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"Not Exactly Lying": The Life and Death of the "Fake" in Journalism and Photography, 1880-1910
 Tucher, Andie.

"They dangerously confuse the concept of personhood and citizenship:" An analysis of media representations of immigrant women and families in the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007
 Martin, MaryAnn.

"What if Michael Vick Were White?": Analyzing Framing, Narrative, and Race In Media Coverage of Michael Vick
 Carr, Bryan.

‘Mind the CSR Communication Gap’: The Role of Authenticity in the Communication of CSR
 Wilson, Christopher., Tao, Weiting., Kochhar, Sarabdeep. and Ferguson, Mary Ann.

“Catfights” under the Male Gaze: Framing of the 2010 U.S. House Race between Kristi Noem and Stephanie Herseth Sandlin
 Sternadori, Miglena.

“Defining Celebrity and Driving Conversation”: Celebrities on the Cover of People Magazine (2000-2010)
 Arakaki, Jon. and Cassidy, Bill.

“Letters from home” Intimacy in the Norwegian community press
 hatcher, john.

“Reading” The Apprentice: Culture and the Manufacturing of Reality
 Terrell, Sharon.


A Balancing Act: The Rhetorical Vision of Champion Magazine
 Furrow, Ashley.

A Comparative Content Analysis of Dialogic Theory on Fortune 1000 Facebook and Twitter Pages
 Wilson, Christopher. and Tao, Weiting.

A Comparative Content Analysis of Fortune 1000 Corporate Communication Strategy on Facebook and Twitter
 Tao, Weiting. and Wilson, Christopher.

A Comparison of Three Approaches to Computing Information Insufficiency: Challenges and Opportunities
 Rosenthal, Sonny.

A Cross-National Comparison of Russian and U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Iran’s Nuclear Program
 Sokolova, Diana. and Schwalbe, Carol.

A Digital Juggling Act: New Media's Impact on the Responsibilities of Local Television Reporters
 Adornato, Anthony.

A Fight for Legitimacy: A Case Study of the 2011 Education Union Crisis
 Paquette, Michael.

A New Medium at War: The Importance of Foreign Radio Reports in Portugal during World War II
 Ribeiro, Nelson.

A New York Tribune Reporter's Correspondence, Captivity, and Escape During the American Civil War
 Fuhlhage, Michael.

A Reliability Index (ai) that Assumes Honest Coders and Variable Randomness
 Zhao, Xinshu.

A Section of Their Own: Women Leaders in the Financial Times’ Women At the Top
 Steyn, Elanie. and Jenson White, Kathryn.

A Wave of Sources: An Examination of Sources used in U. S. and Japanese Newspaper Coverage of the Tsunami in Japan
 Fontenot, Maria., Luther, Catherine. and Coman, Ioana.

A comparison of news media avoidances among young adults across media
 Zerba, Amy., Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia. and Rim, Hyejoon.

A study of college students' attitudes toward a paid news content system
 Sang, Yoonmo.

A tale of two icons: Photographic representations of reconciliation In Peru and Guatemala
 Hoecker, Robin.

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Bamboozling the Public? Developing a Theory of Strategic Misinformation
 Amazeen, Michelle.

Beyond Content: Framing through the Roles of Journalists
 Hellmueller, Lea., Tandoc, Edson. and Vos, Tim.

Blog credibility: examining the influence of author information and blog “reach”
 Borah, Porismita.

Body Talk: Gay Men’s Body Image Commentary on
 Schwartz, Joseph. and Grimm, Josh.

Bonding friends, bridging families: How parents share and seek support on Facebook
 Britten, Bob. and Troilo, Jessica.

Breaking Drug War Hegemony or Reinforcing the Bad? Illicit Drug Discourses in AMC’s Breaking Bad
 Flener, Katrina.

Buffy the Stereotype Slayer
 Bogarosh, Nichole.


Celebrated Images of Blackness: A Content Analysis of Oscar Award Winning Films of the 20th Century
 Satchel, Roslyn.

Changes in Content Characteristics of Nontraditional Media after Partnering with Traditional News Providers
 Saks, Jeremy.

Changing Standards for Offensive Language: Gate Widens at The New Yorker
 Stoltzfus, Duane.

Children’s Consumption of Fast-Paced Television as a Predictor of Their Vigilance
 McCollum, James.

Clearing the Bench: Framing the 2010 Iowa Fight Over Gay Marriage
 Harmsen, Shawn.

Collapse of the Newspaper Industry: Goodwill, Leverage and Bankruptcy
 Soloski, John.

Commenting on health: A framing analysis of user comments in response to health articles online
 Holton, Avery., Lee, Na Yeon. and Coleman, Renita.

Communication Styles: Their Role in Understanding Autism in Korea and the United States
 German, Myna. and Kim, Keonhee.

Company executive vs. customer testimonial: Examining credibility of quoted spokespersons in business-to-business communication
 Howes, Pauline. and Sallot, Lynne.

Comparing Health Messages in Magazines: Journalistic Elements and Their Connection to Health Literacy and Numeracy
 Len-Rios, Maria. and Hinnant, Amanda.

Considering familial, sociopolitical, technological, and other factors in a cultural approach to risk communication
 Vardeman-Winter, Jennifer.

Conversation Starters: A Study of Interactivity on Community Press-Supported Facebook Pages
 Carey, Michael Clay.

Country Music is Cool: Advertising, Symbolic Excludivores and Musical Omnivores.
 Ziegerer Behnken, Dawn.

Covering the other: A historical analysis of the Stonewall Uprising and GLBT rights movement
 Painter, Chad.

Creating Frames, Contextualizing Frames: Elite versus Non-Elite Press Coverage of the 2008 Recession
 Lukito, Josephine. and Tajima, Atsushi.

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Death in Waikiki: The Significance of the Geo-­cultural Context in News Media Framing
 Auman, Ann.

Democracy, Press Freedom, and Facebook: Identifying Conditional Diffusion of Technology
 Lee, Shin.

Developmental Provocation: Youth Prompting of Purposeful Political Parenting
 McDevitt, Mike. and Kiousis, Spiro.

Diffusing Deviant Behavior: A Communication Perspective on the Construction of Moral Panics
 Denham, Bryan.

Digital Touchdown?: An Examination of Audience's Multiplatform Experience during the 2012 Super Bowl
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

Disaster in Haiti: Critical Themes in News Coverage of the 2010 Relief Effort
 LaGroue, Jared. and Murrie, Michael.

Displacing the Displacement Hypothesis? Does the Internet Really Displace Traditional Media?
 Tandoc, Edson.

Do Online Health-related Behaviors Lead to Being Helped?
 Zhang, Hui.

Do traditional news outlets matter in the Twitterverse? Agenda-setting and the two-step flow on top microblogs
 Greer, Jennifer., Blankenship, Justin. and Yang, Yan.

Does Negativity Prevail? A Content Analysis of Award-Winning News Photos
 Yaschur, Carolyn.


Effects of Opinionated Media and Selective Exposure on Economic Perceptions during Two Presidential Elections
 Scholl, Rosanne. and Kirzinger, Ashley.

Empirical Research in Women’s Magazine Health Content
 Rodgers, Shelly., Hinnant, Amanda., Swasy, Alecia. and Subramanian, Roma.

Empowered & Engaged: A Phenomenological Study Exploring Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations
 Breneman, Tessa., Abel, Alexis. and Hachtmann, Frauke.

Engagement Ads in Social Network Games: Persuasion Knowledge and Consumer Choices to Send Marketer-Generated eWOM to Friends
 Lee, Jin Kyun. and Hansen, Sara.

Engagement with News Content in Online Social Networks
 Oeldorf-Hirsch, Anne. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

Erring on the conservative side?: Assessing psychological conservatism as integrated latent predictor of selective exposure
 Lee, Angela M.. and Johnson, Thomas J..

Ethics in the digital age: A comparison of moving images and photographs on moral reasoning
 Meader, Aimee., Knight, Lewis., Coleman, Renita. and Wilkins, Lee.

Evaluation of the Theory of Planned Behavior
 Chen, Kuan-Ju.

Explicating the Concept of Journalist: How Scholars, Legal Experts and the Industry Define Who Is and Who Isn’t
 Tandoc, Edson. and Peters, Jonathan.

Explicating the Values-Issues Consistency Hypothesis through Need for Orientation
 Valenzuela, Sebastian. and Chernov, Gennadiy.

Exploring Message Meaning: A Qualitative Media Literacy Study of College Freshmen
 Ashley, Seth., Lyden, Grace. and Fasbinder, Devon.

Exploring Youth, New Media Alcohol Marketing and Associated Behaviors
 Hoffman, Eric., Austin, Erica Weintraub., Pinkleton, Bruce. and Lei, Ming.

Exploring the Elaboration Likelihood Model in Cancer Communication: Experimental Testing of Behavioral Intentions and Action
 Rausch, Paula.

Exploring the Elaboration Likelihood Model in Cancer Communication: Extending Experimental Testing of Attitudes to Organizations and Blogs
 Rausch, Paula.


Facial Recognition vs. the Law
 Larson III, Robert G..

Facilitating the Egyptian Uprising: A Case Study of Facebook and Egypt’s April 6th Youth Movement
 Bowe, Brian J.., Alkazemi, Mariam. and Blom, Robin.

Few Shades of Gray: Media Portrayal of German-American Relations During the Postwar Occupation of Germany
 Greenwald, Marilyn.

Fighting death: The effects of punitive difficulty on video game enjoyment, immersion and need satisfaction
 Schmierbach, Mike., Sherrick, Brett. and Wu, Mu.

Fighting spirit: Competing hyperlocal sites outmatch legacy newspaper’s efforts
 Selvin, Barbara.

Filling in the Blanks between Corporate Communication and Financial Performance: Corporate Associations and Customer Satisfaction
 Tao, Weiting.

For ‘the cause of civil and religious liberty’: Abner Cole and the Palmyra, NY, Reflector (1829-1831)
 Mangun, Kimberley. and Chatelain, Jeremy.

Framing in the last fifteen years: Examining definitions, citations, mechanisms and antecedents across fifteen disciplines
 Borah, Porismita.

Framing of Women Pharmacists in Mainstream and Trade Press During Second-Wave Feminism
 Posey, L Michael.

Free at last: Media framing and the evolution of free agency in Major League Baseball
 Borton, Brett.

From Crisis to Consensus: Advertising Practitioner Responses to the Trust Consolidation Era, 1898-1902
 Alter, Stewart.

From breaking to traditional news: How journalists craft resonance through storytelling
 LaPoe, Victoria. and Reynolds, Amy.

Fueling the debate: Predictive relationships among personality characteristics,motives and effects of animated news viewing
 Lo, Wai Han. and Cheng, Ka Lun Benjamin.


Gates Wide Open: A Systematic Review of Gatekeeping Research
 Tandoc, Edson. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

Gender, Personality Attributes, and Predictors of Career Success in Media Professions
 Cooper, Roger. and Tang, Tang.

Get in the Game: Customization, Immersion, Autonomy and Enjoyment
 Kim, Keunyeong., Woolly, Julia., Schmierbach, Mike., Fraustino, Julia Daisy. and Chung, Mun-Young.

Glamorization or Cautionary Tale? Comparing Episodes of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and the Mediating Role of Outcome Expectations on Pregnancy Beliefs and Aspirations
 Shafer, Autumn.

Green Sells – Effects of Green Visuals in Advertising on Chinese Consumers’ Brand Perception


Have We Ever Experienced Remade Fan Video as Visual Poaching on YouTube?
 Kim, Keunyeong.

Health Self-Efficacy and Health Information Seeking: Exploring Relationships between Source Utilization, Source Trustworthiness, Health Behaviors, and Demographics
 Ahn, Ho-Young (Anthony)., Evans, Nathaniel., Hocke, Tatjana. and Avery, Elizabeth.

Hearing the Other Side Revisited: Toward a Unified Theory of Deliberative and Participatory Democracy
 Lee, Hoon., Kwak, Nojin. and Campbell, Scott.

Heightening uncertainty around certain science: Media coverage, false balance, and the autism-vaccine controversy
 Dixon, Graham. and Clarke, Christopher.

Help Wanted 2011: An examination of job skills required by top U.S. news companies
 Owens, Lynn. and Wenger, Deb.

Herding Reader Comments Into Print: Gatekeeping Across Media Platforms
 McElroy, Kathleen.

Heteroglossia, Polyphony, and Unfinalizability: Examining a White House Press Briefing Through the Theories of Mikhail Bakhtin
 Cavanah, Sarah.

High School Student Publications As Public Relations Tools: What Historical References Say About Such Use/Misuse
 Konkle, Bruce.

Hot Metal, Cold Reality: Photographers’ access to steel mills
 Bossen, Howard., Freedman, Eric. and Mianecki, Julie.

How Connected Are Connected Consumers? Comparing the Contextual Use of Traditional and Nontraditional Video Platforms
 Logan, Kelty.

How Journalists Perceive Influence: A Qualitative Assessment of Local Television Reporters’ Ethical Decision-Making
 Concepcion, Beth.

How student journalists seek information and evaluate online sources during the newsgathering process
 Tylor, Julia.


I See Gay People: Exploration of Television Program Types, Acceptance of Homosexuals, and the Para-Social Contact Hypothesis
 Wilcox, Dave.

Idea Plagiarism: Journalism's Ultimate Heist
 Lewis, Norman.

Illegal or Undocumented? Alien or Immigrant? An Examination of Terms used by the News Media, 2000-2010
 Hrach, Thomas J..

Illusory Empowerment: Representations of Korean Women in Television Series, All-American Girl and Lost
 Park, Jiwoo.

Images of Injustice: A Visual-Rhetorical Analysis of "Inside Job"
 Collebrusco, Anthony.

In Media We Distrust: The Interplay of Message, Context and Media Trust on Political Evaluations
 Wise, David. and McLaughlin, Bryan.

Information-Seeking Self-Identity: Scale Development and Validation
 Rosenthal, Sonny.

Instruments of Transatlantic Community: Julia Griffiths' "Letters from the Old World" in Frederick Douglass' Newspapers
 Parsons, Sarah. and Fee, Frank.

International News Attention and Civic Engagement: Disasters and Donations in the Digital Age
 Martin, Jason.

Internet Addiction among Young People in China: Internet Connectedness, Online Gaming, and Academic Performance Decrement
 JIANG, Qiaolei.

Is Facebook making us dumber? Exploring social media use as a predictor of political knowledge
 Cacciatore, Michael., Yeo, Sara., Su, Leona Yi-Fan., Choi, Doo-Hun., Xenos, Michael., Scheufele, Dietram A.., Brossard, Dominique., Anderson, Ashley., Kim, Jiyoun. and Corley, Elizabeth.

I’m Done! Causes of Selective Exposure: Interaction Effects of Incivility and Partisan Incongruence on Dissonance
 Tsang, Stephanie Jean.


Journalism enhanced by argumentation, informal logic, and critical thinking
 Herrera, David.

Journalism's Next Generation? How High School Journalists View the Future of Journalism
 Dennis, Joseph. and Sindik, Amy.

Journalistic Ethics at the Border: How El Paso Times Journalists Balance Reporting the News and Protecting their Sources
 Carter, Cathleen. and Kodrich, Kris.

Journalists' Engagement with Facebook: A Theoretical Analysis
 Haney, Sally.

Judging a book by its cover: Using Q Method to examine millennials’ perceptions and expectations of classic novels
 Patton, Katherine.

Justice and journalism at the Supreme Court: Newspaper coverage of ideology within the Roberts Court
 Woolery, Elizabeth.


Learning from the best: A study of the growth, goals and methods of exemplary teachers
 Robbs, Brett. and Broyles, Sheri.

Life is Elsewhere: The Use and Effects of the Homeland Media among the Digital Sojourners
 Qin, Jie. and Gao, Jie.

Linking Economics to Communication Research: Exploring the Third-Person Effect on News Consumers’ Intention to Pay
 Chyi, H. Iris., Lee, Angela M.. and Holton, Avery.

Literary journalism "tinctured with magic": The subjectivity of William Bolitho
 Bouchillon, Brandon. and Stoker, Kevin.


Making Hyperlocal News: An Exploration of the News Values and Perceived Roles of Journalists Working in Local, Independently Owned Online News
 Horning, Michael.

Making a Kinection: Competitive and Collaborative Multiplayer Gameplay in Exergames
 Peng, Wei. and Crouse, Julia.

Mary Garber: A Woman in a Man’s World
 Furrow, Ashley.

Mastery and modeling in the teaching of news writing: A social cognitive approach
 Nevin, William. and Lowrey, Wilson.

Media Use and Political Trust in an Emerging Democracy: Setting the institutional trust agenda
 Camaj, Lindita.

Media fragmentation and coexistence of market information regimes: Simultaneous use of two television ratings systems in India
 Taneja, Harsh.

Media, memory, and a sense of place: The nation's first Washington
 Hume, Janice.

Mediating Trust in Terrorism Coverage
 Mogensen, Kirsten.

Mental illness, the news media and open justice: the Australian experience
 Pearson, Mark.

Mobile Communication Competence and Mobile Communication usage: Based on College Students’ Analysis
 Zeng, Fan-Bin. and Rong, Zhang.

Modeling Television Viewing: Integrating Motivational and Situational Predictors
 Taneja, Harsh. and Vishwanathan, Vijay.

More Diverse Images of Women Found in Smaller Niche Magazine: Diverse Feminine Images Presented in Christian Teen Magazines
 Martinez, Charlotte.

Muslim Bloggers in Germany: An Emerging Counterpublic?
 Eckert, Stine. and Chadha, Kalyani.

Muslim media in the United States and their role in the American Public Square
 Siddiqi, Mohammad.

My Gun Dirty, My Brick Clean: Postmodern Representations of New York City in Late-Night Cinemax Series
 Calautti, Pietro.
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Natives in the News: How the Rapid City Journal Covered Native Americans on Page 1A
 Tranchell, Savannah. and Arnold, Mary.

Need for Orientation, Selective Exposure and Attribute agenda setting effects: Change versus Reinforcement
 Camaj, Lindita.

New Media in the Newsroom
 White, Eric.

New Playing Grounds: How Sport Was Reconceptualized for U.S. Television in the 1960s
 Kachgal, Tara.

New media, old sources: An examination of source diversity of online news in China
 Liu, Na. and Lin, Fen.

Newspaper portrayals of climate-friendly plant-based food choices: The New York Times and The Australian
 Mittal, Radhika.

Not dead yet: Newspaper company annual reports show chains still profitable
 Edge, Marc.


Old Dogs, New Tricks: Online News Uses New Tools but Attracts the Same Eyeballs
 Kaufhold, Kelly.

On Finding Dorothy Shaver: First Lady of Retailing and Public Relations Innovator
 Braun, Sandra.

On Publicity: Ivy Lee's 1924 Address to the American Association of Teachers of Journalism
 Hallahan, Kirk.

Online News Aggregators, Copyright, and the Hot News Doctrine
 Larson III, Robert G..

Opposite but Equal: Examining the Protest Paradigm through the Hegemonic Lens
 Grimm, Josh.

Organization ecology and emerging media: A case study
 Lowrey, Wilson.

Out of the Mists of Time: Newspaper Coverage of Travel to Lithuania 1988-1993
 Kubilius, Kerry.


Parents’ Influence Biases on Children, Their Own and Others
 Eckstein, Jacqueline. and Meirick, Patrick.

Participation beyond Production: Reception and Ritual in the Study of Activist Audiences
 Rauch, Jennifer.

Partisans and Controversial News Online: Comparing Perceptions of Bias and Credibility in News From Blogs Versus Mainstream Media
 Kim, Mihee. and Yaros, Ronald.

Patients or Polar Bears? Framing the Public Health Implications of Climate Change
 Rolfe-Redding, Justin.

Perceptions of Work-life Balance Among US Advertising Students: A Study of Gender Differences
 Fullerton, Jami. and Kendrick, Alice.

Performance of Gender Identity on Wedding Websites
 Daws, Laura Beth.

Polemics and Pragmatism: James J. Kilpatrick’s Shifting Views on Race between 1963 and 1966
 Atwood, Elizabeth.

Policy development under uncertain regulatory capture conditions: An insiders’ perspective
 Sindik, Amy.

Pre-9/11 stains on Pakistan’s character: American and British newspaper coverage of the Kargil War of 1999
 Atre, Sagar.

Pre-Roll Advertising in Videogames: Effects on Brand Recall and Attitudes
 Dardis, Frank., Schmierbach, Mike., Sherrick, Brett. and Fraustino, Julia Daisy.

Predicting Communal and Connective Public Goods Contribution in SNS: Network Incentives and Social Value Orientations
 Liao, Wang., Liu, Yusi. and Jin, Jianbin.

Presidential Crisis Communication in Environmental Disasters: A Content Analysis Comparing White House Responses to Hurricane Katrina and the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster
 Myers, Cayce. and Corbin, Nicola.

Privacy Capital: Social Media Users Perceptions and Exchange of Their Privacy Online
 Cain, Jason.

Putting Community First: Mainstreaming CSR for Community Building in India and China
 Kochhar, Sarabdeep.


Race and Masculinity: A comparison of Asian and Western Models in Men’s Lifestyle Magazine Advertisements
 Shaw, Ping. and Tan, Yue.

Raised on the Radio: The 1920s and America’s First Media Generation
 Sugar, Annie.

Ratcheting up the grassroots rhetoric: Tea Party candidates and Twitter in the 2010 midterm elections
 Turcotte, Jason. and York, Chance.

Rational Choice in Religious Advertising: American Religions Adapt to the Spiritual Marketplace
 Pritchard, Andrew. and Fudge, Julie.

Refugee Status: Tracing the Global Flows of M.I.A.
 Creech, Brian.

Reshaping the Classroom & Workplace Communities?: Millennial Graduates Rate Their Job Skills & Professional Characteristics
 Todd, Vicki.

Resisting or Reinforcing Western Stereotypes? Queen Rania of Jordan on YouTube
 Wall, Melissa.

Revolutionary Medium? Portrayals of Social Media in American and Egyptian Newspapers’ Coverage of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution
 Fesenmaier, Margaret A.., Kaloumeh, Luay., Zhuang, Yuxi. and Ivory, James.

Richard as Waking Nightmare: Barthesian Dream, Myth, and Memory in Shakespeare’s Richard III
 Carroll, Brian.

Routinizing a new technology in the newsroom: Twitter as a news source in mainstream media
 Moon, Soo Jung. and Hadley, Patrick.


Scholastic Journalism Teacher Use of Digital Devices and Social Networking Tools
 Plopper, Bruce. and Conaway, Anne Fleming.

Science News Media Use, Institutional Trust, and South Koreans’ Risk Perception of Genetically Modified (GM) foods
 Oh, Sang Hwa. and Kim, Sei-Hill.

Secrecy and Transparency of the Chinese Government: A Historical Perspective
 tang, Yong.

Seeing and Not Believing: Concern for Visual Culture in The Humanist
 Moore, Rick Clifton.

Seeing the World Through a Filter: How College Students Place Trust in Others
 Powers, Elia. and Koliska, Michael.

Seeking information about complex science: The interplay of risk-benefit perceptions and prior knowledge
 Su, Leona Yi-Fan., Li, Nan., Scheufele, Dietram A.., Brossard, Dominique. and Xenos, Michael.

Seize the Time: How the Black Panthers’ Early Media Strategies Shaped the Party’s Image
 Cieslik-Miskimen, Caitlin.

Social Media Editors in The Newsroom: A Survey of Roles and Functions
 Currie, Tim.

Social Media as a Relationship Strategy: Twitter’s Impact on Enhancing Brand Loyalty
 Li, Zongchao.

Something Old, Something New: Convergence Culture, Lifestage Marketing, and The Knot, Inc.
 Schleser, Jamie.

Spirals Into Fragmentation: Rethinking the Spiral of Silence for Reference Groups in the New Media Environment
 Pritchard, Andrew.

Sports Commentary: Comparing Male and Female Announcers During Women's NCAA Tournament Games
 Overby, Katrina. and McGuire, John.

Stars, Stripes, and Gays: Coverage of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ repeal in military news
 Madsen, Paige.

Stereotypes in Blockbusters: An examination of Asian Characters in Top Box Office American Films (2000-2009)
 Tu, Jia-Wei. and Liu, Xing.

Storytelling with Interactive Graphics: An Analysis of Editors’ Attitudes and Practices
 Palilonis, Jennifer. and Spillman, Mary.

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Tagging and Identity Construction Online: Taking Tag Usage on Sina Weibo Microblog for Example

Talking as communicators: Effects of group communication, government-citizen interaction, and perceived media importance on online political discussion
 Liu, Na. and Zhang, Xinzhi.

Talking or Thinking? Pathways from News to Political Learning among Children
 Tandoc, Edson. and Thorson, Esther.

Technology Disruption Theory and Middle East Media
 Berenger, Ralph. and taha, mustafa.

Technostalgic Photography and Damon Winter's "A Grunt's Life"
 Mau, Heidi.

Television Viewing and the Belief in the American Dream
 Sekarasih, Laras.

The Afro’s Ollie Stewart: Looking at American Politics, Society and Culture from Europe
 Broussard, Jinx. and Paul, Newly.

The Civic Engagement and Psychological Empowerment of Micro-blog Usage in China: A Case Study of Sina Weibo
 Xu, Keyi. and Liu, Yang.

The Closing of the Ether: Communication Policy and the Public Interest in the U.S. and Great Britain, 1921-1926
 Ashley, Seth.

The Contradictions of Herbert Hoover: Positive and Negative Liberty in American Broadcasting Policy
 Ashley, Seth.

The DC Snipers and Shifting Signifiers of Otherness: Newspaper Coverage of John Allan Muhammad and John Lee Malvo
 Chuang, Angie. and Chin Roemer, Robin.

The Effect of Arousal Variance and Presentation Sequence on Audience Responses to Animal Protection PSAs
 Kim, Hyejin. and Kim, Okhyun.

The Effect of Tempo in the Background Music of Political Television Spots on Candidates’ Issue Images, Humane Images, and Voters’ Recall
 Kim, Sang Chon. and Yoon, Doyle.

The Effects of Ambient Media: What unplugging reveals about being plugged in
 Roberts, Jessica. and Koliska, Michael.

The Evolution of Canon 35 and the Two Maverick States That Did Not Follow Suit
 Martinez, Michael.

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U.S. Media Frames of Egyptian Revolution Participants
 Guzman, Andrea.

Uncertainty Reduction Strategies via Twitter: The 2011 Wildfire Threat to Los Alamos National Laboratory
 Merrifield, Nicole. and Palenchar, Michael.

Urban or Rural? An Analysis on the Stereotypical Media Depictions of Phoenix Guys in China
 Chen, Li.

Using a constructivist approach to teach SEO tactics to PR students
 Moody, Mia. and Bates, Elizabeth.


Visual Exploration of Environmental Issues
 Seelig, Michelle.


What Do Blog Readers Think? A Survey to Assess Ghost Blogging and Commenting
 Gallicano, Tiffany., Cho, Yoon. and Bivins, Thomas.

What Happens to the "Cream of the Crop"? The Representative Anecdote in AMC's Mad Men
 Engstrom, Erika.

What has Social Networking Service (SNS) research done for the half decade? Review, critiques, and discussion of the studies from 2006 to 2011
 ZHANG, Yin.

What's the bandwidth for democracy? Deconstructing Internet penetration and citizen attitudes about governance
 Stoycheff, Elizabeth.

What’s on (Digital) TV? Multicast Programming, the Public Interest Standard, and the Scarcity Rationale
 Kordus, David.

What’s on Your Mind? What Facebook Users Disclose in their Status Updates and Why
 Tandoc, Edson. and Shoenberger, Heather.

When Advertisements Make Someone Look Bad (or Better)
 Kim, Minchul.

When Journalism Met the Internet: Old Media and New Media Greet the Online Public
 Dillon, Mike.

Whistleblowing in public relations: Ethical dilemma or role responsibility
 Greenwood, Cary.

Who Are Journalists? Presentation of self on the microblog "We Are Journalists"
 Carey, Michael Clay.

Who says what about whom: Cue-taking dynamics in the impression formation processes on Facebook
 Lee, Jayeon. and Lim, Young Shin.

Whose news? Whose values? Citizen journalism and journalistic values through the lens of content creators and consumers
 Holton, Avery., Coddington, Mark. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

Why do direct quotations matter in South Korean newspaper headlines?
 Han, Jiyoung.

Wishful Thinking and Predictive Accuracy in U.S. Presidential Elections from 1952 to 2008
 Hollander, Barry.

Women bloggers: Identity and the Concept of Sports
 Antunovic, Dunja. and Hardin, Marie.


Young Guns: How firearms advertisers targeted children in magazines of the early 1900s
 Rossow, Marshel.

Young Journalists Today: Journalism Students’ Perceptions of the Ever-Evolving Industry
 Daniels, Stephanie.

Youth Digital Cultures in Small Town and Rural Gujarat
 Shelat, Manisha. and DeShano, Cathy.
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