ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2009-Nov-16 to 2009-Nov-23

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"Chatty Cathy" Everywhere But In Spanish Class
 Feret, Alice. and Rumpf, Carole.

"The Feline and the Fascist in Wertmüller and Bertolucci ”
 Watson, William.

“Profilo della lingua italiana”: a toolkit for Italian language syllabi
 Spinelli, Barbara.

”Learning by Playing”
 Teng, Chiao Ju.


A Comparison of Native and Non-Native College Korean Teachers
 Damron, Julie.

A Pedagogy of First Meetings in Chinese Culture
 Liu, Ying.

A Performance-Based Model for Advanced Chinese
 Zhang, Phyllis.

A Speaking Curriculum for immediate/advanced learners: Objectives, Activities and Assessments
 Fei, Jia.

A Strategy for Building Enrolment in Less-Meeting Classes
 Meng, Liuxi.

A Study Abroad Experience: Effects on Learner Attitudes and Motivations
 Zirger, Megan.

A Transatlantic Crosswalk: the Guidelines and the CEFR: similarities and differences
 Slagter, Peter.

A US-China Language/Culture Exchange Program through a Social-networking Website
 Zhang, Jin.

A Web-based Teaching Method on Speech Acts in Chinese
 Yang, Jia.

A faculty mentoring experience in Second Life
 Pardo-Ballester, Cristina. and Silva, Karina.

A novel approach to concentrated training in Chinese character instruction
 Lin, Chinhsi.

A pedagogical model for teaching Chinese language in K-12 classrooms
 Louie, Belinda.

A quantitative approach to measuring CFL text difficulty
 Da, Jun.

A web-based study on processing instruction and the Spanish subjunctive
 Russell, Victoria.

Academic Achievement through FLES
 Taylor, Carolyn.

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Beyond AP Chinese Exam
 Hsieh, Ruohmei.

Beyond the Textbook: Web-Based Custom Learning Modules for Students of Chinese
 Porter, David.

Building Up Students' Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency in Chinese
 Yu, Yueming.


CALL and traditional Instructions for Chinese Beginners: a Quantitative Research
 Wang, Daliang.

CFL Teacher technology Development: Practices and Challenges
 Tsai, Chen-hui.

Chinese Culture and English-Speaking Students’ Learning of CFL
 Ke, Xiuhua.

Chinese Culture in Chinese Heritage Language Teaching and Learning
 Yuan, Guofang.

Chinese heritage learners’ interactive patterns in collaborative discussion
 Huang, Yi-Tzu.

Chinese in The Deep South: Students' Motivation and Teachers' Responses
 Zhang, Xiang. and ye, lijuan.

Comparison of the Identification of Chinese versus English Words
 Wang, Jing.

Content Based Instruction in Italian for high school programs
 Benvenuto, Adriana.

Coordinating request strategies: sociopragmatic development in L2 Chinese
 Li, Shuai. and Zhang, Dongbo.

Correlations Among Standardized Chinese Proficiency Tests
 Bourgerie, Dana. and Dewey, Dan.

Creating a Buzz in the Community about Languages
 Calvin, Lisa.

Creative Use of Songs from Anime/Films in the Japanese Classroom
 Tachibana, Fumiko.


Dalla provincia alla cittá: a film in the classroom
 Villa Sella, Nicoletta.

Digital and language divide. Bridging the gap for social inclusion
 Dolci, Roberto.


Effective Techniques for Developing Teachers’ Competencies in Technology-Integrated Language Teaching.
 Tsai, Chen-hui.

Effects of Studying Abroad on the Perceptions of African-American Students
 Taylor-Roberts, Joy.

Effects of Word Spacing on Chinese Learners’ Reading Efficiency
 Li, Yan.

Effects of learner variables on Chinese L2 oral proficiency
 Hsieh, Chingni.

Effects of visual feedback in Mandarin Chinese tone learning
 Cao, Rui., Laphasradakul, Donruethai. and Wayland, Ratree.

Eleonora Fonseca: A Femminist Prototype?
 Vitti, Alicia.

Engaging Learners in online Chinese Language Instruction
 Ruan, Henry.

English grammar terminology for foreign language learners
 Kolesnikova, Anna. and Jayachandran, Anita.

Enhancing Cross-cultural Competencies of Business Chinese Learners: A Constructivist Approach
 Yang, Ai-Ying. and Chen, Liyu.

Examining the “subject” from the perspective of CFL pedagogical grammar
 Teng, Wen-Hua.

Exploring Arabic speakers’ classroom turn-taking patterns: a qualitative study
 Farghaly, Amel.


F. De Roberto's "I Viceré" and Roberto Faenza's Film Rendition.
 Mastri, Augustus.

Fascism Presented Through the Roles of Anna Magnani
 Calabrese, Maria Stella.

From Transcribing to Composing: Building Writing Competence for Intermediate Chinese
 Wang, Yang.


Getting Game: Digital Game-Based Learning for Second Language Acquisition
 Neville, David.

Girolamo Canini translator of Eustache de Refuge
 Papagni, Erika.


How do CFL learners perceive Mandarin tones and intonation?
 Yang, Chunsheng.

Humor in the Electronic Italian Classroom
 Garatti, Marinella.


Identity, Dialect, and Transcultural Competence in Heritage Language Learning
 Wong, Ka.

Il Meridione nel Cinema Italiano Contemporaneo
 Ciccarelli, Andrea.

Il Viaggio Come Metafora dell'apprendimento dell'italiano Come Lingua L2
 Hopkins, Giovanna.

Implementing Technology in Beginning Japanese Courses: Developing Oral Proficiency
 Fujii, Kiyomi.

Implicit versus Explicit Techniques in Second Language Instruction and Learning
 Pinsonneault, Bridget.

Improving Reading Comprehension Efficiency with Segmented Texts
 Li, Zhiqiang.

Improving Spanish Heritage Speakers' Oral Proficiency through Storytelling and Puppetry
 Dickson, Kent.

Incorporating Media Resources in the Spanish for Heritage Speakers Classroom.
 Lopez, Isabel.

Incorporating Popular Culture into Language Classrooms
 Petersen, Ying. and Wu, Di.

Integrating Culture into Chinese Classrooms: Survey, Paradigm, and Implementation
 Wong, Ka.

Integrating the “Other” Voice into College-Level Chinese Literature Classes
 Zhang, Xiaoquan.

Interaction in Mandarin Chinese: Pedagogical implications for teaching CFL
 Zhu, Weihua.

Issues Involved in the Use of Podcast in Teaching Chinese
 Fu, Hongchu.

Italian Studies and Italianists in North America: A Photogragh
 Bancheri, Salvatore.

Italian Virtual Class E-Book: teaching language through virtual cultural immersion.
 Moore, Judith.


John Campbell, CLTA and K-12 Chinese
 McGinnis, Scott.


La "Sofonisba" di Giangiorgio Trissino. Appunti filologici.
 Lettieri, Michael., Bancheri, Salvatore., Colilli, Paul. and Morano, Rocco.

Language development on a short-term study abroad experience
 Bataller, Rebeca. and Miles, Christopher.

Laugh and Learn Russian
 Patterson, Elena. and Semenov, Anatoly.

Learner Gender and the Efficacy of L2 Focus-on-Form
 Peart, Silvia. and Farley, Andrew.

Learner Perceptions and the Chinese Language Instruction
 Teng, Chunhong.

Learning Foreign Languages through Teacher-made Karaoke Videos
 Pasqui, Rita.

Learning Goals, Effort and Persistence in Korean Language Learning
 Chan, Wai Meng. and Chi, Seo Won.

Learning Strategy Use by Heritage and Non-Heritage Learners of Chinese
 Liu, Yunzhen.

Learning to Express Motion Events in L2 Chinese
 Wu, Shu-Ling.

Linguistic Commentary in Italian Proverbial Language
 Nuessel, Frank.


Mantenimiento del español en el West Side de St. Paul, MN
 Pinilla-Herrera, Angela.

Maximize Exposure to Chinese in an American Classroom!
 Le, Fushun.

Maximizing Language Acquisition on a Four-Week Study-Abroad Program
 Rollmann, Marcella.

MorFOweb, Italian Morphology Online: A Training Tool for Teachers & Learners
 Corino, Elisa.

Motivating Students through Virtual Field Trips in CFL Classrooms
 Cai, Shengrong.

Motivational Orientations of Korean Language Learners in An Intensive Program
 Jean S., Ryu.


Negative Constructions of Chinese Modal Auxiliaries
 Ren, Fei.

No Lectures, No Tests: Engaging Adult Students' Multiple Intelligences
 Johnson, Stacey.

Not knowing strengths but weaknesses? From lower level Korean students’ perspective
 Yeon, Sang-Hee.


On Strategies of Advanced Vocabulary Teaching from Error Analysis
 Shen, Jianhua.

On the Acquisition of the Attributive Structure with de
 Jin, Wenhua.

Online US-China Intercultural Student Exchange: Toward Enhancing Cultural Understanding
 Wang, Haidan.


Passives and Anti-Passives in Chinese: A Pedagogical Consideration
 Gao, Qian.

Picture-based communicative language learning for heritage Korean class
 Kim, Chosun.

Process-driven Learning in Foreign Language Classroom
 Gao, Zhi. and Ma, Yue.

Pronunciation matters, but can we teach it?
 Sekine, Shigeko.


Reading Development of CFL Learners in at-home and study-abroad Contexts
 Li, Liu.

Reading E-texts in Chinese with the Aid of Hyperlinked Dictionary
 Wang, Jing.

Redesign for Online Course Curriculum Based on In-class Course
 Fujioka-Ito, Noriko.

Research Opportunities at the Defense Language Institute
 Jackson, Gordon.


School culture and immersion education: A case study
 Olson Beal, Heather.

Scoring Performance in Oral Assessment: Analytic vs. Holistic Rating Scales
 Chen, Guangyan.

Self-Publishing Facilitates Language Learning
 Xie, Tianwei.

Service-Learning in the Italian Language Curriculum: A Case Study
 Pampinella-Cropper, Margherita.

Sibilla Aleramo in Search of Self
 Vitt-Alexander, Maria.

Student Videos Bring Community Culture into the Classroom
 Ruth, Jeffrey. and Villa, Sara.

Study Abroad alla Bolognese: The City as Laboratory
 Waldbaum, Roberta.

senseiOnline: Ten Years of Professional Development and Networking Online
 Schneider, Keiko.


Tanto Amato e Odiato: Omaggi Parodie e Riferimenti al Neorealismo
 Vitti, Antonio.

Teach Chinese idioms in conjunction with Chinese philosophies
 Zeng, Hong.

Teachers' Sense of Community: Implications for Teacher Burnout and Collaboration
 Kulavuz-Onal, Derya.

Teaching Business Japanese to College Students in the United States
 Ananth, Priya.

Teaching Chinese Throught Visual Aids
 Chen, Joanne.

Teaching Composition in Advanced Chinese Classroom
 Jin, Lei.

Teaching Culture in Italian for Business
 Orban, Clara.

Teaching Italian Language with the help of literature
 Pescatori, Rossella.

Teaching Italian Through Folklore
 Fava, Matilda.

Teaching Word Order By Using Functional Principles
 Loar, Jian.

Teaching and Learning Chinese on-line ------ Case Studies
 Cheng, Zhaohui.

Technical and Pedagogical Issues in Web-based Chinese Instruction
 Meng, Nan.

Techniques of Improving Oral Narrative Skills of Expressing Personal Experience
 Chakwin, Marilyn. and Liao, Rongrong.

The Effects of Computer-Mediated Communication on Foreign Language Anxiety
 Tallon, Michael.

The Formation of Cultural Misconceptions in Online Classroom Discussions
 Garrett-Rucks, Paula.

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Understanding Spanish heritage language learners’ writing processes
 Mikulski, Ariana. and Elola, Idoia.

Use of Cohesive Devices in Enforcing Appropriate ILR Level Achievement
 Roashan, Zalmai.

Use of null-subject by native Spanish speakers in crossing-the-border narratives
 Tacelosky, Kathleen.

Use of the Web Tool, “Wiki”, in Japanese Instruction
 Matsuda Kiami, Izumi.

Using (e)-texts: A New Way to Incorporate Multiliteracy in the Classroom
 Mosca, Annalisa.

Using Macromedia Breeze in a French 202 class
 Bachelder, Francoise.

Using Movies to Develop Discussion to Achieve the 5 Cs
 Morris, Midori.

Using Projects to Teach Chinese Culture in a Language Classroom
 Su, Henghua.

Using RAFTs in a mixed-proficiency college Spanish composition course
 Gomez, Diane. and Lujan, Maria.


Veronica Franco and the Construction of Mythical Beauty
 Bassanese, Fiora.

Virtual Classroom Observation: E-Learning KSL/KFL Teacher Development Materials
 Fouser, Robert.

Vocabulary Learning Through Tasks With a High Involvement Load
 Su, Shuhui.

Vocabulary Level and Quantity for Language Proficiency
 Dai, David.


Why Are Students Not Taking the Plunge to Study Abroad?
 Sobchak, Alexandra.


Young Students’ Attitudes Toward Learning Chinese
 Navarro Villarroel, Claudia. and Zhang, Peifeng.
ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2009-Nov-16 to 2009-Nov-23
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