Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10

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"And then I just Google it": Evolving online news consumption processes among young adults
 Antunovic, Dunja., Parsons, Patrick. and Cooke, Tanner.

"Our program is truth and justice"
 Frear, Christopher. and LaPrad, Katherine.

"Peculiarly the 'Marketplace of Ideas'": A Case Against Hazelwood in the University
 Roschke, Kristy.

"Putting On Campaigns": A History of 70 Years of Advertising Education at X University
 Taylor, Ronald. and Wolburg, Joyce.

"The King Stay[s] the King:" The Multiple Masculinities of The Wire
 Brown, Rick.

“Execute not Pardon”: The Pussy Riot Case, Political Speech and Blasphemy in Russian Law
 Kananovich, Volha.

“Wendy and the Boys:” Having it All on the Texas Campaign Trail
 Dastgeer, Shugofa. and Hill, Desiree.

“You ARE Talking to the Man”: Female Newspaper Editors’ Career Paths in Appalachia
 Nelson, Candace. and Britten, Bob.


A Collaborative Approach to Experiential Learning in Journalism Newswriting and Editing Classes: A Case Study
 Parks, Perry.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Campaign Tweets in the 2012 U.S. and South Korean Presidential Elections
 Kim, Yeojin., McLemore, Dylan., Greer, Jennifer., Blankenship, Justin. and LEE, AH RAM.

A Fusion of Stereotypes? How Fusion Network Handles Hispanic Representation
 Biolo, Brooke.

A Journey from Nepal to Exploitation: A Comparative Analysis of Labor Rights Coverage in the Guardian, Gulf Times, and The Kathmandu Post
 Lance, Elizabeth. and Vasic Chalmers, Ivana.

A Look of Horror: Perceptions of Frightening Content Based on Character Expression
 Lynch, Teresa. and Weaver, Andrew J..

A Quarter-century of Reliability in Communication Content Analyses: Simple Agreement and Chance-corrected Reliability in Three Top Journals
 Lovejoy, Jennette., Watson, Brendan., Lacy, Stephen. and Riffe, Daniel.

A Re-conceptualization of Lumpenproletariats: The Collective Organization of Poverty for Social Change via Participatory Media
 Vincent, Cindy.

A Way of Life at Risk: Taxes, Borders and the Myth of the Country Store
 Watts, Richard. and Morse, Cheryl.

A tale of two newsrooms: How market orientation influences web analytics use
 Tandoc, Edson. and Ferrucci, Patrick.

Acceptance of American Values among Croatian Adolescents: A Test of Cognitive-Functional Theory of Television Effects
 Imre, Iveta. and Pjesivac, Ivanka.

Accessibility-heuristic and changes of media frames
 Kim, Byung Wook. and Paul, Subin.

Active Viewing:Chinese Audiences’ Interpretation of American Television Dramas
 Liu, Yang.

Activist Message Discrepancy and Value-Involvement
 Hong, Seoyeon. and Jahng, Rosie.

Added in Translation: Adapting Hollywood Movies to Bollywood
 Roy, Enakshi.

Addressing the Under-Representation of Hispanics in Public Relations: An Exploratory Quantitative Study
 Radanovich, David.

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Better Communications in Crisis Communication
 Murad, Husain.

Binge Watching Alone Together?: An exploratory study of college students’ motivations for marathon TV viewing
 Graybeal, Geoffrey., Doherty, Nicholas. and Kelly, Lynne.

Binge-Watching: Transportation into Narrative TV Content
 Conlin, Lindsey. and Sharples, Adam.

Blog Sites and Blog Cites: Newspaper Journalists' Use of Blogs as News Sources (2004-2013)
 Heim, Kyle.

Blogging In The Classroom: Using WordPress Blogs With Buddy Press Plugin As A Learning Tool.
 Quesenberry, Keith., Saewitz, Dana. and Kantrowitz, Sheryl.

Bouncing Back from Stress Psychological resiliency among journalism school students
 Bentley, Clyde., Wallace, David., Warhover, Tom., Morris, Ed., Koller, Jim. and Hoffman, Tina.

Break it to me gently: Twitter bypasses traditional media for breaking news, but where does it lead people next?
 Tandoc, Edson. and Johnson, Erika.

Bridging the Neoliberal Capitalist Divide
 Senge, Nathan.

Bringing back the past: New media and archived media content providers
 Britt, Terry.

Building community through dialogue at NPR member stations
 Kasko, Joseph.

Bull’s-eye: Examining the Influence of Parental Mediation, Empathy and Media Usage in the Cyberbullying of Teens
 Nichols, Cynthia. and Gilbert, Krysta.


Campaigning Subtle Exclusionism: The Effects of Right-Wing Populist Positive Ads on Attitudes toward Foreigners
 Marquart, Franziska. and Matthes, Joerg.

Can Ghost Blogging Disclosure Help an Organization? A Test of Radical Transparency
 Hopp, Toby. and Gallicano, Tiffany.

Can Social Media Change Your Mind? SNS Use, Cross-cutting Exposure and Discussion, and Political View Change
 Lee, Jayeon.

Casting Youth as Information Leaders: Social Media in Latino Families and Implications for Mobilization
 McDevitt, Michael. and Sindorf, Shannon.

Cat Tales in the New York Times
 Ehrlich, Matthew.

Cause and Effect: The Free Speech Transformation as Scientific Revolution
 Russomanno, Joseph.

Chinese Milk Companies And The 2008 Chinese Milk Scandal: An Analysis Of Crisis Communication Strategies In A Non-Western Setting
 Zhou, Lijie., Zeng, Li. and Fowler, Gilbert.

Clarifying Journalism’s Quantitative Turn: A Typology for Evaluating Data Journalism, Computational Journalism, and Computer-Assisted Reporting
 Coddington, Mark.

Colombian Journalists on Twitter: Objectivity, Gatekeeping and Transparency
 Garcia, Victor.

Communicating Ethical Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study
 Edwards, Heidi Hatfield.

Comparing National Scholastic Press Association Pacemaker Finalists to the Average School with Student Media
 Cavanah, Sarah.

Competency-Based Education: Is it the Future of Journalism?
 Dailey, Rocky.

Connecting Across Space: Toward a Theory of Media Dispersion
 Creech, Brian.

Connecting Science to Advertising: How John B. Watson Laid the Foundation of Behavioral Targeting
 Bartholomew, Abigail. and Hachtmann, Frauke.

Considering Certification?: An Analysis of Universities' Communication Certificates and Feedback from Public Relations Professionals
 O\'Neil, Julie. and Lambiase, Jacqueline.

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Developing a System for the Automated Coding of Protest Event Data
 Hanna, Alexander.

Did Apollo astronauts land on the moon? The cause and consequence of belief in conspiracy theories
 Kim, Minchul. and Cao, Xiaoxia.

Diffusion of Social Media Campaign Effects: Moderating Roles of Social Capital in Anti-Smoking Campaign Communications
 Namkoong, Kang., Nah, Seungahn., Van Stee, Stephanie. and Record, Rachael.

Digital Advantage: Bilingual Arabic English Web Searchers Outperform Monolingual Arabic Speakers
 Dun, Susan. and Eskandar, Hazar.

Digital Women Around the World: An Exploration of Their Attitudes Toward Mobile Life
 Lewis, Regina. and Watkins, Brandi.

Disrupted or Misinformed? A Review of U.S. Newspapers’ Technology-Driven Strategy
 Chyi, H. Iris.

Diversity and journalism pedagogy: Exploring news media representation of disability
 Burns, Shawn.

Do perceptions matter in pornography effects? Examining how use and perceived general acceptance and influence of pornography may impact agreement with sex-role attitudes
 Ortiz, Rebecca., White, Shawna. and Rasmussen, Eric.

Does political advertising lead to online information seeking? A real-world test using Google search data.
 Housholder, Elizabeth., Watson, Brendan., LoRusso, Susan., Dolbin, Jordan. and Adhikari, Shaurav Raj.

Domestic violence as entertainment: Gender, role congruity and reality television
 Liebler, Carol., Hatef, Azeta. and Munno, Greg.


Ecological and field-level predictors of media decision-making: The case of hyperlocal news
 Lowrey, Wilson. and Kim, Eunyoung.

Ego, Engagement, and Exchange of Information: A Narcissistic Social Media Culture Can Save Watchdog Journalism
 Blackstone, Ginger.

Emerging adults’ responses to active mediation of pornography during adolescence
 Rasmussen, Eric., White, Shawna. and Ortiz, Rebecca.

Employee Gripe Sites and Everyday Life: Macro and Micro Perspectives
 Gesualdi, Maxine.

Empowering the Public to Challenge the Status Quo? Online Political Expression, Nationalism, and System Support in China
 Hyun, Ki Deuk. and Kim, Jinhee.

Entrepreneurial Journalism: Shifting Journalistic Capital?
 Vos, Tim. and Singer, Jane.

Ethics of the Business Case for CSR Communication: An Integrated Business and Moral Perspective on CSR
 Ofori-Parku, S. Senyo.

Evaluating Stakeholders’ Interpretations of Corporate Sustainability Communications
 Bayliss, Lauren.

Exercising Soft Power: Cosmopolitanism, Western Media, and Anti-Americanism in Arab Nations
 Fete, Emma. and Behrouzian, Golnoosh.

Explicit Silence: The Effect of Obviating Media Censorship on the Spiral of Silence
 Sherrick, Brett. and Hoewe, Jennifer.

Exploring Latina College Students’ Involvement with Tanning and Skin Cancer Messages
 Weissman, Paula L.. and Allen, Susan.

Exploring Qualifications for Senior-Level Advertising Agency Positions
 Oliver, Sheryl. and Ford, Rochelle.

Exploring the use of corrections on college newspapers’ websites
 Hettinga, Kirstie. and Clark, Rosemary.

Extra Chromosomes and Mama Grizzlies: Sarah Palin Negotiating Down Syndrome as a Political Mother
 Isgro, Kirsten.

Eyes 1, Brain 0: Securitization in text, image and news topic
 Vultee, Fred., Lukacovic, Marta. and Stouffer, Ryan.

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Factors Affecting Internet Diffusion in China: A Multivariate Time Series Analysis
 Feng, Guangchao.

Factors Affecting Mobile Application Usage: Exploring the Roles of Gender, Age, and Application Types
 Hwang, Kyung-Ho., Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia., Nam, Sang-Hyun. and Chang, Byeng-Hee.

Fashionable Feminism or Feminist Fashion? Women's strife for equality as portrayed in Cosmopolitan and Vogue
 Hagseth, Mandy. and Sternadori, Miglena.

First Listen: Discovering New Music through Online Social Networks
 Monk, Adam. and Dimmick, John.

Framing #VemPraRua: The 2013 Brazilian Protests on News Websites, Blogs And Twitter
 Reis Mourao, Rachel.

Framing Climate Change: A Content Analysis of Chinese Mainstream Media from 2005 to 2012
 Han, Jingjing. and Sun, Shaojing.

Framing Conflict and Explicit Violence through Images in Arab Media
 Bruce, Michael. and Conlin, Lindsey.

Framing citizen activism: A comparative study of the CGNET Swara and Mobile Voices projects
 Pain, Paromita.

Framing the crisis by one’s seat: A comparative study of newspaper frames of the Asiana Crash in the U.S., Korea, and China
 Yan, Yan., Kim, Yeojin. and Dong, Yuhong.

Framing “Big Jim”: The CIA, US News Media, and Press Coverage of Jim Garrison’s JFK Assassination Investigation
 Tracy, James.

From Passive to Active: The Spectrum of Peace Journalism
 Benn, Jesse.


Gaming social capital: Finding civic value in multiplayer video games
 Molyneux, Logan., Vasudevan, Krishnan. and Gil de Zuniga, Homero.

Getting Engaged: Public Engagement on Online Community News Sites Has Tenuous Connection to Civic Engagement
 Rosenberry, Jack.

Global Networks, Social Media and the Iceland Ash Cloud: A Crisis Communication Case
 Gesualdi, Maxine.

Going Public: The role of Public relations in Initial Public Offering (IPO) communication
 Chung, Jee-Young. and Ki, Eyun-Jung.

Gratification in journalism practice: An assessment of Kuwaiti journalists’ perspective
 Onyebadi, Uche. and Alajmi, Fawaz.


Heuristic-Systematic processing and politics: Investigating the effects of verbal vs. visual characteristics in gubernatorial debates
 Racadag, Nicole. and Moore, Jensen.

How (Not) to Talk on Twitter: Effects of Politicians’ Tweets on the Whole Twitter Environment
 Veenstra, Aaron. and Lyons, Benjamin.

How Does the Audience Respond to Cancer Videos? A Content Analysis of YouTube Comments
 Han, Jingjing.

How Media Literacy and Personality Predict Skepticism toward Alcohol Advertising
 Austin, Erica. and Muldrow, Adrienne.

How Public Relations Practitioners Perceive Social Media Platforms? A Media Richness Perspective
 Gonzalez Michel, Ana Isabel., Ruggiero, Thomas E.. and Yang, Kenneth C.C..

Hoyt W. Fuller, Cultural Nationalism, and Black World Magazine, 1970-1973
 Frederick II, Nathaniel.


I love Big Bird: How Journalists Tweeted Humor during the 2012 Presidential Debates
 Reis Mourao, Rachel., Diehl, Trevor. and Vasudevan, Krishnan.

Ignored by Traditional Media, Women Seek Sports Information via Social Media: A Uses and Gratification Analysis
 Sheffer, Mary. and Schultz, Brad.

Illusion vs. Disillusion: How Chinese Viewers Articulate the Meaning of “House of Cards”
 Liu, Zhaoxi.

Impact of English Social Media on Acculturation to America: A Study of Hong Kong Youth
 MA, YANNI., Li, Cong. and Du, Ying.

Increasingly Violent but Still Sexy: An Analysis of Female Protagonists in U.S. and Hindi Films
 Ghaznavi, Jannath. and Grasso, Katherine.

Inoculating the Electorate: American Corporatocracy and its Influence on Health Communication
 Crosswell, Laura. and Porter, Lance.

Intergroup Contact Through News Exposure and the Role of Group-based Emotions
 Han, Jiyoung.

Intermedia agenda-setting in a multimedia environment: The case of national elections in Austria
 Vonbun, Ramona., Kleinen-von Königslöw, Katharina. and Schoenbach, Klaus.

International Trust and Public Diplomacy
 Mogensen, kirsten.

Internet-Mediated Relationship Management in Local Nonprofit Fundraising
 Ji, Yi.

Is Grey’s Anatomy on the Wave? A Feminist Textual Analysis of Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang
 Wilks, Lauren.

Is traditional media losing audience?
 Luo, Qianni.

Issue-Specific Engagement: How Facebook Contributes to Opinion Leadership and Efficacy on Energy and Climate Issues
 Vraga, Emily., Anderson, Ashley., Kotcher, John. and Maibach, Edward.


Job Satisfaction and Gender at Iowa Newspapers: Findings from a Mixed-Method Study
 Lucht, Tracy.

Journalistic Values, A Concept Explication: Personal and Professional Norms, Entrepreneurship, and Media Innovation
 Russell, Frank Michael.

Journalists and Bloggers. Social media interpretive community in Nicaragua
 Yang, Emilia.

Journalists as News Consumers: An Analysis of National Coverage of the Kermit Gosnell Trial
 Gallagher, Thomas.


Kaun Banega Crorepati: The Indian Gameshow and its Glocalization
 Roy, Enakshi.


Legitimizing news judgments: The early historical construction of journalism’s gatekeeping role
 Vos, Tim. and Finneman, Teri.

Let’s conserve energy but you recycle! Environmental claim types and responsibility attributions in green ads
 Tandoc, Edson. and Duffy, Margaret.

Local Press Politics: Transparency and the Lobbying Efforts of Newspaper Associations in the U.S.
 Carey, Michael Clay.

Look, Where I am! Examining the Relationship between Motivations of Mobile Check-ins and User Privacy Concerns
 Kim, Hyang-Sook. and Wierzba, Nichole.


MEDIA AND POLITICS BEYOND POST-COMMUNISM: The impact of structural conditions on journalist-politician relationships in the Western Balkans
 Camaj, Lindita.

Measuring Perceptions of Stewardship Strategies: A Valid and Reliable Instrument
 Pressgrove, Geah.

Measuring the Impact of Globalization on German and U.S. University Students’ Attitudes and News Judgments
 Christian, Sue Ellen., McNutt, Robert. and Shao, Yuanyuan.

Media Choice as a Function of Prior Affect: An Attempt to Separate Mood from Emotion
 Dillman Carpentier, Francesca., Rogers, Ryan. and Stevens, Elise.

Media Genre Preferences Predicted by Current Mood and Salient Media Uses
 Stevens, Elise. and Dillman Carpentier, Francesca.

Media Portrayals of Hashtag Activism: A Framing Analysis of Canada's #IdleNoMore Movement
 Moscato, Derek.

Mediatization of Religion: How the Indonesian Muslim Diasporas Mediatized Islamic Practices
 Setianto, Yearry.

Melted: Iceland's Failed Experiment with Radical Transparency
 Wagner, A.Jay.

Miley, CNN and The Onion: When Fake News Becomes Realer Than Real
 Berkowitz, Dan. and Schwartz, David.

Missing from the News: Local Coverage of Missing Persons’ Stories
 Conlin, Lindsey.

Mobile Communication for Human Needs: A Comparison of Smartphone Use between the US and Korea
 Kang, Seok. and Jung, Jaemin.

Mobile Health Apps Use: The Role of Ownership, Health Efficacy and Motivation
 Lee, Yen-I. and Tetteh, Dinah.

Moral Foundations Theory and U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Mosque Controversies
 Bowe, Brian J..

Moral Panic in a Pandemic: A Historical Analysis of HIV Coverage and the America Responds to AIDS Campaign in 1987
 Reynolds, Chelsea.

Motivated Exposure to Counter-attitudinal Information in an Online Political Forum
 Kang, Sungmin.

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Navigating the Leadership Challenge: Inside the Indian Public Relations Industry
 Patwardhan, Padmini.

News Content Engagement or News Medium Engagement? A Longitudinal Analysis of News Consumption Since the Rise of Social and Mobile Media 2009-2012
 Ha, Louisa., Xu, Ying., Yang, Chen., Wang, Fang., Yang, Liu., JIANG, WEIWEI., Abuljadail, Mohammad., Hu, Xiao. and Gabay, Itay.

News You Can’t Use: A Content Analysis of the Daily Show’s Media Criticism
 Steinberg, Edo. and Fox, Julia.

Newsmagazines’ Coverage of the David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell Affair: Textual Analysis of Differences in Portrayals and Descriptions
 Lokot, Tetyana., Prado, Antonio. and Xu, Boya.

Newspaper Editorials on Marijuana Prohibition During the Early War On Drugs, 1965-1980
 Siff, Stephen.

Newsroom Innovation Continuum: A Model for Understanding Heterophily and Innovation
 Dailey, Larry. and Spillman, Mary.


One Country, Two Eras: How Three Egyptian Newspapers Framed Two Presidents
 Elmasry, Mohamad. and el-Nawawy, Mohammed.

Online vs. Face-to-Face Self-Disclosure among AA Members
 Perry, Stephen. and Jackiewicz, David.

Organizational Strategic Decision Processes at U.S. Newspapers: A Study of Mobile Business Model Innovation
 Graybeal, Geoffrey.

Othering in Twenty-First Century Town Meetings: Critically Examining the Dialogic Role of Public Deliberation in AmericaSpeaks’ Kansas City Mental Health Forum
 Reutlinger, Corey.


Participatory Expressions in Blogs and Microblogs: A content analysis of bloggers’ posts in two Chinese news portals
 Li, Xigen. and Xia, Jing.

Partisan Consequences of Partisan News Media
 Kim, Minchul.

Patterns of paper productivity and thematic content in the Public Relations Division of AEJMC 2003-2012
 Auger, Giselle.

Perceived Source Similarity and Processing of Social Media Health Messages: Extending Construal Level Theory to Message Sources
 Young, Rachel.

Photos of the Day Galleries: Representing a More Nuanced World
 Midberry, Jennifer.

Picturing Health and Community: A Visual Perspective of Photovoice Missouri
 Karaliova, Tatsiana., Choi, Heesook., Christensen, Mikkel., Russell, Frank Michael. and Thomas, Ryan.

Picturing Kennedy: Photographic framing in the 50-year commemorative coverage of the assassination of JFK
 Dahmen, Nicole. and McLain, Hannah.

Political Participation and Newspaper Coverage of Municipal Elections In Small-Town America
 Thorson, Esther., Swafford, Scott C.. and Kim, Eunjin (Anna).

Positive news websites and extroversion: Motives, preferences, and sharing behavior among American and British readers.
 McIntyre, Karen. and Sobel, Meghan.

Post-television news: Perceptions of three online forms of news video production
 Beatty, John. and Matos, Jon.

Predicting Retweet Behavior in Breast Cancer Social Networks: Network and Content Characteristics
 Kim, Eunkyung., Hou, Jiran., Han, Jeong-Yeob. and Himelboim, Itai.

Predictors of Male Players’ Harassment Behavior in Online Video Games
 Tang, Wai Yen. and Fox, Jesse.

Press Freedom in the Enemy’s Language: Government Control of Japanese-Language Newspapers in Japanese American Camps during World War II
 Mizuno, Takeya.

Professionalism under the threat of violence: journalism, self-reflexivity, and the potential for collective professional autonomy
 Gonzalez de Bustamante, Celeste. and Relly, Jeannine.

Properly Preggers: Media Representations of Celebrity Mommies and the Social Capital of the Ideal Pregnant Body
 Reynolds, Chelsea.

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Quantifying Control: Scholastic Media, Prior Review and Censorship
 Goodman, Mark., Blundell, Shelley. and Cogar, Margaret.


Real Men Wear Baby Carriers: An Analysis of Media Portrayals of Stay at Home Fathers
 Brooks, Mary.

Reevaluating Propaganda in PR History: An Analysis of Propaganda in the Press 1810 to 1918
 Myers, Cayce.

Relationships Among Reader Commenting Systems and the Credibility of News Messengers and Messages
 Conlin, Lindsey. and Roberts, Chris.

Renegade Girl Scouts or a Merit Badge for Spin: (Re)articulating Activism and Public Relations
 Curtin, Pat.

Repeat Consumption of Media Goods: Examining the Factors Affecting Repeat Theatrical Viewing of Movies
 Chang, Byeng-Hee., Nam, Sang-Hyun., Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia. and kim, hun.

Ruth Ebright Finley and The Guidon: The Conservative Feminism of a National Political Women’s Magazine During the Depression
 Endres, Kathleen.


Saying Goodbye to Men: Southern Feminists Publishing News While Challenging Patriarchy
 Araiza, Jose.

Seeing Through the User’s Eyes: The Role of Journalists’ Audience Perceptions in Their Use of Technology
 Coddington, Mark.

Seeking and Learning: Examining Selective Exposure to Media Coverage of A Controversial Scientific Issue
 Liang, Xuan. and Akin, Heather.

Sharing means everything: Friend group perceptions and parenting behaviors on Facebook
 Britten, Bob. and Troilo, Jessica.

Silicon Valley and Hollywood: Newspaper Coverage of Regional Business Clusters
 Russell, Frank Michael.

Sisterhood is powerful: A model for how women’s lifestyles magazines foster a distinct intimate relationship
 Hall, Andrea.

Skepticism, Partisan Post-Debate News Use, and Polarization: Examining a Moderated Mediation Model of Debate Attention and Partisan News Use on Polarized Attitudes
 Kim, Sungsu., Hmielowski, Jay., Hutchens, Myiah. and Beam, Michael.

Social Media, Risk Perception, and the Third Person Effect: The Case of Fukushima Radiation
 Kim, Ji Won., Chock, Makana., Chung, Myojung. and Jung, Soyoung.

Social News Use, Social Talk: Facebook and the Social Mediation Model of Political Participation
 Veenstra, Aaron., Lyons, Benjamin., Park, Chang Sup., Iyer, Narayanan., Hossain, Delwar. and Kang, Cheeyoun.

Social media use during natural disasters: Using Q Methodology to identify millennials’ surveillance preferences
 Meadows, Kristen. and Moore, Jensen.

Socialized into using or avoiding news: Family communication, personality, motivations and news exposure among teenagers
 Valenzuela, Sebastian., Bachmann, Ingrid. and Aguilar, Marcela.

Southern Values and the 1844 Election in the South Carolina Press
 Pribanic-Smith, Erika.

Speaking Truth to Sorkin: Interpretive Community and the Critical Response to The Newsroom
 Powers, Rachel.

Stability or Rigidity: Management, Boards of Directors and the Newspaper Industry’s Financial Collapse
 Soloski, John.

Strengthening the Core: Examining Interactivity, Credibility, and Reliance as Measures of Media Use
 Kaye, Barb. and Johnson, Tom.

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TV takes in Social: Psychological predictors of social TV viewing motivations and audience activity on SNSs
 Shim, Hongjin., Lee, Yeonkyung. and Song, Hyunjin.

Take a break: Examining College Students’ Multitasking Activities During a Study- or Work-Related Task
 Yuan, Shupei. and Kononova, Anastasia.

Taking it one game at a time: Prevalence of temporary work in North Carolinian newspapers' sports departments
 Reed, Sada.

Teach Like They Build It: A User Experience Approach to Interactive Media in Advertising Education
 Wagler, Adam.

Testing the buffering and boomerang effects of CSR practices on corporate reputation during a crisis: An experimental study in the context of an obesity campaign by a soft drink company
 Kim, Hark-Shin. and Lee, Sun-Young.

The Absence of Women in Media Representations: The Psychological Effects of Symbolic Annihilation of Gender
 Corsbie-Massay, Charisse L\'Pree. and Read, Stephen.

The Adoption of Pinterest by Local Newspapers in the U.S.
 Greer, Clark. and Ferguson, Douglas.

The Case of Female Genital Cutting: Newspaper Coverage in Ghana, The Gambia, Kenya and the United States
 Sobel, Meghan.

The Caste of the Cast: The South Asian "Model Minority" on Broadcast Television Sitcoms
 O\'Boyle, Jane.

The Cognitive and Affective Effects of Brand Categorization and Evaluation on Brand Extension Purchase Intent
 kang, Jungsuk. and Lin, Carolyn.

The Cognitive and Affective Effects of Country-of-Origin: How Consumers Process Country-of-Assembly and Country-of-Design for High and Low Involvement Products
 Wu, Linwan. and JU, ILYOUNG.

The Corporate Medicine Show
 Kim, Hyosun.

The Cultural Capital of Ethnic Immigrant Newspapers in the U.S.
 Vos, Tim. and Medvedeva, Yulia.

The Effect of “Headless Fatties” vs. Whole Beings in Obesity Health Campaign Imagery
 Young, Rachel., Subramanian, Roma. and Hinnant, Amanda.

The Effects of the Valence of National Events on Persuasion in Patriotic Message : Regarding the Goal Framing
 Bang, Hye Jin., Choi, Dongwon. and Yoo, Jinnie Jinyoung.

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Understanding Digital and Participatory Communication by Social Media and Prosumption Practices via Video Ethnography
 LAM, Sunny S. K.. and Yung, Jo.

Unnamed and at risk? Examining anonymous student speech in the college/university environment
 Salkin, Erica., Trego, Lindsie. and Vincent, Kathleen.

User-Generated Rumors on YouTube
 Kim, Hyosun.

Uses & Grats 2.1: Considering Ecosystem In User-Generated Content Gratifications
 Humphrey, Michael.

Uses and Gratifications that Drive Young Adults’ Smartphone Use and the Implications for Advertising Effectiveness
 Logan, Kelty.

Using Klout to Teach Online Influence and Social Networking Skills to PR, Advertising and New Media Majors
 Moody-Ramirez, Mia. and Garcia, Sydney.


Victimized on plain sites: Social and alternative media’s impact on the Steubenville rape case
 Armstrong, Cory., Hull, Kevin. and Saunders, Lynsey.

Visual Attention to and Memory for Humorous Versus Threating Advisories
 Sikora, Hannah., Brooks, Mary., Gong, Zijian. and Cummins, Glenn.

Visual Framing of Muslim Women in the Arab Spring
 Dastgeer, Shugofa. and Gade, Peter.


Walk like a man: A content analysis of anti-sexual assault websites for men
 Howerton, Leslie.

Weibo as news: Credibility judgments in the context of Chinese microblogging
 Dong, Xue., Appelman, Alyssa. and Liu, Chun.

What Are Shaping the Ethical Standard? Examining Factors Influencing Public Acceptance of News Photo Alteration
 Yao, Q. J.., Liu, Zhaoxi. and Perlmutter, David.

What makes "good" news newsworthy?
 McIntyre, Karen.

What's in a Name? Making a Case for Collaborative Journalism
 McIntosh, Shawn.

What’s the Score?: A Longitudinal Content Analysis of Mature Adults in Super Bowl Commercials
 Brooks, Mary., Bichard, Shannon. and Craig, Clay.

Who Sets the News Agenda on Twitter? Journalists’ Posts During the 2013 Government Shutdown
 Russell, Frank Michael., Hendricks, Marina., Choi, Heesook. and Stephens, Elizabeth Conner.

Who is to blame? An examination of American sports journalists’ Lance Armstrong Hero narrative and post-doping confession paradigm repair
 Reed, Sada.

Who lost what?: An analysis of myth, loss, and proximity in news coverage of the Steubenville rape
 Salkin, Erica. and Gutsche Jr, Robert.

Why be a journalist? Students’ motivations and role conceptions in the new age of journalism
 Coleman, Renita., Lee, Joon Yea., Yaschur, Carolyn., Meader, Aimee. and McElroy, Kathleen.

Why web analytics click: Factors affecting the ways journalists use audience metrics
 Tandoc, Edson.


Your Favorite Memory: Emotional Responses to Personal Nostalgic Advertising within Reminiscence Bump across Generations
 JU, ILYOUNG., Choi, Yunmi. and Morris, Jon.
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 2014-Aug-06 to 2014-Aug-10
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