Modern Mother in the 1933 Special Edition of Ling-Long Magazine
 Richardson, Nicole.

What’s Love Got to Do with It? Colonial Agrarian Policies and the Regulation of Women in Eighteenth-Century Northern India
 Narayan, Rochisha.

When Representation Weakens Rights: Political Inclusion and Property Rights in China
 Mattingly, Daniel.

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Yamanote’s Promise: Buraku Stigma, Tokyo’s Trains, and the Infrastructure of Social Belonging
 Hankins, Joseph.

Yoshida Shūichi and the Killer Within
 Capo, Beth.

Yuan Hongdao and the Coral Grove (Shānhú Lín): Gentry Buddhist Discourse in the Late Ming Dynasty
 Jones, Charles.


Zhiqing and the Politics of Chinese Economic Reform, 1970-1984
 Huang, Yanjie.

Zombie Apocalypse Ain't So Bad After All: Rightist Readers of Subway Line 1
 Kim, Dahye.
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