Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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Economic Goals of Media Firms for Ethnic Groups and Media Firms Owned by Ethnic Groups
 Luo, Xueying.

Educational TV Consumption and Children’s Interest in Leisure Reading and Writing: A Test of the Validated Curriculum Hypothesis
 Martins, Nicole. and Jensen, Jakob.

Effectiveness of Digital Video Advertising in Experimental Setting
 Yang, Xiyao. and Yoon, Doyle.

Elaborative Processing that Matters: A Study of Factors Influencing Perceived Risks Related to Food and Medicine in South Korea
 Kim, Hwalbin., Kim, Sei-Hill., Chang, Jeong-Heon JC., Shim, Jea Chul. and OH, SANG HWA.

Emerging Mobile Media Platform: Exploring Consumer Perception and Use of Tablets for Media Content
 Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia. and Shay, Ronen.

Engagement without Deliberation? Civic Journalism in Mission, Perception, and Practice
 Tully, Melissa., Harmsen, Shawn., Ekdale, Brian. and Singer, Jane B..

Engaging the Online Audience: Web News Appearance, Nature and Value
 Guerrazzi, Diane., Grant, August. and Wilkinson, Jeffrey.

Environmental Health Communication at Organizational Level: Content Analysis of Healthy Homes Program Sites
 Strekalova, Yulia. and Clarry, Stuart.

Escape, Tradition and Gender Discourse: The Neighborhood Gate
 Hajjaj, Noura.

Ethical Issues and Responsibilities in the Production of Reality Shows: Reorienting the Moral Compass
 Mast, Jelle.

Euros over Citizens: The Dutch Press’s Narrow Conception of Democracy
 Bergman, Tabe.

Examining Warranting Theory toward use in non-interpersonal Computer-Medicated Communication (CMC) contexts
 Joo, Eunsin.

Examining the Critics’ Criticism: A Bibliographic Essay on Journalism Review Research
 Keith, Susan.

Examining the lens on the world: Reader negotiation of identity through National Geographic coverage of Puerto Rico
 Mendelson, Andrew. and Morris, Nancy.

Explaining third-person perceptions: Comparing self-enhancement, social distance, exposure, normative fit, and exemplar accessibility explanations
 Schmierbach, Mike. and Boyle, Michael.

Exploring How College Magazines Portray Science and Scientists: A Comparative Analysis of Harvard Magazine and KU (Korea University) Today
 Kim, Hwalbin. and Chang, Jeong-Heon JC.

Exploring Podcast Use Intent: Theory of Planned Behavior and Social Network Communication
 Mou, Yi. and Lin, Carolyn.

Exploring the Alternative-Mainstream Dialectic: What 'Alternative Media' Means to a Hybrid Audience
 Rauch, Jennifer.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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