Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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Teach thyself: The surest path to digital literacy
 Luo, Yunjuan., Reddick, Randy. and li, sha.

Team teaching creative applications for advertising and public relations
 Morris, Pamela.

Tebowing: The Role of Religious Primes on Disposition Formation and the Appreciation of Sports News
 Kinnally, William. and Fitzgerald, Megan.

Technological and sociological motivations: Predictors of online content curation platform acceptance among journalists
 Lee, Angela., Sacco, Vittoria. and Giardina, Marco.

Television News Reporting in Salinas, California: Defining and Informing a Latino Community with Excessive Crime News Coverage
 Brown, Carolyn. and Chin Roemer, Robin.

Tell It if You Can: A Study of PTSD in Newspapers and Military Blogs
 Wu, Lu.

Textual Analysis of the Portrayals of the Roma
 Deaton, Sabrina.

The 1929 Torches of Freedom Campaign: Walking “into obscurity” or “publicity stunt of genuine historic significance”?
 Murphree, Vanessa.

The Ambassador and the Activist: Reporting the Willie Earle Lynching of 1947
 Flournoy, Craig.

The Challenge of Interactive News for a Public Caught in an Online Identity Crisis
 Mallicoat, Megan.

The Chronicle of Current Events: uncensored information from the Soviet Union
 Danelia, Nino. and Mikashavidze, Maia.

The Cognitive Effects of Online Advertisement on Online News Perception: Readers’ Causal Attribution of Responsibility for Sexual Assault
 Kim, Jinyoung.

The Cosby Show and A Different World: Impact on HBCU Enrollment
 Matabane, Paula. and Merritt, Bishetta.

The Digital Divide In Brazil, 2004 – 2009: Evolution and Effects on Political Engagement
 Reis Mourao, Rachel. and Wood, Charles.

The Effect of Heuristic Processing of Online News Columns on Source Credibility and Message Believability Ratings
 Al-Abri, Amna. and Merceron, Alexandra.

The Effects of Media Effects on the Corporate Image of Media Companies
 Sherrick, Brett.

The Essence of Social Media Strategy in Big 10 Athletic Departments: A Phenomenological Approach
 Hipke, Makayla. and Hachtmann, Frauke.

The Ethical Roots of the Public Forum: Pragmatism, Expressive Freedom, and Grenville Clark
 Allen, David S..

The FTC Enters The Blogosphere: The Marketplace of Ideas and The FTC’S Regulation of Blogger Speech
 Batchelder, Cassandra.

The Facebook Experience: A phenomenology of Facebook use
 Tandoc, Edson. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

The Features of Hegemonic Masculinity in Korea
 Jeong, Jaehyeon.

The Gaze and The Spielberg Face: Spielberg’s Application of Lacan’s Mirror Stage and Audience Response
 Fortunato, Joseph.

The Impact of Athlete Transgressions and Image Repair Strategy on Endorsement Effectiveness
 Brown, Kenon., Anderson, Mia. and Dickhaus, Josh.

The Impact of Health News on the Social Stigma of Suicide
 An, Soontae. and Lee, Hannah.

The Impact of Videogame-Induced Affect and Ad Type on Memory of In-Game Advertisements
 Dardis, Frank., Schmierbach, Mike., Sherrick, Brett. and Luckman, Britani.

The Influence of Personality Factors and Motives on Photographic Communication
 Hunt, Daniel. and Langstedt, Eric.

The Infographics Assignment: A Qualitative Study of Students’ and Professionals’ Perspectives
 Gallicano, Tiffany., Ekachai, Gee. and Freberg, Karen.

The Internet’s Role in Sustaining Engagement with Children’s Television
 Burns, Matt.

The Journalist In-Group: American Journalism Culture’s Promotion of Othering
 Hoewe, Jennifer.

The Legend that fell from his Bicycle: The Effects of Fanship on Athlete Support and Non-Profit Giving
 Armfield, Greg., Drumheller, Kristina., Gerlich, R. Nicholas., Osei-Hwere, Enyonam. and Kinsky, Emily.

The Limits of Revolution in the Digital Age: The cases of China and Cuba
 Jia, Haiyan. and Mislan, Cristina.

The Lure of Grandkids and the Desire for Online Privacy: Why Retirees Use (or Avoid) Facebook
 Jung, Eun-Hwa., Walden, Justin., Johnson, Ariel. and Sundar, S. Shyam.

The Medium is the Mind: Personalized Algorithms, Habit and the Self-Confirming Cyborg
 Kehrberg, Amanda.

The Miami Zombie Attack: How Broadcast News Media Constructed a “Bath Salts Epidemic”
 DeFoster, Ruth. and Swalve, Natashia.

The Misunderstood Nineteenth Century American Press Agent
 Russell, Karen. and Myers, Cayce.

The Moderating Role of Cultural Orientation in Explaining Temporal Orientation of Self-Referencing
 Lee, Seungae. and Heo, Jun.

The Nashville Spin on Records: Recording Industry Promotion Techniques
 Cockerham, Ashley.

The New Community Influence: iHigh Producers, Their Communities, and Content Decisions
 Cavanah, Sarah. and Jones, Julie.

The New Face of Political Engagement? : Factors influencing political activity of users on social networking sites
 Dasgupta, Priyanka., Chi, Jianxing. and Li, Jinhui.

The News Media’s Framing of Labor Unions Over Time
 Kliner, Sadie.

The News Re-imagined: The Promise of Local Foundation-Funded Journalism
 Lysak, Suzanne. and Cremedas, Michael.

The Poetics of Goodbye: Plot, Change and Nostalgia in Narratives Penned by ex-Baltimore Sun Employees
 Spaulding, Stacy.

The Political Economy of Burma’s Media System: Democratization, Marketization and the Media
 Labbe, Brett.

The Possible Prosocial and Antisocial Effects of Playing Video Games Frequently
 De SImone, J.J..

The Press, Social Actors and Suicide: Press Coverage of and Public’s Attitudes toward Suicide
 Chang, Kuang-Kuo.

The Role of Differing Host Styles in Fox News' Prime-Time Coverage of Health Care Reform in August 2009
 Bard, Mitchell.

The Roles of the Game: The influence of news consumption patterns on the role conceptions of journalism students
 Tandoc, Edson.

The Rosie Legend and Why the Ad Council Claimed Her
 Melillo, Wendy.

The State of Indecency Law: A Positive and Normative Evaluation of the Fox Cases
 Delaney, Kevin.

The Status of Feminist Public Relations Theory
 Golombisky, Kim.

The Under-Representation of Hispanics in the Public Relations Profession: Perspectives of Hispanic Practitioners
 Radanovich, David.

The Wonder of Wonderfalls: A Search for the Meaning of Life
 Gleason, Timothy R..

The Writer, The Artist, And The Gentleman: Key Ideas Of News Values From S.S. McClure
 Kozman, Claudia.

The ability of video-mediated training approaches to reduce agricultural knowledge gaps between men and women in rural Uganda
 Cai, Tian. and Abbott, Eric.

The creepiness factor: Explaining conflicting audience attitudes toward tailored media content
 Barnard, Lisa.

The dialogic potential of social media: Assessing the ethical reasoning of companies' public relations on Facebook and Twitter
 Lee, Angela., Gil de Zuniga, Homero., Johnson, Tom. and Coleman, Renita.

The discourse of 'umma' as defined by daily Islam
 Jan, Faizullah.

The emergence and development of hyperlocal news websites: An organization ecology approach
 Lowrey, Wilson.

The face of multiculturalism in Korea: Media ritual as framing in news coverage of Jasmine Lee
 Durham, Frank.

The impact of partisan media exposure on diversity of public affairs interests and agenda diversity
 Chan, Michael. and Lee, Lap Fung.

The overarching effects of ethical reputation regardless of CSR cause fit and information source
 Tao, Weiting. and Ferguson, Mary Ann.

The right to bear cannons: Reevaluating DDoS actions as civic protest
 Manivannan, Vyshali.

The role of social media in helping voters to resist mainstream media propaganda in Argentina
 De Maio, Mariana.
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The tales of ad-context congruency, ad format, and the preference for multitasking: The case of YouTube
 Kononova, Anastasia.

The “First Amendment” in Nepal: How Madison’s America Informs Press Freedom Efforts Globally
 Russomanno, Joseph.

The “Madness” of Capitalism’s Reckless Warrior/Priest: Jim Cramer as Oracle of the Post-Meltdown Neoliberal Capitalism
 Sewell, John.

The “militant” Chicago Defender: A study of editorials and letters to the editor in 1968
 Thornton, Brian.

Thinking About Romney: Frame Building in a Battleground State in the 2012 Presidential Campaign
 Bedingfield, Sid. and Anshari, Dien.

Thinking about Others Online: The Relationship between Third Person and Hostile Media Perceptions
 Brubaker, Pamela.

This Just In: Examining the Presence of Spot News in Print and Online News Organizations
 Cox, Jennifer.

Three Days a Week: Has A New Production Cycle Altered The Times-Picayune’s News Coverage?
 Bockino, David.

Tipping Point: The impact of high school racial demographics on the presence of student newspapers in Georgia
 Dennis, Joseph., Crist, Carolyn. and Hargrave, Chloe.

To Boldly Go: A Comparison of Early and Modern Gender Roles in Science Fiction Television
 Linn, Alicia.

Toward a Cultural Cognition Theory of Smoking Risk: An Analysis of Values and Smoking Risk Perceptions
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

Toward a Virtuous Circle: The Role of News Consumption and Media Trust
 Ji, Qihao., Ha, Louisa. and Bao, Jingyu.

Trust Me, I Am Your News: Media Credibility across News Platforms in U.S. & South Korea
 Choi, Yunmi., Axelrod, Daniel. and Kim, Jihyun.

Tweet or “Re-Tweet”? An Experiment of Message Type and Interactivity on Twitter
 Li, Zongchao. and Li, Cong.

Twitter’s Role in the Modern Newsroom: Circumventing the Gatekeepers and Pounding the Digital Pavement
 Henderson, Keren. and Miller, Andrea.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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