Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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A Comparative Study: Hollywood and Korean Sequel Films’ Performance in Korea
 Kim, Dam Hee.

A Content Analysis of Websites Promoting Cures for Inflammatory Bowel Disease, an “Incurable” Disease
 Frohlich, Dennis. and Birnbrauer, Kristina.

A Different Approach to an Old Problem: A Qualitative Study on the Role of Analytical and Experiential Processing on Consumers' Interpretation of Organic
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

A Floor Analysis of Online News Discussion on Facebook and the New York Times Website
 Tang, Shuo.

A Historical Test of Media System Dependency: Governor Sir Thomas Brisbane's Experiment in Press Freedom
 Pritchard, Andrew.

A History of the Watchdog Metaphor in Journalism
 Vos, Tim. and Matthews, Christopher.

A New Model for the Hierarchy of Influences?: Interviewing ‘Front Lines’ National Security Journalists
 Epkins, Heather.

A Preliminary Overview of the Early History of High School Journalism in the U.S.: ~1775-1925
 Konkle, Bruce.

A Reputation Held Hostage? Commercial Mugshot Websites and the Trade in Digital Shame
 Wesner, Kearston.

A Tale of Many Tweets: How Stakeholders Respond to Nonprofit Organizations’ Tweets
 Guidry, Jeanine.

A Threatening Space? Stigmatization and the Framing of Autism in the News Media
 Farrell, Laura., Holton, Avery. and Fudge, Julie.

Adolescent Perceptions of Digital Play: A Study in Third-Person Effects
 Blanchard, Wendy. and Denham, Bryan.

Advertising America: International Reactions to U.S. Tourism Advertising
 Fullerton, Jami. and Kendrick, Alice.

Agenda-setting in the beginning of the 1979 oil crisis: compelling arguments and public concern
 Ardèvol-Abreu, Alberto., Saldaña, Magdalena. and McCombs, Maxwell.

Alcohol, Sex, ‘n’ Text Messaging: Effects of Pro-Alcohol and Anti-Alcohol Display Ads on Evaluations of Texts From Last Night Facebook Updates and Drinking Intentions
 Alhabash, Saleem., Oh, Hyun Jung., Yang, Jing. and Cole, Richard T..

American Hemispheric Exceptionalisms: A comparative analysis of U.S. and Brazilian laws of defamation and racist speech
 Johnson, Brett.

An Examination of the 1967 Michigan Chronicle Through a Politically Responsive Constructionist Lens
 Candello, Liz.

An Exploration of the Roots of the Gatekeeper Concept: What Can Network Theory Tell Us About the Shifting Role of Journalism in a Networked Media Ecology?
 Ernste, Thomas.

An Exploratory Study on Multinational Brand Twitter Strategies Between the U.S. and South Korea
 Lee, Young Sun. and Lee, Jaejin.

Anatomy of the Egyptian Revolution through Twitter images
 Bas, Ozen. and Kharroub, Tamara.

Anonymous Sources Hurt Credibility of News Stories across Cultures: A Comparative Study of America and China
 Pjesivac, Ivanka. and Rui, Rachel.

Anonymous User Comments and the Influence on Fan Identity and Sports Article Credibility
 Sadri, Sean.

Antecedents to Media Use: Effects of Parent Socialization and Childhood Behavior on Consumption Patterns During Adulthood
 York, Chance. and Scholl, Rosanne.

Are Alternative Farmers Yielding Success with Online Communication Tools for Their Social Capital and Business Viability
 Abrams, Katie. and Sackmann, Abigail.

Arguing for Abolition in "American Slavery As It Is"
 Hunt, Paula.

Arthur J. Goldberg on Freedom of Expression
 Schwartz, Thomas.

Assessing the Impact of Chinese Journalism Education on Undergraduate Student Professionalization
 Yang, Jin. and Arant, David.

Attitudes about Advertising and Patterns of News Use and Evaluation
 Thorson, Esther. and Kim, Eunjin.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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