Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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"50 Ways to Seduce a Man" vs. "The Better Sex Diet": A Content Analysis
 Reynolds, Chelsea.

"Ag-Recording" Laws Disassembled
 Garnett, Emily.

"Am I Pretty?" YouTube Answers.
 Hatef, Azeta.

"I’ll Take Commas for $200": Instructional Intervention Using Games to Help Students Master Grammar Skills
 Bullard, Susan. and Anderson, Nancy.

"Knope We Can!" Primetime Feminist Strategies in NBC's "Parks and Recreation"
 Engstrom, Erika.

"The fact is, I'm gay": Coming Out as a Public Figure
 Kalan, Molly., Hatef, Azeta. and Fers, Christopher.

(Re)categorizing Intergroup Relations: Applying Social-Psychological Perspectives to News Reporting on International Conflict
 Chan, Michael.

‘An Offense to Conventional Wisdom:’ Press independence and Publisher W.E. Chilton III, 1960 to 1987
 Simpson, Edgar.

“A Female in a Man’s World”: New Media Discourses around the First Female NFL Referee
 Antunovic, Dunja.

“Binders Full of Tweets”: Twitter Coverage of “Women’s Issues” During the 2012 Elections
 Reis Mourao, Rachel.

“Blind dating” with culture, market, and governmental regulations: A case study of Meeting with Mother-in-Law, a blind date reality show in China
 chen, li.

“Bright and inviolate:” the growth of business-newsroom divides in the early twentieth century
 Mari, Will.

“Evil Visited this Community Today”: News Media Framing of the Sandy Hook School Shooting
 McLemore, Dylan. and Bissell, Kimberly.

“Reagan or Carter? Wrong Questions for Blacks”: Race and 1980s Presidential Politics in the Black Press
 Hudson, Justin.

“Talent Wins Games, But Teamwork Wins Championships”: The Effects of Cross-Border Strategic Brand Alliance on Sports Brand Evaluation
 Lee, Jin Kyun., Ahn, Taesoo. and Lee, Wei-Na.

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A Comparative Study: Hollywood and Korean Sequel Films’ Performance in Korea
 Kim, Dam Hee.

A Content Analysis of Websites Promoting Cures for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, an “Incurable” Disease
 Frohlich, Dennis. and Birnbrauer, Kristina.

A Different Approach to an Old Problem: A Qualitative Study on the Role of Analytical and Experiential Processing on Consumers' Interpretation of Organic
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

A Floor Analysis of Online News Discussion on Facebook and the New York Times Website
 Tang, Shuo.

A Historical Test of Media System Dependency: Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane's Experiment in Press Freedom
 Pritchard, Andrew.

A History of the Watchdog Metaphor in Journalism
 Vos, Tim. and Matthews, Christopher.

A New Model for the Hierarchy of Influences?: Interviewing ‘Front Lines’ National Security Journalists
 Epkins, Heather.

A Preliminary Overview of the Early History of High School Journalism in the U.S.: ~1775-1925
 Konkle, Bruce.

A Reputation Held Hostage? Commercial Mugshot Websites and the Trade in Digital Shame
 Wesner, Kearston.

A Tale of Many Tweets: How Stakeholders Respond to Nonprofit Organizations’ Tweets
 Guidry, Jeanine.

A Threatening Space? Stigmatization and the Framing of Autism in the News Media
 Farrell, Laura., Holton, Avery. and Fudge, Julie.

Adolescent Perceptions of Digital Play: A Study in Third-Person Effects
 Blanchard, Wendy. and Denham, Bryan.

Advertising America: International Reactions to U.S. Tourism Advertising
 Fullerton, Jami. and Kendrick, Alice.

Agenda-setting in the beginning of the 1979 oil crisis: compelling arguments and public concern
 Ardèvol-Abreu, Alberto., Saldaña, Magdalena. and McCombs, Maxwell.

Alcohol, Sex, ‘n’ Text Messaging: Effects of Pro-Alcohol and Anti-Alcohol Display Ads on Evaluations of Texts From Last Night Facebook Updates and Drinking Intentions
 Alhabash, Saleem., Oh, Hyun Jung., Yang, Jing. and Cole, Richard T..

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BP’s Reputation Repair Strategies during the Gulf Oil Spill
 Jordan, Lindsay. and Swain, Kristen.

BUYERS BEWARE: Brett Favre is not in this Paper: A Textual Analysis of Online User Reviews for Madden NFL 12
 Sherrick, Brett.

Bandwagon Effects of Popularity Information on Audience’s Media Product Selection: Information Load and Cultural Unfamiliarity
 Xu, Xuexin. and Fu, Wei-Jen Wayne.

Barriers to Clinical Trials Participation: A Comparison of Rural and Urban Communities in South Carolina
 Kim, Sei-Hill., Tanner, Andrea., Friedman, Daniela., Foster, Caroline. and Bergeron, Caroline.

Beyond "Death Panels": Fox News' Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in August 2009
 Bard, Mitchell.

Beyond the Blame Game: Cultural Differences in Climate Change Coverage in China and the U.S.
 Liang, Ming-Ching., Kahlor, Lee Ann., Yang, Z. Janet., Dudo, Anthony., Xu, Weiai. and Mertel, Jonathan.

Beyond the Digital Divide: A Look at Media Expectancies across Seven Media and Three Racial Subgroups
 Mabry, Amanda., Eastin, Matthew. and Cicchirillo, Vincent.

Beyond the Positive-Negative Paradigm of Latino News-Media Representations: DREAM Act exemplars, Stereotypical Selection, and American Otherness
 Chuang, Angie. and Chin Roemer, Robin.

Big Bird, Binders, and Bayonets: The Persuasive Power of Social Media Visual Narratives in the 2012 Presidential Campaign
 Page, Janis Teruggi. and Duffy, Margaret.

Big Tweets on Campus: College Newspapers’ Use of Twitter
 Boyle, Kris. and Zuegner, Carol.

Brand New Game: An Exploratory Study of How Sports Reporters are Using Social Media to Create a Personal Brand
 Schultz, Brad. and Sheffer, Mary Lou.

Bridging the Partisan Divide? Exploring Ambivalence and Information Seeking Over Time in the 2012 US Presidential Election
 Hmielowski, Jay., Beam, Michael. and Hutchens, Myiah.

Broadcasting Sharia: American TV News’ Illustration of Social Identity and the Emergence of a Threat
 Hoewe, Jennifer., Bowe, Brian J.. and Makhadmeh, Naheda.

Building an Agenda for Regulatory Change: The New York Times Targets Drug Abuse in Horse Racing
 Denham, Bryan.

Burglar Alarm Fatigue. Media-hype, human-interest frames and audience reactions to a real-life news serial
 Beyer, Audun. and Figenschou, Tine.


CNN’s Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Debates: Balanced or Liberally Biased?
 Voorhees, Steven.

Can Extroversion and Gender Make a Difference? The Effects of HCI and CMC Interactivity.
 Huang, Yan., Ye, Zhiyao. and Johnson, Ariel.

Can Regimes Really Discourage Social Networking? Urbanization, Cellphone Use and the Dictator’s Plight

Can't Live Without it: A Qualitative Investigation into the Uses & Gratifications that Drive U.S. College Studentl Smartphone Use
 Logan, Kelty.

Capitalism, Crisis & Custom Content
 Brown, Kyle.

Climate Change in the Newsroom: Journalists’ Evolving Standards of Objectivity When Covering Global Warming
 Shipley Hiles, Sara. and Hinnant, Amanda.

Combining the Situational Theory of Publics and Theory of Reasoned Action to Explore Nonprofit Support: A Replication
 McKeever, Brooke W.., Pressgrove, Geah. and Zheng, Yue.

Communicating External Voting Rights to Diaspora Communities. Challenges and Opportunities for El Salvador and Costa Rica
 Bravo, Vanessa.

Community Journalism as Community Development: Implications for the Journalistic Field
 Hansen, Gary. and Hansen, Elizabeth.

Community characteristics correlate with social media involvement on online community news sites
 Rosenberry, Jack.

Community journalists and relationships with sources and local organizations
 Johnson, Richard.

Comparing Ann Romney’s RNC Speech with Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech in 2012
 Wang, Qian.

Conditional Effects of Digital Media on the Knowledge Gap in the 2010 U.S. Senate Election
 Martin, Jason.

Connecting Advertising Students with High School Students: A Case Study in Community-Based Learning
 Saewitz, Dana.

Consumer Response to Ads in Social Network Sites: An Exploration into the Role of Ad Location and Path
 Bang, Hyejin. and Lee, Wei-Na.

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Data Privacy in the Newsroom: The Conflict between Privacy Policies and Ethics Policies
 Wolfgang, David.

Death, Rebirth, Love, and Faith: Theological Narrative in Secular Cinema
 Ma, Kangming.

Defining Early Public Relations: An Examination of the term “Public Relations” in the Popular Press 1774-1899
 Myers, Cayce.

Deregulation v. Un-Regulation: A qualitative framing analysis of press releases published by interest groups in the debate over net neutrality
 Johnson, Brett.

Determinants of Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: Role of Perceived Authenticity, Identity, and Reputation in Tourism Promotion
 Jain, Rajul.

Developing and Validating Publics’ Information Transmitting Model as an Outcome of Relationship Management in Public Relations
 Moon, Bitt. and Rhee, Yunna.

Did the Media Matter in “Battleground” North Carolina? Campaign Interest, Knowledge and Efficacy in 2012
 Barnard, Lisa., Riffe, Daniel., Kifer, Martin. and Leder, Sadie.

Diffuse Competition and the Decline in Newspaper Advertising
 Dimmick, John.

Disuse, Misuse, and Abuse of Intercoder Reliability Indices in Communication
 Feng, Guangchao.

Do You See What I See? Partisan Perceptions of Online News
 Brubaker, Pamela.

Do college students benefit from their social media experience? Social media involvement and its impact on college students’ self-efficacy perception
 Fang, Ling.

Does Culture Matter in Sport? The Moderating Role of Cultural Identity in Self-Expressive Identification and Sport Engagement
 Chen, Kuan-Ju. and Phua, Joe.

Does Movie Viewing Cultivate Unrealistic Expectations about Love and Marriage?
 Galloway, Lauren. and Engstrom, Erika.

Double-Edged Discourse: An Analysis of the LGBT Community’s
 Sewell, John.


Economic Goals of Media Firms for Ethnic Groups and Media Firms Owned by Ethnic Groups
 Luo, Xueying.

Educational TV Consumption and Children’s Interest in Leisure Reading and Writing: A Test of the Validated Curriculum Hypothesis
 Martins, Nicole. and Jensen, Jakob.

Effectiveness of Digital Video Advertising in Experimental Setting
 Yang, Xiyao. and Yoon, Doyle.

Elaborative Processing that Matters: A Study of Factors Influencing Perceived Risks Related to Food and Medicine in South Korea
 Kim, Hwalbin., Kim, Sei-Hill., Chang, Jeong-Heon JC., Shim, Jea Chul. and OH, SANG HWA.

Emerging Mobile Media Platform: Exploring Consumer Perception and Use of Tablets for Media Content
 Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia. and Shay, Ronen.

Engagement without Deliberation? Civic Journalism in Mission, Perception, and Practice
 Tully, Melissa., Harmsen, Shawn., Ekdale, Brian. and Singer, Jane B..

Engaging the Online Audience: Web News Appearance, Nature and Value
 Guerrazzi, Diane., Grant, August. and Wilkinson, Jeffrey.

Environmental Health Communication at Organizational Level: Content Analysis of Healthy Homes Program Sites
 Strekalova, Yulia. and Clarry, Stuart.

Escape, Tradition and Gender Discourse: The Neighborhood Gate
 Hajjaj, Noura.

Ethical Issues and Responsibilities in the Production of Reality Shows: Reorienting the Moral Compass
 Mast, Jelle.

Euros over Citizens: The Dutch Press’s Narrow Conception of Democracy
 Bergman, Tabe.

Examining Warranting Theory toward use in non-interpersonal Computer-Medicated Communication (CMC) contexts
 Joo, Eunsin.

Examining the Critics’ Criticism: A Bibliographic Essay on Journalism Review Research
 Keith, Susan.

Examining the lens on the world: Reader negotiation of identity through National Geographic coverage of Puerto Rico
 Mendelson, Andrew. and Morris, Nancy.

Explaining third-person perceptions: Comparing self-enhancement, social distance, exposure, normative fit, and exemplar accessibility explanations
 Schmierbach, Mike. and Boyle, Michael.

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FYI on FOI: Exploring the effects of freedom of information (FOI) laws around the world
 Tandoc, Edson.

Facebook “Friends”: Effects of Social Networking Site Intensity, Social Capital Affinity, and Flow on Knowledge-Gain
 Barker, Valerie., Dozier, David., Schmitz Weiss, Amy. and Borden, Diane.

Facebook, "Frenemy?": Examining the Relationship between Exposure to Facebook Profiles and Body Image
 Kim, Ji Won.

Factors Influencing Media Choices for Interpersonal Communication : Comparing Cell Phones, Instant Messaging, and Social Networking Sites
 Jung, Eun-Hwa.

Fandom as a form of media enjoyment
 Hall, Alice.

Foreign Correspondence in the Digital Age: An analysis of India Ink—the New York Times’ India-specific blog
 Paul, Newly.

Framing Healthcare: Frame Building and News Coverage of Who Is Responsible for Rising Healthcare Costs in the United States
 Kim, Sei-Hill., Tanner, Andrea., Kim, Soo Yun., Foster, Caroline. and Sang-Hwa, Oh.

Framing Mediated Activism: Lokpal Bill Campaign in India
 Inukonda, Sumanth.

Framing of Osama bin Laden's Death: A Global Perspective
 Sessa, Whitney., North, Michael. and Lang, Katie.

From Thinking to Doing: Effects of Social Norms on Ethical Behavior in Journalism
 Lee, Angela., Coleman, Renita. and Molyneux, Logan.

Functional Forms of Symbolic Crises in the News: Implications for Quantitative Research
 Denham, Bryan.

Fuzzy, transparent, and fast: Journalists and public relations practitioners characterize social media interactions
 Chimbel, Aaron., Everbach, Tracy. and Lambiase, Jacqueline.


Gateway to the Global City: Digital Media and Mobile Place-making
 Polson, Erika.

Generating “New” News or Recycling Old News?: News Diversity and the World Wide Web
 Simmons, Charlene.


Harnessing Peer Potency: Predicting Positive Outcomes from Social Capital Affinity and Engagement With Participatory Websites
 Barker, Valerie., Dozier, David., Schmitz Weiss, Amy. and Borden, Diane.

Having the last word, but losing the culture wars: Mainstream press coverage of a canceled evangelical benediction
 Moore, Rick.

Health Journalist Role Conceptions
 Hinnant, Amanda. and Jenkins, Joy.

Hegemonic Masculinity in Sports Journalism: On the Field, but in the Classroom?
 Reed, Sada.

Historical Timelines: Rethinking Our Visualization of the Past
 Fabos, Bettina.

Hit by the Silver Bullet: When Journalists Consider Withholding Information on National Security Grounds
 Lumpkin, John.

Homophily and Proximity of Network Links of Chinese Journalists’ Online Professional Group in the Micro-blogosphere
 Liu, Yusi.

How EWOM Influences Group Size of Potential Film Viewers: The Case of Chinese Online Community
 Hao, Yuqian. and Liu, Yusi.

How People Read Controversial News: Findings from an Eyetracking Study Exploring the Effects of Reader Bias
 Oh, Soo-Kwang.

How do individuals develop attitude extremity in the new media environment? The interplay between the Internet, schemas, and information seeking
 Choi, Doo-Hun., Cacciatore, Michael., Xenos, Michael., Scheufele, Dietram., Brossard, Dominique. and Corley, Elizabeth.

How does Interactivity persuade? An Experimental Test of Interactivity on Cognitive Absorption, Elaboration, and Attitudes
 Oh, Jeeyun. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

How public relations practitioners initiate relationships with journalists
 Lee, Sun Young.

How the Cleveland Call & Post Framed LeBron James Before and After The Decision
 Husselbee, Paul. and Jones, Ray.


I am Spartacus: Whiteness' Power to Liberate in Film and Television Productions
 Craig, Richard.

I'll buy that: Electronic word of mouth and the persuasion knowledge model
 Miller, Barbara., Xu, Qian. and Barnett, Brooke.

Idiosyncratic responses: The relationship between framing, topic and how readers respond to online health articles
 Suran, Melissa., Holton, Avery. and Coleman, Renita.

If it bleeds, it leads: How cognition, motivation, and emotions influence our attention to the news
 Flynn, Margaret.

In Control of Enjoyment: Gameplay Difficulty, Performance Feedback, and the Mediating Effect of Presence on Video Game Enjoyment
 Sherrick, Brett., Schmierbach, Mike., Waddell, T. Franklin., Kim, Keunyeong. and Dardis, Frank.

In Search of an Ethics Code for the 21st Century Audience
 Yousuf, Mohammad. and Craig, David.

Increasing Early Diagnosis of Autism: Exploring Awareness and Pathways to Information Seeking Among Parents
 McKeever, Brooke W.., McKeever, Robert. and Hock, Robert.

Inside and Outside of the Great Firewall: The Knowledge Gap Hypothesis Revisited in a Censored Online Environment
 Mou, Yi., Wu, Kevin. and Atkin, David.

Intermedia Attribute Agenda-Setting in the Newspaper of Record: Horse-Racing Coverage in 2012
 Denham, Bryan.

Invisible struggles: The representation of ethnic entrepreneurship in US newspapers
 Achtenhagen, Leona. and Price Schultz, Cindy.

Is Google “Stealing” your Content? Examining How the News Industry Framed Google in an Era of News Aggregation
 Chyi, H. Iris., Lewis, Seth. and Zheng, Nan.

Is Internet accessibility a complement or a substitute for other forms of communication in rural America?
 Maksl, Adam., Thorson, Esther., Kim, Seoyeon. and Swasy, Alecia.


Journalism Endures: Has Twitter Changed the News Product?

Journalism on the Fly: Youth Reporters in Benin as a New Model of Development Journalism
 Huesca, Robert.

Journalism’s thin line: A case study of suburban news and the news divide
 Simpson, Edgar.

Journalists' perceptions of professional ethics norms in post-Ba'athist Iraq
 Relly, Jeannine., Zanger, Margaret. and Fahmy, Shahira.

Journalists’ Credibility Assessments and Use of Social Media in the News-gathering Process
 GILLIS, TAMARA. and Johnson, Kirsten.


Knowledge Gaps on Social Media: Exploring Knowledge Inequality in Contemporary News Environments
 Diehl, Trevor.


Learning From “Fake News”: Is “Daily Show” Viewing Linked to Greater Political Knowledge?
 Greer, Jennifer D.., Carbo, Brooke. and Kim, Yeojin.

Less is Better? The Impact of Reduced Newspaper Publication Schedule on Advertising Revenue
 Chyi, H. Iris. and Tennant, James Ian.

Linguistic Acculturation Effects on Attitude toward Ad Language among Hispanic Audiences of Mexican Descent
 Burton, John M.. and YANG, KENNETH C. C..

Lost in Space: Advertising agency employees’ perceptions of work space
 Mallia, Karen., Windels, Kasey., Mumah, Jenny. and Broyles, Sheri.

Lost in Transition; Managing convergence at regional newspapers
 Van Kerkhoven, Marco. and Schönbach, Klaus.

Lost in Translation: Reviewing the Stored Communications Act in Practice
 Caplan, Robyn.


Magazines in the new millennium: A concept explication
 Jenkins, Joy.

Man Therapy: Framing Mental Health as Masculine
 Mocarski, Richard. and Butler, Sim.

Manifestation of Stakeholder Model of Communitarian Ethics in the U.S. Newspapers: An Examination of Ethical Concerns in the Promotion of Public Health
 Pokhrel, Lok.

Measuring News Media Literacy
 Maksl, Adam., Ashley, Seth. and Craft, Stephanie.

Media Errors and the “Nutty Professor”: Riding the Journalistic Boundaries of the Sandy Hook Shootings
 Berkowitz, Dan. and Liu, Zhengjia.

Media Modality Effects on Perceptions of China: A Study of Text and Video Frames
 Li, Ruobing., Bien-Aime, Steve. and Ma, Lian.

Media representations and Latino students’ college experiences
 Erba, Joseph.

Memory of an Out-Group: (Mis)identification of Middle Eastern-Looking Men in News Stories about Crime
 Hoewe, Jennifer. and Cooke, Tanner.

Methodological Critique of Screen Sense: A Case for Phenomenology
 Cook, Russell.

Missing White Woman Syndrome: How Media Framing Affects Viewers' Emotions
 Conlin, Lindsey. and Davie, William R..

Mobile Applications and Advertising: Scan vs. Shazam
 Block, Brittney.

Mobile phones and participation: An exploration of mobile social media versus mobile social networking
 Hopke, Jill., Gabay, Itay., Kim, Sojung. and Rojas, Hernando.

Motivations for fan fiction participation
 Smith, Jessica.

Motives for News Consumption and Patterns of Digital Media Use: Their Differential Relationships among Internet Users

Murrow and Friendly’s Multimedia Maturation: How Two Non-Visual Communicators Created A Groundbreaking Television Program
 Conway, Mike.

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Narratives and the Environment: The Influence of Values and Message Format on Risk Perceptions
 Cooper, Kathyrn.

Netizens Overlook "Official Frames" in China? A Framing Analysis of Online news and Micro-blogging Posts
 Lu, Yanqin.

New Media, New Guideline?
 Kim, Hyosun.

News Attention Climax: Does News Framing Create Better Capitalists?
 Last, Derek.

News Consumption in the Age of Content Aggregation: The Case of Yahoo, Google and Huffington Post
 Lee, Angela. and Chyi, H. Iris.

News Sourcing and Gender on Twitter
 Artwick, Claudette.

Newspapers, Cross-Ownership, and Antitrust in the Digital Era
 Russell, Frank.


Once Upon a [Mediated] Time: How Retrospective Television Programs Shape Cultural Memory
 Sponholtz, Vivian.

One journalist, two roles: What happens when journalists also work as media coordinators?
 Tandoc, Edson. and Peters, Jonathan.

Online Social Support Messages for Intercultural Adaptation of Mainland Chinese international Students in Singapore
 Chen, Liang.

Online undergraduate public relations courses: Effects of interaction and presence on satisfaction and success
 Moore, Jensen.

Opinion Leaders in Online Cancer Support Groups: An Investigation of Their Antecedents and Consequences
 Kim, Eunkyung., Scheufele, Dietram., Han, Jeong Yeob. and Shah, Dhavan.

Orientalism for a New Millennium: Cable News and the Specter of the “Ground Zero Mosque”
 DeFoster, Ruth.


Participatory Democratic Governance and Judicial Balancing of Privacy and Expression in the United Kingdom
 Newell, Bryce.

Partisanship in the Antislavery Press During the 1844 Run of an Abolition Candidate for President
 Pribanic-Smith, Erika.

Patterns and motivations of young adults’ health information acquisitions on Facebook
 Zheng, Yue.

People’s hero vs. Ms. Lane Crawford Populist and petit-bourgeois manifestations in Chinese popular culture
 Liu, Zhengjia. and Wu, Xianwei.

Perceived Realism, Enjoyment, and News Perception in the Context of Stereotypes: The Influence of Stereotypic Portrayals of Gender Roles on Attitudes toward News Stories
 Hoewe, Jennifer., Appelman, Alyssa. and Stevens, Elise.

Picturing the Scientists: A Content Analysis of the Scientists’ Photographs in The New York Times, 2000 to 2009
 Kim, Hwalbin. and Frear, Christopher.

Placing Blame and Seeking Solutions: Media Framing of School Shootings
 Keshelashvili, Ana. and Cardell, Kenneth.

Political Consumption as Civic, Cooperative, and Contrived: Implications for Social Marketing
 Gotlieb, Melissa R..

Powered by Democracy? - A multilevel model of media uses and political participation across Asian countries
 Zhang, Xinzhi. and Zhang, Feifei.

Practicing promotion: A case study of a professional athlete’s Twitter use
 Genovese, Jason.

Preparing Students for New Challenges: A Learner-Centered Approach for the 21st Century Journalism Education
 Yousuf, Mohammad.

Probing Race: Racial Discourse Analysis in Journalism Practices, an Ethical Approach
 Wagner, Venise.

Product Placement Advertising & Consumer Socialization: How are Emerging Adults Influenced by Parents, Peers, and Media?
 Craig, Clay. and Bichard, Shannon.

Promotion and Tenure: Exploring the Guidelines of Journalism, Mass Communication and PR Departments in a Digital Era
 Moody, Mia., Yang, Yueqin. and Yuan, Poplar.

Pseudo-Events as a Mesocyclone: Rethinking Pseudo-Events in the Digital Age
 Gleason, Timothy R..

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REFRAMING GATEKEEPING: Proposing a Theoretical Link between Gatekeeping and Framing
 Tandoc, Edson.

Race in Virtual Environments: Competitive versus Cooperative Games with Black or White Avatars
 Vang, Mao. and Fox, Jesse.

Reality TV, Materialism, and Associated Consequences: An Exploration of the Influences of Enjoyment and Social Comparison on Reality TV’s Cultivation Effects
 Lee, Shu-Yueh., Chen, Yen-Shen. and Harmon, Mark.

Reasons Underlying The Choice Behind Seeking a Major in Journalism: The Journalism Degree Motivations Scale (JDMS)
 Carpenter, Serena., Hoag, Anne. and Grant, August.

Red and Blue, not Black and White: Political Cue and Character Race Dynamics in Advertising
 Hoplamazian, Gregory. and D\'Avella, Jacquelyn.

Religion on Social Networking Media
 Kim, Hyojin. and Asim, Mian.

Replication in Public Relations Research: A 20-Year Review
 Gogo, Osenkor., Chen, Zifei. and Reber, Bryan.

Reshaping the journalists-audience relationship. National survey of journalists and their use of Twitter
 Saldaña, Magdalena.

Restoring Sanity Through Comic Relief: Parody Television Viewers and Political Outlook
 Kaye, Barbara. and Johnson, Tom.

Revisiting Opinion Leadership in the Online World: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
 Lee, Tien-Tsung. and Bobkowski, Peter.

Reviving High School Journalism in South Dakota: A Research-Based Approach
 Jensen, Jessica. and Arnold, Mary.

Risk Communication Factors to Inform Theory: Risk Perception, Special Needs Populations, and Media Usage
 Janoske, Melissa. and Sheppard, Benjamin.

Risky Business? How Risk vs. Benefit Frames Influence Consumer Attitudes toward Nanotechnology Applications
 Copeland, Lauren. and Hasell, Ariel.

Running With Social Media: Social Media Use, Athletic Identity, and Perceived Competence
 Romero, Joanne. and Kelleher, Thomas.

Russia versus the World: Are Public Relations Leadership Priorities More Similar than Different?
 Erzikova, Elina.

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Scarcity Effects on Luxury, Limited Edition Products
 jang, wonseok., Ko, Yong Jae., Morris, Jon D.. and Chang, Yonghwan.

Scripted Eros: Framing analysis of sexuality-related articles in women’s and men’s magazines
 Sternadori, Miglena. and Hagseth, Mandy.

Searching for sickness online: The new world of cyberchondriacs
 lagoe, carolyn. and Atkin, David.

Second-Level Agenda Setting in 140 Characters: How Journalists Used Twitter to Report the Newtown Shooting
 Mallicoat, Megan.

Seeing the Other: Sexuality and Gender in the Globalized World
 Provorova, Elizaveta.

Seriously Social: Young Adults, Social Media and News
 Kaufhold, Kelly.

Shifting, broadening, and diversifying: How gay pride organizations are shaping a uniquely 21st century mission
 Mundy, Dean.

Shut out by coaches
 Winter, Scott.

Silencing Religious Dialogue: Religious Communication Apprehension among Muslims in the United States
 Alkazemi, Mariam.

Silencing the Mainstream: The Online Public Discourse Constructed by Social Auto-sharing, the Long Tail and the Spiral of Silence
 Li, Minjie.

Smart Friendly Liars: Public Perception of Public Relations Practitioners Over Time
 Callison, Coy., Merle, Patrick. and Seltzer, Trent.

So says the stars: A textual analysis of Glamour, Essence and Teen Vogue horoscopes
 Tandoc, Edson. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

Social Conflict and Mistrust: Understanding the Ambivalent Relationship between Journalists and Underprivileged Groups in China
 Liu, Zhaoxi. and Polumbaum, Judy.

Social Media and Civic Engagement in China:Microblogging Revolution and Policy Change
 Liu, Yang. and Wang, Dongya.

Some Like it Lots: The Influence of Interactivity and Reliance on Credibility
 Johnson, Tom. and Kaye, Barbara.

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Teach thyself: The surest path to digital literacy
 Luo, Yunjuan., Reddick, Randy. and li, sha.

Team teaching creative applications for advertising and public relations
 Morris, Pamela.

Tebowing: The Role of Religious Primes on Disposition Formation and the Appreciation of Sports News
 Kinnally, William. and Fitzgerald, Megan.

Technological and sociological motivations: Predictors of online content curation platform acceptance among journalists
 Lee, Angela., Sacco, Vittoria. and Giardina, Marco.

Television News Reporting in Salinas, California: Defining and Informing a Latino Community with Excessive Crime News Coverage
 Brown, Carolyn. and Chin Roemer, Robin.

Tell It if You Can: A Study of PTSD in Newspapers and Military Blogs
 Wu, Lu.

Textual Analysis of the Portrayals of the Roma
 Deaton, Sabrina.

The 1929 Torches of Freedom Campaign: Walking “into obscurity” or “publicity stunt of genuine historic significance”?
 Murphree, Vanessa.

The Ambassador and the Activist: Reporting the Willie Earle Lynching of 1947
 Flournoy, Craig.

The Challenge of Interactive News for a Public Caught in an Online Identity Crisis
 Mallicoat, Megan.

The Chronicle of Current Events: uncensored information from the Soviet Union
 Danelia, Nino. and Mikashavidze, Maia.

The Cognitive Effects of Online Advertisement on Online News Perception: Readers’ Causal Attribution of Responsibility for Sexual Assault
 Kim, Jinyoung.

The Cosby Show and A Different World: Impact on HBCU Enrollment
 Matabane, Paula. and Merritt, Bishetta.

The Digital Divide In Brazil, 2004 – 2009: Evolution and Effects on Political Engagement
 Reis Mourao, Rachel. and Wood, Charles.

The Effect of Heuristic Processing of Online News Columns on Source Credibility and Message Believability Ratings
 Al-Abri, Amna. and Merceron, Alexandra.

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U.S. vs. the rest of the world: Perceptions of war correspondents in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
 Kim, Hun Shik.

Understanding the Appeal of Reality Television (RTV) using IMSD Theory
 Ranta, Jeffrey.

United States College Students’ Social Media Use and Online Political Participation
 Yang, Hongwei. and DeHart, Jean.

Use of Online Social Networking Channels for Religious and Political Communication:Examining the Distinct Role of Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Quest Religiosity Under Varied Circumstances
 Asim, Mian.

Uses of Microblogging during Chinese Food Safety Crises
 Mou, Yi.

Using the Theory of Reasoned Action to Study the Influence of News Media
 Hoewe, Jennifer.


Vicarious Experience: Experimentally Testing the Effects of Empathy for Media Characters with Severe Depression and the Intervening Role of Perceived Similarity
 McKeever, Robert.

Visual Context of Message Content: A Re-evaluation of Component Separation in the Elaboration Likelihood Model
 Lazard, Allison., Atkinson, Lucy. and Mackert, Michael.

Visual framing of the Syrian conflict in news and public affairs magazines
 Greenwood, Keith. and Jenkins, Joy.


Warriors and Witches: Cinematic Constructions of Navajos in "Windtalkers" and "Skinwalkers"
 McSwain, Megan.

Weather-Risk Information Seeking and Processing: Synthesizing the RISP Model and Applying it to Weather Risks
 Demuth, Julie.

Web Credibility in China: Comparing Internet and Traditional News Sources on Credibility Measures
 Luo, Yunjuan. and Zhang, Hongzhong.

Weibo, a Better Civic Medium? A Comparative Framing Analysis of Weibo and Xinhuanet in Covering the 7.23 China Train Crash
 Ma, Luyue.

What Are They Really Selling? A Content Analysis of Advertisements During Religious Television Programming
 Gray, Stephen., Inglish, Alexandra., Sodhi, Tejinder Singh. and Lee, Tien-Tsung.

What Sports Journalism Scholars Need to Know: Four Areas of Student-Athlete Privacy Invasion
 Reed, Sada.

What's Funny About That? Late Night Comedy's Portrayal of Presidential Candidates
 Page, Tyler G.., Steckler, Melissa. and Robinson, Tom.

When (News)Gathering Isn't Enough: The Right to Gather Information in Public Places
 Woolery, Elizabeth.

When Ideology Meets Bottom Line
 Lee, Seok Ho.

Whiteness Theory in Advertising: Racial Beliefs and Attitudes toward Ads
 Morris, Angelica. and Kahlor, Lee Ann.

Who Is Wonder Woman? Gender Stereotypes and Heroism in TV Advertisements
 Choi, Yunmi., Starr, Walter., Kim, Kayoung. and Parish, Nancy.

Who should do the talking? Marketplace advocacy messages by corporations or industry trade groups
 Miller, Barbara. and Lellis, Julie.

Whose public sphere? An analysis of the final comments on a community newspaper’s online forum
 Sindorf, Shannon. and Collebrusco, Anthony.

Who’s Minding the Station? An Exploration of Shared Service Agreements within U.S. Local Television Markets
 Hull, Kevin. and Coffey, Amy Jo.

Why Change the Story? Portrayals of the Arab Spring in the Western and Eastern News Media
 Asim, Mian. and Kim, Hyojin.

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You Can Fix Stupid: An Experimental Game to Teach a Need For News
 Kaufhold, Kelly.

You Can Make This Stuff Up: Intersection Between Fiction and News in the Eighteenth Century
 Norman, Jean.
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