ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2012-Nov-12 to 2012-Nov-18

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21st Century Technology in the Italian Classroom
 Miraglia, Rina.


A Business Japanese Course for Intermediate Levels
 Ananth, Priya.

A Comparison of Language Output With and Without Tasks
 Tseng, Miao Fen.

A Constructive Model on Grammar Teaching
 Roth, Peiyu.

A Content-Enriched French Program in the Elementary School
 Davis-Wiley, Patricia.

A Data-driven Approach to the Teaching of Mandarin Modal Particles
 Xiang, Xuehua.

A Discussion on Chinese Teachers’ Adaption to American Classroom
 Yuan, Alex.

A Mohawk Language Teaching Plan: From Simple to Complex
 Maracle, Brian.

A Qualitative Case Study of Service Learning in Ecuador
 Brown, Alan.

A Self-Regulating Approach to Provide Feedback to Students’ Homework Assignments
 Smith, Michelle.

A Social Justice Project in a First-Year Spanish Class
 Tallon, Michael.

A Standards-based Greek FLES Curriculum Targeting the 21st Century Skills
 Bairaktari, Elpida. and Przywara, Maribeth.

A Study on the Reading Strategies of CSL Adult Learners
 KE, SIHUI., Chan, Shui Duen. and Zhu, Xinhua.

A Synthesis Study of Morphological Awareness Instruction
 Liu, Yan.

AP Italian: Strategies and Best Practices for Exploring Global Challenges
 Morgavi, Paola.

Advertising Italian-style: Targeting and Marketing in the age of Carosello
 Fiumara, Francesco.

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Blogging: An Electronic Language Learning Tool for Developing Korean Literacy
 Park, Jeong-Bin.

Bridging “Textbook Language” and “Live Language”: Teaching Chinese through Movies
 Li, Yan.

Building Linguistic and Cultural Competence through Microblogging for Beginning Chinese-as-a-Foreign-Language
 Zhang, Jin.

Building and making connections: the value of an internship in Italy
 Svaldi, Morena.

Business Italian: Economic, Business and Work Environment
 Pozzi Pavan, Daniela.


CFL Students’ Motivation and Experience of a Technology Project
 Cai, Shengrong. and Zhu, Wei.

Captioning and Subtitling as a Tool for Foreign Language Learning
 Pasqui, Rita.

Change of Linguistic Profiles of Advanced Learners of Korean
 Kong, Dong-Kwan.

Chinese Poetry for a Smartphone Age
 Porter, David.

Chinese Tonal Training with Rhythmic Verses
 Yin, John Jing-hua.

Chinese in the South: Road of Identity Travelled
 Zhang, Xiang.

Chinese under Globalization: The Emerging Lingua Franca of the Masses
 Xiao, Yun.

Classroom Democracy: Learner-directed Teaching through Calculated Choice
 Gajdos, Johnathan.

Cloud Technologies for Chinese E-Learn
 Wu, Tina.

Collaboration, Community, Culture for the 21st Century: Blogs and Pen-Pals
 Reimer, Felicia. and Reimer, Todd.

Collaborative Second Language Writing: Creating a University Website Project
 Waugh, Yuki.

College Students’ Chinese Learning Through Facebook Wall Activity
 Kim, Deoksoon. and Wang, Shenggao.

Combining Language with Content in Upper-level Courses in Chinese Programs
 Li, Wendan.

Consciousness Raising: One Approach to Diversity Development
 Johnson, Stacey.

Constructing Specifications of Oral Task Performance Assessment in CFL
 Su, Shuhui.

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Deictic Gestures in Learning Chinese Topic-comment Sentences
 Paul, Jing.

Delivering Social Media Content for the Less Commonly Taught Languages
 Gheblawi, Salmy. and Sunindyo, Ario.

Designing Concept-based Chinese as Foreign Language Textbook
 Lai, Wei.

Developing Academic Writing Skills in Advanced Chinese Reading Courses
 Wang, Yang.

Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence through Tandem Learning
 Chen, Chiuhung.

Developing Reading Strategies for Non-native Japanese-language Teachers: Participants' Reflections 
 Takahashi, Etsuko. and Fujiwara, Hisae.

Did they catch that error? Students’ use of spell checkers
 Spino, Le Anne. and Inceoglu, Solene.

Digital Travelogues: Step into History or Another Culture - Digitally!
 Roberts, Margaret.

Discourse Complexity in Advanced-Level Chinese: Comparing Two Learning Backgrounds
 Kou, Yupeng.

Discourse Errors in English Learners’ Chinese Writing with Pedagogical Implications

Discriminating Synonyms and Near-Synonyms for CSL/CFL
 Zhang, Jin.

Diversifying Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
 Graf, Roman., Snyder, Stephen., Creedon, Orlaith. and Poulin-Deltour, William.

Do Grades Undermine the Effectiveness of Feedback?
 Krekeler, Christian.

Documentary and Art: IPA for 2nd Year Portuguese
 Mann, Celeste.

Does Partial Radical Information Help Chinese Compound Character Learning?
 Wang, Jing.


Educating the Bilingual Mind in the Bilingual School: A Successful Reality
 Pitti, Ilenia., Pettenella, Marta. and Candido, Selene.

Effective TA Training Practices
 Garrett-Rucks, Paula.

Effectiveness of Video Feedback on CFL Learners’ Chinese Character Writing
 Kang, Hana.

Effects of Intentional Mobile-assisted Annotation on Incidental Chinese Vocabulary Learning
 Zhang, Yongfang.

Employing recall protocols for superior-level CFL reading: Potential and challenges
 Chen, Tingting.

Empowering Teachers to Make Research / Practice Connections
 Vásquez, Camilla.

English Discourse Transfer in the Spanish Heritage Language Classroom
 Corioso, Annalisa.

English Thinking in CLLs’ Speaking by Examining Spatial-temporal Metaphors
 Causarano, Pei-ni.

Enhancing Japanese Oral Communication in Practicum via Thematic Approach
 Furuhata-Turner, Hamako.

Enhancing L2 Listening Competence with a Metacognitive Approach to Instruction
 Chakwin, Marilyn.

Enhancing Language Learning and Pragmatic Competence in Short-Term Study Abroad
 Hernandez, Todd.

Enhancing immersion experiences through service learning in San Andres, Colombia
 Dean, Carol. and Montoya, Maria.

Epistolary Contemporaneity: Cultural Presence in pre‐20th Century Women’s Literature
 Garmann, Gerburg.

Error Analysis on Adjective-Predicate Structure: Based On HSK Writing Corpus
 Zhang, Jing.

Essential Steps to Start a Service-learning Program
 Osa-Melero, Lucia. and Johnson, Jane.

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FLES Teachers' Perspectives on New Jersey's K-8 Foreign Language Authorization
 Raymond, Robert.

Fashioning L2 Selves Online: Learner and Speaker Identities in Tandem
 Klimanova, Liudmila.

Flipping the Latin Classroom: Helping Students Read, Not Just Translate
 Roberts, Margaret.

Foreign Professors on American Colleges Campus: Cross-Culture-Based Conflict Management Styles
 Hamada, Masako.

From Canvas To Screen: Paolo Sorrentino’s Le conseguenze dell’amore
 Pugliese, Annunziata.

From Cognitive Linguistics to Chinese Pedagogical Grammar
 Chief, Liancheng.

From Urdu to Punjabi: Challenges and Successes of Curricular Conversion
 Bukhari, Patras. and Ashby, Wendy.

From Writing to Speaking: A Study of Chinese Fluency
 Wang, Shu-pei.


Genre-based Writing Instruction for CFL Learners: An Action Research Study
 Liu, Ying.

Grammar (Re)Acquisition by L2 Learners of Spanish and Bilingual Students
 Rodrigo, Victoria.

Grammar through Imagery: Inductive and Deductive Approaches
 Batterman, Henry.


Heritage, Critical, World, Home: Investment in Young Learners of Arabic
 Temples, Amanda Lanier.

High School Students’ Experiences in a Blended Language Class
 Tu, Yao.

How Contextual Information and Cultural Familiarity Affect Chinese Colloquial Idioms Comprehension
 Li, Yu.

How do Elementary Korean Teachers Learn How to Teach English?
 Lee, Seungbok.

Humor and Identity Construction in the Heritage Language Classroom
 Jung, Ji-Young.

Hybrid Spanish: Metacognition, foreign language instruction and virtual studying abroad
 Ruggiero, Diana.


Imagining and Imaging Rome
 Waldbaum, Roberta.

Imitation and Self-Repairs in Tonal Drills of L2 Mandarin Classrooms
 Chen, Chun-Mei.

Impact of Culture Awareness on Motivation of Korean Language Learners
 Shin, Hye Young.

Impact of Different Types of Dyadic Interaction in JFL Classrooms
 Takahashi, Nobuaki.

Impact of Foreign Language Teachers’ Self-Efficacy Beliefs on Learners
 Pratt, Comfort., Zaier, Amani. and Wang, Yanlin.

Implementation of “Shadowing” as Communicative Approach in Everyday Classrooms
 Sekine, Shigeko.

Improve Chinese Language Acquisition through Error Analysis Method
 Wang, Tingting. and Yi, Youngjoo.

Improvement of CFL Reading Comprehension by Systematic Structure Revision
 Huang, Ting. and Cheng, Rong.

Including Haitian Creole in the French Language Curriculum
 Dansereau, Diane.

Incorporating Advertising and Smartphones into Instruction
 Magnetti, Brenda Monica.

Increasing Individual and Group Learning through a Course Wiki
 Glatz, Lawrence.

Information Structure in Modern Greek: Teaching Word Order Flexibility
 Sinopoulou, Ourania.

Initial-State Input Processing: A Study of Ab Initio Learners of Chinese
 Han, ZhaoHong. and Liu, Zehua.

Instruction to Improve How to Express Affective Stance in Narrative
 Tanno, Koji.

Integrated Approach to Teach “Integrated Chinese” at the Elementary Level
 Teng, Chunhong.

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Japanese Classroom Instruction in Cohesiveness: Moving from Intermediate to Advanced
 Tanno, Koji.


Korean Classroom Attrition Rate and What to Do About It
 Damron, Julie.


L2 learners’ Japanese Pronunciation Self-monitoring Skill
 Hirano-Cook, Erika. and Tamura, Megumu.

Language and the Brain: Recalling Techniques in Second Language Acquisition
 Blanco, Virgil.

Learners’ Views of Effective Arabic Language Teachers
 Ahmad, Azza.

Learning Processes of Flagship Chinese Students: A Longitudinal Case Study
 Kuo, Yi-Lu.

Learning Real Thai through Intensive Oral Interaction and Community Stays
 Rattanakhemakorn, Jintana.

Learning the Spanish Past Tense Using Wikis
 Castaneda, Daniel.

Lessons Large & Small: Six Models for LCTL Field Development
 McGinnis, Scott.

Life is Beautiful: Fable or a Sanitized Outlook of the Holocaust
 Fava, Matilde.

Literature Framework Reference Project: Teacher Training in Literature
 Helguero-Balcells, Graciela.

Lowering the Stakes: Writing to Learn and Learning to Write
 Merschel, Lisa., Ewing, Rebecca. and Paredes, Liliana.


Materials Selection and Adaptation to Advance Linguistic and Cultural Competencies
 Prionas, Evangelia. and Rapti, Vassiliki.

Micro-blogging in the Language Class: Driving from the Students' Seat
 Canuto, Luisa.

Mito e Simbolo nel "Cristo si è Fermato a Eboli"
 Mastri, Augustus.

Motivation in CFL: The Variance from Learning Experience
 Cheng, Rong. and Zhang, Li.

Motivation of Chinese Heritage Language Learners: A Case Study
 Lin, Chuan.


New Audiences, New Programs: Supporting Independent Language Learners
 Scinicariello, Sharon.

Novice Teachers’ Socialization into Proficiency-Oriented Language Instruction
 Hur, Hyunsoo.

Nuovi Materiali e Nuove Metodologie per L'insegnamento dell’Italiano ad Anglofoni
 Pierini, Giacomo.


On-line Chinese learning: Perspective, practice and design
 Lee, Yi-Chen.

Online Corpora and Concordances in the AFL Classroom
 Morkus, Nader.

Online Diagnostic Assessment in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
 Shiroma, Ying.

Online Mandarin Multimedia Materials: Curriculum Development and Implementation
 Mehta, Yufen Lee.

Opera as a Powerful Educational Medium
 Lapenta, Monica.


Passing Down a Cultural Baton: “Relay Method” for Project Work
 Akiyama, Yuka.

Pedagogical Strategies for Enhancing Students’ Writing Skills at Advanced Levels
 Liang, Hsin-Hsin.

Peer Coaching and Teacher/Expert Coaching in Wiki Writing Tasks
 Liao, Jianling.

Perceived Effectiveness of Chinese Instruction between Teachers and Students
 Liu, I-Chun.

Performance of Foreign Language Assistants in Terms of Field of Study
 Jimenez, Amador.

Phenomenology of Cultural Knowledge in the Context of Second Language Education
 Pichugin, Alexander.

Pick Up the Right Material
 Costa, Mario.

Pitch Representation and an Effective Strategy to Teach Chinese Pronunciation
 Liu, Yunzhen.

Portfolios Implemented in an Advanced-Level Japanese Class with Formative Assessments
 Nagai, Ayako.

Preparing for the new AP Italian Language and Culture
 Villa Sella, Nicoletta.

Preservice Teacher Preparation: The Impact of a Study Abroad Program
 Russell, Victoria.

Preserving an Ethnic Language through Teaching: Pennsylvania Dutch
 Madenford, Douglas. and Brown, Joshua.

Processing Classifier Attachment Ambiguity in Native and Nonnative Mandarin Speakers
 Yao, Yun.

Project-based Chinese as a Foreign Language Instruction
 Zhao, Juanjuan.

Project-based Learning: Interview Research Project in Advanced Japanese Courses
 Egi, Takako., Uotate, Yasuo. and Nakamura, Yukari.


Quantitatively Identifying Foreign Language Learner Strengths and Weaknesses
 Dai, David. and Zhang, Jing.

Quickly Create and Manage Graded Multimedia Chinese Texts Online
 Mu, Ling.


Raising Culture-Awareness by Integrating Mazu-belief into the Chinese Language Classroom
 Huang, Shao-Ying.

Raising the Bar in Intercultural Competence and Language Proficency
 Colville-Hall, Susan., Adamowicz-Hariasz, Maria., Engelking, Tama Lea. and Sidorova, Vladislava.

Reaching Out to a Bigger Community: A Program Survey
 Lee, Teresa. and Marshall, Tomoko.

Reality in Chinese Writing Delayed Approach Classroom
 Pan, Na.

Reasons to learn Korean: Second language learners vs. heritage speakers
 Lee, Teresa.

Recruitment, Retention, and Community Building in Small Language Programs
 Schechner, Stephanie. and Bonin, Kate.

Reducing Foreign Language Anxiety in Heritage Language Students
 Tallon, Michael.

Research on Chinese Characters in CFL: A Review
 Liu, Shijuan.

Results of the 2012 AP® Italian Language and Culture Exam
 Nuessel, Frank. and Cavatorta, Giuseppe.

Rural Experiences: Generating Interest In Language Learning in Rural America
 Jimenez-Arroyo, Roberto.


Selecting and Using Materials for Chinese Language Programs
 Li, Jiahang.

Self-Regulation in CFL Composition Writing
 Shen, Yan.

Should Chinese Be Used Exclusively in the Beginning Chinese Classroom?
 Zhou, Yi.

Similar but Different: The Beliefs of Foreign Language Teachers
 Kissau, Scott.

Social Interaction and the Development of Communicative Abilities While Abroad
 Henery, Ashlie.

Social Software for Task-based Learning and the 5Cs
 Foti, Lili.

Socializing stance and learning Mandarin during a semester in China
 Diao, Wenhao.

Sociocultural Theory and Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language
 Sun, Lina.

Somatic Dialogues: Teaching Foreign Language and Culture Through Immersion
 Formwalt, Jennifer.

Standards-based Performance Learning and the 21st Century Skills
 Lekkakou, Ioanna.

Storie Digitali e Podcasting
 Palladino, Valeria.

Strengthening K-12 Arabic and Chinese Programs Through Assessment
 Stockman, Ayumi., Lentz, Ursula. and Berg, Gaelle.

Supporting Students with Autism Spectum Disorders in the FL Classroom
 Leons, Eve.

Sviluppare la Competenza (Inter)Culturale Nella Lezione di Italiano
 Snaidero, Tiberio.


Task-based video materials used in Chinese teaching
 Liang, Ninghui.

Teachers' Beliefs and Practices: What the Diary Studies Tell Us
 Bailey, Kathleen.

Teachers’ Feedback: A Powerful Determinant of Foreign Language Achievement
 Chen, Sophia.

Teaching Foreign Language Composition in the 21st Century
 Valfredini, Alessia.

Teaching Language, Literature and Culture through Fables
 Schrambach, Bendi.

Teaching Observations: How To Give Feedback and Improve Classroom Instruction
 McGee, Laura.

Teaching Pronunciation of Spanish through Community Engagement
 Tacelosky, Kathleen.

Teaching Shumianyu: Materials, Methods, and the Relevance of Classical Chinese
 Wang, Yu-lin.

Teaching pragmatics in L2 Chinese: The effects of instruction type
 Li, Shuai.

The Academic Acculturation of Three Chinese Students to American Universities
 Guo, Lei.

The Composition of Original Songs by Novice-Level Language Learners
 Nagle, Laura.

The Effect of Content-based Instruction on Advanced Chinese Language Acquisition
 Jing-Schmidt, Zhuo.

The Impact of Self-Reflection in Oral Production
 Clifford, Joan.

The Importance of Composition Critique and Correction in Advanced Writing
 Tang, Le.

The Influence of Fangyan-speakers’ Ethno-cultural Identities on Their Mandarin Learning
 Hsiao, Jennifer Ching-hui.

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Umanesimo: Studi e Testi, Influssi e Sviluppi
 Ricci, Roberta.

Understanding Boredom in the Foreign Language Classroom
 Chapman, Katie.

University Supervisor Expertise and the Preparation of Foreign Language Teacher-Candidates
 Kissau, Scott.

Using Authentic Reading Materials through Digital Media at Lower Levels
 Liao, Jianling.

Using Authentic Web2.0 Tools to Promote Cross-Cultural Communication
 Lu, Yuan. and Tu, Yao.

Using Comparative Discourse Analysis to Improve Conversational Chinese
 Zhang, Shenglan.

Using Online Tools to develop Students' Listening and Oral Proficiency
 Chen, Tong.

Using Student-created Video Clips in CFL Hybrid Courses
 Hsiao, Jennifer Ching-hui.

Using Two Powerful Online Tools to Enhance Students’ Proficiency
 Lee, Si Yen.

Using VoiceThread in Language Study
 Forlano, Andrew.

Using YouTube for Task-based Activities in Advanced Chinese Classes
 Wang, Dan.

Using the Computer to Quickly Create Manipulatives for Communicative Activities
 DeMarkey, Sophie.


Value and Issues of Cooperative Language Learning Across Proficiency Levels
 Yonemoto, Kazuhiro. and Senoo, Yasuko.

Varying Perceptions of What Constitutes “Culture” in the Language Classroom
 Ramos-Garcia, Maria.

VoiceThread Mobile and Learner Autonomy in an Intermediate Conversation Course
 Thompson, David.


Watch L2 Sprout. The Effectiveness of Brief, Daily Communicative Activities
 Dieter, Gisela.

WebQuest Approach for Thematic Chinese Culture Learning
 Jin, Wenhua.

What Type of Written Feedback Should We Use?
 Elola, Idoia. and Valentin, Laura.

Who is the High School Italian Language Student?
 Dolci, Roberto.

Why Are Locally Published Textbooks Not Used in Local Contexts?
 Yonemoto, Kazuhiro., Seo, Masaki. and Aoyama, Reijiro.

Women in Lyrics. Italian Women Protesting Through Music
 Serra, Ilaria.

Workshop Report, International Workshop on Digital Technologies for Teaching Arabic
 Mili, Amel.

World Language Teaching Certification Candidates’ Inter-continental Blogging during Study Abroad
 Webber, Dana.

Write, Speak, Respond: Encouraging Meaningful Interaction through Homework Assignments
 Rallings, Yasuko.

Writing the Unthinkable in Romana Petri's Il Baleniere delle Montagne
 Rozier, Louise.


ZiCiCheck: An Online Tool to Assess CFL Learners’ Character Knowledge
 Da, Jun.
ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo 2012-Nov-12 to 2012-Nov-18
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