AECT International Convention 2013-Oct-29 to 2013-Nov-03

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.01 AECT Kansas-Attack Technological Change with Innovative Expert Strategies
 Howell, Dusti., Foyle, Harvey. and Lyman, Larry.

.01 AECT The Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic Training in Suva, Fiji for Educators
 Razzouk, Rim., Dalyrmple, Odesma. and Adhikari, Ambika.

.01 D&D-A Design-Based Research Study Examining the Impact of Motivational Emails to First Year Students
 Kacin, Sara.

.01 D&D-Analysis of 10 Years IDT Student Submissions to PacifiCorp
 Kaminski, Karen., Slagter van Tryon, Patricia J., Hergert, Tom., Schuch, Dan. and Childress, Marcus.

.02 D&D-A Delphi Study on the Research Priorities in Mobile Learning
 Hsu, Yu-Chang., Ching, Yu-Hui. and Snelson, Chareen.

.02 D&D-A Guide to Selecting Technology for Classroom Use: Assisting Preservice Teachers in the Use of Appropriate Tools
 Hulon, Stephanie. and Davidson-Shivers, Gayle V..

.02 D&D-A Homegrown UCQA ID Model for the Sole Instructional Designer
 Tu, Yunhong.

.02 D&D-Applying the Component Display Theory to the Instructional Development and Design of an Educational Mobile Application
 Glazatov, Trelisa.

.03 D&D-Careful Localization of E-learning Instructional Design for Non-Profit Organizations
 Gentry, Wendy., Sulecio de Alvarez, Monica., Soares, Elza. and Calixte, Mario.

.03 D&D-Children as Design Partners: A Case of Namibia, South Africa and US
 Asino, Tutaleni I.., Malapile, Sandy. and Dousay, Tonia.

.03 D&D-Chinese Learners’ Perspectives in Computer-Mediated Communication
 Wang, Yanlin., Borst, Stefanie., jinglan, feng. and chang, rong.

.03 D&D-Classroom Reflection as a Tool to Externalize Conceptions of Design
 Gray, Colin.

.04 D&D-Critical Design Features of Self-Directed Online Case-Based Instruction: From Theory to Practice
 Luo, Heng. and Koszalka, Tiffany A..

.04 D&D-Design and Evaluation of an Innovative Tool for Identifying Research Funding Opportunities
 Moore, Alison., Zhao, Weinan. and Reiser, Robert.

.04 D&D-Designing Mobile Apps for Teaching and Learning: Graduate Students’ Experiences in an Online Course
 Hsu, Yu-Chang. and Ching, Yu-Hui.

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A Case Study of Educational Video Game Design by Middle School Students
 An, Yun-Jo.

A Collaborative Curriculum Design Project: Major Events, Roles, and Issues
 Jung, Jiyoon., Shin, Suhkyung., Lu, Ya-Huei., Glazewski, Krista. and Brush, Thomas.

A Comprehensive Design Framework for Multipurpose E-portfolio Systems
 Lee, Yunseok. and Choi, Ikseon.

A Content Analysis: Teaching Computer Programming Using Educational Robotics
 AKINCI, Ahmet. and TUZUN, Hakan.

A Developmental Study of Instructional Design Model for Continuous Reflection in Cultural Diversity Education
 Lim, Cheolil., Kim, Sunhee., Choi, Soyoung., Kim, Sungwook., Park, Jungeun., Lee, Hyoeun. and Kim, Hyeonsu.

A Digital Badges, Competency-based Assessment Platform for New Paradigm Learning
 Watson, William. and Watson, Sunnie.

A Framework for Promoting English Language Learners’ Narrative Skills Using Digital Storytelling
 Yang, Sha.

A Micro-Collaboration for Developing Case-based e-Learning Modules
 Cifuentes, Lauren. and Dousay, Tonia.

A Nursing Simulation: Emergency Department Pain Management
 Romero-Hall, Enilda., Watson, Ginger., Papelis, Yiannis., Garcia, Hector. and Croll, Menion.

A Proclamation for Studying the Nexus of Culture, Learning and Technology
 Branch, Robert Maribe.

A Scale for Identifying the Cognitive Affordances of Learning Technologies
 Dass, Susan. and Dabbagh, Nada.

A Student’s Perspective: Effective Asynchronous Course Design for Virtual Schools
 Barbour, Michael. and Adelstein, David.

A Study of Learners’ Online Inquiry-Based Learning
 Lin, Jing.

A Systems Perspective: What is a Quality Education and What Should Students be Able to Do after They Graduate?
 Chow, Anthony., Duffy, Francis M.. and Sockman, Beth Rajan.

A University Virtual Laboratory School: A Brick and Mortar Innovation
 Smaldino, Sharon., Luetkehans, Lara M.. and Hunt, Rebecca D.

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Becoming Researchers to Integrate Technology: The Role of Learning Research Methodology in Learning How to Integrate Technology
 Belland, Brian.

Blending Second Life with Face-to-Face Instruction to Build Pre-service Teachers’ Diversity Awareness
 Merchant, Zahira., Kulm, Gerald., Davis, Trina., Ma, Tingting. and Oner, Ayse.

Building a Framework for Distance Learning in the Caribbean
 Dickson-Deane, Camille.

Building a Learning Community of Educational Technology, Environmental and Sustainable Energy Educators
 Javeri, Manisha., Johnston, Carol., Osisioma, Irene., Arias, Evelyn., Almarakshi, Abeer. and Frame, Russell.

Building a User-friendly Library for Online Resources
 Winters, Scarlett. and Rudisille, Justin.

But I Don’t Want to be a Professor! The Innovations of an Online Practitioner Doctorate focused on Educational Technology Leadership.
 Miller, Chris. and Curry, John.


Campus-Wide Adoption of an Early Warning Alert System
 Mellish, Linda. and Castles, Ricky.

Can Personalized Learning Help All Students Learn?
 Lee, Dabae., Huh, Yeol., Lin, Chun-Yi. and Reigeluth, Charles M..

Can playing video games improve cognitive flexibility?
 Wang, Lubin. and Shute, Valerie.

Case Study of User Acceptance in Virtual Worlds
 Tokel, Saniye Tugba. and Isler, Veysi.

Case-Based Online Learning Module: Design Features, Perceived Usefulness, and Impacts on Learning
 Luo, Heng., Koszalka, Tiffany A.. and Chen, Ye.

Choosing Evaluation Questions for Distance Learning Courses (i.e. Fully Online or Blended Learning Environments)
 Watson, Firm Faith.

Chronotypes and Online Learning: A Study on Learners’ Choice, Participation and Performance
 Luo, Yi., Choi, Jea H.., Pan, Rui. and Strobel, Johannes.

Collaborative Case Study with VoiceThread in an Online Environment
 Ching, Yu-Hui. and Hsu, Yu-Chang.

College Students’ Perceptions of Inquiry-based Learning Activities in a Large-enrollment STEM Introductory Classroom
 Chang, Yunjeong.

Common Relıability And Validity Strategies in Instructıonal Technology Research
 Turan, Zeynep., topu, fatma., Baydas, Ozlem. and Goktas, Yuksel.

Communicate! Integrate! An Administrator’s Account of Engaging Campus Programs and Stakeholders in a University-wide Distance Education Strategic Planning Process
 Amankwatia, Tonya.

Community of Practice Model for Supporting Faculty Teaching Online
 Baab, Lujean.

Comparing Teacher Technology Preparation and Use: A Statewide Study
 Strycker, Jesse.

Construct and Critique: Development and Assessment of Student-Generated Online Social Networking Sites
 Hemphill, Leaunda., Hamilton-Hancock, Diane. and Hemphill, Hoyet.

Constructing Guidelines for Building Communities of Practice for Supporting Faculty Professional Development in Electronic Environments
 Bond, Mark Aaron. and Lockee, Barbara.

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Design Based Research On Intellectual Engagement and Professional Learning in a One-to-One Laptop School
 Jacobsen, Michele. and Friesen, Sharon.

Design Decisions and Implementation Results: Mapping our Expedition Revising a ‘Blended Course’
 Robinson, Rhonda S.. and Anderson, Elizabeth.

Design and Development of a MOOC: The Value of a Collaborative Process
 Richter, Stephanie.

Design and Facilitation Strategies Used in Asynchronous Discussions
 Ergulec, Funda.

Design is Design is Design: What We’ve Learned from Designers about Preparing Instructional Designers
 Dunlap, Joanna. and Lowenthal, Patrick.

Design of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Proportional Reasoning
 Earnshaw, Yvonne.

Design-Based Research: A Collaborative Research Framework for Improving Online Courses
 Koseoglu, Suzan. and Pazurek, Angelica.

Designing Cases as Alternative Perspectives: The Practice of Integrating Meta and Domain-Specific Theories
 Valentine, Keri. and Kopcha, T J.

Designing Effective Computer-based Feedback for Problem Solving Practice Using Segmentation and Signaling
 ARI, Fatih. and Inan, Fethi.

Designing Inter-Institutional Learner-Centered STEM Spaces
 Estes, Michele., Liu, Juhong. and Zha, Shenghua.

Designing Open Badges for a Technology Integration Course
 Randall, Daniel., Harrison, Buck. and West, Rick.

Designing a Culturally Relevant Educational App
 Joseph, Roberto.

Designing and Developing an Authentic Learning Environment for Enhancing Mathematical Problem Solving
 Ondin, Zeynep. and Schilder, Evelien.

Designing for Statistical Reasoning and Thinking in Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments: Merrill's First Principles and Real Data at Work
 Miao, Wendy.

Developing Sport-based Educational Simulations in Second Life
 Leong, Peter., Merc, Eduard., Jumawan, Francisco V.., Halemano, Adam. and Funai, Darryl.

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Early Results from Research on Complex Systemic Change Leader Networks in A Changing Statewide Charter School System
 Kowch, Eugene.

Educational Potential Of 3d Virtual Learning Environments
 Reisoglu, Ilknur., Baydas, Ozlem., Coban, Murat., Gunay, Fatma., Karakus, Turkan. and Goktas, Yuksel.

Educational Technology Professionals Perceptions of Open Access Journals
 Lowenthal, Patrick. and Perkins, Ross.

Effect of Teacher Scaffolding for Interaction on Students’ Academic Engagement in Online Learning
 Cho, Moon-Heum. and Cho, Yoonjung.

Effective Feedback Design for Online Learners Using Free Online Technologies
 yuan, jiangmei. and Kim, ChanMin.

Effects of Podcasts and Learning Styles on Language Proficiency and Attitudes
 Qiang, Wei. and Klein, James.

Effects of Synchronous Technology on Learning in an EFL Program
 Wang, Xiaoxue., Minsky-Ellis, Sasha. and Li, Yan Cristy.

Effects of conventional lecture and video supported instruction on eliminating tolerance towards cyberbullying
 Akbulut, Yavuz.

Empirically Supported Guidelines for Designing and Implementing Effective Scaffolding: A critical analysis of empirical studies on scaffolding
 Park, Hyojin. and Choi, Ikseon.

Enhancing Pre-service Teachers’ Engagement in a Technology-supported Flipped Classroom
 Yu, Ji Hyun., Newby, Tim., Koehler, Adrie. and Besser, Erin.

Evaluating the Impact of an Adaptive Web-Based Mathematics Tutorial to Support Student Word Problem Solving
 Flores, Raymond., Inan, Fethi. and ARI, Fatih.

Evaluation of Adaptive Learning System to Support Students’ Algebra Problem Solving Skills
 Inan, Fethi., ARI, Fatih. and Flores, Raymond.

Evaluation of a Mobile Phone Based Student Immediate Feedback System
 CICEK, Filiz., ISLIM, Omer Faruk., CAGILTAY, Kursat. and CAPA AYDIN, Yesim.

Evaluative inquiry into engaging urban youth in STEM to catalyze cultural change in their communities
 Joo, Jae-Eun.

Examining Multimedia Production Course Offerings in Educational Technology Programs
 Rich, Peter., Sugar, Bill., Luterbach, Kenneth., Mayer, Alisha. and McPhillen, Ammon.

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Face-to-Face to Online: Teaching and Learning in a Variety of School Media Programs
 DuBoff, Bruce. and Bray, Lessell (Marty).

Fact or fiction?: Taking the iPad hype in special education to task with Project MODS (Mobile Online Devices for Special Education).
 Schmidt, Matthew., Ho, Curtis. and Ayala, Peter.

Factors Influencing College Students’ Continuance Intention and Actual Mobile Learning
 Joo, Young Ju., Kim, Nari. and Kim, Nam Hee.

Faculty Use of Social Media in Higher Education: A Comparative Case Analysis
 Zgheib, Ghania. and Dabbagh, Nada.

Flipped Faculty Development: Applying Effective Classroom Strategies for Professional Learning
 Kelly, Kevin.

Flipping a High School Classroom in a Response-to-Learner Intervention
 George, Lenie. and Kopcha, T J.

Flipping the classroom to resume instructional activities during a university crisis: Implications for design and training
 Osman, Gihan., Zorkani, Ahmed., Osman, Sherif. and Barsoum, Sandy.

Fostering 21st Century Skills in a Video Game Design and Development Summer Camp
 Barreto, Daisyane. and Jensen, Lucas.

Fostering Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) in Online Environments: Faculty Definitions, Explorations, Experiences, and Approaches
 Ergulec, Funda., ergulec, fatih. and Glazewski, Krista.

Fostering Students' Metacognitive Skills with Innovative Ways in a Veterinary Medicine Course
 Wang, Hong. and Rush, Bonnie.

Fresh Ideas about Education Technology Leadership - Authors of a Special Edition of TechTrends Panel
 Kowch, Eugene.

From Zero to Sixty: Targeting Essential Skills in Bringing Novice Designers Up to Speed
 Larson, Miriam. and Lockee, Barbara.

From death by PowerPoint to engaging Captivate: Lessons learned when implementing specific design principles
 Dousay, Tonia.


Gender Communication Style in Online Discussions for Undergraduate Students
 Thomas, Crystal. and Davidson-Shivers, Gayle V..

Gender and Gaming: A Literature Review
 Romrell, Danae.

Getting Professionally Published
 Walling, Donovan.

Global Standards for Information and Communication Technology Skills Reveal Need to Surpass Conventional Wisdom
 Luterbach, Kenneth.


HABITAT TRACKER: Engaging Elementary Students with Scientific Inquiry Through Nature of Science Curriculum and a Customized iPad Application
 Mendenhall, Anne., Marty, Paul., Southerland, Sherry., Sampson, Victor. and Kazmer, Michelle.

Hi Ho Hi Ho-- Taking the Work out of Professional Learning Networks
 Ball, Marissa.

How & Why to Become Net Smart -- Learning Essential Social Media Literacies
 Rheingold, Howard.

How Learners’ Valence and Arousal Influence Learning Outcomes in an Instructional Animation
 Chung, Sungwon., Cheon, Jongpil. and Crooks, Steven.

How To Make Instruction Interesting And Engaging: Examination Of The Seductive Details Effect Through EEG And Eye-Tracking
 Christopherson, Robert. and Atkinson, Robert.

How do Teachers of Learner-Centered Schools Use Technology in the Major Subject Areas?
 Huh, Yeol., Lee, Dabae., Lin, Chun-Yi. and Reigeluth, Charles M..

Humanizing e-Learning: The Role of Empathy in Transformational Online Education
 Wilson, Thomas.


ICEM Annual Graduate Student Panel Discussion in Emerging Technology: MOOCs
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Cornell, Richard., McIsaac, Marina S.., Doyle, Robert. and Pan, Cheng-Chang.

IPAET-Effect of Learning Strategies and Anxiety of Learning Mathematics
 Rusmono, Ir..

Identifying Participants’ Perspective Change in Mediation Training Using Q Methodology
 Walker, Brandy.

Ill-Structured Problems, Scaffolding and Problem-Solving Ability of Novice Nursing Students
 Stark, Debbie.

Impact of Authentic Learning Exercises as an Instructional Strategy on Student Achievement of Professional Standards
 Banas, Jennifer.

Impact of Supplementing Verbal Feedback with Pictures during Story Recall
 Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Kealy, William.

Impacting Perceptions of Practitioners for a Refined Understanding of Educational Systemic Change through a Practitioner Focused On-line Presence
 Sockman, Beth Rajan., Chow, Anthony., Richter, Kurt., Aslan, Sinem. and Scott, Ashley.

Implementing A Digital Sandbox Culture Into Schools –¬ Integrating iPads
 Gunter, Glenda., Kenny, Robert. and Rath, Victoria.

Improving Pre-service Teachers’ Multimedia Design Skills through the Collaborative Multimedia Project (CMP) with Area Schools

Improving the Design of Electronic Health Records (EHR)
 Moore, Joi., Clarke, Martina., Steege, Linsey., Belden, Jeff., Koopman, Richelle. and Kim, Min Soon.

In Search of Quality: An Analysis of MOOC Course Structure and Design
 Hodges, Charles. and Lowenthal, Patrick.

Incorporating Social Learning into Instructional Design in the Workplace
 Lee, Hyunkyung. and Lin, Chun-Yi.

Increasing higher education access via articulation programs and alternative delivery formats
 Stone, David.

Individualizing Project Submission Formats to Increase Student Engagement and Success
 Pashnyak, Tatyana.

Informal Peer Critique and the Negotiation of Habitus in a Design Studio.
 Gray, Colin.

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Just Because You CAN Do It, SHOULD You? Teaching Digital Citizenship
 Farmer, Lesley S..


Kaleidoscope: Open General Education Curriculum at Multi-Institutional Scale
 Neugebauer, Ronda. and Wiley, David.

Knowledge Visualization, Tools, and Processes in Virtual Team Collaborative Problem Solving
 Plantz-Masters, Shari.


Leadership in the Making of Educational Games
 Garner, Gabrielle.

Leadership, History, and the Future: Voices of AECT Past-Presidents
 Leary, Heather., Lockee, Barbara., Miller, T. Weston., Smaldino, Sharon., Spector, Jonathan M. and White, Charles.

Leading Change in Higher Education: Moving from Faculty to Administrative Roles
 Beatty, Brian., Hergert, Tom., Huett, Jason. and Hunter, John Mark.

Learner-valued online interactions & social presence
 Ley, Kathryn. and Gannon Cook, Ruth.

Learning Apps Need Analysis: Mixed Method Classroom Pilots
 Holland, Janet.

Learning Lessons from Novice Virtual World Lesson Designers
 Downey, Steve.

Learning and Teaching as Communicative Actions: Applications of the Theory to Mobile Learning
 Warren, Scott. and Wakefield, Jenny.

Learning and Teaching as Communicative Actions: The Case of Koan School
 Warren, Scott., Barahona, Heather., Wakefield, Jenny. and Newton, Amanda.

Learning through Cross-modal Interaction in Digital Environments
 Hoffman, Daniel. and Paek, Seungoh.

Learning to Learn Online: A Collaborative Course Development Project
 Williams van Rooij, Shahron.

Lessons Learned: Increasing Social, Teaching, and Cognitive Presence in Massively Large Blended Classes
 Rath, Victoria. and Gunter, Glenda.

Lessons from the Field: An Analysis of Online Instructors Lessons Learned about Teaching Online
 Dunlap, Joanna. and Lowenthal, Patrick.

Living and Learning within a Pluralistic, Rapidly-Changing, Nested and Networked World: New Principles.
 Prest, Kenneth.


MOOCs Are the Answer! Now, What Was the Question?
 Huett, Jason., Reeves, Thomas C.., Wiley, David., Ellsworth, James. and Barbour, Michael.

MOOCs and Its Future in China:A Qualitative Study of Chinese Coursera Users’ Experience
 Tang, Hengtao.

MOOCs: A Study of Massive Online Open Course Application and Design
 Brown, Abbie. and Green, Tim.

Making the Technology Transition: Engaging Educators in Online Professional Development Seminars
 Davis, Marion. and LeBlanc, Amana.

Managing Your Personal Learning Environment: How 21st Century Lifelong Learners Can Evaluate Their Tools and Technology in a Meaningful Way to Bring More Flexibility and Efficiency to Their Lives

Managing and Assessing Group Work in Online Courses
 Baab, Lujean.

Measuring Chinese Preservice Teachers' Perceptions in Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Development
 Lu, Liangyue., Wang, Wei. and Chen, Ye.

Measuring the Business Impact of Employee Learning: A View from the Professional Services Sector
 Williams van Rooij, Shahron. and Merkebu, Jerusalem.

Media Literacy Assessment
 Schilder, Evelien.

Methodological Trends in Instructional Technology Research: A review from 2002 to 2011
 Kucuk, Sevda., yilmaz, rabia., Aydemir, Melike., Baydas, Ozlem. and Goktas, Yuksel.

Migrating Learning Management Systems: A Case of two Large Public Universities
 Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Lee, Brenda.

Mobile App Selection for 5th-12th Grade Science: The Development of the MASS Rubric
 Hechter, Richard., Green, Lucilia. and Chassereau, Karen.

Mobile Education in Nursing: Promoting Peer-to-Peer Communication of Clinical Experiences with “Advanced Practice”.
 Kevan, Jonathan., Callahan, James. and Azama, Katie.

Mobile Learning: Trend and Best Practices
 Huh, Yeol. and Lee, Dabae.

Modeling Third Place as an Environment to Foster Sense of Community in Online Instruction
 Gashim, Ibrahim., Aldosemani, Tahani. and Shepherd, Craig.

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Needs Assessment for a Certificate Program of Instructional Design in China
 Bao, Xianqing. and Lai, Feng-Qi.

Needs Assessment for the Online Learning Environment for K-12
 Lai, Feng-Qi. and Kiger, Susan.

Now I Know My XYZs: Addressing the Needs of Today's Untethered Learners
 Kelly, Kevin.


One Size Does Not Fit All: Engagement that Recognizes Cultural Differences
 Backs, Annette., Donaldson, Ana., Basto, Peter. and Chen, Ava (Shu-Hsiang).

Orchestrating instruments in designing 3D Virtual Worlds for leaning: A Framework of Design
 Baydas, Ozlem., topu, fatma., yilmaz, rabia., Karakus, Turkan., Öztürk, Mehmet Ertuğrul. and Goktas, Yuksel.

Orienting Online Students During the First Week of Class and Beyond
 Dunlap, Joanna. and Lowenthal, Patrick.

Overcome Transactional Distance: A Case Study of an Asynchronous Online Assessment Course
 Huang, Xiaoxia. and Hsiao, E-Ling.


PBL in K-12: A survey of researchers and an emerging shared online resource
 Ravitz, Jason. and English, Mary.

PacifiCorp Alumni: How the Competition Impacted my Career
 Kaminski, Karen. and Schuch, Dan.

PacifiCorp Past Finalists: Where We Are Now
 Kaminski, Karen. and Schuch, Dan.

Paperless Productivity: Your Web 2.0 Academic Workflow
 Rysavy, Monica.

Past, Present, and Future Relevance of Instructional Message Design
 Bishop, MJ., Boling, Elizabeth., Lockee, Barbara., Gibbons, Andrew. and Hannafin, Michael.

Pedagogical Quality in Online Learning: A Cross-Institutional Panel Discussion [TR]
 Tillberg-Webb, Heather., Clark, Richard., Mao, Jin. and Shearer, Rick.

Perceptions of English language Dominican students on the use of cell phones as learning tools
 Martiz, Gisela.

Personality traits and performance in an online educational game
 Lara, Miguel., Frick, Ted. and Kwon, Seolim.

Persuasive Play: The Effect of a Social Impact Game on Attitude and Affective Learning
 Ruggiero, Dana.

Playing to Learn Geometry
 Donohue, Patricia., Gray, Tawnya. and Lamboy, Dominic.

Pre-service Teacher Perceptions of Meeting NETS*T Standards after Working in a Third Grade iPad Classroom
 York, Cindy., Chinn, Lisa. and Banas, Jennifer.

Preparing Educators to Teach the iBrain Generation
 Sorensen, Christine.

Preparing Future Instructional Designers: One Graduate Program’s Journey req W/Th
 Tracey, Monica., Kacin, Sara., Stefaniak, Jill., Boling, Elizabeth., Gibbons, Andrew. and Hokanson, Brad.

Preparing Future Teachers for The Movement to Increase Opportunities and Technology Project Goals
 Sadik, Olgun., Celik, Servet. and Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne.

Preparing Preservice Teachers for Meaningful Teaching and Learning Using a Hypermedia-enhanced Case-based Learning Approach
 SHIN, SUNGWON. and Brush, Thomas.

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Quests, badges, and leveling up in a game-based curriculum
 Haskell, Chris. and Mesler, Kristi.


RAECT – Find Out What It Means for Me: AECT Standards for Educational Technology Graduate Programs
 Hoffman, Ellen.

Reciprocal Teaching in Online Environments: Examining Teaching Presence in Student-Led Online Discussions
 Sun, Yanyan., Franklin, Teresa. and Luo, Tian.

Reexamining the Personalization Principle in Multimedia Learning: Impacts on Native versus Non-native English Learners
 Phan, Van Thanh., Crooks, Steven. and Phan, Thanh.

Relationship between teachers’ pedagogical beliefs and choices of online course activities
 Inan, Fethi. and Bolliger, Doris.

Remembering the Practice of Educational Technology, 1970 – 1995: A History Panel
 De Vaney, Ann., Butler, Rebecca P.., Robinson, Rhonda S.. and McIsaac, Marina S..

Representing, Analyzing, and Evaluating Complex Problem Solving Ability based on Expert Model Comparisons
 McKeown, Jonathan.

Research methods in desktop virtual world environments
 Beck, Dennis. and Perkins, Ross.

Research on Self-Directed Informal Learners in Open Educational Environments and Massively Open Online Courses
 Kou, Xiaojing., Sheu, Feng-Ru., Lee, Mimi Miyoung. and Bonk, Curtis.

Research on the Effectiveness of Competency Focused Education with Reference to Civil and Construction Engineering Related Courses in Taiwan
 Chen, Hsin-Tzu (Tommy).

Revising Expectations for Improved Peer Participation
 Hall, Barbara. and Lim, Janine.


SMOOCH: The development of an internally targeted massive online course
 Hokanson, Brad., McCluske, Marit. and McAlpin, Gordon.

Same Melody, Different Words: The Phases of Engagement with an Emphasis on Cultural Diversity
 Donaldson, Ana., Chen, Ava (Shu-Hsiang). and Backs, Annette.

Scaffolding in technology-mediated learning environments: A new framework
 Lee, Mark. and Dalgarno, Barney.

Scalable Cohort Project-Based Approach to Preparing Faculty to Teach Online
 Baab, Lujean.

School Principals Consider Technology Skills and Online Existing of Teacher Candidates
 Ergulec, Funda., Sadik, Olgun. and Dagli, Cesur.

Science Talks on Twitter: How Do People Learn Science?
 Kim, So Mi.

Seduction of the Reluctant [Learner]: The Use of Educational Comics from Eisner to the Web
 Holschuh, Douglas.

Sequentially Analyzing the Processes of Argument Visualization and Diagramming that Support Understanding of Complex Arguments
 Jeong, Allan. and Kim, Hae Young.

Shaping your Career in the Instructional Sciences
 Dickson-Deane, Camille., Joseph, Roberto., Branch, Robert Maribe. and Moore, Joi.

Similarities and Differences in Student and Faculty Perceptions of the Features of Mobile Learning Management Systems
 Antonenko, Pavlo. and Derakhshan, Nilou.

Simulation design strategies to promote knowledge construction and self-regulated learning
 Morrison, Jennifer., Watson, Ginger. and Bol, Linda.

Social Influences in the Introduction of LiveText as a Technological Innovation: A Case Study
 Lumpkin, Peggy.

Social Networking, Social Capital: Why Didn't My Third-Grade Classmates Join Our Ning?
 Bradley, Julie. and Hoffman, Ellen.

Social, teaching, and cognitive presence in a technology-enhanced cognitive apprenticeship during the clinical experience
 Kopcha, T J. and yuan, jiangmei.

Socratic Seminar: An International Forum on Socratic teaching
 Johari, Abbas.

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TED-Understanding NETs-T Standards with the TPACK Framework: A Technology Integration Online Teacher Professional Development Course [TR]
 Hu, Rui., Thompson, Chris. and Lin, Jing.

Teacher Learning Journeys: A New Approach to Individualized Professional Development for STEM Teachers
 Peck, Kyle L.., Mendez, Flavio. and Byers, Albert.

Teacher Perceptions and Use of Current Web-based Tools for Student Collaboration in K-12 Education
 Otieno, Catherine., Schulz, Lindsey., Tankovich, William., Wang, Xin. and Gall, James.

Teacher Professionalization in the Age of Social Networking Sites
 Kimmons, Royce. and Veletsianos, George.

Teachers' Technology Efficacy and Attitudes
 Gonzales, Stacey. and Mayall, Hayley.

Teachers’ Internet Self-Efficacy and Content Filtering Attitudes on Internet Level of Use in K-12 Classrooms
 Goines, Erika. and Havard, Byron.

Technology Implementation for ELL Instruction in Higher Education in Taiwan: Teachers’ Beliefs, Concerns and Actions
 Yang, Wan-Lin.

Technology Integration Concerns: Expanding the Dialogue Between Pre-Service Teachers and Exemplary Technology-Using In-Service Teachers
 Hoey, Bryan., Aslan, Sinem., Zachmeier, Aaron., Sadik, Olgun., Glazewski, Krista., Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne. and Brush, Thomas.

Technology Literacy Development in Digital Game Design Learning: an exploratory case study
 Navarrete, Cesar.

Technology Use to support teaching and learning in Learner-Centered Schools
 Lin, Chun-Yi., Reigeluth, Charles M.., Lee, Dabae. and Huh, Yeol.

The Adoption of Innovative Instructional Techniques in Traditional Contexts: the Case of Peer Instruction and Clickers
 Osman, Gihan., Awwad, Azza. and Sabbah, Dana.

The Development of New Digital Literacy Training for the Virgin Islands
 Hughes, Marshall., Betrus, Anthony K.., Canning, Steven. and Machia, Claire.

The Digital Kids Technology Camp: A Course for Teaching Pre-service Teachers Effective Technology Integration
 Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Kang, YoungJu.

The Effect of Source Representation Scaffolds and Goal Instructions on College Student’s Information Evaluation Behavior Change
 Kim, So Mi.

The FLVS AP Advantage: Exploring the Characteristics of K-12 Student Performance in Online Learning
 Johnston, Sharon. and Barbour, Michael.

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Understanding University Faculty Perceptions about Innovation in Teaching and Technology
 Rieber, Lloyd., Kopcha, T J. and Walker, Brandy.

Use of Mobile Devices to Foster Inquiry-Based Learning: A Case of Exemplary Teachers
 Demiral Uzan, Muruvvet., Uzan, Erol., Glazewski, Krista. and Brush, Thomas.

Using Facebook for Instruction: Perceptions of Undergraduate Students in Taiwan
 Yu, Chien. and Ewing, Carlos.

Using Facebook to Create Online Learning Communities
 Yang, Yi. and Chongwony, Lewis.

Using MMORPGs for Learning: An examination of collaborative behaviors in-game.
 Anderson, Bodi.

Using Third Place to Define Learning Communities
 Aldosemani, Tahani., Gashim, Ibrahim. and Shepherd, Craig.

Using Video Simulations on Objectively scored Online Certification Assessments to measure Higher-Level Learning
 Randall, Daniel., Sorensen, Alexander. and Davies, Randall.

Using Wikis to Support Personal Knowledge Management in Online Courses
 Hsiao, E-Ling., Huang, Xiaoxia., Tsemunhu, Rudo. and Dees, Dianne.

Using a Flipped-Classroom Instructional Model in a Large-Enrollment Undergraduate Genetics Class
 Long, Taotao., Waugh, Michael. and Su, Chunlei.

Using an Emerging Technology Tool to Engage Students in Active Learning
 Wang, Hong. and Wilkerson, Melinda.


Validation of Avatar-Based Animations for the Development of a Nursing Simulation
 Romero-Hall, Enilda., Watson, Ginger. and Papelis, Yiannis.

Video Game Experience Effects on Transactional Distance Gap of Learners in 3-D
 Atkinson, Mark. and Shepherd, Craig.

Vietnamese English as Foreign Language (EFL) Learner Autonomy and Attitudes towards ICTs used in EFL Learning
 Ngo, Hong. and Leong, Peter.

Virtual School Leadership: Successes and Challenges
 Beck, Dennis., LaFrance, Jason. and Richardson, Jayson.

Visual Literacy: How to Reading Chinese Film
 Ma, Yan.


Weaving a 4-Week MOOC into “Traditional” Online Course Instruction: A Case Study
 Huett, Kim. and Huett, Jason.

What Are We Talking About? An Analysis of a Decade of Research Published in Major Journals in Our Field
 West, Rick., Borup, Jered. and Welch, Kyle.

What Do Heuristics Mean to Instructional Designers?
 CICEK, Filiz. and CAGILTAY, Kursat.

What Do Instructional Designers in Higher Education Really Do?
 Ritzhaupt, Albert., Kumar, Swapna., Thomas, Aaron. and Rudradas, Priya.

When academics use social media: acts of defiance and personal sharing
 Veletsianos, George.

Why You Might Consider the AECT Presidency in Your Future
 Donaldson, Ana., Smaldino, Sharon., Branch, Robert Maribe. and York, Cindy.

Working With Online Teachers: Strategies for success and lessons from the field
 Jones, Marshall., Harmon, Steve., Surry, Daniel., Farquhar, John. and Land, Susan.


Young Children’s Motivation for Learning Math in a Multimedia Learning Environment
 Paek, Seungoh. and Hoffman, Daniel.
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