Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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CNN’s Coverage of the 2012 Presidential Debates: Balanced or Liberally Biased?
 Voorhees, Steven.

Can Extroversion and Gender Make a Difference? The Effects of HCI and CMC Interactivity.
 Huang, Yan., Ye, Zhiyao. and Johnson, Ariel.

Can Regimes Really Discourage Social Networking? Urbanization, Cellphone Use and the Dictator’s Plight

Can't Live Without it: A Qualitative Investigation into the Uses & Gratifications that Drive U.S. College Studentl Smartphone Use
 Logan, Kelty.

Capitalism, Crisis & Custom Content
 Brown, Kyle.

Climate Change in the Newsroom: Journalists’ Evolving Standards of Objectivity When Covering Global Warming
 Shipley Hiles, Sara. and Hinnant, Amanda.

Combining the Situational Theory of Publics and Theory of Reasoned Action to Explore Nonprofit Support: A Replication
 McKeever, Brooke W.., Pressgrove, Geah. and Zheng, Yue.

Communicating External Voting Rights to Diaspora Communities. Challenges and Opportunities for El Salvador and Costa Rica
 Bravo, Vanessa.

Community Journalism as Community Development: Implications for the Journalistic Field
 Hansen, Gary. and Hansen, Elizabeth.

Community characteristics correlate with social media involvement on online community news sites
 Rosenberry, Jack.

Community journalists and relationships with sources and local organizations
 Johnson, Richard.

Comparing Ann Romney’s RNC Speech with Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech in 2012
 Wang, Qian.

Conditional Effects of Digital Media on the Knowledge Gap in the 2010 U.S. Senate Election
 Martin, Jason.

Connecting Advertising Students with High School Students: A Case Study in Community-Based Learning
 Saewitz, Dana.

Consumer Response to Ads in Social Network Sites: An Exploration into the Role of Ad Location and Path
 Bang, Hyejin. and Lee, Wei-Na.

Consumer-Generated Ads on YouTube: Impacts of Source Credibility and Need for Cognition on Attitudes, Interactive Behaviors, and eWOM
 Hansen, Sara., Lee, Jin Kyun. and Lee, Shu-Yueh.

Contentious discourse and dynamic frames: The interplay among online public opinion, media report, and government discourse in public event
 Wu, Shiwen. and Liu, Na.

Contributors to Sustainability of Emergent, Civic News Sites: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis
 Kim, Nakho., Konieczna, Magda., Yoon, Ho Young. and Friedland, Lewis A..

Covering the Conventions: Bias in Pre and Post-speech Media Commentary during the 2012 Presidential Nominating Conventions
 McLemore, Dylan., Kim, Youngju., Mohini, Reema. and Morton, Scott.

Credibility and Recall Effects of Source Documents in News
 Duncan, Megan.

Crisis Communication and Organizational-Centered Situational Considerations for Management
 Avery, Elizabeth. and Graham, Melissa.

Crisis frames across media and distances: An analysis of local, regional, and national news coverage of the Tucson shooting
 Conway, Bethany Anne.

Crunching the Numbers: Network Newscasts and the Reporting of Polling Data During the 2012 Election
 nye, chad. and mcguire, john.

Cultural Values in Viral Video Advertisements in China and the U.S.
 Xue, Fei.

Cyber Security in Developing Countries, a Digital Divide Issue: The Case of Georgia
 Gamreklidze, Ellada.

Cáncer de seno en Twitter: A Network and Content Analysis of Social Support Spanish Language Cancer Twitter Talk
 Long, Everett., Himelboim, Itai. and López-Vázquez, Raúl.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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