ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2009-Nov-16 to 2009-Nov-23

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A Comparison of Native and Non-Native College Korean Teachers
 Damron, Julie.

A Pedagogy of First Meetings in Chinese Culture
 Liu, Ying.

A Performance-Based Model for Advanced Chinese
 Zhang, Phyllis.

A Speaking Curriculum for immediate/advanced learners: Objectives, Activities and Assessments
 Fei, Jia.

A Strategy for Building Enrolment in Less-Meeting Classes
 Meng, Liuxi.

A Study Abroad Experience: Effects on Learner Attitudes and Motivations
 Zirger, Megan.

A Transatlantic Crosswalk: the Guidelines and the CEFR: similarities and differences
 Slagter, Peter.

A US-China Language/Culture Exchange Program through a Social-networking Website
 Zhang, Jin.

A Web-based Teaching Method on Speech Acts in Chinese
 Yang, Jia.

A faculty mentoring experience in Second Life
 Pardo-Ballester, Cristina. and Silva, Karina.

A novel approach to concentrated training in Chinese character instruction
 Lin, Chinhsi.

A pedagogical model for teaching Chinese language in K-12 classrooms
 Louie, Belinda.

A quantitative approach to measuring CFL text difficulty
 Da, Jun.

A web-based study on processing instruction and the Spanish subjunctive
 Russell, Victoria.

Academic Achievement through FLES
 Taylor, Carolyn.

Academic Writing in Content-Based Language Teaching Through Technology (CoBaLTT)
 Harada, Tetsuo.

African American Student/Parent Perspectives of a Two-Way Bilingual Program
 Anberg-Espinosa, Michele.

African American Student/Parent Voices in a Two-Way Bilingual Program
 Anberg-Espinosa, Michele.

Articulation of a high school Chinese language program
 Ma, Lixia. and Conley, Travis.

Authenticity and pedagogical grammar: the case of “you le”
 Jin, Lingxia.

ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2009-Nov-16 to 2009-Nov-23
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