Association for Asian Studies - Annual Conference 2017-Mar-16 to 2017-Mar-20

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"A Fence on which we Can Rely": Adapting Territorial Sovereignty in Early Twentieth-Century Eastern Tibet
 Relyea, Scott.

"Awakened Muslim": Turkish Modernity in Chinese Muslim Reformist Thought
 Eroglu, Hale.

"China Town" in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Huynh, T. Tu.

"Disarmed": War-Related Disability in Contemporary Japanese Cinema and Its Implications for Masculinity, Wartime History and Memory
 O\'Reilly, Sean.

"Gaijin Power": Narratives of American Entitlement in U.S. Marine Corps’ Orientation Materials for Japanese Bases
 Gabrielson, Carl.

"If I speak, they will kill me, to remain silent is to die": Poetry of Resistance in General Zia’s Pakistan (1977-88)
 Kalra, Virinder.

"Koreanness" and Nation Building: Yegrin Musical Company's Representation of the City and the Country in Ggotnimi Ggotnimi Ggotnimi
 Choi, Seungyoun.

"Manila Bandsmen": Musical Migrations and Imperial Histories
 Schenker, Fritz.

"My Heart's Anna:" Intimacy, Affect, and Cosmopolitanism among Chinese Volunteers Abroad
 Nyíri, Pál.

"Other Diplomacies" in Canadian-Asian Relations: The Case of Canadians in Hong Kong
 Henders, Susan.

"Proud of Myself as LGBT": Korea Queer Pride Parade, Developmental Nationalism, and Neoliberalism
 Han, Woori.

"Selling Land is All I Know Now": Agrarian Transformation, Land Markets, and Rural Subjectivity in India’s Central Himalayas
 Govindrajan, Radhika.

"Subaltern Counter Publics": Dalits and Missionary Christianity in Kerala
 Mohan, Sanal.

"Waging War Against the King": The International Trajectory of a British Colonial Law in Delhi, Tokyo and Dhaka
 Sellars, Kirsten.

(De)Constructing the Vietnamese Archive
 Tran, Nhung.

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A Bridge between Real and Represented Space, Time, and Beauty
 Greenberg, Daniel.

A Chinese Woman in Paris: Pan Yuliang’s Art Career in France
 Sung, Doris.

A Comparison of Personnel Management in the US and Japan during the 1960s to 1980s
 Tsutsumi, Etsuko.

A Consumed Hero: Son Kijŏng and Colonial Korea
 Lee, Seok.

A Fabricated Art Revolution: Reconstructing the Art Historical Discourse of 20th-Century China
 Tan, Shengguang.

A Feminist Dead-end? Masochism in Contemporary Japanese Women’s Fiction
 Holloway, David.

A Few of Bhagat Singh's Favorite Films
 Elam, James Daniel.

A Genealogical Askesis, Or Beyond the Classroom: Zhang Taiyan and Ng Kim Chew’s Other Teachers on Chinese Writing
 Wong, Nicholas.

A Humane Sovereignty: Nationalist China's Public Relations Campaign in Response to the Yuyitung Affair, 1970-1972
 Kung, Chien Wen.

A Lagged Transition: Landscapes and Shinü tu (仕女圖) from the Tenth to Eleventh Century
 Liu, Bo.

A Literary and Visual Experiment: The Multiple Editions of Let One Hundred Flowers Blossom Written by Guo Moruo
 Yang, Yuyu (Lara).

A Local Cosmopolitan: Writing the Sirah of the Prophet in Persian in Mughal India
 Hamid, Usman.

A Lonely Light: The Precarious Rise of the West Bengal Power Sector
 Chatterjee, Elizabeth.

A Lonely, Struggling Cosmopolitan: Bae Chang-ho and the Global Cinema in the 1980s
 Lee, Yun-Jong.

A Malleable Essence: Gu Junzheng’s “Sex Change” (1940)
 Chiang, Howard.

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Bad Habits vs. Bad Rice: Class and Gender Discourses of Cancer Causality for Women in South India
 Van Hollen, Cecilia.

Balancing New Commodity Economies and Ecological Health in Shangri-La, Yunnan
 Galipeau, Brendan.

Bannermen and Banner Lands in Zhongguo Nongcun Gunning Diaocha during the 1930s and 1940s
 Qiu, Yuanyuan.

Banqueting with the Guru: Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner Communities in the PRC
 Osburg, John.

Barometer Falling in Bangladesh: The Production of Everyday Weather in a Time of Climate Change
 Perera, Dilshanie.

Barren Borders, Lush Interiors: Manchurian Borders and the Birth of Qing Forest Administration, 1870 - 1911
 Pitts, Larissa.

Beautiful Little Citizens: The Bishōnen of Japan’s Earliest Boy’s Magazines
 Bergstrom, Brian.

Becoming Korea: Exploring Taiwanese Identity in Crisis
 Lin, Tienwen.

Becoming-Animal at Yoshizawa Masami’s “Ranch of Hope”
 Long, Margherita.

Before Meeting Marx: Mao’s Foreign Policy in His Final Years
 Radchenko, Sergey.

Before the First Indochina War: Redefining the Origins of Vietnam’s Long Civil War
 Reilly, Brett.

Beijing's Urban Villages as Sites of Ideological Contest
 Hayward, Jane.

Beliefs about Land-Taking Compensation: Does More Money or Better Governance Make People Happier?
 Cai, Meina., Murtazashvili, Ilia. and Murtazashvili, Jennifer.

Between Cinema and Gallery: On the Hong Kong Film Festival as Producer and Tsai Ming-liang’s Films
 Tsai, Beth.

Between Magical Omnipotence and Wonder Show: “Playful Techniques” in Wanbao Quanshu
 Siebert, Martina.

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Call and Response: Voice as Label in Marukis’ A-Bomb Panels
 Sherif, Ann.

Can the Bible Woman Speak?
 Zhong, Yurou.

Capitalist Lack: Remittances as Cultural Supplement and Political Critique in Vietnam
 Small, Ivan.

Carbon Fibers: Mechanizing Textile Production and the Electrification of the Lower Yangtze Region, 1882-1933
 Tan, Ying Jia.

Caring the Maternal Body: A Cultural Account of Postpartum Care Practices in Contemporary South Korea
 Kang, Yoonjung.

Castaways on Hachijō, Or: Ad Hoc Diplomacy in the Periphery of the Tokugawa State
 Ruegg, Jonas.

Caste and Women’s Education in the United Provinces (1854-1930)
 Preeti, Preeti.

Caught between Two Ways of Looking: Representation of a Pro-Japanese Collaborator in South Korean Cinema
 An, Jinsoo.

Center and Periphery in the Time of Duterte: Deepening Democracy or Restoring Strongman Rule at the Center?
 Lara, Francisco.

Chaebol’s Turn to Service: The Rise of a Service Economy and Shifting Dynamics of Self-Employment and Wage Work Korea after 1997
 Kim, Lanu. and Shin, Solee.

Challenging the Social Order in Interwar Japan: Progressive Theory and Social Practice in Disadvantaged Communities
 Grover, Bruce.

Changes in Reformers' Views of China and Plans for Independence in Late Joseon: 1884-94, a Decennary Pursuit for "De-Sinicization"
 Kim, Hyun Chul.

Changing Conceptions of the Opium War as History and Experience
 Zhang, Xin.

Cheer Up, Vietnam: Beto-chan, Doku-chan and the Legacies of Postwar Japan’s Roles in Southeast Asia
 Leheny, David.

Chicken and Egg in the Power Sector: The Concomitant Development of Hydro and Electricity-Intensive Industries in Extreme Western Yunnan
 Magee, Darrin. and Hennig, Thomas.

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Dachen, “An Island of Heroes”: Forced Migration in the Taiwan Strait during the Cold War
 Yang, Dominic Meng-Hsuan.

Dangerous Liaisons: Monkey Grooms and Human Brides in Medieval Japanese Literature
 Nuffer, Laura.

Dearly Deported: Anger, Patriotism, and Cambodian Deportee Activism
 Nguyen, Vinh.

Debating Sustainability Challenges in Agrarian South Bihar, India: Changing Contours of Irrigation Landscape
 Sharma, Aviram.

Debating the Shinto Sanctuary: Is It a Power Spot or a Shrine?
 Carter, Caleb.

Decolonizing Japanese Atomic Bomb Literature: Reading Han Su-San’s Postcolonial Atomic Bomb Literature Ravens/Battleship Island
 Otsuki, Tomoe.

Deferral and Intimacy: Long-Distance Romance and Thai Migrants Abroad
 Johnson, Andrew.

Democratizing the Generalissimo: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall as Public Space
 Musgrove, Charles.

Demonizing Loose Women: Gender Roles and Ghost Panic in Contemporary Northeast Thailand
 Wattanagun, Kanya.

Depletion as Dissent: A Film Actress Goes on Hunger Strike
 Mukherjee, Debashree.

Design and Creativity in Lucknow's Mass-Produced Embroidery Industry
 Giles, Charlotte.

Desire's Substitute: Eyeglasses in Chaekgeori Paintings of Joseon
 Kim, Soojin.

Devotional Music and Diverse Religious Identities: A Case Study of Christian "Kirtan" in Bengal
 Das, Nilanjana.

Diasporic Youth Cultural Practices in the Korean Wave
 Yoon, Kyong.

Digital Populism across the Taiwan Strait: The Leon Dai Incident @Sina Weibo
 Guo, Shaohua.

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East Asia and the Early Anthropocene
 Aldenderfer, Mark.

East Meets West: The Institute of Oriental Ceramics (Tōyō tōji kenkyūjo) and the Oriental Ceramic Society
 Sang, Seung Yeon.

Eating Flowers as a Literary Statement: Enchi Fumiko's "The Flower-Eating Crone"
 Izumi, Katsuya.

Echoes of Idle Talk: 20th-Century Adaptation of an Early Qing Story Collection
 Wasmoen, Annelise Finegan.

Economic Growth and Environmental Impacts in Post-WWII East Asia: A Sign of Anthropocene?
 Liu, Shiyung.

Effortless Manipulation: The Lever Analogy in Warring States Thought Revisited
 Zhou, Boqun.

Eggs in Edo: The Presentation of the Shogun and Question of ‘Authenticity'
 Shimizu, Akira.

Eighteenth-Century Historical Geography of the Mongol Empire: The View from Beijing
 Mosca, Matthew.

Eileen Chang's Last Acts: Beyond Desolate
 Kingsbury, Karen.

El Niño and Incest: Climate Change and the Politics of Indigenous Knowledge
 Smith, Will.

Elections and Ethnic Tension in Malaysia and Singapore
 Ostwald, Kai.

Electoral Manipulation, Opposition Power, and Institutional Change: Contesting for EMB Reform in Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia
 Ong, Jiayun Elvin.

Electoral Reform and Voter Priorities
 Catalinac, Amy.

Eliminating Scenario Plays in China in the 1950s
 Liu, Siyuan.

Elite Politics of Rural Reform in the Early Post-Mao Period, 1976-1982
 Teiwes, Frederick. and Sun, Warren.

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Fact, Fiction, Fraud: Imamura Shohei's A Man Vanishes (1967)
 Lewis, Diane.

Families in Cages: Home Confinement in Modern Japan
 Kim, Yumi.

Family Authority and the Perceived Value of New Confucian Education
 Tillman, Margaret.

Family and State in the Management of Madness: The Case of the Beijing Municipal Asylum
 Baum, Emily.

Famous Sights as Urban Space: Visualizing Ming Hangzhou
 Cheung, Desmond.

Fashion, State, Social Changes: Chinese Silk in Seventeenth-Century Global Trade
 Duan, Xiaolin.

Fashioning "Fakes": Cultures of Secrecy and Speculation among Chinese and African Migrant Entrepreneurs in Guangzhou, China
 Chu, Nellie.

Female Demons and Empire in Journey to the West
 Wang, Yuanfei.

Female National Politicians as Role Models for Local Women in Japan
 Nemoto, Kuniaki.

Feminism in the Vernacular: Discursive Prose, Gender, and Language in Modern China
 Zhang, Yun.

Feminist Movement Discourses and South Korean Courts: Who Gets to Claim Human Rights?
 Jones, Chelle.

Fengshui and Gravesite Positioning in Tang-Dynasty China (618-907)
 Yang, Claire Yi.

Figuring Ethnicity: Media, Identity, and the Internet
 Gong, Haomin.

Figuring on Salvation: A Daoist Scroll for Saving Souls in Jiajing's Court
 Naparstek, Michael.

Films of Freedom: The USIA, the UN, and the Democratizing of South Korea
 Park-Primiano, Sueyoung.

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Gazing Democracy through Contemporary South Korean Cinema: Achipolitics in the Familial Love of North Korean Spy
 Kim, Elli.

Gendered Dimensions of Smuggling on the China Coast, 1928–37
 Thai, Philip.

Gendering Civil Society: Women and the Politics of Care in Japan
 Hasunuma, Linda.

Genders Excluded by Hyper-Masculinity in South Korea: Throughout Hostess Film and Queer Film
 Ryu, JaeWook.

Genealogy as Historical Right in the Bataklands and its Malayan Diaspora, c.1870-1925
 Zakaria, Faizah.

Generative Geometry and Pagoda Design: Reflecting on Sacred Space in Medieval China
 Miller, Tracy.

Genesis of Duterteland: Central-Local Dynamics of State Repressiveness in the Philippines
 Iglesias, Sol.

Gerrymandering in Singapore
 Tan, Netina.

Getting Lost is Fun: The Politics of Travel in Contemporary Chinese Comedies
 Ho, Wing Shan.

Ghost Stories Reborn: Adaptations of Supernatural Tales in Early Modern Japan
 Hartmann, Nan.

Gift-Giving, Exchange, and Playful Pilfering of Studio Objects among Literati in Song Dynasty China (960–1279)
 Zhang, Yunshuang.

Girls Don’t Poop: Colonizing the Self and the Other through the Representations of Diarrhea in Hayashi Fumiko’s Northern Bank Platoon
 Galvane, Linda.

Girls in Blue: Images of “Ideal Female Students” in the Novels of Republican China
 Hamada, Maya.

Global Networks, Strategies of Localization, and Gendered Nationalism in Sri Lanka's Bhikkhuni Ordination Dispute
 Lehrer, Tyler.

Global Shards: Everyday Ceramics and the Stratigraphy of Trade in Late Medieval Japan
 Pitelka, Morgan.

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Hairstyles and Everyday Life in Late Imperial and Modern Chinese Society
 Lai, Chi-Kong.

Hari-Hara, Devi, and the Making of Hindu Religious Identity in Nepal
 Birkenholtz, Jessica.

Haunting Mother: The Abandoned Women in the Queer Space of Chang Tso-chi’s Thanatos, Drunk
 Wang, Chialan.

Hayashi kotoba and Song in the Heian Period Kayō
 Scanlon-Canegata, James.

He Xiangning’s (1878–1972) Perception of nihonga (Japanese Style painting) and the Development of Works in China
 Tomizawa-Kay, Eriko.

Healing Fukushima: Medical Expertise and Radiation Disaster
 Loh, Shi-Lin.

Hidden Discrepancies: Investigating Puzzling Elements in Sino-Sogdian Tombs
 Riboud, Penelope.

Hindu Temple in a Buddhist Cave: Rematerialization and Transformation of an Ancient Sacred Site in Western India
 Amar, Abhishek.

Historical Migration, Geopolitical Relations, and Accumulation Regimes: Chinese Investments in Philippine and Zambian Mining
 Camba, Alvin. and Grell-Brisk, Marilyn.

Historicizing the Cyborg: Bodies Broken by War and the Cultural Imaginary
 Osenton, Sara.

Historicizing the Trope of Female Martyrs: Wang Duan’s Poems on History
 Sun, Chengjuan.

History Reconstructed: Studies on the Two Versions of A History of Chinese Painting by Pan Tianshou (1897-1971)
 Yin, Tongyun.

History and Biography in Twentieth-Century Vietnam: The Seven Ages of Đào Duy Anh
 Cherry, Haydon.

Hopeful Burdens of Survival: Living Past Breast Cancer in South Korea
 Nelson, Laura.

Horses and Legislation in the Qing Inner Asian Frontiers during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
 Jia, Jianfei.

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Identities from Shao-Lin: Identity and Culture in 1970’s Hong Kong Kung Fu Genre Movies
 Denman, Michael.

Identity and Local Representation in Taiwan
 Newland, Sara. and Liu, John.

Identity, Borders, and Solidarity: A Grassroots Media’s Search for an Aesthetics of Empowerment
 Ting, Chun Chun.

Illegal Border Crossers and Unruly Citizens: Burma-Pakistan-Indian Borderlands 1940s-1960s
 Mazumder, Rajashree.

Illuminations and Obfuscations: Contingent Meanings of Tributary Protocol in the Chosŏn-Qing Timber Incident of 1864
 Van Lieu, Joshua.

Images of the Great Within: Cartographic Choices in Ming China
 Hammond, Kenneth.

Imagining Great Tokyo: The Modern Metropolis in Text and Image
 Goddard, Timothy.

Imagining the Chinese Market: British Merchants on China in the Early 1830s
 Gao, Hao.

Imitation and Transformation: An Early Pagoda-Temple in Northwest China
 Zhou, Zhenru. and Sun, Yihua.

Immigration Advocates in the Japanese Diet: Who are the Reformers and What do they Want?
 Strausz, Michael.

Imperium Imperii: The Qing Empire in the Late-Seventeenth and Early-Eighteenth-Century World
 Fitzgerald, Devin.

Impersonal History: Death, Grief, and Emotions in Modern Shanghai
 Henriot, Christian.

Importing Gendered Legal Reasoning from England: Wife Murders in Early Colonial India, 1805-1857
 Grey, Daniel.

Impossible Rapprochement: Kalyan Sanyal, Postcolonialism and Capitalism’s Outsides
 Murthy, Viren.

In Search of the Female Self: Guo Xiaolu’s A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
 Li, Lily.

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Jackasses for India! (Mules and Zebrules, too): Mapping Empire through Animal Breeding and Animal Labor
 Hevia, James.

Japanese "Anti-Colonial" Imperialism: Modern Empire, Race Wars, and the Discourse of Pan-Asianism
 Shinn, Christopher.

Japanese Agricultural Investments in Southeast Asia in the Age of the “Global Land Grab”
 Hall, Derek.

Japanese Marriages Unhappy and Happy: A Longitudinal View
 Mathews, Gordon.

Japanese “Lesbian Studies” Avant la Lettre: Resituating Photographer Kiyooka Sumiko
 Welker, James.

Japanning: Varnishing the Identity of Japanese Canadian Artists
 Kanbara, Bryce.

Japan’s Development of Southeast Asia through Anti-American Liberal Nationalism
 Kim, Taeju.

Japan’s Global Information War: Propaganda, Free Speech and Opinion Control
 Snow, Nancy.

Japan’s Recursive Engagement with Western Imperialism
 Eskildsen, Robert.

Jesuits’ Paradoxical Roles as Translators of Chinese Natural Philosophy in the Age of Enlightenment: Shifting Contexts, Long-Distance Communication, and Fruitful Misreading
 Wu, Huiyi.

Jianghu Translated: Chinese Translations of Meiji Political Novels
 Hashimoto, Satoru.

Jinnah in Life, Death and Afterlife: Making the Image of the Qaid-e-Azam
 Khan, Yasmin.

Josephine Baker and Jesse Owens in 1936 Shanghai
 Gent, Madeline.


K-Pop Talk: Languaging the Hallyu among International Youth Studying English in Toronto
 Jang, In Chull.

Kaesŏng Wang Women in the Aftermath of Koryŏ-Chosŏn Dynastic Change
 Park, Eugene.

Kangofu or Perawat? The Fluid Profession of Nursing in Wartime Java
 Horton, William.

Kawaii Pets and Animal Abandonment in Japan
 Mattes, Seven.

Keigo Ideologies
 Pizziconi, Barbara.

Knowing Individuals: Building a Fingerprint Profession in 1920s China
 Asen, Daniel.

Kokutai Must Die Twice? Observing the Trajectory of the Emperor System in Postwar Japan
 Shirai, Satoshi.

Kokutai and State Power in Imperial Japan: The Changing Function of Kokutai in the 1925 Peace Preservation Law
 Ward, Max.

Korea’s Communist Glamour Girls
 Barraclough, Ruth.


Labor Poetry in Twenty-First-Century China
 Ni, Zhange.

Ladies' Homes and Men’s Rooms: Gender and the Global Mass Market for Chinese Antiquities in the 1930s
 Netting, Lara.

Lamp Oil and the Transformation of Rural Society in Nineteenth-Century Japan
 Shimazaki, Mio.

Large-Scale Petitionary Protests (Kokuso) and Bakuhan System
 Yamasaki, Yoshihiro.

Late Imperial Relationalities in WWII-era Asia
 Mark, Ethan.

Law as Therapy: Documents between the Legal and Therapeutic in Jaipur
 Kowalski, Julia.

Lee Quede: A Forgotten Modernist in the Vortex of Ideological Conflict
 Jin, Jinyoung.

Legal Status of Chosŏn King in 17th-Century Qing Imperial Order
 Lee, Jaekyung.

Legislating Fengshui: Grave Custom and Grave Law in 10th-to-16th Century China
 Miller, Ian.

Leopards for Sale! Salamanders for Sale!: Animal Trade and Empire Building in Meiji Japan
 Yoshikawa, Lisa.

Lesbian as “Fashion”? Questioning Young Women’s Sexual “Flexibility” in South Korea
 Shin, Layoung.

Lessons of the Past: Historical Thinking and the "Chinese Experience" in Mao Zedong’s World View, 1949-1976
 Kraus, Charles.

Liaozhai and Beyond: From Pu Songling to a Local Manuscript Culture
 Lu, Zhenzhen.

Like Bacteria, Like Bullets: The Poetry of Distant Reading in May Fourth China
 Detwyler, Anatoly.

Limits of Engagement? South Korean Views of North Korea 1993-2010
 Bae, Joonbum.

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Ma Ji’s “Ode to Friendship” and the Failures of Revolutionary Language
 Coderre, Laurence.

Made for Trade, Made in China
 van der Poel, Rosalien.

Made in China: The Migrant Worker in Recent Documentaries and Ethnographies
 Hui, Calvin.

Mainland Shinto and the Redefinition of Prewar Okinawa’s Religious Landscape
 Loo, Tze.

Make Some Get Rich First: Getihu and the Transformation of China in the Early 1980s
 Gerth, Karl.

Making Partner with Your Pirate: Interdependent Sino-Foreign Rivalry in China’s Textbook Market
 Wang, Fei-Hsien.

Making Space to Work: Visualizing Jingdezhen in a Ming Labour Manual
 Gerritsen, Anne.

Making a Dravidian Voice
 Weidman, Amanda.

Making a Market for Rice: Regulations, Inspections, and the Definition of Trade in Colonial Korea
 Stephens, Holly.

Man in the High Castle: The Cultural Revolution Red Guard Rally Films (1966-67)
 Pei, Eldon.

Manchu Painters after "Our Great Qing"
 Cura, Nixi.

Manchurian Modernism and Sihyeonshil (詩現實, The Reality of Poetry) Coterie
 Cho, Eun Joo.

Manhood Subverted: Representation of Masculinity in Contemporary Korean Photography
 Chang, Boyoung.

Manufacturing Revolutions: The Rise and Decline of a Chinese Automotive City
 Seow, Victor.

Manufacturing “Confucian Humanism” in Modern China
 Zhang, Ke.

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Name-Changing, Religious Conversion, and Genealogy Re-construction among the Chinese in Post-Independence Indonesia
 Seng, Guo-Quan.

Nan zai jiongtu: Crazy Journeys, Lost-ness and Resurgent Masculine “Chinese” Family Values in the Lost on Journey Series
 de Feo-Giet, Danielle.

Narratives of the Defeated: Former Japanese Military Men and Mass Killings against Civilians
 Otsuka, Aiko.

Narrowed Horizons and Women’s Wisdom
 Moyer, Jessica.

National Ambitions and Regional Realities: Social Origins of University Students in Shanghai, 1913-1949
 Liang, Chen.

National Identity in Conflict: The Reconstruction of King Ly Thai To on Vietnamese Screen
 Dao, Le-Na.

Nationalist Religiosity and the Making of Republican Memorial Space in Wartime and Postwar Chongqing, 1938-1949
 Vu, Linh.

Nationalist Transformations: Music, Ritual, and the Work of Memory in Cambodia and Thailand
 Dyer, Jeffrey.

Nations and Diasporas: Medan Chinese and Migration after the Second World War
 Hui, Yew Foong.

Navigating Bureaucratic "Gusts of Wind": The Shanghai Theatre World, 1949-1966
 Greene, Maggie.

Neglected Human-Nature Interaction in Indonesian Materials for US Students
 Pandin, Jolanda.

Neglected New Consumer Trend Incurs U.S. Automakers’ Severe Slump from ‘70s to ‘80s
 Tachibana, Kenichiro.

Negotiating Hierarchy and Loyalty: Stone Mortuary Furniture with Filial Piety Illustrations from the Late Northern Wei Dynasty (494-534 CE)
 Xu, Jin.

Negotiating Knowledge on Radiation Sickness in 1940s and 1950s Japan
 Nakao, Maika.

Negotiating Life Course and Social Change through Transnational Mobility: Cambodian Labor Migrants in Thailand
 Peou, Chivoin.

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Observation under Occupation: The Perspective of a Japanese American Sociologist Working across the Pacific
 Hoshino, Noriaki.

Obsession with Rat Torture: Attributing Past Inquisition Practices to China
 Hashimoto, Yorimitsu.

Occupied Korea Has Talent: Entertaining Americans in the Aftermath of the Korean War
 Maliangkay, Roald.

Ocean Paradise, Morning Star: Disability Narrative, Moral Drama, and the Ethic of Care in Contemporary China
 Xu, Hangping.

Of Children and Lovers: Marriage, Morality, and Romance in Vietnam
 Shohet, Merav.

Off the Record: Japanese American Recollections of "Victor’s Justice"
 Dennehy, Kristine.

Old Phraseology and Popular Songs: Authorless Authorship
 Takano, Minoru.

Old Prose or Bitter Poetry? Jia Dao and Cultural Continuity in Tenth-Century China
 Mazanec, Thomas.

On Creativity in Contemporary Sri Lankan (Tamil) Photography: A Preliminary Analysis of Instagram as an Artistic Space
 Dillon, Daniel.

On Tsuga Teisho’s Adaptation of the Story of “Du Shiniang”
 Hsu, Hui-Lin.

On Wonder and the Animated Self: Navigating Rural and Urban Life in Western India through an Energetic Swaminarayan Ethics
 Kim, Hanna.

On the Okinawan Multitude: Tracing the Transformation of Postwar Okinawan Identity
 Inoue, Masamichi.

On “Private” Cities/Places
 Looser, Thomas.

One World, One Alphabet? Soviet Influence on the Chinese Script Reform (1949-1958)
 Li, Yan.

One and Many Faces of Cancer: Korean Women’s Experiences of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
 Suh, Eunyoung.

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PFLAG-China: Mapping Emergent Discourses on Family Acceptance and Parental "Love Advocacy"
 Engebretsen, Elisabeth.

Paid Companions: Human-Animal Bonds in Japanese Cat Cafés
 Robinson, Amanda.

Pak Indŏk: A Cinematic Life in the Global Christian Network
 Choi, Hyaeweol.

Pan-Pacific Anti-Communist Liberals: American Philanthropy and Japanese Social Democracy
 Karashima, Masato.

Panhandling, Subsistence, and Poverty Management in Meiji Tokyo
 Porter, John.

Past Present, Present Past: Restoring Time beyond the Khmer Rouge Regime
 Bennett, Caroline.

Patriarchal Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Gendered Discourse of the "Double Eleven" Shopping Festival
 Meng, Bingchun. and Huang, Yanning.

Patriot Games: How British Nation-Building Colonialism Solved Malaya’s "Chinese Problem"
 Ngoei, Wen-Qing.

Patriots, Rebels or Land-Pirates? The Role of International Law in the Foreign Intervention in the Taiping War (1860-1865)
 Chappell, Jonathan.

Patronage, Point of View, and Causality: The Battle of Samel, 1544, Remembered
 Sreenivasan, Ramya.

Patterning Meaning as "wen zhi bin bin" (Ornament and Substance are in Perfect Harmony) No Longer Matters: A Thick Description of "Tang zai Chi/Di men"
 Meyer, Dirk.

Pauper Economics: The Economy of Begging in Northwest China
 Frost, Adam.

Pearls to Praise Pearls: Sources and Functions of Anthological Paratext in A Grove of Pearls from the Garden of Dharma (Fayuan zhulin), 7th c CE
 Hsu, Alexander.

Peasant Perception and the Media of Fundamental Education in China
 Chen, Hongwei Thorn.

Peasants Not Terrorists
 Rizvi, Mubbashir.

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Qing Aristocrats in Republican China: The Case of Xinjiang
 Brophy, David.

Quantitative Representation of the Problem of Superfluous Officials in Qing China
 Chu, Shiuon.

Queer Globality and the Hong Kong Middle-Class Gay Men: Rearticulating through Transnational Migration
 Yu, Ting-Fai.

Queer Parenting in Taiwan
 Brainer, Amy.

Queer Transmission in Hamao Shirō’s “The Criminal on the Train”
 Vincent, James.

Queerness in the Imperial Body: The Modern Poet Jo Shotaro and the Japanese Modern Poetry Movement from the 1920s to 1930s
 Wu, Peichen.

Questioning the Family in an Aging Authoritarian Society: HRH Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Translations of 6 Chinese Feminist Authors, 2013–2016
 Wongsurawat, Wasana.


Racial Amnesia and the Racialization of Marriage Immigrants in Korea
 Kim, Minjeong.

Radicalism and the Design of Communist China’s Utopian Urban
 Tomba, Luigi.

Raising the Bar in the Treatment of Politeness in Pedagogical Materials
 Noda, Mari.

Re-examining the Cold War with Soybeans
 Mizuno, Hiromi.

Reading Harnam Das: Hindu Sexology as Global Science
 Pande, Ishita.

Reanimating Voices of the Dead: The Representation of Empress Teishi's Death in Eiga monogatari
 Watanabe, Takeshi.

Reassembling the Stupa: Temple Renovation and Religious Networks in Chiang Rai, Thailand
 Irwin, Anthony.

Rebranding Islam: Public Diplomacy, Soft Power, and the Making of “Moderate Islam” in Indonesia
 Hoesterey, James.

Rebuilding Kushinagar: Bhikkhu Mahavir, Candramani and Buddhist Networks in South Asia
 Ober, Douglas.

Reconsidering Border Defense, Boundary Crossing and Changing History of Shufan in Qing Taiwan
 Hung, Li-wan.

Reconstituting the Occupation State: The Wang Jingwei Regime’s Civil Service System (1940–43)
 Serfass, David.

Reconstructing Rurality: Citizenship, Territory, and Political Aspiration after Nepal’s 2015 Earthquakes
 Shneiderman, Sara.

Recontextualized Chinese Social Media Discourse and Identity of the Chinese Public in Western Mass Media: A Case Study of TIME
 Li, Chaoyuan.

Recrafting the Past: The Modern Miare Festival of Munakata Grand Shrine
 DeWitt, Lindsey.

Red Silk: Class, Gender, and Revolution in China’s Yangzi Delta Silk Industry
 Cliver, Robert.

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Sailing to Socialism: The Anti-Chinese Crises in Indonesia and the People’s Republic of China's Repatriation Program, 1959-1967
 Zhou, Taomo.

Sapporo and the Urban Colonization of Hokkaido
 Thornton, Michael.

Sauerkraut-Kimchi-Jjigae: A Perfect German-Korean Match
 Choi, Sun-ju.

Saving the Kokutai from Patriotism: Containment Policies against Rightwing Activism in Wartime Japan
 Person, John.

Scholarly Orientation and Mass Monasticism: Larung Monastery since the 1980s
 Li, Jin.

Science and Sex in Santati-Shastra: An Investigation into Vernacular Eugenics
 Savary, Luzia.

Scripture as Transmission Document: The Case of the Platform Sūtra
 Schlutter, Morten.

Searching for Precious Rocks in the New Territory: Khotan Jade Quarry and Transportation in Qianlong’s Reign
 Wu, Yulian.

Searching for the Elusive Past: The Production of Historical Narratives in Post-Mao Xinjiang
 Catris, Sandrine.

Secularism vs. Sectarianism: The Dynamics of Politics, Islam and Radicalization in Bangladesh
 Rashid, Iftikhar.

Seeing the Qing State through "all the Gazettes of China"
 Mokros, Emily.

Seeking Intimacy outside of Marriage: Off-Farm Employment, Romantic Encounters, and Marital Instability in Contemporary China
 Li, Ke.

Selective Corruption Cleanups in Reform-Era China
 Zhan, Jing Vivian.

Sent-Down Plays: Yangbanxi and Rural Performance in the Chinese Cultural Revolution
 Chun, Tarryn.

Settlement and Influence: The Sino-Indo-Pakistani Border Dispute over Kashmir (1947-1963)
 Yao, Yuanmei.

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Taboo and Romance: Rethinking Sexuality in Song Cunshou’s Unorthodox Melodrama
 Yu, Danju.

Taiwan New Cinema as Soft Power: Documentary and Historiography
 Lim, Song.

Taiwanese Colonial Subjects as Imperial Intermediaries in Occupied Xiamen, 1938–1945
 Shirane, Seiji.

Taking Care of the People: Connected Conceptions of Political Tutelage in Late 19th-Early 20th-Century China and Mexico
 Blitstein, Pablo.

Taming the Wind: Joris Ivens’ Cinematic Journey in Socialist China
 Zhang, Ling.

Tangled Trajectories: Chinese Migrants, Portrait Photography and the Borders of Exclusion in Early-20th-Century Australasia
 Madokoro, Laura.

Targets, Promotion, and Bonuses: Revisiting the Incentive System of Local Officials in China
 Zhang, Xuehua.

Tawassul as Genealogy: A Non-Authenticating Genealogical Mode in Twenty-First Century Aceh
 Birchok, Daniel.

Teaching Meditation in Malaysia, Taiwan, and America: The Transnational Career of Venerable Chi Chern
 Li, Yu-chen.

Tears of Grief in Contemporary Shanghai Death Ritual
 Liu, Huwy-min Lucia.

Technical Assistance as “Other Diplomacy”: Canadian Development Advisors in Asia, 1950-1965
 Webster, David.

Temple and Community Relations in a Shan Community
 Tannenbaum, Nicola.

Temple of Bones: Inheriting the Remains of the Wartime Forced Labor
 Koga, Yukiko.

Textual Production in the Western Han: A Case Study of Character Variation in the "Cang Jie Pian 蒼頡篇" Opening Chapter
 Foster, Christopher.

Textualised Manuscripts: Obsession with Writing Materials and Representation in Chinese Literature (600-1000)
 Fu, Rebecca.

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U.S. Aid in South Korean cartoons: Channeling Political Corruption in the Late 1950s
 Chung, Dajeong.

U/I-Turn and Alternative Spaces and Livelihoods Outside Metropolitan Japan
 Arai, Andrea.

Unauthentic, Vulgar, Forgotten: Reappreciating Vernacular Malay Literature
 Hoogervorst, Tom.

Unchangeable Roots: Fangyan and the Creation of the Chinese National Language
 Tam, Gina.

Uncovering the Hidden: Manipulating Written Characters in Order to Decode Messages from the Spirit World
 Schmiedl, Anne.

Unnatural Bodies: Art and the Lucky Dragon Incident
 Kunimoto, Namiko.

Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores: The Jamuna River in Bangladesh between Tectonics and Climate Change
 Khan, Naveeda.

Unspoken Stories: Taiwanese Female Immigrants’ Documentary Filmmaking
 Hsieh, Hsin-Chin.

Urban China’s Gender Wage Gap: New Directions?
 Song, Jin. and Sicular, Terry.

Urban Life, Civility, and Identity: The Case of the Taipei Mass Rapid Transit System
 Lee, Anru.

Urban Mind-Travel: The Shanshui Aesthetic in Contemporary China
 Massey, Annabella.

Urban Preservation: Lessons or Legacy of the Urban Past? Understanding the Dynamics behind Seoul’s Preservation-Based Shantytown Revitalization
 Choo, Soyoon.

Urdu Speechmaking in Early-20th-Century Hyderabad: Bahadur Yar Jung
 Datla, Kavita.

Urgent Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection after Disasters: A Case Study of the Chinese Ethnic Qiang New Year Festival Celebration after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake
 Zhang, Qiaoyun.

Using Burmese Sketches to Draw British Maps: Forms and Limits of a Geographic Encounter (Late 19th – Early 20th Century)
 de Rugy, Marie.

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Valorous Vegetables and Talking Tools in Seventeenth-Century Japanese Children’s Books
 Kimbrough, R..

Vanished History: Recovering Pre-Colonial Philippine Transnational History
 Cruz-del Rosario, Teresita.

Vernacular History and Urdu Technology in the Deccan, 1913-1938
 Amstutz, Andrew.

Viewing as Reading in Western Han Bronze Mirrors
 Shi, Jie.

Virtues and Passions: Medicine as Ethics in the Modernist Islamic Movement of Late Colonial Indonesia
 Ko, Kevin.

Visible Production and the Laborer's Subjectivity: On three Chinese Films of the Late 1950s
 Zhang, Huiyu.

Visions of Hope? Disability and the Possibility of Mobility in Contemporary Chinese Film
 Riep, Steven.

Visual Governance: A Study on Illustrated Regulations for Ceremonial Paraphernalia of the Qing Dynasty
 Lai, Yu-chih.

Visual Voice: The Migrant Photography of Xyza Cruz Bacani
 Manzanilla, JPaul.

Visualizing Ecological Disaster of U.S. Militarism and Grassroots Protest in South Korean and Japanese Films
 Ahn, Minhwa.

Visualizing Qi?
 Huang, Kuan-yun.

Vitality and Excremental Agents in the Indonesian Coffee Industry
 Cahill, Colin.

Voicing Intellectual Autonomy: Legitimations of Dissent by Late Chosŏn Literati
 Eggert, Marion.

Vulgar Voicings: Diva Misora Hibari and Postwar Japan’s Badness
 Yano, Christine.

Vulgarity and Enticement: Chindon-ya’s Genealogical Performances
 Abe, Marie.


Wag the Dog: The Curious Case of Thomas Stephens’ Kristapurana
 Fernandes, Jason Keith.

Wang Hui on the Mao Era “Workers’ State” and Its Dissolution
 Thomas, Saul.

Wang Yung (1913-1974): From Child Bride, Shanghai’s “Literary Star,” to the Transpacific “Drama Queen”
 Gao, Yunxiang.

War Games, Culture Games: The Ludic Social Imaginary of American Board Games about Japanese History
 Wright, Paul.

Wars as Dividing Lines? Rethinking Space and Time in Twentieth-Century China
 Greene, Megan.

Wars, Revolutions, and the Chinese Discussion on Intellectual Labor, 1919-1927
 Feng, Miao.

Wartime Family Values: State Confucianism, Filiality, and Delinquency in the Nationalist Intellectual Youth Army, 1943-1946
 Landdeck, Kevin.

Was the Chinese Imperial Civil Service Meritocratic? Family Background, Exam Success, and Official Career Attainment in 19th-Century Jiangnan
 Huang, Yifei.

Was the First Bengali Novel Missionary?
 Sengupta, Parna.

Water Wars in China: Intergovernmental Negotiations over Eco-Compensation Mechanisms for Watershed Management
 Teets, Jessica.

Water, City and State: Jiangbeicheng and the Making of Urban China
 Li, Ji.

Wearing Multiple Bodies: Towards a Psychosocial Analysis of Womens Bodies in Globalising India
 Johri, Rachana.

Wenshi Ziliao Narratives of Anti-Communist Resistance in Northwest Yunnan
 Mortensen, Dáša.

Western Histories of Wars in East Asia, 1895-1951: Rhetoric, Tellability, and Believability
 Hayford, Charles.

What Did the Past Look Like? Cinematic Imagination of History in the Late 1920s
 Yan, Yuqian.

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Xiqu Physicality on the Political Stage: Striking a Pose in the Early Communist Period
 Hunter Gordon, Kim.


Yi Yang-ji’s Dissident Subjects
 Yamasaki, Nobuko.

You are Chinese and China is Your Motherland: Socialization of Space and People in Early Communist Xinjiang
 Joniak-Luthi, Agnieszka.

Young Cambodians and the Post-UNTAC Political Settlement
 Eng, Netra.

Yū Miri, “Post-Race,” and the End of Zainichi Literature
 Textor, Cindi.


Zarzuela Filipina: Musical Labor and the Tagalog Diva in Early-Twentieth-Century Philippine Theater
 Miranda, Isidora.

Zhang Shijie’s Fisher Boy: Nascent Nationalism in New China
 Stember, Nick.

Zoological Gardens and the Contradictions of Empire in Colonial Seoul and Taipei
 Seeley, Joseph.
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