ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2008-Nov-18 to 2008-Nov-23

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50 Years of Title VI Programs: Analysis and Impact
 Malone, Margaret., Johnson, Dora. and Shkodriani, Gina.

'Thrice Nine Men He Slew': Counting Corpses in Homer's Iliad
 Fenno, Jonathan.


A Discussion on Teaching Chinese Noun Phrases: Forms and Interpretations
 Zhang, Lan.

A New Approach to Teaching Renaissance Literature
 Carlson, Veena.

A Quantified Standard for Proficiency Language Diagnostic Assessments
 Dai, David.

A Technology-enhanced College-level Chinese Curriculum
 Zhang, Jin.

A Web-Based Tutorial for the Instruction of Spanish Pragmatics
 Russell, Victoria.
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Acquiring Polyesmous Words with Core Sense
 Su, Shuhui.

Acting Up: Foreign Language Educator Struggles Through the Performing Arts
 Cahnmann-Taylor, Melisa. and Wooten, Jennifer.

Action Research as Tool for Teacher Development
 Takamiya, Yumi.

Advanced Reading: Current Issues in Japanese Society through Popular Culture
 Fujimoto, Junko.

Advocating for French through the Study of Motivations
 Brown, Paula.

An Alternative Way to Teach Mandarin Tones in Speaking
 Liao, Rongrong.

An Empirical Study of Mandarin Tones Acquisition in Recasts
 Han, Ye.

An Exploration of Teaching Kanji Through Mnemonics
 Ueno, Junko.

Application of Literature Circles in Chinese Foreign Language Teaching
 Li, Xiaoshi.

Applying Dynamic Assessment to Teacher Observation Practices
 Willis Allen, Heather. and Negueruela, Eduardo.

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Benchmarking in Foreign Language: Seeing Beyond the Superstars
 Shomaker, Andrea.

Beyond FLES
 Jordan, Evangeline., Kearney, Paula., Frazier, Claire. and Yu-McClain, Liling.

Bridging the Vocabulary Gap between Intermediate- and Advanced-level CFL Textbooks
 Zhang, Jin.


CFL Learners’ Tonal Production and Memory of Visual Tonal Marks
 Jin, Li.

C'era una Volta un . . . Burattino, Chiamato Benigni
 Mastri, Augustus.

Challenges Faced by Beginning Foreign Language Teachers in Northeast Ohio
 Atkinson Smolen, Lynn. and Colville-Hall, Susan.

Chinese Email Writing Instructions with Intercultural Rhetoric Perspective
 Kang, Hana.
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Cohesive Devices Management by Chinese Heritage Learners and Non-heritage Learners
 Yang, Jia.
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Collaboration of Schools, Parents & Teachers for Establishing Chinese Programs
 Lu, Lina.

Community Involvement and Second Language (L2) Learning: ESL in Quebec
 Hummel, Kirsten.

Computer-mediated Communication in Chinese Language Instruction
 Lin, Chin-Hsi.
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Construct Validity in On-line Placement Test Design
 Wang, Zhijun.

Constructing a Web-based Reading Curriculum for Second-Year Chinese Students
 Wang, Daliang.
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Construction of Care through Feedback and Revision in an EFL Context
 Lee, Given.

Contribution of Pinyin Proficiency to Chinese Literacy Development
 Li, Wenling.

Conversation Construction Behavior during Highly-Scripted Pair Work Activity
 He, Yunjuan. and Shen, Cynthia.

Creating corpus materials for foreign language teachers and learners
 Driagina-Hasko, Viktoria.

Culture Awareness Building Process for K-16 and Business Corporations
 Yang, Wei.


Developing Chinese Literacy Skills for Heritage Learners
 Liang, Ninghui.

Developing Unit-based Performance Assessments as Tools for Civic Engagement
 Crawford-Dixon, Lori. and Aiello, Kathryn.
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Developing the Material for Language and Culture Learning
 Takami, Tomoko.

Development of a Multimedia-based Textbook: Crucial Issues and Pitfalls
 Lee, Samuel. and Lee, Jewel.

Diagnostic Assessment and Effective Language Instruction
 Li, Bei.

Differentiation in the Arabic Classroom.
 Maamoun, Eman., Arslan, Hana. and Bensadoun, Djaouida.

Digital Native Writers: How Do They Come Up with Innovative Scripts?
 Masuyama, Kazue.


Elements of a Successful K-16 Teacher Preparation/Professional Development Program
 Chao, Der-lin.

Employing effective reading strategies based on text variables
 Jiang, Ying.

Empowering the Learners: Solving Problems on Their Own
 Chi, Telee.

Engaging Struggling Distance Learners
 Snider, Daren.

Essential Information to be Included in Shengcibiao (Glossary)
 Gao, Liwei.

Exploring Culturally Embedded Language Items from Pedagogical Point of View
 Xu, Heping.


FL Learning Experiences Change Students’ Values and Culture Learning Strategies
 Ryu, Jean Sook.

Findings of Speaking in Distance Education & Traditional Spanish Classes
 Volle, Lisa.

Foreign Language Anxiety in Heritage Students of Spanish: A Qualitative Study
 Tallon, Michael.

Free Online Journal Writing and the Effectiveness of a Teacher’s Feedback
 Ma, Lixia.


Going the "distance" to learn about the world
 Sildus, Tatiana.

Grammar Workshops Within a Communicative Framework
 McBride, Kara.

Grammar instruction: How amenable are experienced instructors to curricular change?
 DeWaard Dykstra, Lisa.


How Blogs Can Encourage Autonomous Learning in Students
 Fujiwara, Miyuki., Shinada, Junko. and Niino, Yoshiko.

How Did They Learning Teaching? A Phenomenological Case Study on Japanese English Teachers' Experiences of Learning and Teaching English
 Mashiyama, Midori.


Images of Mothers in Natalia Ginzburg and Elsa Morante
 Rozier, Louise.

Impact of Different Accents in TOEIC
 Omura, Yoshihiro.

Increasing Motivation by Technology-enhanced Comic Making
 Kurokawa, Naoko. and Endo, Hitomi.

Integrative Approach for Japanese Content-based Instruction for Undergraduate Education
 Chikamatsu, Nobuko.

Interactive Strategies for Developing Proficiency in Preterite Usage
 Aldrighetti, Jose.

Introducing North Korean Language and Dialect: When and How
 Kim, Changmin.

Introduction to “Four Accomplishments”: a Principled Web-Based Unit
 Le, Fushun.
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Investigating Factors Affecting Chinese Listening Comprehension
 Cai, Wei.

Issues on Pedagogical Grammar in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
 Wu, Jean.


Japanese National Online Early Language Learning (NOELLA) Assessment
 Kamioka, Sachiko. and Clark, Martyn.

Japanese Supplementary School Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices in Kanji Instruction
 Yamaguchi, Yukiko.


Korean EFL Students’ Beliefs about Native and Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers.
 Chun, Sun Young.

Korean National Online Early Language Learning (NOELLA) Assessment
 Kamioka, Sachiko.


Langauge, Culture and Human Rights
 Paravazian, Diane., Friedman, Jacqueline. and Saxon, Harriet.

Language Attitude among American College Students in Chinese Language Classes
 Sung, Ko-Yin.

Local Diasporas and Foreign language Teachers: A Case for Mutal Enrichment
 Miano, Alice.


Making Connections in a Reconceptualized Curriculum
 Rifkin, Benjamin.

Managing Your Chinese Vocabulary Learning Online: A Versatile Approach
 Jiang, Song.

Mobile assisted language learning, attention, and listening tasks: an empirical study
 De La Fuente, Maria.
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Motivation and Demotivation in Heritage Language Learners of German
 Dressler, Roswita.

Multiple-choice Distractors Based on Errors in Learners’ Corpora
 Marello, Carla. and Corino, Elisa.


Naturalness Achieved Through Sentence Final Modal Expressions
 Nakamura, Yukari.


On the Effectiveness of Ear-training of Minimal-trio Consonants in Korean
 Bae, Sun-Kwang.
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Online Video Hypertext Adventure Stories!
 Robinson, Jeremy.

Other Immigrations: Teaching "Flores de otro mundo" (Icíar Bollaín, 1999)
 Kiss, Marilyn.


Patterns of Human Interaction in Asynchronous Online Chinese Language Courses
 Tschudi, Stephen.
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Perceived Efficacy of Classroom Response Systems in the Italian Classroom
 Garatti, Marinella.

Podified Learning
 Hayes-Gigante, Cherie., Kurashige, Melvina. and Fujimori, Lynette.

Portfolio assessment for addressing individual learning needs of language learners
 Alm, Cecilia.

Preparing Teachers to Teach the 3Ps of Japanese Culture
 Douglas, Masako. and Kataoka, Hiroko.
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Prototypicality and Complexity of Pictures in TOP for Beginners
 Wen, Wei-chun.


Reading Miscue Analysis for Chinese Learners
 Wang, Shaomei.

Reading Strategies for Intermediate and Advanced Foreign Language Classes.doc
 Mike, Vickie.

Recruiting Families and Improving Parental Participation in Elementary Immersion Programs
 Olson Beal, Heather.

Remaking L’ultimo Bacio: From Italian Film to American Movie
 Gaudenzi, Cosetta.

Role of Culture in Promoting Learning & Awareness
 Alghusain, Arwa. and Melehani, Suzan.


Sources of Foreign Language Reading Anxiety
 Zhao, Aiping. and Su, Xiaoxiang.

Speaking Idiomatically: A Choice in Information Structuring
 Li, Alan.

Specific Innovative Technology Desired in Chinese Language Instruction
 Luo, Jianmin. and Shang, Monica.

Standard Reporting System on East Asian Language Programs
 Walker, Galal. and Li, Minru.


Task Development Considerations in Designing Web-Based Lessons.
 Antokhin, Natalia.
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Task Types and Meaning Negotiation in the NS-NNS Interactions
 Kitajima, Ryu. and Shanklin, Trevor.

Task-based Instruction in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
 Wen, Xiaohong.
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Teaching Chinese Pragmatics by Developing Web-based Programs
 Teng, Chunhong. and Fei, Fei.

Teaching Foreign Languages to Students with Disabilities: A Students’ Perspective
 Venzor, Hilda.

Teaching Vocabulary: A Comparison of CFL, Spanish and Japanese Textbooks
 Wei, Qing.

The "Phonic" Approach to the Teaching of Characters
 zhang, zhengsheng.

The Acquisition of wh-Construction with Negative Quantifier L2 Mandarin
 Qiao, Zhengwei.

The Chinese Crisis: Challenges in Professionalizing Chinese Language Teachers
 Lau, Yvonne.

The Curriculum Development Process: a Manager's perspective
 Fahmy, Mohamed.

The Effectiveness of a Hybrid Model to Maintain Chinese Proficiency
 Xie, Tianwei.

The Efficacy of Micro-Diagnosis: An Intensive Approach for Error Correction
 Mehta, Yufen Lee.

The Impact of Journals in the World Languages Classroom
 Noori, Margaret.

The Influence of Students’ Ethnicity on High School Foreign Language Enrollment
 Glynn, Cassandra.

The Interpretation of the Modal Auxiliary Yinggai
 Ren, Fei.

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Understanding Parental Motivations for Choosing Immersion Education for their Children
 Olson Beal, Heather.

United Under Topic Prominence
 Li, Chao.

Use of English in Teaching Chinese as a Heritage Language
 Li, Shaofeng.

Using Authentic Materials: Culture, Interaction, and Motivation
 Rallings, Yasuko.

Using E-journals to Increase Students’ Metalinguistic Awareness during Study Abroad.
 Aguilar-Stewart, Julia.

Using Haiku to Teach Mora Timing in the Japanese Language
 Schweizer, Miho.

Utilizing an Online Competition to Teach Content, Culture, and Language
 Griffin, Alfred.


Web 2.0: Blogs and Pop Culture in Spanish Classes
 Lazo-Wilson, Vanessa.

Web-based Formative Assessment: The Online Diagnostic Assessment System
 Bae, Sun-Kwang. and Chang, Tsengtseng.
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Word Order in Mandarin: Different Register, Different Grammar
 Gao, Qian.
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ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2008-Nov-18 to 2008-Nov-23
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