Association for Asian Studies - Annual Conference 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-04

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"Don’t Say it is Religion!"
 Brac de la Perrière, Bénédicte.

"Free Love" or "Sexual Misconduct": Singing Girls Remembering China's Socialist Past (1949 - the Present)
 Zhao, Mi.

"Hartly House, Calcutta": Translating India through the Female Gaze
 Vedere, Sukshma.

"Hiroshima rages, Nagasaki prays": Music Commemorating the Bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
 Manabe, Noriko.

"Like the Native Trumpeter on a Tiger Hunt": Nurses, Maternity, and Child Health in Wartime China, 1930-1945
 Li, Shenglan.

"Might Is Justice!": Non-Communist Authoritarianism in China and Its Transnational Origins
 Fan, Xin.

"My Eyes are Open but My Lips are Whispering”: Anti-Royalism in Thailand after the 2006 Coup D’état
 Phuaphansawat, Khorapin.

"No Encounters with Suitable Partners": Japanese Singles and Newly Emergent Labels of Gendered Identities
 Endo, Kumiko.

"Promoting Foreign Products While Being Patriotic": Chinese Department Stores and the Native Goods Movement in the Interwar Period (1918-1939)
 Lien, Ling-ling.

"Rangoon Islam": An (Other) Religious Economy in the Indian Ocean, c.1850-1915
 Green, Nile.

"The Fact of the Poem": Scientific Thinking and the Literary Text in Colonial Korea
 Hanscom, Christopher.

"Their accent would betray them": Undocumented Migration and the Sound of Illegality in Malaysia’s Borderlands
 Carruthers, Andrew.

‘Homeless’ Deities and Refugee Devotees: Hindu Temples, Divine Power and Sri Lankan Tamil Communities in the UK
 Maunaguru, Sidharthan.

“A Ritual Practice of the Ancients”: The Marginalization of Tribute in Qing-Chosŏn Relations, 1880-1882
 Van Lieu, Joshua.

“Acts Like a Girl”: Doing and Undoing Gender in Rakugo Performance
 Welch, Patricia.

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A "Forged" Story of a Jealous Poetess: The Transformation of the Image of Su Hui in the Late Tang and the Peculiar Notion of the Power of Poetry
 Tang, Qiaomei.

A Chinese Food Missionary in Wartime America: Chao Yang Buwei’s "War and Cooking"
 Teng, Emma.

A Chinese Giant’s Global Journey
 Chen, Liana.

A Comparative Study of Russian and Japanese Primary Sources on Antipin and Shabalin’s Expedition to Hokkaidō in 1778–1779
 Shchepkin, Vasilii.

A Contradicting Practice: Socialist Classification of Publication
 Yang, Yuyu (Lara).

A Critical Look at the Boundaries of Japaneseness through Terms in Japan Used to Describe People of Japanese Ancestry
 Yamashiro, Jane.

A Cultural History of Redness in Chinese Civilization – The Origins: From the Neolithic up to Qin
 Wu, Wei.

A Defined Chu? Political Continuity and Integration in the Yangtze Region during Western Han
 Habberstad, Luke.

A Gate around Your Heart: Ethical Subject Formation in a Traditionalist Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia
 Hefner, Claire.

A Literary Feast: Reading Practices and Depictions of Print Products in Nineteenth-Century Malayalam Literature
 Ambrosone, Ellen.

A Long View of Sustainable Development in the Chengdu Plain, China
 Whiting, Susan.

A Magazine of Their Own: Shōnen Senki (Children's Battleflag) and the Use of Children's Writing
 Endo, Mika.

A Marine Borderland: The Andamans Beyond Prison Colony and Indigenous People
 Abraham, Itty.

A Moveable Border: The Koryŏ-Liao-Jurchen Borderland in the 11th Century
 Breuker, Remco.

A Natural Affinity for Shōyu: Japanese Americans and Food Exports to the United States, 1945-1965
 Hegwood, Robert.

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Backyard Gardens in the Metropolis: Folk Abortions in Republican Shanghai
 Ma, Ling.

Balinese Women in Masks: Positive Female Ritual Power in the Dance “Telek”
 Downing, Sonja.

Bannermen Community, Identity, and Heritage of North China from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century
 Qiu, Yuanyuan.

Battle for the Fort: Disjointed urban resistance movements against the gentrification of Fort Bonifacio
 Ordoñez, Matthew David.

Battle, Regime Change, and Periodization as Family Crises before and after Sekigahara
 Spafford, David.

Becoming Healthy: Changing Views on Tea in East Asia
 Zhang, Lawrence.

Behind the Scenes: Can the Korea Creative Content Agency Produce New Hit Content?
 Kwon, Sunhyeong.

Behind the Scenes: Cover Dancers as a K-Pop Resource
 Saeji, CedarBough.

Behind the Scenes: K-Pop Music Videos by Zany Bros
 Fendler, Ute.

Behind the Scenes: The Fall of MTV Asia and the K-Pop-Driven Rise of Mnet
 Oh, Ingyu.

Benevolent Icon or Fierce Deity? A Reassessment of the Shōjūraigōji Enma Scroll’s Place in Japanese Art History
 Chusid, Miriam.

Between Danwei and Jiedao: Engendering the Socialist Urban Space in 1950’s PRC
 Dong, Yige.

Between Fishing and Trading: An Essay on the Fishermen and Maritime Commerce in China around the Sixteenth Century
 Yamazaki, Takeshi.

Between Industrial Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration: Changsin-dong, "Garment Village" in Seoul
 Kim, Ji Youn.

Between Labor and Intellectual Production: Toward Defining a New Methodology for Understanding the History of Korean Literature and Culture of the 1980-1990s 
 Cheon, Jung-hwan.

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Capitalism and the Struggle for an Islamic Economic Ethics in Contemporary Indonesia
 Hefner, Robert.

Capricious Gods, Dangerous Ghosts, and the Efficacy of Ritual Practice: Indigenous Theories from China
 Puett, Michael.

Careers and Causes: Participation in Myanmar's Legislature
 Bouchat, Sarah.

Caring for Bodies and Minds: Kokan Shiren’s Treatise on the Nature of Illness
 Drott, Edward.

Caste and Sexual Labor: Investigating Lives of Tamasha Performers in Maharashtra
 Paik, Shailaja.

Cat and Mouse: Plague and the Contested Construction of a Medical Technology, c. 1907-20
 Mukharji, Projit.

Cautery in Context: The Adoption of Moxibustion in Medieval Tendai-Jimon Healing Rituals
 Macomber, Andrew.

Centering on Periphery: Reading Gender and Place in Prose from Iwate Women Writers
 Kamerer, Tamara.

Challenges and Opportunities: Comparing the Emerging Wine Industries of Changhua County, Taiwan and the Kofu Basin, Japan
 Kingsbury, Aaron. and Chen, Liang-Chih.

Challenging Constraints, Crossing Confines: A Memsahib’s Negotiations with her Identity
 Roye, Susmita.

Changes in External Support and Environmental Regulatory Enforcement: A Longitudinal Study in Guangzhou, China
 Lo, Carlos. and Liu, Nicole.

Changing Perceptions of Buddhist Nuns in Republican China (1920-1949)
 DeVido, Elise.

Changing the Conversation: The Shift from Confucian to Buddhist Rhetoric in Nanzhao Records
 Bryson, Megan.

China-India Colonial Configurations and the Aesthetics of Imprisonment
 Mangalagiri, Adhira.

China’s Development: A New Development Paradigm?
 Hsu, Jennifer.

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Dancing Pictures: “Mei Lanfang’s ‘The Goddess Spreads Flowers’ and the Inherent Ambiguity of Modernism
 Yeh, Catherine.

Dancing the Guanyin: The Contradictions of Courtesan Religiosity in Late Imperial China
 Li, Yuhang.

Datsueba: Old Hag in Hell and Savior of Women in This Life and the Next
 Saka, Chihiro.

De-exceptionalising Disasters: A Central Himalayan Flood in Historical and Political Context
 Govindrajan, Radhika.

Dead Reckoning: Western Views of Chinese Burial Practices in Late Qing and Early Republican China and Some Indigenous Responses
 Reeves, Caroline.

Debates from Afar: Discussing Diplomacy at Qubilai's Court
 Fiaschetti, Francesca.

Debating the Hartwell Hypothesis: Iron Production, Iron Consumption, and the Northern Song State
 Zhang, Ling.

Decapitalizing Religion: State Control of Urban Buddhism in Post-1949 Shanghai
 Jessup, J. Brooks.

Deception in the Postcolonial City: A Cinematic Critique
 Kalyan, Rohan.

Defining Right from Wrong: The Role of Law in the Repudiation of the Cultural Revolution
 Leese, Daniel.

Delaying Development: The Politics of Rice Price Policies and Agricultural Transformation in Thailand
 Ricks, Jacob.

Demonizing the City: Saegusa Kazuko and the Passage to Hell
 Copeland, Rebecca.

Demons and the Tourist Gaze
 Foster, Michael.

Demotivated to Align Self with Cultural Norms: Psychological Consequences of Youth Marginalization
 Norasakkunkit, Vinai.

Desiring China: Thames Town, "Hallstatt" and Copycat Architecture
 Hui, Calvin.

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Early Chinese Suffragettes and the Identity of the Shrew
 Yang, Shu.

Ecocinema and Chinese-Language Documentary Films
 Lu, Sheldon.

Eden on the Frontiers: Military Land Reclamation Projects and Geopolitical Discourse in Republican China, 1928-1954.
 Wu, Shellen.

Editor’s Intervention in Politics of Writing: Yi Sang’s Editorship in Colonial Modernism of 1930s Korea
 Choe, Hyonhui.

Electric Design: Light and Leisure in Prewar Japanese Advertising
 Weisenfeld, Gennifer.

Electrifying Urban Life: Industrial Design in the Modern Japanese City
 Hanes, Jeff.

Elevating the Family through Preserving Its Memory: Han Qi of the Northern Song (960-1125)
 Zhang, Cong.

Elite Families, Political Legitimation, and the Geography of Power across the Tang-Song Transition
 Tackett, Nick.

Elite or Populist? Series Publications, Readerships, and the Configuration of Knowledge in Republican China
 Culp, Robert.

Embodying Buddhist Ethics: Temple Wife Networks and Leprosy Activism in the Jōdo Shinshū
 Starling, Jessica.

Embodying Guanyin, Embodying Yaojing: Devotional Deviance in Liu Xiang Baojuan
 Alexander, Katherine.

Embracing Precarity to Pursue Creativity: Social Media, Informal Learning, and Young Rural-to-Urban Migrant Workers in Beijing
 Wallis, Cara.

Embroidering Success: Artist and Businesswoman Shen Shou (1874-1921)
 Sung, Doris.

Empire's Sincerest Propagandists: Japanese Student Essays on 'Japan-Korean Harmony' (Naisen yūwa)
 Haag, Andre.

Employing the Uncanny to Combat Historical Erasure: Inoue Mitsuharu
 Clayton, Sarah.

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Fair Traditions: Sri Lankan Media Audiences and the Cultural Value of White Skin
 McLaren, Sally.

Faith vs. Desire: Si fan in the Chinese and Japanese “New Dance” Movements, 1920s-1940s
 Ma, Nan.

Family Networks and Voting Behavior: Evidence from the Philippines
 Davidson, Michael. and Hicken, Allen.

Fan Fiction in Djuna's Stories: South Korean SF Fandom and the Problem of Cultural Appropriation
 Kim, Dahye.

Fascism between Metropole and Colony: China, 1925-1937
 Clinton, Maggie.

Fashioning the Foreign: Woolen Fabrics in Late Qing Chinese Dress
 Silberstein, Rachel.

Fecund Mullas and Gonibillas: The Gendered Nature of Anti-Muslim Sentiment in Post-War Sri Lanka
 Haniffa, Fathima.

Feeling at Home in the World: Korean (Traditional) Musicians in a Transnational Circuit
 Yeo, Hyunjin.

Female-Spirit Noh and The Lotus Sutra: Tamakazura and Nonomiya
 Chudnow, Matthew.

Femininity and Resistance in the Urdu Shi’i Elegy and Colonial Awadh
 Knapczyk, Peter.

Fertilizer from the Sky: Energy Constraints and Technological Innovation in Great Leap Sichuan, 1958-1962
 Tan, Yingjia.

Fictionalizing the Arts of the Bedchamber: The Immaculate Woman and the Ming Pornographic Manual Su’e pian
 Liu, Peng.

Fictive Kinship as a Technique of Governance in Contemporary Vietnam: Hung Kings and the Global Economy
 Nguyễn, Phúc Anh.

Fighting for Every Inch of Land: The Political Economy of Land Petitions in Zhejiang
 Heurlin, Christopher.

Financial Crisis and the Birth of Domestic Debt in the Late Qing Dynasty
 Li, Wenjie.

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Gender Roles in Television Commercials in Asia: A Comparison of Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore
 Pongsapitaksanti, Piya.

Gender and Moral Economy of Contemporary Chinese Love and Homeownership
 Shen, Hsiu-hua.

Gendered Accessories in Modern Korea: European Luxury, Prestige or Social Stigma?
 Joo, Kyeongmi.

Gendered Hermeneutics in Wang Yi’s Commentary on the Chuci
 Zikpi, Monica.

Gendered Politics of Aspiration and IT Education in Urban India
 Zyskowski, Kathryn.

Gendered Resistance: Japanese Assimilation Policy and Early Ainu Response in Hokkaido
 Lewallen, Ann-Elise.

Gendering Texts in Chinese Buddhism: Tang Epitaphs for State Masters Ruyuan and Huiguo
 Yao, Ping.

Generation Z’s Moratorium Migration: Young Japanese Navigate Their Maturation
 Werth, Silke.

Genre, Ethnicity, and Feminine Subjectivity: Ai Wu’s Journey to the South Sequels
 Guo, Jie.

Gentrification Effects: The Flow of Cultural Refugees and Place-Making in the Vicinities of Hongdae
 Lee, Keewoong.

Geography and History in Early Modern Japanese Understandings of Epidemics
 Trambaiolo, Daniel.

Geopolitical Medicine: Japanese Kanpō Scholars and the Promotion of Pan-Asian Traditional Medicine in Wartime East Asia
 Clark, Dusty.

Getting Away with Murder in Myanmar
 Cheesman, Nick.

Ghostly Imagination: Spirit Photography and “Psychic Studies” in Modern China
 Wu, Shengqing.

Gifting as Governance: NGO Service Projects and the Formation of Disciplinary Power in Rural Migrant Communities in Contemporary China
 Zhan, Yang.

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Hakka Reimagined: Satoyama Initiative and the Meinong Rural Life Music Festival in Taiwan
 Luo, Ai Mei.

Han Military Bureaucracy as a Nexus of Cultural Dissemination
 Sanft, Charles.

Hands Off: Legislative Violence in Taiwan and its Possible Cultural and Institutional Influences
 Kirchberger, Sarah.

Hanoi at Night: The Press and Sexual Mores in Late Colonial Vietnam
 Nguyen, Martina.

Hardcore Adaptation: Millennial Masculinity in Oldboy (2003)
 Choo, Kukhee.

Harmonious Henosis: Āẕar Kayvān and Occult Aspects of Akbar's ṣulḥ-i kull
 Sheffield, Daniel.

Harnessing the Internet for Sustainable Economic Recovery: China’s New Information and Communication Agenda
 Hong, Yu.

Hearing Hyperobjects: Soundscapes of the Post-Anthropocene in Snowpiercer
 Shin, Haerin.

Hedged Bets: The Chinese Communist Party and Hong Kong Business, 1950-1980
 Leighton, Christopher.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Traumas of War, Border Crossing Survival Strategies, and the Fragmented History of Chinese Filmmaking, 1944-1958
 Pickowicz, Paul.

Here the Line is Drawn: A Study in the Liminality of 1950s and 60s Korean Editorial Cartoons
 Hall, Emily.

Hermaphrodites, Spectacle, and Science Fiction in Japan
 Page-Lippsmeyer, Kathryn.

Heroes in Crisis: The Transformation of Yakuza Film in Early 1970s Japan
 Igarashi, Yoshikuni.

Hidden in Plain Sight: “Forgotten” Films and the Cinephiliac Impulse
 Braester, Yomi.

High Modernist Urban Renewal and Its Detractors: The Case of Singapore
 Tajudeen, Imran.

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I Once was Blind, but Now I See: Calling in Sick during the Reign of Gongsun Shu
 Farmer, J. Michael.

ISIS, Jihad and Indonesian Discourses on Islamic Authenticity
 Fealy, Greg.

Idaho to Apra: Filipino Migrant Labor and the U.S. Military’s Sea of Bases
 Woods, Colleen.

Identity Complex, Political Agency, and Nationalism: Xiao Hong’s Field of Life and Death Revisited
 Xu, Hangping.

Identity and Cultural Perspectives amongst Kazakhs: Linking Past to Present through Ethnic Policy in Mongolia
 Barcus, Holly.

Ideological Conversion and Revolutionary Restorationism in 1930s Japan
 Ward, Max.

Idol / Aidoru Worship and the Spectacle of Adolescent Terror in Kōji Shiraishi’s Shirome
 Nelson, Lindsay.

Imag(in)ing Geopolitics in Comics: The Case of the Cheonan Sinking
 Shim, David.

Image and Text Relations in a Late Ming Collection of Short Vernacular Fiction
 Wille, Alexander.

Image as Method: The Specter of China’s “Eco-Apocalypse”
 Litzinger, Ralph.

Image, Text, and Performance in the Creation of the Japanese Children’s Limbo
 Glassman, Hank.

Images and Agendas: Shan Elite Participation in British Colonial Photography during Late-Nineteenth-Century to Mid-Twentieth-Century Burma
 Rittinaphakorn, Thweep.

Imagining the Enemy: Sino-Burmese Cross-Border Interactions between 1769–1788
 Mikhalevskaya, Arina.

Imagining the Rural: Longing and Labor in India’s Construction Industry
 Dharia, Namita.

Imperial Ambition in the New Republic: Illustrated Manual of Official Dress for Ritual Sacrifices during Yuan Shikai's Presidency
 Wong, Aida.

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Jadidists in Beijing: Chinese Muslims’ Educational Reform in the Early Twentieth Century and Japanese Pan-Asianists
 Unno, Noriko.

Japan in Three Travel Narratives by Chinese Women of the Late Qing
 Widmer, Ellen.

Japanese Buddhist Conceptions of History as seen in Kakuken’s Sangoku dentōki
 Thompson, Luke.

Japanese Court Martial and Military Courts in East and Southeast Asia, 1937-1945
 Zachmann, Urs.

Japanese Military Authorities and the Value of Prisoners Of War, 1941-1945
 Wilson, Sandra.

Japan’s Anime Policy: Supporting the Industry or “Killing the Cool”?
 Otmazgin, Nissim.

Japan’s Fascist Critique of Fascism
 Hofmann, Reto.

Jiankang and the Southern Frontier: Buddhism, Diplomacy, and the Construction of Space
 Chittick, Andrew.

Jin Shengtan (1608–1661) on the Experience of Reading: Self-Discovery, Embodiment, and Joy
 Ling, Xiaoqiao.

Jobless Growth Even in Labor-Abundant India: Capitalist Transition and the Challenges of Employment
 D\'Costa, Anthony.

Joe’s World Atlas: Manga and the Cold War in Japan, ca. 1970
 Hori, Hikari.

John Sung Papers at the Yale Divinity Library
 Estelle-Holmer, Suzanne.

Joining Törü: Mongol World Order and Treaty Making (16h and 17th Centuries)
 Munkh-Erdene, Lhamsuren.

Jokes, Wise Sayings and Riddles: The Role of Tradition in Late Socialist Mongolia
 Marzluf, Phillip.

Journey to the West in Early Modern Japan: Tamenaga Shunsui’s Fuzoku Onna Saiyuki
 Vakhnenko, Yevheniy.

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Kaikô Ken and Writing the Vietnam War
 Bayard-Sakai, Anne.

Kaitong: Opening the Sluices to Official Corruption in Late-Qing Fiction
 Roddy, Stephen.

Keeping Ornamental Birds in Eighteenth-Century Choson
 Jung, Min.

Keeping it Refined: King Chŏngjo’s “Rectification of Literary Styles”
 Jeong, Wook-Jin.

Killing Cats and Other Flights of Imagination: Features and Contexts of Chan Exegesis
 Poceski, Mario.

Korea's Division System and the (Impossible) Position of North Korean Defectors
 Hwang, Jung-A.

Korean Collective Identities from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s
 Kim-Ju, Greg.

Korean Dance beyond Koreanness: Park Yeong-in and Lim Jee-ae in the German Dance Scene
 Son, Okju.

Korean Envoys’ Encountering with Chinese Popular Culture in the 18th Century
 Kim, Youme.

Korean Independent Film in the 1990s: The Transition from National Reality to Sensual Modernity
 Chon, Woohyung.

Korean Male Body Project in the Cold War Era: Transnational Love Affair of 1960s Korean Films
 Yi, Young-Jae.

Korean Minority Youth’s Identity Construction under Globalization: Their Imagination and Agency in Language/Culture Learning
 Shin, Jaran.

Korean Traditional Papermaking (Based on Korean Collections of Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography)
 Panova, Irina.

Korean War POWs and Their “Brainwashers": Cold War Ideology and Historical Methodologies
 Smith, Aminda.

Kowtowing to Our Emperor: The Imperial Envoys of Qing China and the King of Chosŏn Korea, 1702–1890
 Wang, Yuanchong.


Landscape without Nature: Ecological Reflections in Contemporary Chinese Art
 Tan, Chang.

Landscapes of the Unfamiliar: Tani Motokatsu and His Journey to Ezo in 1799
 Toyosawa, Nobuko.

Language Ideologies in Tibet: The Case of Manegacha, an Endangered Language of the Northeast Tibetan Plateau
 Roche, Gerald.

Language, Boundary-Making and Empowerment: The Case of Tibetan Students in Minzu University of China
 Yang, Miaoyan.

Laos: Memory and Positionality 40 Years after 1975
 Baird, Ian.

Law and the Circulation of Documents by Scribes in the Early Chinese Empires
 Yates, Robin.

Law, Chinese Sovereignty, and the Vatican Response to Manchukuo
 Dubois, Thomas.

Laws Compared: How the Chosôn State Relied on Ming and Qing Legislations
 Roux, Pierre-Emmanuel.

Lawyers’ Networks and Policy Change in Japan and South Korea
 Arrington, Celeste.

Learning from the “Enemy”: Producing Southern Knowledge in Japanese Taipei and Nationalist Shanghai in the Long 1930s
 Kuo, Huei-Ying.

Lee Kuan Yew’s Media Model: Atypical or Archetypal?
 George, Cherian.

Legal Claims and Ideas of Lawfulness in Inter-Polity Relations of the Early Manchus (1580-1636)
 Di Cosmo, Nicola.

Legally (In)visible: Citizenship, Human Rights, and the Social Belonging of Mixed-Blood Koreans in Post-Colonial South Korea
 Kim, Chung-kang.

Legally Marked as Non/Vagrant: The Signifier of Vagrant in the Hyongje Pokchiwon Discourse (1987) and Its Post-Colonial Traces
 Lee, Soyoung.

Lekra’s Last Theatre Campaign: Anti-Kabir Plays, Ludruk, and the Search for “Kepribadian Indonesia”
 Bodden, Michael.

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Made in Korea, Made for Japan: The Korean Product Section of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Colonial Seoul
 Oh, Younjung.

Making Connections by Writing about Experiences of Exile
 Wang, Ping.

Making Nation between Protection and Surveillance: Transformation of Colonial Juvenile Justice System in Post-Colonial Korea
 So, Hyunsoog.

Making and Unmaking the World: Adaptations of “Song of Bamboo Twigs” in Late Chosŏn
 Cho, Sookja.

Making of a Dark Heritage in Japan
 Han, Jung-Sun.

Malicious Neglect or Force of Circumstances? Japanese Medical Treatment of POWs in Wartime Southeast Asia
 Cribb, Robert.

Man from Atlantis in China: An American TV Drama’s Migration in the Early 1980s
 Xue, Yinyin.

Managing Manga Studies in the Convergent Classroom
 McLelland, Mark.

Managing Muslims: Japan’s Quest to Legitimize itself in the Islamic World through Connections with Italy and Germany in WWII
 Hammond, Kelly.

Mandala Majapahit: An NGO in East Java
 Miksic, John.

Mantras and Materialities: Saidaiji Order Kōmyō Shingon Practices
 Quinter, David.

Mao and Stalin’s Class Struggle under Socialism
 Li, Hua-yu.

Mapping Colonies: Trigonometrical Surveys in Taiwan and the New Territories
 Cheung, Sui-wai.

Mapping Famine: Geography and Statecraft in Late-Qing, Nationalist, and Mao-Era Henan
 Edgerton-Tarpley, Kathryn.

Mapping Lives through Letter Collections and Biographies
 De Weerdt, Hilde.

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Na-Salapuan: A Philippine Traditional Dance Rendered in a Contemporary Form
 Baguilat, Angela.

Naked Bodies and Feral Dogs—Buddhist Laywomen’s Practice of Exposing the Corpse in Medieval China
 Choo, Jessey.

Narratives of Legitimation or Contention: Examining the Master Historical Account of the War of Resistance against Japan in China’s Domestic-Foreign Policy Interaction
 Liao, Ning.

Nation-Building without a Nation: Chinese Planning for Development in the Early Republic
 Lee, Joyman.

Nationalism, Reactionary Nationalism, and the Two Phases of the Yasukuni Shrine Issue
 Takenaka, Akiko.

Native Grotesqueness: Contemporary Native-Soil Literature in China and Taiwan
 Wang, Chialan.

Nature, Fengshui, and Political Symbolism: Pines on Mount Zhong during the Seventeenth Century
 Huang, Amy.

Negotiating Given Structures: Mapping the "Messiness" of Singapore’s Religious Landscape
 Sinha, Vineeta.

Negotiating Health in the Thai-Burma Border: A Case Study of Karen Migrants at Malaria Clinics
 Nago, Asami.

Negotiating Justice: Homicide Cases in the Criminal and Civil Courts of Republican China
 Neighbors, Jennifer.

Negotiating Religious Transformation through Sundanese Vocal Music
 Williams, Sean.

Negotiation of Morality for Marriage Migrant Women Serving as Hostesses in Taiwan
 Tseng, Hsunhui.

Neo-Nationalism as a “Restoration” Movement
 Mullins, Mark.

Networked Upstream-Downstream and Maritime "Activity Zones" in 16th-19th Century Banjarmasin (Southeast Borneo)
 Hall, Kenneth.

New Findings on the Indonesian Killings of 1965-66
 Chandra, Siddharth.

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Objects in Motion: Chinese Antiques in Korean Paintings
 Lee, Ja Won.

Of Ancient Royal Monasteries and Light-Up Buddha Statues: Creating and Legitimating Sacred Space in Sikkim
 Bhutia, Kalzang.

Of Foreigners Bearing Gifts: Debating Foreign Capital in 1920s-30s China
 Yan, Dong.

Old Menace in New China: Coastal Smuggling and Illicit Economies in the Early People’s Republic
 Thai, Philip.

Old Themes, New Endings: At the Edges of the Self-Knowing Copy
 Koon, Yeewan.

On Economic Development, Institutional Capacity and India's Human Rights Approach to Development
 Hirsch, Moshe.

On Speaking (up for) Cantonese as Hong Kong Cultural Identity
 Chu, Yiu-wai.

On Teaching Asian Popular Culture
 Suter, Rebecca.

On the Eve of Liberation: An Osaka Outcaste Community in the Meiji Restoration
 Abele, Michael.

On the Margins of Family: Unwed Mothers and Illegitimate Children in Modern Japan, 1868–1945
 Hahm, Jooyeon.

On the Relationship between Diagram, Evidenciality and Divinatory Technique
 Schneider, Holger.

On the Road: Understandings and Experiences of the Road by Manchu Bannermen in Qing China
 Chen, Huiying.

One Stone, Two Birds: Studying Arabic Texts through Javanese Interlinear Translations
 Umam, Saiful.

One Village, One Product: The Commodification of Agriculture in Contemporary China
 Smith, Nick.

Oni Keizu: A Demon’s Pedigree in Izumi Kyōka
 Poulton, Cody.

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Paintings on/in Boxes of a Hundred Various Things
 Cura, Nixi.

Paper Trails: Mobility, Identity and the Indian State, 1947-60
 Roy, Haimanti.

Paratexts: Wu Zao's 吳藻 Images in Others' Eyes
 Chen, Shuojun.

Parenting Inner and Outer Children in Contemporary Chinese Psychospiritual Salons
 Pritzker, Sonya.

Parenting through Picture Books: Buddhist Approaches to Education in Contemporary Taiwan
 Heller, Natasha.

Partisanship and the Press: News, Commentary, and the May Fourth Movement
 Weston, Timothy.

Pashtunistan: Postcolonial Imaginaries along Borderlands, 1947-1954
 Qayyum, Amna.

Passages through the Ashram: Two British Indophiles and the Politics of Transculturation in Colonial India, 1904-1935
 Biswas, Somak.

Pastoral Hospitality: Circuits of Conversion, Collaboration and Care for Remaining Vietnamese in the Philippines
 Pangilinan, James.

Paternal Authority, Longing, and Family Strategy Beyond Control in Japan's Fourteenth Century War
 Tonomura, Hitomi.

Path, Pause, and Slowness: Line and Process in Mid-Ming Suzhou Landscape Paintings
 Liu, Lihong.

Patrick Geddes and the Role of “Conservation Surgery” in Contemporary Historic Preservation Planning
 Chalana, Manish.

Patron Function and Authorial Intent in Early Japanese Manuscript Cultures
 Lowe, Bryan.

Pattern and Perception in Ruan Yuan’s “Record of Stone Pictures” (Shihua ji)
 Seiffert, Gregory.

Pawns of Immortality: The Consequences of Soteriological Care in Japan's Modern Tuberculosis Epidemic
 Perelman, Elisheva.

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Quantifying the Auspicious: Fengshui as a Legal Strategy and Administrative Tool in Cases from the Nanbu County Archive
 Brown, Tristan.

Queer Otaku? Representation of Female Sexuality, Bodies, and Pleasure in Genshiken Nidaime
 Shen, Lien Fan.

Questionable Comportment: Aspiration, Wandering, and the Figure of the Badmash in Rural Bihar
 Kantor, Hayden.


Race, Nature and the Conservative Family in Colonial India
 Sen, Satadru.

Racializing a Nation: Clinical Trials on Iressa in the Context of Korean Nationalism and Asianism
 Ahn, Sungwoo.

Racing to the Bottom or to the Top?
 Lorentzen, Peter.

Radicalism Tempered or Bolstered by Ambivalence? The Self-Respect Movement in Late Colonial South India
 Ganesen, Uma.

Radio Culture in Cold War Hong Kong Films
 Wang, Xiaojue.

Rakugo's Negotiation of Militarism During World War II
 Shores, Matthew.

Rapping on Tradition’s Door: The Battle between Korean Hip Hop and P’ansori Performers
 Willoughby, Heather.

Rashid al-Din’s Epistle against the Transmigration of Chinggisid Souls: Islam, Buddhism and the Polemics of Mongol Sacred Kingship in Medieval Iran
 Brack, Jonathan.

Rational Traitors, Honorable Cowards: Desertion in the Song Dynasty
 Alyagon, Elad.

Re-Interpreting Anglo-Indian Law in Colonial Burma
 Mazumder, Rajashree.

Re-evaluating the Legacy of Lhanangpa (1164-1224) in Bhutanese History and Buddhist Practice
 Nyenda, Sonam.

Readers Write Back: Readership and the Print Public Sphere in Late 19th-Century Urdu
 Dubrow, Jennifer.

Reading Che Guevara in Kuala Lumpur: The Rise of Independent, Political, and Intellectual Youth Collectives in Malaysia
 Idrus, Rusaslina.

Reading Class Out of the Masses: The Rebranding of Popular Education in the Nanjing Decade
 Smith, Zach.

Reading the Liberatory Promise of a Third Gender in(to) Manga
 Welker, James.

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Saan ang espiritu ng mga Vietnamese? Probing the Ghostly Remains of the Vietnamese Refugee Camps in the Philippines
 Lê Espiritu, Evyn.

Sacral Objects and Profane Lives: Adjudicating Death in Nineteenth-Century Siam
 Pearson, Quentin.

Sarkar, Sardar and Ma-Bap: The Relational World of the Working Child in Western India 1850-1940
 Alexander, Emma.

Saving China: The Chinese Youth Party in Europe
 Till, Christina.

Saving Fish Owls: Conservation Ideology and Community River Resource Use in Eastern Hokkaido, Japan
 Watanabe, Takehiro.

Saving Practice from Textualism: Using Epitaphs to Shed New Light on Esoteric Buddhist Practices (jiao 教) in Early Ming (1368-1424) China
 Zhang, Dewei.

Scandal and Law in Nineteenth-Century Hyderabad
 Cohen, Benjamin.

Scents and Sensibility: The Sensual Significance of Soap
 Piao, Jinglin.

Schreib Das Auf!: Literary Reportage as Kunstform and Kampfform in the Left Wing Movement of 1930s China
 Qin, Lei.

Science Fiction in South and North Korea
 Kim, Dong-Won.

Screening Film in Western Sichuan, 1970s/2010s: Language, Technology, Place, and Ethnicity in the Making of Rural Cosmopolitanism
 Chen, Tina Mai.

Scribes and Assistants in the Qin Administration: Excavated Evidence from Liye, Shuihudi, and Zhangjiashan
 Ma, Tsang-wing.

Script, Vernaculars, and a Chinese Experience of Literary Vernacularization
 Shao, Flora.

Scripting Addiction, Constraining Recovery: Alcoholism and Ideology in Japan
 Christensen, Paul.

Searching for Growth in Arid Lands: Agricultural Exploration and Improvement in Early Twentieth-Century Xinjiang
 Lavelle, Peter.

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TV Japan: Screaming Samurai Join Anime Clubs in the Land of the Lost
 Freedman, Alisa.

Tailoring Modernity: 19th-Century Dress Reform in the Korean Empire and the Meiji Japan
 Yi, Jaeyoon.

Taking Out the Middlemen: Efforts to Shorten the Food Chain in Bangalore, India
 Frazier, Camille.

Taking the Precepts: A Beginning or the Seal of Awakening?
 Riggs, David.

Talking History on Film: Pearls and Perils
 Hinton, Carma.

Tancho in the Sky, Salmon in the River: Bringing Salmon Back to the Kushiro River, Hokkaido in Japan
 Ito, Takeshi.

Teaching Japanese Pop Culture in Japan in Diverse Contexts
 Occhi, Debra.

Teaching Land Reform to the Third World: Taiwan, the U.S., and International Development, 1949 to 1975
 Lin, James.

Tears in the Imperial Screen: Strait of Chosŏn (1943) as a Wartime Woman’s Film and the Construction of Colonial Korean Spectatorship
 Park, Hyun Hee.

Teatro de las Delicias: Xiqu in Two Latin American Metropolises
 Stenberg, Josh.

Temple of Dawn: Architecture, Novel, and Reincarnation
 Rujivacharakul, Vimalin.

Terminal Commodities? Material Attachment and the Social Death of Puppets
 Gygi, Fabio.

Territorial Disputes and Domestic Politics in Northeast Asia
 Bukh, Alexander.

Territorializing National Identity in Post-Socialist Mongolia: Purity, Authenticity, and Chinggis Khaan
 Myadar, Orhon. and Rae, James.

Textual Codification of Tibetan Buddhist Rituals in Eighteenth-Century Mongolia
 Wu, Lan.

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Unblocking Laos: Colonial Infrastructure, Sociopolitical Friction and Forms of Mobility in the Lao-Vietnamese borderlands
 Tappe, Oliver.

Uncategorizable Strange Women in Medieval Anecdotal Writing
 Zheng, Yiwen.

Under the Dome: China, the Environment, and the Viral Media Event
 Yang, Fan.

Understanding Representation: The Politics of Adivasi Representation
 Dharavath, Mohan.

Universalities and Local Particularities in the Treatment of Cold Damage: A View from Eighteenth-Century Vietnam
 de Vries, Leslie.

Unreliable Narratives: Historical and Archaeological Approaches to Early Silla
 Davey, Jack.

Unusual Suspects: Privatized Violence and Dispossessive Litigation in the (un) Making of Labor Politics in Korea
 Lee, Yoonkyung.

Urban Commoners and the Pornographic Imaginary in the Early Qing
 Wu, Cuncun.

Urban Taiwan’s State-Structured Neighborhood Governance: Deepening Democracy, Partisan Civic Engagement, Inverted Class Bias
 Read, Benjamin.


Valuing the “Otaku?”: Organizing Imagination and Other Capacities for Capitalism in Japan
 Kam, Thiam Huat.

Varieties of Developmental Regimes in India: How Social Bases of Power Influence State Policy
 Chakrabarti, Poulomi.

Victim of Liberation: The Process of Division in Post-Colonial Korea
 Caprio, Mark.

Vietnamese Boat People in Hong Kong (1975-2000): The Cause and Effects of Protests and Riots in the Refugee Detention Camps
 Hoang, Carina.

Vietnamese and Filipinos: The Competing Representation of Cold War “Refugees” in Malaysia, 1977-1980
 Lipman, Jana.

Views on Buddhist Precepts and Ethics in Late Koryǒ
 Vermeersch, Sem.

Virtual Earthquakes and Real-World Survival in Japan’s Disaster Report Videogame
 Whaley, Ben.

Visual Historicism as Creative Hermeneutics: The Case of Neo-Rimpa
 Szostak, John.

Visual Identifications: X-Gender and Narratives of Identity through Zines, Manga and Television
 Dale, Sonja.

Visual Perspectives on Localization of the Buddha’s Legends
 Pons, Jessie.

Visual and Material Proclamation: The Role of Photography in the Accession of Siam’s King Chulalongkorn in 1868
 Utama, Lupt.

Visualizing the Obscurity: Reading the Illustrated Novel Idle Talk under the Bean Arbor
 Wang, Wei.

Visualizing the Tantric Ritual in Painting: Tibetan Buddhist Practice Reimagined
 Pakhoutova, Elena.

Voices of the Powerless: Oral History and the 1975 Muslim Uprising in Yunnan Province
 Wang, Xian.

Voting for the Nation: The Integration of Chandernagore, c. 1949
 Yechury, Akhila.

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Wakashu as a Third Gender and Gender Ambiguity in the Edo Period
 Mostow, Joshua.

War, First-Hand, At a Distance: Imperial Student Travel and the Affective Map of Empire
 McDonald, Kate.

Wartime Forestry and the "Low Temperature Lifestyle" in Colonial Korea, 1937-1945
 Fedman, David.

Was Po Sein the (Co-)Choreographer of Denishawn’s A Burmese Yein Pwe?
 Miller, Christopher.

We Must Fight! We Have Nowhere to Go!": Ethnography of a Barikadang Bayan (slum community barricade)
 Arcilla, Chester Antonino.

We are All Incumbents: Elections and the Politicization of Indonesia's Bureaucracy
 Berenschot, Ward.

What Difference Does a Status Make? Navigating (Il)Legality on the Thailand-Myanmar Border
 Pepper, Mollie.

What Drives Popular Protest in China: Findings from a New Nationwide Dataset
 Dimitrov, Martin.

What It Means to Be Human: Magic and Gender in Final Fantasy VI
 Hemmann, Kathryn.

What is the Hanguk in Hanguk Hip Hop? Locating Hip Hop in South Korea
 Song, Myoung-Sun.

When Identity Conflicts with Political Reality: Chinese Officers and Their Manchu Emperor, 1627-1643
 Tsai, Sung-Ying.

When London Hit the Headlines: The Chinese Media Discourse on Smog in a Historical Perspective
 Li, Hongtao. and Svarverud, Rune.

When Pluralism Became a Value for a Muslim Militia: The Case of Banser (Barisan Ansor Serba Guna)
 Lukens-Bull, Ronald.

When Rites Go Wrong: Ritual and Political Conflict in the Late Heian Period
 Sango, Asuka.

When Singleton Children Fight Back: Filial Piety, Social Media and Anti-Parent Sentiments in China
 Zhang, Xia.

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Xia Nai’s Egypt in the Archaeology of China
 Doyon, Wendy.

Xiqu in London: A Cross-Cultural Performer's Perspective
 Hunter Gordon, Kim.


Zen Sells Zen Things: Meditation Supply, Right Livelihood, and Buddhist Retail
 Levine, Gregory.
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