Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12

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Warriors and Witches: Cinematic Constructions of Navajos in "Windtalkers" and "Skinwalkers"
 McSwain, Megan.

Weather-Risk Information Seeking and Processing: Synthesizing the RISP Model and Applying it to Weather Risks
 Demuth, Julie.

Web Credibility in China: Comparing Internet and Traditional News Sources on Credibility Measures
 Luo, Yunjuan. and Zhang, Hongzhong.

Weibo, a Better Civic Medium? A Comparative Framing Analysis of Weibo and Xinhuanet in Covering the 7.23 China Train Crash
 Ma, Luyue.

What Are They Really Selling? A Content Analysis of Advertisements During Religious Television Programming
 Gray, Stephen., Inglish, Alexandra., Sodhi, Tejinder Singh. and Lee, Tien-Tsung.

What Sports Journalism Scholars Need to Know: Four Areas of Student-Athlete Privacy Invasion
 Reed, Sada.

What's Funny About That? Late Night Comedy's Portrayal of Presidential Candidates
 Page, Tyler G.., Steckler, Melissa. and Robinson, Tom.

When (News)Gathering Isn't Enough: The Right to Gather Information in Public Places
 Woolery, Elizabeth.

When Ideology Meets Bottom Line
 Lee, Seok Ho.

Whiteness Theory in Advertising: Racial Beliefs and Attitudes toward Ads
 Morris, Angelica. and Kahlor, Lee Ann.

Who Is Wonder Woman? Gender Stereotypes and Heroism in TV Advertisements
 Choi, Yunmi., Starr, Walter., Kim, Kayoung. and Parish, Nancy.

Who should do the talking? Marketplace advocacy messages by corporations or industry trade groups
 Miller, Barbara. and Lellis, Julie.

Whose public sphere? An analysis of the final comments on a community newspaper’s online forum
 Sindorf, Shannon. and Collebrusco, Anthony.

Who’s Minding the Station? An Exploration of Shared Service Agreements within U.S. Local Television Markets
 Hull, Kevin. and Coffey, Amy Jo.

Why Change the Story? Portrayals of the Arab Spring in the Western and Eastern News Media
 Asim, Mian. and Kim, Hyojin.

Why the Fake News Really Matters: Political Knowledge Gain and The Daily Show
 Browning, Nicholas.

Windowed Distribution Strategies for Substitutive Television Content: An Audience-Centric Typology
 Shay, Ronen.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2013-Aug-08 to 2013-Aug-12
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