ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2009-Nov-16 to 2009-Nov-23

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Tanto Amato e Odiato: Omaggi Parodie e Riferimenti al Neorealismo
 Vitti, Antonio.

Teach Chinese idioms in conjunction with Chinese philosophies
 Zeng, Hong.

Teachers' Sense of Community: Implications for Teacher Burnout and Collaboration
 Kulavuz-Onal, Derya.

Teaching Business Japanese to College Students in the United States
 Ananth, Priya.

Teaching Chinese Throught Visual Aids
 Chen, Joanne.

Teaching Composition in Advanced Chinese Classroom
 Jin, Lei.

Teaching Culture in Italian for Business
 Orban, Clara.

Teaching Italian Language with the help of literature
 Pescatori, Rossella.

Teaching Italian Through Folklore
 Fava, Matilda.

Teaching Word Order By Using Functional Principles
 Loar, Jian.

Teaching and Learning Chinese on-line ------ Case Studies
 Cheng, Zhaohui.

Technical and Pedagogical Issues in Web-based Chinese Instruction
 Meng, Nan.

Techniques of Improving Oral Narrative Skills of Expressing Personal Experience
 Chakwin, Marilyn. and Liao, Rongrong.

The Effects of Computer-Mediated Communication on Foreign Language Anxiety
 Tallon, Michael.

The Formation of Cultural Misconceptions in Online Classroom Discussions
 Garrett-Rucks, Paula.

The L2 acquisition of Chinese relative clauses and pedagogical implications
 Xu, Yi.

The Language-learning Experiences of Dialect-speaking CHL Students in U.S. Colleges
 Hsiao, Ching-hui.

The Making of Movie Clips and its multifunction in Chinese Teaching
 Liu, Fan.

The Role of feedback on Literacy Development through Instant Messaging
 Wu, Hsiao-ping.

The application of "Question Asking Reading" in a French classroom
 Buescher, Kimberly.

The development of L2 listening and its role in production
 Mayberry, Maria.

The discourse and pragmatic functions of que and dao
 Chen, Fred.

The duel between Argante and Tancredi throughout time
 Vallecorsa, Stephanie.

The effect of different degrees of explicitness in computerized feedback
 Lado, Beatriz. and Sanz, Cristina.

The “Treatise on the Court” across four hundred years.
 Cooper, John.

Towards Input Enhancement and Skills Integration
 Han, Lily.

Towards Learner Autonomy: A Cooperative Principle in Homework Assignments
 Mehta, Yufen.

Trans-Border students of Italian language: Easier but more difficult?
 Muniz, Aned. and Bukauskas, Donatas.
ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2009-Nov-16 to 2009-Nov-23
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