AAS-in-Asia, Kyoto 2016-Jun-24 to 2016-Jun-28

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"Bought Bride" to "Wife": The Work of Negotiating Marginalization in Northern India
 Kaur, Ravinder.

"Homestyle" Away from Home: Representations of South Asian Foodways in the Diaspora
 Magier, Aruna.

"Religion" and the Moralization of Semiotic Form: Views from the Christian Pacific
 Keane, Webb.

"The Human Condition": Centering the Emotional Dimension in War History through Literature
 Guo, Nanyan.

"What a Woman Artist Saw" - Tomiyama Taeko's Revelation from the Sea
 Jennison, Rebecca.

(Beyond) Cold War governmentality and anti-Japanese sentiments in Postwar South Korean and Japanese films: Co-produced Films Between Zainichi and Japanese as the possibility of alternative communalism
 Ahn, Minhwa.

(Un)Tamed Groovescapes: A Comparative Study of Tsi̍t Tsuá Siunn-si Recordings in Taiwan, Mainland China, and the Philippines
 Chen, Jia-Chi.

'New' Types of Thousand-Armed Avalokiteśvara Images in the Song Dynasty
 Ra, Suijun.

'The People with whom Resides Sovereign Power’: Environment, Citizen Activism, and Popular Sovereignty in Postwar Japan
 George, Timothy.

‘Difficulties with Floating’ Reconsidering Logging, Railways and River Control in Colonial Burma
 D\'Souza, Rohan.

‘Shanghai Modern’ – Exploring Alternative Modernity in China
 Gu, Xin.

‘Spirited Closets’
 Bong, Sharon.

“Believe your Dream”: A Pentecostalism Experience in Malaysia
 Yip, Jeaney.

“De-geishanizing” the Kimono: Japan Airlines’ Branding Exercise in the 1950s
 Nakano, Yoshiko.

“Exemplary Women” (Lienü) versus “Worthy Ladies” (Xianyuan): Two Traditions of Writing Women’s History in Tokugawa- and Meiji-Japan
 Qian, Nanxiu.

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A Bite of Chinese Culture: Novelized Chinese Restaurant in Early Chinese-Canadian Literature
 Ma, Jia.

A Change in Status: Marriage Rituals for Imperial Princes and Princesses of the Hongwu Reign (1368-1398)
 Zhan, Beibei.

A Medical Intermediary in the People’s Republic
 Johnson, Tina Phillips.

A National Subject: The Reception and Instrumentalization of the Western Concept and Genre of ‘Tragedy’ in Meiji Japan
 Larcombe, Christopher.

A Restorative Study of Chang’an Sculptures of the Early Tang Dynasty: Reception of Guptan Influence in Tang Buddhist Art
 Fujioka, Yutaka.

A Sino-Japanese Relationship on Display: The Chinese Art Exhibition in Paris, 1933
 Su, Stephanie.

A Theory of Ambiguity in China's Trade Diplomacy
 Tung, Hans.

A Toronto-Based Folk Drama Troupe Speaks Out For Hope, Equity and Social Justice By Retelling A Medieval Tamil Legend
 Beck, Brenda.

A Trajectory of Hong Kong’s National Identity Construction and Negotiation
 Wang, JieYing.

A View from the Provinces: Print and Theatrical Consumption in Nineteenth-Century Japan
 Zwicker, Jonathan.

A Vision of an Imperial Soldier: Ozu Yasujiro at the Chinese Front
 Joo, Woojeong.

A critical re-examination of Anti-Schistosomiasis Campaign in Mao’s China: 1952-1976
 Zhou, Xun.

ASEAN's Institutional Response toward Power Shift: Balancing, Hedging, and Institutional Change
 Koga, Kei.

Abe’s Values Diplomacy: Between Global Norm and Domestic Ideology
 Lee, Junghwan.

Academic Transformation in the Chinese Literati: Reading Yun Yuding's Critiques in Chengzhai Diary
 Liu, Xunqian.

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Baby Steps—The “Baby Business” and Queer Chinese Families in Taiwan
 Lee, Chieh-Hsi.

Balikbayan Aspiration: From College Graduates to Maids with Beauty Queen Titles in Hong Kong
 Chen, Ju-Chen.

Bangladeshi Migrant workers in Brunei: Migration, Employment and Networking
 Sarker, Mst. Rayhena.

Beauty between Empires: Global Feminism, Plastic Surgery and the Power of Social Media
 Lee, Sharon.

Beauty, Biopolitics, and (Cruel) Optimism: (Re)Assembling Beauty’s Neoliberal Attachments in Global India
 Reddy, Vanita.

Becoming a Responsible Subject: Responsibility and Guilt in South Korean and Japanese Post-War
 Kim, JinGyu.

Beijing Meets Hawaii: kuer, Māhū, and Transnationalizing Queer Theory
 Tan, Jia.

Being Active: Guarantees and Limits on Realizing Japan's Constitution
 Dudden, Alexis.

Bending the Rules: Networks, Precedents, and Negotiation over “Harmonious Purchase” in Southern Song China (1127-1279)
 Lin, Shan (Zoe).

Between Aspirations and Realities: Migrant Children in China’s Cities
 Gu, Xiaorong.

Between Journalistic Ideals and Basic Survival: Randall Gould and his Journalist Colleagues during China’s War with Japan
 Wang, Yi.

Between Liminalities: The Identification Itinerary of a Common Mainlander in Taiwan
 Corcuff, Stephane.

Beyond the City’s Boundaries: Nathan Dunn, George Smith and Their Relationship with Haichuang Buddhist Priest Jinglin in the 1830s-1840s
 Yeung, Man Shun.

Beyond the Politics of Heritage: Conceptualizing Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in China
 Chang, Jung-A.

Beyond the Sulu Zone: Presenting Gong Music to an East Asian Museum Public
 Terada, Yoshitaka.

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Campaign Strategies and Partisan Polarization in Thailand
 Fox, Colm.

Can the Small Peasantry Resists the “Big Households' Monopoly”?: Dynamics of Class Formation in China’s Re-Cooperatization Movement
 Huang, Yu.

Can’t Get Married? Imagining Families from the Irregular Labour Market
 Cook, Emma.

Care for the People: Medical Doctors and the Administration of Japanese-Occupied Singapore
 Eaton, Clay.

Carl Friedrich Neumann (1793-1870), the Haichuang Temple’s Cult of the Book, and Anti-Imperial Politics East and West
 Sieber, Patricia.

Carl Jung, Eastern Philosophy and Synchronicity: A Critique of Protestantism
 Richter, Claudia.

Caught between the Privilege and Burden: Hopes and Struggles of White European Migrants in Japan
 Debnar, Milos.

Cautious Optimism in Ninagawa Yukio’s Hebi ni piasu
 Holloway, David.

Celebration of the Individuals: Transfiguration of Writing Practice in the Late Chosŏn
 Lee, Seung-Ah.

Chair & Discussant
 Petcharamesree, Sriprapha.

Challenges and Prospects in Making Memories of War through Touristic Guidance in Japan
 Yoshida, Kaori.

Challenges in Conducting Military Humanitarian Exercises in Foreign States: Japan Self-Defense Forces in Pacific Partnership in the Philippines
 Kiba, Saya.

Challenges to Transmitting Noh Outside Its Traditional Professional Channels
 Mathews, Gary.

Chamorro-Filipino Relations
 Yap, Valerie.

Changing Agendas: Musō Soseki (1275-1351) and the Tenryūji Sermons
 Vallor, Molly.

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De Jure Ambiguities and Enclosure of Temple Property in China
 Chang, Kuei-min.

Dealing with Dead Labor: Fighting Debt in C – Control
 Noonan, Patrick.

Debating Urban Identity: The Place of Jiankang in Geographic Genres of the 13th Century
 Ridgway, Benjamin.

Deconstructing Green Orientalism: An Intercultural Inquiry into the Chinese Concept of “Ecological Civilization”
 Gaffric, Gwennaël. and Heurtebise, Jean-Yves.

Defeating “Spontaneous Forces” in Rural China: The CCP’s Leadership Crisis of the Early 1950s
 Li, Fangchun.

Defending a State? A Study on the Offense of an Officer in Discharge of Duties in Taiwan
 Lin, Wan-Shan.

Defining Heian: Kiyomori’s Move of the Capital and the Evolution of the “Discourse on the Capital” in Medieval Japan
 Wakabayashi, Haruko.

Deluded by Fame and Fortune: Images of Blind People in Qing Dynasty Painting
 Bianchi, Alice.

Dematerialization of an Everyday Object and the Rise of a New Regional Identity: The Case of a Yaeyama Sash
 Stinchecum, Amanda.

Democratizing Community Identity: Separate Electorates and Muslim Political Mobilization
 Abbas, Zaheer.

Desire for the Tastes of Home and Adaptation to Japanese Tastes: Korean Students and Korean Nationals Living in Japan (Focusing on Fermented Seasonings and Kimchi)
 Fukutome, Nami.

Desiring one an-Other: Japanese Adult Video as a Site of ‘Hope’ in East Asia
 Coates, Jamie.

Desperately Seeking Young Blood: The World of University Noh Club Amateur Practitioners
 Pellecchia, Diego.

Deterritorializing a War Song: Politics of Socialist Playfulness in Kaeuta-making During the Russo-Japanese War (1904-5) in Japan
 Seto, Tomoko.

Developing Mobility and Poverty Linkages in Ahmedabad, India
 Joshi, Rutul.

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Early Anti-corruption Efforts in Colonial Hong Kong: Scandals and Commissions of Inquiry in the 1940s
 Yep, Ray.

Eastern and Western Medicine in the Jesuit Mission to Japan
 Fujitani, James.

Ecological Civilization in China: A Challenge for Political Ecology
 Kopec, Vanessa.

Ecological Resettlement Exclave in the Madoi County of Qinghai
 Du, Fachun.

Ecologies of Hope and Dispossession in the New Saigon
 Harms, Erik.

Economic Development, Marriage, and Inequality in Contemporary China
 Young, Wei-Jun. and Hu, Shu.

Economic Experiences of the South Manchuria Railway Employees in Post-War Japan, 1945-1965
 Nishizaki, Sumiyo.

Economic Growth and Rural Transformation in Vietnam
 Takeuchi, Ryo.

Eisai Shinshi and the Emergence of Child Writers and Readers: Childhood in the Age of a Growing Print Industry
 Suzuki, Wakako.

Electronics Industry and Occupational Health Hazards in Taiwan: the Power of Mobilization in a Groundbreaking Class Action
 Chen, Hsin-hsing. and Lin, Yiping.

Elevating the Nation or the Living Toom? Antiquities in Chinese and American Pictorial Magazines of the 1930s
 Netting, Lara.

Elite-Peasant Relations in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia: Decentralization, Dispossession, and Countermovement
 Anugrah, Iqra.

Emerging Policy Entrepreneurs?: Beijing Homeowners’ Participation in Legislation
 Chung, Yousun.

Empire Fashioned in Fur: the Solon Mink Tribute, Patrician Hierarchy and Qing Hunting Tradition
 Chia, Ning.

Empowerment of Women in Local Politics in Japan: How Parties Recruit Female Candidates in Legislative Election
 Oki, Naoko.

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Fabian Fukan between Life and Works: A Jesuit Vision of a Japanese Apostate
 Marino, Giuseppe.

Face to Face with Desire: Female-Friendly Pornography and Fandom in Contemporary Japan
 Hambleton, Alexandra.

Faces Left-Out: Documenting and Re-Historicizing the Avant-Garde “Moulin” Poetry Society in Postwar Taiwan
 Chen, Yun-Yuan.

Family Background, Individual Characteristics, and the Subjective Probability of Marriage
 Li, Jui-Cheng Allen.

Family Farming in China’s Agrarian Change: Being Autonomous or Subsumed by Agro-Capital?
 Chen, Yiyuan.

Father Organtino on the Slave Trade in Japan
 Petrucci, Maria.

Fearing Utopia, Yearning for Happiness: Citizen Science After Fukushima
 Kimura, Aya.

Feminism in Motion: Korean Female K-pop Fans’ De/Re-constructing Discourse, Identity, and Culture
 Kim, Jungwon.

Femme Fatale Frame and (Re)arrangement of Gendered Passion in Colonial Korea
 So, Young-Hyun.

Fertility, Infant Mortality and Economic Development in Tokugawa and Modern Japan
 Tomobe, Kenichi.

Fetishizing the Straight Man: Hegemonic Masculinity in Japanese Gay Pornographic Videos
 Baudinette, Thomas.

Fiction and Truth: The Challenge to Kūkai's Sangō siiki
 Kono, Kimiko.

Fiction to Represent Reality: The Post-World War Narratives in Manga
 Cheng Chua, Karl.

Fighting Nature and History: The CCP and Disputes over Weishan Lake in Socialist China
 Hou, Xiaojia.

Fighting US Imperialism Everywhere: Asian American Movement Activists’ Struggles across the Pacific
 Oyagi, Go.

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Gambling at the Track, and on the Roads
 Roth, Joshua.

Gazing the Gourmets: Rethinking the “Images” of Taiwanese Food in Japanese Travel Media
 Tsay, Lillian.

Gender Equity and Fertility Intentions in “Lowest-Low” Fertility Settings: Evidence from South Korea and Japan
 Brinton, Mary. and Oh, Eunsil.

Gender Inequality Behind Bars: The Life Women Inmates in Republican China (1912-1949)
 Kim, Kyung Yeob Claudius.

Gender and National Identities: Portrayals of Women in Vietnamese Cinemas in the Vietnam War
 Nguyen, QuiHa.

Gender, Freedom and the Bicycle in India
 Anjaria, Jonathan.

Gendered Citizenship in Hong Kong Umbrella Movement
 WONG, Miu Yin.

Genealogies of Disruption: Ritual, Migration, and the Politics of Place in China’s Jahriyya Sufism
 Ha, Guangtian.

Genre Capital: The Streets of Nineteenth Century Beijing as Erotic Text
 Stevenson, Mark.

Globalizing Japan as Destination for the Young and Skilled: A Place to Settle Down or One Stop on the Career Ladder?
 Hof, Helena.

Go Hui-dong and Diamond Mountain painting
 Kim, Sunglim.

Go Yeong-ju’s Activities in China and his Enlightenment Thoughts
 Park, Hemin.

Good Girls or Bad Girls?: The Ambiguity of Modern Marriage in Republican Chinese Villages
 Viana, Venus.

Graphic Illuminations: Blueprints and the Transfer of Aviation Knowledge to Japan
 Melzer, Juergen.

Grasping the Cosmos: Hand Mnemonics and Modular Dialing in Early Modern Japanese Divination
 Hayek, Matthias.


Half-opened Doors in Buddhist and Mortuary Art in 10th- through 13th- Century Northern China
 Deng, Fei.

Hand Mnemonics and Divination in Ming Almanacs & Encyclopedias
 Hanson, Marta.

Hansen’s Disease in Ghostly Tales: A Cross-Cultural Reading of Koda Rohan’s Taidokuro
 Tanaka, Kathryn.

Hansheng or Voice of the Chinese: The Chinese Times’ Strategies of Self Positioning
 Wu, Hua.

Heights and Economic Development in Modern Japan: From the Anthropometric Analysis of School Registers of a Primary School, ca.1880s-1910s
 Takako, Kimura.

Hepatitis, Hierarchy, and Hygiene: Disciplining South Korea during the Military Regime
 Park, Hyung Wook.

High Gates or High Pretensions?
 Wang, Ping.

Historical Transcendents: Comedy and Violence in Urban Mass Media between the Sino- and Russo-Japanese wars
 Shima, Kenneth.

Historically Hot: Reimagining Beauty from Japan’s Past
 Miller, Laura.

History of Tuberculosis as Zoonosis in Japan
 Ichikawa, Tomo.

Hitosaji: Establishing Priestly Faith through Charitable Activities
 Takase, Akinori.

Home Is Where the Heart Is: Family Melodrama and Taiwan’s Anti-Japanese Films, 1972-1982
 Chiang, Mei-hsuan.

Home Remembered and Hope Restored Exploring Hindu Diaspora’s Altruism through Akshya Patra’s Mission
 Ponniah, James.

Hope Across Borders: Migrant Rights of the Cham Muslims and the Khmer in Vietnam and Malaysia
 Ngoc Tran, Angie.

Hope Under the Same Sky: Helping Rural Migrant Children in Urban China
 Ling, Minhua.

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I Care, therefore I Am: Youshan Farming in Taiwan
 Tsai, Yenling.

Illustrating with the Kimono: Kimono and Western Dress in Prewar Magazine Fiction
 Frederick, Sarah.

Imagined Reality: Urban Space and Sui-Tang Beliefs in the Underworld
 Sun, Yinggang.

Imagining Decolonization: Lu Zuofu in the Postwar Years, 1945-1949
 Reinhardt, Anne.

Imagining the “Capital”: Paintings and Ballads of Kyoto in the Realm of a Feudal Lord
 Ido, Misato.

Imperial Hopes Amidst Horrors: Beautiful Tales of the Kantō Earthquake Korean Massacres
 Haag, Andre.

Impunity for Islamists? State Inaction and Religious Conflict in Indonesia
 Soedirgo, Jessica.

In Pursuit of Peace: Zhou Gengsheng’s Internationalism in the Interwar Period
 Morikawa, Hiroki.

In Pursuit of the Holy Rite: Ritual Innovation in the High Tang
 Chou, Stephen.

Indeterminacy, Hope, and Legitimacy in Social Ritual: China’s National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao) as a Fateful Rite of Passage
 Howlett, Zachary.

Indian Influence in the Iconography and Functions of Clay Tablets Excavated from Xi’an
 Hida, Romi.

Indian Matchbox Labels and the Translocal over the 20th Century
 Masselos, Jim.

Indian Minorities in Sub-Saharan Africa: British Colonial Immigration Laws And the Making and Unmaking of Subjecthood
 Martin, Marina.

Indigenization and Exclusiveness: Truth Claim and the Redefinition of Religion among the Lahu Christians in Thailand
 Kataoka, Tatsuki.

Industry University Policy And Dynamics of Inter-organizational R & D Networks In A Japanese Bio Cluster
 Wakabayashi, Naoki.

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Japan as a Society of Hope
 Mathews, Gordon.

Japan's War on Myopia, 1931-1945
 Hovhannisyan, Astghik.

Japanese Agency and Business Reform in Occupied Japan: The Holding Company Liquidation Commission and Zaibatsu Dissolution
 Ericson, Steven.

Japanese American Exclusion and Taishō Democracy
 Lu, Sidney.

Japanese Fertility Decline and the Changing Labor Market
 Osawa, Machiko.

Japanese Images in Genres: Pretexts of the Japan Complex in Taiwan Cinema
 Akamatsu, Miwako.

Japanese Post-War Repatriation in Comparative Perspective: Prospects, Problems, Propositions
 Ivings, Steven.

Japanese-Filipino migrant youth in Japan: Reflecting upon pre-migration experiences as NGO members
 Seiger, Fiona.

Japan’s Postwar National-Metabolic Crisis
 Metzler, Mark.

Japan’s Souvenir Business for Foreign Tourists after WWII
 Suzuki, Keiko.

Jinshiwei: Archaistic Taste and the Cultural Identity of Chinese Modern Graphic Design
 Zhou, Bo.

Journalists of Imperial Japan in China: Narasaki Kan-ichi and the “Asia-hand” Journalists of Japanese Newspaper Companies
 Tsuchiya, Reiko.

Journeys that Never End: The Old Seoul Station as a Performative Space
 Lee, Hyunjung.


Kabuki Beyond the Stage Curtain: Regional and Amateur Theater in Edo Japan
 Akama, Ryo.

Kantian Peace Model on the Test: The Revision of Japan’s Peace Constitution
 Cho, Eunjeong. and Shin, Ki-Young.

Kimonos for American Passengers: “Sukiyaki Party” on Transpacific Ocean Liners during the Interwar Period
 Song, Gukchin.

Kinatay’s Cartography of Violence
 Casumbal-Salazar, Melisa.

Kitamura Tokoku's Horaikyoku and the Spirits of Free Verse
 Mehl, Scott.

Kitayama: A Capital for the King of Japan
 Stavros, Matthew.

Knowledge Flow, Rural Health and the Scientific Practice of Parasitology in Taiwan, 1950s-1970s
 Chang, Shu-Ching.

Korean Colonial Migrants in Japan’s Postwar Black-Markets: Extralegality, Jurisdiction, Liberation
 Matthews, Joel.

Korean Literati Encounters with Chinese Popular Fiction in the 18th Century
 Kim, Youme.

Korean TV Dramas in the Digital Age: Mobility, Morality, and Melodrama across Neoliberal Asia
 Yi, We Jung.

Koreanness in Japanese Empire: Interrogating Transnational Performance of Chosǒn Akgŭk Troupe in Wartime Japan
 Kim, Chung-kang.


Labeling the Renaissance, Contesting the National—Exhibiting New Taiwan Cinema at International Film Festivals in Japan
 Ma, Ran.

Labor Participation of Left-Behind Women in Rural China: A Case Study of Sichuan
 Fan, Dan.

Laboring Bodies and Chinese Landscapes of Desolation
 Byrnes, Corey.

Lambs of God, Ravens of Death, Rafts of Corpses: Trauma, Memory, and Representation in the Poetry of Nagai Takashi, Yamada Kan, and Yamaguchi Tsutomu
 Diehl, Chad.

Lands, Succession, and Clans: Rethinking the State and Local of North China from the Eight Banners System
 Qiu, Yuanyuan.

Late 17th Century Qing Expansionism and the Imperial Push for a New Cartographic Practice
 Cams, Mario.

Late Ming Plays and Vernacular Theater
 He, Yuming.

Law, Empire and Chinese Traditional Forensic Knowledge: A Case Study of Nagasaki Qing Navy Incident
 Shi, Zhiqiang.

Law, Social Movement, and Police: Protest Policing in Taiwan's Democratic transition
 Hsu, Jen-Shuo.

Learning about Chinese Medicine from Foreign Experts in Tokugawa Japan (1603-1868)
 Vigouroux, Mathias.

Learning and Territorial Expansion in the Kangxi Emperor’s “Investigation of Things”
 Jami, Catherine.

Lessons from the Past: Lui Shou-Kwan’s Interpretations of Ancient Masterpieces
 Yiu, Josh.

Liberating the “Oppressed Nations”: Early Chinese Communists in Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe (1920s-1930s)
 Belogurova, Anna.

Liberation, Rebirth and Salvation in Literary Works by Blind People in Taiwan
 Chiu, Tasing.

Licit and Illicit Lexicons: Indian Ocean Sailors as Agents of Cultural Contact
 Hoogervorst, Tom.

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Ma-Ba-Tha: The Buddhist Monastic Community and Buddhist Nuns
 Kawanami, Hiroko.

Mahjong and Social Connections in Post-War Japan
 Boas, Benjamin.

Making International Science in Beijing
 Luesink, David.

Making Our Allied Friends at Home in China: The Chinese War Area Service Corps’ Hostel and Cross-Cultural Programs for American Servicemen, 1941–1945
 Fredman, Zach.

Making Trouble, Making Changes: A Study on the New Feminist Activism in Mainland China
 Hou, Lixian.

Making the Past serve the Present: Zhou Mingqi's Relief Efforts in Shaanxi during the Great North China Famine (1876-78)
 Hausmann, Daniel.

Male Desires and Hopes to “Become” Fudanshi (“rotten men”): Heterosexual Male Readings of Male-Male Romance Fiction
 Nagaike, Kazumi.

Male Sex Work and the Gay Community in South Korea
 Chung, Hyun-Soo.

Managing Difference: The Ideology of Choral Singing in the Christian Korean Diaspora
 Chang, Hyun Kyong.

Manchuria through an Aesthetic Screen: Japanese Art Photography at Chicago’s A Century of Progress World’s Fair, 1933
 Shepherdson-Scott, Kari.

Manhood, Power, and Politics in Korea: The 2016 General Election Case Study
 Yoon, Jiso. and Moon, Kyoung-hee.

Manly Virtue: Manchu Ethnic identity and Masculinity in High-Qing China
 Wu, Yulian.

Manufacturing Hope: The Boss Dream of Young Migrant Workers in Shenzhen
 Fang, I‐Chieh.

Maoist Gender Legacy, Post-socialist China, and Transnational Feminist Struggle
 Huang, Xin.

Mapping a City at War: Xu Zi and the Militia of Luhe
 Wooldridge, Chuck.

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Naniwa-bushi: Nationalism, Appropriation or Sentimentality?
 Tokita, Alison.

Nanotechnological Rebirth–Technology, Buddhism and Hopi Mythology in Rikudô Kei’s Domino
 Taillandier, Denis.

Narrating Rural Doctors and Chinese Medicine: Tensions and Dilemmas of Medicine and Health in Rural China
 Fang, Xiaoping.

Narrating “Capitalist Hell” Across the Pacific: Japanese and Korean Anti-imperialism and American Experience in the 1920s and 1930s
 Matsusaka, Hiroaki.

Narratives of International Student Return Migrants in the Philippines: Cultural Adaptation, Career Mobility, and Reintegration Patterns
 Duaqui, Yellowbelle.

Navigating My Way to Help NGO Development in Dujiangyan after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
 Kang, YI.

Navigating the Urban Space in Seoul: DDP as a Metaphoric Site of Korean Diaspora, Displacement, and Postmemory
 Woo, Miseong.

Negotiating “Exemplar” Fiscal Commissioners in Song China, 960-1279
 Kobayashi, Takamichi.

Networks and Anti-Societies: Some Ideas about Representing Fragments of ‘Dardic’ History in the Afghan-Pakistan Mountains
 Caron, James.

Neutral Equilibrium in Public Space: Mong Kok Flower Market in Hong Kong
 Siu, Kin Wai Michael.

New Challenges for a Global Cluster and High Tech Start-Ups in Greater Tokyo: the Case of King Skyfront
 Sengoku, Shintaro.

New Class, New Vision: Press Photography and Visual Democracy in Late Colonial Bengal
 Roychoudhuri, Ranu.

New Horizon of Anthropological Filmmaking in Japan
 Kawase, Itsushi.

New Issues of Cultural Heritage in the Old Village of Sambe
 Hahm, Hanhee.

New Women “Willing to be Concubines”? An Analysis of Extra-marital Co-habitation in the Republican Period
 Yu, Hualin.

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Official Chinese Film Festivals and Film Awards: History, Configuration, and Legitimation
 Nakajima, Seio.

Okinawan Nationalism in the 1981 Shin Okinawa Bungaku Draft Constitution Debates
 Yokota, Ryan.

On Bearing Witness to the Suffering of Other: Revisiting Anthropology of Suffering
 Nakamura, Sea.

On the Contrary: Landscape Architecture, Colonial Knowledge Networks and the Practices of Development in Hong Kong, 1973-1988
 Valin, Ivan.

On the Distinctive Iconography of the “Kiyomizu-Temple Style” Thousand-Armed Avalokiteśvara in China and Japan
 Hamada, Tamami.

One Hundred Years of the Reindeer Evenki
 Guan, Yuxia.

One Road, One Belt, One Regime Type: The Limits of Chinese Influence in Developing States
 O\'Neill, Daniel.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Gus Dur and the Set-Back of Governance Reform and Anti-Corruption Measure in Indonesia 1999 – 2001
 Juwono, Vishnu.

Optimism between Socialism and Capitalism: Wang Meng and the American Beat Generation
 Larson, Wendy.

Outsiders Betting on Outsiders: The Allure of Japanese Powerboat Racing
 Gill, Tom.

Overcoming a Traumatic Past? Preserving Japan’s ‘Negative Heritage’ of War
 Aukema, Justin.


Painting Through the Cheroot Haze: Censorship and Female Artists in Socialist Burma
 Carlson, Melissa.

Pang Xunqin’s Patterns: Archaeological Nationalism and National Ornament
 Ho, Christine.

Panties for Peace: Digital Reflexivity and the Reinvention of Cultural Norms in Democracy Campaigning against the Burmese Junta
 Dibley, Thushara. and Ford, Michele.

Paradoxical Ethics in Youth Volunteerism among Chinese University Students
 Sum, Chun Yi.

Pardoning the Executioner: Litigating Extrajudicial Killing in India
 Chopra, Surabhi.

Parental involvement and spousal choices in Shanghai
 Tian, Felicia.

Past Present: Reinterpreting "War Heritage" through Jeju Island’s April Third Peace Park in South Korea
 Kim, Nan.

Paul Schrader’s Mishima and the Fantasy of Japan
 Chan, Edward.

Perception or Misperception?: The Response of Japan and South Korea toward Changing Security Dynamics in East Asia.
 Kim, Ji Young.

Performances by Professional Entertainers for Envoys of Chosŏn Korea Traveling to Tokugawa Japan
 Kang, Hyesun.

Performing Gendered and Ethnic Sociability: Spatial Practices of Chinese Women Bartenders in an Italian City
 Deng, Ting.

Performing Transwar East Asia’s Transition
 Kwon, Nayoung.

Peripheral Landmarks in the City: Observing Two Abortion Rituals in Taipei, Taiwan
 Lin, Grace.

Perversion and Impotence as Resistance in the Chinese Pornosphere
 Jacobs, Katrien.

Phantasmagoric Empire in Times of the Other: Magic Lantern Shows and Pre-Cinema Modernity in Colonial Taiwan
 Wen, Laura Jo-Han.

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Qing State-Making and the Manchu Translation of Li
 Keliher, Macabe.


Radical Hope and the Crisis of Being
 Hölzle, Eva.

Radio Group Listening and Reconstitution of Postwar Subjectivity in U.S.-Occupied Japan
 Jung, Ji Hee.

Radioactive Discourse in Hiroshima: the Korean Hibakusha Redress Movement
 Matsunaga, Kyoko.

Re-shaping Academic Production? Australian Research Output in the Social Sciences 1993-2013
 Welch, Anthony.

Ready or Not: Young-ish urban adults' views on family formation in the 20-teens
 Roberts, Glenda.

Receiving the Rural: Motivations and Ideals of Internal Back-to-the-Land (Kwinong kwich’on) Migrants in Chŏllabukdo and Gangwŏndo, South Korea
 Tilland, Bonnie.

Recent Policy Debates over Care-Work Migration to Japan
 Milly, Deborah.

Reconciliation with Whom?: Image-making by Cambodian Artists in the Aftermath of the Khmer Rouge
 Hsu, Fang-Tze.

Recording Suffering: Medical Knowledge and Diary Keeping in Nineteenth-Century Japan
 Young, W. Evan.

Recruiting and Branding The Making of Television Dai in Contemporary Indonesia
 Siddik, Syahril.

Reform and Closing Up: Shanghai’s Universities in the First Years of the People’s Republic
 Pieragastini, Steven.

Refugee Asylums in Yunnan province during the Qing Period
 Zhou, Qiong.

Registration vs Residence: Changing Definitions of Citizenship in China
 Shimizu, Kay.

Regulating Toxicity Between Japan and China: E-waste as Problem and Resource
 Kirby, Peter. and Lora-Wainwright, Anna.

Reimagining Agriculture, Recreating Urban Bias? The New Socialist Countryside and the Modernization of Agriculture in China
 Trappel, René.

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Sacred Symbiosis: Negotiations of Desire and Spirit among Non-Heteronormative Malaysian Men
 Goh, Joseph.

Salvation by the Old Hag Datsueba in the Zenkōji Pilgrimage Mandala
 Saka, Chihiro.

Samarra-blue and Jingdezhen Kaolinite: Cultural Envoys of China’s Blue-and-White Porcelain, Then and Now
 Kuang, Lanlan.

Sapajou, Sokolsky, Shanghai: Border-crossing Perspectives on the Road to 1949
 O’Connor, Peter.

Saving ISKCON to Save the World: Constructing a “Hopeful” Reform Movement in an American Hindu Group
 Karapanagiotis, Nicole.

Saving the World through Democracy in China: Gu Hongming and the Overseas Chinese, 1901-1924
 Soon, Wayne.

Savior of the Orient: China’s Imagination of the Soviet Union during Its National Revolution, 1925-27
 Knight, John.

Scientific Forestry and Ecologies of War in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial Rule
 Hung, Kuang-chi.

Scrutinizing “Rotten Girls” in Japan and China
 McLelland, Mark.

Searching for Gender Fairness in Socialist China: Court Practices over Inheritance Disputes during the Mao Era
 Ahn, Byungil.

Searching for a Language of Hope: Dalits’ Contested Frameworks of Possibility
 Pfaff-Czarnecka, Joanna.

Searching for the feminine: Motherhood and Maternal Subjectivity in Indonesian Visual Arts
 Dirgantoro, Wulan.

Secularism and Democracy Beyond Christian Political Theology: Thinking from Taiwan and China
 Jenco, Leigh.

Security Commitments and Post-Authoritarian Politics: Revising U.S. Defence Ties in Taiwan, Korea, and the Philippines after Democratization
 Chong, Ja Ian.

Seeing Red: Moral Outrage and the Making of a Red Shirt Identity
 Buchanan, James.

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Tactical Deployment of Vernacular Literature in Wartime Jiangnan (1853-1864)
 Alexander, Katherine.

Tactical Negotiations: Gendering Mobility in Karachi’s Urban Landscape
 Kirmani, Nida.

Taiwan Babel: The Politics of Language in the Transition from Colony to Nation, 1945–1955
 Chen, Janet.

Taiwan’s South China Sea Peace Initiative: The Proposal, Its Implementation, and Challenges Ahead
 Song, Yann-huei.

Takagi Kyōzō, Yugi Onago, and the Fantastic Placeness of Tsugaru
 Solomon, Joshua.

Taoist Temples: The Taoist Belief of Grass-roots Society in the Tang Dynasty
 Zhou, Nengjun.

Teaching and Learning Noh: Twenty-First-Century Technologies and Medieval Theater in Japan
 Oglevee, John.

Telling the Story of Empire: Repatriates Writing Public History in 1960s Japan
 Bull, Jonathan.

Temporal versus Quotidian Redux: Everyday Risks, Isolation and Risk Perception in Four Small Island Barangays in the Gigantes Group of Islands, Carles, Iloilo, Philippines
 Espia, Juhn Chris.

The "Mothers of Yasukuni" and the State Appropriation of Hope in Japan at War
 Taya Cook, Haruko.

The Anatomy of Utopian Laughter in Maoist Cinema
 Wang, Rujie.

The Animal and the Animalistic in China’s Late 1950s Socialist Satires
 Wang, Yiman.

The Art of Subtle Phrasing Has Been Extinguished: Neo-Confucian Outlaws in Jin Shengtan’s Water Margin
 Gregory, Scott.

The Asian Discovery of America? A Pseudohistory and Its Propaganda of Japan’s Manifest Destiny in America
 Hashimoto, Yorismitsu.

The Aspiration of Somnambulant Labor in Contemporary Japanese Cinema
 Icreverzi, Kimberly.

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U.S. Pivot to Asia and Japan’s Hedging Strategy
 Sugita, Yoneyuki.

U.S.-China Strategic Competition and the Impacts on Regional Security
 Liu, Fu-kuo.

U.S./Japan: The Transpacific Partnership is a Same-sex Marriage
 Williams, Alan.

Umami – the Flavor of Hope: A Concept of Taste as Authenticity
 Imai, Shoko.

Uncertain Modernity of “Elegant Gathering” by Go Hui-dong
 Kim, Jiyeon.

Under a Rebel Flag: Social Resistance under Insurgent Rule in Aceh
 Barter, Shane.

Understanding the Cultural Industries from the Perspective of Chinese Modernity
 Shan, Shilian.

Understanding the Language of the ‘Freed': Social Movements in Post-2010 Myanmar
 Than, Tharaphi.

Unfree and Unfair: How Elections Legitimate Authoritarianism in Singapore
 Thum, Ping Tjin.

Uniting Asia against Imperialism: Chinese Intellectuals’ Reconceptualization of Asianism in the late 1920s
 Smith, Craig.

Universal Frontiers and the Mutual Constitution of Tōhoku and Kyoto
 Hopson, Nathan.

Universities for the Chinese Overseas in the PRC: Globalization, Education and Institutional Heritage
 Van Dongen, Els.

Unmixed Salad: The Concept of Multiculturalism in Korea through the Musical Troupe, Salad
 Kim, Soojin.

Unsettling The World Class University
 Sidhu, Ravinder.

Unusual Partnership: Postwar Labor Activism and the Colonial State in British Hong Kong, 1946-1948
 Lu, Yan.

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Vector or Actor?: Mosquito Survey and Disease Control in Postwar Taiwan, 1950s-1970s
 Fong, Jiun Shen.

Vietnamese as a Homogeneous Nation: The Legend of Hùng Kings and the Politics of Identity
 Nguyen, Anh.

Violent Victimhood and Mobility in Gujarat
 Jasani, Rubina.

Visions of Hope: Depicting Blindness and Other Disabilities in Contemporary Chinese Film
 Riep, Steven.

Visual Fatigue and Bodily Flourishing: The Affective Politics of Around-the-Island Journeys in Taiwanese Visual Culture
 Liu, Kiki Ssu-Fang.

Visual Vocabulary in Translation: Pictures of Weaving Women in China, Korea, and Japan
 Bejarano, Shalmit.

Voices in a Box: The Political Aesthetics of Sound in Wartime, Colonial Korean Radio
 Kim, Jina.

Volunteering with Coffee, Marathon Running and Capstone Project: Helping the Visually Challenged in Beijing, China
 Wu, Ka-ming.


Walking in Place: Theater and City Space in the Early Qing
 Kile, S.E..

Wanted Bodies and Unwanted Bodies: Logic and Power in the Process of Selecting Female Sex Workers in Tokyo
 Kumada, Yoko.

War and Trade, Katou Kiyomasa's Luzon Trade and Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Maritime Trade Policy during the Korea War
 Nakajima, Yoshiaki.

War, Language, and the Working Class: Toward a Trans-Pacific Genealogy of the New Left
 Yang, Manuel.

Water Governance in China’s Southwest Region: Central Policy Directives and Local Strategies of Implementation
 Habich, Sabrina.

Weaving Hopes of Family and Empire: Deciphering the Image of the Spinning Wheel in China
 Huang, Xiaofeng.

Western and Central Asians in Fukien Region under the Yuan: Solid and complex Religious Traditions
 Mukai, Masaki.

What Family Should Be: Cultural Expectations for Parent-Child Relationships after Divorce
 Alexy, Allison.

What is “Life”?: DNA and Artificial Lives in Wang Jinkang’s Works
 Yamamoto, Noriko.

What’s behind Japan’s Anti-foreigner Movement? East Asia as the Battleground for Japan’s Extreme Right
 Higuchi, Naoto.

When Jesus Sojourned in India: The Afterlife of a Forgery, and the Predicament of Shared Narratives of “World Religions”
 Mukherjee, Soumen.

When Law Encounters with Science: The Development and Challenge of Modern Law of Evidence in Taiwan
 Lin, Cheng-Yu.

When to Strike a Buffalo: The Dystopia of Health Driven Governance in Thailand
 Funahashi, Daena.

Wherefore Ecological Feminism in Japan?
 Senda, Yuki.

Who Needs the Shishifuri Lion Dance?: Interpretations and Changes to Intangible Cultural Heritage after the Great East Japan Earthquake
 Kim, Hyeonjeong.

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Yaoi and Boys Love in the Formation of Fans’ Sexual Subjectivities in Southeast Asia
 Fermin, Tricia.

Yoshihara Jirō and the Interrelation between Calligraphy and Abstract Painting in Postwar Japan
 Osaki, Shin\'ichirō.


Zaitokukai and North Korean Abductions: The Attack against Kyoto Korean School
 Saito, Masami.

Zangzao or Hysteria? Disease of the “New Women” in Late Qing and Early Republican China
 Zhang, Xueqian.

Zekkai Chushin and Ming-Japanese Relations
 Atkins, Paul.

Zen in the Art of Global Art History: China, Japan and the West
 Paul, Paramita.
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