Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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REFRAMING GATEKEEPING: Proposing a Theoretical Link between Gatekeeping and Framing
 Tandoc, Edson.

Race in Virtual Environments: Competitive versus Cooperative Games with Black or White Avatars
 Vang, Mao. and Fox, Jesse.

Reality TV, Materialism, and Associated Consequences: An Exploration of the Influences of Enjoyment and Social Comparison on Reality TV’s Cultivation Effects
 Lee, Shu-Yueh., Chen, Yen-Shen. and Harmon, Mark.

Reasons Underlying The Choice Behind Seeking a Major in Journalism: The Journalism Degree Motivations Scale (JDMS)
 Carpenter, Serena., Hoag, Anne. and Grant, August.

Red and Blue, not Black and White: Political Cue and Character Race Dynamics in Advertising
 Hoplamazian, Gregory. and D\'Avella, Jacquelyn.

Religion on Social Networking Media
 Kim, Hyojin. and Asim, Mian.

Replication in Public Relations Research: A 20-Year Review
 Gogo, Osenkor., Chen, Zifei. and Reber, Bryan.

Reshaping the journalists-audience relationship. National survey of journalists and their use of Twitter
 Saldaña, Magdalena.

Restoring Sanity Through Comic Relief: Parody Television Viewers and Political Outlook
 Kaye, Barbara. and Johnson, Tom.

Revisiting Opinion Leadership in the Online World: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
 Lee, Tien-Tsung. and Bobkowski, Peter.

Reviving High School Journalism in South Dakota: A Research-Based Approach
 Jensen, Jessica. and Arnold, Mary.

Risk Communication Factors to Inform Theory: Risk Perception, Special Needs Populations, and Media Usage
 Janoske, Melissa. and Sheppard, Benjamin.

Risky Business? How Risk vs. Benefit Frames Influence Consumer Attitudes toward Nanotechnology Applications
 Copeland, Lauren. and Hasell, Ariel.

Running With Social Media: Social Media Use, Athletic Identity, and Perceived Competence
 Romero, Joanne. and Kelleher, Thomas.

Russia versus the World: Are Public Relations Leadership Priorities More Similar than Different?
 Erzikova, Elina.

Russian ethnic press in the U.S.: a comparative analysis
 Dmytrochenko, Nataliya.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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