AECT International Convention 2012-Oct-30 to 2012-Nov-04

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(Re)Designing Social Media for Learning
 Conley, Quincy., Sabo, Kent. and Atkinson, Robert.

00-An Examination of Preservice Teachers’ in Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge (TPACK) After Content Methodology Courses
 Wang, Wei. and Schmidt-Crawford, Denise.

21C Technology Literacy: Definitions & Implications Based on Needs & Research Findings
 Farber, Susan., Brynteson, Kristin., Brown, Carol A.., Neal, Renee E.., Neuman, Delia. and Banas, Jennifer.

21st Century Technologies and African American Dialect: Enhancing Code-Switching Instruction Using a 3D Virtual Environment
 Minor, Kendra. and Davis, Karen.

Not Registered An Analysis of the Education of Human Performance Technology (HPT) and Practice of the Field: Are We Practicing What We Preach?
 Roy, Ria.

Not Registered DL7 - Use of Assessment Methods in Online Courses
 Liu, Xiaojing. and Magjuka, Richard.

Not Registered Instructor’s Interventions on Students’ Satisfaction and Quality of Postings in Online Discussion Boards
 Al-Abbasi, Daniah. and Zein, Rana.

Not Registered TE08 - The Relationship Between Technology Integration Barriers and Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs and Intentions
 Sadik, Olgun.

Not Registered TP5 - The Traditional ISPI HPT Model applied to a University Television Broadcast System
 Bobbert, Dana. and Robinson, Michael.

Not Registered Technology Integration. What Does It Mean to Elementary School Teachers?
 Kurt, Serhat.

Not Registered The Implications for mLearning in Southern AfricaAn Educational Revoltion?
 Bassoppo-Moyo, Temba C..

“Judging Me by What I Do”: Comparing Special Education and General Education Cyber School Students
 Beck, Dennis. and Maranto, Robert.


A Co-Teaching Model between Pre-Service Teachers and Rural Elementary School Teachers for Cross-Cultural Online Collaboration
 Wang, Chun-Min (Arthur).

A Customized Evaluation Instrument to Facilitate Comparisons Across Online Training Programs
 Murphy, Cheryl., Keiffer, Elizabeth., Neal, Jack. and Crandall, Philip.

A Design Education Dilemma: Distinguishing Between Learning Outcomes at the Masters & Doctoral Levels
 Larson, Miriam., Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa. and Paulus, Trena.

A Faculty, Instructional Designer and Administrator Dialogue on the Continuing Evolution of Distance Education
 Pina, Anthony., Harris, Bruce., Bohn, Larry. and Ashbaugh, Marcia.

A Framework for Implementing Mobile Technology
 Seilhamer, Ryan. and Chen, Baiyun.

A Framework for Theory-based Research on Distance Education
 Anglin, Gary J.. and Morrison, Gary.

A Framework for the Examination of Institutional Online Learning Initiatives
 Murphy, Cheryl.

A Holistic Course Evaluation Framework Using Data and Text Mining
 Hung, Jui-Long. and Yang, Dazhi.

A Meta-Analysis of Self-Directed Learning in Problem-Based Learning
 Leary, Heather., Walker, Andrew. and Shelton, Brett.

A Mixed Method Case Study: How Principals Cultivate Technology Integration and use Social Networks for Professional Growth
 Brown, Barb. and Jacobsen, Michele.

A Multidisciplinary Examination of the Decision-Making Process Used by Designers
 Stefaniak, Jill., Baaki, John., Tracey, Monica. and Quinn Grzebyk, Tamme.

A Multimedia Problem-Based Learning Program For Middle School Science
 Horton, Lucas., Liu, Min., Lee, Jaejin., O\'Hair, Matt., Kang, Jina., Rosenblum, Jason., Lu, Chu-Wei. and Gonzales, Kimberly.

A Narrative Analysis of the Influence of Asynchronous Video Communication on Learner Social Presence
 Borup, Jered., West, Rick. and Graham, Charles.

A Qualitative Exploration of the Digital Natives Mythos among Undergraduates in the UK and the US
 Larkin, Derek. and Huett, Kim.

A Redefinition of Instruction and Assessment in the New Paradigm: Learner-Centered Instruction & Learner-Centered Assessment
 Aslan, Sinem. and Reigeluth, Charles M..

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Barriers and Supports of Participation in Online Discussion Tools
 Johnson, Tristan. and Turel, Yalin.

Beyond the Water Cooler: Corporate Social Media Networks and Employee Continuous Learning and Development
 Zammit, Julia., Martindale, Trey. and Lowther, Deborah.

Black Women Faculty in Instructional Technology: Becoming, Being and Making Meaning of the Experience
 Richardson, Valora. and Brantley-Dias, Laurie.

Blended Wikis: An Intellectual Technology-training Tool
 Teclehaimanot, Berhane. and Fisher, Juenethia.

Bootstrap: Teaching Algebra through Programming Computer Games
 Lee, Robert., Rich, Peter. and Wright, Geoff.

Breaking Barriers for Technology Integration in K-12 Classrooms: Success Stories from Exemplary In-Service Teachers
 Jia, Xiaokai., Jung, Jiyoon., Huh, Yeol., Min, Mina., Shin, Suhkyung., Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne., Glazewski, Krista. and Brush, Thomas.

Bridging the Divide Between Theory and Practice: The Use of Blogging in Practitioner-Oriented Graduate Courses
 Osman, Gihan. and Koh, Joyce Hwee Ling.

Bringing the World to the Classroom through Videoconferencing
 Hopper, Susan.

Building Bridges Between Academic Tribes: Group Blogging for Young Researchers Across Academic Disciplines
 Rehm, Martin., Henning, Florian., Beumer, Koen., Bruyninckx, Joeri., Verstegen, Danielle. and Van Merrienboer, Jeroen J. G..

Building Instructional Design Competency in SME-Trainers, One Step at a Time
 Beatty, Brian.

Building a Stronger Classroom Community: The Use of Protocols in Blended Learning
 Freudenberger, Yehudit., Zydney, Janet. and Jennings, Nancy.


Can Current Technocentric Interfaces Sustain Learner Experiences for Current and Future Highly Connected Learning Environments?
 Bohaychuk, Jerome.

Canceled by presenter: The Paradox of Player-Centered Adaptivity in Educational Games [CL]
 Vandewaetere, Mieke., Vandercruysse, Sylke. and Clarebout, Geraldine.

Canceled by presenter:Self-Controlled Tool Use In E-Learning: Does Advice Help? [CL]
 Vandewaetere, Mieke., Lust, Griet. and Clarebout, Geraldine.

Cancelled by presenter: Case-Based Approaches to Learning and Teaching: A Critical Review on the Current Use and the Potential of Instructional Technologies in Case Methods [CL]
 Joo, Jae-Eun. and Choi, Ikseon.

Cancelled by presenter: What Students Talk about on Twitter: Examining Conversations in an Online Community of Practice [CL]
 Holschuh, Douglas.

Cancelled: SM-R11 Why, Afraid of the E-Book Project?
 Huang, Crystal Li-chin.

Cancelled: The Analysis of college students’ Online learning Anxiety
 Fu, Gangshan.

Cancelled: The Proper Application of Information Technology in K12 Math Education in China
 Jiao, Baocong.

Canopy in the Clouds: Lessons Learned in Interactive Multimedia Development
 Fulton, Drew., Goldsmith, Gregory. and Witherill, Colin.

Changing TPACK in Graduate Teacher Education: A Mixed-Methods Study
 Sabo, Kent., Archambault, Leanna. and Atkinson, Robert.

Closeness, Cliques and Cohesion: Using Social Network Analysis to Assess a Hybrid Masters Program Community
 Cowan, John. and Menchaca, Michael.

Clouds in the Datacenter: One School District’s Venture into Virtualization
 Bray, Lessell (Marty).

Collaborative Overview of the TPACK-Centered Teacher Education Initiative (TEI)
 Spector, Jonathan M., Brown, Abbie., Bull, Glen., Gibson, David. and Childress, Marcus.

Comparing Team Learning Approaches to Developing Organizational Members
 Park, Sunyoung., Cho, Yonjoo. and Yoon, Seung Won.

Competencies for Instructional Systems Designers
 Jun, Sharon Hyein. and Klein, James.

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DD T01 - A Layered Approach to Conducting a Learner Analysis
 Baaki, John. and Stefaniak, Jill.

DD T02 - A New Kind of E-Learning: A Review of the Design and Development Process to Innovate Online Learning for Young Adults
 Conley, Quincy., Pilbeam, Renee., Barrus, Angela. and Christopherson, Robert.

DD T03 - Act in the Facts of the Historical Evolution of Chinese Languages: Using Acquisition Model Instruction to Design Advanced Chinese Program
 Lu, Liangyue. and Yan, Yongyu.

DD T05 - Angles, Perspectives and Angst: Assessing Group Work in Distance Learning
 Baab, Lujean.

DD T06 - Augmented Reality for Deaf Bilingual Students: Aurasma as a Teacher Developer Tool
 Parton, Becky Sue. and Hancock, Robert.

DD T07 - Designing a Situational Judgment Test to Evaluate lll-Structured Problem Solving in a Virtual Learning Environment
 Malone, Naomi. and Kypraios, Viviana.

DD T08 - Designing E-learning for the “Age of Globalization”: Using Guided Experiential Learning to Foster Higher-Order Thinking
 Minor, Kendra. and Malone, Naomi.

DD T11 - Effect of Visual Cues in Multimedia Case-Based Instruction: Evidence from Eye Tracking Technology
 Luo, Heng., Koszalka, Tiffany A.. and Chen, Ye.

DD T13 - Exploring Critical Usability Design Attribute Factors for the User Interface for Digital Textbook Platform
 Song, Hae-Deok. and Shin, Suhkyung.

DD T14 - Five Design Features for Developing an Educational Game:
 Merchant, Zahira. and Oren, Mehmet.

DD T17 - How Digital Scaffolds in Educational Games Affect Learning and Motivation
 Yang, Sha., Berndt, Brian. and Watson, William.

DD T20 - MindMeld: Improving the Instructional Design Process through Micro-Collaboration
 Ralston-Berg, Penny.

DD T21 - Module Based Online Course For Pre-Service Teachers: How To Design Effective Online Learning Environments
 Demiral, Muruvvet.

DD T22 - Personas with a Heart: Integrating Empathy into Instructional Design
 Williams van Rooij, Shahron.

DD T23 - The Design Principles of Collaborative Mobile Apps
 Jung, Eun Ju. and Murray, Orrin.

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Educational Technology Doctoral Student First-Year Transitions
 Nakano, Kimberly. and Hoffman, Ellen.

Effective Approaches to Preparing Online Learners to Persist: What's Working and Why
 Thornton, Nancy. and Dunn, Suzanne.

Effective Uses of Web 2.0 Social Media Tools to Improve Teaching Online, Nationally and Internationally
 Chen, Shu-Hsiang (Ava). and Chen, Huei-Lien.

Effects of Game Characters' Voice-over on Players' Engagement in Game-Based Learning Environments
 Byun, Jaehwan. and Loh, Christian.

Effects of Goal-Oriented Motivational Control Scaffolding in Large Lecture Classes in a University Setting
 Kim, Hannah. and Schaffer, Scott.

Effects of Task-Centered vs. Topic-Centered Instructional Strategy Approaches on Learning Computer Programming
 Rosenberg-Kima, Rinat., Merrill, M.David., Johnson, Tristan. and Baylor, Amy.

Eighth Graders’ Classroom Use of Simulations: Impact of Conceptual Scaffolds Versus Procedural Guidance on Science Learning
 Kim, Minchi., Kim, WooRi. and Besser, Erin.

Empirical Evidence for Linking Gaming Characteristics with Learning: A Literature Review
 Novak, Elena.

Engaging Employees in Continuous Learning and Development with Mobile Devices: Current Research and Practice
 Alderson, Laura., Lowther, Deborah. and Martindale, Trey.

Enhancing College Students’ Online Interaction through Social Media: Impact of Instructor Prompts
 Kim, Minchi., Kim, Hannah. and Kuo, Shih-Ping.

Enhancing Scientific Inquiry and Practicing New Literacies Skills through ICTs and Mobile Devices
 Wang, Shiangkwei., Hsu, Hui-Yin. and Runco, Lisa.

Enhancing Workforce Development Sessions: A Graduate Student Train the Trainer Project
 Kaminski, Karen.

Equivalency Theory in Distance Education in the Age of Globalization
 Morrison, Gary., Watson, Ginger., Robison, Don., Morrison, Jennifer., Maddrell, Jennifer., Desmarais, Rachel., Shirey, Fran., Peck, Larry. and Simonson, Michael.

Espoused and Enacted Beliefs: Examining the Relationship between Teacher Beliefs and Technology Integration Practices
 Ertmer, Peg. and Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne.

Evaluating Open Source Technologies: Critical Considerations for Doing Educational Research in the Digital World
 Mao, Jin.

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Facilitating Online Learning through Synchronous Technologies
 Wang, Xiaoxue., Lefaiver, Mary L McDowell., Jaeger, Dave., Rothenberg, Amy., Courchene, Pauline. and Hazeltine, Melody.

Factors Affecting Teachers' Acceptance of Digital Educational Games
 Afacan, Gulgun. and ER, Erkan.

Faculty Adoption of Virtual Worlds: The Process and Factors
 Dass, Susan. and Dabbagh, Nada.

Faculty Engagement and Satisfaction: A Case Study of Evaluating Faculty Development Using Learning Analytics
 Chen, Baiyun. and Sugar, Amy.

Feature Analysis of Online Vocabulary Learning Tools: An Annotated Tool Box
 Xu, Shuya., Kou, Xiaojing. and Bonk, Curtis.

First Principles of Instruction
 Merrill, M.David.

Framework for Enhancing Tacit Understanding and Transfer in an Educational Physics Game Context
 Slack, Kent., Nelson, Brian., Clark, Doug. and Martinez-Garza, Mario.

Future of Communications and Technology
 Parker, Preston.


Game Modding for Non-Professionals (GNMP): Can Teachers Modify Games for Instruction?
 Younis, Bilal. and Loh, Christian.

Games in Schools: Teachers’ Perceptions of Barriers to Game-based Learning
 Watson, William., Yang, Sha. and Ruggiero, Dana.

Gamifying Learning? Is It a Joke?
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., McIsaac, Marina S.., Shearer, Rick., Hsu, Yu-Chang., Huang, Wen-Hao David., Ke, Fengfeng., Mazur, Joan., Siko, Jason. and Swan, Gerry.

Getting Better All the Time: Evaluating an Online Course Development Process in Higher Education
 Eichelberger, Ariana.

Global Learning Project
 Schaner Ph.D., Rita., Shner, PhD, Moshe., Dolev, PhD, Smadar. and Smith, M.S., Constance.

Globally Validated: 2012 Ibstpi® Instructional Designer Competencies
 Koszalka, Tiffany A.., Russ-Eft, Darlene., Suzuki, Katsuaki., Reiser, Robert. and Sleezer, Catherine.

Going the Distance in Global Education: Research Is the Key
 McGehe, Carol.

Greater Competence and Autonomy in Learning Multimedia through Additional Technology in an Informal Setting
 Johari, Abbas., Keller, Christopher. and Merrifield, Melissa.

Grounded Design for Everybody
 Chang, Yunjeong. and Lee, Eunbae.

Guidelines for Leading Interdisciplinary, Globalized Educational Technology Organizations: Are We Over-specializing or Under-specializing?
 Kowch, Eugene.

Guiding Conceptual Attention as Support for Writing Educational Texts with the Help of Automatically Generated Aggregations of Text-Sources.
 Pirnay-Dummer, Pablo. and Dahlhausen, Elsa.


Handbook of Research on Educational Communications and Technology (4th edition)
 Spector, Jonathan M., Merrill, M.David., Elen, Jan., Bishop, MJ., Ren, Yougun., Belland, Brian., Hamilton, Jennifer., Young, Patricia., Oh, Eunjung. and James, Melissa.

Heuristics for the Design of Instructional Simulations
 Romero, Enilda. and Watson, Ginger.

History of the Worlds, Part 1: The Evolution of Virtual Worlds
 Downey, Steve.

How Did We Get Where We Are? Beliefs, Values and Practices Influencing the Evolution of Two Pioneer Academic Programs
 Reiser, Robert., Dick, Walter., Klein, James., Dennen, Vanessa., Molenda, Michael H.., Heinich, Robert., Reigeluth, Charles M.. and Boling, Elizabeth.

How Learning from Failure Supports Problem-Solving
 Tawfik, Andrew., Jonassen, David H.., Keene, C.. and Richardson, Ben.

Hurricane Hal: Learning about Ecosystems through Inquiry within a Virtual Environment
 Pedersen, Susan., Williams, Douglas. and Ozturk, Elif.


IC - In-Service Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions of Computer Mediated Communication Technologies
 Ku, Heng-Yu., Glassmeyer, David., Sachau, Lori. and Nair, Reshmi.

IC-R1 International Students and Technology Proficiency: Lessons from UND
 Manu, Jacob. and Hung, Woei.

ICEM Annual Graduate Student Panel Discussion in Emerging Technology: Game-Based Learning
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., McIsaac, Marina S.., Cornell, Richard. and Doyle, Robert.

ID-R02 Design and Development Issues for Educational Robotics Training Camps
 ÜÇGÜL, Memet. and Çağıltay, Kürşat.

ID-R03 Facilitating Knowledge Construction in an Undergraduate Educational Technology Course: Instructional Design and Uses of Educational Media
 Lefaiver, Mary L McDowell., Wang, Xiaoxue. and Dayton, Marti.

ID-R04 Learners Performance and Satisfaction in Personalized Learning Environment
 SURAL, Irfan. and BOZKAYA, Mujgan.

ID-R05 Online Social Interaction, Web 2.0 and Social Presence: A Case Study
 Becker, Dan., Armfield, Shadow. and Blocher, Michael.

ID-R06 Social Appearance Anxiety and Academic Self-Efficacy among Turkish Online Social Utility Members
 Akbulut, Yavuz. and Sahin, Yusuf.

ID-R09 Leveraging Local Perspectives: Nurturing Global Understanding in K-12 Online Courses
 McCarren, Emily.

ID-R10 Online Learning for Peace: Designing a Teacher Training Project for Peace Education in a Cross-Cultural Context
 Watson, Sunnie.

ID-R11 Potential Impact of National Broadband Plans on Education: A Comparison of India and United States
 Thankachan, Briju. and Wolfe, Christine.

ID-R12 Survey of Literature on Trends of Governments' Information Technology Planning in the Developing World
 Malapile, Sandy. and Ansong-Gyimah, Kwame.

ID-R13 An Investigation of Social Network User Characteristics in Terms of Communicator Styles
 Dursun, Ozcan Ozgur.

ID-R14 Transforming to a Technology-Based ODL Provider
 AYDIN, Cengiz Hakan.

ID2 - Education Staff Capacity Enrichment Program (ESCEP) for the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education
 Abdelmagid, Randa. and Burton, John.

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K-12 Administrators and Web 2.0 Technologies: An Exploration of Possibilities
 Koehler, Adrie. and Boots, Nikki.

K-12 Education in Shanghai, China
 Leh, Amy S. C.. and Lin, Lijia.

Knowledge Seeking: Geocaching, QR Codes, and Museums
 Russell, Gregory.


LD1 Creating An Educational Technology Leadership Journal: A Continuing Case Study
 Curry, John., Miller, Chris. and Cooley, Venus.

LMS-Less Open Educational Courses
 Parker, Preston. and Leary, Heather.

Leadership and Success: A Candid Conversation with Previous ECT Interns about Their Experiences as Leaders in the Field
 Myers, Jennifer B.., Mendenhall, Anne., ARI, Fatih., Sadaf, Ayesha., Chen, Xiaojun., Reeves, Thomas C.., Pina, Anthony., Donaldson, Ana., Kim, ChanMin. and Parker, Preston.

Leading Globalized, Interdisciplinary Organizations: A Close Look at Specialization, Interdisciplinary and Chances for Transformation of Our Field
 Kowch, Eugene.

Learn to Use and Use to Learn: Designers as a Tool for Innovative Collaboration
 Waddell, Kecia. and Wade, Naimah.

Learners’ Strategies for Interpreting Instructional Images
 Boling, Elizabeth., Altuwaijri, Abdullah., Jung, Jiyoon., Gray, Colin., Yildirim, Cagri., Modell, Micah., Howard, Craig., Ergulec, Funda. and Demiral, Muruvvet.

Learning Analytics in Instructional Design and Technology
 Jones, Marshall. and Harmon, Steve.

Learning Problems of Under-Performing College Students in a Large STEM Classroom: To Apply Universal Design Principles
 Chang, Yunjeong.

Learning and Using SMART Board: What Did Pre-service Teachers Say about It?
 Yeh, Hsin-Te., Cheng, Yi-Chia. and Chung, Miri.

Learning in Live World-class: Social Networking for Self-Directed Foreign Language Learning
 Jia, Xiaokai. and Peng, Yuming.

Learning to Teach with simSchool
 Gibson, David. and Kruse, Stacy.

Leveraging Needs for Improvement: The Case of English Learning at Cesar Vallejo University, Peru.
 Eastmond, Daniel. and Gamboa, Martha.

Library Media Specialists as a Significant Other in Pre-Service Teachers’ Technology Integration Development
 Hunt, Rebecca D. and Luetkehans, Lara M..

Linear vs. Spatial Discussion Formats for Online Courses
 Case, Diane., Crooks, Steven. and Cheon, Jongpil.

Linking Training to Performance Improvement
 Shao, Zihang.

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MIM-R1 Technology Dilemmas of Teachers in a Developing Country: Case of Elementary Teachers in Thailand
 Jamsri, Pornsuree.

MIM-R2 Tenets that Frame Instructional Design
 Walker, Brandy. and Branch, Robert Maribe.

MP-R1 A Call for Unification and Collaboration among Instructional Software Developers
 Luterbach, Kenneth.

MP-R2 Adopting Narrative Techniques to Enhance Educational Multimedia Presentations
 Hagen, Kathleen.

MP-R3 Augmented Reality and Mobile Devices: QR Codes and AR Apps
 Brown, Abbie. and Green, Tim.

MP-R4 Can Actions Speak Louder Than Words? Exploring the Many Voices of Multimedia
 Willis, Jana. and Curry, John.

MP-R5 Gamification: Learning Innovation or Potential Pitfall?
 Ruggiero, Dana.

MP-R6 Instructional Technology Experts’ Expectations from Authoring Tools
 Donmez, Onur. and Cankaya, Serkan.

MP-R7 E-Learning in Practice: The Use of HTML Learning Modules in the Undergraduate Classroom
 Scott, Ashley. and Otto, Richard.

MP-R8 Enhancing Digital Literacy on the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation
 Betrus, Anthony K..

MP-R9 Explore the Possibilities of Kinect-Based Learning
 Xu, Xinhao. and Ke, Fengfeng.

MP1 - Developing Mobile Instructional Content using Lectora Inspire
 Martin, Florence. and Bobbert, Dana.

MP2 - Using Articulate to Create an E-Learning Module for Healthcare
 Webb, Michael. and Martin, Florence.

Making Teaching and Learning Mobile
 Grant, Michael. and Ross, DePaula.

Model-Adaptive Stories in Automated Task Synthesis Systems. Biographical Narratives to Support Understanding in Text-Matrix-Based Simulations.
 Pirnay-Dummer, Pablo., Seidemann, Linda., Schröter, Claudia. and Franke, Petra.

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NVivo Workshop
 Perkins, Ross.

New Paradigm Schools: A National Survey
 Reigeluth, Charles M.., Huh, Yeol., Jung, Eulho., Lee, Dabae., Lin, Chun-Yi. and Min, Mina.

Non-Science Majors’ Learning with Science Texts Online: Student Difficulties and Implications
 Kim, So Mi.

Nursing Online Course Design: Micro Scenario Based Learning Using an Interactive Tool
 Jeon, Tae., Tao, Yedong., Wolfenstein, Moses. and Wirth, Patrick.


Offering Post-Intentional Phenomenology as an Alternative to Transcendental Phenomenology in Educational Technology
 Valentine, Keri., Vagle, Mark. and Kopcha, TJ.

One-to-One Laptop Implementation in El Salvador
 Mejia, William. and Fadde, Peter.

Online Collaboration Methods that Support Open Learning, Pedagogical Changes, and Community Development in K-12 Environments
 McKeown, Jonathan.

Online Courses Design: Strategies and Practices
 Wang, Shuyan.

Online Engagement Beyond Instruction: The Evolution of the Phases of Engagement
 Donaldson, Ana. and Chen, Shu-Hsiang (Ava).

Online Teacher Professional Learning Communities – Lessons Learned from a Virtual Critical Friends Group
 Moore, Julie.

OpenVULab: A New Tool to Remotely Study Users’ Interactions with Learning Technologies
 Owston, Ronald. and Kumar, Kari.

Optimizing Adult Learners’ Online Collaborative Work in an Authentic Learning Environment Adventures in Emerging Media
 Oh, Eunjung.

Outcomes-Driven Professional Preparation: Increasing Pre-Service Teachers’ Ability and Intentions to Integrate Technology
 Banas, Jennifer.


Panel Discussion: Multimedia Development Tools: What are We Teaching?
 Martin, Florence., Curry, John., Ritzhaupt, Albert., Warren, Scott. and Watson, Ginger.

Panel Discussion: Mobile Computing Devices and Applications for Teaching & Learning
 Grant, Michael., Barbour, Michael., Hsu, Hui-Yin., Hsu, Yu-Chang., Martin, Florence., Wang, Shiangkwei. and York, Cindy.

Panel: Pros and Cons of the Cohort Model for ID Programs
 Clinton, Gregory., Rieber, Lloyd., Kopcha, TJ., Martindale, Trey. and Lockee, Barbara.

Parents, Technology, and Life with a Child Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders
 Ennis-Cole, Demetria. and Cullum, Princess.

Peer Assessment in Group Projects: The Team Member Evaluation Tool
 Havard, Byron. and Hastings, Nancy.

Perceptions about Mobile Phone Use: A Comparison of Chinese and American College Students
 Rosenfeld, Barbara., OConnor-Petruso, Sharon Anne. and Wei, Dan.

Performance in Online Game-Based Learning: Collaborative Versus Individual Settings
 Lara, Miguel. and Frick, Ted.

Picodroid: Designing and Developing a Physics Game Using the Kinect Motion Controller
 Click, Aline., Hung, Wei-Chen., Underwood, Jason. and Ginting, Silvia.

Plagiarism vs. rReverence: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Students’ Intentions and Behaviors in the Context of Academic Writing
 Wise, Jean-Marc. and Chen, Shu-Hsiang (Ava).

Playing and Learning: An Exploratory Study of Children’s Experiences in a Virtual Gaming Environment.
 Barreto, Daisyane.

Poster: A Case Study of A High School Blended Language Program
 Tu, Yao.

Poster: Research and Design A Class Management System
 Tao, Congwu., Cui, Guoqiang., Wu, Yanzhu., Li, Wei. and Chen, Xin.

Poster: Research and Design A Personalized Intelligent Learning System Based on Learner Style
 Tao, Congwu., Cui, Guoqiang., Li, Wei., Wu, Yanzhu. and Chen, Xin.

Poster: Why Social Media Matters? – About Facebook is Blocked in Main-Land China.
 Liu, Yun Lauren.

Preparing Novice Designers Through Reflection in Action
 Tracey, Monica., Quinn Grzebyk, Tamme. and Stefaniak, Jill.

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Quality Online Doctoral Programs: Not an Oxymoron. A Presidential Panel Discussion
 Huett, Jason., Perkins, Ross., Jones, Greg. and Kumar, Swapna.

Quality of an Evolving E-learning Enterprise: An Integrated View
 Pan, Cheng-Chang.


RT-R01 The Impact of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Course on Morality in Appraisal Students
 Martin, Sam.

RT-R03 Can You Add Me? Examining the Use of Google Docs in Knowledge Building and Creating a Community of Practice
 Asino, Tutaleni I.. and Tietjen, Phil.

RT-R04 Building Online Research Pipelines
 Niemi, David. and Gitin, Elena.

RT-R05 Cyberethnography and the Constant Comparative Method as Approaches to Understand Learner, Instructor, and Researcher Practices in Online Networks
 Veletsianos, George.

RT-R06 The Role of Instructional Designers in Higher Education
 Li, Kun. and Moore, David.

RT-R07 Open Educational Resources: Foundation, Achievements, Themes, and the Future
 Jung, Eulho., Tan, Verily. and Kim, Minkyoung.

RT-R08 Research Updates on Instructional Design Skills of Faculty Designers: How Do Teachers Design Instruction?
 Irlbeck, Sonja A.., Rozitis, Christopher., Nativio, Alaine. and Smith, Shari.

RT-R09 Teachers Comment on the Horizon Report
 Hodges, Charles.

RT-R10 The Delphi Method: Potential in Educational Technology Research
 Bunag, Tara.

RT01 - Application of Qualitative Research Methods in Understanding How Instructional Designers Use the Community of Inquiry
 Junion, Stephan. and Snyder, Martha.

RT02 - Clicker integration in the Classroom: Faculty Concerns
 Thankachan, Briju. and Briju, Betsy.

RT03 - Evaluating Nursing Student Outcomes When Repeating High-fidelity Simulation
 Packard, Abbot L.. and Ishoy, Betty.

RT04 - Exploring the Affordances of Intrinsic Integration within a Digital Game-Based Learning Environment
 Denham, Andre.

RT05 - Increasing Student Satisfaction, Departmental and University Community with an Asynchronous Online Orientation for a Online Graduate Program
 Gopalakrishnan, Priya., Colorado, Jozenia. and Childress, Marcus.

RT08 - Maintaining Competitiveness in the Age of Globalization: A Synthesis of Techniques for Fostering Creativity
 Abdallah, Maya., Walker, John. and Hirumi, Atsusi.

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SAVE Science: Inquiry and Science Assessment through an Immersive Virtual Environment
 Slack, Kent., Nelson, Brian., Kim, Younsu. and Foshee, Cecile.

SC - School Change Using Constructivist Learning Principles: From Teacher-Centered to Learner-Centered Instruction
 Lentz, Lorelle.

SC1 Case Studies in Systemic Change In and Outside of the U.S.
 Min, Mina., Reigeluth, Charles M.. and Jung, Eulho.

SC2 Designing and Implementing a One-to-One Computing Program in a Rural High School
 Branch, Johnny., Curry, John. and Miller, Chris.

SC4 Systemic Integration of Technology in Distance Learning: A Vision for Transforming Online Education Through PIES (Personalized Integrated Educational System)
 Watson, William., Watson, Sunnie. and Reigeluth, Charles M..

SM Transmedia for 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Thinking and Communication in a World of Information
 Mills, Leila. and Wakefield, Jenny.

SM-R01 Cartoon Based Learning Using Open Source Technology
 Allen, James.

SM-R02 Dropping Out of High School: The Role of 3 D Alice Programming Workshop
 Kim, Jackie HeeYoung.

SM-R03 Ethics and the School Librarian
 Butler, Rebecca P.. and Fiehn, Barbara.

SM-R04 Good for Research? Using Mind Mapping as an Advanced Learning Tool
 Czelusniak, Vernon.

SM-R05 High School Students Going Global with LibGuides
 Chiara, Nancy.

SM-R06 Overview of Augmented Reality Technology and Educational Practice.
 Lian, Hongri. and Wu, Yanzhu.

SM-R07 Strategies to Foster Creative Thinking Using Technolgies
 Barreto, Daisyane., Dousay, Tonia. and Jensen, Lucas.

SM-R08 Transformational Change Through Distance Learning: Removing Educational Barriers in K-12 and Modeling an Environmental Conscience in a Globalized Classroom.
 Jones, Lisa. and Miller, Chris.

SM-R09 Transforming Academic Spaces: Computer Labs to Collaborative Study Spaces.
 Friskney, Doyle. and Miller, Chris.

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T&P Advisory Board Presentation: The Role of Marketing in Achieving Successful Training and Performance Results
 Buck, Stefanie., Huang, Wen-Hao David., Durrington, Vance A.. and Bona, Shauna.

TE-07 How do e-books affect reading comprehension in early elementary students?
 Conway, Gregory.

TE00 Online Mentoring and Professional Development for Pre-Service and Early-Career Teachers to Increase Teacher Retention
 Weaver, Carmen. and Martindale, Trey.

TE01 - A Web-Enhanced, Case-Based Instruction Model in Student Teaching
 Kim, Jackie HeeYoung.

TE01 Aspiring School Administrators’ Self-Perceived Ability toward Technology Standards
 Yu, Chien. and Wu, Jeng-Yang.

TE02 - An Evaluation of the Student Teaching Triad Model in a Secondary Teacher Education Program
 Ku, Heng-Yu., Hess, Chelsie., Kaufeld, Kimberly. and Sheehan, Eugene.

TE02 Dimensions of Educational Quality
 Frick, Ted.

TE03 Encouraging Educators to Harness the Power of Mobile Learning: A 3-step Process for Designing Web Applications
 Rhodes, Ashley.

TE04 - Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:Software Evaluation and Technology Use
 Ennis-Cole, Demetria.

TE04 Second Life to Support Intercultural Literacy: Pre- and in-Service Teachers’ Perceptions and Expectations
 Shepherd, Craig. and Aldosemani, Tahani.

TE05 Student Technology Use: A Three Year Comparison to Determine the Use of Instructional Strategies in Technology-Integrated Activities
 Lewis, Joe\'l., Yohn, Andrea. and Hadley, Jennifer.

TE06 - Improving Pre-service Teachers' Beliefs about Technology Use for Education
 ER, Erkan. and Orey, Michael.

TE07 - Pre-service Teachers’ Identities and Attitudes toward Using Technologies
 Hsieh, Bi-Jen. and Dennen, Vanessa.

TE08 Issues in Learning: Identifying Meaningful Research Questions about Generation Y
 Jenkins, Stephen., Downs, Elizabeth. and Diamanduros, Terry.

TE09 - Using Web 2.0 Multimedia to Reflect on Teaching
 Kale, Ugur.

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Ubiquitous Access to Technology: Or What Happens When 1000 Netbooks Turn on at the Same Time.
 Bray, Lessell (Marty). and Saxon, Kristi.

Understanding Teacher Perspectives and Practices: Experiences from the Curriculum Customization Service
 Leary, Heather., Sellers, Linda. and Lee, Victor.

Understanding by Design on Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
 Yang, Harrison Hao., Liu, QingTang. and Wu, Di.

Unified World Theory
 Atkinson, Tom. and Hirumi, Atsusi.

Universal Design for Online Learning
 Colorado, Jozenia. and Eberle, Jane.

Use Social Networking Tool to Facilitate Scientific Inquiry Process and New Literacies Skills
 Wang, Shiangkwei., Hsu, Hui-Yin. and Runco, Lisa.

Use of Formative Assessment to Improve Student Motivation and Academic Emotions in Online Learning Environments
 Lee, Hyewon. and Kim, ChanMin.

Using 3D Virtual Reality for Social Communication Skills Development of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
 Ke, Fengfeng. and Im, Tami.

Using A Virtual World Environment To Create Awareness and Knowledge About Accessibility
 Conway, Thomas.

Using An Hyperdocument To Analyse Cognitive Processes In Problem Solving Tasks: A Case Study
 Coutinho, Clara. and Machado, Diogo.

Using Blogs to Facilitate Peer Assessment in an Online Course
 Verbeke, Kristi.

Using Collaborative Tools to Build a Diverse Online Learning Community
 Bond, Mark Aaron., Williams, Daron. and Blevins, Samantha.

Using Digital Gaming Dynamics to Enhance Asynchronous Online Discussions
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Yen, Cherng-Jyh. and Sujo-Montes, Laura.

Using Facebook as a Learning Management System
 Parker, Preston.

Using Game-Like Knowledge Tests in Constructivist Learning Environments: Triggering the Trivial Pursuit Effect
 Rieber, Lloyd., Francom, Gregory. and Jensen, Lucas.

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Verbalization of Design Thinking through Informal Peer Critique
 Gray, Colin.

Video Games as Social Tools for Teaching and Learning
 Ziaeehezarjeribi, Yadi. and Graves, Ingrid.

Virtual Collaboration: Lessons Learned in a Case of Pre-Service Teacher Participating in Cross-Cultural Teams
 Chen, Xiaojun. and Newby, Tim.

Virtually Unprepared: Examining the Preparation of K-12 Online Teachers
 Barbour, Michael.

Visual and Multi Literacies to Address Common Core Standards
 Robinson, Rhonda S.., Brynteson, Kristin. and Anderson, Elizabeth.

Volitional Control Support in Mathematics Courses
 Kim, ChanMin. and Bennekin, Kim.


Web Presence & Search Engine Optimization for Academics: Rethinking Scholarship & Knowledge Dissemination in a “Google World”
 Lowenthal, Patrick. and Dunlap, Joanna C..

What Are We Talking About? An Analysis of the Last Decade of Research Published in Major Journals in Our Field
 West, Rick., Clements, Geri., Harrison, Buck., Kim, Jeongwoon., Juncker, Janeel., Sorenson, Alec., Terekhova, Vera. and Woodfield, Wendy.

What is Task-Centered Learning?
 Francom, Gregory. and Gardner, Joel.

Whatcha Say? Moving from a Transmission to a Conversation View of Instructional Message Design
 Bishop, MJ.

When 300 Million People Teach Online and 1.3 Billion People Learn Online: Design and Development of China's New Media Platform
 Kang, Ning.

Where in the Teacher Education Curriculum is Technology Integration Heading?
 Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa., Smaldino, Sharon., Luetkehans, Lara M.. and Hsu, Pi-Sui.

Who Are We and Do We Make a Difference? AECT and the Marketing of Instructional Designers and Dducational Technologists or Whatever We're Called
 Donaldson, Ana., Hoffman, Ellen. and Wagner, Ellen.

Who Ordered Livemocha? A Content Analysis on How Successful Language Learning Websites Deliver to Their Users
 Altuwaijri, Abdullah. and Bonk, Curtis.

Wiggio Me! Using Social Technology to Enhance Professional Learning and Build School Community
 Minor, Kendra. and Griner, Angela.

Wired for Music (W4M) – Teaching STEM through the Music of Natural Sounds
 Chow, Anthony. and Gray, Patrica.

Women in IDT Leadership Series: The Road to Full Professor for Women in Academia
 Tracey, Monica., Bishop, MJ., Boling, Elizabeth., Koszalka, Tiffany A.. and Campbell, Katy.

World Café: Structuring Discussion as a Communication Technology
 Hokanson, Brad. and Bishop, MJ.
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