Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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Data Privacy in the Newsroom: The Conflict between Privacy Policies and Ethics Policies
 Wolfgang, David.

Death, Rebirth, Love, and Faith: Theological Narrative in Secular Cinema
 Ma, Kangming.

Defining Early Public Relations: An Examination of the term “Public Relations” in the Popular Press 1774-1899
 Myers, Cayce.

Deregulation v. Un-Regulation: A qualitative framing analysis of press releases published by interest groups in the debate over net neutrality
 Johnson, Brett.

Determinants of Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions: Role of Perceived Authenticity, Identity, and Reputation in Tourism Promotion
 Jain, Rajul.

Developing and Validating Publics’ Information Transmitting Model as an Outcome of Relationship Management in Public Relations
 Moon, Bitt. and Rhee, Yunna.

Did the Media Matter in “Battleground” North Carolina? Campaign Interest, Knowledge and Efficacy in 2012
 Barnard, Lisa., Riffe, Daniel., Kifer, Martin. and Leder, Sadie.

Diffuse Competition and the Decline in Newspaper Advertising
 Dimmick, John.

Disuse, Misuse, and Abuse of Intercoder Reliability Indices in Communication
 Feng, Guangchao.

Do You See What I See? Partisan Perceptions of Online News
 Brubaker, Pamela.

Do college students benefit from their social media experience? Social media involvement and its impact on college students’ self-efficacy perception
 Fang, Ling.

Does Culture Matter in Sport? The Moderating Role of Cultural Identity in Self-Expressive Identification and Sport Engagement
 Chen, Kuan-Ju. and Phua, Joe.

Does Movie Viewing Cultivate Unrealistic Expectations about Love and Marriage?
 Galloway, Lauren. and Engstrom, Erika.

Double-Edged Discourse: An Analysis of the LGBT Community’s
 Sewell, John.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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