AECT International Convention 2011-Nov-08 to 2011-Nov-13

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"I Just Didn't Want To Be a Boy": Women College Students Experiences in Second Life
 deNoyelles, Aimee.

5 Star Course Design: Hands on Design for Educational Transformation
 Bentley, Joanne., Cropper, Max. and Gardner, Joel.

[Not Registered] 3D Computer Animation Course Grades and Spatial Ability Test Score amongst Multimedia Major Undergraduate Students
 Che Din, Sharkawi.

[Not Registered] Behavioral Differences in Navigation Across Disorientation Levels
 Akcapinar, Gokhan. and Altun, Arif.

[Not Registered] Blogs as a Tool for Reflection and Knowledge Construction in Graduate Classes
 Osman, Gihan.

[Not Registered] F103-R&T Educational Technology Research Past and Present in Turkey
 Goktas, Yuksel., Resioglu, Ilknur., Aydemir, Melike., Kucuk, Sevda., Telli, Esra., Yildirim, Gurkan. and Arpacik, Omer.

[Not Registered] F153-DDL College Students' Perceptions and Communicational Behaviors in Google Groups: Two-year Phase Case Study in Taiwan
 Lin, Hsiao-Wei.

[Not Registered] Scaffolding scientific inquiry in virtual science learning
 Wu, Hui-Ling.

[Not Registered] T153-D&D Development of a Framework for Teaching L2 English as a Situated Practice in Malawi
 Sanga, Mapopa.

[Not Registered] T153-R&T Grounding Design of Instruction in Research and Theory in Higher Educational Settings
 Koech, Japheth.

[Not Registered] Teaching Information Literacy in First-Grade Science Curriculum Using the Super3 Problem Solving Model in Taiwan
 Chen, Lin Ching.

[Not Registered] Technology & knowledge: An exploration of teachers’ conceptions of subject-area knowledge practices and technology integration
 Howard, Sarah. and Maton, Karl.

[Not Registered] The Emerging Field of Virtual Learning Environments
 Claypoole, Joseph.

[Not Registered]A Blueprint on Creating eLearning Environments in Developing Countries Using the TeamCreate Approach
 Bassoppo-Moyo, Temba C.. and Williams, Eurvine.

IRK+B: A Model for Scaffolding Intentional Reflection and Higher Order Thinking for Authentic Experiential Learning
 Bradshaw, Amy.

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A Case Study in Designing Online Instruction Using van Merriënboer's Ten Steps to Complex Learning
 Watson, Carol., Gray, Colin., Jia, Xiaokai., Jung, Jiyoon., Wang, Yurong. and Frick, Ted.

A Collegial Conversation with Leading Scholars about Educational Technology, Instructional Design and the Learning Sciences
 Spector, Jonathan M., Driscoll, Marcy P.., Jonassen, David H.. and Merrill, M.David.

A Collegiate Flying Trapeze Team: A Phenomenological Study of Teamwork, Mental Models, and Team Effectiveness
 Mendenhall, Anne.

A Computer-Generated Motivational Feedback Model for College Assignment in a Blended Learning Context
 Han, Xibin., Wang, Wei. and Liu, Yingqun.

A Correlational Study of Six Instructional Aspects of Global Digital Citizen
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Yen, Cherng-Jyh. and Blocher, Michael.

A Decision Support System Model for Online Teaching and Learning
 Hung, JuiI-Long., Rice, Kerry. and Saba, Anthony.

A Design Case: Improving an Online Plagiarism Tutorial by Preventing Cheating and Supporting Mobile Access
 Barrett, Andrew. and Frick, Ted.

A Developmental Study of an Instructional Systems Design Model for Elementary School Teachers
 Lim, Cheolil., Choi, Soyoung., Hong, Miyoung. and Han, Shin Hye.

A Framework of Virtual Collaboration Building Interdisciplinary Research
 Yu, Ji Hyun., Strobel, Johannes. and Choi, Jea.

A Layered Approach to Conducting a Learner Analysis
 Baaki, John. and Stefaniak, Jill.

A Mixed Method Inquiry of a Participatory Public Health Communication Initiative Among African Peer Educators.
 Eggers, Derek., Mazur, Joan. and Madinger, Charles.

A New Design Process for Professional Learning
 Ray, Andrea.

A New Perspective of Human Performance Technology: Workplace Learning and Performance
 Cho, Yonjoo. and Yoon, Seung Won.

A Phenomenological Study of Students' Informal Learning Experiences during Anchored Investigations in Mathematics
 Valentine, Keri. and Kopcha, T J.

A Scenario-Based Learning Approach: A Competency Based Learning Paradigm for Multicultural Classrooms
 Bawane, Jyoti. and Spector, Jonathan M.

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Behavior and knowledge: Using behavior models to describe and influence teachers’ technology integration proficiency.
 Banas, Jennifer., Robertshaw, M Brooke. and Campbell, Todd.

Best Practices in the Design of Multicultural Web Resources for Classroom Settings
 Young, Emily. and Bishop, MJ.

Blended Instruction as Plaid: Reflections on Designing for Student Learning in Higher Education
 Lindell, Lois.

Building Access to Engineering Education: Early Findings in Delivering the First Fully-Online Undergraduate Engineering Degree
 Moore, Stephanie L.., Groves, James. and Warren, Sheila.

Building Sandcastles in the Cloud: Using Free Webhosting Services in the Online Classroom
 Bray, Lessell (Marty).


Can Twitter Build a CSCL Environment? Focusing on Peer Interactions
 Kim, Yoon Jeon., Dennen, Vanessa. and HSIEH, Bi-Jen.

Capturing and Captioning Web Video with Camtasia
 Berger, Amy.

Caribbean Educators' Network: A Framework for Informal Online Collaborative Knowledge-building and Sharing
 Hill, LeRoy. and Dickson-Deane, Camille.

Challenges and Issues in International Research in Educational Technology
 Cilesiz, Sebnem. and Aljeeran, Reham.

Challenging the Assessment in Web 3.0
 Isaias, Pedro. and Ifenthaler, Dirk.

Changing Paradigm in Interactive Learning System Design: Integrating Emerging Technologies and Instructional Theories
 Luo, Heng. and Lei, Jing.

Characteristics of Virtual Worlds and Best Practices for Education Simulations in Second Life.
 Leong, Peter., Ackerman, Lyn., BORENGASSER, Claire., Kong, Kellie. and Masaki, Elton.

Clinical Experience eSupervision: A Design-Based Study of Student Teacher Performance in a Technology-Supported Cognitive Apprenticeship
 Kopcha, T J.

Cognitive Presence in Synchronous Online Classes
 Harmon, Steve. and Jones, Marshall.

Cognitive Regulation in a Simulation-Based Inquiry Learning Environment
 Law, Victor. and Eseryel, Deniz.

Cognitive Task Analysis and Survey Research on Strategies used by the Most Effective Online Instructors
 Clark, Richard. and Saxberg, Bror.

Collaboration - how to make it happen!
 Green, Lucilia. and Hollandsworth, Randy.

Collaboration, Presence, and Transfer Using TeacherSim
 Blair, Peter., Mason, Lee. and Glomb, Nancy.

Collaborative Knowledge Building with Concept Maps
 Cho, Young Hoan., Ding, Nan., Tawfik, Andrew. and Chavez, Oscar.

Collective Efficacy and Its Relationship with Leadership in Group Work
 Huh, Yeol.

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Definite and Indefinite: A Critical Perspective on Defining Mobile Learning and Mobile Learning Environments
 Grant, Michael., Gikas, Joanne. and Jain, Smita.

Design & Development Awardee Presentations
 Eseryel, Deniz., Boling, Elizabeth., Lee, Dabae., Jonassen, David H.. and Reese, Debbie Denise.

Design Decisions Informed by Theory: Implications of Case-Based Method for Self-Directed Online Instruction Design
 Luo, Heng. and Koszalka, Tiffany A..

Design Layers and Functional Design: A Hands-on Experience
 Gibbons, Andrew. and Wiley, David.

Design Local, Learn Global: Celebrating the Community of Social Networking
 Chen, Huei-Lien.

Design Thinking: Towards the Construction of Knowledge
 Hokanson, Brad.

Design a New Cooking Game for Children’s Informal Learning
 Dong, Yaozu., Ke, Meiyu., Bai, Lu. and Wu, Yu.

Design and Evaluation of Scaffolds to Support Middle School Students' Construction of Evidence-based Arguments
 Belland, Brian., Drake, Joel. and Liu, Zhiying.

Designing Online Diversity Training for Higher Education
 Cates, Ward. and Zhang, Yuanyuan.

Designing a Culture-specific Multi-media Product with the Culture Based Model
 Taylor, Brandon. and Young, Patricia.

Designing for Decision Making
 Jonassen, David H..

Designing with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
 Rich, Peter.

Developing 21st Century Skills in 3-D Virtual World Learning Spaces
 Lu, Lilly. and Anderson, Elizabeth.

Developing Mobile Learning for IPOD touches
 Martin, Florence., Pastore, Raymond. and Snider, Jean.

Developing Resources to Teach Ethics in Teacher Education
 Napper, Vicki. and Dykman, Paul.

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E-Learning: What Have We Experienced and Where Do We Go Next?
 Yu, Chien.

ECT Foundation: Who We Are - What We Do - Our Impact on You
 Miller, T. Weston., Smaldino, Sharon., Saville, K. J.., Wennberg, Hans-Erik., Ellsworth, Jim. and Atkinson, Tom.

Educational Change Theories-in-use: Seeing Multiple Theories and Goal Orientations
 Beabout, Brian.

Educational Informatics: Designing Performance-based Measurement Systems for Rapid Response Learning Environments
 Chow, Anthony. and Guerra-López, Ingrid.

Educational Mobile Apps: Searching, Evaluating, and Integrating
 Lin, Meng-Fen (Grace)., Ackerman, Lyn. and Fulford, Catherine.

Effect of Game Experience on Performing Virtual Environment Tasks
 Canbazoğlu, Emre. and İşler, Veysi.

Effective Online Tools for Creating Social Presence in Large Online Classes
 Rath, Victoria. and Gunter, Glenda.

Effective Strategies of Social Network Sites (SNS): Examining Mixable through the Community of Inquiry Framework
 Yu, Ji Hyun., Kim, WooRi., Yu, Taeho. and Richardson, Jennifer.

Effectiveness of Strategies to Enhance Interaction in Courses Employing Different Blend Categories
 Pensabene, Tom. and Sims, Rod.

Effects of Case-Based E-Learning on Second Year College Students’ Personal Epistemic Beliefs and Problem Solving Abilities
 Choi, Ikseon., Hong, Yi-Chun., Gattie, David., Kellam, Nadia., Gay, Melissa., Park, Hyojin., Jensen, Lucas. and Lee, Younseok.

Effects of Experience on Learning from a Counseling Simulation: Ideas about Fidelity and Design
 Adcock, Amy., Watson, Ginger. and Cook, Brett H..

Electronic Professional Development: Design. Learn. Community.
 Stansberry, Susan., Antonenko, Pasha., Brynteson, Kristin., Anderson, Elizabeth., Hoffman, Ellen., Menchaca, Michael. and Hutchison, Amy.

Elementary Media Projects You Have to See to Believe!
 Blair, Nancye. and Jordan, Mary Beth.

Empirical Analysis of 3D Virtual World Affordances for Integrated English Language Learning
 Kim, Sahoon. and Thomas, Michael.

Employees’ E-learning Acceptance Levels in the Workplace of South Korea
 YOO, SUN JOO. and Huang, Wen-hao David.

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F080-D&D Empathy and Digital Ethics: Considerations for Teaching and Designing With New Media
 Horne, Joe.

F080-D&D Game-Based Language Learning: The Impact of Competition on Students’ Perception and Performances.
 Vandercruysse, Sylke., Vandewaetere, Mieke. and Clarebout, Geraldine.

F080-D&D Mobile Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (mCSCL): A Review of Experimental Research
 Hsu, Yu-Chang. and Ching, Yu-Hui.

F080-D&D Peer Tutoring in Higher Education with Reflective e-Journal
 Chang, Yunjeong. and Park, Innwoo.

F080-D&D SAVSI: A Student Virtual Support System for the 21st Century
 Marquez, Rolando., Morehead, Kelly. and Li, Zhigang.

F080-D&D Simulations and Social Studies: Teaching Diversity by Design
 Curry, John. and Buckner, David.

F080-DDL Asynchronous Video Reflection to Enhance Social Presence in Online Practicum Class for Special Education Teachers
 metlevskiene, lina. and Frey, Tim.

F080-DDL Blending In-Class and Online Students in a Live Virtual Classroom
 Fadde, Peter.

F080-DDL Do Social Media Mediate Collaborative Learning in Online Distance Courses?
 Thanomsing, Chulapol. and Ho, Wenyi.

F080-DDL Enhancing Online Courses with Visuals: Best Practices, Copyright Issues, and Sources
 Adamson, Jane., Gonzalez, Ed. and Parisi, Stephanie.

F080-DDL Incorporating Brookfield’s Discussion Techniques into Asynchronous Online Courses
 Armstrong, Ann., Czelusniak, Vern. and Thornton, Nan.

F080-DDL Instructors’ and Learners’ Attitudes Toward e-learning within a College of Education
 Alyahya, Suzan., Alanazy, Manal., Alabdullaziz, Fatma. and Gall, James.

F080-DDL Using Peer Feedback and Reflective Journals in Distance Learning Classes
 Xie, Kui. and Allison, Justin.

F080-SICET Building Modern Online Social Presence: A Review of Theories and its Implication for Future Trends
 Cui, Guoqiang.

F080-SICET Effective Use of Interactive Whiteboards in Elementary Schools: A Qualitative Study
 Wang, Ying., Ginn, Ronald. and Gonske, Teresa.

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Game and Virtual World Development Day-Camps for Middle-School Students
 Underwood, Jason., Click, Aline. and Taylor, Michael.

GameWerks: Using Gaming to Foster Learning by Design
 Jensen, Lucas., Francom, Gregory. and Green, Lucilia.

Gamifying the Conference Experience: A Design Case
 Myers, Rod. and Modell, Micah.

Getting Started with Moodle 2.0
 Dannenberg, David.

Groupcraft: Collaboration and Learning with Starcraft II
 Frey, Christopher., Poling, Nathaniel. and Cavanaugh, Cathy.


How Program Evaluation Facilitates Online Teaching: A Partnership Experience
 Wang, Wei. and Correia, Ana-Paula.

HyFlex Course Design: A Summary Report on Five Years of Implementation
 Beatty, Brian.


ICEM Annual Graduate Student Panel Discussion in Emerging Technology: Mobile Learning
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Doyle, Robert., Cornell, Richard., McIsaac, Marina S.., Tankari, Moussa., Ozan, Ozlem., Mendenhall, Anne. and Martiz, Gisela.

INSITE: An Exemplary Project of Technology Integration and International Collaboration in Teacher Preparation
 Chen, Xiaojun. and Newby, Tim.

Identifying Multimedia Production Competencies and Skills of Instructional Design and Technology Professionals: Results from recent job postings
 Sugar, Bill., Hoard, Stephen., Brown, Abbie. and Daniels, Lee.

Identifying Research-Worthy Problems: A Process for Novice Researchers
 Thornton, Nan., Irlbeck, Sonja A.. and Dunn, Ph.D., Suzanne.

Identifying and Modeling Progression toward Performance-based Expertise and Automation on Complex Tasks
 McKeown, Jonathan.

If We Build It, Will They Come? Transitioning a F2F Doctoral Program to Online Delivery.
 Huett, Jason., Mertler, Craig., Huett, Kimberly., Putney, Dawn., Metcalf, Kim., Willox, Lara., Gantner, Myrna., Kawulich, Barbara. and Riglaben, Ravic.

If You Build It, Will They Come? - Lessons Learned from a Second Life Island Development
 Leong, Peter. and Meeder, Rebecca.

Impact of Keyword Caption Ratio, Language Proficiency, and Attitude on Foreign Language Listening Comprehension
 Rooney, Kevin. and Klein, David.

Impacts of Metacognition and Motivation on Self-Regulated Learning within Problem Solving Scenarios
 Ifenthaler, Dirk. and Hähnlein, Inka.

Implementing Mobile Devices in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
 Gikas, Joanne.

Implementing a Collaborative, Interdisciplinary, Project-Based Learning Approach in K12
 Baser, Derya., Ozden, Muhammed., Karaaslan, Hasan. and Bray, Lessell (Marty).

Implications of New AECT Standards for Educational Technology Graduate Programs
 Hoffman, Ellen., Herring, Mary., Polly, Drew., Daniels, Lee., Neuman, Delia. and Blatt, Leslie.

Increasing Student Engagement and Competency in Virtual Learning Environments
 Myers, Jaymes. and Barton, Rob.

Influence of Teacher Avatar Gender and Ethnicity on Student Evaluations and Perceptions
 Beck, Dennis. and Murphy, Cheryl.

Information Age Qualities of Principals, Teachers and Students in Turkish Vocational High Schools: A Systemic Change View
 Delialioglu, Omer.

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Keynote Panel: Discussion of the Future of the Field, Technology, and our Place.
 Donaldson, Ana., Wagner, Ellen. and Johnson, Larry.

Knowledge Building Activities and Knowledge Convergence in Online Workplace Communities of Practice
 Draper, Darryl., Land, Susan. and Clariana, Roy B..


Leading School System Emergence: Not Just a Challenge for “Admin Types” Anymore.
 Kowch, Eugene.

Learner-Course Owner Interactions within University-Community Partnerships: A Study of Second Life

Learners’ Engagement with a 3D MUVE During the Stages of Problem-based Learning
 Omale, Nicholas. and Luetkehans, Lara M..

Learning Exhibited in Structured Online Debates: Levels of Learning and Types of Constraints
 Jin, Li. and Jeong, Allan.

Lessons Learned During the Initial Year of a One-to-One High School eBook Reader Project
 Just, John., Mastorides, Keith., Kelley, Bonnie. and Jordan, Mary Beth.

Libraries in the Digital Age: Merging Physical and Virtual Third Spaces
 Hao, Shuang. and Dennen, Vanessa.

Literature synthesis and meta-analysis of educational games and simulations literature
 Frey, Christopher., Ritzhaupt, Albert., Poling, Nathaniel. and Johnson, Margeaux.


Making Online Instruction More Engaging and Interactive
 Harris, Bruce. and Pina, Anthony.

Making a Case for the Use of Formative Feedback in Online Graduate Courses
 Halupa, Colleen. and Bolliger, Doris.

Making the Transition: Helping Instructional Design and Educational Technology Students Move Into the Industry.
 Bratton-Jeffrey, Mary., Schuch, Dan., Davidson-Shivers, Gayle V.., Jeffrey, Arthur. and Buck, Stefanie.

Mastering the Art & Science of Transformatinal Change: Creating a Change Leadership Academy
 Duffy, Francis M..

Mathematics Tutoring Anchored by Computer Games?
 Ke, Fengfeng. and Im, Tami.

Measuring Implementation Fidelity for Newer Instructional Models: A Conceptual Framework
 Kulo, Violet. and Cates, Ward.

Message Content Analysis of Students’ Communication Using Twitter
 HSIEH, Bi-Jen., Dennen, Vanessa. and Kim, Yoon Jeon.

Meta Analysis: The Effects of Cognitive Maps
 Lee, Woon Jee. and Han, Yi-Hsing.

Metaverse: Meeting@Distance
 Atkinson, Tom.

Michigan Chapter of AECT: Growing the Future of Educational Technology Through Community Engagement
 Tracey, Monica., Unger, Kelly., Remsing, Lisa., Chateauvert, Christina. and Harris, Phillip.

Mobile Technologies and Devices in the Twenty-First Century 2.0 Learning Environment
 Partin, Christina. and Lauderdale, Skyler.

Mobile Technology: A Transformative Way in Education
 Razzouk, Rim. and Ferzli, Rony.

Mobile learning disrupts e-learning and online learning?
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., McIsaac, Marina S.., Blocher, Michael., Shearer, Rick., Pastore, Raymond. and So, Wing Wah Simon.

Model-Based Learning: Children's Conceptual Change Through Multiple Models
 Gabbitas, Bruce.

More than Calculators: Technology Use for Supporting Secondary Students with Mild Disabilities
 Gronseth, Susie. and Blatt, Leslie.

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Narratives in the Online Synchronous Classroom: A Study of Form and Function
 Suggs, Christie. and Dennen, Vanessa.

National Board Certification
 Neuman, Delia. and Jordan, Mary Beth.

New Functions for Educational Technology in the Information-Age Paradigm of Education: Personalized Integrated Educational Systems
 Aslan, Sinem.


On the Reasonableness of TPACK as an Implementation and Evaluation Framework
 Kimmons, Royce.

Online Capstone Assessments - Lessons Learned and Shared
 Eastmond, Daniel V..

Online Faculty Lounge—Meet, Greet, Share, Train, and Develop
 Jones, Jeannette.

Online Learners' Perceptions of University and Departmental Community
 Childress, Marcus., Spurgin, Daniel. and Colorado, Jozenia.

Online Learning and Internet Visual Literacy Skills of Older Adults
 Rubin, Beth.

Online Studio Methods for Teaching Instructional Design
 Larson, Miriam.

Online Teacher Behavior: Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions
 Roman, Tiffany. and Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne.

Open Educational Technology Content: Where to Access it and How to Share your Own?
 Unger, Kelly., Montalto-Rook, Mike., Kim, Min Kyu., Hong, Yi-Chun., Gardner, Joel. and Baran, Evrim.

Optics Reflection and Refraction: A Virtual Instructional Simulation
 Romero, Enilda., Sliva, Yekaterina., Brown, Jeremy. and Watson, Ginger.

Our Courts Evaluation: Making Strides in Educational Gaming
 Lewis, Carrie., Lancaster, Jason., Haas, Nancy., Savenye, Wilhelmina. and Green, Lucilia.


Pedagogical Agent Delivering Emotional Support and Motivational Messages in Computer-based GED Math
 Im, Tami. and Lee, Sang Soo.

Pedagogical Foundations of Virtual Worlds: A Review of the Literature
 Malone, Naomi. and Hirumi, Atsusi.

Pedagogy and Japanese Culture in a Distance Learning Environment
 Anderson, Bodi. and Tankari, Moussa.

Perceived Value of Peer and Instructor Performance Assessment Using Video Annotation
 Johnson, Michael.

Performance Assessment of 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Insights into the Future-NTLS Invited Session
 Herring, Mary., Gibson, David., Spector, Jonathan M., Tillman, Daniel. and Bull, Glen.

Performance Efficiency: A Metric and Research Methodology for Task Analysis
 Lewis, David.

Personalized Integrated Educational System (PIES): Why is PIES Different Than Other Educational Technology Systems?
 Aslan, Sinem.

Perspectives on the Field of Educational Technology: Looking 20 Years Back to See What's Ahead
 Kopcha, T J., Walker, Brandy. and Valentine, Keri.

Physical Computing for Educators: An Action Research (Oriented) Curriculum Design
 Kenny, Robert. and Wilkison, James.

Physiological Measures of Attention and Cognition in Instructional Environments
 Watson, Ginger.

Podcasting 101 – Easy Podcasting for Teachers
 Nicodemus, Earl.

Power of the Pen, Purse or Purpose? Ideas and Strategies for Regulating Our (Fading?) Contribution to Teacher Preparation
 Persichitte, Kay. and Kowch, Eugene.

Pre-service Teachers' Stages of Concern and Their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)
 Chen, Kuan-Chung., Jang, Syh Jong. and Lee, Chia-Jung.

Preparing Students in Instructional Design and Technology to Become Skilled Researchers: Multiple Approaches
 Ertmer, Peg., Frick, Ted., Gibbons, Andrew., Hannafin, Michael. and Reiser, Robert.

Preparing Students in Instructional Design and Technology to Become Skilled Researchers: Multiple Approaches Part B
 Ertmer, Peg., Frick, Ted., Gibbons, Andrew., Hannafin, Michael., Reiser, Robert. and Hooper, Simon.

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Quality in Distance Education: What is it?
 Shearer, Rick., Ralston-Berg, Penny. and Tu, Chih-Hsiung.

Quarterly Review of Distance Education -- AECT's distance learning research journal
 Simonson, Michael. and Schlosser, Charles.


Re-Connecting at the Interface: A Concept for Integrating Specific Software and Instructional Design Principles
 Bohaychuk, Jerome. and Kowch, Eugene.

Read as Writers: A Study of Reading and Writing in Fifth Grade Classroom Blogging Community
 Zheng, Binbin. and Donovan, Judy.

Real Life Distance Education: Case Studies in Research and Practice
 Pina, Anthony. and Mizell, Al.

Redefining Teacher Education for the 21st Century
 Daniels, Lee. and Stansberry, Susan.

Redesigning a Teacher Education Program by Critically Examining the Foundation of the Enterprise
 Luterbach, Kenneth.

Reinventing School Media Centers for the 21st Century
 Kenny, Robert., Gunter, Glenda. and Brown, Carol A..

Relationship between Question Prompts and Critical Thinking in Online Discussions
 Sadaf, Ayesha., Richardson, Jennifer. and Ertmer, Peg.

Relationship of Multitasking Behaviors and Attention Deficit Trait: Taiwanese College Student Examples
 Lu, Jui. and Chou, Chien.

Relationships Between Social Profiles and Facebook Use Habits of Adolescents in a Rural Turkish Context
 Akbulut, Yavuz. and Gunuc, Selim.

Remote Instructional Networks: Evaluating Online Synchronous Learning Technologies Designed for Mobile, Satellite-enabled Media Collaboration
 Peters, Phil., Katsaros, Alex., Daugherty, Janet. and Lindgren, Robb.

Research on Instructional Design and Technology: What are the Important Topics, Problems and Questions?
 Klein, James., Driscoll, Marcy., Hannafin, Michael. and Richey, Rita C..

Research on Taiwan Engineering College Students' Learning Styles in Blended Learning Environment
 Chen, Hsin-Tzu (Tommy).

Reverse Modality Effect: Examining Student Learning from a Computer-Based Diagram
 Inan, Fethi., Crooks, Steven., Cheon, Jongpil., ARI, Fatih. and Flores, Raymond.

Rudeness in the Classroom & Public Spaces Revisited: College Students’ Perceptions of Appropriate Use of E-Communication
 OConnor-Petruso, Sharon Anne., Rosenfeld, Barbara., Martinez-Pons, Manuel. and Donovan, Judy.


SMILE (i.e., Stanford Mobile Interactive Learning Environment) Workshop for Mobile Learning and Assessment
 Kim, Paul. and Seol, Sunmi.

Scaffolding Complex Problem Solving: Current State and Future Directions
 Eseryel, Deniz., Ge, Xun., Azevedo, Roger. and Hannafin, Michael.

Scaffolding Higher-Order Thinking in Problem Solving: A Design Research Inquiry in an Educational Technology Course
 Shen, Yan. and Hannafin, Michael.

Scaffolding Student-Centered Learning in Hybrid Environments with Multimedia
 Hsiao, E-Ling. and Mikolaj, Peter.

School Librarians and Technology: Integrating Online Resources for Teaching
 Sellers, Linda., Leary, Heather. and Jordan, Mary Beth.

School Librarians and Web Usability: Why Would I Want to Use That?
 Chow, Anthony. and Donovan, Judy.

Scoping out! Improving Teacher-Created Interactive Whiteboard Message Designs to Enhance Visual Scope and Perceptual Fluency
 Ent, Veronica.

Second Life METU Campus: A Case of Teaching Methods Course
 Bulu, Saniye Tugba. and İşler, Veysi.

Seeding Purpose in Twitter Use with Preservice Teachers
 Dennen, Vanessa., Kim, Yoon Jeon. and HSIEH, Bi-Jen.

Selecting the Right Path: Faculty, Administration, Support, Corporate, K-12...How to Choose?
 Kaminski, Karen., Miller, T. Weston., Schuch, Dan. and Blatt, Leslie.

Self-Explanations and “Expert-Like” Planning during Problem-Solving in Geometry
 Sliva, Yekaterina., Watson, Ginger. and Morrison, Gary.

Sequential Analysis of Causal Map Drawing Behaviors
 Lee, Woon Jee. and Jeong, Allan.

Serious Games: Issues and Challenges for Teaching and Training
 Yu, Chien., Wu, Jeng-Yang. and Johnson, Aliesha.

Shaping the Future: Strategic Planning and School Libraries
 Chow, Anthony., Sells, Stephanie., Figley, Amy. and Donovan, Judy.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Building Campus Community to Motivate and Retain First Year Students
 Tracey, Monica., Kacin, Sara. and Remsing, Lisa.

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T103-D&D Cognitive Load in Training a Complex Multivariate Task
 Morrison, Jennifer., Robison, Don., Martin, Michael. and Watson, Ginger.

T103-D&D Design and Development of Authenticity in Web-based Inquiry Learning
 Lee, Woon Jee. and Ke, Fengfeng.

T103-D&D Employing Multimedia Software to Address Common Misconceptions in Astronomy Education
 Paniukov, Dmitrii., Cheon, Jongpil. and Crooks, Steven.

T103-D&D Intentional Design of an Online Graduate Course Using Merrill’s First Principles: A Case in Progress
 Snyder, Martha.

T103-D&D Mobile Computing: Perspectives on Design, Learning, and Development
 Land, Susan., Murray, Orrin., Zimmerman, Heather., Hooper, Simon., Yeh, Kuo-Chuan (Martin). and Sharma, Priya.

T103-D&D Problems Faced During the Design and Development of a Distant Web Design Course
 Uzun, Erman., Ozden, Muhammed. and Yildirim, Ali.

T103-D&D Review on the Effectiveness of Educational Games and Game Based Learning.
 Vandercruysse, Sylke., Vandewaetere, Mieke. and Clarebout, Geraldine.

T103-D&D Twitter Communications in the Professional Conference Setting
 Joo, Minho. and Dennen, Vanessa.

T103-MMP Tired of PowerPoint? Using Research-based and Theory-grounded Guideline in Selecting Web 2.0 Tools for Effective and Engaging Presentations
 Lee, Cheng-Yuan., Dickerson, Jeremy. and Winslow, Joe.

T103-MMP Using Adobe Flash to Develop an Interactive Multimedia instructional Module
 Hoskins, Jerome. and Martin, Florence.

T103-R&T ARCH: Bridging the Divide Between Assessment Practice in Low and High-Stakes Contexts
 Barrett, Andrew. and Frick, Ted.

T103-R&T Beliefs and Practices toward Student-Centered Learning in Higher Education
 Lee, Eunbae.

T103-R&T Discovering the Landscape: Monitoring Virtual Charter Schools
 Holder, K.C..

T103-R&T The Relationships Among Personality, Internet Uses And Cyberspace Positive Psychology By Structure Equation Modeling
 Chang, Wei-Shan.

T103-SMT Determining Curricular Connections for Digital Fabrication Activities: Focus on Upper Elementary Mathematics Standards of Learning
 Tillman, Daniel., Carson, Erika. and Cohen, Jonathan.

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Universidad Maya en Linea: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum Online Video Discussion- Guatemala
 Tedford, Douglas., Menchu Tum (contact Wielman Cifuentes), Rigoberta., Cifuentes Estrada, Wielman., Shepard, MaryFriend. and Fairbairn, Shane.

Usability Testing of the Registrar’s Office Web Site of a Turkish University
 AKINCI, Ahmet., Kurtoğlu, Meltem., Pala, Ferhat. and Tuzun, Hakan.

User Friendly Approach to an Educational Gaming and Simulation Course
 Ritzhaupt, Albert., Frey, Christopher., Poling, Nathaniel. and Johnson, Margeaux.

Using 21st Century Thinking Skills Applied to the TPACK Instructional Model
 Brown, Carol A.., Neal, Renee E.. and Fine, Bethann.

Using Collaborative Course Design to Enhance First Year Experience Courses for Undergraduate Students
 Bond, Mark Aaron., Lovegreen, Therese. and Amelink, Catherine.

Using Facebook as a Learning Management System
 Parker, Preston.

Using Google Applications to Teach Instructional Designer Practitioners to Create and Manage an Open Course
 Tracey, Monica., Unger, Kelly. and Waddell, Kecia.

Using Mobile Phone for Speaking and Listening Fluency
 Asino, Tutaleni I.., Wilder, Hilary., Seely, Brian J. and Ntshalintshali, General.

Using Mobile and Research-Based Technologies in the K-8 Math/Science Curriculum: the xSTEM Framework.
 Reinhart, Julie., Lundin, Jane. and Green, Lucilia.

Using NVivo 9.0 for Qualitative Data Analysis
 Perkins, Ross.

Using Personal Learning Environments and Web 2.0 to Motivate Online Learners
 Jensen, Lucas.

Using Protocols in Online Discussions – Managing and Enriching Discussions in Undergraduate Courses
 Zydney, Janet., Rankey, Pam. and deNoyelles, Aimee.

Using Quotes to Improve the Subjective Plausibility of Automatically Synthesized Complex Learning Tasks
 Pirnay-Dummer, Pablo. and Vogtsberger, Sascha.

Using Second Life® to Enhance Spatial Ability in Chemical Education: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
 Merchant, Zahira., Goetz, Ernest., Keeney-Kennicutt, Wendy., Kwok, Oiman. and Cifuentes, Lauren.

Using WebQuests to Engage Students in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
 Lee, Dabae., Lee, Eunbae. and Bray, Lessell (Marty).

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VMWare, Ubuntu, and Moodle: Creating a Virtual LMS from the Comfort of Your Own Laptop
 Bray, Lessell (Marty).

Validation of Student Assessment using Natural Language and Concept Map Representation Models
 Johnson, Tristan., Ifenthaler, Dirk., Mendenhall, Anne., KARAMAN, Selcuk. and Pirnay-Dummer, Pablo.

Validation of a Measure of Learning by Patients with Diabetes
 Kim, Hannah. and Schaffer, Scott.

Validation of a Team Process Model
 Turel, Yalin., Johnson, Tristan. and Rosenberg-Kima, Rinat.

Validation of an Instrument to Measure Change Facilitator Style: Promoting Technology-Supported Education Innovation
 Liu, Feng., Cavanaugh, Cathy., Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Dawson, Kara.

Vector Moor: Managing Cognitive Load with a Two-Dimensional Ship Mooring Simulator
 Robison, Don., Morrison, Jennifer. and Martin, Michael.

Victorian PowerPoint and Virtual Worlds: How the Past Influences the Present in Visual Learning
 Anderson, Elizabeth.

Video Annotated Teaching Observations: Analyses of Asynchronous Collaborative Viewing
 Howard, Craig.

Visible Past:Designing Online Collaborative Location-Aware Platform for History Learning
 Chen, Xiaojun. and Choi, Jea.


Web 2.0 Mashup Instructional Website Design Gearing up for a Web 3.0 Future
 Holland, Janet., Howell, Dusti. and Bray, Lessell (Marty).

Web 2.0 and Motivation Theories: Ways to Promote Enduring Student-Generated Content
 Lee, Eunbae.

Web 3.0 – The Forty Best Free Web Sites and Software Downloads for Teachers
 Nicodemus, Earl. and Jordan, Mary Beth.

Web Accessibility Makes Good Sense: Section 508 Compliance Solutions for eLearning Courses and Websites
 Lubin, Ian. and Charles-Toussaint, Gifflene.

Web-based Simulation to Discover Global Lunar Patterns for Children from Around the World
 Cheon, Jongpil., Crooks, Steven. and Panyukov, Dmitry.

What Are We Talking About? An Analysis of the Last Decade of Research Published in Major Journals in Our Field
 West, Rick.

What are higher education faculty’s experiences and practices on Social Networking Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Zotero, and
 Veletsianos, George.

What do we Know about Scholars’ and Researchers’ Participation in Online Networks?
 Veletsianos, George. and Kimmons, Royce.

What is the Role of Learner-Content Interactions in Distance Education?
 Morrison, Gary. and Anglin, Gary J..

Where should educational technologist publish? An examination of journals within the field
 Ritzhaupt, Albert., Sessums, Christopher. and Johnson, Margeaux.

Which Matters? Discussion Questions or the Assessment of Student Responses
 Yang, Dazhi.

Whose Scholarly Work is the Most Cited in Human Performance Technology?
 Cho, Yonjoo. and Kang, Ingu.

Wikis, Activity Systems, Classroom Community, and Instructional Designs for Online Learning
 Johnson, Lisa Marie. and Sims, Rod.

Will You Choose the Power of the Pen, Purse or Purpose? Contemporary Ideas and Strategies for Regulating Our Profession
 Kowch, Eugene., Persichitte, Kay. and Grant, Michael.

Working as an ID: Professional Practice in Higher Education
 Colaric, Susan., Cicchino, Renee., Gaskill, Martonia. and Staley, Jennifer.


YoTeach! An Adventure Learning Intervention in an Undergraduate Sociology Course
 Veletsianos, George., Russell, Gregory. and Navarrete, Cesar.

You Never Forget Your First Time: Designing, Developing, Implementing, and Evaluating Online Programs
 Huett, Jason., Huett, Kimberly., Mertler, Craig., Perkins, Ross., Shepard, MaryFriend., Smolka, Jennifer., Moller, Les. and Gantner, Myrna.
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