ACHNE Annual Meeting 2011-Jun-09 to 2011-Jun-12

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A Comprehensive, School-Based Asthma Education Program Using Senior Nursing Students
 St.Clair, Julie.

A Curricular Initiative Promoting Evidence-Based Practice
 Burkhard, Agnes. and Sarsfield, Eileen.

A Home Visit Simulation: Making It Real
 Andresen, Pamela., McCarron, Janet. and Bensfield, Linda.

A Patient-Centered Partnership: Developing Community Health Nursing Student Experiences in the Veterans Administration
 Sojka, Sandra. and Schmitt, Ann.

A Public Health Nursing Immersion Experience in Rural Wisconsin
 Guthman, Pamela., Baumann, Linda. and Nash, Margaret "Kayo".

A Public Health Nursing Model for Community Assessment
 Kulbok, Pamela.

A Strategy for Teaching Undergraduate Nursing Students the PHN Scope and Standards of Practice
 Fraser, Marianne. and Hall, Susan.

A Student Learning Experience in the Health Policy Process
 Wheeler, Corinne.

APRN Regulation Model: Implications for Public Health Nursing Education
 Ervin, Naomi.

An international comparison of nursing practice with implications for health care reform in the U.S.
 Molle, Mary. and Glavin, Kari.

Asset-based community assessment to enhance RN-BSN student’s development and awareness of community partnerships and resources.
 Lange, Rose.

Authentic and Collaborative Online Case-Based Learning: Transforming Community Health Nursing Education
 Register, Beth. and Polyakova-Norwood, Vera.


BSN Students Going Global in Ghana
 Phillips, Lynelle.

BaFá BaFá: A Simulation Strategy for Exploring Culture with Public Health Nursing Students
 Frable, Pamela., Canclini, Sharon., Walker, Danielle., Lockwood, Patricia. and Alexander, Gina.


CHN/PHN Baccalaureate Education -- Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Population Health Outcomes in Older Adults
 Davidson, Gail. and Ramirez, Rochelle.

Combining Evidence Based Public Health Nursing and Epidemiology for Baccalaureate Students
 Moran, Vicki. and Leander, Sheila.

Community Health Nursing Moves to a Clinical Faculty Model
 Parpart, Fay., Chapin, Harriet Marie., Gregory, MS, RN, FNP-BC, Allison. and Lindner, Susan.

Community Health/Public Health Nursing Student Experience in the Prison System
 Martins, Diane. and Ferszt, Ginette.

Community and Public Health Nursing Course Evaluation Utilizing Pre and Post Knowledge Surveys
 Vaughan Prengaman, Molly. and Josephsen, Jayne.

Content Mapping: Analysis of Public Health Content in a Community Health Course for RN-BSN Students
 Godfrey, Alice.

Creating Synergy: Academic-Community Partnerships
 Andresen, Pamela.

Creating a Community Nursing Dedicated Education Unit (DEU)
 vines, diane., Braband, Barbara., Rosenstiel, Mary Beth. and Moscato, Susan.

Creating a Health Promotion Newsleter: Making a Community Health Nursing Education Class Assignment More Meaningful
 Wheeler, Corinne.

Creative solutions in a time of limited resources: A nursing-public health interdisciplinary on-line collaborative
 Smith-Campbell, Betty.

Cultural Immersion in the Dominican Republic
 Curtin, Alicia. and Martins, Diane.


Designing Collegiate Curricula for the Modern Public Health Nurse, 1945-1960
 Dieckmann, Janna.

Developing a Culturally Competent Graduate
 Clark, Karen.

Developing an Epidemiology Waiver Examination: Results of field testing, Janice.

Development and application of cultural competencies from nursing student to nursing professional
 Abrams, Sarah. and Maltby, Hendrika.

Development of Cultural Competency in a Nurse-Run Advocacy Clinic at a Hispanic Senior Center
 Crowe, Mary Lind. and Simek, Jennifer.

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening: An Academic Practice Partnership
 Warner, Kristine.

Disaster Training for Pre-licensure Volunteering
 Stanley, Sharon., Schmidt, Cheryl. and Springer, Janice.

Discussing Ethical Dilemmas: Classroom vs. Online
 Aagard, Magdeline. and Brandt, Joan.


Engaged Scholarship: Building Environmental Public Health Literacy with an Urban Community using a Community-Based Participatory Research Approach
 Chaudry, Rosemary., Polivka, Barbara., Crawford, John., Love, Randi., Colbert, Susan. and Wilson, Robyn.

Enhancing the interest of under-represented high school students into a BSN program
 Knecht, Linda.

Evolution of a Service Learning Program: Engaging nursing students in social justice
 Molle, Mary.


Going Online: Developing Quality C/PHN Courses for RN-BSN Concentration
 Armbruster, Charlotte. and Hock, Gail.

Going “Glocal”: Developing Cultural Competency Skills Through Academic-Community Partnerships
 Nadeau, Cheryl. and Annemarie, Dowling-Castronovo.


Healthy Homes Education for Baccalaureate Nursing Students
 Polivka, Barbara., Chaudry, Rosemary. and Crawford, John.

Healthy Kids: Group Nutrition and Exercise Education for Children and Their Parents
 Becklenberg, Amy.

Helping students understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: A strategic teaching initiative
 Young, Brenda.


Incorporating an Innovative Model of Student-Led Philanthropy into Prelicensure and Graduate Nursing Courses
 Chaudry, Rosemary., D\'Auteuil, Paula., Downing, Alexis., Voorhees-Murphy, Susan., Polivka, Barbara., Loversidge, Jacqueline., Mansfield, Jerry. and Smith, Laureen.

Insights from the Henry Street Consortium Development of a Competency-Based Public Health Nursing Clinical Manual
 Schoon, Patricia., Schaffer, Marjorie. and Garcia, Carolyn.

Instructional Design in an Online Threaded Discussion: Maximizing the Expert and Student Interaction
 Hamilton, Karen.

Integration of Disaster Preparedness and Influenza Vaccination: Service-Learning through a Mass Immunization and Education Program
 Canclini, Sharon., Frable, Pamela. and Alexander, Gina.

International Service-Learning: A strategy to enhance cultural competency of nursing students
 Maltby, Hendrika. and Abrams, Sarah.

International service-learning: Evidence of positive student outcomes
 Knecht, Linda.

Interprofessinal Education for Community/Public Health Nursing Students
 lutz, Jayne.

Involving Undergraduate Nursing Students in Local Health Policy Change: Changing Population Health Outcomes
 Lamanna, Beth.

Issues in International Nursing Education: a Nursing Fulbright Scholar in Uganda
 Dunlap, Ruby.


Knowledge Network: Meeting the Mandates for Environmental Health Nursing Education and Practice
 Leffers, Jeanne. and Smith, Claudia.


Learning to “DEAL”: Ways to Play Instructional Cards to Enhance and Evaluate Critical Reflection in Classroom and Clinical Experiences
 Brooks, Evelyn.


Mexican immigrant mothers and their suggestions for cultural adaptation of a parent-child communication program
 McNaughton, Diane., Cowell, Julia. and Fogg, Louis.

Mommy and Me: As Healthy as We Can Be. Service Learning as Public Health Practicum
 Walker, Danielle.

Moving beyond Cultural Awareness: Increasing Students' Capacity to Care for Limited-English-Proficient Clients
 Hilfinger Messias, DeAnne. and Dawson Estrada, Robin.


Nursing Quality Outcome Indicators:
 Bergren, Martha.


On the Air: Utilizing a Live Radio Show to Delivery Cultural Competent Health Information
 Hughes, Cathy K. and Williamson, V. Lois.


Patterns, context, and complexity: Professional expertise and C/PHN education
 Travers Gustafson, Dianne. and Wydeven, MarySue.

Pedagogic Tools for Public Health Nurses About the Risks of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds in Our Environment
 Lange, Rose. and Lange, Gary.

Preparing students for international experiences: Promoting positive outcomes
 Knecht, Linda.

Provision of Health Related Education by Nursing Students for Participants in a Court Mandated Treatment Program: a Real World Opportunity for Enhanced Learning in the Clinical Environment
 Simek, Jennifer. and Crowe, Mary Lind.


Redesigning the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs to better prepare them in Primary Health Settings.
 DiGiacomo, Patricia.


School Nursing: a gateway to the home - then and now?
 Gibson, Mary E.

Simulated Home Visits for PHN Education
 Wright, Dolores. and Ingram, Kathie.

Simulation and School Nursing: The Benefit for Students
 mckee, sue. and Bultas, Margaret.

Social Environmental Factors in the Context of Yoga for Diabetes-Related Health Promotion and Prevention
 Alexander, Gina.

Strategies for Enhancing Community Health Nursing Clinical Education within the University
 Parpart, Fay.


Teaching Community Assessment When Your Community is Away
 Brandt, Joan. and Aagard, Magdeline.

Teaching Information Technology to baby boomer Nurse educators, Janice.

The Embedded Librarian: Enhancing Online Library Utilization Competencies for Nursing Students in C/PHN
 Mason, Carolyn. and Tumbleson, Beth.

This is a Test
 Klinke, Kristi.

Toddler and Preschool Development Assessment Clinics: Enhancing Student PHN Clinical Experiences While Serving the Community
 Weismuller, Penny. and Munoz, Karen.


Utilizing Schools and Community Programs as Clinical Sites for Population Health
 Seppanen, Linda. and Smith, Linda.


What we learned in the woods-unconventional solutions to everyday challenges in public health nursing education
 Stoelting-Gettelfinger, Wendy., Splann-Krothe, Joyce. and Watts, Pat.
ACHNE Annual Meeting 2011-Jun-09 to 2011-Jun-12
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