Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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BP’s Reputation Repair Strategies during the Gulf Oil Spill
 Jordan, Lindsay. and Swain, Kristen.

BUYERS BEWARE: Brett Favre is not in this Paper: A Textual Analysis of Online User Reviews for Madden NFL 12
 Sherrick, Brett.

Bandwagon Effects of Popularity Information on Audience’s Media Product Selection: Information Load and Cultural Unfamiliarity
 Xu, Xuexin. and Fu, Wei-Jen Wayne.

Barriers to Clinical Trials Participation: A Comparison of Rural and Urban Communities in South Carolina
 Kim, Sei-Hill., Tanner, Andrea., Friedman, Daniela., Foster, Caroline. and Bergeron, Caroline.

Beyond "Death Panels": Fox News' Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in August 2009
 Bard, Mitchell.

Beyond the Blame Game: Cultural Differences in Climate Change Coverage in China and the U.S.
 Liang, Ming-Ching., Kahlor, Lee Ann., Yang, Z. Janet., Dudo, Anthony., Xu, Weiai. and Mertel, Jonathan.

Beyond the Digital Divide: A Look at Media Expectancies across Seven Media and Three Racial Subgroups
 Mabry, Amanda., Eastin, Matthew. and Cicchirillo, Vincent.

Beyond the Positive-Negative Paradigm of Latino News-Media Representations: DREAM Act exemplars, Stereotypical Selection, and American Otherness
 Chuang, Angie. and Chin Roemer, Robin.

Big Bird, Binders, and Bayonets: The Persuasive Power of Social Media Visual Narratives in the 2012 Presidential Campaign
 Page, Janis Teruggi. and Duffy, Margaret.

Big Tweets on Campus: College Newspapers’ Use of Twitter
 Boyle, Kris. and Zuegner, Carol.

Brand New Game: An Exploratory Study of How Sports Reporters are Using Social Media to Create a Personal Brand
 Schultz, Brad. and Sheffer, Mary Lou.

Bridging the Partisan Divide? Exploring Ambivalence and Information Seeking Over Time in the 2012 US Presidential Election
 Hmielowski, Jay., Beam, Michael. and Hutchens, Myiah.

Broadcasting Sharia: American TV News’ Illustration of Social Identity and the Emergence of a Threat
 Hoewe, Jennifer., Bowe, Brian J.. and Makhadmeh, Naheda.

Building an Agenda for Regulatory Change: The New York Times Targets Drug Abuse in Horse Racing
 Denham, Bryan.

Burglar Alarm Fatigue. Media-hype, human-interest frames and audience reactions to a real-life news serial
 Beyer, Audun. and Figenschou, Tine.

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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