ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2011-Nov-15 to 2011-Nov-21

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20+ LCTLs, 8 Weeks, 200+ Students: How We Assess Proficiency
 Stern-Gottschalk, Ariann.


A Comparison of Successful and Unsuccessful Study Abroad Learners
 Bown, Jennifer., Ookhara, Olga., Martinsen, Rob A.., Baker, Wendy. and Dewey, Dan.

A Model for Collaboration to Preserve Language Programs
 Hennessy, Susan.

A Return to the Round Table to Facilitate Learning
 Trewhella, Jessica.

A Study of Teacher-Learner Relationship in Native vs. L2 Environment
 Liu, Yuanman.

A Unified Model of Assessment for Less-Commonly-Taught Languages
 Reed, Daniel., Park, Ok Sook. and Ahn, Seongmee.

A contrastive study of TOP-Huayu and HSK verbs
 Wu, Yiching., Li, Zixuan. and Chao, Chingya.

ALPPS and CAVO: Performance-based Online Assessment Tools
 Walker, Galal. and Li, Minru.

Accuracy is in the Ear of the Listener
 Mcbride, Kara.

Achieving Linguistic Goals by Non-linguistic Means: Teaching Chinese through Movies
 Li, Yan.

Achieving the Cultures Standards’ goals while preserving L2 classroom use
 Garrett-Rucks, Paula.

Acquisition of the BA Construction by English-speaking Learners of Chinese
 Xu, Hongying.

Advanced Chinese Language Curriculum with a Classical Chinese Component
 Li, Kai. and Liu, Fang.

Advanced Distance Teaching Techniques Applied in Chinese Language
 Shan, Limei.

An Introduction to OSBIT (Online Skill-Building Interpretation and Translation) Website
 Wetzel, Patricia.

Analysing language learning approaches for Web 2.0 effective use
 Dolci, Roberto.

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Blackboard’s Portfolio and Student Reading, Writing, Speaking and Cultural Awareness
 Love, Nathan.

Blogging culture. Exploring intercultural competence and language form through e-partnering
 Peart, Silvia.

Building FLES Programming through District and Community Collaboration
 Schultz, Kennedy.


CFL learners’ perception of temporally modified speech
 Da, Jun.

Challenges and Suggestions on Chinese Education in Secondary Schools
 Yuan, Alex. and Lago, Baldomero.

Challenges in creating a sustainable Chinese program
 Kong, Ailing. and Wong, San Janny.

Chinese Dictionaries Aren't Functional as a Tool for Non-native Students
 Huang, Quanyu.

Cognitive Relations of “yi…jiu…” Sub-constructions and its Pedagogical Applications
 Yeh, Hsin-Hung.

Collaboration between Native and Non-native Language Teachers: 5 Case Studies
 Fraga, Cynthia.

Collaborative Assessment and the Writing of Learning Outcomes as Reflective Practice
 De Fina, Anna. and Melucci, Donatella.

Comics, Manga as a Learning Tool for Translating Japanese
 Furuhata-Turner, Hamako.

Common Student Errors in Korean Listening: Patterns and Frequency Rate
 Bae, Sun-kwang.

Communicative and learning styles in teaching Italian
 Bergonzi, Silvia.

Comparison of pedagogical designs of three CFL online learning systems
 Xiaoyan, Cao. and Ke, Yan.

Computer Based Authentic Assignments: Motivating Students to Develop a Language Project
 Castillo, Aurora.

Conducting Business in Japanese: Curriculum Development for Business Japanese
 Minami, Masahiko.

Constructional learning and Chinese grammar teaching
 Hsiao, Huichen.

Content-based instruction through the television drama Shika-Otoko Aoniyoshi
 Kitajima, Ryu.

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Daily but Easily: Using Twitter to Enhance Students' Written Output
 Wang, Jiawen. and Teng, Chunhong.

Database of curriculum and instructional materials for Chinese heritage learners
 Huang, Yi-Tzu.

Designing Form-focused Tasks in the CFL Communicative Classroom
 Su, Shuhui.

Designing content-rich web-based collaborative learning tasks for advanced-level students
 Zhang, Jin.

Developing FAST Chinese Curriculum for Foreign Service Personnel
 Wu, Hsiang-Ting. and Baum, Lingling.

Developing Film-Based Materials for Narrative Competence in Chinese
 Wang, Yang.

Developing Intercultural Competence through Cross-Cultural, Collaborative Learning
 Eppelsheimer, Natalie. and Chang, Natasha.

Developing New Approaches to Language Varieties in the Heritage Classroom
 Lowther Pereira, Kelly.

Differentiated Peer Interaction in Second Life
 Jin, Li.

Distance Education and the Challenge of Teaching Spanish Pronunciation
 Infantino, Patricia.

Diversifying Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
 Graf, Roman., Llanos, Bernardita. and Hershberger, Robert.


Effective Instructional Strategies in Translation: Examples from Culturally Embedded Metaphors.
 Kilpatrick, Maria Teresa.

Effects of Coded-error Feedback in Second Language Writing
 Delgado, Maria.

Effects of Online Second Language Methodology Instruction on Teacher Self-Efficacy
 Kissau, Scott.

Electronic White Board Program for Teachers of Chinese and Japanese
 Kubota, Sayuri.

Empowering Students to Speak: Evidence from Spanish Immersion Classrooms
 Christoffersen, Katherine.

Evaluating Evaluations: Guidelines for Language Educators Evaluation
 Chan, Hsiu-Hsien.

Explicit Information and Language Aptitude in Processing Instruction
 VanPatten, Bill.

Exploring the Impact of Task on Complexity of Learner Language
 Tarone, Elaine.

Exploring the use of co-teaching in foreign language teacher education
 Wassell, Beth. and Sniad, Tamara.

Extensive Reading and Grammar Acquisition by Spanish Heritage Speakers
 Rodrigo, Victoria.


Facebook and Foreign language students: What happens in the virtual classroom?
 Moreira, Maria.

Facebook in the Online Language Classroom: Motivation and Instructor’s Self-Disclosure
 Aubry, James.

Fostering Chinese Learning Through Blogging in Upper Level Courses
 Wang, Yanjing.

From Challenges of Authentic Sources to Activities that Build Proficiency.
 Antokhin, Natalia.

From the Audience to the Stage: Lowering Inhibition Through Puppeteering.
 Mirti, Francesca.


German Bilingual Programs in Canada: Insights from Practicing Teachers
 Dressler, Roswita.

Group Reflections: Making the Portfolio Process More Meaningful for Language Students
 Schechner, Stephanie.


Help college students discover and use authentic Chinese expressions
 Chen, Shuchen.

Help students retain newly-learned language through effective writing assignments
 Hu, Lingjun. and Shi, Zhongqi.

Helping Students with "Writing" through Keyboard Input of Chinese Characters
 Jialin, Li. and Li, Fujia.

How Are the Cross-Strait Proper Names Diverse?
 Wu, Yiching., Li, Zixuan. and Chao, Chingya.

How Implementing Daily Warm-Ups Leads Students to Proficiency.
 Dieter, Gisela.

How to Increase Language Proficiency through Art and Technology
 Polosukhina, Anastasia.

How to Select Literature for K-12 Chinese Language Learners
 Louie, Belinda.


IFL Technology-enhanced Instruction: From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0.
 Mizza, Daria.

Impact of classroom dynamics on language learning process and outcomes
 Rana, Surinder.

Implicit or explicit grammar? the case of the Italian past tense
 Bonfatti Sabbioni, Maria Teresa.

Improving Chinese Teaching Efficiency through Backward Design
 Chen, Shuyuan.

Improving critical thinking through a web-based classroom dictionary
 Spinelli, Barbara.

In-service foreign language teachers and Web 2.0-mediated communities of practice
 Wesely, Pamela.

Independent Study and Appropriate Assessment in Advanced Japanese Class
 Hanabusa, Noriko.

Integrating Rhetorical Relations into a Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese
 Chief, Liancheng.

Integrating community service learning in writing assignments
 Osa-melero, Lucia.

Integrating process-oriented writing into task-based instruction
 Jiang, Ying. and Amatya, Pradyumna.

Intercultural Awareness in the Prosodic Corrective Feedback of CSL Classrooms
 Chen, Chun-mei.

International Immersion Teachers’ Unique Contributions to Positive School Cultures
 Olson Beal, Heather.

Italian American Identity: Past and Present
 Richardson, Julia. and Plutino-calabrese, Maria Stella.

Italy 360
 Tognozzi, Elissa. and Melucci, Donatella.

Italy and Italians in the world today
 Gerig, Maya.

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Japanese teachers’ Kanji instructional practices and underlying factors
 Takahashi, Etsuko. and Fujiwara, Hisae.


Language Environment Management: An Analysis of its Modes and Effects
 Tian, Zhuo.

Language Instruction Beyond the Classroom in Study Abroad
 Lin, Yi.

Language, Culture, and Affect: Mentoring Language Teachers for “Generation Me”
 Chang, Christie.

Learning Strategies in Online Learning Environments
 Fujioka-ito, Noriko.

Learning outcomes using a cultural video project in a Korean classroom
 Roh, Jaemin.

Literature for Language Teaching: New Approaches in Reading Short-Short Stories
 Mu, Ling.


Making Books: A Way to Enhance Writing, Reading, and Motivation
 Zhang, Shenglan. and Li, Tonglu.

Mario Puzo’s The Fortunate Pilgrim: The ‘American Dream’ of Staying Alive
 Tamburri, Anthony.

Mother or Adapted Tongue: The effects of Code-switching in Content-Based Learning
 Labor, Jonalou.

Motivational aspects of podcast-based language learning
 Chan, Wai Meng., Chi, Seowon. and Chin, Kwee Nyet.


New Experiential Education Projects for the Italian Language Learner
 Colussi Arthur, Gabriella.

New Perspectives in Classical Chinese Instruction: A Literacy-Based Approach
 Chen, Tingting.

News Report Project for Developing 21st Century Skills
 Nagai, Ayako. and Kimura, Judith.


On Selecting Literature for Advanced CFL Students
 Rupprecht, Hsiao-wei.

On Strategies of Narrative Writing for Advanced Students from Error Analysis
 Shen, Jianhua.

Online Interactive Language Exercises for Introductory Chinese
 Li, Jinyi.


Parental Encouragement and Chinese Language Learning Motivation for Non-Heritage Students
 Wang, Aubrey. and Lavelle-Lore, Millicent.

Perspectives on Language Instruction: “Teaching Business Italian through a Communicative Approach.”
 Fava, Matilde.

Podcast Your Unit and Lesson Plans Using Interactive Technologies
 Richardson, Julia. and Palladino, Valeria.

PowerPoint presentation and focus on form in task-based Chinese grammar instruction
 Wang, Zhijun.

Preparing Critical and Empathetic ESL Professionals through Meaningful Language Learning.
 Romero, Deborah.

Processing Instruction: The Effect on Learners’ Comprehension of Authentic Input
 Russell, Victoria.

Project-Based Assessment in Advanced CFL Classrooms
 Bi, Nyan-Ping.

Promoting Global Competence and Oral Communication Skills via Social Media
 Dennig, Sik Lee. and Lowdermilk, Momoya.

Promoting Oral Proficiency Gain in Spanish-Speaking Study Abroad Homestay Placements
 Di Silvio, Francesca., Malone, Margaret. and Donovan, Anne.

Promoting Pre-service Teachers’ Conceptual Understandings through Emerging Practical Theory Development
 O\'Toole, Joanne.


Question words in Arabic
 Elmasri, Salam.


Readying Students for Intensive Immersion in Italy via Blended Learning
 Sinyor, Roberta.

Reconsidering teacher role in interactions: Dynamic teacher-learner relationships
 Horii, Sachiko.

Reduce Attrition Rate with a Differentiated Chinese Curriculum
 Le, Fushun.

Reexamining WebQuests in a three-step task cycle
 Tseng, Miao-fen.

Refusal Strategies of Mandarin and English Speakers in Professional Situations
 Devore, Susanne.

Risk-taking: Promoting Interpersonal Performance in Beginning and Intermediate-level Language Classes
 Crawford-Dixon, Lori., Reynolds, Andrew., Loughery, Ann. and Merz, Michael.

Roam(ings): Images of Rome in Literature and Film
 Waldbaum, Roberta.


SNS’ Narratives: (Re)visioning Oral and Written Bilingual Discourse
 Spicer-Escalante, Maria.

Second Language Fluency and Foreign Accent in Learning Chinese
 Wu, Chen-Huei.

Self-regulated Learning in College Learners of Arabic, Chinese, and Russian
 Watson, Jeffrey.

Self-study Research as Professional Development: Action Research, Collaboration and Portfolios
 Bond, Nathan. and Albright, Mari.

Semantic Features of Descriptive Verbal Complements and Their Pedagogical Applications
 Ren, Fei.

Sharing Authenic Videos in the Open Education Movement
 Somerholter, Kerstin.

Short-Term Sojourns and Social Capital: Maximizing the “New” Study Abroad
 Castaneda, Martha. and Ducher, Jeannie.

Social Media and CFL Pedagogy: Transforming Classrooms into Learning Communities
 Teng, Wen-hua.

Strategies for Reading Chinese Texts with and without Hypermedia
 Wang, Jing.

Students on Stage: News Broadcast and Exercises in Style.
 Cambriani, Laura. and Cangiano, Laura.

Study Abroad Programs and the development of Possible L2 Selves
 Villalobos-Buehner, Maria.

Study abroad and the acquisition of the Spanish trill /r/
 Detrixhe, Karen.

Study of Interjection and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
 Tang, Le.


Task-based approach in hybrid courses: bridging content and language production
 Pardo-Ballester, Cristina.

Teach ‘em Standard and Non-Standard Language in the Classroom
 Hudgens Henderson, Mary.

Teacher Study Groups as Collaborative Language Teacher Research
 Bachmann, Chinatsu.

Teaching Assistant Perspectives on Departmental Teaching Philosophy
 Webster, Charles.

Teaching Korean Non-Honorific Speech Styles Using Multimedia Materials
 Brown, Lucien.

Teaching Strategies for Integrating Culture in Adult Beginning-level Classes
 Roderick, Aubrey.

Teaching an American Autistic Student in Japanese and its Challenges
 Oda, Tomoko.

The Construction of a Chinese Learner Corpus
 Chang, Li-ping.

The Creative Use of Blogs in Chinese Language Classrooms
 Lu-Chen, Jung Ying.

The Current State of Korean Heritage Learners: Survey Results
 Min, Kusun., Kim, Hyojoung. and Lee, Namhee.

The Effect of Gender Transparency on Italian Learners' Word Recognition
 Behney, Jennifer.

The Experiential Basis of Chinese Classifiers and its Pedagogical Implications
 Jiang, Song.

The Manifestation of “Face” as a Cultural Performance in China
 Liao, Haohsiang.

The Mystery of Tone 2 and Tone 3
 Yang, Chunsheng.

The Redefinition of Chinese Vocabulary Teaching
 Yan, Ling.

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Understanding Learning Difficulties in Listening and Improving L2 Listening Competence
 Chakwin, Marilyn.

Understanding and Evaluating Research Reports
 Jackson, Gordon.

Use Wikis for Collaborative Writing Tasks and Establishing Learner Community
 Liao, Jianling.

Using Dictogloss for Advanced Arabic Proficiency
 Husseinali, Ghassan.

Using Drama in the Language Classroom
 Sanders, Jo.

Using Innovative Technology to Design Interactive Homework
 Xie, Ping.

Using Multimedia to Create Cultural Context for Chinese Learning
 Fei, Liu. and Dan, Mao.

Using Theatre to teach Italian Language and Culture
 Iuele Colilli, Diana.

Using service-learning programs to bring authenticity to language learning
 Grim, Frederique.

Usos lingüísticos de jóvenes en una escuela secundaria de Minnesota.
 Pinilla-herrera, Angela.


Vico on Language and Linguistics
 Nuessel, Frank.

Vocabulary instruction as an important step towards minimizing grammatical errors
 Gao, Liwei.

Voice Blogs in the AFL Classroom: Enhancing Pronunciation and Fluency
 Morkus, Nader.


WL for Special Needs Children: A Mixed Methodology Research Study
 Davis-Wiley, Patricia.

Web-Based Machine Translators: Chinese Learners’ Beliefs and Behaviors
 Lee, Yi-Chen.

Webquests and the development of intercultural competence and motivation
 De Abreu, Cassia. and Gontijo, Viviane.

Welcoming Facebook in the Classroom: Can’t Beat Them? Join Them!
 Richardson, Julia. and De Angelis Nelson, Maria Grazia.

What are the effective approaches and strategies of kanji learning?
 Nunn, Masako.

What can Arabic proverbs teach us about Arab Culture?
 Brosh, Hezi.

What forms the gap between high school and college Chinese curriculum
 Jiang, Zhuojun.

What's it for?: Heritage and Views on Arabic language education
 Mana, Mouna.

Which Method Works for Acquiring Pronunciation, “Shadowing” or “Rule Learning”?
 Sekine, Shigeko.

Why standards and how to make them work?
 Liu, Jun.

Wiki-based Collaborative Writing in the AFL Classroom
 Morkus, Nader.

World Language Teaching to Language Immersion Teaching: Opening Career Doors
 Miller, Kimerly. and Peterson, Shannon.

Writing Chinese with Computer: an Integration of Technology and Pedagogy
 Lin, Patrick Pakchong.

Written Chinese for Adult Beginners: An Experimental Web-Based Approach
 Porter, David.


YouTube in KFL Teaching "Ung" or "Ne"
 Kim, Chosun.
ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2011-Nov-15 to 2011-Nov-21
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