Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2010-Aug-04 to 2010-Aug-08

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"We have no newspapers -dull, dull!" American Civil War Media Dependency
 Winfield, Betty. and Painter, Chad.

“A critical look at the Internet’s influence on logo design.”
 Kelley, Debra.

“All Things Are As They Were Then”: Radio’s "You Are There"
 Ehrlich, Matthew.

“As if the Sixties never happened:” A singing cop, Baltimore's last minstrel show, and the white media narratives
 Spaulding, Stacy.

“Death in the American Family”: Framing of Health Care Reform after Senator Edward Kennedy's Death
 lapoe, ben.

“Doing more with less: How the jobs of newspaper photojournalists have changed”
 Santana, Arthur. and Russial, John.

“New Media” Skills Competency Expected of TV Reporters and Producers: A Survey
 Cremedas, Michael. and Lysak, Suzanne.

“One of the Most Crying Needs of the Present Time”: The Call for a Christian Daily Newspaper
 Rodgers, Ronald.
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“Personally, I feel sorry for her” A Focus Group Analysis of Journalistic Coverage of Celebrity Health
 Hinnant, Amanda. and Hendrickson, Elizabeth.

“Willing but Unwilling”: Attitudinal Barriers to Adoption of Home-Based Health-Information Technologies Among Older Adults
 Young, Rachel., Willis, Erin., Geana, Mugur. and Cameron, Glen.


A Content Analysis of Prosocial Behavior on Sid the Science Kid
 Evans, Caitlin. and Steinke, Jocelyn.

A New Area of Video Game Research? The Pro-Social Effects of Playing Violent Video Games Cooperatively
 De Simone, J.J..

A Pedagogical Response to the Coverage of Islam: A Wiki-Based Best Practices Document for Reporting on Muslims and Islam
 Hoewe, Jennifer., Bowe, Brian. and Zeldes, Geri Alumit.

A Political Boss and the Press: The Impact on Democracy of Two Brazilian Newspapers
 Harlow, Summer.

A little bird told me, so I didn’t believe it: Twitter, credibility, and issue perceptions
 Schmierbach, Mike. and Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne.

A pedagogical proposal on cognitive bias to avoid reportorial bias
 Christian, Sue Ellen.

Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage: “Wedging” Issues Together Through Indexing
 Elmore, Cindy.
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Accounts of Identity: Gamer identity and the decentered self
 Shaw, Adrienne.
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After the Storm: Greensburg Residents Discuss an Open Source Project As a Source of Community News
 Smethers, Steve.

Alcoholic content: a textual analysis of Rock of Love
 Hogarth, Tim., McComb, Mike., Pinckney, Kareema. and Smith, Sandra.

An Analysis of NARB Panel Decisions Before 1994
 Powviriya, Jessica.

An Exploration of Trends in Food Attitudes and Behaviors Among Adults with 6-11 Year Old Children: An Agenda Setting Theory Perspective

An Incitement to Riot: Television's role in the civil disorders in the summer of '67
 Hrach, Thomas.

An early history of newspaper agents
 Vos, Tim. and Li, You.
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An examination of college sports fans’ perceptions of scandal coverage in the media
 Yanity, Molly. and Furrow, Ashley.

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Background Television and Toddlers' and Preschoolers' Emergent Literacy
 Nathanson, Amy. and Rasmussen, Eric.

Behavioral Consequences of Conflict-Oriented News Coverage: The 2009 Mammography Guideline Controversy and Online Search Trends
 Weeks, Brian., Friedenberg, Laura., Southwell, Brian. and Slater, Jonathan.

Beyond Exposure: Exploring the Role of Economic News Coverage in People’s Sense of Economic Well-being
 Remund, David., Huang, Nell., Riffe, Daniel. and Harlow, Jennifer.

Beyond “soap opera for social change”: An analysis of Kenya’s The Team
 Tully, Melissa. and Ekdale, Brian.

Big Chief Tablets and Sharpened Pencils: Helping PR Practitioners Transition from Practice to Classroom
 DeSanto, Barbara. and Gonders, Susan.
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Blogging the Meltdown: Comparing the Coverage of the Economic Crisis in Journalistic Blogs vs. Non-Journalistic Blogs
 Ji, Hong. and Sheehy, Michael.

Bonding and Bridging Social Capital:The Impact of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous News Content
 YANG, Guang.

Brands Among Friends: An Examination of Brand Friending and Engagement on Facebook
 Burns, Kelli.

Bringing Clarity and Direction to Advertising ROI: A New Conceptual Model for Practical Application
 Dickinson, Don.

Bureaucrats, Politicians, and Communication Practices: Toward a New Model of Government Communication
 Liu, Brooke., Blake Levenshus, Abbey. and Horsley, J. Suzanne.

Business Size and Media Effects: An Examination of Econo-Psychological Factors
 Lee, Wan Soo. and Lee, Min-Kyu.


Can This Marriage Be Saved? The Love-Hate Relationship Between Traditional Media and Citizen Journalism
 Leach, Jan. and Gilbert, Jeremy.

Candidate Obama in the News: “True blue populism" and social production of empty signifiers in political reporting
 Kumar, Anup.

Celebrity Endorsements and Nonprofit Charitable Organizations: The Role of Celebrity Altruistic Motive and Identification
 Park, Sun-Young. and Cho, Moonhee.

Celebrity Endorsers in Advertising: Effects of Negative Information Levels and Timing of Exposure to Negative News
 choi, hojoon., Reid, Leonard. and Morimoto, Mariko.

Celebrity-Associated Promotions: Celebrity Endorsed Advertising vs. Celebrity Product Placement
 Reeves, William.

Collective memory and discursive contestations: Reconstruction of a Maoist-Era Icon in China’s Government-controlled Newspapers
 Pan, Ji.
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College Student Preferences for Trendy Versus Classic Typefaces: A Q-Study
 Buehner, Tara.

Commodification of Community: The Ethics of Lay's Local
 Goodman, Erica.

Common Acceptance Rate Calculation Practices in Communication Journals: Developing Best Practices
 Perry, Stephen. and Michalski, Lindsey.

Community Conversation or 'The New Bathroom Wall?' Anonymous Online Comments and the Journalist's Role
 Nielsen, Carolyn.

Computational journalism in the middle school
 Pearson, Kim., Wolz, Ursula., Pulimood, Monisha., Stone, Meredith. and Switzer, Mary.

Conceptualizing the Right to Environmental Information in Human Rights Law
 Bishop, Cheryl Ann.

Connecting to One Another, Communities, and Newspapers
 Mersey, Rachel Davis.
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Considering Contempt by Publication, 1800-1830
 Cain, Butler.

Consuming the West: A Semiotic Analysis of Western Models and Symbols in Chinese Magazine Advertising
 Huang, Ying.

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Defending Against Defriending: Understanding Self-censorship of Online Social Network Profiles
 Reineke, Jason. and Burchfield, Heather.

Defining obesity: Second-level Agenda Setting in Black Newspapers and General Audience Newspapers
 Lee, Hyunmin. and Len-Rios, Maria.

Demystifying the Demand Relationship Between Online and Print Products under One Newspaper Brand: The Case of Taiwan and the Emergence of a Universal Pattern
 Chyi, H. Iris. and Huang, J. Sonia.

Differing Uses of YouTube During the 2008 U.S. Presidential Primary Election
 Hanson, Gary., Haridakis, Paul. and Sharma, Rekha.

Dimming Lights and Deepening Shadows over Press Rights in Kyrgyzstan
 Freedman, Eric.

Disciplining the British Tabloids: Mosley v. News Group Newspapers
 Bates, Stephen.

Do You See What I See?: A Comparative Content Analysis of Iraq War Photographs Published in The New York Times and the Tehran Times
 Cansler, Garen., Collins, Erik. and Holmes, Cecile.

Does market matter? Proximity, placement, graphics, and topic in News Recommendation Engines on newspaper Websites
 Simpson, Ed.


Ecopedagogical Potential in Pixar’s "Wall•E"
 Smith, Alexandra.

Edgar Snow: How His Early Years in China Illustrate the Importance (and Potential Limitations) of Objectivity
 Moretti, Anthony.

Editor Blogs: Ample Commentary, Little Transparency
 Lewis, Norman., Neely, Jeffrey C.. and Gao, Fangfang.
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Effect of Message Type in Strategic Advocacy Communication: Investigating Strategies to Combat Ageism
 Bailey, Terri.
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Effect of a Public Service Announcement for Couple Testing for HIV on Beliefs, Understanding, and Intent to Act
 Ramaprasad, Jyotika.

Effect of ecological, proximal, and psychometric risk perception on reported self-protective behavior for West Nile virus.
 Trumbo, Craig., Harper, Raquel., Zielinski-Gutiérrez, Emily., Kronauge, Cindy. and Evans, Sara.

Effects of Political Talk Show Discussion on Mobilizing Citizens: Applying an Approach-Avoidance Motivation Framework
 Gotlieb, Melissa R.., Kim, Sojung Claire., Gabay, Itay., Liang, Xuan., Hou, Chia-I. and McLeod, Douglas.

Effects of Rationality and Discounting Cues on Attitude Changes toward Soft Drinks over Time

Emails from the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaigns: Communication and Mobilization
 Smith, Melissa. and Smith, Barry.

Empowering the Patient to Maximize the HealthCare Exam
 Ciletti, Andrea. and Smith, Penny Pence.

Entering the Game at Half-time: Engaging Transfer Students in Internships and Co-Curricular Activities in Mass Communication Programs
 Vicker, Lauren.

Esquire's "Man the Kitchenette": Representations of Men, Masculinity & Cooking
 Fakazis, Elizabeth.

Ethical Considerations in Social Media Usage -- a Content Analysis of Silver Anvil Winners
 Whalen, Patricia. and Makarewicz, Sylwia.

Exiting with Dignified Rhapsody: A Lexical Study of U.S. Presidential Concession Speeches
 Onyebadi, Uche.

Expanding the Public Sphere? An examination of print and Web site commentary at the Washington Post
 Simpson, Ed.

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Face to Face: How the Cleveland Clinic Managed Media Relations for the First U.S. Face Transplant
 Kruvand, Marjorie.

Festival de Viña del Mar: Articulating Chilean Identity Through a National Media Event
 Bucciferro, Claudia.

Filling the Knowledge Gap: A SEM Analysis of the Moderating Role of Media Use (Online vs. Traditional News)
 Tran, Hai.

Filling the credibility gap with news use: College students’ news habits, preferences, and credibility perceptions
 Schafer, Matt.

Frame-changing and Stages of a Crisis: Coverage of the H1N1 Flu Pandemic
 Zeng, Lily.
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Framing Across the Pond: A comparative perspective on the media coverage of the 2009 health care reform debate
 Foote, Jackson.

Framing Barack Obama’s first visit to Africa as president: A comparative analysis of African and non-African news coverage
 Sikanku, Etse.

Framing Health Disparity News: Effects on Journalists’ Perceptions of Newsworthiness
 Hinnant, Amanda., Oh, HyunJee., Caburnay, Charlene. and Kreuter, Matthew.

Framing the Sichuan Earthquake on U.S. Television
 Dimitrova, Daniela. and chu, kejun.

Friends of the Bureau: Personal correspondence, and the cultivation of journalist-adjuncts by Hoover’s FBI
 Cecil, Matthew.

From Eisenhower to Obama: Lexical Characteristics of Winning vs. Losing Presidential Campaign Commercials
 Lowry, Dennis. and Naser, Md..

From Social Control to Post-Feminism: A Longitudinal Analysis of Reporting on Title IX by Journalist Gender
 Kaiser, Kent.

From “Poisonous Weeds” to “the Shining Spot”: A Discourse Analysis of Presentation of Chinese Popular Culture by the People’s Daily in 1979 and 1993
 Liu, Zhaoxi.

Frontier Fears: The Clash of Indians and Whites in the Newspapers of Mankato, Minnesota, 1863-1865
 Lewis, Charles.


Game Theory and Mass Communication: Applications and Insights for Future Use
 Sindik, Amy.

Giving Users a Plain Deal: Contract-Related Media Liability For Unmasking Anonymous Commenters
 Sanders, Amy Kristin. and File, Patrick.
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Global Imaginary as Global Village: McLuhan and Mumford Reconsidered
 Lule, Jack.

Goffman in The Real World: Processes of Performance and Characterization Across Three Reality Television Series
 Lashley, Mark.

Gourmet Magazine's Depiction of the American Gourmet: A longitudinal content analysis, 1945-2008
 Norville, Lanier. and Greer, Jennifer.

Graphical Depictions of Quantitative Data: Can Interactivity Affect Recall and Attitudes?
 Wojdynski, Bartosz.


Having Your Beer and Drinking It Too: Strategic Ambiguity and Self-Regulatory Compliance in Beer Commercials
 Zwarun, Lara.

Health and Nutrition- Related (HNR) Claims in Magazine Food Advertising: A Comparison of Benefit-Seeking and Risk-Avoidance Claims
 choi, hojoon., Yoo, Kyunga., Macias, Wendy. and Han, Nah Ray.

Herodotus As An Ancient Journalist: Reimagining Antiquity's Historians as Journalists
 Saltzman, Joe.

High School and Collegiate Journalism: The Ties That Bind (Through an AEJMC Division, and Beyond)
 Konkle, Bruce.

Hiring for Change? A Content Analysis of Newspaper Industry Job Ads Appearing on and Editor & Publisher
 Cleary, Johanna. and Cochie, Meredith.

How Emergencies Have Affected the Interaction of Journalists/Sources: Message Development in the Terror Age
 Swindell, Christopher.

How Two Irish Newspapers Framed the 2007 British Military Withdrawal From Northern Ireland
 Ferman, Dave.

How the West was Family Friendly: Disney’s Westerns and Generation X in the 1970’s
 Gleason, Timothy R.

Humiliation TV: A Philosophical Account of Exploitation in Reality Television
 Wyatt, Wendy.

Hungry for News: How Celiac sufferers learn from media, each other
 McKenney, Mitch.

Hype Artists, Con Men, Pimps and Dopesters: The Personal Journalism of Harry Crews
 Geltner, Ted.


I shot a prescriptivist in my pajamas last night: A grammatical disarmament proposal for editors and educators
 Vultee, Fred.

In the Name of the South: Fear-Based Rhetoric, the Southern Media and Massive Resistance
 Wallace, David.

Indexing in Economic News: Coverage of the 2009 Economic Stimulus Package
 Bridges, Portia.

Influences of Culture, Country Origin and Product Category on the International Advertising Strategies of Multinational Corporations in North America, Europe and Asia
 JIANG, JING. and Wei, Ran.
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Integration or Law and Order - Editorial Stances of the Arkansas Gazette during the Central High Crisis
 Stephens, Donna. and Heo, Nokon.

Intellectual Games: International Intellectual Property Rights and the Middle Eastern Video Game Industry
 Shaw, Adrienne.
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International Attitudes Toward America: Relationship Status – It’s Complicated
 Randolph, Olga., Fullerton, Jami. and kendrick, alice.

Internet Service Provider’s Liability for Defamation: South Korea’s Balancing of Free Speech with Reputation
 Park, Ahran.

Internship Supervisors’ Evaluation of Communications Majors’ Internship Performance
 Todd, Vicki. and Levine, Grace.

Is She Man Enough?: News Coverage of Male and Females Candidates at Different Levels of Office
 Meeks, Lindsey.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV: The effects of context and endorser credibility on advertising effectiveness
 Krakowiak, K. Maja. and Poniatowski, Kelly.


Jessica Mitford's "Experiments Behind Bars" and the Moral Craft of Investigative Journalism
 Landa, Amy Snow.

Journalism Teacher Assessment of Education Inhibitors
 Plopper, Bruce. and Cook, Taylon.
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Journalism in a Complicated Place: The Role of Community Journalism in South Africa
 hatcher, john.

Journalism layoff survivors burn in Arizona, keep cool in L.A.
 Reinardy, Scott.

Journalism’s layoff survivors tap resources to remain satisfied
 Reinardy, Scott.


Keeping up with Current Affairs: New(s) Sources and Their Users
 Trilling, Damian. and Schoenbach, Klaus.


Late to the Game: William Randolph Hearst, the New York Journal, and the Modern Sports Section
 Carvalho, John.

Legacy of the Covenant: Media, Riots, and Racialized Space in Chicago, April 1968
 Manning, Meagan.

Legitimacy 2.0: Possible Research Avenues for Corporate Reputation in the Digital Age
 Rodgers, Joy.

Libelous Language Post-Lawrence: Accusations of Homosexuality as Defamation
 Phillips, Laurie.


Making the Case for Critical Media Literacy: Goals and functions in undergraduate education
 Ashley, Seth.

Making the Case for War: CNN and BBC coverage of Colin Powell’s 2003 presentation to the United Nations
 Ashley, Seth.

Mammy Revisited: How Media Portrayals Of Overweight Black Women Affect How Black Women Feel About Themselves
 Chen, Gina., Williams, Sherri., Hendrickson, Nicole. and Chen, Li.

Man-child in the White House: The discursive construction of Barack Obama in reader comments at
 Vultee, Fred.

Mapping discourses about minorities: Locating Thai Muslims on Flickr
 Kirdnark, Treepon. and Wall, Melissa.

Materialism, Postmaterialism and Agenda-Setting Effects: The Values-Issues Consistency Hypothesis
 Valenzuela, Sebastian.

Media freedom and corruption: Media effects on governmental accountability in 133 countries
 Camaj, Lindita.

Mediated struggle in bill-making: How sources shaped news coverage about health care reform
 Wu, Denis. and Lambert, Cheryl Ann.

Mobile Communication and the Personalization of Public Life: Implications for Open Political Dialogue
 Kwak, Nojin., Campbell, Scott., Lee, Hoon., Brown, Katie., Rebecca, Yu. and Bae, Soo Young.

Models: The Missing Piece in Climate Change Coverage
 Akerlof, Karen.

More Troops, More War: A Framing Analysis of International News Coverage of the Troop Surge in Afghanistan
 Tennant, James Ian.

Mother as Mother and Mother as Citizen: Mothers of Combat Soldiers on National Network News
 Slattery, Karen. and Garner, Ana.

Multimedia in the Website: How do the U.S. Professional Sports Team Websites Adopt and Use Media Technologies?
 Lee, Yang-Hwan. and Ihm, Sung-Chul.


Narrative Persuasion in Fantastical Films
 Zwarun, Lara. and Hall, Alice.

Need for Orientation and Journalists’ Use of Political Blogs in Covering the 2008 Presidential Campaign
 Heim, Kyle.

New media, old criticism: Bloggers’ press criticism and the journalistic field
 Vos, Tim., Craft, Stephanie. and Ashley, Seth.
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News Editors’ Beliefs and Attitudes toward Online Advertising: A Happy Balance between Journalistic Ideals and Commercial Realities?
 Huh, Jisu., Chang, Tsan-Kuo., Southwell, Brian., Lee, Hyung Min. and Hong, Yejin.

News and Community in a Tumultuous Border Region
 Carter, Cathleen. and Kodrich, Kris.

News media and the social amplification of risk for seasonal influenza.
 Trumbo, Craig.

Newspaper Coverage of Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama during the Presidential Election
 Shoop, Tiffany.

Newspaper customer value: An exploratory examination of the role of network effects in a converging industry
 Simpson, Ed.

No Future No Longer: Pop-Punk and the Second-Wave Legacy
 Smith, Alexandra.

Not For Profit or Not For Long – Is Nonprofit Journalism Sustainable?
 Kaufhold, Kelly.


Often Caregivers? Sometimes Wild Women? An Archetypal Study of Sea Captains’ Wives in the New York Times, 1851-1900
 Kilmer, Paulette D..

One Click to Suicide: First Amendment Case Law and its Applicability to Cyberspace
 Cerutti, Christina.
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One Profession—Multiple Identities: Russian Regional Reporters’ Perceptions of the Professional Community
 Lowrey, Wilson. and Erzikova, Elina.

Online Communities’ Impact on the Profession of Newspaper Design
 Urbanski, Steve. and Miller, Amanda.

Online Parenting Information Seeking: Attitude and Usage of Chinese Parents with 0-to-6-year-old Children
 Cui, Yan. and Leung, Wan Chi.


People Watching: Genre Repertoires and Multichannel TV Environments
 Harriss, Chad. and Fontenot, Maria.

Perceived Diversity in Advertising Agencies and the 4 Ps of Creativity
 Villegas, Jorge. and Vogel, Thomas.

Photographic Images of Gender and Race Portrayed in Sports Illustrated Kids, 2000-2009
 Furrow, Ashley.

Photographic Sharing: A Ritual (Over)View
 Gleason, Timothy R.

Photojournalists’ Job Responsibilities and Satisfaction: The Impact of Range of Affect and Changes in Contract
 Yaschur, Carolyn.

Piloting Entertainment News: “Entertainment Tonight” and its Lasting Impact on Television News Programs
 Magee, Sara.

Political ad tone, reactance, affect, perceived effects, and political participation
 Meirick, Patrick., Nisbett, Gwendelyn. and Kim, Hyunjung.

Portrayals of the Insanity Defense in News/Interview Programs
 Murrie, Michael. and Friedman, Rachel.

Power-control or empowerment? How women public relations practitioners make meaning of power.
 Place, Katie.

Predicting Attitudes toward Email and Postal Direct Advertising by Consumers’ Innovativeness
 YANG, KENNETH C. C.. and Garland, Caroline Staub Garland.

Predicting international news coverage: How much influence do gatekeepers have?
 Horvit, Beverly., Gade, Peter. and Lance, Elizabeth A..

Presence in 3DTV : A Study on the Perceptive Characteristics of the Presence in Three Dimensional Imaging Programs
 kweon, sang hee. and Whang, Kyung Ho.

Presidential Candidate Preference Based on Issue Salience and Homophily: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
 Agnihotri, Iti., Davie, William., Dinu, Lucian. and Auter, Philip.

Press Freedoms in the American Colonies, 1755-1765: The Public and the Printers
 Alford, Gigi.

Promoting the Promoters Online: How Ad Agencies Use Corporate Websites to Promote Their Services
 Chambers, Barbara. and Matthews, Curtis B..

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Reaching Constituents Online: A Content Analysis of Frames and Design on Obama's Official Blog
 McKinnon, Lori.
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Reading the Brandfan: Using Twilight to Explore Brands and Fandom
 Chambers, Barbara.

Reaffirming Racism: Racial Discourse During Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign
 McLaughlin, Bryan.

Realistic Mapping vs. Symbolic Mapping: Effects of Controllers on Video Game Experience
 Sah, Young June., Ahn, Byungyul. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Reality Does Bite: Generation X Enters Adulthood
 Gleason, Timothy R.

Reconceptualizing Political Blogs as Part of Elite Political Media
 Veenstra, Aaron.

Reinforcing Functions of Attention to Affective Coverage and Partisans for Attitudes toward the U.S. Policy of Iraq
 Lim, Jeongsub.

Reporters and "Willing Propagandists": AEF Correspondents Define Their Roles
 Sweeney, Michael.

Rural Use of Internet Technology and Economic Development in Nigeria
 Igboaka, Primus. and Ha, Louisa.


Same Earthquake, Different Story: Cultural Values in the News Coverage of the Sichuan Earthquake in China Youth Daily and the New York Times
 Liu, Zhaoxi. and Berkowitz, Dan.

Searching for the core of journalism education: Program directors widely disagree on curriculum priorities
 Blom, Robin. and Davenport, Lucinda.

Selecting Daily Newspapers in China for Content Analysis: A Comparison of Sampling Methods and Sample Sizes
 Song, Yunya. and Chang, Tsan-Kuo.

Self-Concept Portrayed in Advertising and Consumer Perceptions on Luxury Fashion Brands
 Yim, Mark Yi-Cheon.

Selling News: Exploring Myth in Television Coverage of the Iraq War
 Bemker, Victoria.

Service-Learning in the Public Relations Classroom: An Experiential Approach to Improving Students’ Critical-Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills
 Wilson, Brenda.

Shining a Bright Light: An Analysis of Race and Identity in Online Messages
 Clark, Naeemah., Gallagher, Amanda. and Boyer, Lori.

Show Me a Story: The Synergy of Photo Stories and Words
 Yaschur, Carolyn.

Silence in Cyberspace: Testing the Spiral of Silence in Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Contexts
 Zuercher, Robert.
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Silent No More: Regan Hofmann and POZ Magazine
 Donovan, Robin.

Social Media Activism as a Behavioral Consequence of the Third-Person Effect: Assessing the Influence of Negative Political Parody Videos on YouTube
 Lim, Joon Soo. and Golan, Guy.

Social Media and Social Movements: Facebook and an Online Guatemalan Justice Movement that Moved Offline
 Harlow, Summer.

Social Media and Young Latinos: A Cross-Cultural Examination
 Albarran, Alan., Valentine, Aimee., Dyer, Caitlin. and Hutton, Brian.

Social Network Sites as Another Publishing Platform for Newspapers

Spiral of Speaking Out: Conflict Seeking of Democratic Youth in Republican Counties
 McDevitt, Mike.
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Talking Green: Green Quad, Communication Behavior and Environmental Norms
 Barr, Daphney. and Foster, Caroline.

Talking about Poverty: News Framing of Who Is Responsible for Causing and Fixing the Problem
 Kim, Sei-Hill., Carvalho, John. and Davis, Andrew.
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Teaching Journalism as a Liberal Art: Social Justice, Empathy, and Community Decision-Making
 Callie, Mary Beth.

Telling your own bad news: A test of the stealing thunder strategy
 Wigley, Shelley.

Text Haiti to 90999: The future of relationship fundraising for a nonprofit organization.
 Denard, Terri.

Thailand’s Internet Policies: The Search for a Balance between National Security and Rights to Information
 Magpanthong, Chalisa.

The 2008 Presidential Election, 2.0: A Content Analysis of User-Generated Political Facebook Groups
 Woolley, Julia., Limperos, Anthony. and Oliver, Mary Beth.

The Anonymous Poster: Today's Hybrid of the Anonymous Pamphleteer and Anonymous Source?
 Burnham, Lola. and Freivogel, William.

The Associated Press as Common Carrier?
 Bates, Stephen.

The BIA Occupation: The Media Frames A Native American Struggle to Gain Control
 Richardson, Mavis.

The Case for Race: Factors Affecting Credibility Perceptions in the Blogosphere
 Williams, Larissa.

The Chicago Defender: Is it a political institution?
 Mislan, Cristina.

The Cultural Consternation of Brand O(prah): Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventure
 McGhee-Hilt, Felicia., Brooks, Dwight., Lambert, Cheryl Ann. and Fields, Megan.

The Daily Dance: Agenda-setting, framing, and communication for development at daily State Department briefings
 Simpson, Ed.

The Digital Boneyard: An Exploration of Death, Simulacra, and Social Networking Sites
 Prewitt, Andi.

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Under the Weather: The Impact of Weather on US Newspaper Coverage of the 2008 Beijing Olympics
 Zhong, Bu. and Zhou, Yong.

Understanding Orientalism: The construction of the 'other'
 Atterberry, Adrienne.

Understanding Web Identity: Approaches to the Study of Identity and Self-Expression in Cyberspace
 Lashley, Mark.

United States v. Shriver and the Rise of the Public Policy Rationale for the Journalist's Privilege: 1894-1897
 File, Patrick.
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Video Expectations for Non-Television Producers of Community News: Two Newspapers’ Online Video Strategies
 Daniels, George.

Viral politics: A look into the credibility and effects of online viral political messages
 ancu, monica.

Virtually Ethnographic: Considering Method and Methodologies in Virutal Worlds
 Martey, Rosa Mikeal. and Shiflett, Kevin.

Visual Framing of Patriotism and National Identity on the Covers of Der Spiegel
 Pyka, Andrea., Fosdick, Scott. and Tillinghast, William.


We Will Be Missed: Self-Commemoration in 2009 Newspaper Failures
 Gilewicz, Nicholas.

What Makes A Super Bowl Ad Super?: Five-Act Dramatic Form Impacts Super Bowl Ad Ratings.
 Quesenberry, Keith. and Coolsen, Michael.

What Was the Murrow Tradition? A Case for Supplementing Historical Research with Content Analysis
 Cozma, Raluca.
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What are Americans seeing? Examining the Gain and Loss frames of Local Health News Stories
 Lee, Hyunmin., Lee, YoungAh., Park, Sun-A. and Willis, Erin.

What is Sexy? How Young Women Ages 19-26 Define Sexiness in the Media and in Real Life
 Zhang, Meng.
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What’s in a (Missing) Name? Newspaper Online Forum Participants Sound Off about Civility and Anonymity
 Rosenberry, Jack.

When Does F*** Not Mean F***?: FCC v. Fox Television Stations and Protecting Emotive Speech
 Hopkins, W. Wat.

When Science and Politics Collide in the Framing over Indigeneity
 coleman, cynthia.

When tourists are your friends: An exploratory examination of brand personality in discussions about Mexico and Brazil on Facebook
 DeMoya, Maria. and Jain, Rajul.

Who Gets Their News Online and Why? Exploring the Role of Selective Exposure in the Consumption of Internet News
 Lee, Shin Haeng. and Ha, Jaesik.

Who do you Trust? Source Effects in Online Product Reviews
 Dou, Xue., Walden, Justin., Lee, Seoyeon. and Lee, Ji Young.

Why Are We Losing the War on Obesity? Contradictory Social Cognitive Effects of Media on Individuals’ Health and Behavior against Higher BMI, Lower Education Level, and Poverty
 choi, hojoon. and Shim, Minsun.

Why Some Young Adults Dislike Print Newspapers and Their Ideas for Change
 Zerba, Amy.

Why We Travel: Enduring and Emergent Representations in a New York Times Travel Text
 Good, Katherine.

Wise Latina: The Framing of Sonia Sotomayor in the New York Times and El Diario La Prensa
 Nielsen, Carolyn.

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You Do Not Know Me: Sexual Identity, Consumption, and the Sign of "The L-Word"
 Kern, Rebecca.

You just have to be there: Video Journalism as a Social and Material Construction
 Bock, Mary.
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