American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 2007-Nov-12 to 2007-Nov-18

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"Los tres amigos" Baile, 16 de septiembre, Día de Muertos.
 Rodriguez, Roberto., Turner, Yazmina. and McElhenney, Amy.

"My Sweet Giraffe" or Tips on Teaching Culture
 Sukholutskaya, Mara.

"Saro' di nuovo breve..."
 Donna, Claudia., Bresciani, Laura. and Garolla, Alessandra.
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"Técnicas de cuentacuentos: una manera efectiva de enseñar idiomas a niños pequeños"
 Summerville, Marcela. and Lomba, Ana.

(Inter)Action! Using Interactive Technologies to Support Chinese Language Learning
 Tschudi, Stephen., Gissing, Chunman., Perry, Lo Sun., Ross, Adam. and Tsai, Jillian.

'Cultural Evolution' in Lijiang, China: Classroom Applications
 Yeh, Meng.

“CultureTalk: Bringing the 'Other' Closer to Home”
 Mazzocco, Elizabeth.

“Real-Time” Language Curriculum
 Roskam, Eric.

“Strategies to convert English Words into Katakana”
 Sekine, Shigeko.


A CLASS Forum for Chinese Bridge Delegates: Focus on the K-12 Classroom
 Lee, Lucy.

A Comparative Research Study: Ensuring the Successful Student Teaching Internship
 Haley, Marjorie. and Ferro, Melissa.

A Cross-Institutional Study of Factors Affecting Foreign Language Program Articulation
 Paesani, Kate. and Barrette, Cathy.

A Cross-cultural Study on the Expressions of Disagreement by English Learners of Chinese
 Wang, Yu-Fang. and Yang, Ya-Ting.

A Cross-cultural Study on the Refusal Strategies Used by English Learners of Chinese
 Lee, Hsi-Chi.

A Great Leap Forward in Chinese Reading Proficiency within 10 Months
 Wang, Junren.

A Journey throughout Spain with Spanish literature and other artistic expressions
 Velasco, Carmen.

A Preliminary Survey of Tone Deafness
 Jiao, Liwei.

A Theory of Fun: Pedagogical Materials And Language Play
 Blyth, Carl., Abrams, Zsuzsanna. and Kelton, Karen.

A Unique Approach for Developing an Arabic Curriculum and Assessment
 Arraf, Shereen., Hamka, Hala., Fouani, Nada. and Alaloom, Khamael.

A virtual classroom model for the teaching of LCTLs
 Van Deusen-Scholl, Nelleke.

AATG Testing Program; Culture and/of/or/for Multiple Choice!?
 Kuhn-Osius, Eckhard. and Redmann, Jennifer.

AATG's Journals: The German Quarterly and Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German
 Lovik, Thomas. and Rolleston, James.

AATSP LangSource Update: Resources for Teaching Hispanic Cultures
 Long, Donna., Macian, Jan., Met, Myriam. and Schrier, Leslie.

ACTFL AAPPL Project: Framework for a National Language Assessment
 Swender, Elvira., Abbott, Marty., Malone, Margaret., Conrad, Dan., Vicars, Robert. and West, Hollie.

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BULLSEYE: Keeping Your Class in the “Target” Language
 Davin, Kristin. and Sinal, Katie.

Becoming a Fulbright Teacher
 Koepke, Ann.

Beginning Students CAN Research Internet Culture Topics and Present in the Target Language to Peers!
 Norden, Janet.

Beliefs about Kinds of Instructional Materials Regarding Learner/Program-Related Considerations
 Polat, Nihat.

Berliner, Braunschweiger und ein Halver Hahn - Städte im DaF-Unterricht
 Barbe, Katharina., Langeheine, Volker. and Stark, John.

Best Practices for Teaching LCTL Languages
 Klimpl, Judith., Parker, Janet. and Amin, Iran.
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Best of CSC: Multiple Intelligences - Doing it all with Geography!
 Becker, Angelika.

Best of NECTFL: Making Latin Projects Fun (To Do & To Grade)
 Tremper, Ashley.

Best of PNCFL: Teaching English as a Second Language in Paris "Hot Zone"
 Mulroney, Helen.

Best of SCOLT: The Best of All Worlds - World Languages Across the Curriculum
 Muir, Kris. and La Porte, Amie.
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Best of SWCOLT: Teach Language and Culture with Music
 Howard, Roy.

Beyond Character Count: Setting Deep Roots for Chinese Literacy
 Wang, Shuhan. and Dahlberg, Carol Ann.

Beyond Study Abroad: Off-Campus Study and the Home Curriculum (Part 1)
 Ward, Jenifer., Redmann, Jennifer., Morewedge, Rosmarie., Reisinger, Nikolaus. and Burgard, Peter.

Beyond Study Abroad: Off-Campus Study and the Home Curriculum (Part 2)
 Ward, Jenifer., Kirchner, Doris., Reber Bell, Teresa. and Brown, William.

Bilingüismo infantil y colaboración entre escuela y familia.
 Lomba, Ana. and Summerville, Marcela.
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Caballos, Chamantos and Colleras: The Chilean Rodeo
 Overesch-Maister, Lynne.

Can Character Learning be Less Painful?—Studies on Character Acquisition, Literacy, and Its Effect on Language Production
 Dietrich, Maiheng., Lai, Shu-Ting. and Wu, Grace.

Can This French Program Be Saved?
 Lang, Lynnette. and Gaab, Carol.

Changing the Perspective: Applying Sociocultural Theory to CFL Research
 Paul, Michael., Liu, Rong., Qiao, Xiaomei. and Galer, Scott.

Children's Literature in the University-level Spanish Curriculum
 Kautzman, Kerry., Ringer-Hilfinger, Kathryn. and Garcia, Maria de la Paz.
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Chinese Business Culture Curriculum Design
 Zhang, Yan. and Dai, Jinhuei.

Chinese Films: A Window to Chinese Language and Culture
 Chen-Lin, Carol., Lin, Jen., Jiang, Ning., Delucia, Chris. and Tian, Amanda.

Chinese Heritage Language Teaching and Community Service Learning
 Liu, Jack.

Chinese Heritage and Non-Heritage Learners’ Learning Strategies
 Liu, Yunzhen.

Chinese Listening Strategies Used by the Students at the Beginner’s Level
 Cai, Wei. and Sciban, Shu-ning.

Classroom Theater Techniques
 Donovan, Renate.

Cognitive Approaches and Learner-centered Designs for Chinese as a Second Language
 Teng, Li-li.

Collaborative Facilitation in Pre-Service Teacher Development: Challenges and Benefits
 Bey, Claudia., Edwards, Janette., Long, Yi. and Singh, Ravinder.

Collecting Great Evidence: Standards-Based Assessment Tasks
 Smith, Martin., Yetman, Beatrice., Zeppieri, Rosanne. and Meulener, Carol.

Common Misconceptions on Foreign Language Learning and Possible Solutions
 Lee, Jewel. and Lee, Samuel.

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Dare to Differentiate: Meeting the Diverse Needs of All Students
 Espitia, Deborah. and Grahn, Leslie.

Deconstructing Diversity: How Our Teaching Materials Represent Cultures
 Angell, John., DuBravac, Stayc. and Gonglewski, Margaret.

Department of Defense Automated Speaking Test Research Project
 Wright, Anne.

Describing oral skills in teaching Italian language
 Costantini, Angela.

Designing Your Own CALL-Based Proficiency Test
 Wylie-Ernst, Elizabeth., Bradin-Siskin, Claire., Williams, Sarah. and Wells, Brett.

Designing a Curriculum for the Advanced FL Program: Tasks and Models
 Swaffar, Janet., Arens, Katherine., Maxim, Hiram. and Frei, Christina.

Designing for Performance: A Guide for Action in Planning Language Programs
 Couet, Ruta., Tollefson, Ann. and Eddy, Jennifer.

Deutsche Welle As a Daily Link to Germany and Europe
 Zintgraf, Viola. and Lauch, Zuzana.

Developing Effective Grammar Pedagogy
 Bai, Jianhua., Chen, Fred., Sung, Juyu. and Teng, Shouhsin.

Developing Global Citizens: CPS K-12 Japanese Curriculum and Assessment Instruction
 Acierto, Sylvia. and Satsutani, Shingo.

Developing Intercultural Competency through Interactive Web Activities
 Ventura, Claudia.

Developing Interpretive Reading Tasks for Introductory Literature Courses
 Shelton, Donna.

Developing Language Learner Autonomy through Technology-Enhanced Simulated Travels
 Mills, Nicole.

Developing Learners' Grammatical Competence
 VanPatten, Bill., Lesser, Michael. and Keating, Gregory.

Developing Literary Competency at the Intermediate Level
 Ceccacci, Nadia.

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Easing Students into Speaking Italian: a Model-Based Approach
 De Renzo-Huter, Lauretta.

Effective Activities and Techniques in the Elementary Chinese Classroom
 Song, April., Li, Li. and Fang, Marisa.

Effective L2 Teacher Supervision: Collaborative Feedback Along the Teaching Timeline
 Ashby, Wendy.
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Effective Reading Skills and Strategies for Heritage Students
 Ohyama, Masayo., Tsuda, Kazuo. and Masuya, Mami.

Effective Strategies for High School Chinese Classrooms
 Subisak, Jeannine., Gao, Jian. and Ku, Annie.

Effectively assessing cultural knowledge in the language classroom
 Hildebrandt, Susan.

Effectiveness of TV Dramas & Movies for Culture and Language
 Ryu, Jean Sook.

Efficient L2 Teaching Techniques for Adult Learners
 Teng, Shouhsin., Chen, Li-Yuan., Fann, Meei-yuan. and Chai, Jing-Jing.

Ein Gefundenes Fressen: Featuring the Newly Redesigned AATG Web Site
 Van Handle, Donna., Blackburn, Martha. and Witte, Jim.

Einmal quer durch den Garten: Neues bei Klett von A1 bis C1
 Frederickson, Christiane. and Helbing, Kerstin.

El Rincón del editor: Self-editing and Register Sensibility Among University-level HSS
 Velazquez, Maria.

Elementary Immersion Programs and Assessments in Montgomery County Public Schools
 Gouin, Donna., Amin, Iran., Klimpl, Judith. and Sacks, Rosa.

Embedding Authentic Cultural Images into the OPI Framework
 Steely, Wayne. and Jogan, Karen.

Empowering Chinese Teaching with Technology-- A Yale Practice
 Mu, Ling., Li, Rongzhen., Shen, Jianhua. and Liang, Ninghui.

English Language Learning in Mexico: Students’ Reconciliation of the Effects of Hegemony with Instrumental views of English
 Graham, Leah. and Petron, Mary.

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FL Teachers and Students Weigh in on FL Teaching Practices
 Brown, Alan.
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FLES Spanish in DoDEA; Department of Defense Education Activity Initiative
 Corrigan, Taffy. and Davila, Angela.

Featuring Film in the Spanish Classroom: Resources and Activities
 Fechter, Sharon. and Lopez, Sylvia.

Featuring new programs and resources for French teachers
 Petillon, Catherine.

Field and Student Teaching Clinical Experiences: Maximizing Benefits
 Cavour, Isabel.

Filme im Unterricht
 Smith, Elizabeth. and Mays, Alexandra (Sandi).

Fish Who See the Water: Preparing Teachers for Intercultural Competence
 Curran, Mary.

Focus on "La Francophonie"
 Beckwith, Joyce.

Focus on Berlin: Interdisciplinary Courses and Study Trips to Berlin
 Gaddy, Kerstin. and Nelson, Julian.
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Focus on Culture in Advanced Chinese and Russian Programs
 Shuffelton, Jane., Garza, Thomas. and Bai, Jianhua.

Fokus Gegenwartssprache: The Mission of the Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (GfdS)
 Barbe, Katharina., Lischke, Gunhild. and Hoberg, Rudolf.

Folktales: A Starting Point for Communication
 Granville, Paris. and Russel, Priscilla.

Foreign Language Anxiety in Heritage Students of Spanish
 Tallon, Michael.

Foreign Language Study and the Black Student
 Bess, Reginald. and Anberg-Espinosa, Michele.

Foreign Language Teachers Meeting Latino Minority Language Students’ Needs
 Colomer, Soria.

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Game On! Effectively Using Games for Language and Culture Learning
 Luke, Chris. and Hanna, Patricia.
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German Honorary Delta Phi Alpha: Getting Started, Maintaining Success
 Jeep, John., Reynolds, John., Davidheiser, James. and Horwege, Ronald.

German Identity and Cultural Memory in a Globalizing Europe
 Kaplan, Brett., Esen, Adile., Hoelscher, Susanne. and McIsaac, Peter.

German Poetry in the Undergraduate Classroom
 Melin, Charlotte., Gehlker, Marion., Wickham, Christopher., Esa, Mohamed. and Simms, Douglas.

Germanophone Literature? Turkish-German and Arab-German Writers
 Esa, Mohamed. and Yilmaz, Hulya.

Grammar Does Have Meaning: Training Readers to Find Meaningful Detail
 Frantzen, Diana.

Guidelines and Strategies on Using Textbooks and CALL Applications for Advanced Language Courses
 Chang, Linda.


Helping ALL Students Achieve Fluency in the FL Classroom
 Gaab, Carol.

Helping Advanced Learners to Become Proficient in the Use of Discourse Devices in Task-Based Discussion Classes
 Wang, Yang.

Heritage Language Curriculum for K-16: Making a Start
 Dillon, Kathleen., Hashem, Iman., Lasserre, David., Carreira, Maria. and Jensen, Linda.

Heritage Language Education and Teaching 101
 Shirata, Akane.

Heritage Learners in AP Chinese and Russian Programs
 Lekic, Maria., Wang, Shuhan. and Dubinina, Irina.

High School Reform in World Languages: A State Project
 Jensen, Janis. and Abbott, Marty.

Hispanic Youth and Children in Literature and Films About War
 Renjilian-Burgy, Joy., Pogal, Patricia., Vetterling, Mary Anne. and Gyurko, Lanin.

Homework Effectiveness in Spanish Language Learning
 Deveau, Todd.

How is Critical Thinking Facilitated/Not Facilitated by Language Teaching?
 Mifflin, Deborah., Nguyen, Anh., Blankenship, Eric., Levine, Glenn. and Schuman, Rebecca.

How to Use Films in Your German Classroom
 Veldhues, Christoph., Wickham, Christopher. and Hoecherl-Alden, Gisela.

Humor in Language Learning: Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness and L2 Self-Identity
 Abrams, Zsuzsanna., Ghanem, Carla., Ivanova, Mariana. and VanderHeijden, Vincent.


I Like What You Said: Helping Students use the Target Language
 Dahlberg, Carol Ann. and Curtain, Helena.
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 [033] [034] [035]

Implementation of a Chinese International Business Program: L(eading)I(nternationally)N(etworked)C(communities) to Success
 Jenks, MayDell., Ellaby, Jeannine. and Chang, Elsie.

Implementing a District Wide, Standards-based Assessment and Accountability System
 Forbes-Ullrich, Mary Ann., Perdomo, Marleny., Allen, Cecilia., Young, Caroline., Ennis, Kyle. and Bruzonic, Lauren.

In-line On-line: Outcomes Assessment and Web-based Instruction
 Dellinger, Mary Ann. and Powell, Stacey.

Incorporate Cross-Cultural Awareness in Classroom
 Zhang, Baoguo.

Incorporating Internet lexis into advanced-class curriculum to improve students’ speaking
 Gao, Liwei.

Incorporating New Trends into Today's Foreign Language Methods Course
 McAlpine, Dave., Dhonau, Stephanie. and Shrum, Judith.

Increasing Student Motivation through Video Projects
 Prefume, Yuko. and Hardt, Peggy.

Increasing Student Proficiency through Teaching Culture: Ecuador and the Galápagos
 Drew, Margaret.

Information Input Overload in CALL and Corresponding Learning Strategies
 Dong, Junhong. and Li, Binwen.

Innovative Ideas in Chinese Textbook Development
 He, Wayne., Jiao, Dela., Ao, Qun., Huang, Weijia. and Tang, Frank.

Innovative Strategies for Building Language Through Song
 Lozano, Patti.

Innovative, Integrative Approaches to Teaching German Jugendliteratur
 Campbell, Joan., Moser, Beverly. and Decker, Nancy.

Input Enhancement in the CALL-Based Italian Classroom
 Garatti, Marinella.

Input-heavy task-based instruction: from theory to practice
 Means, Tom.

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K-12 Foreign Language Program Models: Comparing Learning Outcomes
 Forrest, Linda.
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Key Elements in a Successful Chinese Program
 Meng, Liuxi.

Kinder lernen Deutsch
 Farrar, Phyllis., Busch, Iris., Cavanaugh, Corinna., Hopkins, Kerstin., Pinkert-Saeltzer, Inke. and Achtau II, Max.

Kindergarten - Grade 5 Mandarin Chinese Framework
 Lorenz, Eileen., Rosenbusch, Marcia. and Wang, Shuhan.


LGBT Issues in the German Classroom
 Ivory, Yvonne., Bridges, Elizabeth., Wegel, Christina., Tobin, Robert. and Mancini, Elena.

LIPs: Live Interaction Projects to Communicate Through Video
 Cook, Tim.

La enseñanza apropiada del vocabulario.
 Chandler, Paul.

Language Learning and Theatre: Staging the German Classroom
 Euba, Nikolaus., Matthias, Bettina., Even, Susanne. and Sosulski, Michael.

Language Placement Examination in Italian for Entering College Students
 Zarker Morgan, Leslie., Risso-Robberto, Giuliana. and Flores, David.

Language Standards and Curriculum Development in American Schools Abroad: The AERO Language Project
 Brown, Christine. and Dayyeh, Hanadi.

Languages for All: Michigan’s Foreign Language High School Graduation Requirement
 Nerenz, Anne. and Spinelli, Emily.

Latin Teacher Cognition in Technology-rich Communities of Practice
 Madrigal, Ramon.
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Latino Culture and Identity in Spanish Textbooks for Heritage Speakers
 Thomas, Patricia.

Le Grand Concours - National French Contest
 Delfosse, Genevieve.

Le Petit Prince Revisité
 Lafond-Paquin, Janel.

Learning Culture and Society through Films with Technology
 Kishimoto, Toshiko. and Shimizu, Hideko.

Learning Italian at Torino University: from art to cinema.
 Vittoz, Marie Berthe. and Maccario, Tiziana.

Learning Language and Culture through Chinese Crafts
 Su, Chih-Wen. and Wuu, Gin-Chi.

Learning Languages From a Distance: The Potential of Technology
 Tollefson, Ann. and Welch, Thomas.

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Make It Stick! A Blueprint For Language Learning That Lasts
 Battisti, Daniel. and Bohannan, Patti.

Makin' it Rock
 Roberts, Mindy.
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 [017] [018] [019] [020]

Making Connections: Bridging Academic and Professional Cultures for Language Students.
 Jones, Linda. and Turner, Joan.

Making Cultural Connections through Traditional Hispanic Children's Games in the FLES Classroom
 Dana, Susan.

Making Your German Program Indispensable: New Support Initiatives from Goethe-Institut
 Rau, Uwe. and Liamkina, Olga.

Mandarin Tones' Acquisition among L2 Learners: Errors, Feedbacks, and the Phonology
 Song, Chenqing., Jin, Xiaojuan., Wang, Tianlin., Wu, Xingyun., Yuchi, Na. and Tan, Qiuyu.

Materials Development as Articulation: From Intermediate to Advanced Levels
 Byrnes, Heidi., James, Charles., Ager, Jason., Wegener, Tessa. and Nimmrichter, Susanne.

MaxAuthor: A Freely Available Authoring System for LCTL CALL Courseware
 brill, scott.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012]

Maximizing Learner Strategies to Enhance Pragmatic Development: An Online Illustration
 Sykes, Julie. and Cohen, Andrew.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Maximizing roles of Chinese language program at the college-level
 Chen, Shu-chen., Zhao, Ran., Tseng, Miao-Fen. and Liang, Hsin-hsin.

Meeting the Challenge of Grammar Teaching in a Communicative Classroom.
 Derakhshani, Mana. and Storme, Julie.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007] [008]
 [009] [010] [011] [012]

Meeting the New Challenges of the AP Spanish Language Exam
 Fuentes-Wagner, Cheryl.

Metaphorical function of the train in C. E. Gadda’s works
 Ferri, Luigi.

Methods Preparation for Postsecondary Instructors of Less Commonly Taught Languages
 Schleicher, Antonia., Sieloff Magnan, Sally. and Murphy, Dianna.

Model Foreign Language Assessments
 Wildman, James., Conlon, Dorothy., Alexandru, Adina. and Gonzalez, Augusta.

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NEH Programs Connect Language Teachers with Art, Literature, and Culture
 Adams, Thomas., Rosenberg, John., Severino, Roberto., Gallegos, Luis. and Mitchell, Sheree.

National Spanish Examinations: Standards-Based Assessments Using Online Technology
 Cessna-Buscemi, Kevin.

Natur! Bringing Nature and the Environment into German Language Classrooms
 Dehler-Seter, Edwin. and Dehler-Seter, Laura.

Navigating the Future: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century
 Armstrong, Kimberly., Retterer, Oscar. and Yetter-Vassot, Cindy.

New Approaches to Curriculum and Textbook Innovation
 Xu, Heping., roth, peiyu., Long, Yi. and Qiao, Zhenlin.

New in USA: German Language Diploma Test (DSD-A2)
 Pinkert-Saeltzer, Inke. and Müller, Hannelore.

No Foreign Language Teacher Left Behind: NCLB Certification Requirements
 Nunez, Mario.

Not Just the Teacher’s Day Off: The Evolution of the Student-Led Classroom
 DiPaola, Valerie., Domcekova, Barbara. and Spencer, Janie.
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 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022] [023]

Noticing Hypothesis, Vocabulary and Reading Proficiency
 Domizio, Hsiu-huei., Sun, Yih-fen., Li, Chia-Chien., Wang, Junren. and Ke, Chuanren.


Ohio's FLAP-Funded K-6 Content-Based Mandarin Chinese Curriculum
 Robinson, Deborah. and Wertz, Ryan.

Online Interactional Feedback: Pathways to Awareness of the Target Culture
 Berndt, shuhui.

Online Proficiency Assessment in Italian Now Available
 Hopper-Moore, Greg.

Open the Window to the World: Teaching Culture and Critical Thinking Skills through New Media
 Chalupa, Cynthia., Sathe, Nikhil., Such, Baerbel., Grantham O\'Brien, Mary. and Herold, Thomas.

Opening Minds to the World: The Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program
 Mays, Alexandra (Sandi).

Oral Language Development in the FLES Classroom
 Gerber, Marcela.

Origins of the Spanish Language and Cultures
 Contreras, Enrique.

Outreach Activities to Promote the Learning of German
 Sotiropoulos, Carol., Straczowski, Jessica., Lovik, Thomas., Clark, Jonathan. and Kraemer, Angelika.

Over There: Teaching Language and Culture on Study Abroad Programs
 Moser, Joseph., Sathe, Nikhil., Arens, Hiltrudis. and Chalupa, Cynthia.


Parts of Speech in Modern Chinese and its Pedagogical Extensions
 Teng, Shouhsin.

Performed Culture in the Beginning Chinese Classroom
 Walker, Galal., Christensen, Matthew., Lang, Yong. and Li, Minru.

Picasso (and Pals!): Using Art to Build Spanish Proficiency
 Hubbard, Maria.

Pittsburgh Students do "LAPS" for Proficiency!
 Plotkin, Marsha., Cefola, Susan. and Dalessandri, Chris.

Play Games with Spanish: Fun Ways to Practice the Language
 Moran, Marta.

Podcasting Projects for Language Classes: What, When, Why and How
 Lomicka-Anderson, Lara. and Lord, Gillian.
 [001] [002] [003] [004] [005] [006] [007]

Podcasting and iPod in Language Learning
 Shinagawa, Satoru. and Schneider, Keiko.

Podcasting in a Foreign Language Classroom: Its Functions
 Tchoshanova, Natalia., Wang, Ruth. and Dickerson, Maria Elena Rosario.

Podcasts in the Syllabus: Integrating Language and Culture through Technology
 Scinicariello, Sharon., Bower, Kathrin., Radi, Lidia. and Valencia, Carlos.

Poetry’s Presence in the Italian Works of Gezim Hajdari
 Berberi, Viktor.

Point of View and Narrating Perspective in Elicited Native and Non Native Learners’ Short Stories
 Marello, Carla., De Fina, Anna., Sciolla, Susanna. and Corino, Elisa.

Policy, Assessment, and Professional Development: Results from a Statewide Study
 Jensen, Janis. and Forrest, Linda.
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 [025] [026] [027] [028] [029] [030] [031] [032]
 [033] [034] [035]

Power of Language: Middle School AP Spanish for Spanish-Speakers
 Treviño, María. and Pérez, Rosanna.

PowerPoint in the Language Classroom: Strategies, Techniques, Uses
 Seggi, Alessandra.

PowerPoint-Facilitated Classroom Chinese Language Teaching: five design principles
 Wang, Chunxia. and Wei, Ping.

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Rammstein im Deutschunterricht
 Esa, Mohamed.

Re-examination of shi…de sentences: evidence from corpora
 Xu, Yi.

Re-positioning and Re-defining Intermediate- and Advanced-level Chinese Classes
 Li, Kai., Yao, Yu-wen., Zhang, Meiqing. and Wu, Fengtao.

Re-thinking the First-Year German Curriculum
 Walther, Ingeborg., Zimmer, Anna., Petersen, Lone., Crane, Corinne. and Schneider, Jeffrey.

Reaching Out and Building Enrollment through a World Languages Day
 Campbell, Joy., Sieloff Magnan, Sally. and Treat, Stephanie.

Reading Assessment Strategies: Theoretical and Practical Issues
 Tsethlikai, Kenric.

Reading Francophone Literature with French Heritage Students in New York
 Lasserre, David. and Ross, Jane.

Realizing Our Vision of Qualified Teachers: Meeting the ACTFL/NCATE Standards
 McAlpine, Dave. and Shrum, Judith.

Rebel with a Cause: (Re-)Defining Identities and Culture in Contemporary France through Cinema
 Dubreil, Sebastien.

Recent Austrian Film Bridging Cultures through Language: A New Identity? -- Immigration and Globalization
 Caputo-Mayr, Marie Luise., Carter, William., Meyer, Imke., Ulm-Sanford, Gerlinde., Vansant, Jacqueline. and Zheng, Aili.

Recruitment of Heritage Language Speakers
 Gonzalez-Bueno, Manuela.

Recruitment, Retention, Expansion - Undergraduate Programs on the Rise
 Federhofer, Kalli., Carstens-Wickham, Belinda. and Henke, Burkhard.

Reference Level Descriptions for Italian Language Syllabi
 Parizzi, Francesca. and Spinelli, Barbara.

Reflecting on Language and Cultures
 Thompson, Chantal. and Phillips, Elaine.

Reflexive Ethnographic Interviews Within a Multicultural Methods Class
 Etienne, Corinne.

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SAT Subject Test in Korean
 Cho, Sungdai., Chung, Insook. and Cho, Ah-Mi.

SLA Research for Empirically-driven Innovations in CSL Studies
 Zhang, Yanhui., Li, Xiaorong., Zhang, Dongbo. and Li, Liu.

SPAIN: Three decades that transformed a country – An overview
 Mir, Jacobo.

STARTALK 2007 and Beyond: Lessons Learned, Plans for Next Phase
 Ingold, Catherine.

Scaffolding in content-based instruction to teach Japanese
 Douglas, Masako., Kataoka, Hiroko. and Hayashi, Atsuko.

Second Language Reading: Going beyond the Sentence Level
 Ableeva, Rumia.

Secondary Language Continuum: Teaching the Upper Levels Successfully
 Carrera-Hanley, Teresa.

Services and Products from Instituto Cervantes
 Clemente, Caridad.

Setting strategies for teaching reading comprehension
 Fukami, Jun., Tsuda, Kazuo. and Shimano, Masatoshi.

Share Your K-12 Arabic Language Materials: A Swapshop
 Intidame, Salima. and Johnson, Dora.

Social Aspects of France as Depicted in the Media, Songs and Films
 Koop, Marie-Christine. and Vermette, Rosalie.
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Some Remarks on the Three Types of “Object-Retaining Constructions”
 Li, Chao.

Spanish Immersion: Frida Kahlo
 Quinlan, Cheri. and Lopez-Diaz, Grisel.

Spanish Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
 Lormand, Ines.

Spanish is Alive!!
 Attar, Liliana.

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TPRS in the Elementary Classroom
 Winne, Lori.
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Talking Up a Storm! How to Get More From Our Students
 Duncan, Gregory.
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 [017] [018] [019] [020]

Target Language Use: Maximizing Student and Teacher Use in the Classroom
 Thompson, Greg.

Teacher Education and Technology: Looking Ahead
 Murphy-Judy, Kathryn., Kassen, Margaret., Lavine, Roberta. and Peters, Martine.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014] [015] [016]
 [017] [018] [019] [020] [021] [022]

Teacher Preparation: Training Future Mandarin Teachers
 Martin, Roberta., Dowd, Janice., Huang, Liping., Kwoh, Stella. and Mahoney, Alysoun.

Teacher-research Revisited: Answers Come from Within
 Schwarzer, David., Bloom, Melanie., Luke, Chris., Viakinnou-Brinson, Lucie. and Hanna, Patricia.

Teaching Italian in the USA: the Role of the Italian Government
 De Sanctis, Luigi., Cipollone, Carlo., Salardi, Marco. and Russo, Alfio.

Teaching Arabic Post 9/11: Humor and the Representation of ‘The Other’
 Abbadi, Sawsan.

Teaching Authentic Songs through TPRS
 Schlafke, Bernie. and Skelton, Elizabeth.

Teaching Authentically
 Hughes, Maureen.

Teaching Chinese through Culture-a theme based curriculum
 Robben, Ling. and Hakam, David.

Teaching Contemporary Poetry in the Context of Italian as L2
 Surliuga, Victoria.

Teaching Culture Through Art - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Culture
 Saxon, Harriet.

Teaching Culture Through Film (Cinema SIG): "Lope on the Big Screen: El perro...y La Dama"
 Kiss, Marilyn.

Teaching Culture: Foundations, Guidelines and Opportunities
 Dykstra-Pruim, Pennylyn., Schulz, Renate. and James, Charles.

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U.S. Foreign Language Assessment Practices: Insights from Online Survey Research
 Malone, Margaret., Montee, Megan. and Gallagher, Colleen.

U.S./China University Partnerships: Developing "TCFL" Licensure Programs
 Johnson, Kathy., Hong, Chengwen. and Own, Ming Chi.

Understanding AATG, Your Non-Profit
 Davidheiser, James., Petig, William., Tatlock, Lynne. and Zimmer-Loew, Helene.

Understanding Immigration through Service Learning on the U.S/Mexico Border
 Lepeley, Cynthia. and Biegel, Christina.
 [001] [002]

Universal Access in the Foreign Language Programs
 Palls, Bea.

Universal Design: Foreign Language Instructional Practices That Benefit All Students
 Haggstrom, Margaret.

Università per Stranieri di Siena - Current researches on languages in contact
 Barni, Monica., Vedovelli, Massimo., Bagna, Carla. and Machetti, Sabrina.

Use Wave Sound, MP3 file, and Video to Create a Dynamic Learning Environment for Chinese Language Beginners in a Small College
 Wang, Daliang.

Use of Smartboard Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom
 Wong, Kathi.

Use of the Internet to Motivate Japanese Language Students
 Johno, Izumi. and Shakal, Yoshiko.

Using Assessment to Mend the Language-Literature Split in Higher Education
 Glisan, Eileen., Smith-Sherwood, Dawn., McDaniel, Sean. and Brooks, Frank.

Using Chinese as the Instruction Language in Coaching Martial Arts to Enhance the Learning of the Chinese Language
 Wang, Jing.

Using Drama in the Language Classroom
 Ballman, Terry.
 [001] [002] [003] [004]

Using Interactive Technologies to Meet Multilevel Students’ Needs
 Jin, Li.

Using Itool to Aid Chinese Learning
 Xie, Tianwei.

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Virtual Museum: Technology Enhanced Professional Development - Science and FL Teachers
 Egea-Kuehne, Denise., Warny, Sophie., Sgambato, Arnaud. and Dubernet, Bernard.


Was bleibt? Teaching about the GDR and Post-Reunification Germany (Part 1)
 Lys, Franziska., Harris, Stefanie. and Streiwieser, Bernhard.
 [001] [002] [003]

Was bleibt? Teaching about the GDR and Post-Reunification Germany (Part 2)
 Lys, Franziska., Hohbein-Deegen, Monika., Cammin, Falk. and Rossbacher, Brigitte.

Web based material for self-studying the Kansai dialect
 Shingu, Ikue. and Hatanaka, Junko.

Web-based Proficiency Assessment Tool for Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL)
 Kamioka, Sachiko. and Clark, Martyn.

What Every Foreign Language Teacher Should Know About Assessment
 Gallagher, Colleen. and Montee, Megan.

What Germans Are Writing in the Twenty-First Century
 Huff, Robin., Carey, Stephen., Jansa, Tim. and Bruns, Miriam.

What Kind of Culture Course do We Need?
 Lin, Patrick.

What LCTLs Students Want their Teachers to Know
 Robbins, Jill. and Chamot, Anna Uhl.

What Proficiency Testing is Telling Us About Teacher Certification Candidates
 Swender, Elvira., Surface, Eric. and Hamlyn, Helen.

What is Fluency? Applied Research on Gain in Study Abroad
 Thomas, Larry., Cavella, Christina. and Connor-Linton, Jeff.

What's Left for German in a World of English?
 Rindisbacher, Hans., von Schwerin-High, Friederike., Moser, Karolin., Partridge, John. and Kirchner, Doris.

What's New at MLA and ADFL?
 Goldberg, David. and Furman, Nelly.

Why Don't Learners Learn What Teachers Teach?
 Sayers, Pauline.

Why Pronunciation? Research suggesting the need for improved L2 pronunciation.
 Strong, Robert.

Why do I need to know about National Board Certification?
 Voelzel, Linda. and Wilson, Nina.

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Young, Swiss, and Cool: Teaching New Swiss Literature and Culture
 Zinggeler, Margrit., Baumgartner, Karin. and Kym, Annette.


ZEITZEUGENBERICHTE: “I was there—Does that mean anything to you?”
 Sinka, Margit., Larkey, Uta. and Fricker, Christophe.
American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 2007-Nov-12 to 2007-Nov-18
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