ACJS 55th Annual Meeting 2018-Feb-13 to 2018-Feb-18

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" I Think We’re Brokers:" How Youth Violence Prevention Workers Intervene in the Lives of High Risk Youth
 Free, Janese.

"An Eye for an Eye:" Retribution or Restorative?
 Kain, George.

"Crime Shall Not Pay!" Rules for, and Limitations to Confiscation of Valuables of Dubious Origin
 Schumann, Stefan.

"Group Homes" as Symbolic Representations of Future Prison Confinement: A Critique
 Velasquez, Roberto.

"Multidisciplinary Experiential Learning in Cybersecurity for Non-STEM Students"
 Rege, Aunshul.

"So, Boys will be Boys and Girls get Raped?!": Changing the Narrative Surrounding Rape
 Boyett, Kirstie.

"The Geography of Opioid and Heroin Deaths: An Examination of the Affected Populations"
 Ferguson, Florence. and Hager, Jon.

"We Not Playing Checkers, We Playing Chess": Explaining Urban America and African American Gun Violence
 Rivers, Tiffany. and Perrone, Dina.

#Contents of Character: Undergraduate Criminal Justice Students' Use and Views of Social Media
 Leott, Yolanda.

#MaybeHeDoesntHitYou...Is "Slackivism" Enough to Combat Domestic Violence?
 Gavin, Samantha.

(Bi)sexuality and Blame: Comparing Heterosexual, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Observers’ Reactions to an Acquaintance Rape
 Mann, Olivia., Diamond-Welch, Bridget. and Bass, Melissa.

‘You Got Laid, What Are You Complaining About?’: Examining Male Experiences of Sexual Assault
 Posey, Brianne.

“Are you Insane?!”: Determining Appropriate Case Resolution for Insanity Cases
 Holt, Lauren. and Hugo, Darian.

“Ban-the-Box”: A Pathway to Post Incarnation Reintegration?
 Creech, Danielle.

“But We’re Race Neutral”: Juvenile Case Processing and Disproportionate Minority Contact
 Mitchell, Michael. and Davis, Jaya.

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A Beastly Bargain? A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Florida Prison-Based Dog Training Programs
 Hill, Leslie., Cooke, Barbara. and Farrington, David.

A Comparative Media Analysis of Mass Shootings: Coverage of Rampage, Disgruntled Employee, School, and Lone-wolf Terrorist Shootings
 Silva, Jason. and Capellan, Joel.

A Comparative Study of Procedural Justice and Perceptions of Police on College Campuses from Colorado to St. Petersburg, Russia
 Costello, Grace.

A Comparison of the Focus Group and Diary Method when Studying the Educational Experiences of Incarcerated Women
 Robison, Kristenne.

A Content Analysis of Crime by the Elderly in Grace and Frankie
 Pedalino, Jordan., Grimes, Brittany. and Frailing, Kelly.

A Criminology of the Pharmaceutical Industry
 Griffin, Hayden.

A Cross-Sectional Exploration of Household Financial Reactions of Registered Sex Offenders in a Rural County, a Suburban County, and an Urban County
 Navarro, John.

A Day in the Life of a Housing Police Officer in North Charleston, SC
 Bailey, Rose.

A Deeper Look at the Impact of BWCs on Use of Force and Citizen Complaints: Do Citizen Demographics Matter?
 Bishopp, Steve., Gaub, Janne., Todak, Natalie. and White, Michael.

A Deeper Understanding of the Environmental Elements that Contribute to Officer Roles in the School Setting
 McKenna, Joseph.

A Descriptive Analysis of Brazoria County’s DWI Reentry Court Participants
 Nayer, Gautam., Thomas, Kenneth. and Colas, Jovens.

A Double-Edged Sword: Negative Effects on Children from Police Arrest in Intimate Partner Violence
 McCormick, Amanda., Cohen, Irwin. and Ashton, Stephanie.

A Dream Denied
 Moraes-Viegas, Bharbara.

A Facade of Normalcy: An Exploration into the Serial Murderer's Duplicitous Lifestyle
 White, Maryann.

A Home, Rather Than Just a Roof? Stable Housing, Recidivism and Desistance
 Mills, Alice.

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Back to the Future: Juvenile Justice and the Limits of Court Rulings
 Merlo, Alida. and Benekos, Peter.

Badasses: The Rise of Women in Criminal Justice
 Helfgott, Jacqueline., Gunnison, Elaine., Murtagh, Autumn. and Navejar, Bridgette.

Balancing Punishment-Oriented and Support-Oriented Policies in Schools: Recommendations from School Safety Staff
 Collier, Nicole., Brown, Samantha., Lindsey, Andrea., Pesta, George., Mears, Daniel. and Siennick, Sonja.

Becoming a U.S. Citizen: International College Student’s Perceptions on Undocumented Immigration and the Pathway to Citizenship
 Dias, Robby., Fitzgerald, Brett. and Neal, Kevin.

Beginning With the Learning Goals: My Unexpected Success with a Backward Design Framework
 Jessie, Bernadette.

Behavioral Manifestation Theory
 Jones, Marshall., Seward, Jenna. and Murray, Nicole.

Being a Proactive Bystander: What Matters?
 Moore, Brianne. and Hartman, Jennifer.

Belize’s Sex Trade: Migratory Prostitutes and the Old Beef Versus New Meat Phenomenon
 Parasramsingh Mano, Avekadavie.

Beyond Neurotribes: Exploring the History of Correctional Rehabilitative Practice and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in American Prisons
 Drapela, Laurie.

Big Brother and Big Data: Police Surveillance and the Law in the 21st Century
 Hunt, Luke.

Biosocial Influences on Crime Across the Life-Course
 Hughes, Christopher.

Blessings and Curses: The Impact of the North Dakota Oil Boom on Offender Reentry
 Buchholz-Kerzmann, Maria.

Blue Lines: An Examination of Policer Officer Attitudes and Preparedness in Responding to Calls for Service
 Garza, Alondra. and Franklin, Cortney.

Body Worn Camera Implementation at a Midsize Upstate New York Law Enforcement Agency
 Choo, Kyung-Seok., Brown, James. and Hopkins, Caitlin.

Body-Worn Cameras for Violence De-Escalation Research and Training
 Todak, Natalie.

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Calm Down! Heart Rate Variability and Accurate Decision Making
 Martaindale, M. Hunter.

Campus Safety in Virginia Community Colleges - A Policy Analysis
 Keener, Steven.

Campus Sexual Assault Policy in a New Era
 Mancini, Christina., Smith, Jessica., Pelfrey, William. and Brubaker, Sarah Jane.

Can You Hear Me? Jurors' Perception of the Reliability of Confessions in Criminal Trials
 Bellas, Christopher. and Buckley, John.

Capitalizing on Punishment: Revisiting the Low Valuation of Human Life in Death Penalty States
 Roddy, Ariel.

Chains, Crews, and the Guys in the Game: An Examination of Self-Transformation and Affiliation with Organized Crime Groups
 Morden, Hilary.

Challenge of Re-entry for Offenders with Special Needs
 Bynum Jr., Ray., Delaney, Raymond., Priest, Lorraine., Lawrence, Frederick., Ferguson, Debbie. and Smith, Donna.

Chances for Success in Juvenile Delinquents: A Group-Based Trajectory Approach
 Birch, Ivan.

Changes in Police Department Staffing During the Great Recession
 Lopez, Ernesto.

Changing View of Law Enforcement Through General Public Eyes
 Leija, Christina., Burke, Joseph., Bonan-Cruz, Alexander., Smith, Danyle., Chaffin, Chelsi. and Pollard, Jared.

Changing View of Law Enforcement Through the General Public Eyes
 Leija, Christina., Smith, Danyle., Bonan-Cruz, Alexander., Chaffin, Chelsi., Burke, Joseph. and Pollard, Jared.

Characteristics of Fine Art Theft in the United States
 Burmon, Kate.

Checks and Balances: Ensuring the Integrity in Mississippi Crimestoppers Programs
 McElreath, Myrtis., McElreath, David., Doss, Daniel., Mallory, Steve. and Wigginton Jr., Michael.

Child Abuse: Colleges are Failing to Properly Educate Students in a Criminology/Criminal Justice Curriculum
 Murphy, Daniel.

Childhood Risk Factors and Adolescent Deviance: An Analysis of the SAFE Children Study
 Ratchford, Marie.

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Data Reporting and the Privileged Offender: A Sociolegal Comparative Look at Crimes of the Powerful
 Fairchild, Rachel.

Death, Damages, and Dollars: A Content Analysis of Arson Motivations
 Chavez, Jacqueline. and Mullis, Jordan.

Defining Archeological Looting as Terrorism: A New Weapon in the Fight to Save Cultural Property
 Jirard, Stephanie.

Designing Prisons with a Restorative Justice Backdrop
 Cuevas, Kennedy. and Doty, Patricia.

Designing and Revising an Assessment Plan for Criminal Justice: What Works and What Doesn't?
 Hayes, Timothy.

Determinants of Student Perceptions of Criminal Justice Components
 Calaway, Wendy. and Ghimire, Keshar.

Developing a Restorative Justice Student Organization at a Small Historically Black College and University
 Trombley, J. Renee.

Developing a Theoretical Framework to Assess the National Domestic Violence Hotline
 Hagen, Carol., Burke, Jessica., O\'Malley, Teagen., Rabinovich, Beth. and Harmon, Michele.

Development of a Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Software Tool to Aid Law Enforcement in Investigations
 Krekeler, Mark P.., Burke, Michelle., Dawson, Claudia., Allen, Scott. and Sather, Barrett.

Differences in Decision-Making Competencies in Offenders and Non-Offenders
 Loughran, Thomas.

Differences in Guilt and Self-Esteem between the Juvenile Sex Offenders and Non-Sexual Juvenile Offender
 Anderson, Ashley., Dalzell, Erica., Rines, Kaitlyn., Cavanagh, Caitlin. and Davidson, William.

Differences in Rural and Urban Inmates in Accumulating Social Capital in Prison
 Cook, Amanda., May, David., Wood, Peter., Haynes, Stacy. and Johnson, Kecia.

Difficulties and Potential Solutions for a Rural Institution’s Criminal Justice Internship Program
 Hansen, Andy.

Dimensions of Maritime Terrorism
 Regan, Joshua.

Direct and Indirect Effects of Bullying Victimization and Mental Health on Problem Behaviors
 Bryson, Sara., Brady, Caitlin. and Childs, Kristina.

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Educational Attainment and Rising/Disparate Incarceration
 Jackson, Henry.

Effects of Institutionalization: A Look at Current and Released Prisoners' Perceptions of Prison Rehabilitation Programs
 Titus, Taylor. and Gavin, Samantha.

Effects of Organizational Justice on Job Stress Among Southern Prison Staff
 May, David., Lambert, Eric., Keena, Linda. and Haynes, Stacy.

Elder Abuse Training Needs Assessment for Police Officers in Texas
 Hoppe, Susan. and Titterington, Victoria.

Elements of Decision Making in Police Organizations
 Morreale, Stephen.

Emotional Intelligence and Police Use of Force
 Richards, Ashley.

Emotional Intelligence and Policing
 Sneed, Vickie.

Employer Attitudes Towards Hiring Female Offenders in Oklahoma
 Fitzgerald, Brett., Heersche, Kristin. and Creason-Parker, Gemini.

Employment Among Registered Sex Offenders
 Call, Corey.

Engaging Students in the Classroom by Using an Interactive Multi-Touch Book
 Kerker, Sindee.

Enhancement or Distraction: Embracing Tablet and Smartphone Use in the University Classroom
 Walker-Pickett, Moneque.

Enhancing Public Confidence in Police: The Importance of Social Distance Revisited
 Lee, Jonathan. and Gibbs, Jennifer.

Entertainment Television’s Depiction of Female Police Officers over Time
 Booker, Callie. and Blasdell, Raleigh.

Environmental Context and Rehabilitation: Understanding the Impact of the Prison Yard Environment
 Morse, Stephanie. and Wright, Kevin.

Environmental Predictors of Municipal Police Agency Goals
 Matusiak, Matthew.

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Factors Driving the Use of Force in One U.S. Mid-Atlantic County
 Schwartz, Jeffrey., Johnson, Joseph. and Gratton, William.

Factors Impacting Success of Exonerations under the Innocence Project
 Allred, William. and Shields, Christopher.

Faculty Perceptions of Consensual Sexual Relationships between University Faculty and Students
 Bennett, April., Crittenden, Courtney. and Garland, Tammy.

Fairness and Respect in Institutional Corrections: Examining the Role of Procedural Justice in Reducing Harm and Disorder in Prison
 Campbell, Christopher., Labrecque, Ryan., Schaefer, Roger., Harvis, Molly., Macias, Karma Rose., Reddy, Leah. and LaBranche, Kayla.

False Confession in Wrongful Convictions: An Analysis of Age, Cognitive Disability and False Confession among Exonerees
 Huey, Eileen.

Family Criminogenic Risk Scores of Female Offenders who are Victims of Human Trafficking
 Machasic, Anastasia., Rines, Kaitlyn., Dalzell, Erica., Mandalari, Amber., Cavanagh, Caitlin. and Davidson, William.

Father v. Dad: Making a Case for Strength-based Family Policy and Programming
 Henson, Abigail.

Fear of Crime among International Students in the United States
 Estrada, Laura. and Kuanliang, Attapol.

Fear of Crime on Campus: Results from a Native American Serving University
 Proctor, Amy.

Fear of Hate and Bias Crime on a University Campus
 Van Brown, Bethany.

Fear: A Retrospective Analysis of LGBT Attitudes Post-Pulse
 Woessner, Mathew.

Features of a Criminal LIfestyle in a Sample of Incarcerated Offenders
 Wood, Peter., Cook, Amanda. and May, David.

Feedback from Canadian Police Officers in Regards to their Participation in a Use-of-Force Resilience Promotion Training Program: A Qualitative Study
 Akbari, Telwasa., Boychuk, Evelyn. and Andersen, Judith.

Feeling Politics: Efficacy, Well-Being, and the Vote
 Davis, Brandon.

Female Inmates' Perceptions of Race and Interactions with Staff
 Wulf-Ludden, Timbre. and Trammell, Rebecca.

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Game Warden Attitudes Toward Habitual Wildlife Law Violators
 Eliason, Stephen.

Gang Membership in the Jail Context: Risk or Protective Factors for Offending and Victimization During Short-term Incarceration
 Madrid, Danny. and Ellison, Jared.

Gangs, Organized Crime and Terrorism Revisited
 Rush, Jeffrey., Smith, Carter. and Burton, Catherine.

Gender Differences in Police Officers’ Stressors in South Korea
 Kim, Jeong., Seong, Park. and Kim, Yongsok.

Gender Differences in Risk of Sexual Victimization among Youth in Custody
 Ahlin, Eileen.

Gender Equality and Sentencing in State Courts
 Nowacki, Jeffrey.

Gender and Racial Differences in Perceptions of Discrimination
 Jackson, Robin. and Motley, Shantae.

Gendered Blue Views: A Comparative Analysis of Police Views on Recent High Profile Use of Force Cases
 Gilmore, Beth., Buckler, Kevin. and Holt, James.

General Deterrent Effects of Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court on Crime Rates in Ohio
 Park, Insun.

General Strain Theory and Prescription Drug Misuse Among College Students
 Pedalino, Jordan. and Frailing, Kelly.

General Strain and Intimate Partner Homicide in Texas
 Williams, James. and Rodeheaver, Daniel.

Generation Status, Ethnicity, and the Relationship between Marriage and Arrest
 Baumgardner, Marisa. and Chavez, Jorge.

Genes, Authoritative Parenting, and Crime in Emerging Adulthood
 Province, Karli. and Watts, Stephen.

Genocide and Wartime Sexual Violence in Myanmar
 Jannat, Fatematul.

Girl's Sense of Self: An Analysis of Spoken Word
 Kahle, Lindsay. and Rosenbaum, Jill.

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Heroin and Opiate Addiction: Catalysts for Change Needed within the Criminal Justice System and Community
 Metz, Gary., Kumar, Korni. and de Guzman, Melchor.

Hidden Behind Walls of Ivy: Child Sexual Abuse in Elite Boarding Schools
 Whitekiller, Virginia. and Hammons, Diane.

Homeless Court: Addressing Homelessness in San Diego
 O\'Deane, Matthew.

How Do Death Penalty Views Change Based on the Sentence Structure and Diction of the Question Being Asked?
 Dunlap, Emily. and Gavin, Samantha.

How Fantasies Affect Decision-Making: An Examination of a Serial Sex Offender
 Balemba, Samantha.

How Female Inmates Maintain Contact with Their Families
 Celinska, Katarzyna.

How Law Enforcement Can Use Data to Identify "Opiod-Based" Problem Locations
 Barthe, Emmanuel. and Ward, Stacy.

How State Terrorism Thwarts the Fight Against Transnational Crime
 Cengiz, Mahmut.

How Subcultures Contribute to Delinquency and Violence in Schools
 Haros, Rafael.

How to Prevent Refugees from Becoming Victims of THB
 Bruckmüller, Karin.

Human Trafficking from the Victims' Perspective
 Sanders, Katherine. and Phillips, Matthew.

Human Trafficking in the Philippines: Victim Acquisition and Exit Strategies
 Gross, Sarah. and Quinn, Elizabeth.

Human Trafficking: Social Workers’ Knowledge and Perceptions
 San Miguel, Claudia., Chapa, Ana., Cisneros, Ashley., Carrion, Patricia. and Leyva, Mike.

Hyperawareness of Crime: The Link Between Media Overexposure and Fear of Crime
 Travers, Megan.


I Can Measure That: Recommendations for the Measurement of Disparities in the Age of the RRI
 Harmon, Mark., Renauer, Brian. and Campbell, Christopher.

I Got My Addictions but Don't Have a Problem: Investigating the Connection between Mental Health and Functionality among Substance Addicts
 Mier, Carrie. and Ladny, Roshni.

I Only Harass Inmates Who Deserve it! Deconstructing the Relationships Among Correctional Officer Brutality, Job Satisfaction, Work Stress, and Job Dangerousness
 Worley, Robert., Lambert, Eric. and Worley, Vidisha.

I, Too, Sing America: Being Successful in My Criminal Justice Career
 Wiggins, Kayla.

III Percenters: A Threat to Society?
 Earl, Kevin. and Markovic, Vesna.

IPV and Depression: A Stress Sensitization Approach
 Wells, Jessica.

IQ and Juvenile Delinquency
 Nickell, Tammy. and Cho, Yeok-il.

ISIS Recruitment and Sociodemographics for Female Terrorists: Mindset of a Terrorist
 Kuntz, Rachel., Johnson, Ronn. and Hoerschgen, Kayla.

ISIS in America: A Sociohistorical Analysis
 Ratcliff, Katie. and Smith, Brent.

Identifying the Nature of Sexually Violent Places: The Applicability of Crime Pattern and Social Disorganization Theories
 Hewitt, Ashley., Beauregard, Eric., Andresen, Martin. and Brantingham, Patricia.

Identity Politics on College Campuses and the Impact on Students
 Morris, Jessica.

If Everything’s Destroyed, What’s Left to Steal? Analyzing Residential Burglary Before and After a Tornado
 Frailing, Kelly., Zawisza, Thomas. and Harper, Dee.

Immigrant Perceptions of Discriminatory Attitudes and Stereotyping by Law Enforcement
 Martinez, Crystal.

 Khan, Rashida Ellen.

Immigration, Crime, and Victimization in a New Destination State
 Cano, Mario.

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JJ-TRIALS Impact on Delivery of Substance Use Services for Youth on Probation: Findings from Pennsylvania
 Hamilton, Leah., Johnson, Ingrid., Belenko, Steven., Welsh, Wayne. and Weiland, Doris.

JRI Ohio: Using county data to enhance the formation of state strategies and policies
 Hickman, Lisa.

Jail Perceptions - A Post-Occupancy Study
 Ames, Sabrina.

Job Placement and Recividism Rates Among Juvenile Offenders: Promising Trends
 Bates, Lauren., Neustrom, Michael., Early, Kristin., Corrigan, Rebecca. and Snyder, Brandon.

Judicial Diversity
 Russell, Lee.

Judicial Release: The Need for Transition Planning from Prison to the Community
 Riske-Morris, Michelle.

Juggalos: Family or Gang? A Participant Observational Study
 Przemieniecki, Christopher., Lindquist, Josiah. and Compitello, Samantha.

Just another day’s work: Consequences of exposure to violence among correctional officers in the jail setting
 Ellison, Jared.

Justice, Administration, and Education
 Wensel, Dawna. and Bain, Andy.

Juvenile Delinquency in Highly Mobile Populations Over Time: Moving From One Bad Area to Another
 Hollingsworth, Michael.

Juvenile Hackers: An Empirical Test of Self-Control Theory and Social Learning Theory
 Back, Sinchul., Soor, Sadhika. and Kim, Minju.

Juvenile Incarceration and Mental Illness
 Dunbar, Natasha. and Rodriguez, Frank.

Juvenile Offenders in Harris County, TX Adult Court: Juvenile Penalty and Disparities
 Cooper, Maisha. and Orrick, Erin.

Juvenile Placement in Pre-Trial Detention by Police in Montana
 Acton, Daniel.

Juvenile Transfers to Adult Court and Context: A Longitudinal Multilevel Analysis of Transfers to Adult Court
 Prochaska, Brenda.

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Killer Cops-Policework's Dark Secret
 Barker, Tom.

Korean Immigrant Women and Intimate Partner Violence: A Systematic Review
 Park, Suyeon.


Lasting Impacts of the Get Tough Era on Juvenile Sentencing
 Kurlychek, Megan.

Latin American Immigrants' Perceptions, Expectations, and Concerns about American Police
 Lim, Hyeyoung. and Loyaga, Nadejda.

Latinos and Police Use of Force
 Pizarro, Jesenia., Terrill, William., Mora, Victor. and Garcia-Johnson, Anastacia.

Law Enforcement Information Sharing: The Opioid Epidemic
 Lambert, David. and Varano, Sean.

Law Enforcement Related Custodial Deaths in Mississippi: A Retrospective and Descriptive Analysis
 Thompson, Alan.

Law Enforcement Technology and Citizens' Rights to Privacy: Police Body Worn Cameras
 Wydra, Christopher.

Lay Jury Systems: A Worldwide Review
 Crawley, William. and Kanaboshi, Naoki.

Leadership Development Session for Police Staff
 Morreale, Stephen. and O\'Deane, Matthew.

Lee v. United States, and the Growing Body of Plea-Bargaining Law
 Gentes, Eric.

Left Behind: Urban American Indian Women and the United States Socio-Legal System
 Davis, Alexandra.

Legitimizing the Judiciary: A Multilevel Hierarchical Non-linear Analysis of Country-Level Indicators in Asia
 Boateng, Francis.

Lessons Learned in Performing a Comprehensive, City-Wide Gang Assessment Study
 Gustafson, Joseph. and Olive, Francis.

Let's Talk About Sex: Assessing the Impact of Five Sexual Health Workshops at a HBCU
 Bagasra, Anisah. and Mc Letchie, Alison.

Lethality Assessment Protocol: Challenges and Barriers of Implementation for Domestic Violence Victim Advocates
 Grant, Tanya.

Letting Go: A Semester of Project Based Learning
 Tahiliani, John.

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MERLOT – A Reliable Framework for OER in Criminal Justice
 Bowdre, Paul.

Maintaining the Energy in Violence Prevention on Campus
 Davis, MaryBeth.

Making Anti-Corruption Efforts More Effective: An Empirical Look at Why Corruption Persists
 Albanese, Jay. and Artello, Kristine.

Male Victims of Sexual Violence: Case Characteristics and Outcomes Utilizing NIBRS
 Walfield, Scott.

Management Cops vs Street Cops: The Views on Police Misconducts
 Lim, Hyeyoung.

Management as a Solution for Better Police-Community Relations: Perspectives from The Front Line
 Headley, Andrea.

Mapping Crime Concentration in El Salvador: Lessons Learned
 Ruiz, Pamela.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington, D.C.
 Zakrzewski Jr, William., Wheeler, Andrew. and Thompson, Andrew.

Mass Media Influence on Public Perception of Police Use of Force
 Dwyer, Terrence. and Sargeant, Rebecca.

Mass Media's Effect of Perceptions of Law Enforcement
 Cox, Morgan. and Gavin, Samantha.

Mass Shootings, Media Coverage, and Moral Panics: An Analysis of Mass Shootings in 2015
 Twitty, Elizabeth., Bennett, April. and Garland, Tammy.

Measuring Procedural Justice in Police-Citizen Encounters Through Systematic Social Observation
 Davis, Vondell. and Weisel, Instructor.

Media Effects and Criminal Profiling: How Fiction Influences Perception, Can Profiling Still Be Accurate
 Bolton, Asha.

Media Influence of Public Perceptions of Justice
 Higgins, Casey., Sundell, Anneka. and Lynn, Tamara.

Media Representations of Minor Sex Trafficking within the United States: A Content Analysis
 Crawford, Chyna.

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Native American Attitudes towards Police: Uncertainty and Contradiction in a Research Age
 Creason-Parker, Gemini.

Navigating the "Clearly Established" Law Prong of Qualified Immunity in Police Use of Force Cases
 Dwyer, Terrence.

Necklacing and Stoning to Death: Conceptualizing Mob Killings in Parts of Africa
 Derby, C, Nana., George, Tayo., Ahmadu, Frederick. and Egharevba, Matthew.

Neglecting Animals: A Content Analysis of Introductory Criminal Justice and Criminology Textbooks
 Girgen, Jen.

Neighborhood-Level Effects of Mass Incarceration on Reproductive Health in NYC
 Davis, Rindcy. and Evans, Douglas.

Neoliberal Theory of Gang and Non-Gang Development: Mertonian Constructs Revisited
 Jackson, Asheka.

Newspaper Depictions of NYPD Residential Searches: Procedural Justice, Conflict, and Deterrence
 Bodah, Daniel.

Nice Guys Finish First: The Effect of Gender, Plaintiff Personality Disposition, and Visual Images in Civil Negligence Cases
 Fields, Kiara., Matranga, Chiara. and Athaide-Victor, Liz.

Nigerian Immigrants' Perceptions of the Police: An Exploratory Study in Houston
 Wang, Hsiao-Ming.

No Youth Left Behind to Human Trafficking: Exploring Profiles of Risk
 Reid, Joan., Baglivio, Michael., Piquero, Alex., Greenwald, Mark. and Epps, Nathan.

Not Knowing Your Left from Right: Notes on Ideological Extremist Violence
 Davies, Garth. and Zdjelar, Vanja.

Numbing New England: Our Opioid Epidemic, the Causes Behind it and its Impact on the Criminal Justice system
 Bartolotta, Ryan., Kain, George. and Kain, Marilyn.


Officer-Involved Shootings: The State of Publicly Available Police Data in the United States
 Cavanaugh, Michael. and Matusiak, Matthew.

Officers' Response to Crime Victims: Factors that Influence Referrals to Community Agencies
 Goodson, Amanda., Franklin, Cortney., O\'Neal, Eryn. and Bouffard, Leana.

One Easy Step to Close the Gap Between Research and Policy in Prison Programs
 Leymon, Ann.

Online Prostitution in South Korea and its Preventive Measure: A Model of Offender Profiling via Big Data Analysis
 Back, Sinchul., Kakar, Suman. and Kim, Minju.

Online Social Control: Forms and Effects
 Hawdon, James.

Opiate Deaths and Homicides: Is there a statistical connection in Memphis?
 McElreath, David., Doss, Daniel., Nations, Robert. and McElreath, Myrtis.

Opioid Court: Nature and Response to a Nationwide Epidemic
 Contrino, Kathleen.

Opportunities for Rehabilitation: Factors Influencing OWI Treatment Court Participation in a Rural County
 Gartner, Nancy., Stackman, Valerie. and Strobl, Staci.

Organizational Factors Matter: A Multilevel Test on Internal Procedural Justice and Public Perception of the Police
 Li, Luye.

Organizational Motivation for Police Agencies to Have Volunteer Police Units
 Dobrin, Adam. and Dobrin, Benjamin.

Organs Transplantation: A Medical Wonder? Or Designer of a New Branch of Trafficking?
 Kakar, Suman.

Over-incarceration of Blacks in the Canadian Federal Prison System
 Joseph, Janice.

Overcoming Trauma: How Victimization Experiences Shape Women’s Identities
 Hoskins, Kayla., Morash, Merry., Kashy, Deborah., Cobbina, Jennifer. and Smith, Sandi.


PROSPER: The Role of Peer Recovery Specialists in the Philadelphia Drug Treatment Court
 Gesser, Nili., Belenko, Steven., Weiland, Doris. and Bodas LaPollo, Archana.

Parents’ Perception of School Safety
 Sporer, Celia.

Parole Board Members’ Perspectives on Modes of Inmate Evaluation
 Connor, David Patrick. and Giuffre, Andrea.

Participation in Faith-Based Activities and Criminality: What is the Connection?
 Lynn, Tamara., Higgins, Casey. and Bainter, Madison.

Patronage or Practicality – Police Wages and Benefits 5 years after Wisconsin’s Act 10
 Johnson, Alan.

Peer Delinquency's Impact on the Offender-Victim Relationship
 Fowler, Shannon.

Penalty Box: An Analysis of Sports Violence in Relation to Everday Violence
 Goodrum, Raymond., Porter, Megan. and Traxler, Anthony.

Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation Departments in the Wake of the Luzerne County Scandal: Have They Changed?
 Boyer, Jennifer., Scott, Daniel. and Archer, Skylar.

People Don’t Kill People, Guns Do? Examining the Role Firearms Play in the Lethality of Mass Shootings
 Capellan, Joel.

Perception of Safety/Security in Local Communities in Slovenia
 Mesko, Gorazd.

Perceptions of Campus Safety Among LGBTQ Individuals
 Scroggins, Jennifer., Keeton, R.. and Clarkson, Kendra.

Perceptions of Election Integrity: Myth Versus Reality
 Bagga, Jay., Byers, Bryan. and Taylor, Charles.

Perceptions of Victim and Offender Responsibility
 Clark, Robert.

Performing Race and Gender in Policing
 Hollis, Meghan.

Pew Pew Pew: Promoting Pistol Teams in Academia
 Chavez, Jacqueline. and Hughes, Victoria.

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Race and Disabilities: A Look into African American Inmates in the State Prison System
 Baloch, Natasha.

Race, Gender, and Death: An Historical Contextualization of Modern Era Executions
 Blevins, Kristie., Minor, Kevin. and Myers, Trevor.

Racial Disparities and the Correctional System: Examining the Relationship between Risk Assessment and Neighborhood Disadvantage
 Campbell, Christina.

Racial Justice, Police, and the Third Reconstruction
 Barlow, Melissa. and Barlow, David.

Radicalization and Social Learning Theory: The Cases of Jerry Kane, Jr. and Joseph Kane
 O\'Neal, Tyler.

Rape Culture in Utah High Schools: The Connection with the Sexual Violence to Prison Pipeline
 Panagia, Giancarlo. and McKenna, Nicole.

Rape Survivors, Health Professionals and Advocates in the Emergency Room
 Long, LaDonna.

Rape by Deception- The Type of Lies as a Basis for Imposing Criminal Liability
 Warshawski, Sharon.

Re-imagining a Social Identity: Social Service Providers’ Perceptions of Undocumented Immigrant Youth's Sense of Belonging
 Alatorre, Francisco.

Recidivism Outcomes in a Mental Health Court: Does Criminal History Make a Difference?
 Snell, Clete.

Recidivism of Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System
 Robertson, Angela., Gardner, Sheena., Pankow, Jennifer. and Joe, George.

Recognizing Adolescence: Does age matter to the Parole Board when deciding to parole juvenile lifers?
 Kokkalera, Stuti. and Singer, Simon.

Reconsidering Diversity in Prison Personnel: Correctional Policy and Implications
 Randol, Blake.

Recruiting Police Officers and Prosecutors: A Contingency Theory Perspective
 Giblin, Matthew. and Choi, Myunghyun.

Recruiting Victims of Crime for Participation in Research Projects – Reflections from the Field
 Van Camp, Tinneke.

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School Administrators’ Experiences Navigating Social Media Issues and Leveraging Social Media to Improve School Safety
 Brown, Samantha., Collier, Nicole., Lindsey, Andrea., Pesta, George., Mears, Daniel. and Siennick, Sonja.

School Attachment and Antisocial Behavior
 Chen, Jing., Forsyth, Craig., Forsyth, York., Biggar, Raymond., Burstein, Karen. and Dick, Steven.

School Bullying in Sharjah
 Alomosh, Ahmad., Alrahoomi, Salama., Al Shamsi, Mohdy. and Alani, Uomaima.

School Demographics, Arrest Rates, and Placement in Juvenile Facilities
 Homer, Emily. and Fisher, Benjamin.

Second Chance Act in Action: Smart Supervision in a Rural Pennsylvania County
 Myers, David., Lee, Daniel. and Giever, Dennis.

Self-Legitimacy of Prison Staff: A Qualitative Study in Slovenian Prisons
 Mesko, Gorazd. and Hacin, Rok.

Sending Students into the Field: Joining Theory to Experiential Learning
 Hochstein, Lucy.

Serial Killers and Serial Rapists: A Case For Rape Kit Funding
 Wright, Lauren. and Priesman, Emily.

Sex Crimes, Victimization, Exploitation and Obscenity on the Internet: Forgotten Issues in Local Policing
 Taylor, Bob.

Sex Ed Effects
 Diez, Jeffrey., Hollan, Jessica. and Seanor, Ariana.

Sex Offender Registries and Recidivism Rates in New England: Do the Numbers Still Warrant the Cost?
 Dwyer, Terrence. and McConnell, Greta.

Sexual Exploitation and Prostitution in Five Communist Countries
 Steimle, Rachel. and Dahl, Patricia.

Sexual Violence and Help-Seeking Behaviors in Deaf Survivors of Sexual Assault
 McQuiller Williams, LaVerne.

Shared Facets of Restorative and Creative Justice
 Lory, Gabrielle.

Shift in Federal Funding Post Sep. 11: From Community Policing to Homeland Security (New York Case)
 Alizadeh, Mohsen.

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TAPS Academy Police Officers’ Characteristics
 Cintron, Myrna.

Teaching About Police Stress: An Immersive Learning Experience
 Byers, Bryan.

Teaching Criminological Theory in an Ideological Atmosphere
 Brown, Steve.

Teaching Race and Crime: Navigating an Emotional Charged Classroom
 Conyers, Addrain. and Williams, Stacy.

Teaching Race, Ethnicity, and Crime: The Impact of Student Racial and Ethnic Composition
 Tobin, Kimberly.

Teaching Sexual Crimes
 Laufersweiler-Dwyer, Deborah.

Teaching Social Justice for Careers in Criminal Justice
 Abdul-Ra\'uf, Bakhitah.

Teaching Statistics: Benefits of Using Humor in the Classroom
 Davidson, Robert.

Teaching Victimology During the Trump Administration
 Van Brown, Bethany.

Technology-Assisted Stalking and Image-Based Sexual Abuse on the college campus: The Role of Negative Peer Support
 DeKeseredy, Walter., Harris, Bridget., Woodlock, Delanie., Nolan, James., Schwartz, Martin. and Hall-Sanchez, Amanda.

Teen And Police Service (TAPS) Academy: Perceptions of Youth
 Harper, Megan.

Teen And Police Service (TAPS) Academy: Policy to Practice
 Penn, Everette.

Texas Medical Reform before Estelle v. Gamble
 Lucko, Paul.

The 100 Books Project
 Morrissette, William. and Neave, Jessica.

The Accuracy of the Violent Offender Identification Directive (VOID) Tool to Predict Future Gun Violence
 Wheeler, Andrew., Worden, Robert. and Silver, Jasmine.

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U.S. News Coverage of Transgender Victims in 2016
 Osborn, Meg.

Unaccompanied Salvadoran Minors Migrating to the United States: From the Frying Pan to the Fire
 Vasquez, Lidia. and Natarajan, Mangai.

Undergraduate Perceptions of False Convictions in a "Practitioners" Degree Program
 George, Katie. and Dierenfeldt, Rick.

Undergraduate Perceptions of the Death Penalty in a ‘Practitioner-Oriented’ Criminal Justice Program
 Caines, Matthew. and Dierenfeldt, Rick.

Understanding Common Perceptions of Corrections
 Dahl, Patricia.

Understanding Critical Incidents in Policing: Utilizing Business Pedagogical Strategies in Teaching Difficult Criminal Justice Topics
 Jones, Joy.

Understanding Cyber Security and Cyber Crime through Interdisciplinary Learning
 Thorbjornsen, Lenora.

Understanding Doctor Shopping Behavior Through a Social Disorganization Lens
 Shadwick, Joshua. and Ren, Ling.

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence in the Asian Communities in America: A Systematic Review
 Kim, Chunrye. and Schmuhl, Margaret.

Understanding Low Self-Control in Online Child Pornography Offenders: A Qualitative Study
 Steely, Mollee. and ten Bensel, Tusty.

Understanding Student Reactions to Inequities in the Criminal Justice System
 Merrill, Monica.

Understanding Variation in Transnational Criminal Organizations’ Success: An Analysis of Central American and Mexican Transnational Criminal Organizations
 Clark, Timothy.

Understanding Violence Against EMS Providers
 Sporer, Celia.

Understanding the Plateau: An Examination of the Factors that Attract and Deter Women from Careers in Law Enforcement
 Cordner, AnnMarie.

Understanding the Punitive Turn of Collateral Consequences for Misdemeanor Convictions
 Grimsley, Edwin.

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Validating the Benefits of K-12 Visitor Entry Systems
 Rzemyk, Thomas.

Variation in Movement of Proposed Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure Bills: An Analysis of the Texas Legislature
 Andrews, Brandon., Buckler, Kevin. and Gilmore, Beth.

Veteran Preference? A Look at the Relationship between Military Service and Sentencing Outcomes among State Prisoners
 Brooke, Erika. and Peck, Jennifer.

Veteran Treatment Courts: An Analysis of Mentor Programs
 Jalain, Caroline. and Grossi, Elizabeth.

Veterans Courts: An Alternative to "Blaming the Victim"
 Palmiotto, Michael. and French, Laurence.

Veterans Treatment Court (VTC): What Do We Do with our Veterans that Commit Crimes?
 O\'Deane, Matthew.

Vicarious Trauma Experienced by Law Enforcement Officers and Victim Advocates
 Quinn, Elizabeth. and DeValve, Michael.

Victim Precipitation and Blame in Stalking Incidents
 Cass, Amy.

Victim, Offender, and Situational Characteristics that have an Affect on Rapes that End in Homicide
 Overstreet, Suzanne. and Dawson-Edwards, Cherie.

Victimization and the Impact on Inmate Behavior
 Hunter, Alisha. and Wasileski, Gabriela.

Victims in the News: Portrayals of White, Black, and Latina Victims
 Slakoff, Danielle. and Brennan, Pauline.

Video Games and Rape Supportive Attitudes
 Beck, Victoria. and Rose, Chris.

Video Village: A Creative Approach for Improving Police-Community Relations in a High Crime Neighborhood
 Covington, Michele.

Violence Against Police Officers: A Forensic Psychological Review
 Johnson, Ronn., Ryan, Kori., Meiner, Lark. and Seger, Alex.

Violence Prevention in the Third World: The Example of Kawit, Cebu Province, the Philippines
 Orrick, David.

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WITHDRAWN: A Study of the Application of DNA Evidence to Avert Injustice
 Buvasheva, Bella. and Li, Richard.

WITHDRAWN: Designing Sexual Assault Reporting/Prevention Classes for Males
 Ferris, Joshua. and Dahl, Patricia.

WITHDRAWN: Exploring the Relationship between Eco-Friendly Attitudes and Crime-Resisting Attitudes
 Kim, Yongsok. and Kim, JeongLim.

Watch Dog
 Seanor, Ariana. and Radtke, McKenzie.

We Should Check Our Schedules: Are the Federal U.S. Drug Schedules Appropriate?
 Leal, Wanda. and Borkowski, Elizabeth.

What Are GALs and Do They Do Any Good?
 Siedschlaw, Kurt.

What the Professor Said: Investigating Student Perceptions of Racial and Gender Insensitivity in the Classroom
 Hale, W. Chris.

What was the Effect of Increased Private Security on Crime Reduction within the Nation?
 Costello, Andrew.

What’s in a Name? An Analysis of When (and Which) Groups Become Designated as Gangs
 Becker, Ursula.

Where Bias Hides
 Banrum, Chris. and Barnum, Tim.

Which Demographics are Associated with Perceived Police Fairness? and How?
 Adames, Christopher., Haines, Alec., Martin, Tyler., Trasacco, Hailey., Black, Pamela. and Can, Salih.

Who Do We Want Our Students To Be? Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs
 Holsinger, Kristi. and Clancey, Lindsey.

Who are Sextortionists? A Metasynthesis of the Literature
 Liggett, Roberta.

Who? What? and How?- Gun violence in Kansas
 Alexander, Ryan.

Why Can't They Read?
 Czarnec, Jeffrey.

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You Have the Right to Understand but Do You(th)?: Exploring Developmental Influences on Miranda Rights Comprehension
 Arndorfer, Andrea. and Malloy, Lindsay.

Young People of Color Experiences with Stop, Question, Frisk, Housing Trespass Enforcement, and their Engagement in Police Reform
 Barrett, Jeanene.
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