Accelerate Learning: Racing into the Future - AECT 2015-Nov-03 to 2015-Nov-08

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[CL] Development of an Instructional Design Model for Integrating On-Off Modes in Flipped Learning
 Lim, Cheolil., Kim, Hyeonsu. and Rhee, Jookyung.

[CL] T21 DDL- Running Learning, Social Exchange, and Communication over a Listserv: The State of ITForum 2015
 Warren, Scott. and Wakefield, Jenny.

[NR]An Examination of the Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes towards Interactive Whiteboard via Association Rules
 Turel, Yalin. and Hark, Cengiz.

[NR]Effectiveness of Video and Print Instructional Packages for Teaching Selected Basic Technology Concepts in Nigerian Upper Basic Schools
 Adegbija, Mosiforeba., Aboyeji, Oyefunke. and Laleye, Damilola.

[NR]Effects of Digital Storytelling Activities on Student Satisfaction and Student Engagement in Social Studies Course
 Hava, Kevser., Gülen, Şeyma., Sarıtepeci, Mustafa. and Çakır, Hasan.

[NR]Inking Pedagogy: A review of Effective Implementation in Engineering
 Nandy, Vaishali. and okoth, david.

“I Have Never Been So Proud”: Teacher Satisfaction at an Online High School
 Borup, Jered.

“Touch” to Learn: A systematic literature review of Touch User Interface (TUI) design in educational practices from 2004 to 2014
 Wu, Diana., Yu, Ji Hyun. and Ma, Xiaoyan.


A Case Study on Educational Technology in China
 Lai, Feng-Qi.

A Comparative Study on the Use of Motivational Regulation Strategies (MRSs) among Three Different Course Structures: Relations with Learners' Use of Cognitive Learning Strategy and Engagement
 PARK, SANGHOON. and Pennington, Sarah.

A Course Design for Novice Programmers by Using App Inventor Environment
 KAYA, Kadir Yucel., TISOGLU, Secil., Cicek, Mithat. and CAGILTAY, Kursat.

A Design Case for a MOOC on Learning to Recognize Plagiarism
 Frick, Ted., Dagli, Cesur. and Myers, Rodney.

A Framework for Assessing Fitness for Purpose in Open Educational Resources
 Jung, Insung.

A Latent Class Analysis of Hong Kong Adolescents' Risky Online Behaviors
 Chan, Chi-Keung., Yuen, Allan., Lau, Wilfred. and Chan, Albert K. M..

A Little Can Make a Difference: Impact of Technology-Enhanced, 4C’s Focused Instruction on Lower Performing Students
 Banas, Jennifer. and Gershon, Sarah.

A Measure of Student Engagement in Online Courses
 Sun, Di., Cheng, Gang. and Hall, Jacob.

A Meta-Analysis: The Effects of Digital Game-Based Learning on K-12 Mathematics Education
 Byun, Jaehwan. and Joung, Eunmi.

A Multi-Player Online Simulated Driving Game with Adaptive Video Commentaries
 Arslanyilmaz, Abdurrahman., Smiles, Andrew. and Barhorst, Kelly.

A New Farm Country: Designing Transformative Family Learning
 Nyland, Rob., Langton, Matt. and Gibbons, Andrew.

A New Mobile Application to Teach Standard Error and Its Relation to Sampling Distribution
 oren, mehmet. and Top, Namik.

A Phenomenological Study of New Technology Integration, Chromebook: Similarities and Differences among the Voices of Students, Parents, and Teachers
 Top, Namik., Sahin, Alpaslan. and oren, mehmet.

A Place for Us? Minority Parent and Student Satisfaction in a Cyber School
 Beck, Dennis., Tuchman, Sivan. and Maranto, Robert.

A Preliminary Conceptual Framework of the Adult Learner Social Science MOOC Experience
 Loizzo, Jamie. and Ertmer, Peg.

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BYOD policies, community, parent, and student access: Schools to bridge the digital divide
 Dawson, Kara., Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Wilson, Matthew.

Bandura’s Theory of Self-efficacy as a Predictor of College Professor’s Perception of Integrating Synchronous Technology in Online Classes
 Islam, Mofidul.

Barriers to Openness in K-12: Effects of District Size and Wealth on Open-Source Software Adoption
 Kimmons, Royce.

Big Plans for Little Screens: Is yesterday’s message design research relevant for tomorrow’s mobile learning?
 Wilson, Thomas.

Bring Your Own Device-BYOD in K-12 Classrooms
 Townes, Jennifer.

Bringing the Field to the Supervisor: Innovation in Distance Supervision for Field-Based Experiences Using Mobile Technologies
 Schmidt, Matthew. and MacSuga-Gage, Ashley.

Building Bridges: Cooperative Learning and Shared Research between Academia and Our Schools
 Banas, Jennifer., Persichitte, Kay., Kopcha, T J., Polly, Drew., Blatt, Leslie., Hale, Paige., Leary, Heather., Aslan, Sinem., Mete, Sinem. and Miller, Chris.


CLT-Shaping your Career in Instructional Sciences
 Lumpkin, Peggy., Dickson-Deane, Camille. and Bradshaw, Amy.

Case-Based E-Learning Design for Enhancing Real-World Problem Solving: Three Principles and Seven Strategies
 Choi, Ikseon.

Case-Based Instructional Practices across Disciplines: A Multiple-Case Study from Law, Marketing, and Online Instructional Design Classes
 Jung, Jiyoon. and Glazewski, Krista.

Characteristics of K-12 Technology Leaders 2.0: A Survey of School Administrators and Teachers in Indiana.
 Edelberg, Thomas.

Children’s motivation while playing games in a Virtual World: How many coins did you get?
 Barreto, Daisyane., Vasconcelos, Lucas. and Orey, Michael.

Civic Engagement with Technology Across Space, Time, and Scale
 Hollett, Ty. and Holden, Jeremiah.

Collaboration in a Multi-Institutional E-Service Learning Project: Reflections and Future Directions
 Earnshaw, Yvonne., Engerman, Jason., Gentry, Wendy., Hale, Paige., Maddrell, Jennifer., Rysavy, Monica. and Yu, Ji Hyun.

Collaborative Learning Studio: Facilitating Active Learning Pedagogy
 Lee, Dabae., Morrone, Anastasia. and Siering, Greg.

Collaborative Online Learning, Peer Feedback, and Self-Regulated Learning
 Walker, Victoria., Lee, Daeyeoul. and Ashby, Iryna.

CollegeLiVE: Using Avatar Training to Promote Protective Behaviors on College Campuses
 Ingraham, Kathleen. and Hughes, Charles.

Commitment, Completion, Quality: Two Models for Designing and Developing Technology-enhanced Courses
 Baab, Lujean. and Bond, M..

Communicating in Science: Pre-Service Teachers and Digital Science Notebooks
 Paek, Seungoh. and Fulton, Lori.

Communities of K-12 Practice in Action: How Diverse Practitioners Work Together to Accelerate Students’ Learning through Technology
 Hale, Paige. and Blatt, Leslie.

Community of Open Source, the Cheap: Free/Inexpensive Alternatives Open Source Video Games
 Ziaee, Yadi., Betrus, Anthony., Schneider, Edward., Justice, Lenora., Warren, Scott. and Smith, Glenn.

Competencies and Skills Needed by Designers-by-Assignment for Creating Online Interventions
 Wills-Espinosa, Nicola.

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DDL- Effects of Online Experiential Learning Activities
 Anderson, Sheri.

Demonstrating First Principles of Instruction
 Merrill, M.David.

Descriptive Post Titles as Advance Organizer: Cognitive Load and Critical Thinking Effects in Online Discussions
 Hand, Karen Gail. and Jeong, Allan.

Design Judgments in Redesigning a Service-Learning Project in a Standalone Educational Technology Course
 Jia, Xiaokai. and Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne.

Design Layers and Functional Design: A Hands-on Experience
 Gibbons, Andrew.

Design and Development of WikiTalki Application to Promote English Speaking Practice in K-12 Context
 Ko, Eunhye., Lim, Kyu Yon. and Kim, Si Won.

Design and Development of a Dynamically Adaptive TutorIT Tutorial in Basic Statistics
 Novak, Elena.

Design and Implementation of Peer Assessment with Autonomy Support in an Undergraduate Course
 yuan, jiangmei. and Kim, ChanMin.

Design and utilization of students’ reflections for program evaluation
 Wu, Diana.

Design of Online Learning Modules for a Non-Profit Organization: A Collaborative Service-Learning Initiative
 Earnshaw, Yvonne., Engerman, Jason., Gentry, Wendy., Hale, Paige., Maddrell, Jennifer., Rysavy, Monica. and Yu, Ji Hyun.

Designing Authentic Service-Learning Experiences for the Instructional Designer
 Maddrell, Jennifer. and Stefaniak, Jill.

Designing Mobile Applications for Informal Science Learning Outdoors
 Land, Susan., Zimmerman, Heather., Choi, Gi Woong., Maggiore, Chrystal., Seely, Brian. and Jung, Yong Ju.

Designing Question Prompts using Practical Inquiry Model (PIM) to Facilitate Cognitive Presence in Online Case Discussions
 Sadaf, Ayesha. and Olesova, Larisa.

Designing Third Places to Support Program Community and Organizational Networking in Online Education Programs
 Shepherd, Craig., Dousay, Tonia., Bolliger, Doris. and Aldosemani, Tahani.

Designing Transformative Family Learning (TFL) Experiences: Implications for Instructional Design
 Langton, Matt., Nyland, Rob. and Gibbons, Andrew.

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E-Learning authoring tools: How do e-learning developers gain competency using and selecting appropriate multimedia development tools
 Giacumo, Lisa. and Conley, Quincy.

E-Portfolio: Innovative Form of Evaluation in Teacher Education
 Han, Xiao. and Wang, Xusheng.

Early Childhood Teachers Instructional Practices and Perceptions in 1:1 iPad Classrooms
 Lu, Ya-Huei., Ding, Ai-Chu., Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne. and Glazewski, Krista.

Educology for Systemic Change
 Frick, Ted. and Thompson, Kenneth.

Effective Pedagogy in a Flipped Classroom
 Kim, Minkyoung., Jung, Eulho., de Siqueira, Amaury. and Huber, Lesa.

Effective Practices for Teaching Culturally Diverse Learners in Online Courses
 Kebritchi, Mansureh.

Effective and affordable simulations for the STEM classroom: A Design Case Using Excelets
 Watson, Ginger., Batool, Tayyaba. and Enderson, Mary.

Effectiveness of Computer-Based Scaffolding in Problem-Centered Instructional Models for STEM Education: Bayesian Meta-Analysis
 Kim, Nam Ju., Belland, Brian. and Walker, Andrew.

Effectiveness of First Principles of Instruction in a Mini-MOOC
 Dagli, Cesur. and Frick, Ted.

Effects of Role-Play for Problem-Solving Skills and Engagement in Online Forum
 Kim, Jackie HeeYoung., Carter, Julie. and Cho, Moon-Heum.

Effects of Self-Control and School Adjustment on Smartphone Addiction in Elementary School Students
 Lee, Jeongmin., Cho, Boram. and Jung, Yeonji.

Effects of Speaker’s Accent in a Multimedia Tutorial on Non-Native Students’ Learning and Attitudes
 Cao, Vien.

Effects of students’ e-learning readiness, teaching presence on learning effects in an online learning environment
 Park, Inwoo. and Kim, Se-Ryon.

Efficiency in the Online Environment: Digital Tools That Streamline the Research Paper Process
 Paynter, Kelly. and Barnes, Jimmy.

Elementary School Teachers’ Perspectives on a One-to-one iPad Initiative in the Classroom
 Yun, Heoncheol.

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FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS! Five Practical Leadership Principles to Turbocharge Your Career
 Kowch, Eugene.

Factors Influencing Second Language Student Production on Twitter
 Fornara, Fabrizio.

Factors that Influence Community College Instructors’ Adoption of Course Management Systems
 Teclehaimanot, Berhane. and Peters, Jeff.

Faculty Online Teaching Self-Efficacy: A Cultural Perspective
 AlShahrani, Fahad. and Mayall, Hayley.

Faculty Professional Development: How to Effectively Design and Teach an Online Course
 Han, Xiao. and Barber, Catherine.

Failure-Based Learning Principles for Learning Systems Design: A Review of Theories and Implications for Design
 Tawfik, Andrew., Rong, Hui. and Choi, Ikseon.

Field-Testing Strategies to Improve the Integration of Virtual Patient Simulations into Medical School Curriculum
 Hirumi, Atsusi.

Fliperentiation - The In-Class Flipped, Blended Classroom Approach to Instruction
 Ober, George.

Flipping into the Future with Flipboard: Student Beliefs, Attitudes, Engagement, and Device Choice
 deNoyelles, Aimee., Chen, Baiyun. and Hornik, Steven.

Formalizing Instructional Quality Assurance in the Enterprise
 Modell, Micah.

Formation of Self-organized Study Group Outside MOOCs – An Example with Chinese Students
 Zhang, Qing., Tang, Hengtao. and Park, Eunsung.

Fostering Interaction In Distance Learning through Purposeful Technology Integration in Support of Learning Goals
 Li, Wei. and Brill, Jennifer.

Framework for Accessible Course Development in Online Learning
 ondin, zerrin., Ondin, Zeynep. and Cox, II, Larry.

From Invisible to Visible: The Ruling Relations that Inform Professional Practice in School-Based Brazilian Librarianship
 Green, Lucy. and Johnston, Melissa.

From Local Learning Places to Global Learning Spaces: Online Education in Ecuador
 Pazurek, Angelica.

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Game-Based Learning of Water Systems and Scientific Argumentation: A Case Stud
 Kim, So Mi., Griffin, Joseph. and Laffey, James.

Game-based assessment: solution or illusion?
 Smith, Glenn., Ziaee, Yadi., Jordan, Beth., Flemban, Fadwa. and Besalti, Metin.

Games and Simulations: A Potential Future for Assessment
 Proctor, DeAnna. and Justice, Lenora.

Graduate Students’ vs. Undergraduate Students’ Perspectives on Facebook as a Learning Environment
 Sarsar, Firat. and Harmon, Steve.

Graphic Design Across Disciplines: Exploring Web 2.0s for Visualization of Research and Knowledge
 Bueter, Joseph.

Green Flag, Crossed Flags, Checkered Flag: Move the Design Forward
 Baaki, John.

Group and Individual inquiry in college science classrooms: Who benefits?
 Chang, YunJeong (Eunice).

Guidelines for Medical Educators to Create a Reflective Case-based e-learning Environment
 Qian, Yingxiao.

Guiding Peer-Questioning During Online Case-Based Discussions
 Trespalacios, Jesus. and Rand, Jennifer.


Homework in Cyber Schools: An Exploratory Study
 Tuchman, Sivan., Maranto, Robert. and Beck, Dennis.

How K12 Art Teachers Use Technology to Support Teaching and Learning
 Strycker, Jesse.

How Self-efficacy Explains Learner Performance and its Implication for Design of a Technology Integration Course for Pre-service Teachers
 Huh, Yeol.

How Student Perceptions Influence the Instructional Redesign of Online Learning Components
 Cooper, Shannon., Holley, Matthew., Mayall, Hayley., Renshaw, Scott. and Felix, Daniel.

How Visible are Women Scholars in Ed Tech? An Analysis of Journal Publication Rates
 Scharber, Cassandra., Pazurek, Angelica. and Ouyang, Fan.

How to Analyze and Improve Human Performance
 Gardner, Joel. and Chongwony, Lewis.

Human Agency: Implications for Instructional Design and Technology
 Yanchar, Stephen., Michael, Matthews., Wilson, Brent G.., Carr-Chellman, Alison. and Holden, Jeremiah.


Identifying the Relationship between Group Communication Behavior and Student Learning Style in Collaborative Learning: A Case of Inquiry-Based Learning Classrooms
 Shin, Suhkyung., Shin, Sungwon., Brush, Thomas. and Glazewski, Krista.

Impact of Classroom Environment on Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning
 Wang, Chun-Min (Arthur).

Impact of Group Size on Social Presence in Asynchronous Learning Environments
 Akcaoglu, Mete. and Lee, Eunbae.

Impact on Designing for Learning based on Student Perception of Graduate Level Learning
 Kaminski, Karen. and Stevens, Cynthia.

Implementing Open Badges in Three Preservice Teacher Education Programs: Challenges, Lessons, and Opportunities
 Randall, Daniel., West, Rick., Newby, Tim. and Haskell, Chris.

Improve the Quality of Education through Research Integration and Effective Assessment
 Liu, Youmei.

Improving Discussion Protocols to Support Learning in Large Online Classes: A Design-Based Approach
 Chen, Baiyun., deNoyelles, Aimee., Zydney, Janet. and Patton, Kerry.

Improving Screen Presence: Delivering Live Online Messages That Can Change Perspectives
 Ent, Veronica.

Improving Student Learning Outcomes Through the Use Of Pretraining, Segmenting, and Reflection in Instructional Videos
 McCall, Mary. and Walker, David.

Improving Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge through Digital Content Evaluation
 Xie, Kui. and Cheng, Sheng-Lun.

In search of a better understanding of social presence: An investigation into how researchers define social presence
 Lowenthal, Patrick.

Incorporating Linguistic Analysis and Pedagogy into Online Collaborative Assignments for English Language Learners
 Lee, Brenda.

Informal Learning is Business as Usual: A Survey of Instructional Design and Performance Improvement Practitioners
 Moore, Alison. and Klein, James.

Information Literacy in Online Schooling: Promises, Pitfalls, and Provision
 Beck, Dennis., Green, Lucy., Kennedy, Kathryn., O’Byrne, Ian. and Pytash, Kristy.

Innovating E-Learning in Organizations
 Huang, Wen-hao David., Johnson, Tristan. and Scagnoli, Norma.

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Leading and Managing e-Learning in Higher Education: A Discussion and Exchange
 Pina, Anthony., Cifuentes, Lauren., Huett, Jason. and Walker, Victoria.

Learners’ Perspectives of Interactions in Online Learning
 Sun, Di., Cheng, Gang. and Yang, Tianxiao.

Learning Design Workshop
 Conole, Dr. Gráinne.

Learning and Pedagogical Agents: A Literature Review
 Eşfer, Sezin. and CAGILTAY, Kursat.

Learning collaboratively: Distance students’ perceptions of teamwork trust, social presence, and cognitive presence
 Tseng, Hungwei., Morris, Betty. and Tang, Yingqi.

Learning to Develop Instructional Apps
 Luterbach, Kenneth.

Learning to Speak Italian from an Online, Story-Based Tour of Italy
 Ralston-Berg, Penny. and Xia, Juan.

Lessons Learned from a Studio-Based Instructional Design Course for Graduate Students
 Paek, Seungoh. and Hoffman, Ellen.

Levels of Reality: Effect of Presentation Formats on Middle Students’ Ability to Pose Mathematical Problems
 Coffland, David. and Xie, Ying.

Leveraging Knowledge-building Perspective in Fostering Learning Community for Chinese MOOC Learners
 Tang, Hengtao. and Qian, Yingxiao.

Limitations in Research Methodology Influence Pedagogical Agent Design
 Schroeder, Noah. and Gotch, Chad.

Literature Review on Factors of Successful Online Learning from Learners' Perspectives
 Liu, Zhichun.

Longitudinal study of teachers' technology integration knowledge, beliefs, and intentions/practices evolution: preservice to induction
 Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne., Liao, Yin-Chan (Janet). and Sadik, Olgun.

Losing is Learning: Using Gaming Concepts to Teach Failure as Part of the Learning Process
 Justice, Lenora.


MOOCing Into The Future: A Second Year Report
 Chen, Huei-Lien.

MOOCocracy - A Social Learning Democracy: The Adult Learner Culture of MOOCs
 Loizzo, Jamie. and Ertmer, Peg.

MOOCs in China - Applications, Opportunities, and Challenges
 Zhang, Shuyu.

Makerspaces in Higher Education: Design, Development, Implementation, and Research for Teacher Education and Beyond
 Lee, Eunbae., Akcaoglu, Mete., Dousay, Tonia., Boyer, David. and Brynteson, Kristin.

Making ethical design issues real in an online instructional technology course through community engagement activities
 Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa., Garty, Erin. and Do, Jaewoo.

Mastering the Practice and Tools of Teaching Online Through a Certificate Course
 Aldridge, Sarah., Hornbaker, Ryan. and Jones, Dan.

Matching Tech to Task: A Mobile App that Facilitates Just-In-Time Decision Support for Instructional Designers
 Dabbagh, Nada. and Fake, Helen (Holly).

Measuring Effectiveness of Instructional Games and Simulations
 Myers, Rodney. and Frick, Ted.

Measuring the Effects of Preferred Visual Aesthetics in an Instructional Simulation
 Watson, Ginger. and Robison, Don.

Medical Students’ Attitudes toward Mobile Augmented Reality Based Anatomy Learning
 Kucuk, Sevda., Goktas, Yuksel. and Kapakin, Samet.

Mental Health Mobile Apps in Counselor Education: Mixed Methods Research Guided by Technology Acceptance Theories
 East, Marlene. and Havard, Byron.

Mentoring Graduate Students in Instructional Design and Technology: What We Learned from PacifiCorp D&D Mentoring
 Liu, Juhong., Schuch, Dan., Hergert, Tom. and Bona, Shauna.

Methodological considerations in conducting EEG research using low-cost EEG devices
 Ingram, Richard., Estes, Michele. and Prins, Samantha.

Mindfulness and brain-based strategies: Exploring techniques and technologies for social and emotional teaching and learning
 Mao, Jin., Sockman, Beth Rajan. and Augustine, Catherine.

Mobile App Designed to Enhance Access to and Application of a Set of Online Learner Competencies: A project of the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (ibstpi®)
 Kidwai, Khusro., Beaudoin, Michael. and Suzuki, Katsuaki.

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Nihao Chinese: A Mobile Assisted Language Learning Application
 Liu, Zhichun. and Huang, Yujia.

Note-taking Behaviors in Online and Face-to-Face Sections of a Physics Lecture Course
 Murphy, Cheryl. and Stewart, John.

Nova Southeastern University Award for Outstanding Practice by a Graduate Student in Instructional Design
 Tang, Hengtao.

Nurturing Civic-Minded Instructional Design and Technology Professionals: The Impact on IDT Research, Training and Practice
 Correia, Ana-Paula. and Choi, Ikseon.


OT&P-Advancing the Knowledge Base: Presenting an Empirically Tested Model to Improve Human Performance and Organizational Effectiveness
 Bichelmeyer, Barbara. and Kang, In-Gu.

Observation and awareness of text cues and the impact on team knowledge mapping
 Taricani, Ellen. and Clariana, Roy.

One eLearning Production Tool that Faculty Must Have. And Yes, It’s PowerPoint!
 Chen, Huei-Lien.

Online Course Evaluation through the Learning Experience Analysis Approach
 Hart, Jennifer. and PARK, SANGHOON.

Online Course Formative Evaluation: Transforming Lerner Frustration into Professional Skills
 Ley, Kathryn. and Gannon Cook, Ruth.

Online In-service Teacher Professional Development to Improve Teaching in Secondary Science: A Case Study
 Huett, Kim., Huett, Jason., Walter, Andy. and Balentyne, Phoebe.

Online Knowledge Sharing and Psychological Well-Being among Chinese College Students
 Ma, Will W. K.. and Chan, Chi-Keung.

Online Multimedia Case-Based Learning System for SGBM (Sex and Gender-Based Medicine)
 Cheon, Jongpil., Crooks, Steven., Jenkins, Marjorie., Casanova, Robert., Song, Michael. and Chung, Sungwon.

Online Student Course Behaviors: How Do Weeks Flow and What Do Students Do?
 Dennen, Vanessa.

Online doctoral cohorts: Strategies for dissertation mentoring in groups
 Kumar, Swapna. and Coe, Catherine.

Online learning analytics on social networking sites: how to tap the potential of data mining in research of educational technology
 Hao, Qiang. and Branch, Robert Maribe.

Open, Free or Cheap: Alternatives to Big Name Software Packages
 Curry, John., Betrus, Anthony. and Warren, Scott.

Openness, Self-efficacy, and Willingness to Communicate in a MOOC learning environment: An Action research
 Anzai, Yayoi. and Akahori, Kanji.

Optimized Design of Chinese Mobile Applications: The Effects of Radical-Based Structure and Question-Based Content on Chinese Character Recognition
 Huang, Yujia. and Liu, Zhichun.

Optimizing Students’ Satisfaction in Online Courses: Using a Two-Factor Theory as a Lens
 Watson, Firm Faith.

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P01 CLT- Engaging Learners in Participatory Culture through Web 2.0 Tools
 Hall, Jacob.

P01 CLT- Exploring Teacher Decisions to Facilitate Technology-Supported Collaborative Teaching Practices
 Sabir, Najia., Karlin, Michael., Gyabak, Khendum. and Bonk, Curtis.

P02 CLT- How Does Culture, Learning, and Technology Impact Nurse Orientation Training Programs?
 Turner, Arielle.

P02 CLT- [NR] Kentucky Adult Education Employability Skills (Entry-Level Soft Skills) Pilot to Accelerate Learning for the 21st Century U.S. Workforce
 Lilley, Misty.

P03 CLT- Middle Eastern and American Mothers’ Perceptions toward Violent Video Game on their Children’s Behavior
 Almonsour, Nora., Hbaci, Ilham., Ku, Heng-Yu. and Williams, Mia.

P03 CLT- Millennials in the Driver’s Seat: Preparedness for and Progress in a Discovery Learning Environment
 Ashby, Iryna., Caskurlu, Secil. and Exter, Marisa.

P04 CLT- Perceived Attributes of Innovation as Predictors of Tablet Device Adoption among Special Education Teachers in Saudi Arabia
 Qahmash, Adel.

P04 D&D- A Framework for Investigating Game-Design Activity: Relating Design Practices and Design Thinking
 Valentine, Keri. and Jensen, Lucas.

P05 D&D -A Virtual Embodiment Effect of Animated Character’s Gestures on Understanding and Visual Attention
 Xu, Xinhao., Ryu, Jeeheon., Lee, Sungwoong. and Ke, Fengfeng.

P05 D&D- A Role-Play Board Game Prototype for Pre-service Teacher’s Transition from Learning Setting to Working Setting
 Cheng, Jiaming.

P06 D&D- Designing an Embedded Assessment to Test Students’ Learning on Digital Systems Design
 oren, mehmet., Pedersen, Susan. and Butler-Purry, Karen.

P06 D&D- Digital Textbooks for Secondary School in South Korea
 Lee, Jeongmin., Cho, Boram. and Park, Hyunkyung.

P07 D&D- Improving Self-Study Quizzes with Immediate Feedback
 Park, Taeyeol.

P07 D&D- Students’ Misconceptions in Introductory Computer Science
 Lehman, James D.., Qian, Yizhou. and Wang, Huanhuan.

P08 D&D- Tablet Devices in the Classroom: Towards a Paperless Learning Ecosystem
 Gosney, John. and Abaci, Serdar.

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Quality Matters (QM)-for-Students: Teaching students to design and evaluate high quality online classes
 Stover, Sheri.

Quantified Self & Learning Analytics: Why should I Care?
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., McIsaac, Marina S.., Cornell, Richard., Doyle, Robert., Pan, Cheng-Chang (Sam). and Yeh, Hsin-Te.


RTD-Making Statistics Matter: Connecting Statistical Inquiry to the Life of the Students
 Thayne, Jeffrey. and Lee, Victor.

ReViewing the Instructional Design & Technology Timeline through a Lens of Social Justice
 Bradshaw, Amy.

Reaching Out to Children in Distressed Areas: A New Curriculum and Implementation Model
 Choi, Jasmine., Qian, Yingxiao. and Choi, Ikseon.

Readiness for Learning Analytics of Higher Education Institutions
 Ifenthaler, Dirk.

Redesigning the conversation on educational reform: A call for agency
 Watson, William. and Watson, Sunnie.

Reducing Transactional Distance Between Institutions and Their Online Faculty
 Pina, Anthony., Muller, Margaret., Day-Chaney, Dorothy. and Harris, Bruce.

Reenvisoning The Future: Destination ImagiNation In China
 Chen, Yan., Luetkehans, Lara M.. and Hsu, Pi-Sui.

Reflecting with a Virtual Expert in the Here and Now Mobile Learning Environment
 Martin, Florence. and Ertzberger, Jeff.

Robert M. Gagné Award for Graduate Student Research in Instructional Design
 Schladen, Manon.


Satisfaction, Preferences and Problems of MOOC Participants
 AYDIN, Cengiz Hakan. and Bozkurt, Aras.

Scaffolded Virtual Collaborative Lab: A guideline of Fostering Student-Centered Apprenticeship in a Hands-on MOOC
 Tang, Hengtao., Wang, Shuyan., Pun, Wik Hung. and Peck, Kyle.

Scaffolding ELLs’ Narrative Writing Skills Through iPads From The Perspective Of Funds Of Knowledge
 Chen, Yan., Hsu, Pi-Sui. and Hunt, Rebecca.

Self-Guided Learning of Individuals and Pairs in Second Life: A Case Study
 Wang, Xiaoxue., Stork, Michele., Anstadt, Scott., Salapska-Gelleri, Joanna. and Xie, Rongrong.

Serious Games Analytics Using Unity3D and Information Trails
 Li, I-Hung. and Loh, C. Sebastian.

Serious Games Analytics: Methodologies for Performance Measurement, Assessment, and Improvement
 Loh, C. Sebastian., Ifenthaler, Dirk., Sheng, Yanyan., Chung, Greg. and Folkestad, James.

Showcasing How Virtual Patient Simulations May Accelerate Learning In Medical Schools
 Reyes, Ramsamooj. and Hirumi, Atsusi.

Smartphones Wandering Around the MALL: Investigating Learners’ Practical Uses of Smartphones to Enhance Language Learning Skills
 Al-Zahrani, Anwer.

Social Presence in MOOCs: An Iterative Study
 Clinton, Gregory., Rieber, Lloyd., Boada, Diego., Zhang, Yinning. and Woods, Beth.

Socratic Seminar: An international forum on Socratic teaching
 Doyle, Robert., Cornell, Richard., Johari, Abbas., Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Wang, Chun-Min (Arthur)., Bradshaw, Amy., Cifuentes, Lauren., Thomas, Michael., Leong, Peter., Kim, Paul., Wang, Xiaoxue. and Donaldson, Ana.

SourceCode B46--Integrating Coding into the Elementary Classroom: A Pilot Study
 Hartshorne, Charles., Steele, Kyle., Stack, Sarah., Aldakheel, Mshael. and Cruz, Denise.

Sprinting to the Defense of Qualitative Studies: Rigorous Methods in Critical CinéEthnography and Transcendental Phenomenology Studies
 Wakefield, Jenny. and Warren, Scott.

Structured Peer Tutoring for Online Learning Readiness: Student Tutors' Perception
 Liu, Juhong.

Student Teachers' Use of Technology: A Experience Sampling Approach
 Cullen, Theresa.

Students' Voices in Using Technology to Flip Classroom
 Chien, Szu-Yueh Justine. and Yang, Wan-Lin.

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T01 AECT- Socratic Method: How to Use it in the Conference
 Johari, Abbas. and Dang, Ryan.

T01 CLT- Accelerated Engagement of African American Males who attend rural colleges and/or universities through Social Media
 Holloway, Charles.

T02 CLT- A Support Mechanism for Collaboration Toward Culturally Relevant and Responsible Instructional Technology Inquiry and Practice
 Bradshaw, Amy.

T02 CLT- Autoethnography as a Diagnostic Tool For Rapid Instructional Problem Solving
 Gannon Cook, Ruth. and Sutton, Roy.

T03 CLT- Holler: Digital natives and digital immigrants in an online social network designed for Central Appalachia
 Parsons, Bruce.

T03 CLT- iDesign: a Case Study of a Game-Based Curriculum Supported by a Badge Assessment System
 Joseph, Roberto., Iacono, Michele. and Davola, Michael.

T04 CLT- Individuals with Intellectual Disability: Higher Social Maturity and Less Support Needs Means Stronger Digital Propensity
 Seok, Soonhwa. and DaCosta, Boaventura.

T04 CLT- Mobile Games: Moving Learning Outside of the Classroom by Blending the Virtual and Real World
 Seok, Soonhwa. and DaCosta, Boaventura.

T05 CLT- Popular Culture By Design: Uniting Media Literacy and Instructional Design Through a Crowd-Sourced Teaching Tool
 Williams, Greg.

T05 CLT- Students' Perspective on Different Teaching Methods
 de Cresce El Debs, Luciana., Miller, Kurtis. and Exter, Marisa.

T06 CLT- The Cyber Victimization of Young People – An Investigation into Risk, Impact, and Prevention
 Seok, Soonhwa. and DaCosta, Boaventura.

T06 D&D- A research study on the transfer of instructional design practices with Teaching Presence.
 Wisneski, John., Ozogul, Gamze. and Bichelmeyer, Barbara.

T07 D&D- A Review of Mobile Learning Models and Framework
 Hsu, Yu-Chang. and Ching, Yu-Hui.

T07 D&D- An ID Database for Managing the Course Design Process
 Sanford, Barry. and Pina, Anthony.

T08 D&D- Challenges in Robotics Education and Recommendations for Its Future Direction: A Literature Review
 Shin, Seungki. and Choi, Ikseon.

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Undergrad but Not Under-Experienced: Employing Undergraduates as Instructional Design Assistants to Support the Creation and Use of Open Badges
 Randall, Daniel. and West, Rick.

Undergraduate biology students’ use and attitudes toward digital textbooks
 Novak, Elena., McDaniel, Kerrie. and Daday, Jerry.

Understanding Life Experience Learning across US and Chinese Learners
 Chen, Xiaojun. and Li, Ming-hui.

Understanding case based reasoning through design-based research: Challenges and opportunities for scaffolded learning
 Tawfik, Andrew. and Schmidt, Matthew.

Understanding the Communication and Tool Preferences of MOOC Learners Working in Groups
 Zhang, Qing. and Bayeck, Rebecca.

Universal Designed Distance Learning Platforms
 Conway, Thomas.

Use of Technology in Teaching Daily Living Skills to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
 CAGILTAY, Kursat., Karasu, Necdet., Ozkubat, Ufuk., Demirkaya, Meryem., Çakır, Hasan., Kaplan Akilli, Goknur., ISLIM, Omer Faruk., CICEK, Filiz. and KARA, Ersin.

Use the Flipped Classroom Model in a Technology-Enabled Active Learning (TEAL) Classroom: A Case Study
 Long, Taotao., Logan, Joanne., Waugh, Michael. and Cummins, John.

Using Collaborative Tools to Design an Online Learning Community
 Bond, M.. and Baab, Lujean.

Using Digital Media to Improve Classroom Instruction
 Mears, Derrick.

Using Digital Tools to Enhance Community of Inquiry in an Online Class
 Lee, Sang Joon. and Huang, Kun.

Using Educational Computer Games in the Classroom: Science Teachers’ Attitudes, Perceptions, Readiness, and Support Needs
 An, Yun-Jo., Haynes, Linda. and d\'Alba, Adriana.

Using Targeted Supports to Develop Online Readiness for K-12 Students
 Siko, Jason.

Using Virtual Worlds to Investigate Learning from Life Experiences
 Chen, Xiaojun. and Li, Ming-hui.

Using Visualization to Enhance Problem Solving Skills in Physics
 Deshpande, Deepa.

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Validation of the Electronic Learner Satisfaction Scale (eLSS)
 Ritzhaupt, Albert.


Web 2.0 Tools Supporting Beginning Teachers in an Online Environment
 Anwar, Tasneem.

Web and Virtual Museums: Redefining the Alternative Learning Environment
 D’Alba, Adriana., Gratch, Jonathan. and Zhang, Jian.

What Are We Talking About? An Analysis of the Last Decade of Research Published in Major Journals in Our Field
 West, Rick., Bodily, Robert., Catron, Christina., Christensen, James., Faulconer, Christian., Howland, Shiloh., Christensen, Steven., Isiko, Jackson., Jones, Brian., Martin, Troy., Nielsen, Ben. and Wright, Casey.

What Every Teacher Educator Needs to Know
 Ray, Andrea.

What Makes a Learning Analytics Dashboard Successful?
 Kim, Dongho., Yoon, Meehyun., Park, Yeonjeong. and Jo, Il-Hyun.

What are They Tweeting About? Analyzing the Cognitive Dimension of Twitter Conversation among Teachers
 Rehm, Martin. and Notten, Ad.

What is your perspective on leadership? An interactive workshop and presentation of a study in leadership development
 Walker, Brandy., Barreto, Daisyane. and Branch, Robert Maribe.

What makes class meaningful?: Examining salient factors in participatory learning with social media
 Han, Seungyeon. and Han, Insook.

What we really know about online discussions: Learners’ experiences as missing piece of research puzzle
 Gregg, Andrea.

Which One is the “Digital Native?” Understanding Student and Teacher Web Usage Patterns
 Kimmons, Royce., Clark, Bradley. and Lim, Mihyun.

Who am I? Quantified Self in related to Learning Analytics, Wearable and Mobile Technologies
 Tu, Chih-Hsiung., Cornell, Richard., Doyle, Robert., Shearer, Rick., AYDIN, Cengiz Hakan., HUNG, JUI-LONG., Pan, Cheng-Chang (Sam). and Shelton, Brett.

Why Students Choose to Join and Leave a New Transdisciplinary, Competency-Based Degree Program
 Exter, Marisa., Ashby, Iryna. and Caskurlu, Secil.

WordPress and Moodle Updated: Open-Source Learning Management Systems in 2015
 Jordan, Elliot.

Working Together While Apart: Creating and Managing Group Work Online
 Baab, Lujean. and Bond, M..


You Know It! Knowledge Surveys Help Instructors Calibrate Online Instructional Strategies
 Kaplowitz, Hillary.
Accelerate Learning: Racing into the Future - AECT 2015-Nov-03 to 2015-Nov-08
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