Leading Learning for Change - AECT 2017-Nov-07 to 2017-Nov-12

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2006-2016 Trends and Issues in Educational Technology: Examining Conversations across Scholarly Research, Trade Journals, and Social Media
 Stansberry, Susan., Burch, Teddy., Chaivisit, Sarinporn., Christofferson, Kaia., Dalinger, Tara., Dewey, Erik., Essmiller, Kathy., Fulgencio, Jose., Green, Cathy., Louviere, Chuck. and Zhang, Yidong (Donna).

2016 McJulien Scholars Panel: A Reflection of Culturally Responsive Teaching in Education
 Nunn, Sandy., Asino, Tutaleni., Brown-Joseph, Lequisha., Hill, Michelle. and Benson, Angela.

3D Printing with STEAM Education in Schools
 Kim, Younglong., Jung, Hyojung. and Campbell, Thomas.

3D Scanning and Printing of Fossils as a Strategy to Integrate STEM in K-12 Education
 Antonenko, Pavlo., Grant, Claudia., MacFadden, Bruce. and Moran, Sean.

[CANCELLED] How Teachers in Middle Schools Design Technology Integration Activities
 Khlaif, Zuheir. and Gok, Fatih.

[CLT] Flipping Education on its Head – Coming off Autopilot and Putting Power into Students’ Hands
 Winders, Ryan.

[Cancelled] Learning for Change: Accessible Teacher Professional Development Through Popular Social Networking Websites And Apps[CL]
 Anwar, Tasneem.

[Cancelled] Scaffolding Knowledge from Research to Writing: The Role of Reflection in Turning Doctoral Candidates into Graduates
 Justus, Marianne.

[D&D] Magic: An Innovative Way to Inspire Creativity
 Li, Tong.

[ELT] Designing for Technology Modality in Online Courses
 Norden, Amie.

[LDC] Leading Learning for Change: Service and Personal Impact
 Maddrell, Jennifer. and Engerman, Jason.

[RTD] Changing how we Learn to Lead: The revealing nature of Student Narratives
 Hayes, James.

[RTD] Combating Tribalism and Navigating Paradigms in Education Technology Research
 Kimmons, Royce.

[SMT] Connecting students with purple ribbons
 Hokanson, Brad.

[STC] A Game for Change: A Way Home!
 Ensmann, Suzanne.

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A Case Study: Implementing a Mandatory Research Training Overview at an Academic Health Science Center
 Lenert, Kathleen. and Brewer, Sarah.

A Case for 360 Degree VR for Learning
 Gratch, Jonathan., Zhang, Jian. and D’Alba, Adriana.

A Case for Increased Learner-Learner Interaction in the Online Environment: A Systematic Literature Review
 Williams-Shakespeare, Eraldine.

A Change in Design: Comparing a Traditional and Flipped Approach to Technology Integration Instruction in Teacher Preparation
 Hall, Jacob. and Lei, Jing.

A Course to Train Faculty to Create Accessible Learning Environments
 Vann, Scott. and Martindale, Trey.

A Critical Incident Analysis of Online Informal Learning Projects
 Moore, Rob. and Oliver, Kevin.

A Delphi Study Investigating Instructional Design Management and Leadership Competencies
 Gardner, Joel., Chongwony, Lewis. and Washington, Tawana.

A Design based research case to promote active learning in preservice teacher education
 Kang, Jihye. and Lee, Ji-Yeon.

A Development Study on the Technology-enhanced Peer Feedback Application Prototype
 Kim, Young Joo., Jin, Myunghwa., Lim, Kyu Yon., Eun, Juhui. and Jung, Yoonjoo.

A Domain Without Verbs: Reasons Warranting a New Affective Domain Taxonomy
 Eliot, Joy. and Hirumi, Atsusi.

A DuBosian Approach to Global Citizenship Education
 Horton, Akesha. and Boyer, D..

A Framework for Classifying Design Studio Pedagogy
 McDonald, Jason.

A Korean Perspective on Smart Learning Environments, Smart Pedagogy, and Smart Learners
 Budhrani, Kiran.

A Longitudinal Assessment of Faculty Self-Efficacy as a Measure of Impact in eLearning Interventions
 Ghaznavi, Jannath., Kaplowitz, Hillary., Narayanamurti, Krishna., Silvers, Janett. and Luna, Hannah.

A Look at the Students’ Perceived Benefits of Using Blackboard Learn and the Relationships with Cognitive and Social Presences
 Tseng, Hungwei., Yeh, Hsin-Te. and Kuo, Yu-Chun.

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Base Camp: Using Portfolios for Strengthening Professional Web Presence Among Students and Alums
 Wilson, Brent G.. and Dunlap, Joanna.

Be Smart Before You Start: 5 Key Factors to Streamline Efforts and Boost Your Training’s Value
 Conley, Quincy., Michaels, Sherry. and Quinn, Patti.

Best Practice of MOOCs in Peking University: Courses, Platform, and Teaching
 Wang, Shengqing.

Best Practices for Using Twitter in Teacher Education
 Carpenter, Jeffrey. and Morrison, Scott.

Beyond Access: Quality, Equality, and Equity Concerns for Technology-supported Education in Small Countries and Developing Regions
 Lubin, Ian.

Big Data Readiness in Organizations: A Co-construction Process to Inform the Next Steps
 Giacumo, Lisa., Villachica, Steven. and Breman, Jeroen.

Blended Instruction Using Simulated Learning to Enhance Digital Literacy for Student Teachers in Thailand.
 Chuachai, Sumalee.

Building a Foundation for Learning Design in Pharmacy Education: An Analysis of Pharmacists’ Decision Making
 Palmer, Russ.

Building a Research Community in Support of Educational Neuroscience
 Ingram, Richard.

Building your brand: Using an ePortfolio to elevate yourself and your digital work
 Blevins, Samantha., yaffe, Daniel. and Brenner, Aimee.


CBE Faculty Development Or: How to help faculty stop worrying and love competency-based online learning
 Chien, Szu-Yueh Justine. and Mason, Justin.

CLT Global Collaborations
 Benson, Angela., Wills-Espinosa, Nicola., Asino, Tutaleni., Dickson-Deane, Camille. and Barlow-Zambodla, Alice.

CLT Routledge Publications
 Benson, Angela., Moore, Joi., Joseph, Roberto., Bradshaw, Amy., Horton, Akesha. and Thomas, Michael.

CLT and International Divisions - Opportunities for Collaboration
 Benson, Angela., Yeh, Hsin-Te., Asino, Tutaleni., Chien, Szu-Yueh Justine., Lumpkin, Peggy. and Hsu, Yu-Chang.

CSCL Research Trend 2012-2016: Comparing Korean and International Journals
 Lim, Kyu Yon., Lim, Ji Young., PARK, MIN JEONG. and Hato, Anita.

Captivate, an Effective Tool for Instruction and Learning
 Kim, Younglong., Shin, Yoonhee. and Banton, Jessica.

Case Study of a MOOC for Mobilizing Professional and Citizen Journalists for Social Change
 Loizzo, Jamie. and Watson, Sunnie.

Case Study on Cultivating Pre-Service Teachers' Self-efficacy Using Mobile Learning Environments
 Chen, Xiaojun.

Challenges Facing Female Department Chairs in Higher Education: A Presentation for Both Women and Men
 Schnackenberg, Heidi. and Simard, Denise.

Challenges implementing methods in a study of ID practice
 Boling, Elizabeth., Ergulec, Fatih., Gyabak, Khendum., Tomita, Kei., Kizilboga, Remzi., Zhu, Meina., Lachheb, Ahmed. and Alangari, Husa.

Change as a Result of Learning from a Badging Process
 Herring, Mary.

Changing Student Performance and Perceptions through Productive Failure: Active Learning for Applied Chemistry in Pharmaceutics
 Cernusca, Dan. and Malik, Sanku.

Changing Ways of Collaborating in Online Courses - A Design-Based Action Research
 Lee, Dabae., Rice, Marilyn., Laprairie, Kimberly. and Huh, Yeol.

Changing With the Times: How Do We Lead Technology Integration, Including Mobile Devices, In Schools?
 Slusher, Stacie.

Changing the Face of STEM Education: A Case Study
 Hooper, Jessica., Erick, Elena. and Lou, Yiping.

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D&D Symposium: Exploring Innovative Ways to Assess Real-World Problem Solving Abilities
 Choi, Ikseon., Rong, Hui., Palmer, Russ., Mishra, Supriya., Choi, Jasmine., Howington, Zackery., Walters, Katherine., Kim, Sejin., Woods, Beth., Ge, Xun. and Tawfik, Andrew.

Data Collection in Academic Technology: Data-Driven Decision Making to Promote Student Outcomes in Higher Education
 Watson, Nikisha.

Demonstrations and Hands-On Experiences With Awarded Leaders in Computational Thinking and Inquiry Learning: Meet Resnick (MIT) and de Jong (Twente).
 Resnick, Mitchel., de Jong, Ton., Spector, Jonathan M. and Johnson, Tristan.

Design Analysis to Sport Psychology Consultation with Video Communication
 Hayakawa, Takuya. and Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa.

Design Thinking for Instructional Designers
 McDonald, Jason.

Design Thinking, Maker Mindset, and Higher Education Makerspaces
 Choi, Gi Woong. and Land, Susan.

Design and Development of a Tool to determine E-learning Readiness
 James-Springer, Cathy. and Cennamo, Katherine.

Design and Development of an App to Promote and Support Peer Feedback
 Myers, Rodney., Callison, Matthew., Roman, Tiffany. and Berry, Anne.

Design and Implementation of A Computerized Model of Nursing Performance-Based Measurement System
 Yu, Wei-Chieh., Okojie, Mabel. and Lin, Chunfu.

Design and Investigation of Cooperative, Scaffolded Wiki Learning Activities in an Online Graduate-Level Course
 Huang, Kun., Posadas, Gabe., Gallo, Kasia., Doss, Mason. and Nowlin, Tatum.

Design-Based Research and the WARE-RET Initiative: A Case Study
 Hooper, Jessica. and Erick, Elena.

Designers Using Authentic Personas to Develop Open Education Resources
 Baaki, John. and Maddrell, Jennifer.

Designing Diversity-Focused Professional Development MOOC for Community College Computing Faculty: LIGHTHOUSECC MOOC.
 Chang, YunJeong (Eunice)., Cintron, Leslie., Cohoon, Jim. and Tychonievich, Luther.

Designing Educational Software: Pilot of an Interdisciplinary Graduate Course
 Exter, Marisa. and Ashby, Iryna.

Designing Instruction at a Distance
 Fell, Joshua. and Hastings, Nancy.

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ERAS: An Experiential Role-Playing Aging Simulation
 Romero-Hall, Enilda., Patrick, Renee. and Sahin, Gül.

Earning a Seat at the Table: How IT Departments Can Partner in Organizational Change and Innovation
 Moore, Rob.

Easy Booking with LibCal: Using Springshare's reservation system to book student tutoring and proctoring sessions, faculty lab reservations, and certification exams
 Rysavy, Monica. and Michalak, Russell.

Educational Technology and Critical Pedagogy: A Dialectic Toward Equity and Inclusion
 Bradshaw, Amy.

Effective Online Professional Development for K-12 Educators
 Barton, Raquell. and Reynolds, Brouke.

Effects of Different Types of Feedback on Problem Solving
 Yalcin, Yasin. and Shute, Valerie.

Effects of Online Computer games on Academic Achievement, Motivation, and Retention Rate of Nontraditional Undergrad Students
 Kebritchi, Mansureh., Turner, Patrick., Plough, Jean., Heflich, David. and Evans, sally.

Effects of Representation Format on Eye Movements in Math Problem Solving: Does Iconic Make a Difference?
 Lee, Sungwoong., Ryu, Jeeheon. and Ke, Fengfeng.

Effects of Synchronous Sessions on Social Presence in Distance Courses
 AYDIN, Cengiz Hakan. and SURAL, Irfan.

Effects of Using Modeling Approaches on Facilitating Pre-Service Teachers’ Learning Technology Integration
 Zheng, Hua. and Branch, Robert Maribe.

Elementary Coding: Preparing Preservice Teachers to Teach Coding
 Rich, Peter., Perkins, McKay. and Browning, Samuel.

Elementary Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Beliefs for Integrating Computing and Engineering Into Their Teaching
 Rich, Peter., Belikov, Olga. and Yoshikawa, Emily.

Embracing Student Creativity: the Need for Creative Teachers and Leaders
 Jahnke, Isa., Haertel, Tobias. and Terkowsky, Claudius.

Embracing Subjectivity in the Classroom: An Adaptation of Q Methodology
 Rieber, Lloyd.

Emerging Trends and Issues in Neuroscience to Inform Instructional Design Leadership and Change
 Hirumi, Atsusi., Antonenko, Pavlo., Slagter van Tryon, Patricia J., Atkinson, Tom. and Mao, Jin.

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Facilitating Collaborative Learning and Problem-Solving with Computer-Supported Causal Mapping
 Jeong, Allan.

Factors Affecting 9th Grade Student Math Performance
 Yun, Heoncheol.

Factors Influencing Preservice Teachers’ Intentions to Integrate Technology
 Havard, Byron., Ellis, Holly., Hyland, Courtney. and McArthur, Ashley.

Factors that Affect Teachers’ Adoption of Interactive Whiteboard – An UTAUT2 Model Approach
 KU, CHENG-HSIN (ALAN). and Li, Zhigang.

Faculty Development in Competency-Based Education: Design Considerations
 Caskurlu, Secil. and Watson, William.

Faculty Job Search Strategies for International Students that Work
 Baylen, Danilo M.., Chien, Szu-Yueh Justine., Romero-Hall, Enilda. and Thankachan, Briju.

Faculty Perceptions Re: Creating and Implementing Customized Electronic Textbooks in Education Courses

Fatih Project vs Maine Learning Technology Initiative: A comparison study of Teacher Professional Development
 BAYCAN, SENEM., Aybat, Burcu. and Ferhatoglu, Metin.

Featured Student Profiles: An Instructional Blogging Strategy to Enhance Student’s Peer Awareness and Interaction in a Blog-integrated Blended Classroom
 Bong, Ji Yae. and Lim, Taehyeong.

Financial Literacy Education at the Crossroads: When Issues Become Too Complex to Inform Consumer Decisions
 Thripp, Richard.

First Steps in Virtual Reality: Working with 360-Degree Video
 Brown, Abbie. and Green, Tim.

Formative Feedback for Active Learning in Hybrid Learning Environments
 Campbell, Laurie.

Fostering creativity through inquiry in Environmental Science Education Teaching
 Andzenge, Senenge.

From Theory to Practice: Are Instructional Designers Using Strategies to Manage Cognitive Load?
 Sentz, Justin. and Watson, Ginger.

From the Classroom to the Board Room: Becoming an Administrative Leader at Your Institution
 Pina, Anthony., Carr-Chellman, Alison., Driscoll, Marcy P.., Huett, Jason., Miller, Chris. and Persichitte, Kay.

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Game-Based Learning with Embedded Assessment for Three-Dimensional Science Learning
 Lou, Yiping., Tanner, Ora., Hooper, Jessica. and Moon-Michel, Lucille.

Games used in K-12 Schools
 Beck, Dennis. and Fuller, Barbara.

Gamification and Cybersecurity Education for Urban Youth
 Thomas, Michael.

Gamification for Change: A New Approach to Investigate Students’ Attitudes Towards Gamification in Online Learning Environment
 Abu-Dawood, Sumayah.

Gamification in online course design: Does it really lead to better online learning experiences?
 Nicholas, Christine. and Shao, Menglu.

Gamification of Learning and Assessment
 Diefenthaler, Cody.

Gamified Learning: Quest for Learner Engagement
 Mukherjee, Keya., Zacchilli, Tammy. and Mcilroy, Colleen.

Getting to Master Online Teaching: Insights from a Purposefully Organized Course Development Workshop

Global Perspectives on ICT in Africa, Informing Policy and Practice
 Mukhtar, Ahmed. and Pinto, Ransford.

Globally Leading Learning for Change: International Affiliate Proposal Process for an International Research Symposium
 Donaldson, Ana., Doyle, Robert., Lai, Feng-Qi., Ifenthaler, Dirk. and Nasongkhla, Jaitip.

Good VIVE-brations
 Jackson, Sean.

Graduate Students’ Attitudes of Mobile Learning
 Alshahrani, Hamed.

Group Experience: The Roles of Knowledge and Experience and Goal Orientations
 Wang, Qian. and Ge, Xun.


Hello, PWI! I am here too. How can PWIs support, develop and retain Black faculty and staff members?
 Sparks, Robert.

Hide and Go Tweet: Comparing Methods for Locating Educational Hashtag Participants
 Greenhalgh, Spencer., Rosenberg, Joshua. and Koehler, Matthew.

How To Organize Instructional Technology Scholars Association (ITSA)
 robinson, tracy.

How do they do it? Describing systems for planning and managing personalized learning in three high schools
 Beese, Elizabeth.

How novices use expert case libraries for problem solving
 Tawfik, Andrew., Gill, Anilla., Hogan, Maureen. and York, Cindy.

How should we study “systems” in education?: Challenges and future directions for education systems research
 Beese, Elizabeth., Fowlin, Julaine., Reigeluth, Charles., Gibson, David., Watson, William. and Aslan, Sinem.

How to Analyze and Improve Human Performance Issues
 Gardner, Joel., Chongwony, Lewis. and Washington, Tawana.

How to Articulate a Departmental Strategic Plan Using Semi-Empirical Design Methods
 Baker III, Fredrick.

Human Development Index and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
 Wang, Nicole., Tang, Hengtao., Chae, Chungil. and Peck, Kyle.

Human Osteology Viewer: The use of interactive games to engage learning  
 Chen, Huei-Lien.

Human Performance Technology in the Software Development Life Cycle
 Marpaung, Jonathan. and Thompson, Penny.

Human-Centered Learning Design: Recommendations for Professional Development and Professional Practice
 Heiser, Rebecca. and Dudek, Jaclyn.

Humanizing the Online Course Space: Engaging Learners through Multimedia and the Written Word
 Gray, Laura.


I Told You So: Student Agency During the Pilot Test of a Middle School ICT Enrichment Program
 Jordan, Renee. and Calandra, Brendan.

IDs 4 OER: Collaboration, Communication, and Saving Students $$ in an OER Ecology
 Wakefield, Jenny., Mills, Leila. and Di Paolo, Terry.

IT Leadership, Infrastructure, and Cloud Computing in Western Canada: An Exhaustive Study of K-12 Districts
 Holowka, Peter.

Identifying Older Adults’ Technology Preferences for Learning Activities
 Scott, JoAnne.

Identifying Philosophies of Curriculum Leadership Using Q-Perspectives™ Online
 Walker, Brandy. and Tamim, Suha.

If We Build It, Will You Come? Faculty Motivation to Attend Workshop on Innovative Teaching
 Zhang, Si. and Rieber, Lloyd.

If We Can Measure, We Can Improve: Utilizing Data Analytics to Change Learner Experiences
 Metzger, Melissa., Gaviola, Kayle. and Olsen, Jeffrey.

If You Build It, Will They Come? Using Room Design to Encourage Active Learning.
 Mong, Christopher., Runshe, Debbie. and Holmes, Benjamin.

Immersive Virtual Reality Using Head Mounted Devices to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills
 Rios, Surey.

Impact of Online Discussion on Distance Learning Students Engagement
 zhong, lin. and Chen, Huiruo.

Impact of an augmented reality scavenger hunt on students’ interest and effort levels for a peer assessment training module
 Li, Lan. and Gao, Fei.

Impacts of MOOCs on online learning and campus-based course design
 Phan, Trang.

Implementation of a Socioscientific Inquiry Unit in High School Biology: Results of a Multi-Year Design Project
 Brush, Thomas., Glazewski, Krista., Shin, Suhkyung. and Shin, Sungwon.

Implementing CS curriculum in K-12: Teachers' Needs, Challenges, and Professional Development
 Shin, Suhkyung.

Implementing Learning Analytics Features: At the Intersection of Pedagogical and Information Technological Perspectives
 Schumacher, Clara., Schön, Daniel. and Ifenthaler, Dirk.

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Kahooting Your Way to Learning: A Mixed Methods Study
 Bawa, Papia. and Watson, William.

Knowledge construction in microblogging-based learning environments
 Luo, Tian. and Clifton, Lacey.


Lead learning for change in the university classroom: Experiential activities for the learning evolution
 Sockman, Beth Rajan. and Irvine, Christine.

Leadership Practices for Organizations: Making Diversity Changes
 McArthur, Ashley. and Hastings, Nancy.

Leadership by Example:  The Legacy of Howard Sullivan
 Hannafin, Michael., Hannafin, Robert., Klein, James., OZOGUL, Gamze., Reiser, Robert., Ross, Steven. and Savenye, Wilhelmina.

Leadership in Distance Education
 Veloff, Jennifer.

Leadership in Student Organizations: Experiences and Reflections from Student Leaders
 Yao, Zhongrui., Aldemir, Tugce., Arrington, Thomas., Bae, Haesol. and Neumann, Kalianne.

Leading Change for American Indian/Alaskan Native Postsecondary Cultural Influences Using Secondary Data
 Lawlor, Andrew. and Ferebee, Susan.

Leading Change in Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulation: Theory and Application in Allied Health
 Lamey, Thomas.

Leading Change towards Implementation of Learning Analytics
 Roll, Michael. and Ifenthaler, Dirk.

Leading Change via OER: How an OER Initiative Changed our ID Culture
 Pina, Anthony.

Leading Learning for Change: A Precious Partnership Across Cultures
 Asino, Tutaleni., Young, Patricia., Spector, Jonathan M., Kowch, Eugene., Tracey, Monica., Giacumo, Lisa. and Bass-Flimmons, Erica.

Leading Learning for Change: Recontextualizing OER for Diverse Learner Audiences
 Maddrell, Jennifer., Baaki, John., Dickson-Deane, Camille., Mukherjee, Keya., Pallitt, Nicola. and Vanek, Jen.

Leading Learning to Higher Levels Through Authentic Activities
 Reilly, Christiane.

Leading Program Evaluation Change: Can Crowdsourced Input Improve Problem Solving?
 Amankwatia, Tonya.

Leading Systems Thinkers: Quiz the Authors of the New AECT STC Major Reference Work
 Kowch, Eugene.

Leading Teachers’ Learning to Algorithmic Thinking
 Vasconcelos, Lucas. and Kim, ChanMin.

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MOOCs from the perspectives of e-learning design principles
 Oh, Eunjung Grace., Chang, YunJeong (Eunice). and Park, Seung Won.

MUSE(TM): A Research and Teaching Tool for Brain Training in Education
 Mao, Jin., Sockman, Beth Rajan. and Augustine, Catherine.

Magic: An Innovative Method For Reducing Students’ Design Fixation and Inspiring Creativity in Technology Education
 Li, Tong.

Maker’s Workshop: Using Writer’s Workshop to guide K-12 teaching and learning while making
 Kopcha, T J., Kaminski-Sanders, Rachel., Bishop, Carrie., Brynteson, Kristin., Neumann, Kalianne. and Thomas, Gretchen.

Many Cooks in the Technology Kitchen: Integrating ADDIE and Early-Grades Computer Science Education
 Thompson, Penny., Asino, Tutaleni. and Essmiller, Kathy.

Many Faces of Student Plagiarism in Higher Education: Emerging Issues & Research Agenda
 Lee, Ji-Yeon.

Mastering Feedback Using Digital Badges: A Case Study of Preservice Teachers
 Besser, Erin. and Newby, Tim.

Mastering the Blend: A Professional Development Program for K-12 Teachers
 Robinson, Heather., Sheffield, Anneliese., Moore, Michelle. and Phillips, Alana.

Measures of Cognitive Load in Multimedia Learning: A Systematic Literature Review to Inspire Change in Learning
 Erick, Elena.

Measuring change: A mixed methods study using the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM)
 Magruder, Eva.

Media multitasking, attention and comprehension: a deep investigation of fragmented reading
 Liu, Yan. and Gu, Xiaoqing.

Meeting Learners Need for Relationships through Additional Technology in an Informal Setting: A Qualitative Study of an Open-Learning Environment
 Johari, Abbas. and Barilla, Wendy.

Mentoring and support for online doctoral students during the dissertation process
 Kumar, Swapna., Johnson, Melissa., Coe, Catherine. and Agacli-Dogan, Nihan.

Mentoring, workplace learning, and performance improvement: Evidence, evaluation, and research methods updates from a multiple studies review
 Chen, Jie., Giacumo, Lisa. and Seguinot Cruz, Aurora.

Meta-Analysis and Meta-Synthesis Methodologies: Rigorously Piecing Together and Analyzing Research Knowledge
 Leary, Heather. and Walker, Andrew.

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National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS) Panel
 Spector, Jonathan M., Persichitte, Kay., Grant, Michael M., Hodges, Charles. and Slykhuis, David.

Navigating Cross-cultural Dialogues in Informal Technology-based Learning Environments
 Dennen, Vanessa. and Bong, Ji Yae.

Navigation Behavior Patterns of Students with and without At-risk in A Serious Game
 Kang, Jina. and Pan, Zilong.

Needs Assessment Case Study to Gauge a School District’s Readiness to Broaden Participation in Computing
 Huett, Kim. and Westine, Carl.

Net Neutrality and its Implications to Online Learning
 Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa., Deshpande, Deepa., Do, Jaewoo., Garty, Erin., Mastrogiovanni, Jason. and teague, stephanie.

Network & Global Learning with International Scholars: International Forum
 Tu, Chih.

Network Diagram as the Formative Feedback in an Online Blog Activity
 Cheng, Jiaming. and Lei, Jing.

Network structure and identity in a learning-themed discussion on Twitter: The case of #lrnchat
 Yalcin, Yasin.

New Faculty 101: Attempting to Overcome Day 1 Barriers to Technology Adoption
 Mong, Christopher., Runshe, Debbie. and Holmes, Benjamin.

New Way of Learning: Perception and Experiences of Online Doctoral Students.
 AKOJIE, PATRICIA., Bacon, Debra., Entrekin, Fern. and Kanai, Therese.

Nick's Dilemma: A case-based, nonlinear problem solving learning environment
 Tawfik, Andrew. and Schmidt, Matthew.

No Accounting for Theory? The Case for an Affinity Space Approach to Educational Hashtag Research
 Greenhalgh, Spencer., Staudt Willet, K.., Rosenberg, Joshua. and Koehler, Matthew.

Non-traditional Students – Leading the Charge to Change the Respect of Student Time in the Online Classroom
 McClain-Smith, Ed.D., Tammy.

Novice Instructional Designers as Reflective Practitioners
 Trespalacios, Jesus.

Now I See It! Video Analysis in Open Inquiry
 Carroll, Dan.

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OMG! Leading and Learning to Create Faculty and Student Engagement Opportunities
 Karp, Jason., Reeves, Jennifer., Mendez, Gabriela. and Schlosser, Charles.

Oculus Rift Touch Demonstration
 Betrus, Anthony.

Offering an online Master’s degree program to students in China: What have we learned?
 Chen, Huei-Lien. and Knight, David.

On-Location Immersive Virtual Expeditions: Giving Students the World
 Powell, Sandy. and Burton, Melissa.

Online Learning Design and Implementation Models: -A Model Validation Study Using Expert Instructional Designers
 Armstrong, Ann. and Gale, Albert.

Online Onboarding: Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of Library workplace training in a trilingual interactive online asynchronous environment
 Rysavy, Monica. and Michalak, Russell.

Online Teacherpreneurship
 Shelton, Catharyn. and Archambault, Leanna.

Online students’ collaborative activities and co-regulation in multimedia production project
 Alsaif, Manal. and Buggs, Candace.

Opportunities for Learner Engagement
 Gibbons, Scott., Yauk, Matt. and Seo, Kay.

Overcoming Barriers to Technology Use for Saudi Female K-12 ESL Teachers in Public Schools
 Alangari, Husa.

Ownership of Mobile Devices, BYOD Perceptions, and Mobile Learning Adoption among Off-Campus Commuter Students
 Des Armier, Jr., David. and Kleinman, Jamie.


Panel on Graduate Students’ Career and University Human Resources
 Gok, Aysegul., Lockee, Barbara., Englund, Jennifer., Warren, Scott., Martin, Florence., Miller, Chris. and Curry, John.

Paper-based and Web 3s Card for Presentation and Sharing
 Susono, Hitoshi. and Hoda, Shotaro.

Passion-Driven Learning Supported by Own it, Learn it, and Share it
 Lee, Eunbae.

Patterns of Computational Thinking in a Tabletop Game Design Camp
 Valentine, Keri., Olson, Lydia. and Jensen, Lucas.

Pedagogical Use Of Technology And Its Most Influencing Factor: A Conceptual Framework
 Mané, Catrice.

Pedagogical, managerial, social, and technical: Graduate teaching assistants’ navigation and development as online instructors
 Kang, Sung "Pil"., Svihla, Vanessa. and Law, Victor.

Peer-Led Team Learning in a Problem-Solving Course: Lessons Learned
 Lara, Miguel., Eckhardt, Christian. and Humer, Irene.

Phase 1: The Development of a Multi-disciplinary, Online Learning Space Repository
 Hale, Paige., Brynteson, Kristin., Karlin, Michael., Stork, Michele. and Huett, Kim.

Playing SimCity Edu: Implications for Sustainable Development Awareness and Student Engagement of Middle School Students
 Garcia, Belen.

Positioning yourself as an asset for instructional design jobs in private industry and higher education
 Watanabe, Daniel.

Posting, Sharing, Networking, and Connecting: Instructional Design Graduate Students Use of Social Media
 Romero-Hall, Enilda.

Practice-Based Insights on the Emergent Instructional Framework of Informed Design
 Roman, Tiffany.

Pre-Service ICT Teachers’ Recommendations for School Internet Safety
 Bulu, Sanser., Kavuk Kalender, Melike. and Hafize, Keser.

Preparing the Next Generation of Instructional Design Leaders
 Slagter van Tryon, Patricia J., Hirumi, Atsusi., McDonald, Jason. and Kim, Yanghee.

Presence, engagement and satisfaction in online courses
 Kucuk, Sevda. and Richardson, Jennifer.

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Q-Methodology Primer: A Mixed Methods Approach to Research
 Walker, Brandy.


Readiness for Teaching Computational Thinking in Rural Schools
 Kale, Ugur., Akcaoglu, Mete., Cullen, Theresa. and Goh, Debbie.

Reality Labs and Mobile VR Solutions: Bringing Virtual Reality to General Education and Active Learning Classrooms.
 Roman, Tiffany., Racek, Jon., Kirk, Todd. and Decker, Matt.

Reconfiguring Online Classes Towards Student-Centered Learning
 Tamim, Suha.

Redesigning Teacher Education Programs to respond to National Education Policies/Guidelines while maintaining University Identity.
 Wills-Espinosa, Nicola. and Merchan Barros, Magali.

Reflective Practice in Non-academic Workplace Settings: Do as I Say, Not as I Do
 Williams van Rooij, Shahron.

Reflective Revision with Expert Cognitive Modeling
 Park, Hyojin., Choi, Ikseon., Schmiedt, Chad., Cornell, Karen. and Creevy, Kate.

Reorganizing action verbs and embodied activities in immersive virtual reality games: Implications for instructional design
 Moon, Jewoong.

Reorienting Educational Technology Research to Foster Change
 Reeves, Thomas C..

Research in Educational Technology Decision Making and Leadership: Implications and Opportunities for AECT
 Moore, Stephanie L.., Persichitte, Kay., Spector, Jonathan M., Bishop, MJ. and Hodges, Charles.

Research in Synchronous Online Learning: History and Current Trends
 Do, Jaewoo. and Yamagata-Lynch, Lisa.

Revisiting Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Supporting Educational/Instructional Technology Master’s Program in the Current Climate.
 Strycker, Jesse., Daniels, Lee., Jones, Marshall. and Siko, Jason.

Revolutionizing Catholic Schools – An Inclusion Model
 Templeton, Carol.


STEAM Powered Tools For Art Education
 Gardner, David. and Parsons, Colby.

STEM Certification in Georgia’s Schools: A Causal Comparative Study Using the Georgia Student Growth Model
 Green, Michael., Proudfoot, David., Otter, Jan. and Cook, David.

Saudi Inservice Teachers' Perceptions of a Professional Development Plan Based on SAMR Model  
 Aldosemani, Tahani.

Self-Efficacy in Online Learning: A Review of the Literature
 Huang, Xiaoxia. and Hsiao, E-Ling.

Self-Efficacy, Self-Regulation, and Instructional Strategies: Theory and Application in Allied Health
 Lamey, Thomas. and Davidson-Shivers, Gayle.

Self-Evaluation Through Digital Portfolios: Another Way to Understand Pre-Service Teachers’ Overall Performances in Class
 Yeh, Hsin-Te., Chung, Miri. and Tseng, Hungwei.

Self-Regulated Learning in the Online Classroom: Exploring and Designing for Maximum Time Management Proficiency
 Gray, Laura.

Self-Regulation, Smartphone Addiction, and Taiwanese College Students’ Psychological Well-being
 Chen, Yang-Hsueh.

Serious Game Design and Development
 Alshammari, Ali.

Shaping Your Career in Instructional Science
 Bayeck, Rebecca., Deal, Tye., Harris, Constance. and Gray, Laura.

Shift Happens: Preservice Teachers’ Perceived Utility of Web 2.0 Tools
 Russo Amalfitano, Tracy. and Siko, Jason.

Should Simulated Role-Playing Digital Games Work for Teaching about Social Justice?
 Ren, Xinyue.

Signals of Reflective Thinking Among Middle School Learners in a Maker Environment
 Karlin, Michael., Bae, Haesol., Alsaif, Manal., Basdogan, Merve., Edelberg, Thomas., Ergulec, Fatih., Nadiruzzaman, Hamid. and Sari, Annisa.

Social Network Analysis in Collaborative Knowledge-Construction (SNACK): An Online Discussion Visualizing Tool
 Liu, Zhichun.

Social Network Analysis of Online Discussions with Assigned Roles
 Rand, Angela. and Davidson-Shivers, Gayle.

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TED Camp: Design Challenges for K-12 Learning
 Brynteson, Kristin., Kopcha, T J. and Thomas, Gretchen.

TILC: An Innovative Learning Community Leading Educational Change
 Reeves, Jennifer., Mendez, Gabriela., Karp, Jason., Alemany, Julie., Schlosser, Charles., McDermott, Maureen. and Borror, Jia.

Taking Account of Learners’ Motivation when Designing Learning Analytics Systems
 Schumacher, Clara. and Ifenthaler, Dirk.

Teacher 2.0: Transform your Classroom in 6 Steps with Technology
 Aybat, Burcu. and Ferhatoglu, Metin.

Teacher Candidate's Perceptions towards an Online Personalized Learning Teacher Education Program
 Moon, Hyunchang. and Shin, Sungwon.

Teacher Dispositions and Instructional Communications Technology (ICT) Practices: Knowledge Gaps and Opportunities for Future Research
 Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne. and Ertmer, Peg.

Teacher Perceptions of the Adaptation and Implementation of the New Computer Science (CS) Curriculum: An Evaluation of CS Curriculum Implementation
 Shin, Suhkyung. and Cheon, Jongpil.

Teacher Scaffolding Strategies in Technology-Enhanced Socio-Scientific Inquiry Unit
 Ergulec, Fatih., Brush, Thomas. and Glazewski, Krista.

Teacher’s self-efficacy toward mobile technology matters
 Kwon, Kyungbin., Khlaif, Zuheir., Nadiruzzaman, Hamid., Gok, Fatih. and Sari, Annisa.

Teaching Research in Instructional Design and Technology
 Bagdy, Lauren., LONGFELLOW, KELLI-ANNE. and Klein, James.

Teaching for change: Using video assessment tools to turn boring lectures into engaging online instruction
 Chen, Huei-Lien. and Wang, Sirui.

Tech Gurus and Instructional Coaches - New Leadership Roles for School Librarians?
 Knapp, Nancy.

TechTrends Volume 61 Summary
 Hodges, Charles.

Technology Competence, Self-efficacy, and Perceptions of Adopting Technology for Classroom Use
 Leighton, Rebecca. and Murphy, Cheryl.

Technology certificates and endorsements offered by state departments of education in the United States
 Levene, Jessica., Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Dawson, Kara.

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USG eCampus: Online College Reinvented Through a Massive System-Wide Collaboration
 Huett, Jason.

Unique Student Assignments using the PolyLab Tool
 Gamrat, Chris., Kohler, Ryan., Giacobe, Nick. and Ryoo, Jungwoo.

Unpacking evaluation practices by instructional designers: how do they interact with external representations?
 Luo, Tian. and Baaki, John.

Unpacking the Complexity Within Case-Based Instruction
 Jung, Jiyoon. and Glazewski, Krista.

Up Periscope! Exciting Ways to Use the Periscope Application in the Classroom
 Akpan, Mfon.

Use of Gamification to Improve Human Performance
 Shah, Smruti.

Use of a Virtual Standardized Patients for Facilitating Conversational Medical Interview
 Tokel, Saniye Tugba., Talbot, Thomas., Leeds, Andrew. and Bautista, Merrick.

Users' Emotional Analysis in the Virtual Simulation for Teacher Training
 Ryu, Jeeheon. and PARK, SANGHOON.

Using 3D content and Microsoft Mixed Reality Technology to Improve Academy Performance
 Nava, Diego Rodriguez.

Using Augmented Learning to Support Deeper Learning and Engagement
 Weible, Jennifer. and Roberts, Scott.

Using Dr. Scratch as a Formative Feedback tool to Assess Computational Thinking
 Browning, Samuel. and Rich, Peter.

Using Failure Cases for Promoting Problem-solving Skills: A Case Study
 Rong, Hui., Choi, Ikseon., Schmiedt, Chad. and Clarke, kevin.

Using Game-based Learning as Teaching Strategies
 Yang, Yi. and Birmingham, Bradd.

Using Learning Analytics, Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning to Enhance Teaching & Learning
 Tu, Chih., Cornell, Richard., McIsaac, Marina S.., Doyle, Robert., Pan, Cheng Chang (Sam). and Yeh, Hsin-Te.

Using Mobile Apps To Encourage Learning Through Digital Storytelling
 Akyeampong, Albert.

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VARx: Virtual and Augmented Reality Exploration in Higher Education
 Luna, Hannah., Kaplowitz, Hillary., Zell, Deone., Ghaznavi, Jannath. and Narayannmurti, Krishna.

Validating an Instrument for Measuring Online Learning Self-efficacy: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
 Sun, Yan. and Rogers, Reenay.

Validation of the L2 Motivational Self System in Online Learning Environments: A Path Analysis
 Lee, Hyewon. and Branch, Robert Maribe.

Video gameplay and the literacy practices of African immigrant students at a U.S institution of higher education
 Bayeck, Rebecca.

Virtual reality viewers as a tool for providing immersive learning experiences to K-5 students through their school guidance program
 Hale, Paige.

Visiting Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK): Issues and Challenges in Teaching and Learning
 Yu, Chien., Chien, Szu-Yueh Justine., Yu, Wei-Chieh. and Huang, Kun.

Voices of Doctoral Students at a Distance
 Oyarzun, Beth., Balentyne, Phoebe., Conklin, Sheri., Mulder, Dave. and Moore, Michelle.


Wearable Computers: Past, Present, and Future Possibilities
 Havard, Byron. and Podsiad, Megan.

Wearable Data Collection: Using an Apple Watch When Assessing Students and More
 Hill, Julia.

Web 2.0 Across the U.S.: A Nationwide Landscape Study of K-12 Web System Adoption
 Hunsaker, Enoch. and Kimmons, Royce.

What Leaders Should Know about Social Media, Collaboration, and Doctoral Learning
 Johnson, Karen., Stout, Mary. and Hill, Michelle.

What Project Management Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities do Instructional Designers Really Need for Professional Success?
 Kline, James., Ritzhaupt, Albert. and Kumar, Swapna.

What do Graduate Students and Subject Matter Experts learn from Instructional Design Service-Learning Projects
 Smith, Ashley., Roopnarine, Shane. and O\'Hara, Joyce.

What matters to students for quality online learning experience in higher education institutions?
 Kim, Minkyoung., Shin, Sungwon., Cheon, Jongpil. and Solis, Amanda.

What's Fun Got To Do With It? An Ethnographic Inquiry Into Gamification For Non-Gamers
 Eliot, Joy.

What's in It for Me? Incentives, Learning, and Completion in Massive Open Online Courses
 Reeves, Todd., Tawfik, Andrew., Msilu, Fortunata. and Simsek, Irfan.

When is “Productive Failure” Most Productive? A Meta-Analysis
 Arrington, Thomas. and Darabi, Aubteen.

Where are the employment opportunities for doctoral degree holders?
 Warren, Scott., Gok, Aysegul. and KICI, Derya.

Who Enacts Leadership Actions?: A Systematic Review on Technology Leadership
 Ilgaz, Hale. and Nuhoglu Kibar, Pınar.

Wicked Instructional Problems: Exploring How STEM Teachers Use Design Thinking
 Elwood, Kristin., Savenye, Wilhelmina., Larson, Jean., Jordan, Michelle. and Zapata, Claudia.

With a grain of salt: Adapting to adaptive learning in higher education
 Wozniak, Kathryn.

Witnesses to Transformation: Family Member Experiences Providing Individualized Music to Relatives with Dementia
 Johnston, Elizabeth., Foyil, Barbara. and Shopland, Dr. Patricia.

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You Teach as How You were Taught: How did Preservice Teachers Learn Technology Integration from Modeling
 Lu, Liangyue., Wang, Wei. and Jiao, Jianli.
Leading Learning for Change - AECT 2017-Nov-07 to 2017-Nov-12
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